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it’s official.
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How does Levi even close his legs with all that girth, MY GOD!
My dude can manspread all he wants. He’s earned it 🥰🥰
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Time to sell a kidney
Tumblr media
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For being so nice and cute, copy this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the GAME going and make others feel beautiful 💝💖💛
Tumblr media
This is a little token of love from me to you!!!
AWW thank you so much <3 I'm so happy you liked it.
Fluffiness is my thing, my weakness x 2 if Levi's involved :3 I'm such a hopeless Romantic.
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"Levi, I'm not sleepy." Nope, you're wide awake.
"Please love, just try." Levi finally is though, for once.
"I have, I'm just not-" You start.
"I'll give you anything you want." He opens his eyes to look at you.
"You do that anyway." You turn to him.
He leans in to press your foreheads together. "Go to sleep." He all but growls, only making you giggle.
After a couple minutes of playful, light banter, you're finally situated with your head on Levis chest, his arms around you.
Suddenly you're very content not to move and are steadily lulled to sleep by the rhythm of his heartbeat.
Levi let's out a small sigh, stroking your hair gently until he knows your sleeping and his arm gets too tired to continue.
"And I always will." He whispers before following you to dreamland.
As long as it's within his power, he will always give you whatever your heart desires.
It's Levi himself, your heart beats happiest for.
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Smut, morning sex, fem!bodied reader, soft
You wake up to a shower of feather-like kisses on your shoulders. His lips warm on your bare skin. He plants them one by one like flower bulbs, letting them burgeon to beautiful carnations on you. A garden he’ll never let wilt. The lulled whisper of the breeze entangles with the husky ‘good morning’, dribbling from his lips like spiced chocolate. His voice suffused with a weave of desire and adoration.
The creases of his palms unfolds his schemes. They roam over your chest, your breast, exploring shamelessly. He flings your tussle of hair over your shoulder, his breathing caressing your nape, as he little by little, peels the cozy covers off your body. The nippy air gnaws at your skin, but the frost wanes, giving way to the heat of his arms wrapped around you. His chest fuses to your back.
He purrs nonsense in your ear, rocking his hips playfully, grinding his hardness in the small of your back, in quest of some relief. And to show his true intentions. The curls of thick hair prickle your sensitive flesh.
“Levi!” your whine is coated with fake indignation, and chuckles burble out from you.
“What?” he feigns innocence, and a faint grunt brushes past his parted lips. You can feel a warm moist on your back.
A hand marches down, idly, scorching your navel, your lower belly, your mound, and two wanton fingers get lost within your folds. Levi hums mockingly at your wetness. “Don’t play saint, my sweetheart.” His fingertips pressed lightly on your eager clit, circling, rolling, holding it captive as streams of moans drip off your mouth. Your hips chase his pace, bucking wildly, drawing circles. Deep groans rumble in his throat as his cock falls prey of the delightful torture of your jerky movements. Your butt cheeks massaging his balls.
Walls! He can no longer hold back.
He retrieves his fingers from your moist and pushes you down on your belly, imprisons you under his weight. One quick slide, and he enters you from behind. Lewd sounds fill the room—baritones tousled with your high-pitch notes.
Beautiful symphony.
Glistening bodies, drops of sweat stream down his face. His breath hitches, forming tiny clouds that falter in the air. His heart thrashes in his ribcage threatening to breach out from his chest.
He slides a hand under your jaw and tips your head up. Your eyes are droopy, unfocused through the daze. Lustrous lips parted. Flushed cheeks glowing. Your fingers sink into the sheets, tugging at them desperate, delving for solace.
“Levi!” His name ravels amidst muffled gasps as he moves at that wondrous tempo that makes your body writhe. You buck your ass up and he brings a hand under your belly, feeling his cock bulging inside you. He knows where to touch, how to touch, to push the right buttons that drive you to the edge.
You reach up and hook a hand behind his neck, dragging his head down. “Faster, please.” You beg in a muse and he complies to your pleads. His lips meander behind your ear and nibbles at your lobe. His grunts quicken with his pace, your name comes out in whispers that enmesh in your hair.
