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Hello there!

As an FYI, we have temporarily halted reblogs as of March 20th! Every tag up until then has been queued. Please keep an eye out for the June calendar, which has also been queued to post soon!

Note that we won’t be online / reblogging anything until July 8th! Please feel free to mention/DM us in your promo posts, we will queue them when we get back!

(Reminder: We can only reblog guidelines-compliant events. Please have mod URLs/event dates accessible somewhere in your event Tumblr. This will make it easier for us to reblog!)

Much love,

~ the Mods of NarutoEvents 🍥



🍥     ASK US!     🍥

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KKOB Minibang!!!

Art credit: Original drawing by @shy-daredevil​ (used with permission, do not repost); photograph and edit by me .

Hi KakaObi shippers,

Summer is coming. Some call it the season of love, which is why we mods decided to arrange a KakaObi event for July in cooperation with @the-kakashi-lounge-blog​. So, from July 18th to July 19th, we’re hosting a KKOB Minibang with a Modern AU theme, and we’re accepting new KakaObi content in any form. The guidelines for the event are below, so let’s enjoy one of our favorite pairings over this one summer weekend!

KKOB Summer Minibang 2020 Event

When: July 18th & 19th, 2020*

Event theme: Modern


July 18th - Steampunk/Supernatural

July 19th - Infinite Tsukuyomi/Free

*Late entries will be accepted until July 24, 2020


Rules, FAQ’s, and posting guidelines below the cut:


1) Non-consensual, underage, or incestuous content is not allowed in this event.

2) This is a ship-specific event. Other background pairings/poly relationships are allowed as long as they comply with the rules of this event (no non-con, underage, or incestuous relationships). AU’s in which the characters have been aged up are permitted.

3) Only original content is accepted, no reposts. Reposters will be blocked from the mod blogs.

4) Respect content creators that participate in this event. Notes or tags that include rude comments, direct or indirect threats, character or ship hate will not be tolerated. Bullies will be blocked by the mod blogs and reported as necessary.


Are late entries accepted?

Yes. Late entries will be accepted until July 24, 2020.

Are there specific prompts?

Yes. The overall event theme is “Modern,” and there are two prompts for each day of the event.

Day One (July 18): Steampunk/Supernatural

Day Two (July 19): Infinite Tsukuyomi/Free

What is accepted?

Original content only (no reposts). Fanart, fanfiction, aesthetic or mood boards, podfics (must have permission from the author, or read by the author themselves), animation, knitting patterns… Refer to the rules for guidelines on what content is allowed.

Are background pairings allowed?

Yes, as long as they comply with the rules of this event.

 Guidelines for posting submissions:

1) Include KKOB Minibang within the first five tags of your post. It is also recommended to tag one or both of the event mods in the body of your post.

2) Any trigger warning content must be labeled and contained beneath a read-more cut.

3) Any explicit, NSFW, or erotica content must be labeled and contained beneath a read-more cut.

NSFW artists: Keep Tumblr’s constraints in mind when sharing your work. It is recommended to use another site (such as Pillowfort, Twitter, etc) as an image host and sharing the link in your Tumblr post.

4) Apply a read-more cut to lengthy posts, as well as posts that contain sensitive content.

5) For fics that are shared via an AO3/FF link: Also include the summary, rating, and any TW’s in the body of your post.

 This event is moderated by @cyabae​ and @ohayohimawari

KakaObi Minibang!

When: July 18th - 19th

Where: @the-kakashi-lounge-blog

Mod(s): @cyabae / @ohayohimawari

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Ready to put your skills to the test?

‪Sharpen your kunais and prepare your hero costumes, ‬because Mod Applications for Quirk no Jutsu, a Naruto x BNHA crossover zine, are now OPEN. We are looking for a Graphics Design mod, Finance/Shipping mod, Art Liaison, and Mod Intern/s. You have until June 21 to apply, so don’t miss out on the chance to become a part of our team!🔆


Side note: Interest Check will remain open until the 31st of May, so hurry over and tell us what kind of content you want to see in the zine!

@narutoevents @bnhafandomcalendar @bnhabulletin @bokunozines @atozines @fandomzines @faneventshub @fanzinewatch @zineapps @zine-scene @zinefeed @zinesubmissions @zinefans @zinecenter @zinedreams @zineforall @anizines

Naruto x BNHA Crossover Zine!

