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How is school?
It’s okay so far for college standards 😭😭 ALSO I so so apologize for not getting anything out (and for using another one of you as updates) I’ll hopefully get another req out soon because I adore your ideas, thank you for being patient with me 💗
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Hey I do not mean to be a bother but I love your isabella stories and was wondering since requests are open(I am new to tumblr forgive me). If you can make a story surrounding one of your headcannons with her and the reader. Specifically this one if that is alright.
"Loves to tease you, especially during times when it’s not the best. Purposely flipping her hair in a certain way you like, walking a certain way, referencing specific things in her casual speech that would leave others confused, but you a steaming and heated mess
᪥ She hates being teased in return and will pay back ten fold behind closed doors until you’re worse than you were before"
If it is to much then no problem please take your time.
My Turn 
Isabela Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media
Notes: yess!! It’s not too much at all, I really like that idea!!! Sorry for the wait, but it was pretty fun to write. AND you're not bothering at all, no worries. Hope you like it <3
-> Reader insert//female reader//innuendos at horrible times//girlfriend to magical Isabela//party planning//teasing Isabela//oh snap she said that
Warnings: innuendos galore and a pretty heated scene at the end more so 14+ this time around
Desc: The local party planner was put in charge of planning the birthday of Alma Madrigal, the grandmother of her long term girlfriend, Isabela Madrigal. Unfortunately, to make sure she impresses, she had to sacrifice time from spending time with her, which spelled nothing but future trouble.
Tumblr media
Alma Madrigal’s 71st birthday was coming up and per every Madrigal birthday, the whole village was invited in on the celebration. 
Although, unlike every birthday, someone outside the family was going to be planning it; [Y/n] [L/n]. She wasn’t inexperienced, of course. She planned things from personal family baby showers to large and jubilant Quinces, ever since the age of seventeen and all went out without a hitch. She liked to joke that it was her own little gift. 
It was also around that time that she caught the eye of and asked out (more so the other way around) her love and light, Isabela Madrigal, the granddaughter of Alma Madrigal. 
Alright, maaaybe she wasn’t too outside the family, and she hoped to close that gap even more, but it did not make her any less nervous when Señora Madrigal herself showed up on her doorstep and requested the event to be planned two months ago. 
And ‘requested’ is frankly generous as the way she said it, there really wasn’t a choice. At least with her nerves, it felt like it. Ever since then, [Y/n] had been planning out what food to be served, who would be able to attend, lighting, decor, theme–everything she could think of. The only thing that rang through her mind was if she failed, not only would it ruin her reputation among everyone, but Isa would never forgive her for ruining her grandmother's birthday.
That meant she had been over the Madrigal’s casita more often than before, which she didn’t think was possible. Despite that, nearly none of that time was with Isabela. 
It ached her heart, but the thought of failure and losing Isabela completely hurt worse. And it all led up to this moment. A few hours before everything was supposed to begin. She placed the food Julieta prepared onto a dining table in the backyard, but halted before setting it down and snapped her head up. Not too far away, Isabela had been talking to a person setting up a pole for where the hanging lights would be. 
When did she get here? This was the first time she saw her ever since arriving. She could hear her angelic laugh toward the woman, twisting her hair around her finger. [Y/n]’s eyebrow twitched as she stared longer, a stirring of jealousy in her heart and butterflies chest. She then shook her head and finally placed the bowl down, then looked away. Isa can talk to whoever she wants to, of course, but she only twirls her hair like that when she’s talking to her. Not that it bothered her. She shouldn’t let it bother her. Maybe she did that more often than she realized, is the lie she wanted to tell herself.
She went into the kitchen and retrieved another plate, Julieta leaned on the counter, dabbing away the sweat on her forehead with a cloth. “Finished the last one. You really picked a good menu for this one.”
Julieta often helped cater for her. “Great! I know it was a lot and a bit challenging, Thank you, Julieta.”
“I appreciate everything you’re doing. You are a sweetheart. Would you like me to help carry some out?”
“No, you don’t have to you did a lot already-“
“Nonsense, I’ll gladly help more. It’s my mother. Now show me.”
