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Here’s a reminder that you can always:

  • Make a new list
  • Let yourself change, improve and evolve
  • Give up on a book that you don’t enjoy reading
  • Actually let go of anything that doesn’t feel right for you, a tv show, a friend, anything
  • Remind yourself of what really matters to you when you realize you have forgotten
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as a self-admitted chronic procrastinator, i have decided to post ALL my stupid tricks that help me! hopefully i can internalize them through text *insert heavenly sound here* (chronic procrastinator as in I, esther the idiot, literally stayed up till 4:30 am writing a position paper that i got stuck on and sat in front of for an entire 14 hours. straight. i need help.)

  1. drink with a straw. saw this somewhere, it helps, basically if i have like a cup of water or something i need to constantly pick it up and put it down and it just stops my hands from moving and my mind from thinking aiya. BUT you know I constantly need something to do with myself or i find something to do (aka tumblr and boredpanda) which is why i study snack like a grazing animal omg and also why my hair is always messed up after sitting down in the library for an hour ugh. SO: straws ftw.
  2. similarly, tie hair up. if my hair is down. i will play with it. and that means i WON’T be typing. it must. be. up.
  3. don’t die studying for assessments! briefly review with vocab! this may just be me but really when it comes to tests and quizzes it’s usually not what i studied independently that counts, it’s what i fully learned in the first place. so listen like a really attentive 5 year old in class (cuz that’s basically what you are in relation to a knowledgeable teacher) and then before a test just review vocabulary and dates so you can make sure you’re able to revive that dead information in your brain from 5 days ago. i use vocabulary sheets as knowledge defibrillators. 
  4. throw your phone across the room! this is probably why my screen protector has so many cracks. but yeah i leave it across the room or in another room where i can’t see the screen.. if i don’t see it it’s usually out of sight out of mind. oh and if i need to use my phone i don’t check any other notifications because if i read a text i always feel obligated to reply so just leave that gross red notification hanging there for a while.
  5. things to do after hitting the wall/when feeling really stuck in a rut: shower. do chores. walk the dog or run errands to get out of the house (but not longer than half an hour). refill water and stretch while doing it. play guitar but limit it to 20 min. check in on a family member and ask hyd. braid hair or retie it. stand up and scream a little. dance around the house and sing. give yourself a pep talk about all the stuff you have to do in order. sit somewhere new even if it’s in the same room and DECIDE it is now a new beginning because you shifted two seats to the left.
  6. music is to block out sound, not to entertain. my house is almost always noisy; dad on the phone, mom talking to my brother, sister practicing traditional chinese instruments, brother singing along to the entire freaking hamilton soundtrack, dog barking, grandpa snoring… earbuds are savior. at cafes too. people say to only listen to instrumental and i tend to agree, but sometimes listening to my usual chillhop playlist just makes me sad and unmotivated so i alternate between a few playlists just to switch it up and keep ME AWAKE. heck i even listen to white noise, anything to drown out distracting interactions
  7. ALSO earbuds are good even if there’s no one else around because they prevent you from getting up to do random stuff (cordsssssss hallelujah for annoying cords). ESPECIALLY keeping you away from mindlessly checking your phone.
  8. get out. really just leave the house or wherever you normally study. i go to a different cafe every time i need to hardcore study just because being in my house makes me feel relaxed. if i pay for a starbucks coffee, i am NOT going home until i use that starbucks time well and do something productive. also this gives me a conscious reminder of my time because i have to go home at a certain time etc. etc.
  9. when in midst of a break-down, tell someone. not in the “oh no you’re going to hurt someone or hurt yourself” sense, but because it helps you finish that break-down up and feel re-motivated. crying to my mom about an assignment may or may not help with the assignment, but at least i cried and now i don’t need to agonize for another hour over the stress. text-spamming a friend may be stupid in retrospect but as long as you go “HEY I’M DYING LISTEN TO MY STUPID LIFE CHOICES FOR 5 MIN” and then get right back to work it will help you move past the stress and get back in a grind.
  10. for exams, just make a list of things to know better then attend after school hours. at our school the teachers have after school hours or free periods and they are *usually* very happy to engage with a student and answer questions regarding material during this time. for finals, i usually don’t try to cram everything. i look over all my notes and vocab and just make a super basic list of things i dont know well (or highlight the terms in my notes). making an entire comprehensive study guide of these things takes too long. then i go to the teacher and talk it all out. just make sure i understand and then while talking scribble down a couple words so i can remember. after doing this sometime during the week before the final exam i can HANDLE ITTTT and i don’t need to cram quite as much. (this probably works because i’m an auditory learner.)
  11. BONUS TIPS FOR STUDYING LATE AT NIGHT! all-nighters are scary; try to get at least a couple hrs of sleep or your days will all seem like one and you’ll lose your sense of time and school and classes. food gives energy. hot drinks keep you awake. if you are tired you will feel colder (idk why but everything is always colder if i’m underslept). DO NOT expect a comfortable aesthetic night; if you get any blankets more than necessary you will fall asleep.

