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naughtygirl286·5 days agoPhoto

More backyard photography!!   I took this about a week maybe 2 weeks
ago? This is the view from behind the house that is across the street from my parents house.  Down the very back there and to the left there was a lil “swimming hole” style lake there that we used a few times as kids.
I don’t know if its still there they might have filled it in? I haven’t been down there in years and years but I do know there is another spot we use to swim in was to the right and there was a old bridge there were you could sit and just
watch the water run by.  I can say as kids we use to have lots of fun back there

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naughtygirl286·5 days agoPhoto

Some more Blind Bag Awesomeness 😃
While on our way to see Bloodshot we again had a stop into
Wal-Mart and they put out Series 2 of the Blind Bag figures
so I had to use my Blind Bag picking expertise  to get the
one I wanted and of course I picked the right ones
so I was happy with that

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naughtygirl286·5 days agoPhoto

After going to see Onward
we finally got to see the very elusive Bloodshot
and this was the last movie we got to see
at the theater before everything was shut down.
There wasn’t to many ppl there for this one
but there was probably more when it opened

As for collectables there was one thing
which I had already post here

Action Figure

but when we went to see the actual
movie I couldn’t see any left.

Now I don’t want to get into to
my detail on this one I don’t want
to spoil anything for anyone
but as for the movie itself I have
to say I really did like it!
I would have to say it was cool AF!
I thought the visual effects and
and action/stunts were all pretty
The fight scene in the tunnel
with the flour (yes flour)
was really cool and the
the one at the end in the
elevator with the Exoskeleton
was really cool too

One of the things that I felt
was strange in the movie was
around the beginning in the
scene of the Meat packing
plant were Toby Kebbell’s
character of Martin Axe
has a dance sequence
I was like WTF?!?  
but the reason for this
is explained later on
in the movie.

Also the one who played KT
Eiza González really bugged me
the entire movie casue she
looked so familiar I was trying to
place her cause I was like
“I seen here somewhere before?!?”
but couldn’t figure out where
she was from but when I looked
her up she has been in alot
of stuff I seen in the last
couple of years.

but other then that I think
this was a really great
movie and it was worth the
wait to see (considering
the problem I had with
the release date mix up)
but I would highly recommend
it if you want to see something
with some good action.

Also there isn’t a credits scene
in this we waited to see if
there was an appearance of any
other Valiant characters but there

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naughtygirl286·5 days agoPhoto

So after going to see
the Invisible Man
we went to see the
new animated movie Onward!
we actually had some free passes
to go and see this which was great  

before I get into the movie itself
there was some collectable stuff
there for this they had some figures
which were pretty much the same as the
ones you can get at Wal-Mart
they also had some character plush
as a nice Onward throw blanket
and some like blind bag style figures too
I looked at it all but didn’t get anything.

also before the movie there was a Simpsons
short?!? yes being Disney owns Fox now
that includes the Simpsons.
It starts off with a title card saying
“Disney welcomes the Simpsons”
it a funny lil short featuring
Maggie Simpson.

now as for the movie
I thought it was pretty good
apparently there was all kinds
of controversy over this movie?
ppl didn’t like that it was about
2 brothers trying to get one more
day with their father who passed on,
apparently male characters aren’t allowed
in movies anymore?
and that the lgbtq2+ whatever character
was not the main focus of the movie?
I don’t know I try not to listen to
the complaints and controversies and
just try and to the last art of enjoying
things :P

but that is pretty much what it is
“two teenage elf brothers, go on an journey to
discover if there is still a little magic left out
there in order to spend one last day with their father,
who died when they were too young to remember him.”

I did like the designs of the characters
and the world in general I thought the
idea of “fantasy creatures” in a modern
world type of setting was pretty cool
the lil like fantasy and D&D style
references were pretty fun and cool

the animation as you would expect
was extremely well done being it
was a Pixar/Disney movie and
one of the really good thing about
the movie was the voice acting
I thought that was amazing especially
between Tom Holland and Chris Pratt
they played off of each other
really well.

There was some humor in this but
I don’t think it was comedy I felt
it was a bit more of a serious movie.
I feel it deals alot with death of a
loved one and the grief that comes
from that and it kinda poses the
question “how far will you go
to spend one more day with that
person”  It was a good fun upbeat
movie but I do feel that it dealt
with some heavy topics at times.

The ending was kinda strange in a
way like near the end in the
scene when Tom Holland’s
character Ian comes to realize
that he had a father figure
his whole life in his brother
Barley, I was sitting here thinking
“I seen this before recently??”
it was in another movie I think
I can’t remember what movie it was
but it was like kinda like this
weird deja vu type of moment? lol

but in the end it is a nice movie
about family and is wrapped up in
a fun lil quest. I like it and thought
it was great so if you get chance
maybe check it out.  

