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obey-mes-treasure · a day ago
Don't know how true this is but honestly men are shit and I wouldn't doubt them doing it. BE CAREFUL!!!
Tumblr media
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obey-mes-treasure · a day ago
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕎𝕒𝕪 ℍ𝕖 ℝ𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕐𝕠𝕦 (𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕤𝕥)
𝓜𝓪𝓶𝓶𝓸𝓷 𝔁 𝓖𝓝! 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻
Obey Me! Shall We Date?
Tags: mentions of death, longing, thoughts of self inflicted pain.
*I was in a very sad mood, and I needed to get it out…so I wrote this to help just a bit.*
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obey-mes-treasure · a day ago
[9:30] pm
"Hey Lucifer?"
"what do you want mammon?"
"would it have been better if I died in the war instead of Lilith?"
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obey-mes-treasure · 2 days ago
Princes of Hell AU
Princes of Hell AU
Warnings: none, unless the mention of “hell” and demons bothers you
This is my own little AU where Obey Me brothers are genuinely princes of hell, and each of them occupy a Circle of Hell where the damned come to be eternally punished; there is no school, there is no RAD, and there is no funny banter 😈 When I had first played Obey Me, I always imagined a more darker story to the brothers, ones that involve fighting and action, and less of the romance aspect, especially since they are in fact demons, and each of them possess the burden of a sin. I always just thought it would be interesting to view them in a reign of power for a territory of their own. I also really really wanted to speak about the boys’ abilities and powers, so their strengths and combat is also talked about.
Please enjoy my little indulgence!
Okay so hear me out, there are seven rings of hell that occupy the space of the underworld. The worse of a person you had been on earth, the further into the ring you get placed in— this also deals with the punishment that is endured. To put it simply, the rings are formed from 1 to 7: 1 being the least terrifying, while being placed in ring 7 is reserved for the worst and scummiest human beings. Taking off from there then, that leads us to the very first prince and owner of the 1st circle of hell:
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obey-mes-treasure · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
As a Mammon and Asmo lover I must say I’m VERY happy!!
hey take this obey me compatibility test i stole from my tl and rb with your top 3 results!
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
Hell Hole
Okay, first off, TRIGGER WARNING!!! This is very different from what I usually post (I got the idea from a friend and decided to give it a shot). This is Satan and Barbatos torturing an evil soul. Seriously, don’t read if you’re not cool reading torture. There is no fluff, there is no smut, there is nothing happy in this one at all so if you choose to read it YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Also, I may do more of these? It was an interesting breakaway from my usual stuff. I’ll make sure to tag stuff like this.
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
Hell Hole pt 3 (end of soul#1)
This is just the end scene for Soul#1 in the Hell Hole. Ever wondered what happens to these “special cases” after the brothers have their fun?
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
This reminds me of my MC except they’d go home and wear the pink and sleep with stuffed animals.
TW: gore
MC watched in wonder as the sharp tip of the blade slid effortlessly, parting skin and slicing muscle as though they were made of soft silicone. They traced patterns across the skin of the bound-up soul in front of them, watching their muscles flexing beneath the thin layer of skin that tried to protect them. Their screams were muffled, the bloody rags stuffed in their mouth stealing the sounds away from them.
Experimentally, MC twirled the knife on its tip, then pushed. The quiet, wet sound as the blade eagerly buried itself inside their abdomen brought a satisfied smile to MC's face. Gripping the handle, MC twisted the knife, slowly carving out a hole until it was big enough to put their fist through. Withdrawing the knife, MC put their hand inside, feeling through internal organs and muscle. They gripped an organ and tugged, snapping what looked like a kidney out of their victim. Turning, they held it out to Lucifer, who was lounging against the wall of the cell.
"Do demons like these?"
"Levi is particularly fond of them," Lucifer responded, holding out a bowl. "I'm sure he'll be delighted if you bring him that as a present."
MC dropped the organ in the bowl, then returned to feeling inside their victim. Their hand dug upwards, feeling around until it closed around their lowest rib. They pulled downwards in the bone, twisting until they heard a snap. They tossed the rib in the bowl as well.