there’s probably more but i really don’t remember it ahhaha i’ll add it later if i think of it. and i know there are so many good things that i don’t do while studying like making a schedule etc etc etc… it’s just they don’t always work for me, these are my fail-safes haha.

also here are my spotify playlists (either that i made or that i listen to):

for when i am SAD:

the songs that make me happy

Reggae Infusions

String Theory

for when i must BLOCK OUT NOISE and get in that study mood you know:

new chill

Jazz Vibes


Ocean Escapes

for when i am TIRED:

electro swing


*when i’m tired i also listen to my normal music and sing along a little

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I’ve started being a little more loose with how I set up my spreadsheet bc I felt they were all looking the same and I love this style!

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Quick reminder,

This quarantine isn’t a productivity competition.

You do not have to:

- lose weight

- work out every day and get a 16 pack of abs

- cure acne

- master a new skill

- read 17 books

- change yourself in anyway

By saying you’re going to use this time to “glow up” is implying that you’re not already shining but bb you sure are.

It is ok to not lose 15 pounds and don’t beat yourself up if you gain a lil bit either. It’s natural, you’re at home and walks to the kitchen are pretty common.

It’s ok not to work out every day and get absolutely shredded. Sure get your exercise but don’t beat yourself up over not doing an intensive 30 day butt and ab workout. Who the flip cares!

It’s fine not to master a new skill. Sure find something to keep you occupied but you don’t need to master a whole new skill just because. Arts and stuff takes years to master don’t feel bad because you can’t get there in a week.

You do not need to change yourself in anyway. This is quarantine, our main goal is to survive. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not solving world hunger or turning yourself into a model and certainty don’t beat anyone else up if they’re not.

This is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you can’t achieve Self Actualisation if have not achieved your psychological needs and you can’t get psychological without basic needs.


Pretty much, make sure your wellbeing is in top knick before you try to accomplish every goal you’ve ever set or ever will set.

Keep safe and much love,

Charlie xx

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although these posts are abundant, i like to have my own collection of study tips/uni thoughts

- i’ve been viewing my studies as an office job, mostly because of the 9 to 5 mentality. i am not one for night studying, i have tried and tried and felt guilty when i heard others talk about their late night study sessions, but it is just not for me. which is fine, because with this 9 to 5 idea i have created working days for myself and i can use my evenings for extracurriculars, books, friends, netflix 

- the train has (weirdly) become one of my favourite study spots. of course this really depends on the public transport you use. i am on a train for two hours a day, no transfer, and i either go to a silent area (have not yet seen this elsewhere, but dutch trains have carriages in which there is complete silence) or i put in my earpods. i love this because when i come home, i have already done so much work, e.g. organized my lecture notes of that day, inserted my professor’s comments into my paper etcetera

- although i’ve also learned to recognize when i am just done. sometimes i have had enough and it is way better to accept that and then i either listen to some music and stare at the passing landscape, or i watch an episode of the crown. when feeling exhausted, there’s no point in pushing and forcing yourself

