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noramachwitz·2 days agoText


it’s the way that the moment nora realized she could feel things again didn’t have any music, on the surface was something as mundane as a muscle cramp but as soon as it happened nora knew the significance and so did we… it’s the way that the first moment she felt something was focused entirely on HER and her feelings, and being present in her own body… it’s the way the moment really had nothing to do with josh but he was the first person she wanted to tell anyway [E: okay yes she was drawing on his sweatshirt but like the thing she was feeling, the muscle cramp, was about her feelings in her body is what i meant]… it’s the way she actively CHOSE to share this with him, the way her agency has been highlighted throughout the entire season and now she gets to be with him because she CHOOSES to prioritize her happiness… it’s the way they were running TO EACH OTHER… the way she just missed him the first time but then bc he was running to meet her they met each other halfway at THEIR ROOF… the way the minutt for minutt speech is so particularly important for a mental health storyline and they saved it for this season but also made it in character for these two by having them add their sweet and fumbling energy to it… IT’S THE WAY THEY CHOSE EACH OTHER

just!!! mayhaps you have made a point or two druck!!!

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noramachwitz·2 days agoText


also can i just say … big big love and thanks to all the people in the druck fandom who keep posting about how their experiences relate to nora whether it’s about their menal illness or because they have/had alcoholic parents

i appreciate the hell out of every post in the tag and i’m just so glad to see people share their private thoughts and experiences on a topic like this and you’re all great thank you for enriching the experience of watching this season i truly mean that

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noramachwitz·2 days agoText

“i feel you” i’m legit already crying goddamn it druck

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