They walked out and once again, Isa was talking to the same woman as before. Her girlfriend laughed once more, sweet and light, flipping her hair. With the flip, a very specific one that was slower than her usual flow, that she loves, [Y/n] caught Isa’s beautiful brown eyes momentarily as flirty mischief bounced in them. It took everything to not go over there. Her face became hotter.
“Are you alright?” Juli inquired. “You look a little flush.”
“I’m fine, thank you.” She said as she placed the plates down. 
“Ah, here she is, my love.” Isabela said as she came around. She halted but held an awkward smile as Isa extended a hand her way. “This is my girlfriend [Y/n],” she introduced. But before getting a word out, she continued, “You know we were talking about babies, mi rosa. The Escobars gave birth, finally.”
“Oh that’s-“
Isa turned to the helper, “I love babies,” 
[Y/n] scrunched her eyebrows. “No you-“
“But they whine and cry a lot. I mean, I’m used to dealing with criers,” Isa gave her a knowing and teasing glance, “but it’s their first so I hope they’ll be alright.”
Huh? Did she mean Mira or Luisa? She would have been young but she could remember things like that. But what did that glance mean? Was she making a joke about Antoniooo, no, no, no… 
[Y/n] could feel herself malfunctioning, overheating as if a loaf of bread left sitting in the oven.
“Antonio was a handful. Ah but the way they look at you from below. It’s wonderful.” Her girlfriend continued. 
“Sweet Jesus…” [Y/n] murmured and planted a hand on the table to keep her steady, her head hung low as her body and mind tried to reset.
“Is she okay?” The helper asked. 
She felt a soft hand on her forehead. “Dios, you feel like you put your head into an oven. You need to sit down.”
“Don’t forget to clip their nails either. It can hurt sometimes, you know?”
Her eyes widened. “Isa-“
Said woman began to walk off, “oh, well, I have to go now. Nice chatting with you.” She swayed her hips in a hypnotic motion that could rival pocket watches. She knew deep in her heart that was, like everything else just then, on purpose.
“That’s it, come now, I’m going to get you to sit down.”At that point 
She hadn’t seen Isa since then, but at least she was given more time to recover before the party began. And it went off without a hitch! Blessedly. People and mingling, all of the madrigals had come up to her with praise and thanks for how wonderful everything looked, and Señora Alma herself had given a personal graciousness with a grateful gleam in her eye. 
Right now she stood in a corner in the backyard where people mostly resided, talking to a few of the other party goers, but rather half heartedly as Isabela still hung on her mind. She didn’t understand if she was mad and trying to make her jealous or some twisted payback, but whatever it was, it was working and she had nothing but Isa on her mind. 
Although she hadn’t seen her since earlier. She tried asking around but had been roped into longer conversations about future celebrations for them and their families. Each time she finally pulled away, she was smacked into another long talk. 
At some point, someone prompted for speeches and people went around telling stories about Alma and other meaningful topics. As it captured the attention of most, she finally spotted Isa in the back, drink in hand, and boredly paying attention. 
She held a brightened look and was about to travel over before someone called her name and all eyes were on her. Included Isa’s, who seemed far more interested, but still rather heated, than moments prior. She then whipped her head away and apparently found the nearby tree more interesting. She clenched her jaw, a new fire in her, then smiled brightly with a kind wave to all, “hello. Yes, I thank everyone for showing and it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate another strong year for Señora Madrigal.”
“Not abuela yet?” Someone from the crowd yelled. The crowd laughed as did she with a glance to her girlfriend, her brown eyes were completely focused on her. And she wanted to keep it that way while getting her own pay back.
“No, unfortunately not.” [Y/n] said with a chuckle, casually rolling a corner of her lip between her teeth, catching a swoon then tenseness from her girlfriend in the crowd. “Hopefully soon. I really do love Isabela very much, her radiance reaches every deep corner of my being and brightens my life.” Isa spat out her drink, which gained the attention of few, but the majority kept their eyes to the front. “But it’s not about us, it’s about tonight. But I would also like to just wanna give thanks to everyone that helped.” Claps ensued as she walked over to the buffet table and dipped a chip in a lot of dip with a somewhat inadequate bite, “sorry, couldn’t help it. Hopefully, you eat some of every delicious dish up here, of course thanks to Julieta.” 