- this goes for many many aspects: comparison will kill you. it is often still my tendency to compare myself to others on all levels - grades, kindness, clothing, weight, work ethic - but i make the effort to not ‘indulge’ in it. what my therapist told me has really helped: just notice that the urge to compare is there but then leave it be. like it’s a tiny spider crawling on your leg; you don’t have to do something with it

- on the topic of work ethic: don’t listen to your fellow students. don’t listen to what some wonderful academic says (online). don’t even listen to what your professors say regarding study hours. it has often made me feel very uncertain, but i think it is way better to figure it out yourself. to build up a feeling of trust towards yourself, so you can really start to notice, to feel, when you have done enough. that is something only you should be able to judge and not some external source

- sometimes i get overwhelmed with this sensation that i have not done enough, that i am lazy and have accomplished nothing. however, every (every!) time i have noticed this to be untrue. so perhaps i have not studied every chapter, but i have studied other chapters. i found the cliché of looking at what you have done to really be true. it helps me put things into perspective, i think we can really underestimate ourselves in how much work we have done. what you consider to be 20% may actually be 60%

- motivating internal monologues are completely normal and actually very good! give yourself that motivating speech, it’s like a snow track that becomes deeper and clearer everytime you repeat it 

it helps me to look back on these at times, has been in my concepts for a while now (like some kind of motivating internal monologue) but i want this to have a place on my actual blog, because i believe tips like these (less focused on studying and more on coping with the whole world of studying/academia) are important as well 

These are… rlly good

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< t h i r t y e i g h t >

another week gone by. uni started for me today and we already got our first brief , which means time to sketchbook! if you are curious, i’m currently a student at UAL London College of Communication, BA Graphic Branding and Identity. Its pretty fun, i love my time here, and i already have a good idea for this first project :)

🎶 twice - feel special

[i love this song so much it makes me feel so good about mysef and appreciate the people around me]


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studygram: catt.1sh

✨q: any cool recipes youve tried this quarantine?? hehe im looking for some to try 💕⁣

posting a lil bit early than my usuals !! have a closeup of my previous spread hehe im rlly loving the molang sticky notes tbh 🥺 i didnt do anything productive that much today,,, but its alright! ill try again tomorrow uwu i hope everyones doing well today 💖⁣

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Ways to to be patient with yourself during COVID-19:

A lot of stuff is saying to try to be kind to yourself during the pandemic, but it isn’t always clear on what that looks like for students etc who have to keep doing academic work during all this, so here’s my personal ideas:

  • Some assignments/ tasks will take longer than usual because it’s hard to be motivated and focused. This is okay, and a normal response to the situation. Ask for an extension if you need it.
  • Self-care looks different right now. It’s about getting you through the next day or two, not creating good habits for the long term, because the long-term feels really uncertain right now and your brain is focusing on surviving the short term.
  • Set yourself super small goals that you can actually achieve, because it will feel less overwhelming and help motivate you more because you’ll not feel “unproductive”
  • In school, prioritize big assignments that you need to pass over smaller ones if you have to choose one to work on for a day.
  • Ask for help. Exetensions on assignments. Explain your circumstances— most professors aren’t out to have you fail right now. Most of your peers are also struggling.
  • With assignments, something is better than nothing, late is better than never.
  • Remember that it’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to struggle with things more than usual, and that beating yourself up over it is only going to make things worse.
  • Avoid toxic productivity culture. Motivation should never be based on threat of failure or loss of self-worth.
  • Find what inspires you to keep going. There is no “failure” or “not being/doing enough” right now. The idea is to do what you can, if you can.
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^ the yellow pen disappeared! it’s so hard to capture yellow ink on photo :p

@myhoneststudyblr​‘s quarantine challenge!! answering some of the week 1 questions though keep in mind it’s my 8th week of studying from home D:

Saturday: Where in your house is your favourite place to study?

usually studying at my desk, but after 8 weeks i’ve spent way too much time there so a couple times a day i move to a different spot to be more motivated (it works!)

Sunday: What are you doing to relax?

art! i’m not sure what’s happening with the gcse exam boards but for now we are continuing to work on our projects.

studygram: mid_afternoon_tea

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