Pleasure coils in your core, your pussy flutters around him, tightening with each swift thrust. And the fireball combusts in jolts that ripple from your center to the tips of your fingers and toes. “LEVI!!” Muscles tense; eyes roll back into your head.
The head of his cock tingles, captive of your spasming walls and he bursts, a resonant growl wrenches out from somewhere in his chest. He still as jets of thick seed paints your insides white.
Your face is turned to the side as you struggle to catch your breath, and he collapses over you. His heart thrums against your back. He searches for your hands and gobble them up, fingers sink though yours like silk.
There can’t be a better way to kick-start the day.
“love you.” You murmur.
His lips crawl over your cheek, striding to your ear, and croons, “I love you too.”
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Tumblr media
tw: SMUT, (soft smut), newlyweds, virgin reader, fem!Bodied reader, Oral sex, fem!rec, I just wrote this so not proofread.
w.c: 2.3k
The happiest day of your life, the day you read your vows to each other, before an altar, with so many witnesses sharing your joy, but the only ones that matter were he and you. Two mawkish lovey-doveys, inebriated in each other; the sappy couple you swore you’d never become. And here you are, a stumbling tangle of limbs, sprauchling on every wall and every corner of the hallway, tearing your lips apart. Anxious fingers searching and finding, sneaking through any opening. The floor brims with rose petals and flickering candles, tracing the path that leads to your hotel room. 
The faint light captures the glint of the gold bands on your left ring fingers. Boozed up mesh of laughs floods the air.
You duck into your room, and without breaking the kiss, Levi shuts the door close with a back-kick. The loud thud rumbles through the corridor.  
“Levi!” You cry and pull away, rubbing a finger over your smudged, bitten lip.  
Laughter bubbles out from his throat. Lovely sound. And he shrugs his blazer off, then his vest letting them pool at his feet.
He looks at you, his fingertips lingering along your ears, while your svelte finger slips under his bow tie, the strap unclasps and it flumps down. Levi removes the bobby pins with such daintiness, making your braids fall out, tiny white flowers tumble from you hair, littering the mahogany wooden floor like stars twinkling in the sky. You fondle his cotton-clad shoulders and upper arms as he, without breaking eye contact slides his hands behind your back, looking for the lace that keeps your dress in place; he tugs at it, finally, and the bow loses its shape. He spins you around, and you lift your hair; his breath caresses your nape, and his lips come closer, smothering with kisses your neck and naked shoulders.  
Butterflies flit in your stomach, just like the first time you met.
“I love you,” he whispers, his voice raspy and smooth at the same time, making heat rise to your cheeks, between your legs.  
“I love you too,” you muse. You’re trembling, dizzy with eagerness and agitation. 
Deft fingers loosen the corset, with the patience of an old granny counting coins to buy a loaf of bread. The cord slips through the grommets and then  his scorching palms glide  between your dress and your sensitive flesh, cleaving the panels open. The hefty, white, pompous  gown rumples around your legs.  
You swirl around.
“Beautiful,” he mutters, and you feel shy under his dull gaze, eyes dawdling gingerly over your body, dressed in lacy lingerie. He hoists you in his arms, making his way to the bed, your legs anchored around his waist, your heels tapping on his butt cheeks. Arms tethered behind his neck, tongues urgently fighting for dominance. You can feel the excitement growing under his pants 
He scuffs off one patent leather shoe, his free rayon-clad toes push down the other oxford at the heel and he drops you on the bed, your legs dangling over the end. He crouches down, and lifts your right foot first, resting it on his thigh, slips off the white strap through the buckle and tosses away the heel. He repeats the process for the other foot. Then raises your leg lightly, his mouth strides from your knee down to your ankle, drawing a trail of moist kisses, and retraces his steps. Giggles dribble from you. His lips tickle your thigh as they move upward, and his teeth hook at the white garter, pulling at it and letting it spring back; he chases it, and drags it down, slowly, until it dangles in your toes and slips down.