The crowd laughed and clapped for Julieta, who stood up and waved. There was a little something on her cheek she left until she went back to the center to make sure it was seen. “Ah,” she gave eye contact to Isabela and licked the counter of her lip and lightly her finger. It was indescribable the expression that Isa’s eyes held as a cold but excited shiver ran up the planners back. “Don’t know how that ended up there but with how I’ve been eating, it was bound to happen.”
Even as she looked away, she could feel the death stare. In that moment it felt like she had Bruno’s gift, because she could see her future and it didn’t look very good. Maybe she shouldn’t have went that far. 
Nonetheless, she cleared her throat and awkwardly chuckled. “Just to wrap things up, let's raise our drinks to another glorious year for Señora Madrigal.”
It was quick the way Isabela grabbed [Y/n]’s arm and swiftly dragged her to her room without a word, slamming the door behind herself. Faster than she could process, the Madrigal pushed her girlfriend against the door, then trapped her with both arms on either side of her. She leaned into her ear close enough to feel the tickle of her somewhat labored breathing on her ear.
“You are in big trouble, lily.” She darkly threatened in a low and slow tone, “I swear I’ll make you do so much more than cry.”
“You started it.” [Y/n] retorted, pushing her up a bit before flipping their positions. “I felt like I wanted to kiss and kill you at the same time.” She said and leaned her forehead on Isabela’s.
“You started it with the whole party mess.” She bit back. “I feel like you love my abuela more than me.” She said after, hurt and anger in her voice.
[Y/n] winced and brought her hand to Isabela’s face. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Really, really, sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you but I was afraid if anything but perfect happened tonight… I just wanted things to be perfect for her.”
Isa shook her head and sighed. “I know you were stressed, and it’s sweet how much you care, but besides you and me together, nothing is perfect. I wish you would have just come to me, love.”
“You are right as always, Isa, I’m sorry. Though you did not make it easy for me to function properly tonight, I may have deserved some of it. I acted foolishly before.”
“Si, and the fact you tried to get me back made me very angry, petal.” She responded, though, it was filled with anything but anger and rather want and tease. “But you are my fool. And it becomes a problem when anything cuts into my time with you.” She followed lowly, slowly leaning from their position to her neck, first placing chaste kisses along her shoulder blade before becoming a little rougher, nipping and biting, marking numerous sections that wouldn’t fade for sometime. Those worries faded, however, and so does her strength, as if Isabela’s kisses were a sedative.
[Y/n] relaxed then bit her lip before a low moan escaped as she tilted her head to the side to give more access. In a yearning to get more physical contact, her hands were about to rest on Isa’s wrist before vines quickly wrapped themselves around her wrist and brought them above her head.
She whined and Isa brought herself up, bringing her lips an inch close, but no contact. [Y/n] tried to close the gap but vines also wrapped around her neck and legs, firm and sturdy. Her breath hitched as Isa’s hands began to wander around her body.
Finally, her sweet voice graced her ears. “I hope you aren’t doing anything tomorrow,” her delicate hands glided up the side of her body, “or the next,” back down, “or the next,” up once more, “or the next,” rested at her shoulder. At this point [Y/n] was glad the vines were able to hold her up because she could feel herself get weaker and weaker the longer Isa’s poisonous touch remained on her. “Because it’s my turn to get you back.”
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Hey I hope you are doing well.
Hey I saw your last one too thank you I’m trying 🤞🏽 I want to hopefully get out a req sometime soon I’m nearly finished with it (lol hope you don’t mind me doing updates through you) I appreciate you checking in, I hope you’re doing swell!
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I hope you are having a great day.
I am now :_) Nah nk (but fr yeah) semester started today so hopefully I can continue to have great days. Thank you, I hope you’re well too, wonderful anon <333
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okay I have an idea... and if at a family dinner, Isabela asks her mom to give her something and it's her girlfriend who does. and then dinner becomes chaos
Tumblr media
Don’t pass the salad
Isabela Madrigal x Reader
Tumblr media
Notes: Yes yes and yes, absolutely beautiful love this idea issa classic, thank you for requesting hope you like it I had a lot of fun writing <3
-> female reader insert//girlfriend to Isabela//she/her pronouns//dinner//Julieta has a hidden murder skill//no Bruno slander intended//Mami is reader
Desc: Isabela and her girlfriend are over at her families house to have a nice dinner. However, along the line, there seems to be some confusion involving names.
