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Hi, i really love your blog!! Can i have a match up, with MM and TW? I'm a chubby, athletic, latina girl, like 5’2 or 5’1. (I'm an ENFP if you are into MBTI), im the mom friend of the group but also the party animal, making jokes and being filtry. I look like i'm stupid but its the opposite, since im really Inteligent and studying psychology right now. My favorite color is purple and enjoy painting and reading! Also, my aesthetic is pink girly things, and a little of punk! Thank you!!! :)
Hello! I’m glad that you liked it! Have a nice day and thanks for the request!
Your Mystic Messenger match is... Zen!
Tumblr media
Take care of him please and tell him he’s the most handsome son boy you’ve ever met, he would absolutly turn into a peacock and tell everyone how amazing you are and how nice a relationship between you is! 
Your insta is overflowing with couple photos, he thinks the contrast between your appearences is wonderful, black&white, aaaaa
PartY TImE
He’s an animal and if you flirt with him when he’s drunk??? He’s a mess!
the release of the beast
He looks smart or as a person with a good education but we all know he has dropped out of school. 
And you, being a smart little lady?
He loves your girly style and how he looks as a ‘bad boy’ around you, he loves this concept!
The annoying ‘draw me’ person™
He just wants to know how you see him, don’t reject :’(
You like purple? Well, suddenly, there are more clothes this color in his wardrobe.
He’s a 182 cm man, he adores how small you look in his armes; he just likes cuddles.
There would be cuddling film nights >:3
Your Twisted Wonderland match is... Cater Diamond!
he’s on your profile pic for a reason, ma’am
Tumblr media
Guys, you’re everywhere. flirting with each other and making others jealous of your relationship!
He takes you to wonderful places and your photos?
the best *chef kiss*
Because he sees all your positive traits and can capture them well!
His playboy behaviour is now concentrated on you only, you’re always complimented and treated like a queen!
Boy could be wronly considered as a stupid one and oh they’ve never been so wrong.
It’s sad that class clowns are they wisest ones.
If you talk about psychology and it seems that theme is getting darker, he brings out some optimistic things to talk about.
He just never wants to see you cry.
Cater is a cat.
no way he’s not
You may try to make some motherly gestures, like, pet? He’ll lean to your touch like a big kitty!
Recommend him a book, he surely will read it (he doesn’t love them but doesn’t hate either, 50/50) so he can discuss it with you. 
He likes your style, espesially punk! I may see him in a leather coat.)))
Diamon is a cute active cinnamon bun, pls love him just like he loves you.
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Hi! Could i please have a mysme matchup? I’m a bi 18 year old 5’9 thin girl with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m antisocial, and closed off to most people. I have a sarcastic and dirty sense of humor, and i’m childish. I love to playfully tease people. I’m a gryffindor, and quite stubborn. I’m very independent. I get jealous easily. My hobbies are shopping, singing, exercising, reading, and baking. I love anything to do with horror. I also wear sweaters 24/7. Thanks in advance!!
,Hello, dear!  damn, you’re, like, the tallest person I’ve met on tumblr, be the leader of our tiny army! so cool! Have a nice day and thanks for the request!
Your match is... Saeran!
Tumblr media
Even if he recovered from the (spoiler) Rikas’ abuse, he still preferes to stay at home and talk only with preople he knows well, no strangers.
If you go outside, it has to be a secluded or, at least, not crowded place so both of you would feel comfortoble.
Saeran is an emo boy with red hair so don’t tell me he’s not into dark/dirty humor
He may joke about sex with that dirty smirk, don’t forget to breathe.
However, he still loves cute things, your childishness is adorable for him.
childish people are cute
if not Saeyoong
He is stibborn, you may not see it at first but he is. It usually turnes into ‘who’s more assertive’ game.
spoiler: you are
Saeran. Is. A. Horror. Man.
You’ll definetly have horror evenings (nights) of playing games/watching films in this genre.
he reads Steven King
Teach him how to bake! He’s extremly bad and goes mad when he can’t succed but still tries!
