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newx-menfan·2 days agoAnswer
Do you ever think about the fact that Cessily could have wished to have her powers removed, like Kevin, but she decided to simply have her parents love her instead? That makes me think Mercury actually likes being a mutant and a hero.

I think Cessily didn’t want to change, she just wanted her parents to love her for exactly who she was…I don’t know if it means she necessarily likes being a hero or a mutant, but it is pretty relatable conflict. A lot of people struggle with wishing their parents or others could accept something about them… 

I think it’s the difference of someone blaming themselves/being gaslit because they’re still trapped in that mindset versus having some awareness of knowing it’s the other person who can’t accept you. 

Kevin still very much blamed himself heavily for his father’s death and had that blame reinforced by the justice system. 

Cessily, in comparison, was separated from the family dynamic after going to Xavier’s, allowing her to be able to see the reality in the situation… (Along with having the benefit of not having a dangerous power, so there’s a lot less self hate)

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newx-menfan·2 days agoAnswer
Ever read Jujutsu Kaisen?

No, but if people recommend it; I would definitely check it out! :)

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newx-menfan·2 days agoAnswer
The Runaways art reminded me that Logan is supposed to be 5 foot 3 and one thing that was changed for Laura after Secret Wars was change her official height from 5 foot 6 which I think it said in All-New X-men to 5 foot 1 since otherwise she would actually be taller then Wolverine. Of course they pretty much always ignore how short both Logan and Laura are supposed to be anyways so I don't know if it really makes a difference?

Yeah, it always annoys me that Laura was suddenly made to be short, since she wasn’t when Kyle wrote for her :/

As others have said- while I do LOVE Jackman’s representation of Logan and will forever see him as ‘Wolverine’…I personally miss hairy, short, and unsightly Logan… 

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newx-menfan·2 days agoAnswer
My theory/ headcannon for how Surge was able to get to America is that she went through human trafficking, and when she reached America the human traffickers turned out to be bad guys who want to sell her to some evil scientists who experiment on mutants, but since she was a speedster she was able to escape and lived in the streets till she joined the x men. What do you think?

Cool headcanon!

Honestly…I’m always eternally disappointed this plot point hasn’t been explored with just how Noriko got to America…along with Julian’s older brother James…And Sooraya’s mom…

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newx-menfan·2 days agoPhoto

New Mutants #8 Review 


 Sooo…while we don’t have Glob in this issue (Yay!)…we still have to endure Brisson’s blah take on Hisako (Boo!)… 

 The issue starts with Manon and Maxime meeting up with Shaw and giving him details on something… (Probably their f-up in Nebraska…) 

 Meanwhile Boom-Boom and Armor are with Magma to Nova Roma (I’m going to be honest- I HATE this storyline. I hate the whole premise of ’Nova Roma’ SO much, and was thankful for X-Men Evolution for just ignoring it and making Amara only from Brazil…between the painful use of ‘blackface’ in its comic introduction, to writers trying REALLY hard to make it Marvel’s 'Themyscira’, and everything else tied to it- I just wish it would go away. The ONLY interesting part of ’Nova Roma’ was its connection to Selene…and Marvel then blotched that up- so yeah, I have NO EXCITEMENT for this issue…) 

Magma’s father called her because they found a mutant running from some random mutant eating creature…(Kind of a right of passage for mutants, any more…)

Amara, Hisako, and Tabitha go to look for the mutants friends who were also chased. 

 Tabitha is just about to leave, when Amara admits she brought them here after the incident in Nebraska with Beak’s family, to remind them about doing good deeds (Apparently Magma thinks their slacking in charity and heroics…)

They suddenly run into a ’Tremors’ like creature, (I’d probably give the book more points if Kevin Beacon popped up 😂…) and Armor gets a ’boss’ moment (I mean, she WAS trained my Logan…)

 They find the creatures ATE the kids friends, (OR WERE they TURNED into the creatures…??!) and take the samples back to Beast. 

 Shaw meanwhile goes to Costa Perdita and talks about what happened in Nebraska/the gang wanting Krakoan medicine. 

Shaw gives it to a competing cartel in the area… Armor, Boom Boom, and Magma gets the remaining mutants to Krakoa; while an ’Arwen’ look-a-like scientist is PISSED her creatures got butchered… 


 This issue…was hard to get through. As followers know-I’m not a Brisson fan after his treatment of Anole last year…so him completely taking over the rest of this book is…a huge bummer. 

 As I also talked about- as much as I love Claremont… I REALLY dislike the premise of ’Nova Roma’… 

 The creatures are basically ’Predator X’/'Warwolves/etc…but blander. 

 There’s just not a lot to ’grab you’ in this issue… 

 With Hickman’s departure-I’m probably dropping this book after this arc. 