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
She and Isabela sat side by side at her families table, merrily enjoying their meal cooked wonderfully by Julieta. Every Madrigal, plus Mariano and herself, were seated around the table, chatting casually with one another.
“How have you been Mira?” [Y/n] asked.
Mirabel smiled at her from behind Isabela after taking a bite. “Good, nothing new, really.” Despite her words, she casted a slick look to Isa. “But I would appreciate it if you told your girlfriend to give me back the satchel she took the other day.”
Isabela tensed and rolled her eyes then glared at her sister, looking ready to mouth her off. [Y/n] found her hand and squeezed a bit. The long haired woman glanced back with a gentle gaze then calmed down and looked back to her plate, using one hand to eat as she squeezed back. “Mami borrowed it I already told you.”
[Y/n] tilted her head, “I ne-mmfdm.” Her words became muffled from the flower that blocked her mouth.
Mira narrowed her eyes with confusion at her before they widen and she placed a fist on her palm, facing Isabela once more. “Ah! Right, I’m sorry, you did. I’ll get it from mamá after dinner.”
It took a minute, but after registering the blush on Isa’s face, she caught on to her girlfriends mistake and took a careful look around with the release of their hands. Thankfully people continued their conversations, more importantly, the one between Julieta and her siblings. She pulled the flower out of her mouth, tucked it behind her ear, and replaced it with more food.
Out of the corner of her eye, Isa noticed the flower in its new spot, then flowed a hand over her ear to create a matching one. [Y/n] noticed with a smile and continued eating.
Things went on as normal. Julieta called her name and she turned. “How have you and Isa been? You have been spending a lot of time together. Hopefully nothing too exciting has been going on.”
“Mamá stop. Don’t embarrass me.” Isabela said as she strained a smile.
“Things have been nothing less but wonderful with her.” [Y/n] said and placed a gentle hand on Isa’s leg under the table, giving her a loving look. Isabela returned it. “I wake up happy because I know my dreams of her laughs and smiles will soon be a reality. She’s the light of my life. I’d be lost without her. I love her and couldn’t dream of a better woman. Truly.”
Isabela put a gentle hand on [Y/n]’s cheek with a touched look, “oh, mi rosa…” she said, then gave a painfully short kiss on the lips before drifting to her ear, “I can’t wait until this is over,” she said in a hushed tone, “you deserve-“
“Seriously?” Dolores bit. [Y/n] awkwardly smiled at her, Isa hardly looked bothered, but both separated.
“Anyway was real nice, hopefully soon to be, older sis.” Luisa said with a wink.
“Bleh.” Camilo butted in, then turned into Isabela. “Oh, [Y/n] I love you so, so, so much you remind me of peaches and roses.” He mocked with clasped hands, then turned back. “So gross. I can smell the cheese from here, and it isn’t the cheese arepas.”
“Stop that, don’t be rude.” Pepa scolded her son, then turned to the pair. “Sorry about him. That was beautiful. I’m happy for you two.”
“Yeah. I’m glad it worked out for all of us.” Dolores said as she gave the man next to her, Mariano, an enamored expression.
“Love is a magical thing.” The Matriarch, Alma, commented. “I’m happy for another one of my family to have found it.”
“Exactly, happy for you sis.” Mira said, then made a face toward the teenage boy. “He’s just jealous he’ll be gross, old, and grey before he finds someone. Er—no offense tío Bruno, I’m sure you’ll find someone.”
He picked at his food with an awkward but passive expression. “None taken.”
“You don’t need someone else to be happy.” Pepa said as she slowly rubbed his shoulder.
“Exactly! We’re here for you man.” Félix put in.
“Your family loves you dearly.” Julieta gingerly added.
Bruno somewhat chuckled but looked worse than before, “alright guys I get it, can we please just drop it?”
“Uh… yeah. Thank you for your kindness.” Isabela said, bringing the conversation back, then looked to her mom. “Oh, mami, do you mind passing the salad bowl?”
[Y/n] finished in a drift off as she stood up in her chair to reach for the bowl. Everybody stood still and looked upon them. Her and Julieta stared at each other. She felt like she was caught trying to steal a diamond ring as she stood up halfway in the air. After a few painful moments, vines wrapped around her legs and pulled her down to her chair.
