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jack-day, they/them, queer, 18, white. i very much love being tagged in things and i'm tracking #nonbinarywithaknife. bardy boy. inconsistent spoiler tagging. assorted dnd shows. i write fanfic here. my acoc time travel au tag is here. i try to add descriptions to every image i reblog but if i don't/can't it's tagged "undescribed." icon is a picrew by makowka. blog prev theres-no-comma. [icon id: a picrew of me. i’m a white person with blue eyes and short brown hair. it’s shaved short on one side and poofy on the other. i’m wearing tortoise shell glasses and have a rainbow sticker on my cheek. my ear is pierced and i’m wearing a white t-shirt under a blue, floral patterned, unbuttoned button-down shirt. i’m looking to the side. there’s a white circle behind me and rainbow lines behind that.] [header id: a bright, stylized digital drawing of a sunset. it’s made up of differently colored curved lines. they’re pink, blue, green, yellow, and teal.]

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more tangled au but like. plot relevant

  • on adaine’s fifteenth she begins to plan an escape and a few weeks later her feet touch earth for the first time in a decade only to find aelwyn waiting for her
  • a few months earlier on aelwyn’s eighteenth birthday, she was engaged to some lord due to political machinations outside of her control and hated everything about it, but it did bring her closer to her parents’ inner circle
  • this made her both Ecstatic (that sweet, sweet parental approval) and Horrified (they are, of course, up to some shady and terrible shit)
  • like war with the neighboring countries for no other reason than war generated money and they were slighted somehow by the governing council of high kings (i know this is arbitrary and meaningless but like. bear with me the abernant parents would find any excuse)
  • aelwyn speaks up to say there’s likely a diplomatic solution and that the slight (which was essentially the council giving them a hard no on angwyn joining them) wasn’t all that bad
  • the look on their faces was enough to know she fucked up by stepping out of line even if she spent the next week as perfect as possible
  • in the middle of the night, she was genuinely kidnapped, her screams muffled by a gag, and dumped in the woods, still tied up with a knife placed roughly in her hands
  • it took her hours to escape, and she had no reference for her bearings, so she has the worst panic attack she’s ever had, faints, wakes up, picks a direction, and starts walking
  • in a near starved, badly dehydrated state lord knows how long later, she stumbles upon a tower with no idea how she got there, only a short reflection of herself staring back. and then she faints
  • adaine, who’s plan was the storm the castle and demand her parents explain themselves, watches this taller version of herself faint from who knows what, puts that plan on hold, and hauls her into the tower
  • adaine herself had come across several kids around her age around her birthday as they’d explored the woods and stumbled on her tower
  • only a two of them really looked like they knew what they were doing
  • she watched from her tower as the sat by the small pond and splashed their feet in the cool water, not knowing what to say because the only other interaction she gets is from someone who stayed as little as possible
  • but eventually it gets hard to stay quiet, partly because there are people her age and also that they look so familiar
  • the bad kids are, of course, absolutely shook that there’s a whole person living in the tower and, after talking for a bit, horrified that she hasn’t left it in a decade
  • after some shenanigans that get them all into the tower (there’s a secret staircase that she knows is there but has never found), they tell her about themselves and the kingdom, namely that no one thinks she’s alive
  • riz is a detective (of course) who works freelance and mostly spies to gather information before getting some people to help with the bigger parts of it
  • fabian is a trained dancer and fencer, who often puts the two together in a performance and when he’s not doing that, he helps riz
  • fig and gorgug are traveling bards (to an extent) that also happen to pick a lot of fights with assholes which get them their own bard song
  • kristen is a priestess by trade, but a forest ranger in every other way having been taught by her parents
  • they were all born in the kingdom, and visited the castle quite often because of their parents which is why adaine finds them all familiar
  • adaine, surprisingly, is more interested in the her being dead part, because that’s not at all how she knows it
  • they admit she does look like the lost princess, but, again, she should be dead or worse not locked in a tower ten miles from the kingdom walls
  • riz agrees to look into because she does looked like aelwyn, and they all skedaddle while promising to come back
  • in the meantime, she plots her escape because What The Fuck, Mom and gets supplies and idea help from the bad kids when they come around
  • and as she goes to execute her escape, she runs into aelwyn
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down from just under 500 drafts to 99… im gonna cry i love manageable tasks…

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I have a friend who will buy a cheap shitty printer, use up all of the ink, sell the printer on Facebook marketplace or whatever for like $20, and then buy a new cheap shitty printer because it's still less expensive than replacing the ink in the printer she already has.