"Beel said rib marrow is the tastiest," they stated conversationally. They reached back inside, continuing what they had started.
*snap* *clink*
*snap* *clink*
*snap* *clink*
Lucifer soon had a pile of rib bones stacked in the bowl.
"Diavolo said the souls in here regenerate," MC turned to Lucifer, taking the bowl from him and heading for the cell door. "Do you know how long that takes?"
"They'll be ready for you again by morning," Lucifer promised with a smile. He held the cell door open for them and together, they headed back towards the House of Lamentation with their prizes.
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
Hell Hole pt 2
Okay, so this is kind of a part two to Hell Hole, but I did go a little bit of a different direction. I don’t think demons have the same morals we do. Anyways, this got more onto the sexual side, but I hope you enjoy more dark content.
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
Thank you this was really good! Don’t worry about the side characters
Your angst fics were so good😖. Could You possibly do a headcanon of the brothers and side characters. ( if not just the brothers) reacting to finding out that MCs S/O cheated on them. The one reacting has feeling for MC but never told them because they are in a relationship and MC’s S/O is one of the other characters. I know I explained that really bad so explain: Asmo reacts to rinsing out Solomon cheated on MC. Thank you!!!!
I wasn't able to do the side characters, please excuse me. Thank you so much, @obey-mes-treasure
He wanted to confess his feelings to MC for a long time, but never did, because you were already in love with Satan.
He wasn't the one to take away his happiness, and could only watch you two, as his heart crumbled inside.
But then he found that he was committing infidelity with a sucubbus, in the Royal Library. He has eyes everywhere.
A part of him smirks in delight, while another is angry at Satan, for betraying you. Best believe he will confront his brother and be harsh with his words.
And comfort MC at the same time. It's up to them to decide the outcome, but if you leave Satan, Lucifer will be understanding but a deep, dark part of him will be delighted.
Until you're ready, MC, he's going to be your shoulder for support.
He loved you, he still loves you, even after you went with Simeon. That angel. Something that Mammon was once.
It bites at him inside, the fact that you aren't with him, with someone else. But he can't do anything, as he lost the chance. Didn't confess first, and had to watch you fall in love with another.
It's his torture, which he gladly accepts.
But then he saw Simeon's loyalty to you wavering. The angel kissed another demon in the empty RAD classroom, and Mammon saw it all.
He isn't the one for confrontations, but he did confront Simeon after the ordeal was over. The angel was guilty, as he should be. But a picture of them two may or may not have reached you by anonymous means...
He is going to be right by your side throughout the bitter ordeal.
Until you're ready, he's going to wait patiently.
Even if he and Asmodeus are brothers, it's not fair that he gets the shorter end of the gene pool! Of course you would love Asmo, not a yucky otaku like him...
It makes him envious to watch you two. So much, that he prefers staying in his room and not come out for weeks.
But it was his fault that he didn't confess in time, wasn't it?
On a Friday night he saw a demon wander in Asmodeus's room, and it didn't take much to put two and two together. Asmo was cheating on you.
It saddens and makes him glad inside at the same time. Sad, because Asmo wasn't loyal to you, but hey, what can you expect from the Avatar of Lust? Glad, because the relationship might be torn now.
He will confront his brother with sharp words and a video of the demon may or may not have gone viral on Devilgram....no one knows who took it...
He will be a solid shoulder of support for MC.
Rage threatens to spill over every time he sees you with Lucifer. Why would you have a part of Lucifer in the first place, when you could have the whole person?
But he holds it in, and clenches his fist whenever he sees you two. His love for you is still there, but it won't be reciprocated.
So he quietens himself and shuts up.
Until that day he saw Lucifer at one of the brothels in the dark corners of the city. Immediately, he put two and two together, and confronted his brother there and then, with malice in his eyes.
How dare he be disloyal to you?! How dare he!
You receive a picture of Lucifer engaging in promiscuous activities with a demon in the mail, the sender being unknown.
