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Yoru x Reader x Chamber | poly | rivals | n*fw | dub con | face fucking | blindfolds | short
“You’re a fucking weirdo,” You could hear Yoru say irritably.
You could imagine his face pulled into a scowl, eyes narrowed and fists itching for a fight.
A suave voice cut in, tone much more even then the first, “I have unconventional tastes; so what. I don’t see the big deal.”
You wanted to interject, to tell them to stop arguing for one second and let you catch your breath.
“The big deal is,” Yoru cut in, “Is that cause of you I don’t get to see her face.”
Chamber sounds confused, “Quel? I only covered her eyes.”
“Yeah, that’s the fucking point. I can’t see her pretty eyes water while I fuck her face.”
You can practically hear the French man rolling his eyes, “I truly doubt she wants to look at your ugly visage the whole time.”
“Asshole…” Yoru mumbled.
You tried not to gag when he shoved his cock deeper into your mouth, as if trying to vent his frustrations out on your face. You couldn’t even silently plead for him to give you air with your eyes; the cloth was thick , the only thing you could see were faint dark shapes moving beyond the blindfold, which you were assuming was Yoru, standing up and looking down on you servicing his cock.
There was another cock pushing inside of you from behind as well. You could hear Chamber groaning as he pounded your hole, the lewd noises almost loud enough to cover up Yoru’s harsh swears as he thrusts his hips into your mouth without a care. You could feel your hands and knees buckle, and you tried your hardest to stay steady, despite being swayed forward and back with every rough thrust from either end.
“You feel so perfect, darling,” his French accent was ragged with arousal and satisfaction.
You could only imagine what he was seeing; you skewered on his cock, form trembling and weak as you were choked from one end and fucked from the other. The two of them had insane stamina, and at this point you were almost afraid you would pass out from the overstimulation and lack of proper air.
Yoru’s cock hit the back of your throat again, but this time he didn’t pull away. You tried to back off his long member, but a rough hand pressed against the back of your head, shoving you close against his pelvis. You tried to focus on breathing out your nose, his musky scent filling your brain and making you dizzy.
“Oh god… I could fuck this slutty mouth forever,” Yoru slurred, accent thick in the midst of his pleasure.
You heard Chamber tsk from behind you, “Typical. No class at all.”
“Oh yeah?” Yoru snapped, grabbing your hair now and pulling at it.
You whimpered the best you could, lips spread wide around his cock, jaw sore and throat abused. You were starting to see stars, and you were worried if Yoru would forgot you needed air.
“Yes. At least I can make her feel good. Do you know how many times I’ve made her cum on this cock?”
“I don’t care,” Yoru states dully, as he finally pulls out of your mouth, letting you gasp for a second before quickly shoving back in, “Her voice is gonna be all hoarse tomorrow and everyone will know it’s cause of me. Bigger mark then you could ever leave, huh?”
You felt Chambers hands tighten on your waist, and you pray Yoru’s goading doesn’t make him do anything brash. Your arms and legs trembled under you, and your pussy was beyond sore. And they were both just so big… it was hard to think straight when they kept shoving their cocks inside of you, conversing over your body like it was just another petty argument.
“Lowly rift walker,” Chamber actually sounded pissed off for once, “I’m going to fuck her so hard she won’t even be able to walk straight for days. The only thing she’ll be able to remember is me. Not you.”
Yoru made a half-scoff half-moan, suddenly jackhammering his shaft roughly into your warm mouth as you gagged.
“Ugh— fuck this blindfold,” Your vision is suddenly flooded with light, “Hey baby, look at me.”
You blearily look upwards, past his moving hips and his exposed chest, to Yoru’s displeased face, which was flushed a deep red. He throws the blindfold to the side with one hand, and locks eyes with you.
“That’s it,” He groaned, “Keep looking at me, there you go. Show me how those pretty eyes cry for me, yeah? Only me, right?”
You have no way of answering him, but your eyes do fill with tears. The room smells like sex and sweat, but they still aren’t done, the two men using your body like a doll. Yoru looks satisfied by your compliance, hand going to your hair to this time run his hand through the strands, the gentle gesture feeling like a reward in the midst all the pain you’ve put up with.
“You dirty cheater,” Chamber hisses.
Yoru glances up at the other man and smirks victoriously. You feel like you can hear Chamber gritting his teeth before he’s suddenly pounding into you even harder, and leaning over your small body and biting down your backside. You cry out in surprise and pain, but the sound is still muffled by Yoru’s dick, so your cries come out as soft moans and whimpers.
“Good fucking girl… keep making those sounds for me,” He says between bites, “Let me hear how much you love when I mark you up, darling.”
You can feel bruises and hickys already forming on your backside. You want to tell the two of them to stop fighting already, but it’s too late.
When you feel Chamber’s lips curve into a smile against your skin, and Yoru’s hands grip at your hair again, pulling you against him roughly, you know for certain.
It’s gonna be a long night.
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Sequel to Restrained but can be read separately
Pairing: Eren Jaeger X Female Reader
Genre: College AU, Smut, Fluff, Romance
Summary: After you edged him multiple times during sex, Eren was only eager to get his revenge on you. He wants to tie you up and wreck you apart until you cry, begging for your release. So when he takes you out to celebrate his birthday together, things won’t turn out as you expected it would be.
Content Warnings: Rough unprotected sex, having sex while being recorded, bondage, creampie, use of sex toys in public, daddy kink, dirty talking, praise kink, humiliation, degradation, tit-fucking, thigh riding, choking, squirting, face-sitting, exhibitionism, having sex while being high on marijuana, cunnilingus, foot job, blow job, praising, deep-throating, spanking, cum play, heavy swearing, alcohol consumption, smoking weed.
Word Count: 10k
Happy birthday, Eren! 🥳🤩🎂🎉Here's an early gift!
Poster art by the most talented @rainbuniart follow her tumblr account or find her on Twitter using the same username!
Tumblr media
Eren is an angel who kisses like the devil.
He is power and amazing grace all at once with his lips eagerly parting yours, his tongue darting out to steal every bit of your taste, but he pulls away before you get to savor his. He kisses you with his hand holding you firmly by your neck, fingers curling tight enough for you to remember just how hard he fucked you last time, choking you until his name came out in a broken whimper. He kisses you with his hand sliding back to your nape, moving up to twine his fingers harshly against your perfectly styled hair, keeping you in place when you’re about to repay his passion with the same fervor. He kisses you like fire, burns you with desire, and leaves you like smoke, ending it so abruptly that you feel disoriented, shocked by the sudden loss of his zest.
“Hey, baby,” he says, his voice melodious, a seductive symphony that lights your skin on fire. His face still hovers close enough for his breath to caress your lips, making them tingle—craving for something more than just the aftertaste of his kiss.
You blink your eyes slowly, your soul returning to your body once your realization dawns on your face. That kiss—that strangling, breathtaking kiss—was just a form of greeting. A way for him to say hello, and a promise that your lips will never be able to form the word goodbye, only please, I want more, kiss me again and make me yours.