Mod Apps Open: May 21st - June 21st

Where: @quirknojutsuzine

Mod(s): @shikamarubase / @kairi-chan​ / More TBA

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Time Line Time.



It’s a weird looking timeline but this is it. Sorry, I’m a few days late. I wasn’t well over the weekend so priority wasn’t on this.

The dates in the timeline are subject to change but I don’t foresee any problems. As always, please let me know if you need help with anything. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Information post is here.


And don’t forget:

Prompt submission form.

Available prompts.

Submit function.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s participated so far and hoping to get more involved. Love GaaSaku.😉😋😎😍😘💕💓💗💖

GaaSaku Fanfest Exchange!

Apps Open: Now until further notice

Where: @gaasaku-fanfests

Mod(s): @mika080

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Let’s all celebrate our favorite senbon welding shinobi. Bring your angst, fluff, mood boards, head canons, art and fics. Tell us why you love Konaha’s most underappreciated jonin. 

Visit our page for FAQs and Rules 


Genma Weekend 2020!

When: July 17th - 19th

Where: @genmaweek

Mod(s): @raizagabriel / @moonlady9 / @mrssakurahatake

Note: Prompts to follow!

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Official 2020 Prompt List


Day 1

  • Antique Shop
  • To the Stars, the Moon Pleaded, “Stay.”
  • Cafuné: Running Your Fingers through the Hair of Someone You Love

Day 2

  • Awkward Misunderstandings
  • Your Voice Lingered in These Empty Halls

Day 3

  • Black & White
  • Dance with the Devil
  • I’d Choose You Again and Again

Day 4

  • Crossovers
  • Coffee Preferences/ The Smell of Coffee in the Morning

Day 5

  • Astrology/Constellations
  • College AU
  • Secret Glances

Day 6

  • Chef AU
  • Crime Detectives

Day 7

  • Desire
  • Ethereal Creatures
  • The Ruins Left Behind

Day 8

  • Funeral/Sleep is the Cousin of Death
  • Forever, for Eternity

Day 9

  • Prolonged Embraces
  • The Things Left Unsaid
  • Twisted Fairytales AU

Day 10

  • Fake Dating
  • Parenthood

Day 11

  • Hiraeth
  • Horror
  • Ruby Wine Stained Her Lips

Day 12

  • I Almost Had You
  • The Language of Flowers

Day 13

  • Met Gala AU
  • Indirect Kiss
  • In Another World/In Different Eras

Day 14

  • Yakuza AU
  • Missed Opportunity: The Decision Made Cannot be Taken Back

Day 15

  • Wanderlust
  • Free Day/Favorite AU
  • You Are Everything I’ve Never Believed In

Day 16

  • Modern AU
  • Mexican Soap Operas AU

Day 17

  • Mythological AU
  • Never-ending Kisses
  • And Then The Night Fell

Day 18

  • Movie Stars AU
  • Snow in Summer, The Warmth of Winter

Day 19

  • Legacies
  • Pressed Flowers
  • The Snake & the Princess

Day 20

  • Tarot Cards
  • No One Saw You but Me

Day 21

  • Childhood
  • Royalty AU
  • You Live Under My Skin

Day 22

  • Street Fashion
  • Gothic Architecture

Day 23

  • Clan Swap
  • The Old West
  • The Creatures of the Night

Day 24

  • The Five Languages of Love
  • Deserters of the Leaf

Day 25

  • Goodbyes
  • The Moon & Venus
  • The Softness of Your Hands

Day 26

  • The Only Poison Here is this Love
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven

Day 27

  • The Taste of You
  • The Warring States
  • Ukiyo: Living in the Moment, Detached from the Bothers of Life

Day 28

  • Wait for Me, I Will Return.
  • The Actors of Naruto Have Different Personalities in Real Life

Day 29

  • I Found You
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Wrongly Sent Messages

Day 30

  • Time-travel
  • You Are the Blood in My Veins and the Air I Breathe

-May 11, 2020

**All art used belongs to the SH Featured Artist of 2020, Perlmuttt!**


SasuHina Month 2020

When: June 2020

Where: @sasuhinamonth

Mod(s): @fher43 / @ofravensandpearls / Possible Mod TBA

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The time is finally here! We’re pleased to announce that preorders for our zine are now LIVE. We appreciate all the support we’ve received over the past months and hope that you will love this zine as much as we loved creating it!

