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thank you for the tag sam!! feel free to join to anyone who's interested:)
— You live in your own head (haha). You tend to feel very disconnected from the world around you, and would prefer to sit and think rather than act. You take every decision with care and will never be caught acting recklessly. You're extremely intelligent, and let it show in the choices you make. Beneath this however, you are a very gentle soul. You crave peace and safety, since you haven't felt much of that in your life so far. You tend to push those you love away, because you are afraid to be hurt. however, those who know you understand your childlike joy for the things you love, and the dreamer you are underneath the hurt. You should be more open to spontaneous actions, as opposed to planning everything, although that isn't a fun idea for you. People who know you see the compassionate person you are, and know that once you choose to care for someone, that care will never go away, no matter how much they hurt you. In the end, you would give everything away for those you love, or for a single day of peace. One day, you will find the peace you deserve, amidst all the panic you face daily.
got chongyun on the genshin kin quiz :(( he was my first main my bestest boy and is now my favourite son I lov him sm :(
here’s the quiz !!
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When you fall asleep on him
Tumblr media
Albedo - your weight on him surprises him at first, not knowing you were this tired. He'd usher you to bed if he knew. But as it is, he has you on his lap, unable to go anywhere - and actually, he doesn't even want to! He thinks about your words that he always works so hard and deserves more breaks... This will be his break then. Watches you in fascination, how your eyelids twitch, how you occasionally grumble something and bury your head further into him. His heart is doing backflips during that and he can't help but smile softly. He's lucky to have you.
Ayato - who said he needs to attend to his duties? Thoma in the doorway? Not when he has a precious treasure in his lap - you. He quietly sends him away, you're his priority now. He looks so smug that he has you in his arms, your trust and tiredness very endearing to him. He re-arranges you so you don't wake up in any pain, finding your original position quite hurtful for the neck. Then, he just keeps holding you, occasionally trying to write some documents but he gives up on that pretty fast. Kisses your hair from time to time.
Childe - he's on cloud nine. He'd carry you to a more peaceful location, your weight on him having almost magical effect on his mind. He can't think straight - his thoughts revolve around you and you only. He'd kiss your hair, brow, cheeks, just because he can't contain his excitement. If you start stirring awake because of that, he'd shush you and reassure you that it's okay to continue sleeping. He'd stare down anyone who'd dare to come too close to you.
Kaeya - his face softens and so does his heart. He quietly watches you, wondering what his next course of action will be. In the end, he decides to just pull you closer and sit in a way that would hide your sleeping face - that's only his privilege to see. He feels so blessed to have you with him and he wants to tell you everything... but he knows he can't, not yet. Instead, he just softly tells you he loves you with all of his heart. He would move mountains for you if it would make you happy.
Kazuha - chuckles and starts holding your hand. Starts thinking about all the words he could use to describe you in this peaceful state. Eventually he can't help himself and has to start running his free hand through your hair, hoping it has a calming effect on you even when you're unconscious. He keeps smiling like the idiot in love he is during the entire time. Might write a haiku or two about your angelic beauty later.
Scaramouche - blushes and is really tempted to wake you up immediately just so he can feel his dignity return. But as he looks at your calm face, he can't do it and instead he pulls you closer to him. Whispers to you what he's too scared to say when you're fully awake. His entire speech is ended with a shaky "I love you". His blush didn't subside one bit - actually it might have gotten worse. It's okay though, there's no one to see him. He feels happy and starts considering telling you the same monologue once you wake up.
Xiao - freezes. Refuses to move even a tiny bit, he's too scared he'd wake you up and he wants anything but that. His heart is hammering in his chest, he's so warm inside from the fact you trust him enough to fall asleep with him around. He would protect you no matter what, he made a promise to you that he'll keep you safe and now you're extremely vulnerable and he takes his duties very seriously. Watches you sleep in a wholesome way.
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I will have sereniTEA
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Nothing bad happened in the new event, Xiao just made a ton of friends 🥲🥲🥲
(I also didn’t have the strength to draw Xiao’s tattoo)
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isn’t it obvious
(diluc x reader)
part 2 of “can’t make a sound”
You couldn’t help but pace outside of your mother’s house. Clutching your pocket watch in your hand as you had just knocked on the front door, feeling so guilty for coming so late, for having to wake her up at an ungodly hour of night.
“Y/n?” Your mother’s voice softly called out, sleep lacing her tone.
You wipe your face hoping that your tears were now dry and your swollen red eyes were back to normal. “Mom, Surprise! Haha I decided to come visit you after all, I’m sorry it’s so late.” You laugh, closing your eyes at her concerned stare as she narrowed her own eyes at your state.
“I’m surprised to say the least, I’m more than happy you’re here. But sweetie, why are you here so late? Are you aware of the time? And why are you alone? Where’s Diluc?” Your mother threw one question after another at you, only upon hearing his name did she stop seeing your shoulders slump and your smile drop.
“What happened? Sweetie?” Your mother opened the door wider, arms opening up welcoming you in her embrace that immediately made you break down once again. She only held you, rocking you back and forth, slowly making her way back inside with you. She sat you down on the couch to make sure you were ok. Only, after she calmed you down you immediately fell asleep, she didn’t mind one bit though, she didn’t even bother getting up as she let your head lay on her lap as her own eyes shut once again. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell her and she didn’t press on, she understands, she’ll wait until you're ready to talk about it not wanting to cause you any more pain than you’ve felt tonight alone.
Diluc sat in his office as the night enveloped him whole. Only a single candle was lit in the dark room as his head hung low in his hands. He wanted to go and get you back right now more than anything but the rational side of him told himself to let you cool off. He knew where you were going at the very least so he knew where to find you but he wanted you back home, he needed you back home, now. He would’ve ran after you, into the night to get you back safe in his arms where you belong but he also knows you probably didn’t want to see him at the moment either. He had to swallow his stubbornness and respect that but archons, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t going crazy.
He couldn’t bring himself to go back into your shared bedroom, no not without you in there. Your presence was something that was greatly missed even though you’ve been gone for only a few hours by now. Your voice and laughter wasn’t heard echoing down the halls as usual and Diluc was now left with what you’ve been feeling for the past days, weeks, months even. Throughout the past few years you’ve been together he’s never been alone without you at the Dawn Winery and now that he is he can’t handle it, his heart feels too heavy as he recalls his actions of last night. Of his negligence for the past few weeks. He’s getting a taste of his own medicine.
For the first time in a very long time Diluc didn’t show up for work at the tavern. The soft rays of sunlight were now peeking in through his office curtains indicating just how fast time has slipped through his fingers without him even noticing, as he was in his own head the whole time. His usual schedule was broken for the first time in a very long time. He got ready for today yes but not for his usual routine, he got dressed but only had one objective on his mind today and that was going to your mother’s to get you back. No one at the Dawn Winery dared to ask Diluc why he wasn’t at work yet or why he missed today as some of them had heard what happened. So as he walks out of the house, eyebrows furrowed, eye bags prominent and hair a bit unkempt and messy, no one says a word. They know where he’s going and who exactly he’s going for.
Diluc was no stranger to your mother’s house. He was introduced to her a few months after you both had gotten together and to say that your mother loved him was an understatement. Everything about Diluc screamed perfect to your mother. He was a true gentleman, a bit stoic, but caring nonetheless. She’s seen the small smile that plays on his lips when he’s with you and the way his eyes always wander to you if you're both in the same room together. As for your mother, Diluc couldn’t help but come to care greatly for her as well. He saw where you get your stubbornness and also your sharp tongue. He couldn’t help but come to love visiting your mom during special times as he found comfort in a mother figure he never really had.
