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So I live in Scotland, a country with free universal healthcare, and this post made me curious about how much that actually costs us. Turns out, roughly 4% of our income tax goes to the National Health Service. For me that’s £10 a month. The equivalent of $13. I have spent more than that on a pizza.

This is literally the argument I use the most

I pay $375+ for healthcare a month

I’m closer to $800 a month 🙃 The US system is abhorrently broken, and it was designed that way.

2.25% in Australia - added to your income tax. It’s not perfect but I can go to a hospital or doctor and not be terrified of the bill

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MC: Mammon and I started dating.

Lucifer: *Gasp*

Levi: *Gasp*

Satan: *Gasp*

Asmo: *Gasp*

Beel: *Gasp*

Belphie: *Gasp*

Mammon: *Gasp*

MC: Mammon, why are YOU surprised?!

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sorry for the sh*tpost but I really needed to get this out of my system 

protect your local baby angel from corruption, friends

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character: says “I like bread” that one time

fandom: character has an obsession with bread. bread is character’s true love. draws character as bread. every meta joke in fanfic is about bread. the character’s room is wallpapered with bread

@ Satan

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Asmodeus: So which of you guys is the big spoon and the little spoon?

MC: Neither.

Belphegor: We are chopsticks.

Asmodeus: That’s kinda cute. Does that mean you nestle together perfectly?

Belphegor: No it just means that if you take either one of us away from each other, the only thing the other is good at is stabbing

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even more Obey Me! characters as Tumblr posts…with slightly better image quality. I hope.

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Somebody come git her.

Reactions from the Demon Brothers to F!MC that is normally very demure, but asks to go the the club together and they find out that she dances like … an exotic dancer.

After my other headcanons earlier I needed some lightheartedness.

Slightly nsfw, but mostly comedic/fluffy.

I’m sorry if this has been done before, but I haven’t seen it, so this is my interpretation.


  • How did he end up in the club anyway? Didn’t he have paperwork to do?
  • MC tries to get him to dance with her, but he wouldn’t stoop to gyrating his hips in public.
  • Pouting, she goes out to dance without him.
  • Then suddenly she’s swaying, dropping, twirling around, and flipping her hair.
  • Keeps his composure, but is inwardly surprised.
  • Tilts his head and smirks in amusement.
  • He scans her body, watching her movements, enjoying the sway of her hips, picturing her moving like that for him only.
  • She’ll most likely be punished later for showing off such provocative movements to others.
  • Not blushing, not getting hard, he’s too composed for that.
  • Allows her to dance as long as she’d like as long as no other demons approach her.
  • If another demon tries to dance with her he hauls her away.


  • Why would ya want to go to the club instead of the casino?
  • Fine, he’ll go, but yer buying him some gold demonus.
  • MC tries to get him to dance with her, he really wanted to, wait, no he didn’t.
  • Dance by yerself, human.
  • She rolls her eyes and goes to dance by herself.
  • Her hips are swaying, she rolls her body, her hair is wild, and she’s looking at the Avatar of Greed.
  • Staring into his eyes as she moves in the most inviting manner.
  • Is she actually a succubus?
  • Is there still anyone else here, because he doesn’t see anyone but her.
  • Blushing, blushing, blushing. You’d think there wouldn’t be enough blood for the lower half of his body.
  • But thank Diavolo it’s dark in here because he’s at half mast, for sure.
  • Until another demon walks up to her, starts to put their arms around her.
  • Oi, that’s my human, whaddya think yer doin’?
  • Either drags her home growling and grumbling or starts dancing with her to assert dominance.