 Obviously the cartel is going to get revenge and Beak is going to find out what REALLY HAPPENED to his family…

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newx-menfan·2 days agoText



I’m taking a week to catch up on the backlog of X-Men issues and, if I’m being honest; the pandemic has just been pretty emotionally hard and draining.

So- I will still answer Q and post reviews, but they’ll be no other posts this week.

Thanks, and stay safe!

<3 HUGS <3

Take good care of yourself hon and I hope that this week coming is going to be a good one after how hard things have been lately…


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newx-menfan·3 days agoText

I’m taking a week to catch up on the backlog of X-Men issues and, if I’m being honest; the pandemic has just been pretty emotionally hard and draining.

So- I will still answer Q and post reviews, but they’ll be no other posts this week.

Thanks, and stay safe!

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newx-menfan·4 days agoPhoto



The irony of this is how many times I’ve gotten yelled at on here for advertising Amazon links or Comixology for books…only for Diamond to pull this…

(BTW- if you can/feel comfortable , still try to order merchandise or tradebacks from comic book stores if you can. Most stores will ship it and it helps them stay in business despite no longer selling single issues…)

TBH, I’m hoping Diamond dies as a result of all this. Its monopoly and stranglehold on distribution has been damaging the industry for years.

Yeah, I’m just pissed because this completely f**** over comic book shops…

They spent YEARS refusing to change an outdated system/ shaming fans for using online stores, despite people often using them because of there simply NOT being a comic shop close by where they lived or often discomfort from the gate keeping mentality imbedded in this medium…only to THEN pull this…

It just makes me a little angry because this is going to be the nail in the coffin for a lot of comic book stores…

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newx-menfan·5 days agoPhoto

The irony of this is how many times I’ve gotten yelled at on here for advertising Amazon links or Comixology for books…only for Diamond to pull this…

(BTW- if you can/feel comfortable , still try to order merchandise or tradebacks from comic book stores if you can. Most stores will ship it and it helps them stay in business despite no longer selling single issues…)

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newx-menfan·8 days agoText


“There are to be no gunfights in my home”


Daredevil season two. I’m placing a moratorium on Matt and Frank shooting each other




It was critical role so… who am I stuck with? The characters or the players?


I am quarantined with the Legends of Tomorrow! :D

Gonna have a gay old time <3


Brooklyn Nine Nine. Noice


Star Trek: Picard. Yes, please.


Star Trek TOS. Sweet.


If the cast of Legends of Tomorrow is in my house, I’m not going to notice the damn quarantine. (Especially since the last show I watched was the final episode of the Crisis crossover. Srsly, three of those people can do salmon-ladder exercises. I could build a salmon ladder.)


Coyote Peterson.  My cats are gonna be SO MAD by the end of a week!


Me too! I’m showing Leverage to LJ!


My Leverage Children which I am SO HAPPY about


Good Omens…

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newx-menfan·8 days agoText


Tips to stay grounded during quarantine

from someone with no job or school due to mental illness who’s living like this every day

