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As a fellow Logicality and Moceit shipper in one body…

Mother Logan and Janus along with Papa Patton is very annoying.

No judging for people who make it though so calm down.

It just gets me in days where people (classmates specifically) ask me a 16 year old teen, “Then who’s the dad in *insert gay or lesbian relationship*”

It’s very annoying that there always has to be a “mom” and “father” role in a gay relationship. Like, no, logicality or moceit isn’t a mom and dad relationship. It’s a gay relationship with two fathers and one of them happened to be a teacher that has a lot of people who thinks his hot–

It’s also such bull the reason that Logan and Janus are given the mom titles is because their “strict”. It’s obvious this fandom still play into gender stereotypes really, “Woman strict and anger issues” and “Men dumb father and childish”.

Again, I don’t mind people who makes them in those roles but I’m just saying that giving mom and dad roles to gay relationships– to me– isn’t the best way to introduce a gay relationship.

Someone said it

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This just in: Don’t message people to tell them that you’re blocking them. It’s extremely unnecessary and weird and you’re not special enough for me to actually care.

Just block and move on, ya goddamn weirdo.

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It means I killed him and he only dropped soup!


what do you mean the other god also dropped soup???????


The other God ALSO dropped soup?????????????????????




Well get out of the INCREASED SOUP DROP RATE universe


It means he only DROPPED SOUP


Sorry everyone, God didn’t drop anything worthwhile, only soup.


I’m off to fight God does anyone want anything?


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Stop tagging your unrelated ship/rant with every single ship name. If I wanted to see that I would have looked for it.

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This is your annual reminder that Yandere Dev well- isn’t a very good person.
Remember who you’re supporting, and stay safe online!

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A surprising amount of articles like to try and argue that repressed memories don’t exist. I haven’t read one that didn’t outright insult therapists and patients who believe in them.

As someone who has repressed memories, these people can fuck off.

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Don’t call your own opinions tea.

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TStweet 11/05/20 : Haven’t gotten a tan in a while… like, not since I was ten. I think I need to get outside more.

I feel like I’m not supposed to see these pictures 👀

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Do fire trucks and ambulances and police cars and stuff in the parade really have to have their alarms on? We can already see you, there’s no need to make me overstimulated in this already crowded area.

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Caught up in a bet

Tw: cursing, sexual innuendos and references (Remus)

“Nobody else does it right,” Remus says softly, “It doesn’t hurt when you do it, you have a gift.”

Patton stops bandaging Remus’s hand, his face is tinted red, “Thank you, Remus. I’m happy to help.”

Remus nods as Patton finishes up, he waves to Patton before ducking out of the bathroom to go wreak havoc somewhere else. He’ll probably be coming to Patton for more bandages before dinner time.

Patton heads back into the living room, Janus is sitting on the couch reading a novel. He looks up when he sees Patton.

“Hello, Patton. You’re looking very nice today.” He says nonchalantly.

Patton feels heat flood his cheeks once more, he’d worn a nicer shirt than usual and had a new pair of khakis,“Th-thank you, Janus.”

The deceitful side only hums in response before returning his attention back to his book.

Several more instances like that would occur throughout the day. Remus and Janus discuss it after everyone else has gone to bed.

“Patton is so easily flustered! You show him the slightest hint of kindness and he blushes! He makes it too easy!” Remus cackles. “I bet I could cook an egg on his face with a few words!”

“Yes, he is rather susceptible to compliments, especially when delivered by me.” Janus smiles.

“What do you mean by that?” Remus asks in a challenging tone.

“Well, it’s obvious I’m the more suave of us. And you’re, well…not as adept at making others feel good.”

“Oh I think I’m rather good at making people feel good,” Remus says suggestively.

“Eugh. That’s exactly what I’m talking about, you cretin. That’s why I make him blush so much and you only see it in passing.”

“Is that a challenge?” Remus asks, a dangerous fire already lighting up behind his eyes.

“Care to make a bet?” The snake smirks mischievously.

“Oh hoho, I very much do.” Remus grins devilishly.

“I bet I can make Patton blush more in a week than you can,” Janus says dryly.

“Whats the stakes?” Remus asks.

“Hm…I’ll make your favorite cake. Now what will you do when I win?”

“What do you want?”

“Take a bath, please,” Janus says without hesitation.

“Why do you always bet that?!” Remus whines.

“Because you never do it,” Janus says with an eye roll.

“Fair enough,” Remus sighs.

And so the bet began.

It started small enough, Remus telling Patton his hair looked good that day, Janus telling him his smile was especially radiant that day, and Patton blushing at all of it.

Then things escalated, Remus telling Patton his eyes were stunning, Janus telling him his dimples were cute. By Wednesday things had gotten way out of hand. Patton couldn’t go more than an hour without Remus telling him that he looked especially fuckable that day or Janus saying that his nose scrunched in the cutest way when he laughed.

Quickly though, both had decided to kick it up a notch, Janus began kissing Patton’s hand in greeting, Remus stroked his hair while they watched tv. The physical touch left Patton absolutely exhilarated.

Patton didn’t know what he’d done to bring this all on but he was loving it, no one had ever complimented him like that before! And Patton hadn’t realized how much he craved someone saying positive things about him. And the hugs! The hand holding! It was all so awesome. But no matter how often it occurred, Patton couldn’t help but blush as red as a tomato each time.