Julieta smiled. Not a kind one, no, no. It radiated nothing but pure malice, as if right behind it was the face of the devil. It must’ve been. That’s the only way she can explain how her body is as ridged as stone.
“I messed up.” Isabela airily spoke.
It was only when a wooden spoon nearly hit her dead in the face did she react with a flinch. She looked behind her and nearly screeched as fear etched onto her features. It, the wooden spoon, was imbedded in the wall.
[Y/n]’s soul left her body. “Oh mother Mary-“
“Julieta! Calm down! Calm down, it’s not a big deal!”Pepa exclaimed.
“Yeah, honey, she’s old enough at this point, we can’t baby her.” Agustín said, holding down the arm with a death grip on a fork.
“Mamá, when did you get that strong?!” Mirabel exclaimed.
“Calm down? I am the only one she should be calling anything related to mother.” She calmly said, which only pierced [Y/n] with more fear.
“I’m sorry, really, Julieta I-“
Isa shoved her out the chair just before a fork replaced her seat. “Don’t get mad at her, it was my mistake—eep!” Another fork. “It’s really not that bad you’re overreacting!”
[Y/n] chimed in after her girlfriend, scrambling from the ground while using the chair as a shield, “y-yeah, I call her way worse.”
There was another pause. A couple peoples faces went red, including Isa’s. Pepa covered Antonio’s ears. She was confused but it finally set in and she put her hands up.
“No, no, not in that way-“ she tried to recover, but that was the equivalent of willingly grabbing a shovel even bigger than herself to dig her grave.
Julieta appeared to look even more sweet and calm as a darker, more chaotic aura oozes from her slowly rising figure. Even with Pepa, Bruno, and her husband, she was able to rise.
Isabela turned to her girlfriend, “run! Go! She will kill you! Luisa, hold mamá down!”
[Y/n] needed no more encouragement as she scrambled out of their casita, only the sounds of incomprehensible yelling, screaming, and food and glass hitting the walls filling the air.
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Meguru Bachira Headcanons
Tumblr media
Best friend headcanons 
Notes: Nonexistent
-> Bachira with reader//chaotic friendship hcs//ooga booga//Beechira
Desc: Just as the title says! What being in a chaotic friendship with him would be like
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
🐝 God damnit Bachria 
🐝 Always uses emojis and faces when he texts. You know he’s really upset if he forgets one
🐝 Probably any other name than your own, sometimes using nicknames so obscure, inside referential, or far from your own that people sometimes have no idea who he is talking about
🐝 He also refers to you in ways that assume (or maybe he simply does not care) that they know who he is talking about when you are not involved or in the room. “Oh, they wouldn’t like that at all.”, “You know what they say, don’t poop on public planes and all that.” “...who the hell are you talking about, man?”
🐝 He loves it when you play soccer together just as much as when you guys do something together that you’re passionate about, even if it is a complete 180 from soccer
🐝 He is overjoyed whenever you have the chance to stay and watch him play, either in games or during practice. After he makes a good dribble or scores goals, he turns to you each time in elation to make sure you saw, “[Y/n], didja see that?! Didja?! The ball was like bap, then I went fwoo!”
🐝 He will steal your snacks and miraculously find them each time you change their spot
🐝 He also shares his if you skipped a meal or if you say you’re hungry 
🐝 If you’re across the room doing something completely different, but happen to make eye contact with Bachira, he will make faces at you until you laugh
🐝 He likes to piggyback rides and tends to greet you by jumping on your back. Unless he would crush you, then he gives you piggyback rides.
🐝 You don’t watch good movies together. Only the foulest of the foul pieces of work that will have you both laughing your asses off 
🐝Yeah, no good tv sessions either. All trash reality tv.