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naughtygirl286·5 days agoPhoto

this is a bit on the late side but we did
get to go see the Invisible Man around
the first of march or so and
there were quite a few ppl there for this

Now I don’t want to spoil this for anyone
so I’m not going to say to much about it

but I have to say that it was very good
like sooooo good!! after watching it
its hard not to feel a tiny bit paranoid lol

I wouldn’t say it was scary but it did
have a few I guess you would say “Shocks”
I wouldn’t say they were a jump scare
but it was more of a shock where you
see the thing happen and it was more
of a gasp! reaction being you didn’t
expect it

The movie I feel
almost has a slow burn like
it starts off kinda slow with
a bit of tension but it builds and
builds and that that is what
kinda keeps you in your seat
and holds your attention you
want to see what happens next

also it has this almost sense
of creepy unease cause early
in the movie it kinda feels like
a ghost story were stuff is being
moved or all this subtle things
at start.

also the filming and cinematography
in this is kinda haunting cause they
will slowly pan a room and you
are meant to see this from
Elisabeth Moss’s point of view
and you are like look for him
in this room like any type of
movement your like
“is he there where is he?”
of course he is not there
but you have that urge to look
which is one of the fun things
about this movie it kinda keeps
you guessing.

and what helps along this
illusion is 2 things one
being the music.
the music alone in this
is its own character it
helps with the mystery and
the unease of each scene
and second is the acting
Elisabeth Moss is amazing
you are pretty much watching
someone who is becoming totally
unraveled and going completely
insane and no one believes her
its so good just watching her
flip out.
Now the visual effects and
everything isn’t something
overly new being they have
made ppl turn invisible in
the movies for many years
but it this how they do it
fits the story and the modern
idea of an “Invisible Man”
and when they do
the big reveal on how he
was Invisible it carries so
much weight and you are kinda
impressed by it.  
all I can say it is an
interesting idea with technology
and I wouldn’t doubt that stuff
like this is actually being worked
on now.
the story as a whole and everything
just made this movie amazingly good
so I do highly recommend it.

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naughtygirl286·8 days agoText

I haven’t posted in a while being I have been kinda busy
I did go see lots of stuff earlier in the month I just haven’t
had the chance to post about things so hopeful I’ll be able
to post some thing later on today.

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naughtygirl286·a month agoPhoto

Earthrise Grapple!!!

While on our way to the movies on Tuesday
we stopped into Wal-Mart to have a quick Fig Check.
They are currently rearranging the Toys around
(they do it twice a year here once before spring
and then in the fall before Christmas)  but we went in
and found him he was the only one there
there wasn’t any other Earthrise stuff
and there was only one of him
so I grabbed him quick!
I’m happy I got him being he was one of the ones I was hoping to get 😁
Now I’m going to have to remove him
from my Amazon Wish list 😄

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naughtygirl286·a month agoText

well this was an interesting experience
we have been planing to go see Bloodshot
for the past 2 weeks, but the thing is you
can’t go see a movie that apparently isn’t
out yet?!?

what happened is I was sure it was starting
on the 22 of February.. So we would be going
to see it on the 25th. I remember the trailers
and stuff saying February..?
So a friend of mine who was going said they
couldn’t cause of work so I was like thats
ok we’ll wait until next week (March 3rd)

So instead a few of us went to see
Brahms: The Boy II instead and I swear
when we were down at the theater on the
25th of February that the Blooshot poster
was in the “Now playing” frame.
also they had the Movie Merch out for
it so I got one of the figures that was
there and I was all “I’ll get him now
so I won’t have to get him next week
in case they are all gone”

so we went to see Brahms and that was
alright and we went on with the rest
of the week and then made plans
to go see Bloodshot on March 3rd

So everyone was ready to go see
Bloodshot this past Tuesday
so look up the times it was
playing and..its not playing?
I was like “that was quick? its
already not playing now?”  
so typed it in to the theater
website and find out it doesn’t
start until March 13?!?

I was like wtf?!? like I said
I swear it was already playing
so we ended up going to see
that movie movie Call of the Wild
with Harrison Ford in it
which was pretty good
and then hopefully we’ll
be going to see the Invisible Man
next week but I totally swear
Bloodshot was playing?
I’m certain it was but
anyway it was a bit confusing
to say the least.