On his way to your childhood home he had time to think. To think of everything he’s done, and everything he hasn’t. You’ve been quietly accepting the way he’s been treating you, not uttering a word, not even complaining. But the one night he promised you, the one night he comes to love more and more every year he forgot. Not only that but he went out and had dinner with someone you can’t help but feel insecure around. Every time his mind brought it up he felt sick. Heck if he was in your position he wouldn’t even know what he would’ve done.
Diluc has a hard time conveying his true feelings through words most of the time so he conveys his appreciation through actions, but he knows actions alone aren’t going to convince you that his answer all along is you. No, he needs you to hear the words come out of his mouth, he needs to look you in the eyes and tell you word for word what he feels for you but he’s unsure if he can even do so as his love for you knows no bounds. He’s scared he loves so hard that he can’t control himself. He stood silent and let you leave because he couldn’t form his love for you into words but this time, this time he’ll let you know.
Diluc found himself walking up the familiar pathway to your mother’s house a bit after 12:00 the afternoon, a gentle breeze blowing by making Diluc’s heart squeeze at the sight of your house. He isn’t one to feel anxious or nervous in any way but something heavy formed in his stomach as he feared the worst. He’s scared, terrified you’re going to not want to see him, say it’s over and all is done. But he won’t give up. Diluc swallows the lump in his throat and adjusts the tie on his neck, pulling it down to loosen it up a bit.
Diluc only quickened his pace up the path, wanting nothing more than to make sure you’re ok, that you’re safe. He saw your mother exiting the front door as he made his way up the trail to the porch.
“Y/n, I’m going to head out, I’ll be back in a bit make sure you eat something ok? And please stay for as long as you need, you're more than welcome to do so. I’ll just make a quick run to grab some food, I’ll be back soon!” You mother called out, her head facing the side as she opened the door. Diluc only froze in place. Did you tell your mother what happened? Was she going to be mad at him? His mind raced as he just stared at her, not knowing what to say, not knowing what she'd tell him.
Your mother only turned her head as after she closed the door, not even startled by Diluc’s presence, only sending him a soft smile and walking up to give him a hug.
“Diluc sweetheart, it’s good to see you.” Your mom welcomed him like he was her own, not asking why he’s here as she knew deep down why he was. Though you didn’t tell her anything, she can tell why he’s here by how he looks, just as bad as you did when you showed up last night. She has no reason to send him away or be mad at him as she knows he’s here to make things right. Just by him being here showed how much he cared, he could’ve let you be or not even bothered to come at all to make amends but he’s here and it only made your mother proud that he cares so much. Diluc only returns her hug and sends her one of his very rare reserved smiles as he lets out a small surprised chuckle.
“Pardon my sudden intrusion Mrs. y/l/n, I didn’t mean to come out of nowhere and I’m very sorry I didn’t come last night with y/n I didn’t mean to let them come alone we just-“
“No need to explain,” Your mother only lifted her hand, gently patting his shoulder. “No reason to apologize either, you're welcome here anytime, and no need to tell me your business. I know you came here for a reason and I don’t want to intrude, please continue to take care of y/n for me and please stay here until I come back. They’re inside, make yourself at home and talk to them.” Your mother squeezed his shoulder and stepped around him.
“Thank you,” Diluc could only smile at your mother, seeing exactly where you get your understanding heart from. “I'll make things right, I promise.” He whispers under his breath as your mom waves at him making her way out, leaving him at the porch to do what he came here to do, make things right.
Diluc was now faced with the door in front of him as he made his way up the porch. He wasted no time knocking, tapping his knuckles on the wooden door three times. Shortly after he heard shuffling come from the inside indicating you were moving to the door, he only straightened his posture.
“Mom?” You questioned as you turned the knob, confused as to why she was knocking when she usually always carries her keys with her at all times.
Your mouth slightly hung open upon seeing who was on the other side of the door. You hadn’t expected to see him so soon. Honestly you didn’t really know what to expect. Him to be mad? Upset at you for just barging out. You felt embarrassed for just leaving last night but your heavy heart couldn’t stand staying another second after you got your answer.
You prayed that your eyes weren’t as swollen as they were last night. Though you didn’t expect him to be here so soon you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel slightly bad for leaving him alone. Though he hurt you, you still wanted to see him as well, you missed him.
You open the door wider and look down at your hands, not really knowing what he wants you to say.
“Love, can I talk to you, please. I need you to hear this. I need you to actually hear me say it so you can understand my feelings.” Diluc blurted out, his nerves getting the best of him but one look at you and he knew just how much this hurt you. The bags under your eyes and red circles indicated that you were crying for who knows how long by now.
Diluc felt his jaw clench at your appearance, knowing he was the one that caused you distress was making him more angry at himself than he already was.
You only blink at your hands. “He wants to talk? Is he going to end things? Finally going to call it quits as I made him realize it wasn’t me he wanted this whole time?” Your mind started to spiral again, as it’s been doing since yesterday. You felt your eyes start to burn again as you shifted your weight from one foot to the other, too scared to hear what he’d say. Too scared to look him in the eyes.
“T-talk? I got my answer yesterday no need to do so.” You stutter out, voice slightly cracking making Diluc’s fist clench.
“Hey hey, y/n no,” Diluc took a step forward as you took one back, once again recoiling from his touch making him hurt more.
“No please don’t, don’t back away from me. Let me tell you what I have to say. Listen to me.” His eyebrows draw together as he holds his hands up, indicating he won’t try to grab you again so you won’t back up.
“Y/n Listen, I don’t know why I hesitated. I was just shocked that you even had to ask such a question. Don’t you see?” He looked down at you, eyebrows furrowed. You only wipe the burn from your eyes and continue to stare at your hands.
“Don’t you see y/n,” Diluc whispered, his hand slowly coming up under your chin to make you look at him, he wanted to look you in the eyes to show how serious he is, how much he means the words he is about to say.
“You are the one I’d choose,” He breathed out. “In a heartbeat. No one else, not Jean, not anyone. You are the one I’d choose over anyone. You’re the only one that’s made me see the joys of life and living in general. Before you I was a shell of a man and you brought my life back, you revived me, so please don’t ever for one second think that I would put anyone before you as no one but you has my heart.” His eyes held so much tender love in them as he spoke, making your sniffles become even louder. You half expect him to break things off, not tell you this. But this, this was much better, your heart only felt heavier at his words feeling ashamed for letting your intrusive thoughts get the better of you.
“But- but I don’t deserve- Jean is s-she’s the one you want?” Your eyebrows furrowed as your vision blurred once again. “Besides I- I left you alone, I didn’t let you explain. I-I’m sorry I didn't know what to-“ you stuttered as tears rolled down your cheeks.
Diluc couldn’t bear to stand there and watch you break down again. He took two long strides up to your small frame wrapping you up in his arms, tucking your head under his chin as he shook his head no, relief washing over him as you didn’t move away. “Shhhh love I have you, I’m not letting you go either.” Diluc wrapped his arms tighter around your frame, you still had your intrusive mindset and he couldn’t handle seeing you like this. Your hands only clutched his shirt as he held you, you felt just as much comfort from his embrace as you did from your mother’s. “You don’t need to apologize to me love. I’m sorry for leaving you alone for so long. For not giving you the answer sooner, I just thought you already knew, I thought you could clearly see you're the one I’d choose. Seeing you walk out made me realize what a fool I’ve been,” Diluc pulled away, holding your face in both of his hands as he looked down at you.