Eren was knocking on your door just a minute ago, standing in the hallway of your dormitory to pick you up on a date. He’d closed the bridge between your bodies in a sultry kiss before neither of you could utter a word.
Although navy blue is his favorite color, he knows well that you love him harder in black and that’s what he’s giving you. Black suit, black button-down shirt, and matching black Oxford shoes that look just as expensive as the watch he places around his wrist. His attire makes his jade green eyes stand out more radiant than usual, his chestnut hair pulled back neatly into a bun with a few baby hairs falling over to his temple. He’s gone all the way at dressing himself up for the occasion as he’s going to be celebrating his birthday with you again after you both became lovers three years ago—ones that exchanged body heat in the backseat of his car, ones that shared giggles between breathless moans, ones that bid farewells with I love you instead of see you soon.
He wears a different perfume today, you notice, making him seem less sweet and boyish, more mature and intoxicating. His scent evokes the natural freshness and vitality of the ocean, fresh and consuming at the same time, and maybe that’s why you can’t seem to break away from your haze.
He may kiss like the devil, but he smiles like an angel—one that’s never sinned, when in reality, he’s fallen from heaven a long time ago, clipping off his own wings to create sins with you. And once that smile alters into a smirk, the magic shatters.
“I don’t mind being stared at like I’m the only man in the world,” he coos, voice dripping with honey and allure. He has one hand propped against the doorframe, and another one trapping your chin, his thumb gliding over the lip-gloss that coats your lips. “Actually, I am, aren’t I, baby? The only man in your world.”
You’re staring at him, dazed eyes glued to the beautiful shape of his mouth, watching the way his lips move but unable to comprehend a single word. His tongue peeks out to wet his lower lip, the yearning in your eyes makes his desire to ravish you burn even stronger. He draws his lip between his teeth as a way to stop himself from sinking into temptation.
“Keep staring at my lips like that,” he whispers, leaning closer until his words are painted directly on the skin below your ear. His velvety voice turns deep, dark as the night. “And I’ll rip this dress off of you and fuck you right here,” he takes your earlobe between his lips, moaning a little mmm before he continues with his words. His fingers curl around your throat, palm pressing against your pulsating vein. “Right now, where everyone can see.”
The thing with Eren is, you’d think he was joking with his words, but if he was given the chance and the permission to do so, he would absolutely do it. He’s the devil after all. To him, there’s nothing more exhilarating than to have people witness just how much you belong to him, how much you are trapped under his spell, how much control he has over you—body, mind, and soul.
Eren doesn’t belong to you.
You belong to him.
Your lover slides his hand from your thigh to the curve of your waist, pushing up the fabric of your dress to reveal enough skin to anyone who passes by. Lucky for you, no one seems to be around at the time. Your roommate Annie isn’t here either, and it’s so tempting to just pull him close and drag him down to your bed but Eren stops you before you can even start.
“But that can wait,” he says, breaking away. “We shouldn’t miss our reservation.”
He has booked a table in a beautiful rooftop restaurant of a five-star hotel, where you can dine together under the night sky, overlooking the skyline while you uncover the secrets of the stars. You’re not sure how he has all the money to pay for it—but then again, his parents are quite wealthy.
A week ago, he left you a bit baffled when he said that he wanted to celebrate his birthday with you—only with you, and no one else. “What about your parents? Or your friends?” you asked him with a frown as you leaned against his side at the backseat of his car, spending time together before your next lecture started. “Don’t you think they’re gonna be upset? They care about you a lot.”
“Is it so bad…” Eren leaned in close to cup your cheeks with both hands, nuzzling the tip of his nose against yours. “For me to want to spend my special night with the person I love the most?”
Your heart thrashed madly but you kept your face still, only allowing yourself to mirror his sweet, juvenile smile. You were beyond elated but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction to tease you for it. “Oh, so you love me the most?”
“Well, actually, Barbara Palvin holds first place but since she’s not available—“
“Just shut up and kiss me.”
You feel honored, overjoyed to have him as your boyfriend, which is why you try your best to be the best girlfriend in return. You’ve worn your fancy, backless dress, styled your hair to look naturally wavy when it took you a whole hour to make it seem that way. Your make-up is much more sensual than usual, making you look both expensive and bold.
By the look of it, Eren wants you just as much as you want him now. The more you act reserved, the harder he’ll chase after you. You can’t help but feel like you want to push him to the limit, just like what you did to him last week. You can still recall how rough he was in bed after you edged him multiple times. You’d do anything to have him fuck you in that way again.
“Okay,” you reply nonchalantly, snatching your purse from the counter. “Shall we go, then?”
“Sure, after you wear this.” Eren hands you over a black gift box with a red bow wrapped around it.
You take it in your hands with your forehead creasing in confusion. “What is it?”
“Your anniversary gift.” Mischief returns in his eyes. “I know our anniversary is not until two weeks from now, but… I got too excited.”
With knitted brows, you open the box, only to find yourself staring wide-eyed at the present.
“Or should I say,” he corrects with a naughty grin, “My anniversary gift.”
Eren is a devil in disguise, one that tastes like sinful desire.
He seduces you like one, with the way he places his hand on your exposed thigh as he drives his Ford. His fingers lay securely on the inner side of your thigh, his thumb stroking back and forth on the supple skin while he maintains his eyes on the road. “I love this dress on you,” he praises in a husky voice, eyes glancing at the red thigh-high slit dress you’re wearing. “You’re gorgeous.”
Sure enough, the color compliments your skin. The silky fabric hugs you perfectly in places he wishes he could let his lips wander. The dress comes with strappy back details, showcasing enough skin on your backside for his eyes to feast on. Eren lets his hand linger a little too close to where you want him the most, causing your breath to hitch in your throat when he slides his fingers to the valley between your legs, two digits skimming up and down your clothed heat. He only does it to tease, removing his hand at once when he notices you stiffen at the touch.
“I hope there’s no traffic ahead,” he says, keeping his smile to himself as he rests his hand on his gear instead. “I’m starving.”
You are too, for something else entirely.
He enjoys having these effects on you. And after what you did to him last time, the way you made him plead for your touch and beg for his release, you know just how much you’re affecting him too. Two can play at this game. You can lean over and pull down his zipper with one hand if you want to. You can have his cock coming alive in your mouth as he tries to concentrate on not driving past the red light. But then what? You’re only going to give him the satisfaction of having his power over you, knowing that you’re the first one to give in to temptation. You’re not going to yield just like that. He can tease you all night but if he wants to have his name slip past your lips in a sultry moan, he’s going to have to ask for it.
So, you keep yourself composed and simply mumble back. “Yeah, me too.”
That’s what you’re planning to do for the rest of the night. However, when you both are seated at your table, a male waiter approaches you with a bottle of champagne in his hands, and you know you’re about to lose your game. Because Eren has one thumb on the remote control, a wicked smile on his lips, and a lustful gleam in his eyes.
And he presses the button.