A dark part of him is glad, while another loathes it, that Lucifer cheated on you, while the other rejoices.
Until you are ready, he'll be a shoulder for you to lean on.
It ached him to see you with Solomon every day. Every single moment with him. Because he couldn't have your love.
It makes jealousy brew inside him, to see you two exchange kisses and cuddles, which should have been for him...! But Solomon is a friend, and you love Solomon, not him...
So he sucked it up and went back to being his usual flirty self until he noticed a particular scent on Solomon which wasn't yours. It was of another demon's. You were being betrayed.
It pains and makes another part of him glad, sad because Solomon has cheated, and a sadistic part happy. He confronts Solomon about his particular scent and it spills- he's seeing someone else.
He isn't the one to stay quiet, gossip will float about Solomon's illicit affair, and will reach you soon.
Asmodeus will be your source of comfort, until you find enough strength to recover.
It is a blow to the stomach to watch you and Belphegor. Almost like you took his heart out and shattered it into pieces.
You're in love with Belphegor, and he's in love with you, but Beel loves you too. But it's his fault he didn't confess earlier. So all he can do is watch with a smile, even if he crumbles inside.
But that day he noticed Belphegor go out at strange times, when he was usually asleep, and this piqued Beel's interest. It got so frequent that Beel followed him one time. And the sight he came across made his blood boil.
Belphegor was with someone else. Not you.
Beel swallowed the bitterness inside and sulked home. If Belphegor didn't confess to you about his cheating, Beel would confront Belphegor.
Which was sure to end in pain. You can't hide the fact that you're cheating on your partner for long, can you?
Guilt eventually will make him tell you the bitter truth.
And, he'll be your pillar of support while you try to sort out your relationship. Because, in the end, Beel wants to see you happy.
It makes him want to claw at his own heart, to see you and Diavolo so happy. Couldn't you have chosen someone else?! If not him, anyone else but him?!
As angry as he is, he doesn't let it show. Belphegor bottles it up as he watches, with regret brewing, that he didn't confess sooner. But it's too late now, and you're in love with Diavolo.
The days were bitter until he saw Diavolo with someone else, kissing the demon, like he used to do with you.
A part of him wants to go and spring up to him and give him a good slap to the face, but Belphegor has got common sense. The most appropriate move would be to take a picture, and send it to you.
As a tragedy it is, you have a right to know what your 'love' is doing behind your back.
So when Diavolo's deeds come to light, Belphegor will be by your side, your source of comfort.
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
This is so good!!!
Melody of Revenge
Word Count: 2.4k Description: Everyone knows not to mess with Lucifer Morningstar. Some, however, make the mistake of going after his family instead. Part of the A Demon's Nature series. Lucifer was next, and this ended up getting really long, so uh ... yeah. Can be found on AO3 here. content warning: torture, so much torture, blood, body horror/mutilation
Fear and intimidation. Lucifer knew how to use both effectively, striking terror into any and all who looked upon him. The Avatar of Pride rarely had to remind others of just who he was, but every now and then, someone decided to step out of line. It couldn’t be helped -- imbeciles could be found wherever beating hearts or souls resided.
Tonight, however, he was dealing with a very particular kind of imbecile. One that had crossed a line so gravely that he had planned an entire torture routine in his mind as he made his way through the halls of the Demon Lord’s Castle. Flames of anger licked his insides as he made his way to the dungeons, but he had to keep his rage under control. Lucifer always had to be in control, every action and word deliberate and planned. He didn’t have a choice to be anything less.
“Barbatos.” He greeted the loyal butler and friend, who stood at the entrance of a particular hall of cells.
“Greetings, Lucifer.” The usual polite smile alighted his lips, though a knowing look gleamed in his eyes. “Are you sure you want to handle this one?”
“Absolutely.” He responds firmly, immediately. Barbatos usually had the pleasure of torturing those who crossed the Devildom, and he took great delight in it -- far more than even Lucifer would. After all, Lucifer found torture and punishment as a means to an end, a form of discipline.