Available products:
🍃 A5 zine, 40+ pages (33 artists)
🍃 A5 prints x3
🍃 A6 sticker sheets x2
🍃 Acrylic charm (doublesided!) x1

This zine will only have one run, and after that it’s gone forever, so get your copy while you can! All sales are final.


Thank you for your support! Reblogs are appreciated ♥

Naruto Sensei Zine

Preorders: May 10th - June 10th

Where: @narutosenseizine

Mod(s): @amesegue  / @loknnica / @marinaxstudios

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May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

September 2020

(More events to be added)

If you want to be featured in the list, tag @narutoevents​ in your promo post or send us a DM :)


Keep reading

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Welcome to the official Sakumo Week Blog

Starting September 1st through September 6th 2020, we are celebrating the man, the father and powerful shinobi - Sakumo Hatake. 

This blog will be accepting all kinds of fanart, fic, edits etc. Of course you don’t have to follow the prompt list or post everyday. These are just suggestions! You can choose your own prompts. 

Late works will be accepted so please work at your own pace!


September 1st - Friends / Enemies

September 2nd - Team / Clan

September 3rd - Birthday / Celebration

September 4th - Father / Son

September 5th - Tantō / Dogs

September 6th - Combat / Rules


Aside from tagging your works with the week tag #sakumoweek or tag the blog @sakumoweek. Please tag all gore, smut, and drug mentions accordingly. NSFW is allowed but please place under a read more and tag it appropriately. 

This blog WILL NOT accept any underage and noncon!

Sometimes things go wrong so if you don’t see your submission/have any questions feel free to inbox this blog or me @shikakunaras and I will fix the problem and answer!

Sakumo Week

When: Sept 1st - 6th

Where: @sakumoweek

Mod(s): @shikakunaras

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What is it?

This event is an OC mini bang for creators in the Naruto fandom, including both Naruto and Boruto: Next Gen. The event is meant to support and show love to all those creators who put life into brand new characters and concepts into the fandoms.

When is it?

July 3rd through July 5th.

What content will qualify for the event?

Art, stories, gif sets, moodboards, poetry, playlists. The content can be finished or still in the WIP stage, both will qualify. Any/all ships qualify, as do gen fics. Naruto OC work, SI work, and reader inserts are all welcome.


  • Family (Friday)
  • Friendship (Saturday)
  • Partners (Sunday)

The overarching theme is “Love”, and these prompts/the theme can be taken platonically or romantically - it is up to the creator.


  • No explicit content, artwork or writing or otherwise, between children.
  • No character/ship bashing, even if it’s tagged.
  • All content must be new, and must belong to the participant. Exceptions will be made for translated work as long as the participant has directly contacted the original creator and received permission to use it for this event. 
  • Though all content must be new, posting sketches or snippets of content beforehand will not disqualify it from the event.
  • No content will be reblogged/qualify for the event prior to July 3rd. Mods will have a grace period past the 5th where we will accept content still, and it will last at least two weeks.
  • All OCs not owned by the participant must be credited in the post.
  • All content must be tagged. This includes trigger warnings, all non-OC characters that appear in the work, all ships, as well as the event tag “narutoocminibang2020″.
  • Participants must tag (using the @ function) this blog in their content post.
  • This is mainly a tumblr event, though participants are welcome to host their content on other sites such as AO3,, pillowfort, and other well-known and trusted sites.
  • Mods have a No Harassment policy. Do not harass other creators over their OCs, their ships, the themes in their work, or any other reason. If you feel the need to do it, Don’t. If anyone is found doing it, they will be blocked and banned from future participation in this event and all other events Mods run.
  • All long posts need to be under a cut.
  • NSFW content is acceptable as long as it’s tagged.
  • There are no content minimums/maximums for this event. Any/all word counts are allowed, multiple different pieces of content are allowed per prompt, and participants are allowed to only create one piece of content for the entirety of the event as well. What you wish to create for the event, and how much you wish to create is entirely up to you.

Our ask box, as well as our PMs, are always open, so feel free to message us with any questions!

~ Mod Jennie

( @narutoevents )

Naruto OC Mini Bang

When: July 3rd - 5th

Where: @narutoocminibang

Mod(s): @officerjennie

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Have you ever wanted to see Naruto and the gang possessing awesome quirks? Or the characters of BNHA training hard to become formidable ninjas? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to see the characters of these two worlds interacting?