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naughtygirl286·a month agoPhoto

We got the the New McFarlane DC figures
in at work this past Wednesday so of course
I had to bring home a few.  They are
they look pretty good although they are a
bit bigger then the previous DC multiverse
figures and Marvel Legends ones  these are
like 7 inch tall. but they do look great
one of the problems I have is too bad
the Animated Superman doesn’t come with
a stand the the Action Comics 1000 one
does. Why would you include a stand with
one and not the other?

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naughtygirl286·a month agoPhoto

Also speaking of work we got a bunch of these
things in this past week like a whole huge
box of them. ppl were snatching them up
I brought a few home to see how they look/work
and if if everything looks good I’ll have to
get a couple of more.  We’ll probably
have to order some more in being they
were almost all gone by Saturday evening.

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naughtygirl286·a month agoPhoto

We didn’t see the movie yet but that didn’t
stop me from getting the in theater Merch
for Bloodshot when we went to see
Brahms: The Boy II we’ll be going to see
Bloodshot hopefully this week.
but we picked up one of these figures tho
that is what they had down there
I don’t remember how much he was being
I didn’t pay for him he was bought for me
but I think it was $26?
even he is a really nice looking figure
I have to say I do like him.

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naughtygirl286·a month agoPhoto

Yup we went to see Brahms: The Boy II this past
Tuesday. I wanted to see it being we went to see the
first one when it came out and I really enjoyed
that one I think its a good horror movie and
has a interesting story and idea.
so I was interested in this one one too

so this movie I believe takes place
a few years after the first movie
and starts when Katie Holmes character Liza
and her son Jude (played by Christopher Convery)
suffer a traumatic home invasion while
her husband is away.
To make the family feel safe again
they decide to take a lil vacation
and end up staying at a gust house
on the property where the original
movie took place.
the family takes a walk to the
main house which was purchased
by some developer that is currently
turning it into some type of hotel
and that is where the son Jude
finds the Brahms (the doll)
and brings him back to the guest house
where things begin to happen as
Brahms (the doll) slowly starts to
possess Jude.

Now this one is a lil bit different and
some of the things in it kind of don’t
make sense when you think about it in
relationship to the first one.
they almost seem like Continuity errors?
like some stuff in this made me think
“but wait in the first one it said..”
for example in this Brahms (the doll)
is sentient? he is alive and is running
around and doing stuff.  
but in the original it sets it up
to make you believe the doll is alive
but then basically tells you that it
was all done by Brahms (the actual human)
who lived in the walls.
also the origin of where Brahms came
from in this is completely different
then what you are told in the original
also there is stuff that doesn’t make
sense like Brahms (the doll) is destroyed
in the first movie like his head is
shattered to pieces and that’s it
nothing inside and you see it getting
put back together at the end of the movie
Now in this one when the head gets shot
by a shotgun there apparently is a creature
inside it? like wtf?? where did the creature
come from? like this is all kinds of stuff
added to his apparent history that in my
opinion doesn’t make sense.
and they try to explain away certain things
that happen in the first movie but it all
doesn’t mesh well..?
I kinda feel that if you watch this one
first then the original what they are trying
to do makes more sense then, but at the same
time that doesn’t work either being this is
a sequel and takes place maybe a few years after
the first one.
I don’t know its just a strange way it was done
I guess?

Now there was a few good jumps in it
I thought and the acting was pretty good
I did think Katie Holmes, Owain Yeoman and
Christopher Convery did a great job.

but other then that this movie was alright
if you liked the first one you could give this
one a try but don’t get your hopes up to high
and expect something awesome.

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naughtygirl286·a month agoPhoto

This one is of course a bit late as well
but last Tuesday we did go see the Sonic the Hedgehog
movie!! There were alot of ppl there for this
but there wasn’t any collectables or cups or anything
for this I was a tiny surprised by that but
I had a feeling there wouldn’t be.

Now I’m not the biggest Sonic fan but I
have played the games on the Sega Genesis
and thought they were pretty good
and I did watch some of the various
cartoons and stuff like that so I know
I’d say a working knowledge of
the character and the franchise

I was also interested in this movie
since it was first announced and followed
it through its bit of “controversy”
with character design.

Now as for the movie itself I thought it
was great. It is for the most part an
action comedy being it is I’d say hilarious.
I did get alot of laughs and giggles out
of this.  I thought it was very faithful
to the games it shows Sonic’s world
with all the lush jungles and ramps and
loops just like from the game and then
he has to leave that world and ends
up on earth.
He eventually meets up with Tom Wachowski
(played by James Marsden who is better
know as Cyclops in the X-Men movies)
how ends up helping Sonic when he is
found out and chased by the evil
Dr. Robotnik (played by Jim Carrey)

like I said this was a great movie
its alot of fun, there are plenty of
references to the games and shows
and just Sonic in general I did
pick up on a few of them.
The acting is great especially
Jim Carrey he is one of the best
things about this movie this is
pure Jim Carrey right here.
if you need a reason to see this
see it for him he is amazing in this.