He also easily becomes jealous easily. And hiS riVaLS are woMEn aS weLl, whY do YoU have TO be bI??? How lucky both of you are, being antisocial. He goes shopping with you only because he’s possesive.
But if you BOTH get jealous, heehee hoohoo, you’ll have a really hot night!
Also, nobody knows who’s sweater is on this chair, you both just look at each other and maYBe discover an owner by smell: he likes your body gel.
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Asks are closed!
(temporarily) Thank you for all those requests, I’ll answer them and open asks again!
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May I have Obey me mystic messenger matchup please? I'm an asexual girl who leans to boys. Yet, shy around them. I can be happy go lucky. Sometimes sassy and bold, but with an innocent mindset. Including being aloof. I'm a tan brown girl with dark brown curly hair. A petite figure, 5'6. I have a girly, pastel attire. I love vintage things, post-rock, jazz songs. I love to draw and express myself through art. My dream is to become an illustrator. Including my love for stuff animals, grim stories.
Hello, sweetheart! I hope your dream will come tue one day! Thanks for the request! 
Your Obey Me match is... Belphegor! 
Tumblr media
Cuddles. Cuddles. 
There are a lot of cuddles.
You just lay under a blanket with him, his pillow on your thighs (you're petite and that means less softness, sorry, bby, he still loves comfort), your sketchbook on his head. 
Music (jazz or lofi Belphie loves lofi, don't you agree?) plays in the background... 
And when he wakes up, suddenly it becomes a 'who's the sassiest' war. 
Of course he wins, he has more experience of being... well, this is a PG-13 blog, no bad words but you know 
We all know it anyway
He craves for innocence. 
You, your style... It's so cute! He prefers sweet darlings, he has already sinned enough he's a sin himself bruh so he needs someone who's not like him. 
Yes, his a liiiittle bit insecure, you help him with becoming who he wants to be.
Your boyfriend is a grumpy ol’ man. 
Nice but a tease! 
Your Mystic Messenger match is... Zen! 
Tumblr media
'BabE, cAn yOU drAW Me?' 
I wrote this and cringed as a fellow artist 
Well, since you're dating, why not?
Zen loves either super hot delinquent biker girls or extremely nice (but with a little sass for his beast ;) ) girly artistic ladies.
And you’re his ideal type! 
Like he expresses himself from acting, you do that by drawing and you can't find a person who's more supportive than him.
Your asexuality makes him a little bit sad but he’s ready to give up on sex for you.
Instead, you have to give him more physical affection, like hugs and kisses.
‘All men are beasts, I’m happy that you’ll stay safe’
pure love *tears of happiness*
He loves jazz
ya like jazz?
He will sing so much, I hope that won’t drive you mad!
He flirts.
Zen flirts so much and he’s so romantic, you can’t even imagine.
You differ so much from him in terms of appearence. He’s an albino Korean boy and you’re tan brown haired girl!
Like coffee & milk!
Your insta account is photos of you both smiling in the camera, you make others jealous.
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Hello and I would Like to have a match up with any twisted wonderland character please♡I am a libra with a height of 152cm.Im very thin and petite. My personality at first impression is quiet timid and very much loves to study. If a persons gets to know me better I am usually a quiet and distant one but I can do the craziest dares or blunt savage humors to any person. I have terrible moodswings and it usually last for more than months. Im not easily angered and I love to have good aesthetic
Hi.~ Thank you for the request, hope your day would be nice! 
Your match is... Ace Trappola! 
Tumblr media
He likes people who aren't stupid! 
Because he is, intelligent person will balance him, lol, sadly, Deuce is not really smart too (he may be great at mechanics but Ace makes him retarded, dunno how) 
So, your first impression was not really the best but nice anyway, he kinda admired you! 
At start it didn't go well, actually, he saw you as a boring person. 
But when you started to show your crazy side? 
Yaaaaaassss, baby, he's so into it! 