Barbatos simply did it for fun.
“Then by all means,” the royal servant bowed slightly, gesturing with one arm towards the dark hall. “She’s all yours.” With that, he left the dungeons, having a great many other tasks to attend to for the day -- though couldn’t help leaving with a melodic, “Have fun.”
A small smirk tugged at the corner of Lucifer’s lips. Oh, he planned to make this a very enjoyable time indeed. Taking a deep breath -- making sure that he was in control -- he dropped his glamour to reveal more of his demon form and walked forward to unlock one of the metal cell doors. It creaked open, allowing for the sounds of muffled screams to leave the dark room.
“Hello, Abyzou.”
The protests suddenly stopped, a chill seeming to settle in the air. Lucifer slowly lit the torches along the dungeon’s walls, bathing the room in a hellish orange light. There, in the middle of the cell, sat the traitor, bound and gagged. Her serpentine eyes looked up at Lucifer with a mix of fear and anger, but she otherwise remained silent and still.
“What’s wrong? Suddenly decided it was a good time to be quiet?” His voice is calm. Too calm. He eases his long coat off of his shoulders, hanging it on a hook by the door. Gloved hands begin to roll up his sleeves as he turns to look at the other demon again, a sigh leaving him. He stepped forward, and with a yank removed the gag from her mouth. “Is that better?”
Abyzou coughed, spitting to the side as she flexed her jaw after it being bound for so long. He allowed her to adjust -- he was a demon of patience, after all.
“Lucifer … “ She begins with his name, spoken with a certain kind of reverence. “I didn’t realize you would be visiting me here.”
“You didn’t?” The surprise in his voice is almost genuine. “Strange, I figured you would have been expecting me any day now, considering the reason you’re here in the first place.”
Her eyes widened for a moment before she directed her gaze elsewhere, not wanting to look upon the greater demon. There was a hint of shame in her expression, but it gave way to a twisted smile as she shook her head. “I see . . .”
“Do you?” He speaks sharply, his hatred for her beginning to show. He grabbed her jaw with one hand, forcing her to look up at him. “Do you see, Abyzou? Or are you still trying to play innocent?”
She hissed as his fingertips pressed into her skin, the red leather of his gloves saving her from the wrath of his claws -- for now. She stared into those magnetic ruby eyes and all the power they held, all of the destruction they could unleash, all of the pain they could bring.
“But was I wrong?” Abyzou knew her end was imminent, especially if the Avatar of Pride himself had requested to punish her personally. So what was the use in being anything but honest? “Was I truly wrong, Lord Lucifer?” The reverence once held in her voice was gone, replaced with mockery. She shifted in her bonds, leaning into the hand that held her jaw. “You know that the Devildom is stronger and better than the other realms, and yet we’re forced to grovel to the likes of angels!” Stretching out her neck, she continued with a jeer. “Or do you and your brothers miss having those white wings and halos for yourselves that much?”
Lucifer roughly pushed her face away from him, hand releasing her jaw. He took a step back, eyes full of cold fury still focused on the other demon. His gaze then swept the cell, taking note of the various torture instruments on display -- but grinned when he saw that Barbatos made sure to include the absolute essential. A vinyl player, the perfect record already in place to set the mood. He set it up to play, allowing the first notes to spill into the air before resuming his interrogation.
“So, you thought yourself better than the others who had agreed to His Royal Highness’ vision?” Lucifer begins to tug at the seam of one of his gloves, steadily peeling it off his hand. “Of course, we knew that plenty of the nobles had their concerns, and many voiced them, yourself included.” He sets the removed glove to the side, now beginning to take off the other. “And yet, you still decided that you would try and work against us behind the scenes,” The second glove joins its pair. “And, what I’m really trying to understand -- truly, I am -- is why you thought it would be a good idea to try and undermine the Seven Lords?”