The underwear he’s given you as your—his—anniversary gift, suddenly starts to vibrate. You have expected it coming when you decided to wear it, knowing full well that your boyfriend would use it in public. But you’ve done that before so you came prepared. You knew how to keep your face straight even when you were drowning in pleasure. But right now, it’s different. This new sex toy he bought you—you didn’t expect the vibration to be this… intense.
You’re not sure whether it’s because of that very reason that you feel your body reacting ten times more sensitive than usual, or if it’s because your boyfriend is using a vibrator on you in the middle of a fancy restaurant, right in front of an innocent young man who’s now lighting up the candle on your table.
The garment of your panties is glued perfectly to your skin, making sure that the tiny, curved clitoral stimulator is sitting snugly against your body. No matter how hard you try to stay reticent, your body still jolts when you feel it shake the first time. Your eyes naturally dart to your boyfriend, a scowl forming quickly on your temple once you witness the triumph on his face.
Stop it right now. You speak through your eyes.
Okay, baby. He answers with a wink, but then you feel him switching the intensity, giving you the same sensation his fingers did a few nights ago. You chew on your bottom lip, your glower turning even more menacing. Eren brings his hand to his face, fingers covering his lips as a laugh nearly escapes him.
“How are you feeling tonight, Mr. Jaeger?” The waiter greets with a polite smile as he pours some wine into Eren’s tall glass.
“Never been better,” he answers, never taking his eyes off you. “How are you feeling tonight, baby? You look like you’re… enjoying yourself.”
Fuck you. You answer with your glare but your smile is saccharine sweet. “Of course, baby. This place is beautiful, I love it.”
Your clutch around the menu tightens until your nails turn white. Every time you lock gazes, Eren returns your ice daggers with a flirtatious look. Once the waiter leaves the table to get you your appetizer, you drop the menu book harshly on the table. “Eren—” You’re ready to complain with a growl but you have to refrain yourself at the last second when your boyfriend calls back the waiter.
“Sorry,” he says to the man with freckles on his face, ignoring the part where you try to kick his shin underneath the table. “Can you tell me the name of this wine?”
“Oh, this is Pol Roger Brut, Sir,” the waiter answers, completely oblivious to the way you’re now gripping tightly at your napkin, your fists clenching above your lap.
“Wait, is this the same champagne brand that they chose for Prince William’s wedding?” Your boyfriend asks, feigning curiosity.
“Why, yes, Sir, indeed. They also chose this one to celebrate Prince Harry’s wedding.”
“Huh, interesting.” Eren smiles, so innocently it’s disgusting. “It tastes a little bit like citrus.”
“Yes, Sir. It’s—“ The waiter’s words are interrupted when your body jerks and you accidentally knock your hand against the table. Eren just changed the setting again, this time messing around with its speed. It's getting more intense, sending immense waves of pleasure coursing through your veins. It’s borderline terrifying from how quickly it gets your thighs shaking in thrill. “Is everything all right, Ma’am?” The waiter immediately asks in concern, watching your face turn pasty. He must have been wondering whether you were feeling unwell, when the truth is, you’re just drowning in shame.
You can’t believe you’re about to cum in a family restaurant.
“She’s all right, Marco,” Eren says, reading the nameplate that’s strapped to the man's uniform with the filthiest grin on his lips. “She’s just… loving the wine just as much as I am.” The devil casually leans back on his seat, almost slouching even, as his thumb hovers once again over the remote. He’s tapping random buttons just to watch your face contorts in both pleasure and horror.
You have your fingers clawing against your thighs. “I’m—I’m fine,” you try to showcase a reassuring smile as you squeeze your legs together. The amount of pleasure that washes over you makes it hard for you to find your words but you manage. “Sorry, Marco, is it? Could you please leave us for a moment? We’ll call you again when we’re ready to—”
“What’s the special for today?” Eren smoothly cuts you off, switching the vibration mode and setting it up to maximum speed before he tosses it back inside his pocket. Without a single look of remorse fleeting across his face, he makes a steeple of his fingers, laying both hands on the table as he pretends to be giving Marco his full attention.
“Oh, umm…” Marco still eyes you worriedly before he spins his head toward your boyfriend. “We have Crevettes Sauce Boursin, Sir. It’s shrimp sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes, corn, and leeks in a garlic herb cream sauce.”
“Perfect,” Eren replies. “I’ll have that one. Honey, would you like it as well?”
Fuck. Your toes are curling, your thighs quivering as you feel your orgasm building up fast. “Y-yes.”
Your stutter echoes like music to his ears. Eren watches you with hungry eyes, biting the corner of his lip to stop himself from snickering at the sight. That look on your face, the way you look so humiliated, and yet, so eager to seek release… It turns him on.
Ah shit, his tongue probes against his cheek as his eyes size you up and down. I want to fuck her so bad.
He wonders if you’re dripping wet, drenching that new lingerie with your juices. You have no idea how much he wants to drag you to the nearest bathroom, shoves you inside one of the stalls, and takes you from behind with his fingers buried deep inside your mouth to stop you from making sounds. God, you look so fucking gorgeous tonight. Your make-up, your loose hair, and that fucking dress. He wants to ruin it. He wants to ruin you. Wants to have your lipstick smeared to your cheek and your eyelashes painted by his cum.
But he needs to be patient. Tonight, it’s all about revenge. He’s going to make you beg just like what you forced him to do last week.
“But baby,” Eren coos, batting his long eyelashes. “Didn’t you say you’re allergic to shrimps?”
Stop talking to me, oh my fucking God. A moan almost breaks free when you feel submerged under the stimulation he’s giving you, but you cover it up quickly with a cough. “Excuse me,” you say with a laugh, trying to stand on wobbly legs. “I, umm… I need to fix my…” You can’t even finish the words. You just snatch your purse and leave your table in such haste, it leaves Marco frowning in confusion.
“Sir, are you sure she’s okay?”
“She’s fine,” Eren confirms with his heavenly smile, watching you from behind and biting back his titter when you almost trip over your feet. “She’s just… a bit excited, I guess. It’s my birthday today.”
“Oh, congratulations! So, you’re celebrating tonight?”
He chuckles, eyes darkening with lust. “Not yet.”
The second you step into the women’s restroom, you run and lock yourself inside the nearest cubicle. You have one hand strapped against your mouth, your legs squashed together as you feel your orgasm approaching. Your hand finds the door, stopping yourself from falling as you can feel your strength leaving your body. When it comes—the feeling of ecstasy hitting you at once like the storm—a mewl departs from your lips but thankfully, it’s not loud enough to attract attention.
It’s one of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had in your life, and you had it in a bathroom of a restaurant where you should spend your time celebrating with champagne and a fucking plate full of Crevettes Sauce Boursin.
“That bitch,” you mutter under your breath once you’ve come down from your high. Removing your underwear with one hand, a grimace replaces the blissful look on your face when you notice just how soaked it is. This is so humiliating but you can’t find the power to stay angry. You can’t deny the fact that Eren, as always, just gave you the pleasure you didn’t know you could experience. And again, you’re not going to give him the joy of having you dance in his palm. Staying upset would just make you look pathetic. You need to level up your game. Snatching the still vibrating sex toy away from your panties, you wear back your lingerie, fix your hair and clothes, and exit the restroom while sporting a nonchalant look.