  • Why was he here in this normie club?
  • There was an anime he was waiting to watch, but it wouldn’t be on until much later.
  • MC wanted to go the club, but everyone else was busy and she shouldn’t go alone.
  • He’s going to complain the whole time they’re there.
  • She knows he doesn’t want to be there so she takes him to a quiet-ish corner of the room where it’s mostly empty, far away from the bar and dance floor.
  • A song comes on that she likes to dance to. Levi will not dance with her. That’s for normies.
  • So, she starts dancing for him/on him instead.
  • Whooooooaaaaaa!
  • H-hey, normie, don’t touch me like that.
  • Wait, no don’t stop!
  • An absolute blushing mess.
  • He keeps fidgeting and adjusting his pants. Definitely, without a doubt, has a boner.
  • If any other demons come close to them the Avatar of Envy is in his demon form and picking up MC, bridal style carrying her home.


  • A club? MC I had no idea you enjoyed such frivolous activities.
  • Would rather be home reading.
  • But the music isn’t entirely unenjoyable.
  • Dance? No, I won’t be dancing tonight.
  • She’ll ask him a couple of times, but he won’t budge.
  • He watches her like a hawk when she finally gives up and goes to dance without him.
  • How can she be so sweet and move like that?
  • That is interesting.
  • He enjoys watching her sway her hips and flip her hair around.
  • He’s definitely thinking about the way her hips will be moving with his later.
  • Blushing, but doesn’t care about hiding it, he’s only paying attention to MC anyway.
  • Won’t get an erection in public, but if they find a closet or someplace else private he’d be very tempted to risk getting caught.
  • If another demon dares interrupt his (not so private) show it doesn’t bother him at first. Why would it? No one can make her feel as good as he does. But if they get too familiar he’s going to be taking MC home to remind her just how good he makes her feel.


  • The club? You don’t have to ask him twice!
  • Can he do your make-up, hair, and nails?
  • Can he pick out your outfit? Do you want to coordinate so everyone knows you’re together? Because he does.
  • Asmo is swamped by admirers as soon as you walk in, but he brushes them all off.
  • Tonight he’s focused on you.
  • Asmo is already pulling her to the dance floor, he doesn’t need to be prompted or asked.
  • Already trying to move against her.
  • But what’s this?
  • Why, she’s very skilled at this.
  • He shouldn’t be surprised, she’s very skilled at moving her hips in other, much more intimate, situations.
  • Won’t get more than a little aroused, he’ll save it for when they get home.
  • If another demon tries to dance with her he won’t mind. In fact he likes to watch.


  • The club? Can we get dinner first?
  • Also orders food at the club if there’s a kitchen.
  • Dancing is a pretty good workout, so he’d be up to it.
  • Oh.
  • She dances like that?
  • Suddenly he’s got an appetite again, but it’s not for food.
  • Dances with her for as long as she wants, he loves working up a sweat with her.
  • He won’t get hard unless they’re alone at home together. It’s not that he’s that composed, he just doesn’t want to embarrass her like that.
  • If another demon tries to dance with her he won’t mind at first, but seeing her move like that with someone other than him upsets him.


  • Why would we go to the club when we could sleep?
  • Seriously.
  • Good luck trying to convince the Avatar of Sloth to go to a club.
  • Can he sleep in a booth?
  • Beel would have to go with to keep an eye on the human.
  • Dance?
  • Really?
  • He’s dozing off in the booth, the rhythmic music somehow soothing despite the volume.
  • He’s blinking, slowly losing consciousness.
  • Then he sees the way she moves.
  • He blushes.
  • Looks away.
  • When he looks back she’s still there, moving that way, looking at him the whole time.
  • What is she playing at?
  • He doesn’t care if she looks at him like that while she moves her hips that way.
  • He wasn’t tired anyway.
  • He won’t get too excited. At least, not here.
  • If another demon tries to dance with her he’ll get up, pull her back to the booth, and drape his body over hers to show everyone who she belongs to.

Bonus Undateables:


  • A club?
  • That sounds amusing.
  • Let’s go with everyone!
  • Isn’t this fun?
  • Youthful fun 101
  • Dance with you?
  • He’d love to!
  • Cue adorable, stupid laugh.
  • Doesn’t hesitate to put his hands on her hips while she grinds against him.
  • He’s enjoying it very much, in fact.
  • Too composed to pop a boner, but maybe if they were alone in his room he’d have a much more visceral reaction.
  • It’s unlikely that another demon would try to dance with her while she’s with Diavolo, but if anyone were brave enough he would let them, watching them the entire time.