Like, you're so quiet and calm and BOOM, SURPRISE 
If you joke in front of a person who saw only your cold side, and they are shocked, you can know that Ace behind your back is literally crying 
'WHEEZE' '...uhm, is he okay?' 'Yup, don't mind him, he's just a bug, ya know this kinda sounds like bzz bzz-' 'WHEEEEEEZZZEEEE' 
Be ready to listen his comments about your height and figure! Sometimes they may be really offensive; he doesn't mean it, it just- he’s an idiot. He loves you nontheless!
It's said that people who are rarely angry are the most scary when furious.
And Ace is stupid enough to consider this as a challenge. F He never tried to do it again. 
Even if he's a dork, at least he makes you smile! And is more gentle when your mood swings. 
He doesn't understand the aesthetics thing but he painted roses, wdym, he can make something nice for you 
And he definitely would, it looks epic 
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Mmm... beside matchup, do you also write for the fandoms? Because I'm curious:>
Do you mean headcanons/imagines? It’s a secret but I do. >:3 Didn’t mention it tho. You may request one if you want! (if you wonder what other fandoms I may write: BNHA, KHR, HP and Hobbit not de silmarillion, i’m still reading it)
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Ask box soon will be closed!
I will take my time to answer all asks I got! So, if you want to make a request (I do matchups for Obey Me, Mystic Messenger and Twisted Wonderland! You may ask for a yandere matchup as well!), you still have a couple of hours. Thank you!
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Hi! This is not a petition, its a comment; Honey i have seen your match ups and let me tell you that you are amazing!! I love your creativity and, yandere matchups? LORD ITS SO ORIGINAL. I used to do matchups and imagines for other fandoms but i leaved, so believe me when i tell you, your words, the creativity and originality in every match its so *chef kiss*; Please continue but remember to take a break sometimes, good luck!! :)) And have a WONDERFUL day
*gasp* !!!
I saw this yesterday, after I finished my 6th day of Cloe Ting challenge (damn, look at my abs), I was totally exhausted and wanted to die and BOOM you literally made my day! It was wonderful indeed, thanks to you and your kind words, anon! People love yanderes! And, lets be honest, often imagine dating with them (submissive little beans we are) so why not, decided I! I'm so happy that people liked this idea, it was so spontaneous! I'm sure you matchups were extremely good! 
Thank you again, I'm still happy, even the next day! (i was suddenly flooded, I knew I would and tried to prepare myself, lol, your comment was unexpected and sweet!) I wish you a nice day as well, stay safe and enjoy your life, darling!
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💖Could I pls have a ObeyMe match-up?Idm if poly!I’m 5’1 female Ravenclaw&ISFJ. Likes to dress feminine in soft colors. Introverted w extroverted qualities. Can probably fake being social even when my heart is racing. Insomniac-have trouble sleeping b/c I get stressed/anxious&overthink. Don't give up&will persevere. B/c of that I do have trouble letting things go&can be a perfectionist. I try to be optimistic esp 4 others. Dorky,awks&silly-like to laugh(esp at own jokes)&make others laugh.
”💖Want a SO I can have fun w&enjoy being w&is my best friend. Talkative&sassy-the friend that lovingly teases. Empathetic. Speaks my mind&will stand up 4 others. Super supportive to friends&SO&the friend that people go to for advice and direction. Affectionate, romantic, says I love you often(friends&SO)&loves hugs/cuddles. I try to openly show my emotions/thoughts. I can be emotional&do cry easily but it’s because I care so much. Likes: karaoke, fashion&board/video games. Pls take ur time&tysm!” 
Hi, anon! Have a nice day and thank you for the request!
Your match is... Asmodeus!
Tumblr media
You were besties long before you started dating (and you still are)!
Femine clothes, sadly, usually cost more than baggy ones T_T
It’s hard to find something really nice but now! Now you have Asmo who knows by heart all the shops and what they sell, you’ll find WHATEVER you want.
Actually, after he starts dating, he goes out less than before. Especially if his darling is introverted (he still loves parties tho, you don’t need to visit them too often but when you do, BURN BABY BURN)
When he sees you faking enjoyment (and he knows when, believe me) he says ‘oh, no, I have some things to do at home, bye’ and you have do-nothing&spa evening.