“You love, are the reason I wake up every morning, your voice, your laugh, your everything is all I need, all I want. Please don’t ever let your mind think otherwise. Even if it does I’ll show you, remind you just how special you are to me no matter how many times I need to do so. But please don’t leave me, don’t ever leave again, as I don’t think my heart can handle ever seeing you walk out the door.” His forehead now rested against yours as he closed his own eyes to stop the burning in his eyes. Diluc has always been one to never show emotion, he always wore his usual stoic expression with a small frown tugging the corners of his lips, he’s always had a hard time explaining his feelings, but seeing him with this much emotion and hearing him say the words you thought you wouldn’t hear made you believe that the words he spoke were genuine, truly from his heart.
Your hands gently wrapped around his wrists giving them a gentle squeeze, your heart feeling heavy seeing him hold back tears.
“D-Diluc,” You hiccup, now crying because of what he said, not because he hurt you no because his words made you feel loved, in a way you didn’t think you deserved he showed you otherwise. “I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left you alone,” You give his wrists a gentle squeeze as you feel them slightly tremble against your face. “I’ll stay right here, I’m sorry I didn’t let you explain earlier, but I believe you Diluc, I do. Thank you for coming for me, for not letting me go, thank you f-for choosing me.” You choke out, everything you’ve been holding in now spilling out. Your mind made you believe that you weren’t worthy of him for so long, not worthy of his love but the words he spoke to you made you see otherwise, the man standing in front of you poured his heart into his words which wasn’t something he often did, he made you feel loved just by assuring you, that it’s you he wants.
Diluc only closed the distance between you both, not knowing how else to put his feelings into words. He hoped his lips on yours would tell you everything he feels. He pulled you in closer by your waist, other hand gently cradling the back of your head not letting you go, too afraid you’d walk away again.
Out of breath you both pull away as Diluc’s thumbs gently brush the tears off your face. “No love, it is I who should thank you for choosing me.” He gently smiled as your beautiful smile appeared on your lips, oh how he missed your smile so much. “You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you dear, archons it’s been far too long.” He smiled down at you, a smile only reserved for the one person he truly loves as he was truly a lovesick fool for you. He only closed the distance between you two once again, holding you close, not letting you go as he knows he has to cherish these precious moments. He is yours as you are his. He promises himself as he deepens the kiss that he’d take away and uncertain feeling or insecurity you have about yourself and remind you just how much love he has for you and he’d gladly show it through kisses anytime.
authors note: helloo!! ^~^ I hope y’all are doing good and staying safe! hehe part 2 is here!! I just wanted to say thank you all sm for the love on the first part omgdjshsuhd you are all so sweet plz- I didn’t plan on writing a part two but I had to after I left off like that lol sorry for breaking your hearts but here is a hurt to comfort part 2!! please I hope it doesn’t disappoint, I do hope you all enjoy <33
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can’t make a sound
(diluc x reader)
All day Diluc couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that settled in his chest since he woke up. It felt as if he was missing something. All day he's been trying to recall what it was as the feeling only grew as time went on. His day went by just as any other. He woke up early as always, went to the tavern, worked his usual shift with his usual rowdy customers. The only eventful thing he did today was grab dinner with Jean at a new restaurant that had recently opened up. He would’ve declined but Charles convinced him telling him he can manage the tavern by himself, plus he remembered how you always tell him to put himself out there more often, especially when it comes to his close friends. Jean had free time after so long and he decided that it'd be nice to catch up with an old friend once in a while so he took up her offer and enjoyed it very much. But after dinner the heavy feeling didn’t go away. Even after a few hours of his usual patrol as Dark Knight Hero the feeling only got heavier than before.
Since there was no signs of any unusual activity tonight Diluc had decided to call it a night earlier than usual. Deciding to make his way home earlier to try and at least spend some time with you if he can. He’s been very busy as of late. The only time he sees you is when he goes to bed, though you're already asleep before him most of the time. The time was just about past midnight, it was still early for calling it a night as he usually stays later but the feeling in his chest made him uneasy.
Upon arriving at the Dawn Winery everything was dark and quiet. He made his way upstairs and saw no one in sight, guessing everyone had already called it a night a few hours ago. As he neared your shared bedroom he saw the light peeking through the cracks of the doors. A small smile made its way on his lips, though he didn’t like you staying up late he really did want to spend some time with you tonight.
“Y/n?” Diluc calls out, opening the door to see what you were doing.
You had your back facing him as you were looking through your closet, you only froze upon hearing him call your name.
“Y/- dear what are you still doing up?” Diluc questions, closing the door behind him. He took a good look at the outfit you were currently wearing. It was one you’ve been saving for a special occasion. He was a bit confused as to why you were wearing it right now as it was late. You were usually in your pajamas by now.
“Dear?” Diluc’s eyebrows draw together, confused as to why you haven’t even turned to greet him and why you haven’t given him a response though he called you twice.
Now, if this were any other night you would be more than happy to see Diluc home so early. You were relieved he was, you knew he was safe at least and weren’t worried anymore. But you weren’t sure if you could face him right now. It’s been a few minutes since it turned into a new day but yesterday was your birthday. Diluc had told you he’d take you out for dinner at a new restaurant that had opened up a few weeks ago telling you to not plan anything else since he wanted to take you out. Only, he never showed. You had gotten ready hours prior, you were beyond excited to finally spend time with him as it has been too long since the last time you both had a night out. You had even canceled your planned visit to your mothers today just to go out with him since you both haven’t had much time to spend together. You patiently waited for his arrival, sitting down by the front entrance as you smiled at the clock after every hour passed. 4:00 was the time he promised to pick you up.
When the clock hit 4:00 the butterflies in your stomach made you feel giddy, like it was your first date all over again. You were nervous, checking your appearance in the mirror next to the door before you sat down on the chair. Your coat and other belongings laid on your lap, ready to go once he arrives.
4:40 hit, you only thought that he had been caught up in some tavern business, excusing it for something he can’t control.
5:00 hit you were slightly worried but still waited for him, believing he would still make it even if something came up.
By 6:00 you heard a knock on your door and thought he had finally arrived only to see Amber standing on the other side instead of Diluc. Along with her she brought a gift, she wished you a happy birthday and said that tomorrow she wanted to treat you. She started telling you about her eventful day and you were more than happy to have company after being alone all day so you happily listened, only then did Amber let it slip that she saw Jean and Diluc having dinner together at a restaurant before she left. Amber didn’t know that Diluc had made plans with you; she was only telling you because she thought you’d want to know it all. Upon hearing that the butterflies in your stomach turned to something heavy.
Amber left shortly after you thanked her for the gift and promised to meet her for lunch tomorrow. It was when you closed the door that everything hit you. Diluc had forgotten and he was having dinner with someone else. You weren’t necessarily the jealous type no, but hearing this left a bitter taste in your mouth. It would’ve been fine if it were any other day for sure, you don’t mind Diluc having dinner with others but on your birthday? Plus at the place he promised to take you out to? Not only that but Jean was someone you always felt insecure around. When you first met Diluc you thought he and Jean were dating but they both told you otherwise, laughing it off saying they were nothing more than childhood friends. Even when Diluc confessed to you, you couldn’t help but be skeptical still thinking that he and Jean were a better fit. It didn’t help that everyone else around them said the same. But Diluc’s assured you many times, he always did, that no one is a better fit for him than you. He always told you to stop saying such things. But you can’t help but wonder what if he was only telling you to stop saying it so he wouldn’t start to believe it was true as well? You felt horrible, you couldn’t help but let the feeling take over though. You respected Jean and thought of her as a good friend but when it came to Diluc you couldn’t help but see them as a better fit than you and him.