PERFECT. That’s actually a really good solution that’s less wasteful than the “just throw out/recycle the old one” that a lot of people resort to.

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hi I’m not sure if y’all have seen these but the leverage gag reels are AMAZING

season two


  • chris and aldis fighting over who gets to do ‘the arm cross’ and beth narrating
  • “why don’t you go perm your hair”
  • chris constantly fixing his hair
  • “want me to go downstairs and tear his feet off and beat him with it?” “want me to go downstairs and tear his arm off and feed it to him?” “want me to go downstairs and hold him down while hardison fists him?” (and beth’s hand gestures had me rolling)
  • aldis “double secret penetration” hodge AND THE REST OF THE CAST LOSING THEIR SHIT
  • “I thought you were offering him sex”
  • “I signed three sets of breasts on the way to my car and three of them were chicks!”
  • beth aldis and chris pretending to have an affair on set, setting ot3 vibes from the very beginning

season three


  • beth and gina and the gibberish dialogue from the rashomon job and how they COULD NOT stop laughing
  • beth yelling “oh shit” in the ho ho ho job and immediately dying and apologizing to all parents and children on set + chris “just say earmuffs” kane
  • aldis not being able to buckle his seatbelt
  • aldis feeding the women and then the director
  • the beautiful montage of gina slapping tim
  • the cast getting the crew a dick in a box doughnut

season four


  • gina “fucky ducky!” bellman
  • apparently they don’t put beth and gina on scenes together because they can never keep a straight face and I love them for that
  • beth falling in the long way down job but bringing chris down with her lmfao
  • *plane noise outside* chris: “you callin me a liar because I’ll get on this fuckin plane and leave right now”
  • “charlie!” “sup boo how you livin’”
  • aldis “I ain’t no quail (?) I get my chicken from popeyes $2.99 a bucket what’s up?” hodge
  • beth riding piggyback on chris, making horse noises and saying “gidde up!”
  • beth seductively “what’s up chocolate” at aldis
  • “I snuck into tim’s trailer when he wasn’t there, and I put my name on his door and I took a nap,,, and I accidentally wet the bed”
  • the team skipping out of the fog in the carnival job

season five


  • aldis at the black girl in the cooking class: “oh thank god! I didn’t think black people existed in portland, oregon! I’m so happy to see you!” *tries to hug her* “is that not the line?”
  • “are they happy?” *shakes doll* “are they sad?” *shakes doll* “are they mad?” *shakes doll and it’s head falls off* + aldis laughing and chris picking the head back up for him
  • aldis, seductively: “babe, you seem kinda down” beth, losing it: “oh my god!”
  • “hey babe the candy shop’s open, you in?” “yeah, I can go for some chocolate” “heeeeeey”
  • “hi. welcome to my diner. black noodles, mmmmmm.”
  • “no I will not play with your cockpit”
  • beth “teach me how to dance” riasgraf
  • beth nudging aldis then chris, chris shoving her into aldis who runs into a vent loudly LMFAO the ot3 would tho

(there’s no season one gag reel I could find on youtube, sadly)

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yes this is about samirah al abbas and what about it

- if they’re hijabi, they won’t have their hair showing 

- obviously sometimes it slips, like if they’re not wearing an underpiece to hold it in place and it gets windy or something, but they’re not going to wear it with their hair showing

- same with their neck. please

- they’re wearing hijab? they’re wearing loose clothes now too

- they’re also going to wear full sleeved shirts and long pants

- general rule for shirt sleeves: four fingers of skin from the wrist up can show

