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but officer… my husband was in that house 😔
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it’s still there.
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Eddie Munson in Chapter One: The Hellfire Club "This year's different. This year is my year. I can feel it. '86, baby."
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the male gaze is watching sexy, almost naked women appear in tv and film
the female gaze is watching eddie munson shred his guitar in the upside down
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Can we imagine for a moment - CROSSHAIR with a really timid S/O? Wouldn’t even hurt a granite slug!
I can imagine Crosshair essentially being like their guard dog.
Picture being on a mission with the Batch. You're trying to receive intel from a client, but this guy is just a total asshole. A real jerk. A cocky piece of shit!
He's told you most of the information, but scoffs as he continues, "and the rest you can receive when this one speaks up," pointing at you.
Before Hunter can even consider defusing the light tension, Crosshair butts right in, ready to bite.
"If they don't want to speak to you, then they don't have to," he practically growls.
"Kriff," Hunter grumbles under his breath. "Okay, you two, back to the ship! I'll gather what's left," Hunter orders.
There's a hand on your lower back as Crosshair guides you away. It's actually for his own sake - he knows that if he doesn't leave now, then you won't be able to hold him back, and it'll ruin the entire mission. Minor contact is enough to steady his frustrations, and push him away.
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Eddie Munson: thinks going steady with someone is precisely what The Man wants him to do, and he ain’t no conformist — the only Ring he’s gonna wear on his finger is gonna have a skull on it!
Also Eddie Munson: will literally trip over himself if it means making that cutie from third period laugh and keep their attention on him, he wants them to wear his shirt to his gigs, he wants to hold their goddamn hand every! single! day! and learn how to make waffles without burning em so he can make some for them —
oh god, yes!!!
I think Eddie's version of love comes from cheesy romance movies and TV shows. They're so... bleugh. He doesn't want to be that sappy! There's no way love can do that to someone, right?
And before he knows it, he's picking out a t-shirt of a band that you mentioned you like, and his skinniest pair of jeans to show off his cute bum. He's actually putting effort into his appearance, rather than rolling out of bed and heading straight to school.
Shit, he cooks and cleans now. His room isn't a mess, nor is the trailer. He's always had good hygiene, but he catches himself purchasing after shave, and even picks up a light skin care routine.
But he's totally not in love, alright? This is just... normal. He should be a clean and tidy person, right? This is totally normal. Yeah, not motivated by a certain person at all.
Eddie is still sticking it to the man! So much so that he decides to buy you a cute, gothic necklace, rather than generic chocolates and flowers.
Yeah, sticking it to the man!!!
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have you written anything for silco? :) <3
Not yet, I want to though!!
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it’s all about the he/they, she/they bullshit
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@zaya-mo asked for:
could you draw Hunter and Crosshair? I was thinking maybe they would be arguing and then end it with a hug or something??
Keep reading
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i made a Twitterrrrrr @NEON_JUNKIE_
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Imagine Vecna trying to snap crackle pop you in the Upside Down and - that scene from the trailer where we see Eddie rocking on his guitar?? Thats him playing your favorite song to snap you out of it. ❤️
aaah, but imagine going into a Vecna trance whilst with Eddie. Like Eddie knows now what's going on, and he knows what he needs to do to help.
I can imagine him screaming, "stay with me, babe!" whilst he sprints into his bedroom to yank his guitar off the hanger.
His hands are shaking as he sets her up, "breathe, dude, breathe!" he gushes to himself through gritted teeth, constantly checking over his shoulder to ensure that you're still with him. Alive.
And then, Eddie plays your favourite song. Yeah, it's a little rushed, and he feels like he's about to collapse at the sheer thought of losing you - in such a disgusting way, as well - but he's giving it all he's got!
Imagine the portal opening, and you can see Eddie blasting away whilst screaming, "come on, sweetheart! Come back to me, please! I love you so much, I can't lose you, alright?!"
He's rambling, spewing out confession after confession. Maybe he's never even said those words before - I love you - and that alone tugs at your heart strings, and gifts you the ability to break free, kick Vecna in his shrivelled little balls, and spring to the exit.