You couldn’t help but let your mind spiral. You made your way to your bedroom and sat on your bed. But despite all this, despite the feeling in your chest you had a small sliver of hope. Even after hearing that he already had dinner you still had prayed that he would come home early and at least spend some time with you. You would try to swallow the bitter taste, if he could just be here, explain, you’d understand. But hours slowly slipped by, you couldn’t bring yourself to move. Your mind only wandered too deep and made you hurt more than you already were. You felt embarrassed. Felt forgotten, felt easily replaceable.
The small rays of sunlight peeking through your window curtains were long gone. You begrudgingly lift your head to look at the time again, now reading 12:05. A defeated sigh escapes your lips, you wipe the fresh tears off your face, deciding it’s a good time to call it a night and just go to bed. You didn’t even hear him enter the house. Only when he called out your name did you realize he had finally come home. You froze.
You didn’t dare look up, turn to him, your grasp tightened around the closet door. Your bottom lip started to wobble and you had to bite down to not let a sound escape you. You already felt hurt, but Diluc clearly still hasn’t remembered, only making you feel worse.
“Did you go somewhere earlier?” Diluc breaks the silence once again, taking a few steps in, trying to get a peek of your face that he’s missed so much but you didn’t move from your spot.
You only shake your head no, the only thing you we're able to do as you knew if you were to speak up I’d give away the state you were in.
Diluc’s chest felt heavier than it’s felt all day. Why were you being so unresponsive? Did he do something wrong? You weren’t even looking at him.
“Love, did you go out today? Why are you up so late? Were you waiting for me? ” He asked and you had to hold back a bitter laugh that so desperately wanted to escape. You waited for him all day alright. All you could do was nod your head no.
“Today was actually ok at work,” He spoke up. “More tame than normal. I also grabbed lunch with Jean earlier as she invited me out, it was actually quite enjoyable. Seeing her not stress over work is very rare, though I think the knights are insufficient, seeing her work so hard makes me have some faith in them. It’s good to see her take some time off.” He tells you about his day as he removes his coat, he’s not really one to do so but he hoped it would get you to say something other than nodding your head. This time though not even a head nod was given from you, you just stood still and Diluc grew more worried.
“Y/n, why aren’t you responding to me?” Diluc asks, his concern growing even more. You still haven’t even turned around. His long legs took quick strides up to your frame, his hand reached out and brushed your arm only to feel you quickly move out of his grasp, bringing your arm around your body. Diluc only stared down at you, hurt and confused as to why you reacted in such a way.
You backed up from him, putting distance between the two of you until you felt your hip hit your bedside table, Diluc hesitantly made his way closer to you, not wanting you to recoil again.
“Y/n what’s wrong…” Dilucs voice trailed off as he caught a glimpse of a beautifully wrapped small box on your nightstand. He never gave you that. Did you buy it? Did someone else give it to you? What's inside? Ifsomeone did give it to you, who did? Diluc’s mind raced with questions but his thoughts came to a halt the uneasy feeling in his chest became far worse as he realized just what it was that he forgot. It dawned on him the more he stared at the box. The feeling of him missing something important, he couldn’t put his finger on it earlier but he remembers everything now. He remembers the plans he made with you. Your outfit now made much more sense to him, your lack of response and refusal to look at him made him realize exactly what he missed, your birthday.
“Y/n I’m so-”
“No, don’t apologize,“ You tighten your arms around your torso, feeling embarrassed as your head hung low, not wanting him to see your tears . “Excuse me, I just want to get changed and go to bed.” You try to step around him, not daring to look him in the eyes. He stood in front of you blocking your way as you uncomfortably shifted from one side to another.
Dilucs heart felt heavy; you've never moved away from his touch, you usually melt into his embrace. You weren’t letting him look at your face but he knew you were crying, hearing your small sniffles was him.
“No it’s not. Please, let me- let me make it up to you. Tomorrow! I’ll take tomorrow off! We can spend the whole day together and-“
“No need. Tomorrow I have plans with Amber. I wouldn't want to cancel at the last minute” You cut him off as you quickly wipe the fresh tears that rolled down your face. Diluc took a few hesitant steps towards you not wanting you to back away from his touch again.
He felt horrible. How could he have forgotten? Your birthday was the only birthday he ever saw as special, the only one he ever celebrated.
“Y/n I promise it slipped from my mind I didn’t-“
“At least our reservation didn’t go to waste, Jean and you went so you finally tried the restaurant you’ve been telling me about. You’ve both been working hard, you deserve it.” You force a smile on your face trying to convince yourself that it was fine but saying it aloud hurts even more than in your head.
Diluc’s usual frown made its way back into his face. His outstretched hand fell to his side as he heard what you said. He felt horrible, he brought it up without knowing because he forgot. He rubbed it in only making you feel worse without knowing.
“I’m tired, I want to go to sleep.” You sigh again. Feeling your eyes burn as you rub them again, you didn’t want to hear anything right now, your mind wasn’t in a good state and you knew he was trying to make it better but you only felt worse.
“Please. Dear, please don’t say that. Let me make it up to you, let me take you out, it wasn't my intention to leave you alone.” Diluc pleaded, as you finally looked up at him, giving him a small smile.
“No need to be sorry. I'd want to have dinner with her too if she invited me .” You let out a small laugh. Hearing him talk about her only made you hurt more, not aiding your insecure heart one bit. “Besides, my birthday is easily forgettable, it’s not a big deal.” You lie, you were trying to make yourself believe it was fine but you were hurting yourself more than you needed to.
“Hey no. Y/n stop, I'm serious. Don’t say such nonsense that isn’t true.” His eyebrows furrowed, it’s been a while since you brought this up. He knows how touchy this subject is to you. He doesn’t like when you bring yourself down or compare yourself to others. He knows you can’t help it but it hurts him to know you feel less worthy and not as important as others. In his eyes you’re his everything, but you never seem to believe him every time he tells you.
He hesitantly reaches his hand out to the side of your face gently cupping your cheek in his warm hand. You felt your eyes immediately shut but stopped your head from nuzzling into his embrace.
“I’m going to ask you something. Please tell me the truth. It’s a selfish question but I need to know the answer Diluc.” You look him in the eyes for the first time tonight. He only shook his head, gesturing to you to go on.
You take a deep breath. The question has been one you’ve wanted to ask since forever. You're afraid you know the answer to this but you still had hope, a tiny sliver of hope it might be different from what you think it is.
“If you had to choose, would you chose her or me?” You ask, letting out a breath you were holding. You look up at him with anticipation, awaiting his answer.
You felt Diluc’s hand drop from your face, you couldn’t read his facial expression as you saw his mouth form a thin line. His lips parted but nothing came out. You got your answer then and there.
A small chuckle left your lips as you stepped around him, grabbing your coat and other belongings you carried.
“I’m going to visit my mom. She invited me yesterday. I rescheduled for no reason whatsoever. Thank you for answering the question I’ve been wanting to know.” You wipe your tears as you reach for the door knob, he made no attempt to move from his spot, you didn’t even bother looking back. You left the room, making your way downstairs to the main entrance. You reach out to the door knob hand slightly trembling as you do so, but you only take in a deep breath pushing forward. If he wanted to stop me he would’ve done so already. You told yourself over and over. You gently push the door open and make your way out, waking down the dark trail that led you out of the Dawn Winery. The night breeze made your tears dry fast as it all dawned down on you. He couldn’t choose you because it was her all along.