His lips find yours again and he shifts you to the center of the bed, his fingers brushing like feathers over your ribs, then your waist, as you undo the buttons of his shirt. He leans back, sitting on his heels and pulls it off, the silver glow that seeps through the window baths his perfectly chiseled body in luster as a marble sculpture.  
The buckle of his belt clatters on the floor, he slips off the bed and  wiggles his black slacks down, then crawls back and kneels between your legs.  
“You’re gorgeous, Levi.” You stretch out your arms, making grabby hands. “Let me touch you.”  
He smirks, and hovers over you, his hands denting the mattress at the sides of your head. You look like a goddess, hair sprawled, laying beneath him in that sexy lingerie, in the middle of the scattered red petals. His nose nudges on your cheek as your fingertips map his naked chest and abs, burning his skin like molten wax, his muscles rippling under your touch. His nose strolls down along your jawline, and tips your chin up, planting kisses leisurely on your neck, grazing that thrumming spot.  
Your blood fizzes through your veins, igniting every inch of your body, from flesh to bone. “I want you, Levi.” You mewl, lolling your head to the side so his mouth continues the blissful onslaught under your jaw.  
Levi pulls apart a bit, grips your jaw and forces you to look at him. He scans your face. Your cheeks are flushed pink, specks of white quail on your dilated pupils, faint puffs of breath sip out of your already worn out lips. While engrossed in your beauty, your sneaky hand finds the hem of his underwear and slip under, in quest of what you covet now. Your fingers curled around him, eliciting a cloying gasp; hips jerk up. He’s girthy, and oozing, and a drop of panic smears in your lower belly.
“Not yet,” he tows your hand off and hauls you up and unclasps your bra  after a few attempts. His fumbling hands cup your breast, nipples tautened with desire rolling between his fingers, and a reel of moans spools off your mouth. You lurch back, propped in your arms, head hanging backwards, brows twitching. You feel his knuckles brushing down past your navel as his tongue teases and swirls around your hardened nubs. Desire pools between your thighs; your core aches with greed.  
“Ah! Levi, please!” You tilt your head down and look at him having fun with your breasts. You run your fingers through his hair and clench your hand, pushing him down to where you need him the most. “Levi!” You wail, as he nibbles on your perky bud, refusing to leave. He pulls apart by a bit, gazing up to you, your nipple captive between his teeth. He lets go, simpering, and drags his lips back to yours.  
He pushes you down on bed. 
“Y/N.” he utters against your mouth. 
“Y/N.” Against your collarbones. 
“Y/N.” Your navel. 
“Y/N.” Over your clothed mound.  
He´ll never grow tired of saying your name.
A grin blooms on his lips when he catches the transparent spot on the crotch. His eyes glint with need, and you can't help but blush with embarrassment. 
“Don’t be shy.” His palms saunter over your inner thighs as he buries his nose in your wetness. “I’m so hard I don’t think I’ll last too long. And you´re the cause,” he mumbles, and takes a deep breath, your sweet arousal awakening his primal side and shutting down any trace of self-restraint. Damn, he wants to be inside you so bad, but he needs to try you first. He pushes your panties to the side, and shears with a finger the cord of slick that lingers between your skin and the lingerie. His length twitches. Shit, he’s going to blow out before any fun begins.  
But it’s your fault, you turn him into a madman without even trying.  
Your hips jiggle at the first lap of his tongue running between your folds, legs squirm, something coils within your core. Your eyes squeeze shut, face turned to the side, mouth drawing a beautiful O as he feasts in you, like a famished man savoring a copious meal after several days without taking a bite. 
His name falls of your mouth as his playful tongue and lips explore uncharted territory. He pulls away and strokes your swollen clit over the fabric, your hips rocking, seeking the delightful friction.  
“Don’t st- No!” 
He cruelly lets the knot in your belly unravel, all the bliss dwindling.  
“I’m sorry,” he coos, his fingers anchored at the hem of your underwear. You buck up your hips and he pulls down that meddlesome piece. Completely bared and unfurled for him. A piece of art worth for his private museum.    