The reunion scene? Gosh. Priceless!!!!!
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Tumblr media
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Handholds - Tech Drabble
NSFW 18+ Only
Word count: 1.3k
Tags: Hand holding / Oral sex (f! Receiving)
Notes: reader is AFAB but no description of her appearance is mentioned. Prompt based off of this SFW TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdTgEard/?k=1
Tumblr media
It stared out innocently enough.
Just a simple quest to hold Tech’s hand while he was working. He doesn't need both of them, c’mon! He is a king at multitasking, and able to keep working with the slight handicap.
You waited until he was done using his spanner to fix a small panel under the cockpit. Sliding underneath the panel with him, you grab the tool when he opens his palm to hand it to you…
and that’s when you strike.
In the same split second, you thread your fingers in between his and curl your knuckles until his hand is now clamped into yours. You can tell he hasn’t quite grasped what has happened, his fingers still slightly open like he was stuck in that position.
It wasn’t until he looked at you and then at his hand that the look on his face changed from his unbothered expression to that of surprise, to embarrassment, and then acceptance.
He gives a shy smile, allowing his own fingers to finally curl against your own, his thumb rubbing small circles against your own. His hands, calloused and scarred from years of service in the GAR, and his work now, acting as the team's mechanic and brilliant technician….your technician. You can’t help but giggle at his shy demeanor, squeezing his hand placing a gentle kiss on his knuckles.
Yeah…It started off so innocently~
“Ahh…k-kriff Tech..hahhh-”
You feel like you’re beyond the clouds. Another languid and warm lick against your opening has your whole body trembling against the cold floor. You can barely breathe, the sheer ecstasy you were feeling from Tech eating you out was something indescribable.
You wanted to grab his head and pull him in more. Wanting to card your fingers into the soft dark curls of his hair, but you couldn’t.
Your hands were currently occupied…with his own.
Tech was insistent that he held your hands while he went down on you. As soon as he was able to finally rip off your undergarments, he immediately clasped his hands into yours again. Hitching your legs over his shoulders to keep them open while he toyed with your mons. Licking and nipping against the little pouch of skin before trailing down to the little bud of nerves he knew was pulsing with need.
“Mmmmm Tech– what’s gotten into you? T-this isn’t like you.” You jolt when he makes a small “o” shape with his lips and lightly sucks your pearl. Your fingers squeezing his and him responding likewise.
“On the contrary darling, I am exactly as I have always been.” Tech lets your clit go when he responds, making you whimper at the loss of contact.
You can’t help but roll your eyes at his matter of fact phrasing. Giving you a quizzical look, Tech still has a tight grip on your hands, once again dipping his head when you don’t respond and going back to licking you.
Not only 10 minutes ago he was acting all shy about your willingness to hold his hand, now he’s the one making such suggestive moves and sounds while he slurps up your arousal as it continuously leaks out of your clenching hole.
You bite your lip, trying to keep the squeaks and moans to a minimum, you’re alone in the Marauder, but you could be walked in on any minute if you make too much sound.
Tech can tell you're trying to hold back, and the very notion is unappealing to him, so he doubles down on his ministrations. Lapping up your folds and sucking your clit simultaneously, his brows knitted in concentration, and his own body gently rutting against the durasteel floor.
You let out a cry when he speeds up, lapping furiously against your clit and only stopping to dive his tongue as deep as it could go into your pussy. Every move his tongue made against you felt like a passionate flame, burning through your whole body and releasing into the ship's open frame.
Instinctively, you grasp his hands tighter, almost digging your fingernails into his skin from the intensity of the coil that has been slowly getting tighter in your belly.
Tech, with his brilliant mind working well, shifts himself up slightly. His body sliding a bit closer to you making your lower half curl upwards to accommodate his face, still latched on to your nether region. His own grip on your hands is solid, almost doubled in size, palms brushing against yours.
“Mmmm-Tech..I’m soo close–ah!” You keep shifting your body, trying to escape his open maw fully assaulting your sensitive bud, but he doubles down with his grip. Pushing his face deeper into you and holding you down by bringing your clasped hands over your hips.
