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How I genuinely think being In a relationship With sanemi would go
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Alittle heads up ! ────────────
Metions of unhealthy relationships,Sanemi is not a healthy man,ANGST,only angst,No fluff,Mentions of abuse,And implied kny spoilers.
Tumblr media
-Sanemi has had a lot of trauma as a child,Watching a demon eat his family,Having to murder his mother,And both physically and mentally abusing genya trying to protect him.
-If someone did have sanemis Heart,it wouldn’t be a healthy relationship at all,But what did you expect
-His S/O would probably be forced to stay in his estate,This isn’t a yandere route or anything,He’s simply an extremely paranoid and obsessive person
-Due to his trauma and PTSD,Of not being able to protect genya,Nor his family,His S/O is in for one hell of a ride
-He’s not talkative,Ans honestly doesn’t even act like your in a relationship,More like a extremely over protective brother who you don’t talk too.
-He’s scared to open to his S/O for loads of reasons,Ans this would effect their relationship horribly
-He’d also be very clingy,He would follow you like a lost puppy but scream at you the moment you try and talk to him
-He’d like a S/O who doesn’t waste time,He’d also like a submissive S/O,so he can shape them,He doesn’t want any to happen to them,So much in his life has gone wrong that he feels if he doesn’t do something,Something might happen to you
-It pains me to say this,But honestly Sanemi would be a emotionally abusive Partner,and maybe even physically,We all saw how he treated genya,He tried to blind genya.
-He would get mad over the simplest of things too,How dare you decide to take a walk!,Yo I could’ve been attacked
-he’d definitely also be manipulative,Can’t you see his doing this because he loves you?,He doesn’t want you leaving the house because of that
-After awhile he’d probably break down will guilt,Confessing things and just calling himself a terrible person,Of course you’d be there for him,Which makes him value you even more
-Even tho he barley talks to you,and yells at you all the time,He still loves you,It’s difficult love
-Sanemi is a character who has a hard time showing emotions,and often doesn’t see a problem with what he’s doing,He’s blinded by pure rage,He just wants revenge
-honest to god I love Sanemi :(
Tumblr media
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