Diluc didn’t move, he couldn’t move. His mind yelled, screamed at him to go get you as he saw you walk out the room but he was in shock. Shocked by the question you asked, by how much this tore you apart, by how this was all too much for you and you couldn’t hold on anymore. After what felt like forever, Diluc’s legs moved, starting off in slow steps, turning into a full on sprint down the staircase and out the entrance only to find zero trace of you outside, or anywhere near the winery itself, you were gone, you left, because he couldn’t answer your question. He thought it was obvious all along, he thought you already knew the answer. “It’s you.” He heaves, out of breath from running out hoping to stop you. “It’s you.” He says again, his hands slightly pulling his hair as he frantically looks around. Still no signs of you. “It’s you.” The uneasy feeling in his chest turned into guilt. Today was a very important day to him indeed. Today was your birthday, the day that he always told you was special as you believed it wasn’t. He always promised to celebrate with you no matter what, but the one year it just so happened to slip his mind, you might’ve finally slipped through his fingers.
authors note: hello!! hehehe angsty deelook fic :3 this prompt has been sitting in my head patiently waiting for me to write it for days now. I hope y’all are doing good and are staying safe and I do hope you all enjoy! <3
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Tumblr media
— the smile that changed it all.
summary : “mr. ragnvindr requests that you play the role of his lover until his father, and i quote, gets off his ass about it.” “…what?!”
cw :  managing director!diluc ; light swearing
genre : romcom!! ; angst to fluff ; modern!au ; fake dating to lovers
Tumblr media
being diluc ragnvindr’s partner is an intoxicating experience. you see him in the mornings, his embellished suit done just so. on weekdays, you send him off to work- or rather, he sends himself to work and you walk around the area until he’s done. on weekends, you go to lunches and dinners with his (very rich) family.
the little things he does for you are what sticks the most. he never fails to give you a hug before entering his company building- the dawn winery. he smells like expensive cologne and fabric softener, you note every time. when you walk with him in public, he’s always holding some part of you- whether it’s your hand, or your arm, or the small of your back- he makes sure to keep you close.
and this managing director is all the more romantic when he brings you to dinners with his family. before the meal, he buys you new clothes and shoes. during the meal, he serves you first, feeds you, wipes your lips after a particularly saucy meal, blah blah blah. sounds perfect, right?
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Same smile
God I need to learn how to draw comics urggghhh
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Tumblr media
Occasionally he opens his mouth and flowers come out instead of words. 
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Tumblr media
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holy shit
Tumblr media Tumblr media
title: false alarm summary : scaramouche is informed that you, his wife, have been taken by treasure hoarders. fortunately for the both of you, this isn't the case. part of my npc wife & scaramouche series but you don't have to read the others to understand this one <3 pairing : scaramouche x f!reader word count: ~1.8k warnings : mentions of murder, kidnapping, & ransom, but nothing actually occurs. kind of a hurt/comfort fic? a/n : my two little scrunglies (scaramouche & npc reader) are back. holds them up like im at show and tell and they are my barbie dolls.
Tumblr media
scaramouche returns from his mission in silence.
the routine post-espionage visit to zapolyarny palace, in which he reports his findings directly to the tsaritsa herself, is mundane. there is new information on potential enemies of the fatui. scaramouche wouldn't be scaramouche if he was unable to obtain such information, after all. rather, the only thing that is different from usual is a congregation of panicked lower ranking agents in a fatui meeting room.
"are you sure this information is correct?" one agent says. "the wife of the balladeer has been taken by some treasure hoarders?"
"for the thousandth time, yes!" a cicin mage snaps back. "a ransom note was sent and i was ordered to inform everyone that one of us has to tell him."
and thus, the lower tiers of the fatui decide upon the fairest way of sending someone to their death before the balladeer: drawing straws. when the loser is declared, the rest of the room scatters, not wanting to console their fellow comrade who is delivering some of the worst possible news to one of the most tempestuous of harbingers. yet, fate is inevitable, so the fatui agent resigns himself to the will of the straws.
"lord scaramouche?" the agent calls with shaking hands. the envelope in his hands does little to hide his fear in the presence of his superior. scaramouche detects his nervousness, but pays no attention to it, chalking it up to nothing more than the usual nerves of those beneath him.
"speak," scaramouche says, disinterested.
"there is a letter for you," the agent says, ready to fall over at any moment. scaramouche almost has pity for him as he watches the agent extend the envelope out towards him. "it is from the treasure hoarders."
scaramouche looks at him with disgust. "why would i waste my time with such filth?"
the agent gulps nervously, biting back a hysterical laugh. "well, we haven't exactly started the investigation yet because we don't know where your home is, but..."
"investigation? of what?" scaramouche glares at the agent.
"the treasure hoarders claim to have taken your wife hostage."
the agent waits for an explosion. yelling. something. anything. but instead, he's greeted with absolute silence and an expression of complete neutrality from the balladeer. it is somehow worse than the usually predictable outbursts of rage from the harbinger. scaramouche takes the letter and walks off in silence, leaving the stunned agent alone in the hallway.
scaramouche has been assigned additional tasks from the tsaritsa. he has to work to serve his archon or whatever. to him, it no longer matters. in comparison to most of his coworkers, scaramouche has so little that he wants to protect. he doesn't care for any of his coworkers. the citizens of snezhnaya matter little to him. hell, even the people of his homeland hold no significance in his mind.
scaramouche hates to admit it, but you are all he has. and yet, the tsaritsa couldn't even protect that for him. the fatui is proving to be almost as unhelpful as the raiden shogun herself. almost.
nobody dares to bother the balladeer as he storms out of the palace. while he knows that others in the fatui likely know of the location of your and scaramouche's shared cottage at this point, he is the only one that will confess to knowing while others play oblivious. besides, he doesn't trust any of his coworkers at the moment.
scaramouche usually prefers to walk, but in this instance, he takes a horse to return home. the small village that you travel to in order to purchase groceries and trinkets will likely have less information than your home. you've always been the type to leave a note behind when you go out, even if scara isn't planned to return for another week or two. and so, scaramouche makes the journey from the palace to your home. it's an arduous half hour of full speed on the horse, but it's safer to have you residing farther from the palace than it is close to it.
in the distance, scaramouche sees the lights on in the windows of your cottage as he approaches. rage bubbles in his chest. were these lowlife treasure hoarders so prideful as to flaunt the fact that they had you? did they think he would negotiate for you? well... he would. he would do anything to get you back safely, but none of the treasure hoarders would dare leave the vicinity alive once he had you back in his arms.
scaramouche's main priority is to keep you safe, so he slows down the horse despite how much it pains him to do so. he ties its reins to a nearby tree, still a decent distance from the cottage. whatever fight may occur, the poor horse didn't deserve to be caught up in it. plus, scaramouche needs an escape route just in case you aren't here and this is just a ruse.
stealth is his forte and he approaches silently. with the curtains drawn, its difficult for scaramouche to see anything through the windows besides the light filtering through them. as he leans against the front door, he hears light footsteps. listening to them, scaramouche's eyes flutter closed as he calms his mind. anger wouldn't help you in this instance. his main priority is finding you and saving you.
scaramouche takes in a breath. he proceeds to knock the front door down, bursting in and seething with poorly suppressed rage. icy coldness settles in the pit of his stomach as he hears a short scream from you in unison with the sound of iron pans clattering against the stone floor of the kitchen. he sees red and immediately storms towards the source of the noise.
yet, when scaramouche reaches the kitchen, he only finds one person inside: you. you stare at him with a bewildered expression, holding up a kitchen knife in his direction defensively. your shoulders sag with relief as you realize it's just scaramouche, despite the practically murderous expression that is smeared across his face.