Look no further, because the interest check for the Naruto x BNHA Crossover zine is now live! If you’re interested in a zine featuring your favorite heroes and ninjas, fill out this form and help us spread the word!

Interest check will close on May 31st, 9:00pm GMT+8. Thank you so much for your support! <3

Twitter 🔆 Instagram

@narutoevents @dailynaruto @bnha-community-board @bnhafandomcalendar @bnhabulletin @bokunozines @uahigh-newsletter @zineapps @zine-scene @zinesubmissions @zinefeed @zinefans @zinecenter @faneventshub @fandomzines @atozines @fanzinewatch

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Hello everyone! It’s me, Boat! Together with @miss-akimichi​ and @aanimelover​ we are pleased to bring another MitsuCho week this year. The date will be the same as the last one(From 1st to the 7th of August) but since it might be a difficult time of the year for some of us, we are making an announcement early so you all can prepare beforehand.


Prompt List:    

DAY 01: Hanafuda / Treating her condition

DAY 02: Teaching / Learning / With friends

DAY 03: Fanservice day (Kabedon/ Indirect kiss / etc)

DAY 04: Festival (Tsukimi / School / Music)

DAY 05: Momijigari / Flowers / Golden

DAY 06: Isekai / Crossover / Unusual outfit

DAY 07: Rose-colored future / Dark future


!!!Bonus Activities!!!

You can either do these two activities during the week OR replace one of the prompts above with these. 

  • Q&A. Conduct an interview(Or make another character do the job for you) for Mitsucho. The theme is free! Just be sure it goes according to the week’s rules.
  • Closure. Take one canon scene (Suggested: What they were talking about in the Gaiden when Mitsuki took Chouchou away from Sarada and Boruto) and make your interpretation of it, either expanding the scene or giving closure to it.

What I can do to enter the challenge?

Almost everything! We want to showcase the love we have for the ship, so any creative form is encouraged. Here we listed some ideas of what you can do during the week:

  • Fanart
  • Fanfics
  • Crafts(Plushie/clay creations)
  • Cosplay
  • MEP/AMV(Use only anime/manga(canon) or your own drawn material please)
  • Edits(Only of anime/manga(canon) material please)
  • Character shrines/cakes/Itabags

Additionally, you can make a post on why you like Mitsucho and post it in the tag as well.


  • Be respectful to other’s opinions/ships. If anyone comes with hate posts either block them or report them. Do not feed trolls.
  • Please keep the art safe for work/PG(NO R18) Even if you draw/write them to be older.
  • This one is pretty obvious, but don’t copy or trace other artists’ art. Every creative piece for Mitsucho is precious disregarding the artist’s skill. You can do it!
  • Have lots and lots of fun!!

MitsuChou Week

When: Aug 1st - 7th

Where: @mitsuchouweek

Mod(s): @miss-akimichi / @decadentboat / @aanimelover

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It’s one troublesome event after another for these Naras as we proudly present: Nara Week 2020!

This year, let us show our appreciation for this brainy, shadow-weaving clan by celebrating on the week leading to Shikamaru’s and Shikadai’s birthdays!


Sept. 17 - War / Anbu

Sept. 18 - RTN / Crossover

Sept. 19 - Fall / Timeskip

Sept. 20 - What If / Pets

Sept. 21 - Redesign / Cooking

Sept. 22 - Scars / Happy Birthday, Shikamaru

Sept. 23 - Legacy / Happy Birthday, Shikadai!

Rules / Guidelines:

1. We will accept any kind of content—fanfictions, graphics, gifs, artworks, and any other creative works you can think of. Of course, stolen works are NOT ALLOWED.

2. This event has double themes for each day: you may choose to work on one theme, both themes, or combine the themes if you feel like it.

3. Keep in mind that this event is to celebrate ALL our Nara favorites, so you don’t have to limit your piece to just Shikamaru and Shikadai. The more Nara, the better!

4. We will not tolerate any character hate, ship bashing, incest, adult/minor, or reposting / editing / tracing of any kind.

5. Please tag your work with #naraweek2020 in the first three tags so we can easily find and reblog it. You may also tag @naraweek in your post.