By the next Sunday his face was almost always tinted a shade of red, it was hard to catch him without a smile on his face. Everything has started to feel a lot better.

Then the next day, something changed. He’d run into Remus who smelled clean, which was odd. But Remus only said hello and goodbye to him. No compliments. Patton wasn’t worried, he knew he couldn’t expect Remus to call him pretty every time he saw him.

But then when he sat down on the couch next to Janus, there were no kind words. Only a brief glance of acknowledgement. Patton frowned, but quickly blew it off. He couldn’t always be the center of attention, and he shouldn’t always expect to be.

But as the day goes on, and he doesn’t get any compliments from Janus or Remus, Patton starts to worry that maybe he did something wrong. Did he upset them? Were they angry with him? What had he done?

He didn’t say anything to them that day, they spoke to him at dinner like they always have. They didn’t seem to be upset with him. But there were no kind hands on his back telling him his smile was beautiful or that his laugh was music. No one was brushing their hands through his hair while they watched tv.

The next day was the same, neither of them spoke to him like they were angry, but they didn’t compliment his hair that he’d spent a lot more time on today. He received no hugs when he went to bed. And Patton felt horrible. He couldn’t figure out what he’d done. He let it go on like this for two more days, but on Thursday night it all became too much.

Remus found him crying in the kitchen while he made brownies. He quickly walks over and takes the pan from his hands and places it on the counter.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong, Daddy? What’s got your sweater in a bunch?” He takes Patton’s hands and sets him down at the kitchen table.

“N-no-thing, I’m so-o-o-rry,” he chokes out.

Remus shakes his head, “Don’t do that, Patty. Come on, tell me what happened? Do you need me to kill someone?”

Patton shakes his head.

“Then what is it?” Remus asks him, his voice is far too gentle to belong to Remus.

Patton finally breaks, “Wh-hat d-did I d-do wrong?”

Remus frowns, “What do you mean?”

“Why don’t yo-you and J-Janus talk so nicely to me anymore?”

Remus cocks his head to the side, “What do you mean? We don—”He pauses as it dawns on him, “Oh. Oh, Patton, I’m so sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Patton looks at him, tears still streaming down his cheeks, “But w-why else w-would—”

“Oh, god, Pat. I’m gonna go get Double D and we’re gonna have a nice talk, okay? Please don’t cry anymore. I’m so sorry.” He gently brushes his fingers across Patton’s cheek. Patton grabs his hand before he can pull away.

“P-please. Don’t leave.” He looks at Remus with pleading eyes and Remus can’t bear the thought of him being left down here alone again.

“Okay, how about you come with me? Is that okay?” He tugs Patton into his arms and quickly scoops him up, Patton wraps his arms around him like a koala. He buries his face in Remus’s shoulder. Remus can feel tears seeping into his shirt and he feels guilt seep into his body with ever one of them.

He knocks on the yellow door, “J, get out here. We have a situation.”

Patton grabs his hand before he can knock any louder, “What if he’s asleep. I don’t wanna upset him.”

Remus shakes his head, “He’s not asleep, and we upset you.”

Patton shakes his head insistently, “I don’t want him to be mad at me.”

“He won’t be, cookie. Just relax.” Remus runs his hand up and down Patton’s back a few times before he knocks again.

“What have you done now, Rem—” he stops as soon as he sees Patton in Remus’s arms.

“What happened? Is Patton alright?” He quickly tries to examine Patton, but the fatherly trait keeps hiding his face in Remus’s shirt.

“We did a bad thing, Jan. A really bad thing. You gotta come downstairs.” Remus says quietly.

Janus only nods and let’s Remus lead him downstairs and to the couch. Remus gently strokes Patton’s hair and whispers softly to him. “You wanna tell him, Pat? Or do I need to?”

Patton only shakes his head and ducks back into Remus’s shoulder.

“Alright, then I’m gonna tell him.” He turns to Janus, “Our bet, Jan. We didn’t realize what would happen to Patton after it ended. He thinks he did something wrong because we stopped being sweet to him.”

Janus’s eyes widen with realization. “I…I should have realized this would happen. I’m so sorry for involving you in our petty bet. We shouldn’t have done that to you, Patton.” He places his hand on Patton’s back.

Patton finally shows him his face, tear tracks evident all the way down his cheeks. “So you were only being nice because of a bet? You didn’t mean any of it?” His voice shakes.

Janus is quick to rectify it, “No! No, of course not. I didn’t mean any of it.” He lies. “Remus and I care for you deeply, and would like to continue to show you if you’re comfortable with that.”

Patton nods, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

Janus shakes his head, “I want to, Pat. I’m so sorry we stopped. We shouldn’t have ever stopped showing you we cared and we definitely shouldn’t have started sooner.”

Patton giggles and Remus’s chest loosens, hes gonna be okay. They didn’t break the little guy, he’s laughing.

“How about you come stay in my room tonight?” Janus says as he brushes Patton’s hair away from his eyes.

Patton nods and starts to get up, he freezes and then runs back to the kitchen.

“Patty? You okay?” Remus asks as he follows him.

“My brownies!” Patton exclaims. “I gotta finish them!”

“Oh,” Janus chuckles from behind Remus, “You want some help?”

Patton smiles and nods, “That would be great!”

So the trio spend the next hour making brownies and cleaning up the kitchen. It’s almost one in the morning when Remus carries a sleeping Patton to bed.

I got this prompt from this post made by @kawaiikat54 and I really hope they like it.

This slap

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