When you return to your table, you see your boyfriend still slouching on his seat. His smirk is strapped permanently to his face, one hand buried inside the pocket of his slacks, and another one settled on the table. He has the remote control between his fingers, twirling it as if he’s playing with his car keys. “Took you a while,” he comments, clearly amused. “Did you moan my name when you cummed, baby?”
You toss your hair over your shoulder, putting on a facade as you place back your napkin on your lap. “I didn’t,” you reply, your face unreadable. “Because I didn’t cum.”
He snorts. “Liar.”
“Well, I didn’t.” You drag your eyes down from his face to your menu. “I just threw the toy away and fixed my make-up.”
He squints his eyes suspiciously at you, straightening his back. “I don’t believe you.”
“I don’t care.” You stop a female waiter that passes by. “Hi, sorry.” You toss her a sweet smile, blatantly ignoring your boyfriend whose smirk begins to falter little by little. “I’d like to order.” The waiter takes out her notepad, listening intently as you read. “For my starter, I’ll have some mussels cooked in white wine, and for my main course…” You pretend to contemplate your decisions, but your body speaks a different story. Sliding your right foot away from your pump, you stretch your leg far enough to caress his thigh.
Eren jolts when he feels your foot rubbing against his crotch, your toe grazing against his zipper. You can feel him watching you as if he was trying to burn you alive. His jaw tightens as he sits still, trying to ignore the delicious friction you’re giving him.
“Sorry,” you direct your word to the waiter but you keep your eyes on him, lips twitching into a grin that’s just as devilish as the one he displayed earlier. “What’s the special for today again?”
You continue to rub him underneath the table as you listen to her answer. It doesn’t even take him thirty seconds before you can feel his length starting to take form, straining against the fabric of his pants. Your smile is everlastingly sweet, even when you can feel Eren’s heavy gaze on your face. “Oh yes, that’s right, Crevettes Sauce Boursin,” you repeat her reply, pressing your foot against him a little harder than intended. Eren’s body lurches forward from the sudden pressure, his knees almost bumping against the table.
That hurts, you bitch, his eyes seem to say and you almost laugh. “I think I would like to have Saumon Fumé instead.”
“Excellent choice, Ma’am. Would you like anything else? For dessert, maybe?”
You turn to face him, your lips pursing as you try to hold back your grin. “I don’t know. Would you like anything else, honey?” You mimic the way he called you earlier, even the mockery in his tone.
“No, I’m fine.” His smile doesn’t reach his eyes. His hand finds your ankle, gripping it tightly when you’re applying dangerous strokes against his bulge. “I already have something else planned for dessert.”
“Oh, you do?” Your tongue peeks out to wet your lip before you bite the corner of your lip, knowing how it drives him insane. “And what is that?”
“You’ll just have to wait to find out, honey.” Eren turns to the waiter, the corners of his mouth quirking up. “That will be all, thank you.”
The second the waiter takes her leave, he drops his angelic smile and smacks your foot away. “You almost crushed my balls!” He hisses, eyebrows furrowing in anger but you only cackle in return.
You can play this game all night long.
All jokes and teasing aside, feelings are running rampant, sexual tension is thick, and you both are struggling to let go of control. You’ve been stealing glances, your heart runs a little bit faster whenever your gaze meets his. Despite his earlier behavior, the devil has returned to his angelic side once you’ve both finished with your dinner.
Eren, as observant as ever, notices how you shiver slightly from the cold. He rises from his seat, shucks off his suit, and covers your shoulders with it. Subtle things like this don’t happen often. It makes your cheeks warm, your expression seeming a little too bashful when you thank him for it.
“Seems like somebody is getting shy,” he says, rolling up his sleeves to showcase his veiny arms.
You roll your eyes. “Shut up.”
You chat over a glass of wine, with his eyes occasionally darting down to your lips as you speak, just for a split second before he returns them to yours. Moments fly by so fast that by the time you check on your phone, an hour has passed by just with you exchanging conversations.
There’s live music playing in the background—a soft jazz rendition of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to The Moon. Eren grabs you by the hand, brushing his lips against your knuckles before he asks, “Will you dance with me?”
Your mouth tweaks in a coy smile. “I can’t believe you’re playing Prince Charming after what you did to me an hour ago.”
When a peal of his laughter resonates in your ear, you’re reminded of the reason why you fell for him so fast. “Would you rather have me go back to playing the devil?” He intertwines your hands together once you’ve placed his suit on your seat, leading you down to the dance floor. “I mean I can just fuck you right here.”
“Mmm, very tempting.” You land a hand on his shoulder as he settles his on the dip of your waist, your other hand tangled around his. “I think I’ll just settle for a kiss for now.”
“Well, since my queen requested it.” He kisses you softly on the lips, where he can feel your lips forming into a graceful smile just as much as you can feel his. It ends with him placing a playful peck on the tip of your nose before he widens the gap.
Eren sways his body from side to side, matching his steps to the slow beat of the song, and you follow his lead effortlessly. It’s almost magical, the atmosphere you’re in, slow dancing to a classic love song underneath the starry night sky. There’s amber in his viridian eyes, reflecting the lights of lanterns that illuminate the place. He’s ethereal, every part of him is, especially when he gazes at you with affection in his eyes.
“I don’t mind being stared at like I’m the only woman in the world,” you echo his words back to him.
“You are the only woman in my world,” he says, his gaze turning tender. “Thank you for going out with me tonight. I know you’ve been busy these days.”
It’s not a trick. You can witness the sincerity in his words. “Eren, it’s your birthday. I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” you mirror his smile. “Thank you for taking me here. This place is beautiful. I can’t believe you remember when I said I wanted to go here.”
“Oh, you said that? I didn’t know.”
You share giggles, already accustomed to his sense of humor. Once your laughter has dissipated, Eren leans in, close enough for the baby hairs on his temple to brush against your fringe. “I love you,” he whispers, closing his eyes as he presses your foreheads together. “Thank you for being in my life.”
“I love you too, Ren.” Happiness dances through your thoughts, causing your stomach to somersault in delight. “Happy birthday.” And when he kisses you again, delicate lips meeting softer ones, you wish time could stop for a moment. But even dreams have to stop eventually, and just like waking up from your sleep, you find it hard for your eyes to focus on him when he ends the kiss.
“I have a present for you,” you whisper, keeping your lips close to his as you speak. “It’s custom made and it took me a week to get it done so I’m a little bit late but I think it should be delivered to your apartment by tomorrow morning.”
“Oh?” He kisses you again, slowly, unable to withstand the temptation. “Can you tell me what it is?”
“It’s a surprise.” You pull away from him, widening the space between you. Any longer than that, and you won’t be able to stop kissing him.
“No, you can’t keep me wondering all night,” he whines before he displays his best puppy eyes. “Tell me about it, please? If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you the other surprise I have planned for us.”
“You have another surprise for me?”
“Mm-hmm. So, how is it gonna be?”
You’re tempted to keep him guessing because that naughty smirk on his lips looks so sexy on him. “Fine,” you sigh. “I made you some coupons.”