He doesn’t waste time. He spreads open your folds with his thumbs, your enlarge glossy clit, longing for attention. And he listens to it. His lips seize it, his tongue laps and draws circles over it, pushing you to the edge. Your body writhes; your legs tense, your knuckles whiten as your hands clench in the sheets.  
“Levi! Fu- Ah!” You gasp at the finger plunging into you, but it’s not enough to appease your need and he knows it. He adds a second digit, prodding, scissoring, chasing after each other, stroking that spongy spot as he’s mouth works on your clit. Your eyes clamped shut tight, you feel meteors bursting behind them. It’s intense, fierce, the sizzling now boils within you until it erupts like a volcano, and for a few seconds, you’re swarmed by pure elation. 
Your chest rises and fall wildly, your breath whizzes out in staggered pants, and your face is sleek in sweat. Through the haze, you find Levi staring up at you, sweeping his tongue over his coated lips. You see it in his eyes, he can’t hold back anymore.  
In a second, he gets rid of his underwear, his cock springs freely, the throbbing tip whisking his lower belly, and a crisp line of black tuft that begins under his belly button, marches down to the base of his erection. He peels down the foreskin, and shit, he’s beautiful, big and thick, and your eager and nervous to have him.  
His hardness skims your belly as he kisses you, and you can taste yourself in his lips. Sweet and bitter. He inches back, and your eyes entangle, his hand smoldering your cheek. His voice is serious. “I’ll be gentle.” Kiss. “Let me know if it’s too much.” Kiss. “You know I fucking love you.” Kiss. “And the last thing I want is to hurt you.” Kiss.  
You nod, the back of your hand brushes his cheek with tenderness. “I love you too,” you croon, “and I trust you.”  
He guides himself, looking for your entrance, and you feel him poking. Panic rises. You close your eyes, and he rolls his hips forward, painfully slow, and your body puts resistance to the unfamiliar intrusion. Levi stills, watching every reaction on your face. Your body is all tense. His hand entwines with yours for reassurance and you squeeze. He squeezes back.  
“You have to relax,” he purrs, strands of black hair prick your forehead, his breath fanning over your neck. Beads of sweat trickle down his face. Your free hand claws on his shoulders, threatening to etched red marks. 
Tears peek at the corners of your eyes. You take a deep breath, teeth sinking into your bottom lip, and, with resolve, you buck your hips up in a howl of pain. Levi grunts and hisses at the tight warmth that envelops him; inch by inch, he sheathes himself into you. Hot blood dashes through his veins as he fights the urge to shove himself into you in a quick, single thrust. 
With a thumb, he sweeps away your tears. 
“Levi,” your voice is a quavering lament, your face contorted in pain as he breaches you, breath hitching; your walls blazing in sweet agony. And then your pelvises meet, and he stops and stills. Trembling, waiting for you to adapt.  
“You’re doing great.” He tugs down your lower lip, eyes droopy, leaden with love and lust. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” He spews and captures your lips again. Your hand meander along the slope of his spine. Despite the waning pain, you know you’re a perfect fit. Made for each other.  
His face reels back, enough to take a glimpse of your face, to make sure you’re ok, tears dried, and a faint smile tugs at your lips.  
“You can move.” You say.  
He rakes his fingers through your hair, toying with your locks for a moment, before finding your hand again. He wants to reach your peaks with your hands weaved together. He drops his head to kiss you and only then, he begins to work himself in and out at a languid pace, relishing in your moist and the friction, taking his time because he doesn’t want to explode just yet. 
Your back arches as the pain gives way to pleasure; brimming, rolling heat. Your nails rake down, painting red lines on his back. Groans and moans rise in a dazzling melody. Your melody. His deep grunts getting in tune with your highest notes. 
Your name seeps out of his lips in jagged whispers, melting in your hair. His breathing quickens as his tempo rises, and your body tightens around him, driven over the edge, for the second time, by the rocking of his hips.  
Your hands squeeze each other as if they’d melt together. 