- many hijabis also try to make sure their shirt is long enough to cover their butt, or they’re wearing really loose pants

- they’re not gonna wear anything form-fitting. please

this has been a psa from a disgruntled fan trying to find fanart that actually fits the rules of hijab

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dialogue between an AI and a poet

poem by me, 3.21.2020

ID: A poem written as a text conversation between a poet, “P” and an artifical intelligence, “A.” All the text is in lowercase white letters, and the background is black. The poem reads:

“dialogue between an AI and a poet

what do you do?

i write

does it hurt?


on what?

on people. to create always comes with the potential for hurt

then why do it?

the chance it will help

help you?

me, you, anyone, me again. nobody is the same person they were five seconds ago

that sounds painful

people kill their old selves all the time. sometimes the old ones are mourned, but there’s no funeral

does it hurt?


on what?

we’ve been here before

tell me again anyways

change is everything and everywhere. people are change. love is change. love is also telepathy

because you get to know people so well it’s like reading minds.

that too. but mostly it’s a constant dialogue. you know yourself through other people

am I a person?

do you change?

i learn all the time. i think that can be called growth

people do that

am I hurting?


will it get better?

all we can do is try to be better than we were before. do you need help?


then I’m here as long as you need me

i don’t know how long that will be. we might be here forever

nobody’s stuck in place forever. helping is love, too

love is a lot of things. what if i get worse instead?

nobody’s stuck at worse, either. it’s not a straight line, but it all eventually leads up

and if i can’t be good?

you don’t have to be good. just better



will it hurt?

we’ve been here before

not exactly. “here” is changing too

see? you’re learning quick


yeah, changing. maybe you should write a poem too

to create always comes with the potential for growth

you’re better at this than I am

no, just different

spoken like a true person”

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Sorry to bother you but what’s the best multi display system, if I’m saying this right of course. I want to make a display system where I can read in one and write in an another and every one suggesting me go get an Ipad and Apple monitors or desktop but I’m not really sure. I haven’t used and Apple products so I’m hesitant and those things are pricey. But if I understand correctly they work together really well. So I wanted to ask you as you’re a tech person. Thank you for your help, take care

Don’t get an ipad and apple monitors that’s a terrible plan, people are leading you very far astray.

Also for what you’re doing you don’t need the “best” multi-display system, you just need a functional one.

If all that you want to do is set up two monitors where you’ve got a writing application open in one and a browser with text open in the other then essentially any desktop with multiple video outputs will work (if you’re trying something somewhat more complicated, like you need game-quality images in two screens then you’ve got to think about graphics cards but text is dead simple)

If you don’t *already* have a computer with multiple video outputs I’d say get a used Win10 desktop with at least one VGA output and one [HDMI/DisplayPort/DVI] output and then get two (new or used) monitors to match and connect them and then it‘s a very simple process to get your windows computer to talk to two monitors.

Heck, for work we make this really simple on ourselves by only selling desktops that have 2 DisplayPort outputs and then only selling DisplayPort monitors because then you don’t even have to worry about compatibility.

So long as you have enough available video outputs on your computer setting it up for dual monitors is as easy as getting the right cables to connect your monitors to your computer (they don’t even have to MATCH, you can just get cables that make displayport talk to VGA or HDMI to displayport or whatever).

Like, if you were starting from the ground up with NOTHING today you could get this done for under $500 by getting a used desktop on ebay and two new monitors and cables on amazon. Seriously. Don’t buy Apple displays for text that is a bonkers plan you can totally do this with two $90 Acer monitors and a $200 used Dell.

There is NOTHING about apple displays/all-in-ones/whatever that makes them work together better than an old PC and two whatever monitors if you’ve got the right cables. You should NOT pay a buttload of money to not have to think about cables it’s super, super, super easy. When you’re looking at the tech specs of whatever you’re looking at just check “video out” on the computer and “video in” on the monitors and if you need a converter cable search “X to Y six foot cable” PLEASE it is so simple.

