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natandwandaseries · 2 days ago
Hi everyone,
I just want to apologize for not posting a lot lately. I’m under some serious stress, like grind through two medical grade mouth-guards in a month stress. Even my therapist, who thinks I don’t need to see her, is concerned.
I’m sleeping a handful of hours a night, working ten hour days, taking on a huge workload, and seeing friends/family four or five nights a week. And touring apartments the nights I’m not seeing family.
Sorry for the long winded explanation and vent. I just want you all to know that every spare chance I get, I work on the series, I love our girls and have not lost a lick of motivation. Deliverance will still come. I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of summer and taking care of yourselves. Have a cup of chamomile, put on fresh pillowcases, and be kind to yourself. We are only remarkably, wonderfully, human. It is a reminder I could use myself most days.
CarlyWrites 📝
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natandwandaseries · 2 days ago
So this weekend I’m staying at my childhood home and I found my short story journal from when I was ten
I was surprised to find, inside there are stories about children being murdered, hunted for sport, and of a girl whose father was an ambassador and she saw him killed in a war torn country
So yes, my stories have always been this way
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natandwandaseries · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As if anyone could really forget the most quoted line in “The Avengers” — “I’ve got red in my ledger; I’d like to wipe it out” — it helps to have that line fresh in your mind when deconstructing what Widow does in the final act of what’s billed as a Captain America movie. Black Widow doesn’t wipe out the red in her ledger. No, she blasts her ledger out to the world, like it was the grisliest email forward of all time. We know from her heart to heart with Hawkeye that the shame she feels about what she’s done is real, and she hesitates when she realizes that taking down the bad guys means revealing her secrets. But she does it anyway, because she’s not just a spy anymore; she’s a super hero, and she makes a super hero’s sacrifice. (x)
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natandwandaseries · 4 days ago
I’m having so many emotions about Black Widow coming out, I’m not ready to say goodbye to Natasha, but at the same time I need to see this movie
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natandwandaseries · 4 days ago
I’ve had writer’s block ever since I learned what it meant, so same
I haven't posted a chapter in almost two weeks and I feel like a horrible person 😭😭😭
Good luck with your writer's block as well!
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natandwandaseries · 5 days ago
Writer's block is the devil whispering in your ear that you have no good ideas
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natandwandaseries · 6 days ago
There was absolutely zero ZERO need for that scene about infinity stones. Why did they have to do that? Make all their sacrifices worthless, purposeless? Natasha sacrificed herself and she didn’t even need to. I hate this. I hate it here.
Tumblr media
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natandwandaseries · 7 days ago
Did you all see Elizabeth Olsen is now married? 🥺 So cute!!!
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natandwandaseries · 7 days ago
Update: they rescinded their offer on the apartment
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natandwandaseries · 8 days ago
A Scorcher: A Nat and Wanda Series Mini Fic
Natasha is sitting in the library, looking at the streets below. It is a sweltering 92°, and the city is feeling it. Everyone seems to be moving in slow motion in the park, and most wear as few articles of clothing as they can get away with. A single man is in a suit, waiting at the cross walk, appearing to be swaying in the heat. There is hardly a cloud in the sky, offering no true reprieve from the unforgiving sun. Just as Natasha is about to go back to her book, water begins to flow down the windowpane. Rain wasn’t in the forecast today. She turns to the other window, dry as a bone. Something isn’t right, and she doesn’t know how, but it is definitely Yelena’s fault.
Her and Wanda went to get ice cream two hours ago and are yet to return. Natasha leaves her air conditioned apartment and heads up the stairs to the roof, looking for the source of the water. When she opens the door, she is shocked to say the least.
A bouncy house with a water slide has been blown up, and Wanda is using her powers to stop Yelena from hurdling over the edge of the roof with each slide.
“What on Earth are you two doing?”
“Swimming,” Yelena stands up in the shallow water, putting her hands on her hips. She wears a cherry red bikini that will soon match the sunburn forming on the tip of her nose.
“You’re on the roof, we aren’t the only ones who live here,”
“Actually, you bought the roof rights and air rights when you bought the condo, so that we can land a quinjet here if needed,”
“You read the deed?” Natasha raises her eyebrows at her daughter. “Where did you even get the water?”