You coil, tighter and tighter, and then, jolts of pleasure break through you, seizing every inch of your body, and your orgasm wrenches his right after. He fills you with his seed and collapses over you, but doesn’t roll away. He stays, with an idiotic smile plastered on his face, and reaches out, sweeping a lock of hair from your cheek and tucking it behind your ear. He kisses you on the forehead, and your both let giggles rumble in your throats. His thumb fondles the back of your hand, drawing feeble circles, then brings it to his mouth and presses a kiss on top of the band.  
“Are you ok, Mrs. Ackerman?” He watches you watching him through eyes leaden with weariness, dozing. Yet, you pull out a smile. 
“Better than ever before. Mr. Ackerman.”  
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A sneak peek of my dreams👀
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Art by  maino_merry
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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OHHH DOMESTIC AND DOOR but let's say it's levi who won't let us in :3
after today this was necessary. i’m realizing i’m mostly writing hurt/comfort before the other event submissions but it’s ok🥲
content/warnings: hurt+comfort, negative self-talk/slight loathing, there’s a cat!
wc: ~1.8k
One muse sits outside the door to comfort the other, who won’t let them in.
Tumblr media
You and Levi’s first dinner with your parents could not have gone any worse… and that was when he went out of his way to gain their approval.
His “nice style of dress” was the only positive descriptor your parents had for him (“Try to stay positive,” you told him; that was the only compliment they spoke out loud).
He cleaned up well, great. Talk about the bare minimum.
He spoke very few words, and how rude. Your drawl, your parents said. It’s quite lazy.
Levi had never heard—he didn’t think it was possible—anyone speak more like they had a stick up their ass, other than Erwin.
He turned down your mother’s offer for her soufflé, because it was crammed with so much sugar he could spot the grains swimming around at the top (her lips tugged downward).
Refusing to talk about his own upbringing. Well, that was heresy in your parents’ eyes. They just wanted to get to know him...
He would’ve just bit the bullet and shared some (limited) stories about his past if he didn’t think, by that point in dinner, that your father would tear your engagement ring right off your finger by the time Levi finished his first sentence. His upbringing is no fairytale like you agreed they lived in; Levi didn’t have the wealth, education, or grace your parents could fit in one little finger.
Fucking shit.
“I told them you don't like sweets,” you’re imploring him through the door, floundering for excuses.
“It’s not your fault.” His tone is flat, but he means every goddamn word. “You’d be—stupid to blame yourself for any of this.”
“But it’s not your fault, either!”
He blinks mildly at no particular spot in the bathroom. Once you both got home, he just… needed somewhere to be by himself. Thirty minutes later, you got worried.
“Levi, I need to pee.”
“Downstairs bathroom.”
Your groan is miserable. “Please just come out. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t like you—”
“They don’t like me,” he snaps. “They looked seconds away from kicking me out of the king’s fucking court.”
“But I like you,” you shoot back. “I love you. I want to marry you.”
After tonight, he wants to ask, why? Did a fraction of the wrongness about him seep into you that soon clouded your judgment, making you think that? Did he trick you?
Early on in your relationship, the harsh differences (they couldn’t be more harsh in fact) between your upbringings were even more clear. He asked himself shit like this back then too, but after some point... the way you made him feel convinced him that none of it mattered.
His years running with gangs in the gentrified shit-holes of the big city, his, more or less, lack of parents. The destitution. Prostitution. Murder.
But you met at a library. Levi caught a lucky break when he enlisted in the military at twenty. He served, got a scholarship in mathematics. You kissed his knuckles and called him beautiful. He bought you flowers, adopted a cat. You proposed to him. You told him he has a heart of gold.
Not that he could ever bring himself to believe you about the last part, but... it was nice to hear regardless.
But tonight it’s back to wondering why all fucking over again.
The silence after your testimony stretches and stretches on, like a lazy bowstring until it threatens to snap. He feels the tension crawling under his skin.
Until shuffling sounds beyond the door: sounds like you’re giving him more time alone.
Good, he wants to think. He wants to be satisfied with that, and… he also wants you to walk away, to find someone good for you who knows how to emote with their face and profess their love to you like fucking Romeo and Juliet without having an embarrassment-induced heart attack. Someone not, or at least less, fucked up than him.