Also the visual effects in this were
awesome. Sonic is cute and lovable
and the redesign was totally worth it
alot of the comedy comes from him and
Jim Carrey’s Robotnik.  
Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic
fits and really helps bring this character
to life.  The character animation and
model were excellent.  
The speed effects and robots/drones
were really cool
they even did a Quicksilver style
slow motion sequence in this similar
to what was done in the recent
X-Men movies.
I can kinda see Paramount being all
“Sonic has super speed too! we
want one of those in our movie!” lol

so yeah I liked it alot,
the music was good so was
the visuals, acting and humor
it was a pretty good movie
so I’d say go see it!

also there is a credits scene
that set it up for a possible
sequel which I think would be
good I’d like to see a second
one I think.

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naughtygirl286·a month agoText

wow, ppl seem to love what I got for Valentines 😄
I have to say I love it too  lol 😁
but I was happy to get what I got I don’t really like
getting flowers and not really a chocolate eater so I
so I tend to get a few things a lil bit more fun
didn’t start the game yet I’m playing a bunch of
other things at the moment but I will when I get a chance 😃

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naughtygirl286·2 months agoPhoto

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s day!
I did of course and did get a few lil things
for Valentine’s Day.  
I got Justice League S.H.Figuarts Wonder Woman
Life is Strange 2 for PS4
and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Link amiibo which is all pretty awesome.
not only that but I did receive some
candies from some of the customers
at work

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naughtygirl286·2 months agoPhoto

So we did go see the Harley Quinn movie this passed Tuesday night
or Harley Quinn:Birds of Prey or Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey
or Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
whatever you want to call it it we went to see it.

personally I’m saying its the the Harley Quinn movie becasue
that is what it is for the most part its her movie
she is the main character and the star of it.

yes there was Cups and buckets for this and some
collectables and you can read about that here

In Theater movie merch!

but yup we went to see it and and I thought it
was actually really good. It does take place
after Suicide Squad this is pretty much what
happened after the Joker broke her out of
Belle Reve at the end of that movie.  

This movie for the most part shares
the stylistic design of Suicide Squad
with the animated overlays, character
profile cards and neon text and
writing style of the previous movie

This movie also opens up with a nice
lil 2D animated intro which I thought
was really cool this plays while
Margot Robbie as Harley gives a lil
run down of her life and what she
has been up to since the break out
then from that it goes right into
the movie.

it does feature flashbacks to
Suicide Squad and some new
scenes with..the Joker?!?
but the way they did it you
can’t see his face so its
not Jared Leto obviously
and that is it for Joker
in this movie its like I
think 2 scenes? not counting
the 2D animated Joker in
the animated intro
(which I think looks a
bit more like the Joker
from Batman: TAS)

Now of course this introduces
more “Batman/Gotham” characters
into the DCEU and of course
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is
excellent in this as you would expect
I have to say I did like
Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya and
Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary
but at the say time I’m iffy on
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as The Huntress
I don’t know what it was about her
she just didn’t click to me as the
Also I was a bit disappointed
by Cassandra Cain. Don’t get me wrong
Ella Jay Basco who plays the character
was pretty great but the problem is
this Cassandra Cain is nothing like
the one in the comics. so actress
was great I just wish the character
was a lil more source material accurate.
Now as for Ewan McGregor as Roman Sionis
AKA Black Mask I thought he did a great
job even tho I did feel he was a tiny
bit over the top at times but over all
I think he did a good job.

Now as for the movie itself I did
hear alot of ppl say it was extremely
feminist.. and I don’t know? I didn’t
feel it was, it was a bit wacky and
zanny and I did get a good laugh
at alot of it cause I felt it was funny
but what part was “extremely
feminist” ?  Black Canary singing
“its a mans world”? Harley saying
she doesn’t need a man and going
to do stuff herself? women beating up
guys?  like I said I didn’t feel it
was “extremely feminist”  
personally Captain Marvel was way more
“extremely feminist” then this.

This movie was great I enjoyed it
it was funny, there was lots of
great action and stunts and even
the music was awesome.
all except “barracuda”
I really hate that song its like
every female action scene has to
play that song, why?  
what does this have to do with
female action scenes?
at least in their climatic final
battle sequence they didn’t play
something like “Just A Girl”
like some other movie :P

but in the end I thought
the movie was pretty great
I enjoyed it alot it was fun
and I think the R-rating allowed
it to be the movie it wanted to be
which was great. So I would recommend
going to see it.  It needs some love
and I think it deserves it.

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