“Wanted to make sure we weren’t breaking any bylaws,” She begins to use her powers again to get the water flowing. “Are you going to join? It’s fun,”
“No, Tasha is party pooper now, she going to make us pack up,”
“I am not, I’m fun!” Natasha turns on her sister. “I’m going to grab my suit,”
“Get popsicles, no grape!” Yelena calls after the older widow. As Natasha changes into her swimsuit, she realizes they never told her where the water came from.
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natandwandaseries · 9 days ago
Let The Eat Cake: A Nat and Wanda Series Mini Fic
This was born from a request of a long time reader and commenter who informed me today is Russian Language Day! Hope you all enjoy!
Natasha knocks on the door to Yelena’s apartment. There is still blood cakes under her fingernails, not hers, and her hair has begun to fall out of its careful braid.
Wanda is with Peter tonight and Steve is visiting Sam’s family in DC, leaving the sisters with a rare night alone.
Yelena pulls open the door, shirt buttoned incorrectly and pants inside out.
“Am I interrupting?” Natasha smirks.
“No, thank God,” Yelena grabs Natasha’s empty hand, the other holding a pastry bag and tugs her inside.
“If this is a body, I told you that you have to call the police.”
“Sorry,” Yelena hurries into the bedroom, putting on an American accent, “My sister just got home, you have to leave,”
“She can join?” A voice calls. Natasha sighs, sitting down at the island, beginning to pick at the red that has settled into her cuticles.
A man exits Yelena’s room, carrying his clothes. His eyes widen when he sees Nat, and then his head whips back to Yelena, then to her again. He is finally connecting the dots on who she is, where he knew her face from.
“I’m sorry, Black Widow, I didn’t mean to insinuate,” She flicks away the blood. He runs.
“Thank you, started talking about next weekend,” Yelena wrinkles her nose. “What you bring me back from mission, you traitor?”
“You didn’t invite me!”
“It was a solo mission, Lena,”
“At least you didn’t hide this one in bra,” Yelena grins, looking into the paper bag. Two boxes are inside; rather than the one she was expecting.
“Red velvet for me, devil’s food cake for you,”
“Russian language day,”
“And yet you still speak English,” Yelena teases.
“Just eat your cake,” Natasha throws a plastic fork at her sister. They sit in silence for a while, eating their dessert. “You know what this needs?” Nat looks up.
Yelena reaches inter the nearest cabinet, pulling out a bottle of vodka.
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
Hi! I hope it’s not to late to ask some questions!!
- when you picture your characters, do you picture the actors who play them in the movies?
- do you think Nate and Nicole are going to grow up to be more bold like Lila, or subdued like Cooper?
- Volition is now the canon backstory for Nat in my head lol. Are you planning on making it go until Age or Ultron?
- I know you’ve said no endgame spoilers, and I’m not asking for any, but I just wanted to say that the thought of the blip separating nat and Wanda makes my heart hurt. I’m so attached to your characterizations of them, you’re an incredible author!
Hi!! No problem, I’ll always answer questions :)
-I like halfway picture the actors, but not entirely. It’s like a vague sense of who they are if that makes sense?
-I think Nate will be a little wild man, not like either of his older siblings, and I can see Nicole being more reserved like Cooper (but have a daredevil side)
-lol thank you! Yes, it will go until AOU when Wanda joins the team!
-thank you so much!! I’m glad you love my characterizations, I’ve become quite attached to our girls too!
Thank you again!
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
I know in the comics it is referenced to a few times about Wanda being Jewish, is your version of Wanda as well or is this something she just isn't all that connected to due to her losing her parents very young and living on the streets then living under the control of hydra?
I would agree though, that the connection doesn't run deep due to the tumultuous childhood she had. She lost her parents at ten and there was no religion in Hydra. Natasha isn't particularly religious either, just the Americanized holidays. (I also didn't know Wanda was Jewish until I had already started the series, but I like your explanation better!)
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
Let’s play a little more:
- Wanda’s 21st Birthday (I know that is big age in the US right?) How would they celebrate? Or How some of them would want to celebrate? And ideas on presents they would give her.
- Cooper is leaving home for college. Which one is he attending? How would the Barton’s react? I can see Clint crying and Laura being the strong one.
- Nat and Yelena sister bonding time. What they would do?