🐝 He will binge the same shows you watch separately and have intense conversations about them
🐝 For when he crashes at your house, he is the first asleep, almost instantaneously,  and the last to wake up 
🐝 If someone or you fall asleep before him, be wary and hope there isn’t any markers left out 
🐝 Texts while you’re in the same room
🐝 Adds you to random group chats
🐝 Can and will confront you if you look upset. If you don’t want to talk about it, he will easily drop it but will bring it up later and consistently check up on you during the day. Expect tubs of ice cream and bags of chips throughout the day
🐝 Sends ten memes at 3:00 am 
🐝 They're cursed memes 
🐝 Blowing air in your ear to get your attention if you aren’t paying attention to him
🐝 He is always willing to teach or show you dribbles he’s done before and will always remain patient until you get it. Even outside of that, if its anything soccer-related, players, positions, terminology, he is more than happy to teach or tell you about it
🐝 If he happens to be playing a casual match with other players, if you want to join and know nothing about soccer, he won’t hesitate to accept. In fact, he probably asked before he started. If the others don’t agree, he’ll just leave them and play with you by himself 
🐝 Card games to pass time. On a bus, train, when you’re both bored. You two actually became really good at it and joke about taking your skills to Vegas if your dreams don’t work out
🐝 During the winter, you go ice skating on lakes and he initiates surprise snowball wars 
🐝 He likes to show you cute bugs he finds. Even if it freaks you out
🐝 Takes photos and videos when you’re not paying attention then posts them on your birthday
🐝 He comes to you first whenever he is feeling down and just lays his head on your shoulder or head without a word. He will open eventually, but just needs a pillar for a moment
🐝 You, him, and his mother paint portraits of each other from time to time 
🐝 Initiates pillow fights
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Hii can you write nsfw hcs for aiku, sae and shidou with she/her prounons? (Can you also add leonardo luna if you write for him)
AH! Yes, ofc anon!! Thanks for the req, say no more. I don’t write for Leonardo Luna though I’m sorry but maybe in the future may consider it 
Important: follow the link to it here -sor- I plan on posting all NSFW content on here and will only be taking requests for that kind of content here as well. So sorry about the little change!
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Blue Lock
Rensuke Kunigami 
When in a relationship
Meguru Bachira
Being best friends
Kenyu Yukimiya
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nuggiesnoogie · 19 days ago
Rensuke Kunigami Headcanons
Tumblr media
When in a relationship  
Desc: As the name implies haha, just a few relationship hcs
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
-> He doesn’t often like pda, more so because he gets easily flustered and worried about people looking.
-> The first to initiate a kiss when you’re alone
-> At first hesitant to hug because he sweats more than others, and is wary to tell the truth if you want to hug him. If you say you don’t care, after each game, no matter the outcome, he will hug you
-> He’s okay with long hugs and kisses in public after winning a game
-> He picks you up and spins you around if he’s the one that made the winning score
-> He immediately calls anyone out that ogles at you in public and shields your body. “It’s indecent,” he would claim, but secretly be jealous
-> He loves your hands running through his hair. It drives him wild when you pull
-> He shows his affection more than he says it, so while little compliments, if he thinks you’re radiating (more than usual) that day, he is more touchy and willing to kiss you no matter where you were
-> Absolutely flustered when praised or complimented, almost a stuttering mess especially when it comes out of your mouth. In the end he just shuts up and kisses you.
-> He is always gentle and in the beginning of the relationship, would constantly ask if it was okay to kiss you until you got to the point and told him it wasn’t necessary all the time
-> He still asks for permission to kiss you or do anything more during your most intimate moments
-> He likes to get into relationships that will be long term
-> He doesn’t do pet names too much, but loves it from you
-> His favorite place to put his hands is on your thighs. He’s a thigh man
-> He will always ask if you need any help when you’re doing anything, even if he would have no idea what it is
-> He strives to never, ever, yell at you out of anger no matter what. If he slips he is on his knees begging for forgiveness and vowing to never do it again
-> He works extra hard to score a goal if he knows you’re at the game, especially if he can hear your cheering
-> If he loses a game, he just likes to stay inside and cuddle with you
-> Long phone calls if you’re separate for a long period of time. Like, next day, ear buds in as he’s conditioning, still talking to you
-> If you like to do your make up or nails, he asks if you want to do his if you’re in the middle of doing either. He finds it relaxing and frankly just wants to spend time with you doing things you’re interested in. He takes the make up off but usually leaves the polish
-> He offers for you to try the food he ordered and if he’s in an extra good mood, feeds it to you
-> The chances of his shirt ‘flying away’ greatly raises if you’re in the room
-> Even if you’re bigger than him, he would love to carry you. Primarily on his back, but also is partial to bridal
-> If you have little brothers or sisters, he enjoys watching over them with you and sometimes completely takes up the mantle of baby sitter. “Is chips healthy for them to eat though? A better snack would be fruits or carrots.” “You act as if they’re your siblings.”