6. We also have a Twitter account under the same username. You may opt to post your content on either or both platforms.

7. This is an open event dedicated to showing our love and support for the Nara clan, so anyone can participate as long as you don’t spread hate.

8. If you have any concerns or inquiries, send us an ask or message either of the hosts (@shikamarubase and @shikanaradai) directly. You don’t need to be shy!

9. Don’t forget to have fun! :)


Nara Week 2020 !

When: Sept 17th - 23rd

Where: @naraweek

Mod(s): @shikanaradai / @shikamarubase

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            [ art credit to @sylviesanctum​ ] [ Host by @cognitivecapricorn​]  [ @narutoevents​ ]

It’s here yall! The Official SasuIno week Promo!!!     

So, this year it’s coming soon, from May 17th to May 23rd. 

The prompts this year are all based around color names! I thought it’d be pure yet creative at the same time so folks can have fun. The names are in order: 

  • Cherry(red) 
  • Marigold(orange) 
  • Canary(yellow)
  • Jade(green)
  • Sky(blue)
  • Sangria(purple)
  • and the last day, the 23rd is a Free day for folks to do whatever!

*the post with the prompts can be found here!

   If you wanna join in, you are more than welcomed to submit fanfics, fanart, moodboards, playlists, more! The tags for this year are #SasuInoWeek2020 and or #SasuIno2020

And for those who cannot or have trouble viewing the blog itself, I have made copies of the about page, the rules, and the prompts on separate posts as well. 

The about page can be found here and the post can be found here!  

The rules are here and the post can be found over here!

If of course you need to find me, my personal is @cognitivecapricorn​ 

Even if you don’t want to take part do help spread the word around! Hope to see you in May!!! 💕💕💕💕

SasuIno Week

When: May 17th - May 23rd

Where: @sasuinoweek2020

Mod(s): @cognitivecapricorn

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KakaGai Wedding Day 2020!  🍆💍🍛

“The two fell in love. They were soon wed, and lived together in happily wedded bliss.“ 

This day-long event commemorates the “official” wedding anniversary of Kakashi and Gai: July 7th! Tanabata!

The event theme is ‘Marriage’ - but feel free to be as creative with the theme as you’d like! You don’t even have to follow the theme in order to participate in the celebration!


  • We accept fanart, fanfiction, edits, moodboards, graphics, gifs, videos, AMVs, headcanons, etc., whatever you like! Any medium of content is appreciated!
  • Please put NSFW under a readmore and tag properly!
  • Please tag your work with #kakagai day so we can see it and reblog it!
  • Late submissions are accepted!
  • Have fun!

We would really appreciate it if people could reblog this post so more people are aware of the day! We look forward to collaborating with everyone!

Any questions or concerns? Please reach out to one of us via DM or send an ask - the inbox is open!

KakaGai Day 2020!

When: July 7th

Where: @kkgweek

Who: @godtierwallflower / @childofyue

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Click here to sign-up!


Seasons of Anime Exchange is an annual multi-fandom gift exchange that started in 2018.

How does it work?

There will be an assigned theme each year. Participants who signed up for the exchange will be asked to submit one fanwork for his/her assigned giftee; in return, each participant will also receive gift.
It is open to both writers and artists. Content must be the creator’s original and finished work that has not been previously published.

What is the theme for this year?

The winning themes this year are: Mythical Creatures AU and Future/Timeskip AU. All contents are still encouraged to have a “Season” element—for example, spring, summer, autumn, winter, sunny, dry, or rainy—which doesn’t necessarily have to be the main theme of the creative work.

What fandoms are included?

The following anime are included as part of the pre-defined list:

  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Daiya no Ace / Ace of Diamond
  • Detective Conan / Magic Kaito
  • Free!
  • Full Metal Alchemist / Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
  • Ookiku Furikabutte
  • Shokugeki no Soma
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Yuri on Ice!!!

*Participants can add a fandom of their preference, however it may only be used if there’s another creator who can create for the same fandom.

Sign-ups close at 11:59PM on May 3!

Reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

@zineapps @faneventshub @eventfeed @bnhabulletin @narutoevents @haikyuubulletin @bsdfandomevents @yoiprojects-n-events

Seasons of Anime Exchange

Sign Ups: Apr 13th - May 3rd

Where: @seasons-of-anime-exchange

Mod(s): @bubblysage

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