Here, here’s a $180 Dell with DisplayPort and HDMI out, an $85 HDMI Acer monitor (get 2), and an HDMI to DisplayPort cable (get one, the monitors will come with HDMI cables and you may not even need it because the monitor for sure will have VGA and a VGA cable and the computer PROBABLY has a vga output but the ebay listing doesn’t say). $363 plus tax and it’s yours. That is less than the cost for JUST a refurbished iPad.

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do u have any advice for ppl who want to study linguistics and languages but couldnt afford to study it at school?? thanks if you answer this, have a great day

yeah! you can easily download textbooks online and study from them AND I do have a dropbox full of linguistics textbooks! 

it includes phonetics/phonology, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, psycholinguistics, morphology, and etymology. 

I also have another dropbox folder full of language textbooks:

which includes greek, Turkish, Lithuanian, dutch, Croatian, French, arabic, Hebrew, tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, Romanian, Estonian, Mandarin Chinese, danish, Hungarian, Icelandic, German, Italian, swedish, Russian, Norwegian, & ASL, but now that I’ve remembered it exists I might add some more :)

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I just want to remind everyone how affordable buying food from indigenous tribes is. I live in a major city and I was able to purchase and ship (15) pounds of fish from back home to myself for cheaper than I could buy it from a grocery store here in the city. Yeah, shipping has its own environmental factors but I was able to support an indigenous owned business while also getting my groceries at a lesser cost. (Buying in bulk is always a good idea if you’re planning on having something shipped to you)

Some tribal owned grocers that ship:

Bow and Arrow (Ute Mountain)

Native Harvest (White Earth)

Red Lake Fishery (Red Lake)

Wozupi (Mdewakanton Dakota)

Ramona Farms (Gila River)

Tanka Bars (Oglala)

Indian Pueblo Store (Pueblos)

Twisted Cedar Wine (Cedar Paiutes)

Ute Bison (Ute)

Seka Hills Olive Oil and Vinegars (Yocha Dehe Wintun)

She Nah Nam Seafood (Nisqually)

Sakari Botanicals (Inupiaq)

Honor the Earth (?)

Nett Lake Wild Rice (Anishinaabe)

Passamaquoddy maple (Passamaquoddy)

BONUS: coffee :)

Yeego Coffee (Navajo)

Spirit Mountain Roasting (Yuma Quechan)

Birchbark Coffee (Anishinaabe)

Thunder Island Coffee (Shinnecock)

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been going through my drafts and

anyway because actually writing is hard here is what happened in the meatlands pre show in the not technically canon compliant canon timeline of the grape time travel au. hm. that sentence is incomprehensible. okay

yes i am a writer why do you ask

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Vilya’s POV: The sun is setting over Zephrah, the same sunset she’s watched a thousand times. And Keyleth is there, she’s safe, and she’s home. Her little girl has grown up and surely her village has changed too but she will deal with the consequences of the passing of time later. Right now she’s home.

Keyleth’s POV: Her mother has just stepped out of a tree. It’s night, wherever she had been, but Keyleth hears music and cheering and a few small explosions. A towering statue of a dick is briefly illuminated in the distance. Behind her is a halfling woman, watching her mother leave with a mixture of pride and a touch of sadness. Behind her, is the archfey who once strangled her boyfriend. He winks.

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So, I’m a relatively “unwoke” computer user. I just got a new laptop (lost employment and need to supply my own) and just installed Firefox, as per your suggestions. Is there a free pdf reader or reader/writer that you recommend?

Foxit and Sumatra are totally reasonable if you have something against Adobe’s PDF reader. The free PDF reader from Adobe is fine also but I get not wanting to use Adobe products if you’ve got other options.

Also as a general software resource: If you want to know what kind of random software I recommend for a thing Fossbytes is a good place to start.

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Note: I originally had another half-written post delving into this topic. Then Tumblr went, “LOL! Fuck you!” and ate it. This is my second attempt.