“Yeah.” For some reason, you can feel your cheeks burning up. “They’re, uhh… Use-me-as-you-please coupons.”
“Don’t laugh at me but—” Now that you have to explain it out loud, you realize just how stupid this whole idea is. It was dumb of you to trust love advice coming from a stranger on the internet. “Since you can basically buy anything you want, I’m trying to give you something that only I can give you. So I made you some coupons that you can use on me. You can get, like, a free massage or ask me to cook you a special dinner or something. Some of them are blank too so you can fill them out however… you… want.” Your voice dies when you see his eyes glint in mischief, his crooked teeth peeking out behind his lips.
“However I want?” he repeats, his eyes shifting down to your lips again. He traps your chin between his fingers, pulling them down so you have no choice but to part your lips. He bites his lip as he catches sight of your tongue, wondering how it would look with his semen pooling inside your mouth. “You sure about that, Sweetheart?”
You can see the diabolical plans he has running through his mind right now, every bit of it is sexual, you’re sure of it. When he sees you nodding, he grins. “Well, I gotta do some research then.”
“What research?”
“Just, you know…” He slides one hand down your back, casually caressing your behind before he moves it back to your hip. “The things I want to do to you in bed.” He closes in on you, whispering into your ear. “You better start coming up with a safe word, baby, ‘cause I won’t stop no matter what you do. You want Daddy to take control, don’t you, baby girl?”
The fact that he can talk like this while still slow-dancing with you in the ballroom is beyond you. He chuckles, saying, “You’re so cute,” before he backs away. Right before the song ends, Eren gives you a sudden twirl that ends up with you almost losing your balance. He catches you in his arms, beaming at you like a child. “Swept you off your feet, didn’t I?” You slap him playfully on the chest in response, earning you a few deep chuckles from him.
“Now, here’s your surprise.” Releasing your body, he slides his hand inside the pocket of his pants, snatching a card and holding it right before your eyes. It’s a key to your suite, one that he has booked at the same hotel for the night. “Will you spend the night with me?” His smile is a bit too sheepish that it feels almost out of character.
“I’d love to, Ren.”
It’s only natural for you to expect your lover to push you against the wall once you enter your room but, to your dismay, he doesn’t lay a hand on you. He doesn’t even seem to be interested in doing so, which ultimately, leaves you perplexed. Eren simply unlocks the door, pushes it open, and waits for you to step inside. Closing the door behind you, he follows after your trail without a word.
“I’m going to take a shower,” you say as you let his suit slide down your shoulders, turning around to show him the knot that ties your dress together behind your back. “Can you untie the strap for me, please?” Of course, you could do it yourself, but you’re trying to give him signs that you want his hands on you.
Unfortunately for you, Eren doesn’t take the bait. He just hums in response, retrieves his suit from your hands, and lets it drape over one arm as he unfastens the strap that sits low on your backside. You can feel his fingers lingering a few seconds too long on the dip of your spine, hoping that he’ll let his hand wander just a little bit lower to cup your behind with his large palms. But Eren only says, “Done,” and walks away.
Damn it, you click your tongue in vexation. You remove your heels, intentionally taking your time to make it more obvious that you’re giving him an invitation to chase after you. Eren doesn’t even bother to look. He only plops himself down on the sofa, resting both legs on the large coffee table before him, and retrieves a plastic bag from his pocket. It’s filled with a few pre-rolled joints, you notice. He snatches one, settling it between his fingers as he rummages around for his lighter.
“I can’t believe you brought those.”
“Jean bought too much so he gave me some,” Eren answers, places the blunt between his lips, and lights it up. He takes a drag, tossing his head back as he paints clouds of smoke in the air. “Ah, fuck, that feels good,” he moans, smiling to himself. “Babe, can you turn off the lights? It’s too bright here.”
Great, now he’s completely distracted. With a defeated sigh, you do as he says. The second you switch off the lights, your chagrin leaves you at once. You’re awe-struck, impressed at the scenery that spreads widely on the other side of your window. Your room is located on the thirtieth floor and the city lays out like a carpet made of diamonds underneath. The windows don't just go from floor to ceiling–they are the walls. Sure, the translucent glass can make some people feel too exposed, but at the moment, you don’t mind. You’re just too captivated by the gorgeous cityscape to care about anything else.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Eren’s voice chimes in, his joint resting idly between his fingers. “My brother, Zeke, got married in this hotel and he rented out the entire floor for our family to stay. So I spent a night here and I was mesmerized by this view.” He brings the ashtray to his lap, tapping the ashes off his spliff as his smile turns bashful. “I, uh… I thought you’d like it too so I brought you here.”
That wasn’t… something you’d expected to hear, not from the devil himself. Eren has been acting sweet and thoughtful all night, his words tugging on your heartstrings. Maybe this is the reason why he’s not touching me just yet, you ponder. He wants to make it… romantic.
On a different occasion, you would’ve shuddered at the thought. Eren Jaeger and the word romantic don’t seem to belong in the same sentence. But right now, contentment warms you from within and you take a few strides toward his spot until you’re looming above him from behind the couch. Eren lifts his face in your presence, gazing at you with his skull resting on the couch.
“Thank you,” you say, lowering your head to close the gap. You can taste the earthy scent of marijuana on his lips as you kiss him upside down, moving your lips languidly against his before you deepen the kiss. Eren breathes heavily through his nose when your tongue slithers inside his mouth, his left hand going up to your face to slip his fingers between your strands. It’s sensual, the way you kiss him, one that will leave him unsatisfied once it ends. He robs a moan from your throat when he parts your lips wider, your mouth clasped against one another perfectly that you wish you could stay like this forever.
You try to get him under your spell but once the kiss ends, it’s you who’s left hypnotized. “Aren’t you going to take a shower?” He asks in a whisper, his fingers skating over your glistening lips.
“Yeah…” You’re so tempted to lean down again, tasting the flavor of his mouth once more. His lips—no, his entire being to you is like a drug, addicting, leaving you delirious when you can’t have him the way you want to. Funny how you’ve slept with him so many times and here you are, wanting him like a forty-year-old virgin dying for a touch. But maybe it’s exactly because you’ve embraced him that you start to want him more. Your body already knows how good he can make you feel, and it’s telling you—begging you—to stop playing hard to get and surrender yourself to him.
“Go then,” Eren says with a faint smirk, faster than you can make up your decision. “I’m still gonna smoke for a little bit. I’ll join you later.”
Never have you ever felt so disappointed in your life. He might as well just say that he’d been cheating on you for three years and it would probably feel the same.
“Okay,” you state out a little too coldly. You walk away from him, shucking off your dress with the biggest scowl on your face. You make your way to the bathroom, throwing your clothes without a care, and drenching yourself under a stream of hot water to calm yourself down. Eren doesn’t follow you with his eyes, but if he had noticed your expression, you know he would’ve laughed. And he is laughing, though you’re no longer in the room to witness it. You think he was trying to be romantic? No. He just wants you to beg. Which is why he isn’t going to join you, despite his promise. But it’s okay. You already know he won’t.