BeAuTY slEEp
He will stay with you, letting to talk about things that worry you, and you’ll eventually calm down, falling into sleep under his loving gaze
You’re lucky, he’s a perfectionist too and you won’t be stressed other things not done, he totally understands it and helps you as much as he can.
You talk so much, and have so many things to discuss, never get bored of each other.
Everyone knows you as a super loving couple, supporting towards partner, caring, open to the world and everything like that.
And you know what?
You truly are!
You watch soap operas or other sad films together and cry other them, relieving all the stress.
He always makes you laugh and smile.
You’ve brought so much light in his life, he never thought he can love somebody so innocently and gently.
You’re his little cute sun, warming up his sole <3
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@bryzie27​ has sent me a request through messages, I won't paste text from it into ask, so, yup. Thank for the request!
Your match is... Silver!
Tumblr media
This boy doesn't smile that often but as soon as he sees you, his face brights up and tips of his lips are shaking. 
Your presence in a room already makes his day 100% better. He's the listener type of guy and he enjoys hearing you talk about your day, may add his comments from time to time but you, being goofy and funny is blessing. 
He's really into caring gf/bf. I mean, Lilia cared of him but, well, in Lilia way.
Silver is not friends with words. He sometimes can't find them and may say not what he wanted to. 
If you're able to understand him, he's very grateful and every time he's struggling with voicing out his thoughts, you are there, finishing the sentence. 
He starts to love you more and more each time you do this. 
He shows his love with physical affection since he's mostly quite! 
He hugs you most of the time you're together, watching anime from behind your shoulder, playing games with you on his lap, handholding on zoo date... 
And light kisses on your face: cheeks, forehead, nose! 
Eskimos kisses are his favourite! 
Look, you are slow from time to time. Silver is slower. He's always sleepy. His reactions (if not protecting Malleus, Lilia, or you) are slow. Sometimes you have your snail-speed days together. 
Tbh, I don't think you'll have any reasons to cry, Silver is protective, your knight with shiny hair.
If someone actually makes you cry (a person, if it's an object or death of some character, he just hugs you and feels sad), it goes from 1 to 100 really quick. 
From a calm boy to a furious one, yup.
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Can I get a Twisted Wonderland match up? I'm a cis gendered girl, a Scorpio and an INFJ. I'm 5'5 with long very dark brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. I enjoy drawing, creative writing, playing video games and watching cartoons and anime. part 1
“part 2 Personality wise, I'd say that I'm normally pretty chill and down to earth, but I'm willing to call people out if they hurt those I care about or do something against my morals. I'm also loyal and determined, but I can be judgmental, a bit of a procrastinator and can panic when things go wrong. I love the supernatural, fae and stuff like that. (Think a mash up between Wendy and Dipper from Gravity Falls, if you ever watched that series.) Hope that's enough info.”
Hello, I hope your day goes nicely! Actually, when you wrote about you being a Wendy/Dipper combination, I was like 'oOooOoOo, now I know'. Anyways... thanks for the request!
Your match is... Jamil Viper! no faes, ma'am, sorry not sorry 
Tumblr media
You're a Scorpio, gives me dessert vibes, and thought of  Scarabia literally swam into my mind. 
You know, you look like a person from Scarabia. 
Just a random, not a matchup thought. 
Tho Jamil really likes you hair and finds it calming to style it. 
If you ask to style his hair, he won't allow it. 
Ya know, this shiny mane should be treated properly 
No, no touching his hair until he knows you won't make it look strange. 
While he braids your hair, he's doing a massage for your skull. Makes you melt, tbh, feels so good. 
He's not very creative so watching you, drawing or writing never stops to amaze him. It's a little bit hard to do your things while he's watching you... He can't do anything about it, your concentrated face is too cute. 
He lives for laidback people. He has enough loud sounds in his life already. 
And he loves that you have morals! 
More than that, you can stand for them, very well! 
He's a secret procrastinator too, convince me otherwise. 