"archons," you swear as you catch your breath, setting the knife on the counter behind you as you clutch at your chest in a feeble attempt to stabilize your rapid heartbeat. "what was that? you nearly gave me a heart attack, kuni! you can't enter like t-"
scaramouche cuts you off by practically barreling into you, wrapping you up in one of the tightest hugs that he has ever given you. he clings to you, breathing shaky, and you cut off your chastising.
"you're safe," scaramouche mumbles as he buries his head into the crook of your neck. "you're safe."
you know your husband can feel how fast your heart is beating in the wake of the adrenaline rush he gave you from breaking into your shared home. so, for the sake of both of you, you take a deep, calming breath before hugging him back with shaky, startled hands.
"is everything alright?" you ask softly. to scaramouche, those three little words sound are the closest this hellish land has to an angelic chorus. his posture is still stiffened under your touch, but he adjusts his position and you sense him calming down. you snake one of your hands up to the back of his hair and lovingly run your hands through the strands of his hair as you wait for an answer.
"i thought i lost you," scaramouche said. you don't ask him to elaborate -- at least, not in this moment. that simple sentence gives you all of the information you need at this point. you understand why he barged in like that, why he looked ready to kill upon entry, and why he's clinging to you so desperately.
and yet, you fail to understand why scaramouche pulls away from you so soon. before you can question him, one hand hastily cups your cheek while the other cradles your head. your husband pulls you in for a clumsy kiss and you realize that this is the first time you've ever seen scaramouche frightened. you hope it's the last.
but, for now, you indulge him, kissing him back with the gentle sweetness you know he adores, even if he won't admit it. when he finally breaks the kiss, there's a faint anguish that rests deep within his irises. scaramouche had likely been playing all of the awful scenarios of what he thought he would return to in his journey home.
"i'm here," you reassure him, taking his hands in yours and holding them to your chest so that he can feel your heartbeat. "just a bit startled by your entry, but i'm here."
"i know," he breathes, but you keep his hands in place anyways until he is certain of the fact.
"i was just making dinner," you say soothingly. "i'm glad you're home, honeybun."
the sudden wave of peace and tranquility that washes over scaramouche at your words is too much for him to bear. he wants to unload a constant stream of expletives to showcase his anger, he wants to tear apart whoever sent the fake note, and, most of all, he wants to make sure that he's never in this situation again. yet, he does what he wants to least in this moment. he takes in a shaky breath.
and, for the first time since leaving inazuma, the balladeer, sixth of the eleven fatui harbingers, sniffles. tears begin to blur his vision and he quickly turns away from you, not wanting you to see him so weak. his hunched shoulders are pitiful and your heart nearly breaks at the sight.
for as much as he tries to hide it, you know that your husband has humanity within him. it shows in the way he gazes at you, touches you, and loves you. it shows in the awkwardly spoken compliments he gives you as he flusters himself with his own emotion. it shows in the protectiveness he has over you around his dangerous work and fellow harbingers. yet, no display of it has ever cut you quite as deep as the thorough sadness that coats his expression as he comes to terms with the overwhelming emotions that have been consuming him since the fatui agent delivered the news to him.
you pull him in for a hug. the warmth of your embrace is inviting and even though you hold him harshly, as if you are proving that you're firm, steady, and unwilling to be parted from him, scaramouche finds a tenderness in your touch that he knows he will only ever receive from you. and so, for the first time in many, many years, the balladeer breaks down in your arms.
however, this time is different from all of the others. this time, you are here to hold him and scaramouche knows that as long as he is alive, he will fight for you to remain beside him, in all of your comforting and loving gentleness.
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intertwined. [ diluc x reader - part one ]
summary: you wish on a banner. you inevitably get a five star. this time, it's diluc ragnvindr. (alternatively titled: diluc, wish mechanics, and the logistics of traveling around the world together.) pairing: diluc x gn!reader word count: ~3.5k warnings: none? canon-typical violence. reader is called traveler and kind of takes aether/lumine's role, but is acknowledged to be the player (you!) rather than aether or lumine. a/n: someone let me know if this fic ends up being a good luck charm for summoning diluc. i had a LOT of fun writing it. there will be a part two to this, so lmk if you wish to be tagged in pt 2!
Tumblr media
the first time diluc arrives home, he breaks your pity on the limited banner. he wasn't who you were expecting, but after a litany of qiqi silhouettes in pity breaks prior, his arrival is welcome. sure, he wasn't the one you had shown up for, but he was the one you were receiving nonetheless, so you watch as the golden star cascades down.
he burns bright as he approaches and, before you can realize your mistake, diluc falls right into you. he's not easy to catch like the spark knight was, and he topples the two of you over. it's ungraceful, but he catches himself with an arm as he accidentally pins you beneath him, your legs tangled on the ground.
diluc's face hovers against yours as he opens his eyes, realizing that the buffer to his fall was none other than you, who stares straight up at him as he hovers over you, bodies warm against the other. infernal eyes blink at you owlishly before the gentleman remembers his manners, cheeks flaring with hues of red as he realizes the predicament the two of you are in.
"my apologies." his words are stoic. only his hurried scrambling off of you gives an indication that he did not mean for his arrival to end up this way. a gloved hand is extended towards you as diluc clears his throat and you take it, allowing diluc to help pull you up.
"are you alright?" he asks and, after a soft hum of affirmation from you, he nods firmly. "very well then. my name is diluc ragnvindr. it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
months pass and diluc becomes a staple part of your team. sure, he doesn't get along well with the harbinger, but works well enough with most others, even if he's accustomed to being a lone wolf. he's dependable and is even more useful when navigating the treacherous areas of dragonspine, where he always manages to light a warm fire for you before you can get too cold.
yet he's distant, never fully reachable. you seek to pass these barriers, but it proves to be a more difficult task than expected. nonetheless, you refuse to give up.
however, you let him go when duty calls for him. to take care of his business back in mondstadt, he departs.
you recruit an inazuman pyrotechnician to take his place. she does the job well enough, filling the air with bright smiles and charming everyone around. yet, she wasn't built to be a fighter and ends up missing more shots than she lands. her time by your side is limited too - she'll need to return to inazuma to keep spirits bright with firework shows. it's where her heart calls for, after all.
when yoimiya leaves, its a teary eyed departure as you hug her goodbye and wish her the best. she leaves a noticeable hole in your team, one that you certainly can't repair with the current banner flaunting a cryo character - the exact opposite of what you need for the missing pyro spot on your team.
yet, in desperation, you wish anyways, hoping that she comes home. you watch the meteor come down and a head of fiery hair startles you before you realize exactly who plummeted onto the balcony of wangshu inn, joining your team.
diluc lands on his back with a grunt and this time it is you extending a hand to help him up.
"y'know," you say as he stands up. "celestia must not like you to do that to you twice now."
diluc blinks. "i suppose it isn't quite so bad."
you look at him inquisitively, holding back a grin that you know will only serve to make him retreat into himself. "oh, how so?"
diluc's lips part slightly as his cheeks flush with the faintest tint of pink. he glances away before clenching his jaw, unable to make eye contact with you any further. "being here allows me to participate in the protection of mondstadt."