But damn it, you want him. You want him so bad that as soon as you've finished taking a shower, you wrap a bathrobe around your nude body and dry your hair as fast as you can. You redo your makeup, keeping it light but applying the boldest shade of red on your lips to make them look more inviting. Satisfied with your look, you march your way back to the bedroom.
Eren is still lounging on the couch, barefooted as he lights up his second spliff for the night. It’s only been around fifteen minutes since he began to smoke. The drug has entered his bloodstream but it will still take another fifteen minutes more to peak. Even so, his posture is relaxed, his eyes turning half-lidded as he stares vacantly at the city lights. Eren doesn’t get high easily, as he does this often, but you can see a hint of euphoria shimmering in his eyes.
He notices you walking toward him but he doesn’t say a word. It’s only until you’re sitting on his lap, your legs pressed together on one side, that a smile graces his lips. “Hey,” he greets, drawling out his words, “That was fast. I thought you were going to draw yourself a bath—”
“Eren,” you cut him off, turning your body to the side so you can face him properly. He watches the way your eyes fall to his lips, the tip of your nose nearly brushing against his. Kiss me, you want to say the words, but you decide to let your body speak for you instead.
You kiss him with a surprising, sudden force, your mouth opening his, not asking, demanding. You can taste the combination of burnt weed, smoke, and paper in his mouth and Eren blindly places down his cigarette on the ashtray and removes it to the side table so he can use both hands to knead on your skin. For a moment, he allows himself to be swallowed by your passion, your limbs tangled around one another with a sense of urgency. His hand finds your face, cupping your cheek as he forces you to give him your tongue. His other one roams down your body, unfastening the knot around your waist and letting your bathrobe slide off your shoulders.
Eren’s deep chuckles reverberate from his chest. “So impatient,” he mocks against your neck, tongue darting out to taste a hint of the jasmine soap you lathered on your skin ten minutes ago.
Annoyed by his attitude, you press one hand against the front of his throat, pushing him back down until he has his spine plastered against the couch. “You act like you’re not interested,” you taunt him back, one hand holding him by the neck while your other one slides down to cup him over his trousers. You can feel his tent forming underneath your palm. “But you’re honest down here, Mr. Jaeger.”
“I didn’t say I wasn’t interested.” Eren tilts up his chin, smirking arrogantly. He exhales heavily with a deep mmm when he feels your fingers choking him a little harder. “You’re threatening me, Sweetheart?”
“No, of course not,” you croon in return, your sinful grin matches his. “I’m just letting you know that we’re both too old to play this game. How about I ride you instead?”
He didn’t expect you to bluntly say the words but it comes as a nice surprise. “You want to ride me?” Without warning, Eren lifts your body with his hands holding you firmly by your waist. He settles you back down on his lap with his right thigh trapped between your legs this time. “Go on, then.”
The mischief in your eyes vanishes without a trace. “I was talking about riding your tiny dick, genius.”
“You’ll get to do it when I allow you to do it.” He pats your cheek, and you swat his hand away with a baleful glare. “I’m sure my thigh is enough for you right now. Think of it like you’re giving me a lap dance. Seduce me, baby. Turn me on. Make me beg for that tight little pussy of yours like last time.”
God, this asshole, you bite back your anger. “Fine, then.” You lean forward to kiss him, your teeth harshly nibbling on his lower lip as your fingers threaten to crush his windpipes. When you release him, his lips are bruised, red but not from your lipstick.
The material of his pants feels silky smooth against your heat, a stark contrast to how harsh his teeth are grinding against the spot that connects your neck to your shoulder. Your instinct takes over you, and you abandon all control. Desperate for friction, you start to roll your hips forward, feeling the graze of his fabric against your bare cunt.
Still keeping your hand on his throat, you grind yourself on his thigh again, reminding him just how good you’re going to ride his cock later on. You use your free hand to reach over to the side, snatching his neglected joint from the ashtray. Bringing the roll up to your lips, you take a long huff before you draw it away. You remove your hand from his neck, trap his chin between your fingers and drag it down, blowing the remaining smoke into his mouth. Eren loves how audacious you’re being, your wetness leaving stains on his fabric, your bathrobe sliding down your body low enough to have your breasts exposed but your stomach concealed.
“Like what you’re seeing?” You ask with a thick layer of seduction misting your enchanting eyes.
“Of course.” He reciprocates with a smirk. “My baby girl is a fucking goddess. Can’t wait to ruin that pretty face later.”
“If you can.” You take another drag before you place the joint back on the ashtray. You face the ceiling, releasing smoke in the air while giving him the sight of your exposed neck. It takes him everything not to latch his mouth against the column of your throat and sketch bruises on your skin.
He tries to distract himself by hooking his fingers around your necklace and tugging you down to slant your lips together. The kiss quickly turns deep, with him sucking on your tongue and you taking a fistful of his hair. You unfasten his hair tie, carding your fingers through his loose strands, wanting to make him growl in pain from how hard you’re tugging on his roots.
Your plan fails miserably, however, because Eren is laughing.
You pull away with a frown. “What?”
“Nothing, it’s just…” His laughter is reduced to titters. “What is up with you and my hair? I thought you liked my bun.”
“I do like your bun. But now that it’s longer, I love you better with your hair down.”
“Wrong,” he scoffs. “You should love me just as hard no matter how I look.”
“I love you the most when you keep your mouth shut, how about that?”
He snorts, shaking his head in amusement. His little “Rude,” turns quickly into a gasp when you kiss him ferociously again, successfully making him groan this time from how hard you’re yanking on his hair.
“I do love whatever hairstyle you’re sporting though,” you speak out in a sigh as Eren dives down to suck bruises on your neck. Your hips are moving on their own, riding his thigh like it’s the only thing you know how. “Except if you’re bald then maybe we need to have a long, thorough—ah, yes, right there—discussion.” You place his hand on your breast, guiding him to squeeze you tightly by keeping your palm pressed against his knuckles.
“You know when I love you the most?” He murmurs against your skin, a moment before he clamps his mouth around your hardening nipple. “When you walk into your class with your panties drenched and my cum buried inside you.”
“You and your breeding kink—ah—” You moan at the sensation of him sucking hard on your bud. You tighten your hold around his strands, guiding his face closer to you. “Eren, fuck me,” you breathe out, eyes closed, body melting underneath his hands. “Fuck me before I change my mind.” He was this close to succumbing to your wish, but that last taunt causes his haughty smirk to grow back. He stops doing everything at once, leaving you mewling in protest, your nails almost sinking into his chest. “Why are you stopping? I’m telling you to fuck me.”
Eren leans in to whisper in your ear. “Well, I’m telling you that I’m not some slave you can order around,” he says, his voice sounding perilous. “Get down on your knees.”
It’s not a request, it’s an order and you find yourself yielding to his words. You can fight him back and in other circumstances, you might do it. But you’re so damn tired of playing his game. He’s been teasing you all night and if he wants to pay you back for what you did to him last time by making you his sex doll for the night, making you cum over and over again until you’re sobbing out his name—is that really so bad?