Abyzou shifted in place, her earlier burst of bravado dwindling, and goosebumps rose along her skin as she listened to the music he decided to play. It was common knowledge to never get on Lucifer’s bad side, but she had taken the risk -- and now she would be answering for it. She lowered her head, staring at the cold stone floor, suddenly finding the way the orange light from the flames bounced and shimmered of great interest. “I . . . “ She started, trying to choose her next words carefully. “I wasn’t trying to undermine you or your brothers. I was doing what I thought would be best … including for you all! Can’t you see that I was trying to protect you, protect us?”
A piercing, incredulous laugh left Lucifer’s lips, his deep voice sending chills down Abyzou’s spine. He picked up the spool of twisted rope and approached her once more, the steady clack clack from his shoes’ heels echoing throughout the cell, mingling with the slowly increasing crescendo.
“Aby, Aby, Aby . . .” Lucifer clicked his tongue before he roughly collected a fistful of her long raven locks, eliciting a sharp cry as her head was wrenched back to look up at him. “That was your first mistake.”
The Avatar of Pride was nothing short of an expert when it came to stringing others up from the ceiling, though in this particular case, he wanted to make sure it hurt. The imprisoned demon thrashed and squirmed, but he was able to lift and tie her up with ease, making sure that the rough jute cut into her scaly skin just short of making her bleed -- for now. He tied the rope up to her waist, then put each wrist in a metal clasp that was chained to the floor, stretching out her arms to either side.
“You thought you needed to protect us? A sweet gesture,” He derided her, a claw coming up to slowly trace from her chin down through her cheek, drawing blood as it broke skin. “And an absolute lie. Your little act had every intention to put my brothers at risk, in harm’s way … “ A second claw followed the first, creating a ribbon of shredded skin. Abyzou hissed at the pain, biting back anything else in an effort to save some sense of dignity. “ … and you had the audacity to think you’d get away with it. Truly incredible.” The faux amazement in his tone felt like thorns in her ears, and she squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to look into his face.
“What’s the matter, Abyzou? Shouldn’t you be used to being in this kind of position, or at least … something not too far from it?” Lucifer smirked, delighted to see her eyes shoot back open, bright yellow irises staring at him in disbelief. “If I remember correctly … Solomon had you tied up in front of his temple, and by your hair, at that.”
That riled her up. Forked tongue lashed out to flick at his face, a series of curses leaving her lips soon after. Fangs bared, she hissed, “Don’t you dare bring up that bastard! To think that I wasn’t allowed to lay a hand on him the moment he stepped into our realm. He deserves to have his neck twisted, but you … !”
“But I . . ?” Lucifer took out a handkerchief from his back pocket, nonchalantly wiping away at where her tongue and spit landed on his visage. “Please, do go on.”
“You … you, all of you, let him in with open arms! Even after knowing everything he’s done, how he’s treated our own kind! I don’t care if you say he’s changed, HE NEEDS TO BE TORN LIMB FROM LIMB!” She screamed, thrashing about in her binds, chains rattling as she struggled.
“Temper, temper, Aby.” Oh, that sadistic, pointed grin. A wave of euphoria washed over him, seeing her like this. “You have no room to talk, considering what you’ve done.” He watched as the blood from her face dropped and dripped to the floor, a hum leaving his lips.
“Perhaps you need some more reminding of just how badly you fucked up this time.” He raised a hand, chanting a curse that caused a swirl of glowing energy to encircle both of her hands. It weaved through her clenched fists, forcing them open, and wrapped like binding around each finger. She cried out in pain as she felt the magical binding began to gradually crush her fingers, cutting off circulation knuckle by knuckle.
“You tried to have some of my brothers poisoned,” All five claws of one hand pierced the skin of her upper arm, retracted, pierced again a bit lower, and repeated -- gradually making way down her entire arm. More and more blood began to drip, the usual greenish hue of her scaly skin now awash in dark red. “You tried to gather enough support to attack them, because you were too much of a coward to come face any of us yourself. Though, it’s laughable that you thought you could do damage to us in the first place.”