"oh?" you let out a lighthearted giggle, oblivious to the way the color of the tips of diluc's ears begins to blend with his hair at the sound. "then we better get back to mondstadt then, huh?"
diluc snaps out of his shy state at your words, eyes widening as he turns to glance out over the balcony scenery, staring out at dihua marsh.
"i have work tomorrow," he deadpans, lamenting the fact that even full speed ahead on a horse would mean that he's still several days from the heart of mondstadt.
you glance at him apologetically. "sorry, but i don't think that's going to happe-"
"are you two done with the small talk?" a voice snaps and diluc looks over at the conversational intruder, expression aghast. his agitation stills as you place a reassuring hand on his forearm before turning to wave at the newcomer.
as you begin to mindlessly blabber an introduction of the interrupting adeptus to diluc, the redhead silently prays his thanks to celestia over the fact that you are too engrossed in introducing him to xiao to realize how your physical touch affects him.
you know far more about diluc than you did before when you finally split ways for the second time. for example, you know his favorite color (black, obviously) and his favorite food (grapes). you know how he likes his steak cooked (medium rare) and you learn that he was originally trained to fight with a sword, but ultimately gravitated towards a claymore. yet, when it comes to non-surface level information, you're at a loss.
however, you learn one more thing before he leaves. there are places that even diluc ragnvindr will not follow.
you can't blame him. his heart lies in mondstadt, yet you must explore your next nation of sumeru. both inazuma and liyue were a challenge for him. you could tell from the way he would stare at the nightly bonfires that your team had in these regions that he missed the winds of freedom and, more importantly, worried for the people inside the city walls.
diluc does not trust the knights and while you liked to believe that he trusts you, he ultimately knows that this point in your journey is where your paths diverge once more. therefore, he bids you a sorrowful farewell and promises to assist you should you return to mondstadt. there's an odd weight in his heart as he returns to the familiar desk of his study in dawn winery.
the birds chirp outside as always. they the same breeds that his father always made sure to take note of and provide specific birdfeed for. the sun warms the room as it shines through the window panes. its an idyllic scene, yet a bitter taste arises in diluc's mouth as he begins to work. just a few steps away, the maids work, but fail to provide the companionship that you and your team did.
it is peaceful at dawn winery, but it is lonely.
meanwhile, you are not given the time to miss diluc. it isn't like you're pushing him out of your thoughts intentionally - it's rather difficult to think of the redhead while a new nation asks for your help once more, leaving you running around on countless commissions and quests to help others. instead, your party fulfills its pyro need in the form of bennett, who doesn't provide the most damage but certainly makes up for it in his support capabilities.
yet, when sumeru is said and done, your team chooses to celebrate where they typically reside: mondstadt. kaeya, who had taken a leave of absence from the knights to help, walks alongside you in the city as bennett and fischl walk in front of you two, chattering eagerly about all there is to do in mondstadt.
the most notable attraction is that the windblume festival is in full swing. in your busy schedule, you had missed the event last year, but the sight of flowers littering the streets and the sounds of raucous laughter makes you feel as if you're at home once more. as you stand near the fountain in the heart of mondstadt's city square, you find your thoughts lingering to a certain redheaded mondstadtian who prefers to keep to himself at these types of event.
you sit on the fountain's edge, thinking of none other than diluc ragnvindr, who is likely too busy with the patrons of angel's share to have you on his mind.
the presence of another sitting down next to you has you snapping out of your thoughts.
"oh, hello, kaeya," you greet softly as the cavalry captain looks at you with a tilt of his head.
"something the matter?" he asks.
you shake your head and grin at him. "just thinking, that's all. it's been a while since i've been in mondstadt after all."
"how fortunate it is that you arrive back during such a festive time."
"i'm sure you love this time of the year, huh?" you say. "wine is usually cheaper during the festival, right?"
kaeya chuckles at your observation. "how perceptive of you."
the two of you fall into a comfortable silence, one that often occurred on your travels together. you know that fischl, bennett, and kaeya will all say their goodbyes to you soon, once your journeys require you to leave mondstadt once more. you are thankful for the company of your friends, yet your heart hurts at the thought of having to say goodbye once more.
so, you distract yourself.
"do you have a special recipient of a windblume this year?" you blurt out and kaeya's revealed eye widens before a sly grin crosses his face.
"why? hoping that i gift you a cecilia, hmm?" he teases and you swat his arm playfully, shaking your head. "i plan on taking over jean's post tomorrow for the time being, so she finally has a chance to relax, which leaves me with no time for such romantics."
"ah." it should have been obvious. it's his way of saying goodbye without actually saying it: charmed words laced with insinuations of more sorrowful events to come.
"and you?" kaeya says. "are you perhaps hoping for a windblume from someone? or are you planning to confess your love to someone else?"
you laugh and kaeya smirks at your reaction. "me? i'm not in mondstadt nearly enough for anyone to have a crush on me."
"you never know, the heart is rather peculiar after all," kaeya says, a knowing lilt to his voice. "give it a few days, i'm sure a suitor will arrive."
"ah, and what makes you so sure of that, captain kaeya?" you say, narrowing your eyes at him suspiciously. he holds his hands up in mock surrender.
"sorry to disappoint, but it's not going to be me, if that's what you're insinuating," he defends and you roll your eyes. "however, a pirate always knows when another person is after a piece of treasure."
you chalk up the situation to kaeya just messing around, so you lean over and playfully bump shoulders with him.
"you're not even a pirate, you jerk," you say affectionately and kaeya laughs before shrugging, a grin starting to spread across his face.
you depart ways with kaeya when the sun begins to set. come morning, his duties will take over and your beloved friend will have little time for you during this hectic time of festivities. you understand, so you make plans with the mondstadtians you still had to catch up with. mona was more than eager to accept your offer of a meal and eula begrudgingly agreed to join you as you visited the vendor shops. even jean had a moment to say hi and chat, before having to be whisked off by lisa before she could find something that required work.
and yet, as evening approaches on the final day of the windblume festival, you realize you are running out of names that you haven't greeted yet. you aren't quite sure what stops you from approaching the final person on your list. maybe it is the faint wave of nervousness that threatens to turn into an unstoppable tsunami at the thought of showing up to angel's share. however, you don't wish to come off as rude. word has certainly spread that you're back in mondstadt, especially after everything you've done for the city. it would be nearly impossible for the bartender of the most prosperous tavern in the city to not have heard the gossip of barbatos' constituents.
you swallow your mixed emotions and exhale, clearing your thoughts until confident in your decision to visit diluc ragnvindr. raising your shoulders, you prepare to exit your hotel room with your head held high, yet a knock at the door interrupts you. you freeze in place, hand hovering on the handle and head tilting in confusion. you weren't planning on having any guests, so who could it possibly be?
rather than letting the person on the other side of the door wait any longer, you open the door, but are greeted with nobody on the other side. you blink in confusion before looking downward. on your doorstep rests a bouquet of the finest native flowers that mondstadt has to offer. the collection of dandelions, windwheel asters, and cecilias are exquisite, sitting in a carefully crafted glass vase with a note and small box tucked in the center of the blooms.
baffled, you gently pick up the flowers and walk backwards into your hotel room with them, nudging the door closed with your foot. you set them on the nearest table, hands immediately making their way to the note as you flip it open.