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Tumblr media
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nuggiesnoogie · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Take a walk in Shibuya with Blue Lock characters ⚽
Site Link
Part 1
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Everything Is Rosy
Customer's Name: Anon
Product Description: Blue lock fluff
Ingredients: Yukimiya, Kunigami & Nagi
Contains: Fluff, maybe icks
Total: £4.47
Tumblr media
At the beginning of your relationship, he makes you do a questionnaire. The questions are basically just asking what your ideal date is and what you like/don’t like. He just wants to make you feel happy and comfortable.
Yuki texts you ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ every day without fail.
He makes jokes about not doing premarital hand-holding. The actual reason he doesn’t want to hold hands is because he has sweaty hands. It’s no Niagara falls but it’s enough to make him uncomfortable.
When Yukimiya hugs you, he will not let go. Especially if you’re saying goodbye. And he makes it a whole ordeal. He rests all of his weight on you and won’t stop until you say ‘I love you’.
He was the first one to say ‘I love you’.
Tumblr media
Walks you to and from school and has a good relationship with your parents/guardians because of this. They think he’s a really good kid and they’re also on first-name basis with him.
He has a good relationship with his mum so she knew all about you before you met her.
Kunigami likes low effort dates, for example, a picnic in the park or coffee dates. He prefers the calming atmosphere that comes with them and that it’s easier to just exist with each other.
He keeps all the little trinkets you give him. Doesn’t matter what it is. A leaf, a hair tie, a sticker. He’s keeping it. Also, his mum teases him about it but she thinks it’s really cute.
One time you played ‘Uno’ with Kunigami. He hated every moment of it. When he thought he had the upper hand, you had a +4 card. Like he felt his soul leave his body every time he saw it, the colour switch card and the swap card.
He lost and he refuses to talk about it.
Tumblr media
He's called you over to help him clean his room. He said it was a movie date. It wasn't. You weren't impressed.
Nagi forgets to eat sometimes, so he likes getting texts from you telling him to take a break (from gaming or football) and when you feed him.
He’s bitten your fingers before.
He prefers to give cheek kisses. Mostly because he’s probably distracted by something else but he wants you to know that he’s acknowledging that you’re there.
Steals your food. He’s not ashamed.
While you’re out on dates, Nagi makes detours to the most random shops. He also buys the most useless stuff as well. He has like nine boas because he’s entered way too many costume stores and owns a massive bottle of PVA glue.
He doesn’t use it. It’s just there.
Tumblr media
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nah cause I had one for kunigami ready to upload and the shit somehow some fucking how reset to the first draft. Why the fuck? How the fuck? I was making final edits and saved multiple times before it, shit was on schedule, then it reverts back. Like ion even wanna do the fucking idea anymore and just delete it completely shit got me so heated.
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Isabela Madrigal headcanons
Tumblr media
When in a relationship
Desc: As the name implies :) just some general relationship hcs
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
᪥ As per her original romantic arrangements, she is extra grateful for you and will remind you everyday that she would never settle for anyone less than perfect for her
᪥ If she hears you speaking bad about yourself, after a slight scold, she will recite three things she loves about you for every one self degradation
᪥ Handholding. Everywhere, anywhere, fingers interlocked
᪥ Loves to tease you, especially during times when it’s not the best. Purposely flipping her hair in a certain way you like, walking a certain way, referencing specific things in her casual speech that would leave others confused, but you a steaming and heated mess
᪥ She hates being teased in return and will pay back ten fold behind closed doors until you’re worse than you were before
᪥ She adores giving you different flowers as gifts and refuses to ever give you the same one. Unless she notices you really like it… then she may make an exception on a few different special occasions
᪥ Isabela loves anniversaries and celebrates each mile stone, even if it may seem a bit frivolous. First week, first month, first week in the fifth month, day after the sixth third week—all of that. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to keep up, but only gets mad for a second when you bring up you didn’t know or forgot before moving on and never mentioning it again. It may or may not be an excuse to shower you with extra love and presents on a day she felt like without argument. How could you? You forgot
᪥ She doesn’t mind pda. She isn’t afraid to express her love for you and acts reasonably the same in public as she does indoors
᪥ She loves to go out often for dates just to show off how beautiful her partner is. Any compliments thrown her way would be responded to like, “I know, but have you seen [Y/n]? Absolutely radiant.”