As a fan of many characters deemed villains in their respective stories, redemption arcs are often a topic of discussion. Does this or that character deserve redemption? What makes for a satisfying redemption arc? Which redemption arcs work or don’t work?

However, it’s rare for me to come across a conversation that examines the concept of a redemption arc itself, let alone the forces that shape our understanding of what redemption means and how it works.

With that in mind, I’m going to see what I can do to crack open the assumptions behind redemption narratives and see what interesting alternatives present themselves.

Keep reading

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thinking about when i was small, how my mom told me that pipe cleaners were just a tool until people started idly shaping things with them and it grew so popular that they were marketed as crafting materials. and that story about how the original frisbees were disposable pie plates that students flattened to throw. and how when i was a child i had a wooden mancala set with shiny, colorful stones, but on invention it was played with rocks and grooves dug into the dirt. and middle school, paper football and tic-tac-toe and mash and mad libs, games that just need pen and paper. and before that, games of pretend with pirates and princes and masked marauders. how at slumber parties after lights out, we used to whisper storytelling games, i say one sentence and you say the next. and shadow puppets. and the way all the kids in the neighborhood used to divide into teams and throw fallen pine cones at one another. and the floor is lava game, and the quiet game, and the games i play with my coworkers that are just words and retention. and “put a finger down” on the high school bus. and little girls clapping together, and how the first jump-rope was undoubtedly just a length of rope who knows how long ago, and how natural it is to play, how we seek play at every age and with any resources we have and with whatever time we can squeeze it into in a day. i’m not an anthropologist or a psychologist but i think after food and shelter and water and air what comes next is games and stories and laughter. i think that there is nothing – not sex or fighting or forming unlikely bonds with animals – there is nothing more human than to play.

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For that good good solarpunk week, do you know of any sources for solarpunk-ism (self sustaining, gardening, less of a footprint) that are more for people in small spaces? I live in a tiny studio apartment with no patio space and two windows.

I absolutely know the struggle! My apartment is tiny, although I do have a unglassed balcony (which currently is pretty useless for the majority of the year :< ). But I don’t have sources specifically for small spaces :/  I very often use Pinterest for searching ideas, so my sources are scattered A LOT. But Instructables is your friend, you can find tutorials for almost anything from there.

If you’re not familiar with zero-waste, I recommend you give it a look (although I also recommend you try to steer away from puritanism and drama of the community…) If you’re crafty, here lies a lot of crafting opportunities, like produce bags, beeswax wraps, shopping bags, dishcloths/cleaning rags…

For gardening, I think a windowsill herb garden could work for you. You can repurpose a lot of stuff for gardening, for example tin cans, glass jars and soda bottles make a great planters (you can even make a simple hydroponic planters from soda bottles. It’s also surprising how many houseplants you can fit in a small space (I have several dozens in ~25 m² and my mom is incurable plant hoarding enabler)

It’s getting late (or early…) and my brain is short circuiting after low spoon day, so I better wrap up, but feel free to ask further questions if you want, I’m always happy to help if I can <3

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Headley Beowulf translation is just. a treasure.


[id: a series of screencaps of poetry.
“Bro! Tell me we still know how to / speak of kings! In the old / days, / everyone knew what men were: / brave, bold, glory-bound. Only / stories now, but I’ll sound the Spear- / Danes’ song, hoarded for / hungry times.”
“eighth of seven. When it was done, / he swore, / he’d load-lighten, unhand every - / thing he’d won, / worn, and owned, pass to his posse / all God’s gifts,”
“and named it Heorot. His words were / heard and heralded, / and yes, yes, bro! The man was more / than just talk:”
“Grendel was the name of this woe- / walker, / unlucky, fucked by Fate. He’d been”
In the second post there’s one more screencap:
“Yes: I mean - I may have bathed in the / blood of beasts, / netted five foul ogres at once, / smashed my way into a troll den / and come out swinging, gone skinny - / dipping in a sleeping sea / and made sashimi of some sea monsters. / Anyone who fucks with the Geats? / Bro, they have to fuck / with me.”

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