(y/n), the letter begins and you recognize diluc ragnvindr's handwriting immediately. it appears as though we failed to cross paths during this festival. i am relieved to hear that you are back safe in mondstadt, but i have also heard that you have not been gifted with a windblume yet. while i am not one to usually partake in this tradition, i have enjoyed our time spent together to a great enough extent that i do not wish for you to go yet another year without one. consider this bouquet to be me asking for you to be my windblume, if only to ensure that you have a joyful time within mondstadt.
additionally, should you wish to see me before you leave mondstadt, use the acquaint fate i have left within the box, which is guaranteed to call me to wherever you are. if you do not wish to use it, then i hope that you at least save it for if you ever run into trouble.
kindest regards,
diluc ragnvindr.
the third time you summon diluc is done with bated breath and a fluttering of your heartbeat. you walk over to your room's balcony, stare at the night sky, and watch as a shooting star of orange cascades towards you once more, falling at your feet in the form of diluc ragnvindr.
"still can't land upright, huh?" you ask a bewildered diluc, who sits ungracefully on his butt, having landed in such a position. you extend a hand out to him to help him up and he takes it, expression slightly dazed.
"that was fast," diluc comments after regaining his balance.
"what, and keep my windblume waiting?" you tease, causing diluc's cheeks to flare with red. he huffs quietly at your response and you take no offense, understanding that small talk has never been diluc's forte.
instead, he fills the silence by staring at you and the air between the two of you changes. the shadows of the evening clash with the festival lights that escape from below, illuminating the edges of his hair but not quite reaching the center of his face. even in the shroud of partial darkness, you can see the intensity that lingers in diluc's eyes as he drinks in the sight of you, as if he had been longing for this moment since the two of you parted ways.
you realize in this moment that you had most certainly felt that way. in your nervousness, you wonder if such desire is unrequited. perhaps you are merely a fool to think that diluc ragnvindr is looking at you in this very moment as if he wishes to bring forth from his lips proclamations of infatuated fealty his heart has held for you since you left mondstadt.
as he takes a step towards you, the light from the hotel room washes over his face, setting fire to his gaze as it burns into you. your throat runs dry as the distance between the two of you closes.
"you accepted my proposition."
diluc's soft-spoken words are filled with cautioned reverence as his intense expression continues to make you weak in the knees. your usual teasing and playful confidence has waned, rendering you speechless and vulnerable in such close proximity to the man you have suppressed feelings for for so long.
"i wouldn't want to be anyone else's windblume." you respond with equally awestruck, quiet words. most of all, your words are honest. this past week, you've rejected numerous windblume offerings from those who wished to try their hand at wooing the individual who can summon others and helped defeat stormterror. you're sure he's rejected countless other windblume offers as well, but you can't bring yourself to be jealous, especially not with the way diluc is staring at you so fondly in this moment.
diluc's hand rises up to your gently cup the side of your face.
"may i kiss you?" he asks, voice low and gentle. butterflies erupt in a frenzy in your stomach and you let out a nervous giggle. in the midst of the romantic tension that surrounds the two of you, you watch as diluc smiles in response to your laughter. it's a brilliant sight, but one you aren't allowed to observe for long as he interrupts the sweetness of his smile by pressing his lips against yours in the gentlest of kisses.
diluc's arm wraps around your waist, pulling you in closer, and you finally understand the meaning of mondstadt's windblume flowers as petals of admiration and affection blossom in your chest. the kiss deepens and you wonder if its possible for diluc's pyro abilities to devour you whole, warmth overtaking you as you melt into his touch. serenity washes over you and the fiery warmth subdues itself into the heat of a gentle hearth: careful and assured.
when the kiss finally parts and the two of you break for air, the butterflies in your stomach have comfortably settled, and you feel at peace as you gaze admirably at diluc ragnvindr.
"thank you," you say with a lighthearted giggle as you eye his flushed cheeks. "my lovely windblume."
the two of you spend the evening together, talking about everything and nothing, enjoying each other's company, and reveling in the bliss of finally having your affections confessed to the other and returned in equal fervor. once diluc takes his jacket off, you tease him for hiding his muscles underneath the fabric, in which he gets so flustered that he only manages to shut you up by kissing you once more. much to your surprise, he's clingy when the two of you finally decide to go to sleep for the night, pulling you in close and littering your face with soft kisses before the two of you fall asleep.
it is momentary bliss.
when the two of you wake up, the overwhelming realization of the future and what it holds creeps over the both of you. you wish you could duck under the covers and spend a few more minutes with your newfound lover, but responsibility calls for the both of you.
"when do you leave?" diluc asks, sleepy morning voice breaking through the tension. you never told him that you were departing soon, but at this point, you can't be expected to stay this long.
"as soon as possible," you admit. "as soon as i can find a team."
there's a moment of silence. "fontaine now, right? i cannot go with you this time."
you swallow your disappointment, unsure why the emotion is bubbling in your chest when you knew the two of you would have to split once more.
"i know," you say. "i'll be back in time for the next windblume festival, i promise."
diluc sighs and you understand his dismay. you want nothing more than to stay here with him and forget about your responsibilities, but it isn't possible anymore. he pulls you in close and kisses you once more. it is far more tender and longing than any of the previous kisses.
this is not the last time you will see diluc ragnvindr, yet it doesn't make the goodbye hurt any less.
"return safe to me, dove."
"i will, 'luc. i promise."
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Tumblr media
Your greeting was met with soft silence and a dark screen. It was long enough for you to question whether or not he was even on the phone at all, maybe he had but dialed you. 
“Y/n?” A loud voice sounded through the phone after quite a bit of rustling. 
“What are you doing? Why are you calling me?” You mumbled out the questions. It was nearly three in the morning, no sane person should be this energetic. 
“Wanted to see you.” His words sounded a bit slurred now and you sighed out a laugh. 
“Have you been drinking?” 
Your question was obviously ignored as he brought his face into view of the camera. It was dark still, but it was just light enough now to see the outline of his features. 
“Do you know what time it is?” You asked again, hoping this time he’d answer your question. 
“Mhm, it’s three.” 
If it wasn’t for the sleep still clouding your mind you would’ve been dumbfounded at the tone of his voice. 
“You look really pretty right now.” He interrupted you before you could say anything else and the smile adorning his lips now stopped any protest in the back of your throat.
“You’re so dumb.” You whispered, trying to fight against a smile that was already winning. “Is there a reason you face timed me in the middle of the night?”
It was quiet again as he disappeared out of view for a moment before the screen was lit up brightly. For half a second you thought he’d entered his apartment. That was before a loud knock sounded on your door. 
“Are you outside?” You whispered, heart beating a little faster than a minute ago. 
“Yeah.” He grinned into the camera and your heart skipped another beat. “Can you let me in? It’s cold as hell out here.”
Before you could say anything else he hung up the call leaving you to race toward your front door, the sleep pulling at the corner of your eyes long gone now. 
“Hi.” He whispered once you opened the door. 
“Hi.” You repeated, not able to say anything else as you took in the sight of him. He wore a dopey smile, pieces of his hair falling into his eyes as he stared at you. 
“I wanted to see you.” He said again, wrapping his arms around your waist making you shiver as his cool fingers grazed your skin. 
“It’s three in the morning” You breathed out, pulling him inside anyway. 
“So.” He grinned once more as he followed you towards your bedroom. “If you’d let me move in I wouldn’t have to show up late.”
“You’re so dumb.” You said for the second time, this time the smile on your lips a bit wider than before. 
BOKUTO, Nishinoya, Suna, KUROO, ATSUMU, OIKAWA, Semi, 
Tumblr media
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