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notsayingthisright · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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notsayingthisright · 7 hours ago
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notsayingthisright · 22 hours ago
OK to make a font out of your own writing
go here
instead of printing it off just use this blank thing that way you dont have to scan it or anything
so fill that out by pasting it in any art program and whatnot
then save it and upload it to that site
and itll give you an option to download it
so do that and then install it BAM
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notsayingthisright · a day ago
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notsayingthisright · a day ago
One thing in Lord of the Rings I’ve found extremely relatable lately is how the hobbits react to apocalyptic horrors by focusing on the mundane details of their day.
“Looks like we’re on a hopeless journey into Hell in the middle of a world-ending event where everything we know and love will be destroyed. What are we going to have for breakfast today, Mr Frodo? :D”
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notsayingthisright · 2 days ago
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notsayingthisright · 2 days ago
“we need to stop the stigma towards drug users and addicts” and “we need to challenge the idea that being sober makes you boring” and “we need to stop acting like binge drinking to the extent you’re doing medical damage is fun and normal for young people” are all ideas that can and should coexist.
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notsayingthisright · 2 days ago
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notsayingthisright · 2 days ago
Why would you NOT be patient with overworked staff. Is there any interaction more honest and rewarding than seeing someone obviously overwhelmed and telling them "y'all look super busy, don't worry about serving me fast, take your time" and watching them drop the customer service act for a sec to be like "yeah it is nuts today, you have no idea", like babe I've BEEN there, anyone in here gives you shit u know I gochu
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notsayingthisright · 3 days ago
My brain, having a meltdown like a toddler: I just can’t do it! I don’t want to !! I can’t!! Me, parenting my tired toddler brain: Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. We don’t have to do everything today that’s overwhelming you. Let’s pick the most important thing to work on, ok? What’s the smallest step we can do to work towards that? My toddler brain, wiping away tears: Um, I think we should…open up the important spreadsheet and look at the first row. Me, parenting my tired toddler brain: Great! Let’s do that, and then we can have a popsicle, ok? My toddler brain: *nods through drying tears, upset, but cooperative*
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notsayingthisright · 3 days ago
Him have no chompers… Only gums…
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notsayingthisright · 3 days ago
HELLO. If you're okay with sharing, I would love to know everything about your adorable cat! Please describe Simon's following traits: 1) Purring, 2) Cuddling, 3) Loafing, 4) Meowing, 5) Box-sitting (or other novel surface-sitting), 6) Troublemaking, 7) Favorite toys, 8) Interactions with other people and animals, 9) Favorite activities, and bonus question 10) Is the white chin patch a preferred scritching spot?? Thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos. :D
Of course! I'm happy to share!
Confession time: Simon isn't actually my cat, but I lived with her for a few years, have hosted her at my house a couple of times while her mom was out of town, and still get to see her on occasion (and post lots of pics of her with permission). I've known her for over ten years!
Purring: She purrs pretty quietly, rather than like a motorboat. Rumbly.
Cuddling: She likes to cuddle on her own terms, rather than being clingy. She tends to be pretty cuddly when the weather is cold. When she stayed with me, she would lay on my chest or lap or legs while I played video games or watched tv. She tends to be very disgruntled if the person she is sitting on needs to get up or move.
Tumblr media
Loafing: she is a particularly chunky little loaf. Very loaf-able.
Tumblr media
Meowing: She's actually pretty quiet, but is particularly talkative when hungry (she will YELL until she gets wet food. Like, "WAAAH"). Occasionally when addressed, she will talk back. I don't think I've ever gotten a video of her making noises, but please believe me when I say it's really cute.
Preferred Seating/Favored Terrain: Under beds/chairs, for safety. She likes elevated perches and laps. Also, windowsills and other warm spots. When she's feeling particularly curious, she will sit and squeeze into shelves and boxes.
Tumblr media
Troublemaking: She's pretty good, but occasionally when she was staying with me I'd find a little nibble taken out of my cheese. Her other temptations: popcorn, butter, and tuna. She will YELL if tuna is not shared with her.