Your parents would get down on their knees and bless your marriage.
Fuck, they wouldn’t shoot this made-up partner of yours the shrewdest glances. Their eyes wouldn’t say, You’re below me, and their mouths wouldn’t say, “You’re a little… Um, aren’t you?”
They wouldn’t act like breathing the same air as him gives them a migraine. Not like, once he was gone they would clear all the rooms of their mansion with incense.
Maybe he’s blowing it up in his head some, but his point is the same. They loathe him. They’re probably disappointed in you, too, which is so much worse.
Levi as sufficiently upset himself even more than he was before.
Normally, he wouldn’t give a shit what even the fucking president thinks about him. He would even retaliate, but these are your parents. Soon to be his family. He practically craved their approval.
He shuffles his feet, sighing softly. He wants to not care what your parents think, and fuel this scenario he has created of you finding someone better, but he knows if that second thing actually happened, then. Well, he wouldn't know what to do.
He is pulled from his dark thoughts by a furry white paw pushing under the door. Pierre wants in. A whiny meeuurooww breaks through the wood, and it’s a little hard not to let his spirits lift.
If it were any normal night, Pierre would be hopping onto the foot of your king-sized bed right about now and searching for a spot, usually curled up behind the bend of your knees.
Tonight he clearly has some complaints.
Sorry, Levi thinks. His finger touches Pierre's pink pawpad, and the pushing grows more anxious.
He is used to people thinking he’s lower than dirt—he got the same treatment when he first started college—but just for once why can’t he be good enough about people whose opinion he cares about?—Besides you, Hange, and Erwin?
He misses the moment Pierre’s paw disappears back under the crack of the door. Again he’s knocked from his depressing monologue when what sounds like a pillow flops on the ground where Pierre must have just been laying.
Brows furrowed, Levi peers under the crack. That is definitely your panda squishmallow.
“What the hell are you doing?” He almost growls. “You’re not sleeping out there on the fucking floor.”
“If I need to pee, I have the downstairs bathroom,” you chime back. “But I can’t sleep without my Levi, so this is the best alternative.”
His eyes squeeze shut. Random squiggles swim behind his eyes before he recovers from that sentence, and opens them.
“I’m not...” He struggles.
Your audible finicking with some sort of blanket pauses. “Not?”
Good enough? Worthy? He pinches the bridge of his nose, feeling like some shitty teenage girl who got stood up on prom night.
“Go sleep in a real bed.”
You don’t even hesitate. “It’s not the same without you. And I don’t think I could sleep at all knowing you’re sitting alone in that bathroom, Levi.”
“That’s ridiculous,” he scoffs.
Surprise is thick in your voice. “Ridiculous? Okay, well look: you don’t decide my feelings for you. No matter how badly you see yourself... I really don’t care.”
Your hand, or maybe your forehead, thumps on the door behind him. “I’ll tell you you’re wrong. Every.” Thump. “Single.” Thump. “Time. I don't care if you ever believe me, either, as long as you... stay to hear me.”
That better be your hand.
He breathes in, and lets it out through his nose. In, and out. In. Out.
Despite knowing him like the back of your hand, he wracks his mind for any horror stories you don’t know about. There has to be something you’re not getting, even though he doesn’t know it himself.
“What if you’re wrong?” he asks, voice hollow.
He hears you sigh, long and even. “Then, I love a bad person.”
His heart drops to his stomach.
“A really bad person who opens the door when I get out of the car, and lets me take his picture even though he hates how he looks in them. And got a fluffy cat even though he doesn’t like cleaning up cat hair.” Your voice falters. “A-And shares chocolate ice cream with me when I’m too full to eat it, even though he hates chocolate.
“A really bad person who I really wanna spend my life with.”
Your speech ends strained.
Meanwhile Levi’s heart is back in his throat. He doesn’t trust himself to speak, period, to even see. He discreetly wipes his eyes, knees hugged to his chest.