He wants, he painfully wants to do nothing and just lay down on a floor, mind blank without any worries. 
But he can't, if he doesn't work, he'll be in Al-Asim blacklist, it's... not fun. 
And he's so envious you CAN. 
Now you can't. 
He shouldn't be the only one to suffer, thinks he, taking you out of your bed and dropping on a floor in front of a thing you should do with such an intense stare- 
Every time you fangirl other faes, especially if those faes are Malleus or Lilia, he listens to you with the 'I promise I'll kill them one day' smile. 
Jealous but doesn't admit. 
And, don't panic so much! He always has your back! 
Even when you can't see him.
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I didn't know yandere matchups are a thing! May I have a shot at one for Twisted Wonderland please? I like reading and listening to music in my spare time. I'm pretty weak when it comes to playing sports, but I'm not too bad at it. I have a huge fear of needles and snakes. When my phobia is triggered, I cling to the person that's closest to me and cry, even in public. I'm kindhearted and demure for the most part but also cynical and procrastinates a lot. Thanks in advance and have a good day!
I can and I do >:3 yandere lovers deserve yandere matchups >:3 I hope your day will be good as well (since mine was amazing)! Thanks you for the request.~ 
Your match is... Leona! 
Tumblr media
Look, he's into sweet and cute darlings. 
Small and weak, and everything like that. 
He needs a spark. 
Some fire! 
And you, oh so nice most of the time, may be cynical?
Ohhh, deer, he's yours. 
How you've met him? 
Well, you see, there are snakes in Savannahs. And you saw one. 
Leona was walking next to you, you thought he was one of your friends you came with and- 
Yeah, he's lost at first but immediately returns a smug smile on his face, ready to tease. 
After you calmed down, he's VERY teasy. 
Then he says something like 'you owe me a meal for clinging to me' and drags you to the nearest cafe. 
(Don't worry tho, if you say that you don't have money to pay for him (or even for you), he'll pay. He's not a beggar, he's a prince and he has money) 
After talking, he feels really found of you. 
Of course he'll ask your number. 
And after a couple of days you'll have a cinema date. 
I can't imagine you refuse, he's hot and even if he's a prick, damn, he has a nice body 
After he asks you to date him still can't imagine your rejection, this goes two ways. 
First, if you are a NRC student. 
He asks you to procrastinate with him in his room aka sleep, you have fun, talk, and you wake up chained. 
You're so nice and weak, outside is really cruel, you don't need to go there, he'll buy you all books and music discs. 
At least, that's what he says but its just an excuse for his selfishness. Leona wants your eyes only him. 
He's possessive and craves to be truly loved by someone. That someone is you.
He's gentle, sometimes, when you're bratty and leave those comments he loves so much, boy turns into a little sadistic bully.
Not hard, just... lightly. 
Second way the event may turn is you, being a citizen. 
You see him not that often and can't go to his room, that's a problem for him. 
What's worse, there still are people around you. They may steal you away. 
Some day you'll discover that people you know disappear for whatever reasons. When you tell Leona about it, he's like 'that's strange indeed' and after you go to bed, you wake up in his room in palace. 
You have a maid with no tongue to look after you, she does everything: brings you food, washes you, stays by your side 24/7. 
Uhm, no, not 24/7, when Leona comes, she literally vanishes and comes back when he goes to NRC. 
He's rougher when if you're a student. 
He can't watch after you every second, it pisses him off, his sadistic side is seen clearly. 
Be ready to have more 'marks' on your skin and deal with kinda aggressive behavior. 
(He apologizes later that visit and treats you so sweet for the rest of it).
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I love yandere as well so can you do one for me with TWST please? I'm pretty short, 156 cm, so I would like someone who's taller than me and older, I'm only 16. I have a sweet tooth and acts calm on the outside, but on the inside, I stress out over the littlest thing. I can be a bit careless at times and gets distracted easily. I'm mainly kind and quiet, perhaps on the more timid side. I'm also a people-pleaser, so if someone asks me to do something, it's hard for me to say no. Thanks.