“I … I’m sorry!” She knew any apologies here were useless, but the pain that she now felt at every point in her body was becoming too agonizing to ignore. “I felt like I was left with no choice!” She felt her vision get hazy, the smell of her blood and the sharp strikes of pain -- from the rope, from his claws, from the curse -- overwhelming her senses. And that damned music, it was driving her insane.
“No choice?” Lucifer scoffed, his claws now repeating the treatment on her other arm. “Abyzou, you did have a choice.” His brows furrowed, wings stretching out as he brought his face close to her upside-down one. “You just chose the wrong one.”
Tears stung her eyes, the magic binding on her hands crushing her fingers until there would be nothing left. She could hear her blood drip in puddles on the floor, and yet the bleeding wasn’t enough for her life to end anytime soon.
“Please … please, Lord Lucifer … just finish me already.” She begged, though deep down she knew her cries for mercy would be futile.
Lucifer’s usual stoic expression settled on his features. He watched her for a moment, then turned around and walked to the table by the door where he had laid his gloves. A cloth was folded neatly next to them, which he took to wipe the blood off of his hands, murmuring a spell to help fully rid his skin of any that remained. Then, he pulled his gloves back on, tugging on the seams to make sure that they were on properly, fingers flexing in the red leather.
“I’m sure that’s what you would like, Abyzou.” His voice is eerily low, his back still turned to the demoness. She could hear him setting something up, but was unable to make out what it was.
Then he started humming, a haunting sound added to the sharp strings and bellowing percussion.
He dragged the table closer to her suspended body, stepping aside to show what was left on it.
She nearly choked. There, next to the record player, was another similar device -- but this one wasn’t for playing.
“However, I have no intention of giving you a quick end. You’ll remain here, like this, until every last drop of blood leaves your body, and your hands are thoroughly crushed, and those ropes cut through you. But, you won’t be completely alone.”
He gingerly raises the needle, setting it onto the record at the correct position. Resuming his humming, he hit the Record button, and the disc began to spin, the needle etching everything it heard into the vinyl. “We’ll have a lovely keepsake to remember you by. Ah, and don’t worry … this is all using magic, so it will document everything up until your last breath.”
Abyzou tried to thrash about with what strength she had left, but in the end only caused herself pain, the chains shackled to her wrists ringing and clanging.
“Farewell, Abyzou.”
With that, Lucifer left the cell, the large metal door shutting to a close behind him. He made his way back through the dungeon halls, a smirk on his lips as he heard a loud, wailing shriek in the distance.
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Team Solomon representing National Horny Day
[Deflowered Here]
Even though I absolutely love Angye's pact designs for Solomon (like froth at the mouth love) i'm still too lazy of an artist to do that level of work lmao. So I headcanon that the pact marks glow and appear on his body when he's summoning and then appear at "intentional" locations. Solomon needs help cooking? Barb's mark pops up on his hands to help stir that pot. Solomon needs help figuring out some philosophical shit? Pact on the forehead. Insta brains. Solomon needs help getting off... well voila
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
Lol I literally don’t know why that anon is getting mad about ur hell headcannons. I think they’re amazing, I like seeing the boys portrayed in a darker light. Don’t listen to the rude anons, the hell headcannons are amazing, and if they don’t like the hcs then they can just not read them. 🤍
You guys are to sweet 😭 Thank you for the support guys!!!
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
🍡 Anon here (the one that sends dark demons' traits)
Made a mistake there, lucifer killed us twice, not 3 times.
Also i'll send u the pic ASAP
Thank you 🍡anon!
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obey-mes-treasure · 3 days ago
For the anon who thought the demon bois are just fluff (SPOILERS ALERT) :
5 out of 7 demon bros tried to kill mc before (one of them succeeded), with Lucifer having the highest count (3 times, if you want to count that time when we mention Belphie in front of him, before the time warp)
In Lesson 11-4, Mammon caaasually told us that he used to corrupt human souls left and right, in front of Lucifer.