No, it isn’t. It’s not bad at all.
So there you go, on your knees, your bathrobe completely discarded on the floor with his pants and boxer briefs following not long after. You let him keep his shirt on, only unbuttoning completely so you can marvel at the ridges of his abdomens whenever you want to. You curl your fingers around his shaft, stroking him to his full length. Within seconds, he’s hard and heavy in your hand, twitching slightly whenever you run your thumb over his slit. His pre-cum stains your pad and there’s this urge within you to steal a taste, but Eren, grabbing back the spliff from the side table, says, “Don’t use your mouth.” He brings his blunt closer to his lips. “I want to fuck those tits.”
“I can’t even get a taste?” The naughty twinkle in your eyes is so obscene, he wishes he could take a picture of you right here, right now, with his cock pressed against your cheek, your hand stroking his thigh, your eyes misted with lust as you yearn to have his taste in your mouth.
“Don’t worry.” He takes a drag and exhales once before he answers. “I’ll be sure to fuck your mouth later on that by the time I’m finished with you, you won’t be able to speak.”
You hum in content as you grant a kiss on his tip, your crooked teeth showing behind an impish grin. “Promise?”
“Promise.” He leans back on the couch, smiling derisively at you. “So be a good fucking slut that you are and do what Daddy says.”
He’s called you names before in bed, sure, but never with that word. Eren is always more fond of praising instead of degrading you in bed, which is why when it happens, it lights your skin on fire. His submissive side is adorable, but when he’s dominating you and looking at you like you’re a low-life who’s not worth a sliver of his attention?
Fuck, I’m so turned on.
Tucking your damp hair behind your ear, you lean forward and catch his cock between the valley of your breasts. You squeeze your mounds together, moving your body up and down. “Spit on it,” he says, and you let your saliva pool in your mouth before you let it dribble onto his cock. Eren watches the way his throbbing member slides easily against your chest, still with his blunt resting between his fingers, occasionally taking a puff every now and then. His expression doesn’t say much, to the point that you start to worry whether you’re doing this wrong. Desperate to get a reaction out of him, you tuck your chin and wrap your lips around his tip.
“Getting desperate now, aren’t you, baby?” Eren starts to chuckle lightly between his words as the effect of his cannabis begins to kick in. “I thought I told you not to use your mouth.”
You taste the saltiness of his pre-cum, gliding your tongue across your bottom lip. “I just want to see how long you can keep your face like that before I make you cum.”
He snorts but you can see the muscles in his stomach tightening at the stimulation you’re giving him. His hips start to move on their own, rubbing himself against your chest, loving the way you moan around his mushroom head. “Dart out your tongue,” he states and you do as he says. He bucks his hips harder, making sure that his tip rubs against your tongue whenever he thrusts upward.
You giggle. “Getting desperate now, aren’t you, Daddy?” Without his permission, you’re climbing back onto his lap. You stand on your knees, trapping his thighs between your legs before you grab a hold of his cock and rub his tips against your pussy lips. “Why don’t we just cut to the chase and get this pretty dick inside me?”
He smacks his palm against your ass, morphing your giggle into a surprised squeal. “Let me taste that fucking cunt first.”
As he slouches down on his seat, you rise until you have your knees pressed against the backrest, your heat hovering right before his face. Eren grabs both of your ass cheeks, grasping them tight and spreading them wide apart as he guides you closer to him. A satisfied sigh departs from your lips when you feel his mouth clamping hotly against your wetness, tongue circling your clit before it slides up and down your folds. You want more, want to have his slick muscle probing against your entrance so you widen your legs, your fingers moving to his head, pulling him away by his hair. He groans, looking up at you with a scowl.
“Lean your head back, Daddy,” you tell him with lust residing heavily in your eyes. “Want to ride your face this time.”
Eren snorts. “Needy little slut,” he comments, but he angles his face upward, permitting you. He relaxes his jaw, tongue darting out so you can make use of it as you please. You rub yourself harder against his face, body shivering a little when you feel the tip of his nose grazing against your clit. This position makes you feel so exposed but instead of making you feel flustered, you just feel more aroused.
“Do you like it, Daddy?” You tease him, biting the corner of your lip to stop yourself from simpering. “Like the way I taste?”
“Shut the fuck up.” Eren smacks your behind again, growling against your skin as he hungrily laps up your juices. Oh, the thrills of being ravished by him like this—you will never get tired of it. He’s so good with his tongue, so talented at making your clit swell, but it’s not enough. It won’t be enough until you have his cock pulsating inside you. “Ah, Eren, I want you.”
He pulls away, spitting onto your cunt once before he runs his fingers along your folds. “Want me to fuck you?” He pushes your thigh to the side, spreading your legs as wide as he can and slipping two fingers inside at the same time.
You squirm in discomfort, the friction burns. Sometimes you wish he could be a bit gentler, but it seems like you’re both past your limit tonight. “Yes, please.”
He drives away his hand, his fingers coated with your slick all the way down to his knuckles. With a sudden pull, Eren forces you down to sit on his lap again. His hand finds your throat, holding you down like a prisoner while he pushes his fingers against your lips. You part them open, lapping on your taste and running your tongue along his pads.
Eren watches with dark eyes, his voice turns gravelly when he speaks. “Promise you’ll be good this time?”
You nod, sucking on his thumb. “I’ll be whatever you want.”
“Bad girls will get punished.”
“I promise I’ll be good, Daddy.”
“All right. Grab my belt for me.” He nudges his head toward his discarded pants on the floor. Your heart jerks violently at the anticipation. He’s going to… tie me up again?
“What, scared?” Eren sneers, reading your expression. “I won’t hurt you this time, baby. I’ll be gentle.”
You almost laugh. You both know that he’s anything but gentle when it comes to sex, even during your first time. “As if you can.” You jump down off his lap, kneeling on the floor as you snatch his belt out of the loops. “Here.”
Eren returns to his feet, towering tall above you with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He takes the belt away, staring down at you condescendingly. “Hands in the air.”
You comply without a word, raising both hands above your head. “Wish I had worn a tie tonight,” he tells you as he unclasps his belt, “Would’ve wrapped it around your neck so I can pull you around and treat you like a fucking bitch that you are.”
You swallow hard. There’s no mercy in his eyes as he means his every word. He binds your wrists together with his belt, wrapping it tightly so that you can feel its leather digging torturously into your skin. Your face contorts slightly in pain and you know he notices it because he’s smirking in satisfaction, enjoying how pathetic you look. “So much for being gentle,” you mutter.
“What’s pleasure without a little pain?” He asks back with a coquettish smile. “On your feet.”
Releasing a harsh breath, you stand up, facing him with a little glower breaking on your face. “I suppose this is your revenge for last time?”
“Maybe. Turn around.” His tone is always light, playful, and you know that he’s having fun just as much as you were back then.
Your body is now facing the rectangular coffee table that stands just as tall as your knees, its size large enough for your whole body to lie down on it. Each frame is crafted of forged wrought iron with a thick, tempered glass being used as its tabletop. It’s transparent, crystal clear to the point that you can see the fibers of the polypropylene rug that lays underneath it.