Hi, fellow yandere admirer! They are amazing (not irl, tho, nonono)! Thank you for the request! my normal matchups: nice but may be better; my yandere matchups: oh boi, great (also, Riddle is my second favorite, I just-) 
Your match is... Riddle Rosehearts! 
Tumblr media
His shoe soles suddenly became thicker when you told you like high people.
 At least, he's older than you, yay. 
Tbh, he's the type to say 'huh, why should I do something to make them like me? They should appreciate me the way I am' and then do anything to impress you. 
Something small that you may not see at the first sight. 
Aftere's a perfect boy already, can't you see? 
And he'll make you perfect as well 
While original!Riddle would like kind but a little bit teasy darling, yandere!Riddle would like the extremely submissive and obedient one. People-pleaser like you are. In my opinion, his mom is what made him a yandere. 
She has made a perfection.
And he needs a perfect spouse. 
You've caught his eye, oh so nice and calm, with a little smile on your face, talking with Adeuce duo. 
It's something about you what made his heart beat faster. He will definitely struggle, he's supposed to marry a girl his mother finds. 
And you 
You weren't supposed to be in his life. 
The fact that he disobeys his mother... it sends chills down his spine. 
How bad he is! 
How free it makes him feel! 
He LOVES this feeling. 
So, he starts to stalk at first. Observing you, collecting information. 
You're ideal for him. He tries so hard to find your imperfections but so miserably fails! It drives him nuts. 
He's totally crazy because of his love. But, of course, nobody notices, he's still the calm and strict Riddle. 
He already knows you like sweets and, oh, that's amazing, just like him! 
You don't know him much, you didn't even converse with him normally, just saw in a corridor couple of times. 
His invitation to a tea party was a surprise indeed but a pleasant one, it sounded nice. 
You were intrigued with Twisted Wonderland special sweets, they can be made only in this world and this party is a great chance to taste them. 
You two were alone. It was like a date but since it was really pleasant, you didn't mind. 
You were polite, he was polite, many things to talk about even if he already knows everything about you, atmosphere is so friendly... 
Of course you agreed to meet him again. 
And again.
You can't help but fall in love. 
This smart boy knows it. All he has to do is ask you to date him. 
When you say 'yes', things start getting worse. 
He won't kidnap you! How unlucky you are!
He wants to seem perfect to everyone. So for public you both seem normal. 
Actually, your submission is what helps him to stay somewhat sane.
He gives you 'freedom' only because you agreed not to talk to others, 
Always hold his hand, 
Don't go far away, 
And many other rules. 
Try to forget (or 'forget') one, he will punish you by closing you in his room for a week, limiting your interactions with him. 
And you don't even wanna know what is his punishment for trying to break up or run away, believe me. 
He's controlling and possessive. 
May seem too strict but obedience brings happiness for you.
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obeymysmes · a year ago
Could I get a twisted wonderland matchup? I’m 5’5” and use she/they pronouns. I really like chaotic and dark academia, like to watch shonen anime and play zelda games specifically, and I absolutley love animals. I like to help other people emotionally as much as I can and people tend to put a lot of trust into me. My best subjects are maths and physics. :)
Hello, have a nice day! Thanks for a request!
Your match is... Jack Howl!
Tumblr media
Tough outside but a big softey for you <3
He may say that he needs nobody and ‘tsk’ every time someone tries to approach him but, well, he’s so happy you never stopped to gain his attention.
This was a long path and you have to show him a huge loyality while freinship
However, it’s worth it. He sees how many people put trust in you and eventially does it as well.
He’s actually jellous, you’re his, why there are so mean people for whom you mean so much 
Jack doesn’t watch those cartoons, they distract him from training.
Anyway, ends up watching them with you, he really likes shounen (not harem type tho)
So, anime cuddling nights! He’s full tsundere but lets you touch his ears and tail. Fluffy!
Sadly, he won’t be too keen on LoZ games. May occasionally play with you if you ask, yes, but nothing more.