In "In Search of a Smile" Devilgram, Mammon happily pointing out a photo of the brothers' first day at RAD, which Satan commented that it was taken to celebrate for STRANGLING a group of incubi to death. "It only took seconds!" Satan remarks.
Satan once got mad and unleash anger energy (?, not sure about this one, it was mentioned briefly) over a KID AND HIS PARENTS just because that kid messed with him a lil' bit.
Barbatos is rumoured to have his own torture dungeon, I dont think I need to add this one-
I don't which devilgram it is from, but it is actually hinted that demons, especially beel, eats humans (I mean, the first season gives us a lot of these hints). Not sure about the details, but I think Beel was actually drolling over pickled human hands after tempted by a mysterious entity in this devilgram. (Again, not sure which one, I saw this from @devildomqueen tumblr)
@devildomqueen once posted demonic natures of the demons in the game too, which I included some/most of those in here. So in conclusion, Obey Me used to have darker contents, but as the international fandom is getting bigger, the team purposely avoided this dark theme.
My point exactly. There are lots of dark themes in the actual games. If they want to think that they are all fluff fine. I don’t care, no one cares. I start to care when they start bothering other people about what they think about the characters.
On another note I NEED that Devilgram you mentioned in #3.
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obey-mes-treasure · 4 days ago
This is the same anon from before i really dont know why any one is defending your headcanons none of the brothers are really evil especially levi who is the one you made the hell layer headcanon for they would never torture anyone i think youre just trying to make your writing some thing special by adding dark stuff
Okay I’m going to redirect you to my rules where it says to be respectful but I’ll address this anyway because I’m not going to let you bother me. Everyone is allowed to have their own headcanons thats the point. They are fake characters and we are allowed to think what we want about them. You can headcanon that brothers are very sweet and nice all the time and I can headcanon that they do torture souls.
As for them being evil: I’m not saying they are 100% evil. I mean clearly they love each other and they love MC. They have fun and do nice things for others. This doesn’t change that they are some of the most powerful demons in Devildom. They are going to do things that most human morals go against. It is actual actual canon that Barbatos is rumored to have a dungeon. Not mention the events of chapter 16. Levi attacked MC as well as some of the other brothers.
As for my writing: Doesn’t everyone want their writing g to be special? Am I supposed to want to be like everyone? Wouldn’t that be boring. I write about dark topics because they are fun. I love to world build and Obey Me let’s me do that. It takes a lot to hurt my feeling but I’d like to remind you that some people could be very hurt by what you send them. Next time try to rethink before you send anything.
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obey-mes-treasure · 4 days ago
ignore that anon i love your hcs 🖤 mwah
Thank you 🥺I love your work too especially your mafia AU. ❤️❤️❤️
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obey-mes-treasure · 4 days ago
I don't like your hell headcanons it makes the characters seem evil
First, this made me laugh so much.
Second, nine of the characters are literal DEMONs. Three of whom are Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil.
If you don’t like my headcanons that's fine.
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obey-mes-treasure · 4 days ago
can i request a fluff (maybe a little bit of nsfw if you squint) scenario/hc ? i hc that demons have a sort of hunting season of sort and during this time they prey on animal/human and they're very feral during this time (their human attributes are almost all cut off they dont speak coherently rather they do through growls and are in their demon forms tldr bigger in size, sharper teeth/claws, faster) so during this time mc goes on like a hike with their friends and mc doesnt know theyre hunting in the same area this time of year and the brothers catch mc when they get seprated somehow before realizing its mc and you can decide what happens from there 👀
The Brothers Found MC While Hunting Part 1
Warnings: Hunting for Humans, NSFW (sort of), Blood, Slight Injuries
MC gasped a flock of birds screeching as it passed over their surprised group of friends. They peered up at the sky watching the birds fly out of the forest. An uneasy feeling settled in their stomach. This was a trail that they regularly hiked with their friends but today it had been much more quiet and void of wildlife than usual.
“Hey you know I think we should cut this short. It’s getting a bit dark and… unnerving,” their friend had mumbled to the group beside them, their arms wrapped around themselves. The rest of the group agreed their head nodding. MC wanted to agree, really, but they felt a strange pull towards the inside of the forest. It felt familiar, warm but chilling at the time.