“Your family doesn't see it that way,” he grits out. He worries you can’t even hear him. “Their opinion’s important.”
“My family, who met you for the first time tonight. There’s a reason I never really let them meet you: they’re quick to judge and super stuck in their ways.”
“To say the least,” he mutters.
You don’t seem to hear him. “They don’t know you at all, yet, but by the time they do, they’ll change their minds. If not, then, they won’t.
“I love you more than I care what they’ll ever think of you, Lev’.”
You make it all seem so clear, so easy.
He turns so his side is pressed to the door. That’ll make it easier for you to hear him.
Digging his nails in his palm, “Sorry for making you say all that. I, I just don't get why you feel that way.”
“You didn’t make me do anything,” you reply calmly. “I could be in bed right now, remember?”
You’re waiting for an answer.
He toys with the silver ring on his finger. “Yeah.”
“You don’t have to get it. I just want you to believe that I feel that way, ‘cause I do. And right now I miss you. Pierre misses you.”
He nibbles on his lip. “…I do.”
With aid from the porcelain counter, he rises to his feet. His stiff feet are refusing to cooperate.
Before the door can open even wider than a crack, Pierre darts inside and begins circling Levi’s legs.
Levi sees you first however, sitting there on the floor with one of his heavy comforters like a coat over your shoulders.
Your head swivels in his direction as soon as light from the bathroom invades the hallway. Then you shoot to your feet.
He still isn’t sure what to say, especially not after you poured your heart out to him like that.
You step forward first and wrap your arms around him. He goes tense by the suddenness, then reaches up and clasps his hands around the small of your back.
“Come to bed with me,” you murmur. At the end your voice rises, hoping.
He nods into your cheek. “Yeah. Okay.”
Tumblr media
Enter the event here!
taglist: @ackermandick | @midtwenties-angst | @sckerman | @halloweenmedic | @katty | @jayteacups | @notgoodforlife | @peace-for-levi | @chaotic-nick | @b-o-n-e-daddy | @levisbrat25 | + link to sign up
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nela I hope you and Levi are living the cottagecore live comfortably!
Enjoying the sunny, breezy outside, reading some good books, having tea and your famously delicious baked bread (save me some! I'm coming for a visit!), gardening and picking apples, and line drying your sheets.
I bet you make the best spiced apple pie, which I think is Levis favorite thing! Yum yum!
What else is a regular daily to do? Anything exciting going on?
Sending XOXO
Hi Eliza!!!!
Everything sounds so exciting and fun! That's what we do on daily basis. While I bake the bread, Levi beats the cream to make butter, you know he's got stronger arms (thick, muscly, hugging arms)😉
However, this week since he found out I was sick, and potentially a biological, weapon he doesn't come close to me and desinfects every corner and anything I come in contact with. He even labeled my plates and glasses so he, accidentally, doesn't end up using them.
He's armed with Lysol and alcohol wipies, and keeps a distant of 6ft from me. Oh! And he pets me with the broom stick, because he can be lovey-dovey with the precautionary measures.
*distant sneeze*
I think he's gonna kill me now 😓😭
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nelapanela94 · 7 days ago
nelaaa how are you feeling? 🥺💗
Hi Mía!!! How are you sweetie????
Tysm for asking. I'm feeling better, though sometimes I get headaches and I get tired easily. 😓 I didn't get tested bc insta test are so expensive and hospitals are collapsing again because of several positive cases, thus they recommend that if you suspect you have it and the symptoms don't aggravate, stay home and rest. Thankfully, my worst symptoms were fever and back pain and they only lasted a couple of days.
The fever is long gone, but I can't smell or taste anything so far 😭 and I don't know when I'll recover my senses.
Last week I wrote and post everyday, and I feel bad for not posting this week, but I don't have the energy to rush my writing :( However, I've been working on Sand Castles chapter 2 and scrawling down some ideas for other short fics too :3
Oh! I also had a book disappointment last weekend. A book I was hyped for and it had GORGEOUS cover, but meh, I couldn't connect with any character 😒 and didn't feel bad by their deaths.