Howl is intelligent but not in terms of studies. Understands the world and people around him, not studies.
You’ll teach him. And HE’S responsible. A good student actually.
Try to flirt with him, he’ll turn into a tomato but scold you, it’s study time.
He denies it but all students see his soft spot for you.
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obeymysmes · a year ago
@stalefruits​ asked for a Twisted Wonderland matchup! I won’t add a text from request if you don’t mind, it’s just a little bit too long... Thank you nevertheless! 
Also, guys, if you feel that there’s not enough space in ask to tell about yourself for a matchup, feel free to dm me!
Your match is... Jamil Viper!
Tumblr media
He is also quite and calm!
But only on the outside, he never tells how he actually feels and your empathetic side may tell you how he’s annoyed because of others.
He’s so extremely thankful that you can understand what he feels, no one actually though of him, ever
Kalim doesn’t count, we all know Viper hates him
He likes your style! Baggy clothing overall. But, like... aren’t you hot?
Yeah, u r always hot but we r talking about your temperature rn
You don’t need to talk with him! You feel comfortable around him in silence and he’s too, Al-Asim is too loud for him, he needs it.
If you start to joke, he’ll chuckle quetly and leave a small kiss on your forehead.
You’re just so adorable, he LOVES cute things
And you’re cute smol indeed.
He adores your ‘old’ hobbies, he often watches you knit
Especially your shy reactions, he lives for them.
Be ready to be teased, he will get a reaction out of you!
Actually, he’s a good listener too, please, tell him your thoughts, he loves to be trusted, specifically if it’s you.
He will open up to you eventually too, rambling about how Kalim is everywhere and can’t stop running, ghhh
Someday he’ll cook you a curry, tell him it looks amazing! it’s a sensetive topic for him And that it tastes good!
He looks like a peacock all day after your words, proud boi
He’s a dog man, I bet you’ll have a big dog pet together.
He also loves horrors, you play games in this genre at night.
He’s sleeping schedule is awful, he must stay awake to protect Kalim, he’s so bored usually, your company is a true blessing.
You have matching bracelets, he actually loves them.
He likes to dominate in a relationship, he had enough of being a shadow so he’ll initiate cuudles, kisses and other and is very happy to recieve his affection back.
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obeymysmes · a year ago
Hi! Can I please request a matchup, if its not to much to ask. I’m a 5’1 pan female with long hair that fades from red to blonde. I am very curvy/busty and I am very insecure about it. I am very intelligent, introverted and get flustered easily. I love to play the ukulele and sing! I have been bullied, which leads me to shutting myself out from others. I love to cook, especially for other people. I really love physical affection! I’m also an INTJ, Aquarius and Hufflepuff! Thank you so much!
callHi, darling! I hope you’re okay! Love yourself! Thanks for the request.~
Your Obey Me match is... Beelzebub!
Tumblr media
You look so delicious!
Just like a candy with this hair and that body type!
He won’t eat you tho! Beel loves you and is very gentle near you. You’re still just a fragile smol human bean.
Listen, if you say that you won’t eat (because you don’t want to gain weight), he’ll be so worried.
Hey... eat? It’s... delicious? Try it?
You’ll end up telling that you’re insecure about your body.
He doesn’t understand you, you’re beautiful in any form.
However, if you’re really nothered, he’ll bring you a solution: working out with him.
Sweetheart, you have a free gentle fitnes trainer boyfriend, why would you say no??
He’ll shower you in praise! 
‘You have to do just a little bit more to finish this exersice complex! You’re already amazing tho! Don’t overwork yourselve, do it in your tempo’
He’ll give you a piggyback ride back to your room!
Beel adores your voice! He’s so amzed how inspired and free you look while playing ukulele! 
His girlfriend is so talanted!
He tryed to learn how to play but;;; ukulele is too small for him;;; like for some people guitars are too big, he can’t play your instrument;;;
Gives you hugs every time you ask!
Overall, he’s the best boi, nice boyfriend material, he’s so happy that you’re with him <3
Your Mystic Messenger match is... Saeran!