“You guys go on ahead without me. I want to check something out,” they spoke to the group however, their gaze was focused elsewhere.
“Are you sure? Do you want us to come with you?”
“No, I’ll be fine on my own. I have my own way of getting back home,” they smiled trying to reassure them. Their friends looked between themselves reluctantly. Hesitantly they walked back towards the beginning of the trail. Waiting for their disappearance from view they began walking again this time veering off the path. The pull set them toward the middle of the forest where most people didn’t go. It was getting darker the moon beginning to rise into the sky. They lifted the hood of their sweater attempting to block the wind speeding up around them.
A quiet crush sounded near them causing them to freeze in place. For a while, they heard nothing but the rustling of leaves. Deciding that it was safe they continued however, they didn’t get far. They hardly were able to take a step forward for something lunged at them from behind pinning them to a nearby tree. Immediately they recognized the towering creature
He was taller than usual and his wings were wider. His teeth were all sharp rather than just the usual fangs he would have.
It didn’t take long for him to notice that it was MC he was holding onto but he stayed close to them. His demonic instincts forcing him to keep them close. His wings wrapped around the two of them as a deep growl escaped his lips.
Their pounding heartbeat and heavy breathing echoed in the air. Assuming they were scared he started to move back but stopped when they placed their hand on his cheek. He growled again his nails now digging into their sides marking them.
His more demonic pushed him to go further but he held himself back. Their hands continued up his chest to his hair as he leaned down to there to their neck. He wanted to claim them as his. He left bite marks along their shoulder.
They tugged at his hair pulling him away. Something about his new form turned them on and they surprised him by kissing him their arms wrapped around his neck pulling him close. His sharp teeth tugged at their lips, deciding that he would make them his.
He eventually ended up leaving to continue hunting deciding to find them late in their home where he could finish what he started.
Mammon's wings were wider, crow feathers spread across his back and parts of his chest. His eyes were completely gold and his nails were longer and sharper.
Mammon didn’t notice them at him at first. When he sunk his teeth into their skin the scent of their blood filled his nose. He recognized the scent causing him the jump back. He fought against the demonic instances telling him to grab them again, continuing to back up. He needed space from them so that he wouldn’t scare them. They followed him their steps nearly as fast as his.
“Mammon, I trust. Please, wait.”
He paused a growl mixed with a whisper left him. They pulled at his shoulders cupping his face in their hands. “I trust you”
His wings encircled them, lifting them into his arm. Their legs wrapped around his waist back against the tree again. He kissed their neck leaving small biting. He growls a small inaudible mine into their skin. He refused to let them go marking their skin.
He refused to leave their side holding them close.
Levi had sharp, long teeth. Snailcovered various parts of his body leading to his tail that has longer and thicker than usual. His pupils were thinner like a snake’s.
Levi’s tail was around their neck not recognizing MC at first. He snapped into realization when they call him to name their nails digging into his tail. Quickly using his demon speed he ran worried that they’ll be disgusted with his form. From behind a tree he watched them walk towards his their words tempting him out.
They approach him and he hunched over trying not to seem too big. Their hands found his scales eyes filled with wonder.
Their heart was beating rapidly both from fear and excitement. Soft lips met him has hard scales.
His demonic and shy natures battle with each other for a moment before the first won. His tail wrapped around their back rubbing against their skin and scenting them.
He was conflicted on whether or not to stay with them. He ended up continuing to hunt but having MC stay nearby with their eyes closed. He wanted to hunt but wanted to stay close to them.
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obey-mes-treasure · 5 days ago
Your replies when you reblog is my favorite this. You write so much in them. Very few people do that☺️
Random Solomon Headcanon
*Season 2 Spoiler Warning*
The reason Solomon keeps bothering the reaper is because he’s trying to get the reaper to put his life candle out. Eventually he just tried to blow it out himself but it’s never worked.
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