“I am well aware cyar’ika, stop squirming.” Tech responds against your heated skin, nipping around your core to calm you down, before going back to eating you out like a starved man. Your mind is going blank, all you can think about now is how good it feels when Tech engulfs your pussy into his open mouth. Sucking and lapping at you fervently like you were the last meal he will ever get to enjoy.
The coil is breaking inside you, all common sense of being quiet has been shooed from your mind as you wail and writhe in his firm grasp. The lewd sounds of slurping and his deep moans against you, vibrate through your whole body.
‘T-tech I’m gonna..I’m gonna cum–” You pretty much were drooling on your words. So drunk with euphoria you could feel the ground move beneath you, Tech’s tongue still prodding through your hole.
“Go on then darling, cum for me.” Tech mouths against your clit, staring directly into your eyes as he continues to drive your orgasm out of you.
You can't hold back now, your whole body jolts and spasms when the coil finally snaps. Your vision goes white, feeling the rush of your climax finally escape and permeate through the cockpit. As your body is trembling, Tech’s hands are embracing yours so tightly you register a slight pain in between your fingers. You don’t mind it however, the notion of him clasping your hands while he continues to drink up your orgasm, is a showcase of his affection for you.
You try to wiggle your way out, the brink of your orgasm now turning into oversensitivity and you loosen your own grip on his hands.
Tech releases one of them to massage your hip and stomach. Moaning when he feels your free hand scratch his hair and tug slightly to pull him off of you. He finally releases your clit with a small “pop”, his mouth slightly open and his face completely covered from nose to chin in your release.
“T-Tech, that was…” You see a bright smile form on his face, leaning over your spent, half-naked form, he brushes a few strands of hair from your sweat soaked forehead and places a soft kiss to it.
“Yes yes my love, I know, Unfortunately, as much as I would love to decompress, we don’t have much time to get you cleaned up.” Tech, with his other hand still glued to yours, pulls you up and steadies you against his broad chest. Your legs are still a bit weak from the spread out position he held them out for.
You giggle at the state you’re in. Noting that Tech was still very much dressed fully in his armor apart from his helmet. You reach up to re-adjust his goggles which shifted slightly and pull him down for a quick peck on the lips.
“All right dear, let’s get you cleaned up, and myself to a certain extent.” You chuckle at his little joke, following him into the ship’s refresher.
Hand still tightly woven into his.
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Something really shitty has just been passed by the UK goverment.
A new bill that is stripping out human rights has been passed and we need to fight it before it costs lives. The new Human Rights Bill has made nazi Germans esc changes that will effect you or somone you love.
The most notiable parts being:
-If you are admitted to hospital with a disability or chronic condition a doctor can put a DNR do not ressusatate on you and you can’t appeal it.
-They are stopping woman from being able to move fowards with assault charges
- They are making it impossible for victims of terrorism to get justice. They won’t let people like the victims of  the hillsborough disaster hold the people responsible
Please do your own research if you must but we can’t let this happen!
There a petition to sign that’s already half way there so please share it around and tell ppl in the UK what is happening.
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Do you think any members of the Bad Batch/Other Clones have apreference on lady hair down there? Like, do some really prefer to have clean-shaven partners, are tere some that prefer to have somethiing there? Who doesn't give any care?
I really can't see any of them having a preference.
What if they don't realise that some people have a preference to how their partner grooms themselves?
"Hair grows down there, you know, so what?" Jesse shrugs.
"Given that you are a fully grown, mature woman, it makes sense to have hair all over your body, including the genitalia area," Tech states.
"I don't care, so long as your hygiene is good," Cody states.
"Whatever," Crosshair mutters.
"Are those pubes GAR approved?" Fives jokes.
"I choose to be bald, just like my partner can choose to look however she wants," Hardcase chuckles.
"Don't come crying to me if you get your hair caught in your zipper," Wolffe rolls his eyes.
"Present yourself in a way that makes you happy and comfortable, okay?" Rex nods.
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