Tumblr media
Favorite Toys: STRING. When she stayed with me, we would play with yarn every day. Also, improvised toys, like pencils and fake mustaches. And hands.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Interactions with People/Animals: She doesn't really like other creatures of any kind, or at least it takes her a REALLY LONG TIME to warm up to anyone. I would like to attribute my success to lots of slow-blinking at her and being patient and respectful.
She has VERY clear boundaries, and she is very good at enforcing those boundaries.
Favorite Activities: Hiding, eating wet food, spending time with her owner, being warm, being sung to.
Chin-scritches? She's more of a back-scritches cat (lower back, near tail). She tends to be more comfortable being touched on her back and the sides and top of her head. However, occasionally she will push her head into a hand, letting it engulf her face (but then she'll sometimes take that as an invitation to attack the hand that's got her face).
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notsayingthisright · 3 days ago
Heard y’all like pondering orbs
Tumblr media
I was posting Orbs back before it was cool, just sayin’…it all started in the very early days of the blog and for some reason I was convinced that Orbs were something you could equip exactly like an Ioun Stone, starting with the Four Wooden Orbs of Bludgeoning–no magical effect, but they orbit your head and bonk people if they got too close. It turned into a running joke that I sometimes forget was originally a joke. Anyway, here’s a handy compendium:
Orb of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Untouchable Orb of Endless Power
Orb of Cheese
Orbs of Lounging
Orb of Retro Gaming
Hybrid Orb-Halfling #1; Hybrid Orb-Halfling #2
Orb of Windows XP
Prickly Pain Orb
Orb of Artist Angering
Bad Orb of Location Visibility
Monster Orb, a scarier/grosser version of the Orb of Chomping
Orb of Animal Sleep and the Lesser Orb of Animal Lethargy
Orb of Moss
Orb of Wine
Orb of X-Raying
Buddy Orb and/or Orbs of Harrumphing
Orb of Advertising Revenue
Orb of Cherry Flavor
Orb of Monkey Control
Actual Real Historical Spiked Orb of Explosion
Orb of Data Visualization
Orbs of Verbal Abuse
Orb of user/destiny:ERROR.notfound
Orbs of Artery-Clogging
Orb of Poor Sportsmanship
Chess Orb
Orb of Secure Wi-Fi
Crystal Orb of Cleansing Lead Toxicity
various insect orbs
Hirsute Orb of Wrath
Luxury Fashion Orb of Reduced Color Saturation
Orb of Roosevelt
plain black rubber ball was in some movies so now it’s worth $32,500
Orb of Scouring
Orb of Pocket (Dimension) Monsters
Power Pellet
Orb of Transport (wheeled, bulletproof)
Orb of Transport (rolling, watersealed)
Orb of Transport (greater wheeled)
Orb of Chillaxing
Orb of Divination
a judgemental orb
Orb of Bipedal Gait
set of four Riding-Orbs
Orb of Orb Form
Orbs of the Pianist, as used by the Uncanny Orb-Bard
Seal Orb
Orb of the Luck-Slayer
extremely large Orb of Explosion
Orb of Corn
Orb of the Keymaster
Orbs of Wondrous Power
spherical sheep
Orb accessories
Wrist-Mounted Orb Yeeter
Orb Forge
Tome of Crafting (Fast, Fun & Fabulous Orbs)
Orb Jail
Orb users
Orb Inspector
a giant evil brain or possibly a sphere of ground beef
Guild-Hall of the Worshipfull Companie of Orbsmiths
the Ogre and his Man-Eating Boboes
The God of Orbs
Some Orb monsters: Orbinauts, Double Orb Monster, Sapient Triple Orb Monster, Orb Giant, Orb of Verbal Abuse that has gone feral
space-age orb witch
Rye Slax, orb farmer
mysterious yellow orb of flame
Pooper-of-Orbs, a mysterious rogue of another world
bat-mounted frog orb-merchant
robot clown orb-merchants
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