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For @nanofawn. I hope you like them!

  • Kageyama has had no relationship experience prior to his relationship with you.
  • He often asks Sugawara questions about relationships. The most Sugawara will tell him is common things that couples usually do. This gives Kageyama a fairly good idea of where to take you on dates.
  • Loves affection from you. He doesn’t mind if it’s in private or in public, but he does blush a lot if you give him a kiss in public. If you do give him a kiss in public, he’ll have trouble forming words for a minute.
  • Likes holding your hand in public. Not only does he get to be close to you, but it also usually is enough to show people that you guys are in a relationship. This gives him some comfort because he doesn’t want other people to try to court you and it’s also a way to show you off.
  • Very protective of you. It’s not apparent when you’re talking to somebody you know and you both trust, but it’s obvious otherwise. If somebody you know and don’t trust tries to interact with you, he’ll be by your side and say things in an attempt to make the person go away. If you don’t like the person and you don’t trust them, he doesn’t see why they should be able to talk to you.
  • He tries his best to flirt, but he always ends up wording things wrong, “Are you a smile? Because I camera every time I look at you.” He does give you compliments though, often saying that you look nice.
  • Has tried to serenade you before, but he got nervous and ended up singing five notes in a wavering voice. It was sweet though.
  • Enjoys doing your nails. He always keeps an eye on how long his nails are and keeps them short so they don’t break or mess him up during volleyball, and that has led to doing your nails. Whether you want them clipped, filed, or painted, he will be happy to do it. It has become therapeutic for him and it always turns out nice.
  • If you need something, he will get it for you. Left your charger at home? He’ll head back and get it. Hungry? He’ll buy some food.
  • If you’re at one of his volleyball matches, he’ll start the match with a smile.
  • If he loses a volleyball match while you’re watching, he’ll be a bit frustrated with himself. He wants to impress you.
  • Any praise from you will keep him motivated the whole day.
  • Sends you random pictures of cute animals he saw. You have a few pictures of squirrels that were sent to you without any context. Yes, he feels that animals dislike him. No, it won’t stop him from taking a picture for you.
  • He had been embarrassed before because somebody called out to the two of you with “Kageyama, (y/n)!” and it sounded as if you had his last name.
  • Has a doofy smile on his face when you smile. Your smile is just too much for him.
  • Buys you something whenever he’s out. Maybe he’s only at the store for some milk, but he’ll stay there a few minutes longer to find something that you might like.
  • At first, he’s nervous about cuddling with you. He can’t seem to stay still and he keeps shrinking back into himself. However, he calms down once you’re in his arms. He has learned that he enjoys cuddling with you and will often ask you if you want to cuddle.
  • He loves it when you kiss by his ear.
  • Loves giving you third eye kisses.
  • Will send I love you texts at random points in the day.
  • Maybe he’s not the best with words, but he will always find a way to show you that he loves you.
  • He’s a protective, kind, and caring boyfriend.

Some of that good good ✨✨

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Boyfriend! Kenma Headcanons

A/N: These are for my smol friend Finn @faelyndis, I hope you enjoy these, it’s been a long time since I’ve done headcanons! 🌸

  • Kenma is surprisingly protective of his s/o in public..? It isn’t anything super flashy, but if you are out in public he will subtly rest his hand on the small of your back or he will interlock your pinkies so he won’t lose track of you in crowded areas.
  • If anyone were to harass or tease you he would become a completly different person. Kenma can’t bring himself to see you be uncomfortable or sad, so he is quick to insert himself. And he will do anything to defuse the situation, and violence sometimes is not out of the question.
  • Your safety is more important to him at times than his own.
  • Will Kenma do almost anything for you? Yes. Why? Just because he loves you. And since he isn’t the best with expressing emotions sometimes, he uses his actions to show that he does care and think about you rather often.
  • Loves to help you with your homework or errands.
  • He just likes to… h e l p.
  • Very sentimental. If he receives any sort of gift from his s/o he will cherish it F O R E V E R. You gave him a cat plushy? You bet he’s sleeping with it every night. You bought him shoes? They are the only shoes he’s going to wear for the next few months.
  • Super proud of anything you achieve. If you both are in private he will praise the hell out of you for your most recent accomplishments. And he even will brag to Kuroo about how “undeniably talented” his s/o is.
  • Loves planning picnics to take you on in the springtime. He will find a beautiful, scenic and secluded area where you two can enjoy the afternoon relaxing in the perfect spring weather.
  • The first time he came over to your house he was so nervous and I mean,,, his face was just red the whole time and your parent(s)/guardian(s) were genuinely concerned that he might be sick or something.
  • He was very embarrassed after the fact for losing all of his cool
  • Kenma can locate you with ease, no matter the distance between the two of you. He will just show up out of nowhere sometimes and brush it off as intuition. It’s kind of scary, but also kind of cool?
  • Unintentionally cute text messages
  • Unintentionally cute pictures
  • Unintentionally cute actions
  • Kenma isn’t a fan of being physically intimate but when this boy gets tired he turns into t h e cuddle bug.
  • Like he won’t let you go. He holds onto you like he is going to lose you if he doesn’t.
  • Knows nothing about kissing, and is actually really bad at it at first. But after a few rough attempts in the beginning he becomes a kissing pro.
  • Nose kisses? Forehead kisses? Cheek kisses? Kenma will deliver all (when in private of course).
  • He loves to whisper sweet nothings to you whilst you two study together because he thinks you look cute when you blush.
  • Lowkey a tease.
  • Kenma likes that he can be vulnerable around you. He has never really had friends, so he finds it cool that you can show him how to be more open around people.
  • In conclusion, Kenma just silently admires you everyday. He feels very lucky to have you in his life, and he wouldn’t know what to do without you.
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Okay now that I have your attention, my requests are open!

I make

  • Imagines
  • Scenarios
  • AU’s
  • Moodboards

Things I will write/make things for

  • Haikyuu
  • BNHA
  • TBD (if you want something specific just ask, and I’ll tell you if I can write for it or not.)

I am also willing to make fake! SM‘s (social media) and mood boards for OC’s upon request. ✨

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