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main @dahtwitchi WIP log for a completely nonsensible project of creating a study for Tobirama in 1:16 scale.

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narutominiatures·2 months agoText

Queen Marys Dolls House

If you like miniatures and need something to do, Windsor castle has both a little movie about it, then there are photos of every room. AND there are photos of every individual item of each room!

So much to look at!

The books! 170 authors contributed. Just look at this individual item, by sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Have some fun, and get lost in far too many gorgeous artisan miniatures from the early 1920s!

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narutominiatures·3 months agoText

Some WIP stuff. First image making the sliding rails. I think it’ll be too bulky with two doors as I’d have to add so much to the depth, so I’m considering only one. But. Aesthetics vs practicality vs what feels right xp

The other images is wall making and shelves. The foamboards are nice to work with, buuuuut can’t handle clamping well without structural integrity going byebyyyyyye xp So, string it was.

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narutominiatures·4 months agoText

Futon mockup in preparation for the proper fabric. Went by this YouTube video, and had to run the corner stitch and knots at .25 speed five times before understanding what even what x'3 when I finally understood what to do and how it shaped the corner, I was instantly fond of it. Shall need to use in other circumstances too.

The cotton I got, I realised was made into rip-off sections I shall need to avoid for this use <.<

The size differences make the material behaviours so so different. Getting both plushiness and roll-up ability might be a challenge.

I think I want it wider, too. The proportions doesn’t seem quite harmonious.

I long to see if the fabric will have tiny enough pattern it’ll look miniature rather than chunky small thing made big big materials.

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narutominiatures·4 months agoPhoto


I needed a set of Japanese inspired patterns for a miniature project, and awaiting the actual fabric from spoonflower to show up, I made them available in my redbubble shop :3 Can I have them all? :’3

The first three patterns are based on old Japanese pattern styles (source
Tachiwaki / Tatewaki (Rising Steam) 
Karakusa (Winding Plant)
Seigaiha (Blue Ocean Waves)

The last is more inspired by a mix of the traditional ocean wave, and Hokusai’s famous wave art.

….yes. Yes I sat down and designed fabric patterns and have now placed the order for them to be printed, and hopefully they will work well as fabric for the zabuton and futon. 

I like them a lot on so many of the products, but I do not need more mugs :’3

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narutominiatures·4 months agoText

Why, oh why does espresso house have such excellent wooden coffee stirrers? The barista just stared at me oddly and muttered about wholesale when I asked where they buy them or what brand.

I can’t go around taking an extra handful stirrers every time I visit them. Or, considering their expensiveness, go get a coffee just to get a few coffee stirrers extra on complete accident. That’s very expensive wood x’D

Ah. The sane life of crafters.

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