  • Have a routine: this is definitely one of the most important ones. when you don’t leave your house, times starts melting together, so having a routine is important to keep your brain stimulated in the concept of time. this is actually one of the things they teach soldiers to do if they are kidnapped and exposed to torture such as isolation, or constant light/darkness. try to get up and go to bed at roughly the same time every day. brush your teeth, and have your meals at the same time every day. have different tasks assigned to different days of the week, and stick to them.
  • Change out of your pajamas every day: you don’t have to put on your outside clothes if you’re not going outside. maybe just have assigned Night Pajamas and Day Pajamas. your body’s memory is a lot better than you think. i promise it will make a world of difference.
  • Don’t lie in bed all day, every day: it’s super tempting, but if you stay in bed all day, then it will be a lot harder to fall asleep once you hit that time. even if it’s just about moving from your bed to the couch, or a desk chair, or sitting on the floor of your bedroom, whatever you have available. make your bed a sacred sleeping space. i have struggled with insomnia my whole life, and this made a huge difference to my sleep pattern.
  • Do something active every day: i’m not talking running 5k, or cleaning the whole house - unless you want to. but just getting up and doing whatever your body can do for just 10-15 minutes every day is super important for your mental health. do the dishes, sweep the floor, just stand in the middle of the room and shake your arms and legs, so some stretching. anything that is moving your body in a way that your body can, is a good thing.
  • Get a daily dose of sunlight: if you can go outside that is such a luxury right now, but also make sure to let the sunlight into your home. open the curtains, open the windows, let as much sun into your home throughout the day as you possibly can. but try to set off some time every day to be in the sun without distractions. if you can’t go outside just sit in front of a window with the sun on your face. for some people it can be really hard to sit undistracted for too long, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling. if you don’t like silence put on some music or a tv show/movie you know so well you don’t have to focus. just put your phone on dnd for a while. maybe start with five minutes, after a few days knock it up to ten. just get that sun and peace.
  • Get fresh air every day: if you can, go outside for a walk. even if it’s just in your garden, or a little down the street. but if you can’t, make sure to open your windows and let fresh air in every day. part of my daily routine is open bedroom, kitchen and living room window as the first thing when i get out of bed every day, and it really helps me clear my head for the morning.
  • Keep your brain activated: there’s nothing wrong with watching movies/tv shows all day, but be careful that it’s not the only you’re doing. it’s so great to be able to just watch a movie or a show because it demands literally nothing of you, but your brain needs variation. try to read a book/fanfic sometimes, even just a chapter every other day. make a puzzle either with music, or with a movie/tv playing where you don’t have to focus too much on it. if you’re a writer give yourself a goal of fx writing a thousand words every other day, or if you’re a visual artist give yourself a goal for what you wanna create. coloring books are also really great, crossword puzzles, kids’ activity books, bake or cook, knit or crochet, whatever you have available that will keep your mind challenged for even just an hour a day.
  • Pay attention to your nutrition: i get why people fall into a hole of junk food right now; it’s easy, it’s comforting, it’s well known, and it’s so tasty. but try to make sure you don’t only eat junk food. if you prefer to order take out, go for the more nutritious options sometimes; stuff with lots of veggies and baked fries rather than deep fried, or whatever your choice and options are. be careful not to overdo it on the sugar, because that can really mess with your hormones, and especially those with depression and anxiety can get really affected by consuming a lot of sugar too often. what you consume has a much bigger effect on our mental health than we often consider, so when we are under a lot of stress - as we all are right now - our bodies/brains needs a lot of good vitamins and minerals and fats to work with. cooking/baking your own food can also be incredibly meditative, and to feel that you are actually producing something can be an extremely fulfilling feeling, especially right now where our options of productivity are so limited. if you live with someone that you then can share it with, that is even better, because you can do something with someone, and/or you can share it with them when you’re done.
  • Don’t stress about your body: right now we’re getting carpet bombed with people joking about getting fat, and trainers/magazines trying to sell the narrative of “there is no excuse” or “don’t let your body go” and a lot of much worse things. but fuck that! we are all going through a trauma right now, and obsessing over our bodies is the last thing we need right now. if you enjoy exercising and have the option, then good for you. have fun! but there is literally no reason that you should force yourself to try some stupid diet (diets are the devil’s work, never go on a diet ever!!!) or overwork yourself on some exercise routine. be kind to yourself, listen to your mind and body, and block everyone who pushes the narrative that you are “lazy” or jokes about weight gain in this time.
  • Control your exposure to the news: it’s extremely important to stay informed of what is going on right now, especially in your local area. but it doesn’t take a lot before it’s too much. try to give yourself about an hour every day to catch up on the news. an hour in the morning over breakfast is my preferred method, because if i do it at night my brain will overthink and it will affect my sleep, but do what feels right for you. also, make sure the news you are getting comes strictly from reliable sources. try to stick to sources that reports the cold hard facts only, and avoid those that have an angle. their money comes from reporting the story in the most dramatic way, and you do not need that. i personally check our prime minister’s instagram, and the danish health department’s website, and those are the only places i go for information about the current situation. even people who never struggled with their mental health can be negatively affected, and as usual the focus on mental health in the media and from governments is absolute zero, so you need to be your own number one defender of your mental health.
  • Stay in touch with human beings: if you live with someone, and it’s a healthy environment, make it a priority to spend time with them every day. do things together. if you live alone it’s so important that you stay connected to the outside world. call your family and friends, have chats with people online, make plans with people irl for stuff to do when the quarantine is lifted. if you have a pet make sure to spend time with them to keep yourself grounded.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out: if you find yourself really struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone. a friend, a family member, if that’s not for you then there are hotlines you can call, or chat services you can use. just please don’t keep it inside. it’s okay to be afraid, this is a really scary time, and being scared is natural and so very human.
  • Respect boundaries: both your own, and others’. if your head already feel like it’s about to pop, and someone reaches out to you, asking to relieve their own struggles on you, don’t hesitate to polite explain that you are already under a lot of pressure and you have to take care of yourself first. if someone keeps sharing articles or memes or the likes about the situation, and it’s too much for you, explain to them that you would like for them to stop. and if someone else tells you the same thing, respect that they are protecting themselves.
  • Be liberal with unfollow/block/blacklist: if someone keeps bringing up stuff that is stressing you out, don’t be afraid to unfollow. even if it’s a friend. sometimes the block is necessary and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. also using the tumblr blacklist can be such a relief for your mind, and i highly recommend it.

the most important thing really is to listen to your mind and body, and respect what you need. sometimes what we want and what we need isn’t always the same, and taking a moment to really feel if what you want is the best thing for you, can be a real game changer. take care of yourself, and the people in your life. please feel free to reblog, if you think this is useful. i hope it will help you through this time. stay safe 💕 ✨

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