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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

nyakusan·21 days agoAnswer

oh do you mind providing a link to ur twt? i tried entering your @ but it didn't show anything :(

ً (@vocawrld) | Twitter

here! i think this should work??

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nyakusan·a month agoAnswer

Hello! Im so sorry but i found one of your icon of Yaku and Im just wondering if its ok to use it on youtube if I credit you? :D If no its completely fine and I won't do it ^^ Thank you for amazing art!

sure thing! :)

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nyakusan·4 months agoAnswer

9 22 and 38 ! also i hope ur doing well anri it's been a while!!!!!!

WAHH hi izzy!!! i am doing awesum i hope ur doing funky fresh as well!!!! miss doing mudae/pokémon/whatever we did in that discord server with u :P

9: got any piercings?

yes! the standard earlobe piercing on both ears

22: what i want to be when i get older

a graphic designer!! i wanna open a shop n sell stuff with original characters/mascots designs

38: my childhood career choice

omg this changed a lot bc i was a kid and stupid but i’ve considered a doctor, voice actress and flight attendant lmao

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nyakusan·4 months agoAnswer

ohhh you read jshk?! what are your thoughts on it?

AHH noo i actually havent!! but it seems really interesting, i never wouldve expected a manga to be made based off of the hanako-san myth out of all things

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nyakusan·4 months agoPhoto



MACCY CHEESE (2019), 30”x40”, oil on canvas

Now THIS is real art. None of that “modern art” crap- this is how you get your viewers to feel emotions!

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nyakusan·4 months agoAnswer

23 26 and 42?

23: my relationship with my sibling(s)

surprise! i don’t have any :] (i kinda wish i had a brother tho)

26: my biggest pet peeves

when people walk very slow. especially in a large group that’s walking side by side and taking up all the walking space GOD i hate this so much

42: the last thing i ate

my dinner uh. it was leftover steak + mashed potatoes + rice and an umeboshi?? lol it was #cultural

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nyakusan·4 months agoAnswer

oh i've missed seeing you online! what have you been up to + what anime/manga have you been into? (also if you plan to make an anime twt id love to follow!)

heyo! i’ve been doing some school + college stuff lately (getting portfolios done bc i’ve applied for graphic design/related majors hehe) and i’m messing around on twt a lot :P

i haven’t watched any anime or read manga recently which is sad :[ i have watched a couple episodes of mdzs tho!! and when i eventually do i plan to watch kny, haikyuu s4 and the toilet show first

and as for the anime twt i’ve been seriously considering it these day tho i’m not sure if i would tweet a whole lot… i’d have to get back into at least one new show/manga hehe

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