- Wanda’s first college date. She calls home for advice, what would Nat say? What would Lena say?
- What do you see in the future for Maria and Sam?
If I think of some more questions I’ll ask.
-21 is a big age in the US, it is when you are old enough to drink (legally)! Depends on who is planning... but the quintessential thing to do is go to Vegas (I didn't, not my scene). I could see Yelena trying to get them to do a girls trip to Vegas, and Natasha takes Wanda to Napa for wine country and they do tastings and stay at Romanati Winery. For her birthday, Wanda would be given probably some extravagant bottle of wine, like something off the Titanic. She would also get a new car, as hers would be kind of old at that point!
Cooper would go to MIT like Peter and Tony! I think that Clint would be crying leading up to it, but be strong as they drop him off, and Laura being the other way around. Cooper would also be hoping for a really quiet move in, but Tony shows up introducing himself to everyone as Cooper's uncle, and Cooper is secretly pleased and happy
Nat and Yelena.... they go out for dinner one night and Yelena notices someone acting suspicious a few tables over. She suggests they tail the guy. It turns into an all night affair, tracking the guy through nightclubs, alleys, and the subway. He evades like nothing they have ever seen. Finally, he ends up at a local vodka distillery. Turns out he was a guy Nat hired for fun, with the vodka distillery being a fun end point
Natasha would tell her to use protection, be smart, share your location with a friend, and remember to sit up straight. Yelena would ask her if he has a friend
No spoilers for Maria and Sam!! :)
Thank you for your questions!!
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
Okay follow up on the question about Wanda and interviews, bare with me: so apparently when Chris Evans got anxious during panels at ComicCon or other stuff and Lizzie was near, she would let him draw on her hand to calm himself down. Do you think that If, in the future they absolutely had to do a panel and couldn’t get out of it, he would do something like that with Wanda or viceversa, or if not Wanda, with Nat?
I didn't know that about Chris and Lizzie, though I knew he and Scarlett used to pass notes during panels.
In the future if they absolutely had to do a panel I think that Wanda would give like one word answers and Natasha would give the death glare to anyone who asked her a question. Then, like halfway through the panel, Wanda bursts out laughing and everyone is like 'wtf?' and then she turns to Yelena and says, "No, you can't say that on national television!"
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
If you could have a superpower(s) would you, if so what would they be?
Oh my god this one is so hard
Teleportation (with my clothes) or telekinesis
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
What colour lightsaber would you have if it could be any colour even if it doesn’t exist in the movies? And what colour from the movies would you want?
Also the book covers are really cool.
I don't know Star Wars, I'm sorry! I'm not really into space movies (Not even Guardians of the Galaxy) I don't think there is pink in the movies, but I'd want that :)
Thank you!!! I only spent a few minutes on them, but they were fun to make!
Thank you for your question and I'm sorry I couldn't give a better answer
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natandwandaseries · 10 days ago
Hi All, I did mockups of two covers, both entirely unrelated and different themes If you all have any mock-ups I'd love to see them! (and share with your permission) Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I actually did the art for the first one!)
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natandwandaseries · 11 days ago
Hi again!!! If you don't mind... What were Natasha's thoughts when she met Yelena? And on some random questions, what is your favourite color and least favorite? And who would you love to see in a concert (even if it is not possible)?
Hi!! Of course I don’t mind!!
Natasha’s when she first met Yelena... she saw someone with a light in them, in a world that is so dim and gray. Natasha made it her mission to protect that light.
Favorite color to look at is yellow, favorite color to wear is olive green (I’m wearing it right now too lol), favorite color to decorate with are earth tones. Least favorite color is neon in general.
I would absolutely love to see The Beatles, a dream. My other two are Van Morrison and The Rolling Stones. I was lucky enough to see Van Morrison for my 21st birthday :)
Thank you for the questions!!
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natandwandaseries · 11 days ago
How do you think Wanda would react having to do a panel and/or a casual interview like Nat has before? Like when the Avengers first started or bc of her relationship with Steve, like, not a super serious interview like the 60 minutes one.
I don’t think Wanda would do well, unless it was an unusual setting- like Vogue 73 Questions where she is in her home. But on a panel, I think she’d be a mess. Maybe she would do okay at like a late night show, but it would probably depend on how she is doing at the time!
Thank you for your question!!
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