Tumblr media
You’re inside your house.
He’s even more 
Well, no, Saeyoong actually throws you out from time to time and you end up on ocasional inpredictable cinema or park dates. 
Just... far from people.
Saeran is touch starved but he’s too flustered too admit, if you want cuddles and initiate them, he’s the ‘that’s gross... I like it’
For him, your appearence doesn’t matter, only your intelligence. 
However, oh girl, you can dye your hair together! He doesn’t mind it.
He IS the type to play ukulele, if you teach him, you’ll sing in duo.
Saeran was bullied to and hates to know that it happened to such a nice person as you!
If you one day tell him their names, even occasionally, he’ll secretly beat them. Or, at least, cyberbully them.
Not nice, yeah, but his blood boils every time he thinks that those worthless pigs made you unable to express your feelings freely!
Actually, you may not only sing together but cook too. He’s so good at baking...
But he’s sweeter than everything he made.
Your Twisted Wonderland match is... Deuce Spade!
Tumblr media
He’s so, so gentle with you!
Flustered as hell but that makes him even more caring.
When he understands you were bullied, he starts to avoid you.
He’s so shocked, he was a bully, that’s what may happen with people he teased? 
They may be amazing and his behaviour forced them to close up??? 
He’s so disgusting...
And needs couple of days to calm down.
Not too long tho, he comes back as a crying and apologizing. 
Pls, tell him that h’s done nothing bad and brought some light, into your world.
He’ll start to cry even MORE, just the thought that you love him and accept him, he’s so happy.
He’s not good with physical affection. I mean, he’s shy around girls, a total virgin, when you hug him he tuerns into a tree and where should he put his hands???
Make a bento and give it for him, he’ll brag about it to Ace all day. 
Ace ends up eating it because he’s so done with Deuce and want him to shut up; the best thing (what his stoopid little mind) is to consume the reason
Deuce consumes Ace. He’s offended.
Now you cook for both of them, Ace loved your cooking
Spade is bad with musical instruments so he’s so raptured with your talent!
And your voice is so heathenly!
He protects you from everything bad >:3  
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obeymysmes · a year ago
Hello~ I'd like a Twisted Wonderland match up please! I'm 160cm and pretty chubby. I have dark brown, curly hair that reaches just above my shoulders. I'm a Scorpio and I have ADD and mild depression. I like to bake, draw and writing fanfiction but sadly I haven't drawn in a long time. My favorite pastime is to play videogames and listen to music or watch videos on YouTube. I am a big believer in magic and wish I could use it. My biggest fears are tornadoes, roaches and heights.
Hi, sweetie! Sure! Also, I'm not sure why haven't you drawn but I hope you'll be able to do it again. Thanks for your request! ^^  
Your match is... Idia Shroud! 
Tumblr media
...and they never saw you again. 
No, literally. 
His room is so nice, you probably end up staying there most of the time. 
Outside sure is a scary, look, there's not tornadoes, heights or roaches at his place. 
Seriously, he may even create a small kitchen for you and your baking hobbie right in the corner so you both could enjoy your company even more. 
This guy may help you study! 
He's smart, a genius if you may say. 
And he's very patient, when you don't know something, he'll calmly repeat it the way it's easier to understand. 
He's hot when concentrated 
Tell him that, his hair will turn red 
He's actually a little bit depressed. If anyone could find the words when you're feeling down, it's him. He understands you so well. 
Please, take care of him when he's sad as well. 
You usually play games together, he'll go easy on you tho. 
Watching YouTube or Netflix together! 
Sit on his lap and he'll be reD. 
Look at him hesitating if he can touch your sweet curves. Notice it and state out, he'll blush and will say that he ‘wasn't thinking of touching you’! 
When he's in creative mood and makes some robo things, he'll switch on the music and you may draw or write. 
If music distracts you, he'll immediately switch it off.
Actually, him working is a huge inspiration. 
It looks magical...
 Also! He will step other himself and go outside with you so you can see the most magical places in Twisted Wonderland!
Your dates are always breathtaking!
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