᪥ Pet names are a yes. “petal, mi rosa, sunflower, love, sunshine”
᪥ She likes to paint on you. Nothing artistic, little marks here and there, but it’s a fun activity thats mainly ment to be relaxing
᪥ She is right, you are wrong. Even when she’s wrong, she’s right
᪥ She runs and hugs you when rejoining after a long period of time
᪥ She loves to feed you and share the food she likes, but she doesn’t so much like to be fed herself. If she’s in a bad mood or feeling a little down that day then she’ll more likely allow it
᪥ Honesty is important to her. No lies. Share everything you have on your mind
᪥ Be yourself. Completely. She has a huge thing for someone being authentically themself
᪥ She doesn’t like a lot of high or sporty activity a lot of the time, but she loves watching you go at it and if it’s a sports game, may get really into it, even if not completely understanding. “That was a foul! They shouldn’t be able to do that!” “That was just a pass, but thank you for your passion, darling.”
᪥ Giant messages written out in plants and flowers in the lawn if she accidentally upset you, “I love you a bunch”, giant hearts with your favorite colors, “I’m sorry let’s talk.” If you made her mad, then spiky and hazardous looking plants that may write, “don’t come any closer”, “these are poison”, and broken hearts.
᪥ They’re never poison
᪥ She honestly doesn’t like getting flowers or plants of any kind as gifts no matter how much she loves to give them. Get her something unexpected, that’ll make her pause and question what the hell it is, or just unique—that would be somewhere easily seen in her room forever
᪥ Matching flowers in your hairs/behind your ears
᪥ She loves to just sit down, relax, and let you brush through her hair as long as you both want to
᪥ She loves to dance with you, even if you had two left feet. If you can’t or don’t want to dance, she’ll happily dance for you
᪥ Give her some time alone if she is mad, but not too much, because she’ll miss you a lot and then tell you how mad she is you took too long as she held you in her arms and refuse to let go
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— touched straved bruno !
WARNING; gender neutral. fluff. kinda angsty. headcanons. its kinda angsty bc i don't know how to end hcs 🙄
a/n: i uuhh, accidentally deleted this fic 😓 so here's a reupload.
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal who craves intimacy but isn't sure how to ask for it >>
He's been treated as if he was a tin can rolling around the sidewalk before, of course he would miss getting hugged, or even been cared for. though he wouldn't understand that feeling.
Maybe it was jealously? or.. longing?
So when you came around, he was creeped out by how affectionate you were. well, not exactly creeped out. just really surprised.
He froze up when you hugged him, you didn't seem to notice as you hugged the rest of his family, smiling widely while doing so.
He would watch you from afar, the way you pat his nieces' heads, cuddling up with them, jumping out of his skin when your eyes met his.
You would greet him first, hugging him longer, lingering beside him just for the sake of seeing his flustered expression.
I have a feeling he would love being given special treatment from you. eyes growing wide when someone mentions how different you act around him.
Dolores can hear his heart pounding through his chest, noticing how it always beats faster around you. she simply raises a brow and continues on with what she was doing.
Whenever you walk into the room, he would stare at you. just staring. watching your every move. he secretly hopes you'll hug him everytime.
He probably dream of you all the time, they're more frequent when you're away from the family.
Was a word he could describe his dream. he doesn't remember the entire dream, but your hands were warm. it was an actual humans touch, on him. your nimble fingers brushed his hair away from his face and caress him so, so, so gently.
Bruno shuts his eyes, hands on his face, trying to mimic your actions. he ignored his little friends' squeaks of confusion as he sighed with content, plopping down on his bed.
It's something he longed for a long time; someones touch filled with love. family, friendly, any type of love as long as it was directed towards and for him.
He can't wait until he opens up to you, for now, he wouldn't mind watching you from afar.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
can anyone confirm
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“everyone is allowed to dislike characters” WRONG! no one is allowed to dislike dr otto octavius
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