  • A club?
  • Very well.
  • It could be enjoyable.
  • Something different for once.
  • He does like lively nights occasionally.
  • As long as Lord Diavolo has no more need of him tonight.
  • He wouldn’t dance. This type of dancing isn’t something he particularly enjoys.
  • But he’s more than happy to watch her.
  • He smiles a little as she moves. Taking in the way her hips sway, the way she rolls her body from shoulders to toes.
  • His eyes are trained in hers.
  • He is the definition of cool as a cucumber.
  • He’d be happy to show his appreciation for her little show later, if she’s willing.
  • If another demon tries to dance with her he won’t interfere in any way. That would show too much of how he feels and he represents and serves Lord Diavolo first and foremost.


  • Hmm.
  • A club?
  • It could be entertaining.
  • He won’t take initiative, though. You’ll have to ask him if you want to dance.
  • You wouldn’t think he’d be the type to want to dance, but he’s surprisingly … nimble.
  • Won’t hesitate to place his hands wherever he wants and grind against her.
  • Won’t blush and won’t get hard in public.
  • If anyone else tries to dance with her he’ll let them. It won’t bother him.


  • He wouldn’t say no to a night out.
  • He’s in the exchange program to experience everything the Devildom has to offer.
  • He’d love to dance with you!
  • Oh.
  • Oh.
  • Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
  • He would keep his composure, he’s an angel after all.
  • But he’s going to need to pray very hard after tonight.
  • Very hard.
  • Won’t let anyone else dance with her.
  • It’s not that he’s possessive, he’s just protecting her from demons full of lust and impure thoughts.


  • Is underage.
  • Would be in bed.
  • Anyone that lewds Luke please unfollow and block me right fucking now.
  • Then seek professional help.
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I just realized I’ve never posted it here. Unfortunately, I didnt get any card of this event and got frustrated that I decided to draw these.

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OBEY ME! themed asks!

Because I haven’t seen any.

1. Who is your favorite brother?

2. Who are your top 3 favorite brothers?

3. Who is your favorite undateable?

4. What is your most powerful card?

5. What is your favorite card?

6. Who is your favorite artist who draws obey me fanart?

7. Who is your favorite writer in the fandom?

8. What was your favorite event?

9. Are you struggling with new lessons?

10. What is your favorite obey me! theory?

11. What your favorite devilgram story you’ve unlocked?

12. Which brother do you have the most SSR and URs cards of?

13. What level are you currently?

14. Have you been able to deflower any cards yet?

15. What is your total strength?

16. What is the total strength of the person at the top of your friend list?

17. Out of your friend list, what are you ranked at for total strength? Example: 12 out of 24.

18. Which brother do you currently have on your home screen?

19. What is your icon on your student I.D?

20. What does your about me on your student I.D say?

Feel free to ask me any of these and feel free to use these too! :)

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Me: Hmmm, I wonder why I always write Belphie as super horny and DTF?

Chapter 20:

Chapter 22′s cheeky little misdirect:

The garden event: 

When you use the whip on him in Special Guest:


Me: Guess I’ll never know.

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Belphegor: my hatred was once endless. I would bow to no man, woman, beast, or other. I am not weak for I have felt the lowest I could have ever been. I fear not death nor what awaits on the other side. My siblings are dumbasses and deserve what they get. And at the end of the day? I will not bend to the will of Diavolo or my father.

Belphegor, pointing at Beel and MC who are squawking at seagulls to stay away from their food: I would, however, die for those two at a moment’s notice.

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And for the first time in a very very long time Mammon decided to make a serious research if humans can give birth to a little D.

(Did my sorry butt drop everything to make this very stupid and quick comic? Yep, yep it did and I’m sorry!)

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Papa Mammon, Mama Neru and Baby Kane.

Kane is short for Kaneko which means “Golden child” 💕

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