Btw, I start SpyxFamily and it has me cackling! Anya is super cute.🥺
I hope you're having a super duper nice day!
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nelapanela94 · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman || snk ep. 67
For @tatakaeeren ♡
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nelapanela94 · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
You just might not get breakfast! Not sorry!
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nelapanela94 · 10 days ago
When you think it's a common flu and now food is tasteless 🙃
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nelapanela94 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
tw: princess Dadvi who can't say no to his little girl's plans.
The gold loop stem threads into your lobe and locks with a soft click. You inch back, tilting your head to the side by a fraction, and catch the glint on the reflection, a smile tugging up the corners of your lips. You snatch the flowery comb from the vanity that matches the color of the teardrop earrings, and slip it into you low braided bun. The rosy lipstick glides smoothly, and you roll your lips together to distribute it evenly, then cap the metallic tube and twist it close with a clip.
The chair legs shrill, and you get up and stand in front of the full-length mirror, turning to the sides to check your profile, and spin around, the pompous skirt of your lavender princess dress billows in the air.
Your eyes dart to the clock on the wall, five to four. Eddy the teddy must be growing impatient, waiting for the three princesses to join him at the tea party in the living room.
You slip on the long white gloves and sling the camera strap over your shoulder. Levi in a princess dress was a moment to treasure in the album.  Lifting the hefty skirt so as not to trip, you trudge out of your room and head to the door at the end of the hall.
Two knocks, and a cheery voice whoops from the other side. “We’re not done yet!”
“Can I take a sneak peek?” You query with a flimsy giggle.
You press your ear against the door and eavesdrop Levi’s grumbles and protests, “Isabel I’m not going out like this.”
You let out a snort.
“I look like a fucking clown.”
“You said the f word. That’s 10 coins for the swearing jar.”
You couldn’t resist the urge and miss it. The door soundlessly open a tiny wedge and you peep inside, slapping a hand over your mouth to stifle the guffaw.
“That shitty swearing jar.”
He has his back turned to you, but you can see through the mirror his overdone thick eyebrows twitching, his arms folded over his chest. Isabel pushes, but he doesn’t budge.
“That’s three more coins.”
The minty green dress is a little long for him but accentuates a nice slim waist. However, his rippling back muscles threaten to snap the lace that ties the corset.
You prod the camera lens through the slivered open door, and in an awkward position, you struggle to adjust it. Isabel points to the door, and Levi turns around, the hem of his dress sweeping the floor. His eyes snap open, and swings a satin-cladded arm across his face, but he’s too slow to ward off the shot. The camera ticks and the flash ruptures through the air, skimming his face.
“Got it!” You chime and push open the door.
“Damn it” Levi grunts, and Izzy scowls at him.
“Dad, that’s five coins!”
An advance payment sounds tempting.
Her eyes drift to you and gleam. She waddles toward you, her skirt tangling between her feet. “You look pretty.”
You pinch her cheek and croon, “You too.”
Her red lipstick clumsily smudges around her lips, her blue eyeshadow dustily smeared, framing her eyes like a panda's, and her blush, poorly blended, slathers across her chubby cheeks. And guess who was in charge of Levi’s make up?
His eye-shadow's green, though.
“Dad doesn’t want to come out.” She sobs and points to an irked Levi. His tiara sparkles under the golden light that slants through the window.
“But what’s wrong? You look pretty. You know, green’s always suited you.” You wink, and his eyebrows sink deeper.
“Don’t fu–“ his gaze darts to Isabel, then flickers back to you, “Don’t call me pretty, Y/N,” he scoffs. “And no more photographs.”
“You kidding?” Your mouth hangs open, feigning shock, and you bring a hand to your chest in indignation. “I bought a new roll for today.”
“We’re late dad, Eddy will be upset.”
Levi sighs and strides to you in defeat.
“Princesses are never late.” He twirls a lock of her hair between his finger as the two ravenettes follow behind you. “Everyone else is too early.”
Tumblr media
Dadvi 2022 Masterlist
Please sweat lord Jesus make my nose stop running Aghhh!!!
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