“Relax, baby.” You can feel Eren’s hot breath caressing your shoulder when he leans close to gather your strands in one hand. He has snatched back his abandoned hair tie from the couch, tying your hair up in a messy ponytail. “As much as I love seeing you with your hair down, I don’t want it to get in the way.” He throws back the words you said when you did the same thing to him during the time you restrained him in bed. “Besides,” he yanks harshly on your hair, leaving you with no choice but to face the ceiling with your face contorted in pain. His lips move against your ear. “I can hold you like this when I fuck you.”
God. It’s been a while since he goes all-out with his dominant side, and you can feel your body trembling in excitement. You love it when he’s like this. Love it so much that maybe you should stop acting so tough and just indulge him for the rest of the night, letting him do whatever he wants with you.
Yeah, I should do that.
“One foot on the table,” he says and you oblige, maintaining your balance with one foot on the carpeted floor and another one pressed flat against the tabletop. Eren stands behind you, jams two of his fingers into your mouth without warning, and chokes you with them. “Come on, make them wet.” He makes sure they’re coated with your saliva before he drags them away, moving them down to rub the aching spot between your legs.
Your breath catches in your throat. Eren doesn’t waste any time, plunging his fingers deep inside you and stretching you out without waiting for you to adjust. There’s pain at first then pleasure next, and it’s so intense, you’re beginning to worry. If you cum too fast, he’s definitely going to ridicule you about it.
You bite your lip to stifle down a moan, your legs almost closing around his hand from how fast he’s pumping his fingers inside you.
“Now, now,” he purrs right beside your ear. He has his chest pressed flat against your spine, one hand fucking you and another one taking possession of your breast. “Keep those legs open, baby. I want to see you dripping your cum all over the table.”
He sounds so sexy in your ears, sultrier, and more dangerous than ever. The little growl he lets out when you don’t obey him right away, the impatient snarl, and his overall low pitch voice that reeks masculinity—every breath he lets out sends goosebumps breaking all over your skin.
Eren crooks his fingers towards your belly button, easily finding your sweet spot that makes your body jolt in reaction. “So cute,” he laughs lightly. He adds a firm pressure, his fingers swaying in a come hither motion that makes you feel like you’re standing at the edge of the cliff, about to fall fast and hard. “Don’t hold back,” he urges you, planting a wet kiss on the sensitive skin underneath your ear. “Squirt for me, baby. Cum on my fingers and I’ll fuck you real nice with my cock. You can’t wait, can you?”
His scandalous words like honey to your ears, his sensual touches like fire to your soul. He’s applying more force, pumping his fingers faster and your entire existence is suddenly concentrated upon a blissful feeling forming at your center. “Do it,” he urges, moaning lowly with his teeth grinding against your earlobe. “Fucking cum for me, baby.” There’s a burst of pleasure erupting from the bottom of your stomach and you feel something drenching your thighs. With his fingers still thrusting in and out of you mercilessly, fat droplets of your cum stain the glass, and you watch in shame, mortified by the sight.
“Oh, shit,” he laughs mockingly, “Look at you, baby, dripping all over the table. Does it feel good? Hmm? Squirting on my fingers like that?”
He’s playing with your clit now, holding you in place and snickering when you almost lose your balance, too weak to stand from the intensity of your orgasm. “Can’t stand?” He scoffs. “Tsk. What am I going to do with you.”
Eren pushes you down to the table, telling you to lie on your back. “Spread your legs. Let me see it.” With your chest still heaving up and down violently, trying to catch some air back into your lungs, you rest your tied hands on your stomach and hoist up your legs, giving him a clear view of your cunt. He can see your entrance twitching and clenching around nothing, soaked with a little bit of creamy white cum dribbling down to the crease of your ass. “Beautiful,” Eren praises, pushing back your cum into your hole and sliding his fingers in and out of you again, overstimulating you. “The way this tight little hole is sucking on my fingers—Seems like it’s missing my dick, Sweetheart.”
“Ah, wait—” Your body convulses with the aftershocks of your ecstasy. “Eren, I’m still—”
“What, gonna cum again?”
You can’t tell—everything just feels so fucking good, it’s insane. There’s a little spurt coming out of you, barely noticeable but Eren can feel it soaking him down to his wrist. “Fuck, baby, that’s so fucking hot,” he sighs, taking out his fingers and shoving them inside his mouth. “Mmm,” he moans as he savors your taste, his cheeks hollowing around his fingers. You watch him with blood pooling on your face, leaving you dizzy. “Next time,” he pauses, his fingers finding your clit again, but he rubs his pads lazily this time, just teasing you. Even then, your body still shudders, sensitive from your release. “I want you to squirt on my face so I can taste you,” he leans forward, chest meeting chest, his lips an inch away from yours when he growls. “Every bit of you.”
There’s an emptiness in the center of you and you relish the thought of him filling you deep. “Eren,” his name is whispered like a prayer. “I want you in me.”
“Yeah?” He settles himself between your legs, pushing in just the tip to make you mewl. “Like that, baby?” He’s not even using his hands, his cock standing hard enough to slide on its own. He has both palms placed on your thighs, pushing them forward. “You’re so wet I can just easily slide in. Been thinking about this since dinner, haven’t you?” He drives his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt. "You're taking my cock like it's made for you. Such a tight little cunt, I want to fucking ruin it." But despite his words, he pulls away completely, leaving you empty.
“Eren!” You throw your head back on the table, frustrated. “Stop fucking around and just—”
He grabs a hold of your jaw, stopping you mid-sentence. “I can do whatever the fuck I want to do to you,” he speaks through gritted teeth. The sudden drop of his voice sends a shiver down your spine. “I’ll fuck you when I want to, and you can cum only when I tell you to. So keep your mouth shut and do as I say.” His striking emerald eyes are peering deep into yours, leaving you immobile. You can only feel like you can breathe again when a sweet smile breaks on his lips. “You can do that, can’t you, baby?”
He’s mirroring your actions, giving you the same experience of what you did to him last week and you realized, oh, so this is how he felt at that time. He inflicts fear and excitement at the same time, making your blood boil from a sensation that you’re not sure how to explain. “Yes.”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Good,” he vocalizes amorously. Eren goes down to his knees, his head located right between your legs, his hand caressing your thigh. “You know I only aim to please you, right?” He calms you down with delicate strokes, before suddenly, he slaps his hand against your heat, seizing a surprise gasp out of your mouth. He soothes the pain by spitting onto your clit, lowering his head to suckle on it, his tongue drawing obscene sketches on your nub. He probes his muscle against your hole, tasting you thoroughly. “God, you taste so fucking sweet. Can’t wait to have you ride my tongue again after I fill you up with my cum.” He pulls away, going back to his feet as he lets his shirt fall off to the floor. “Fuck yourself with your fingers for me.”
You’re his marionette for the night and you don’t put up a fight. You bring your fingers to your center, massaging your folds before you slide your fingers between them. Eren circles around, standing on the opposite of the table. He bends down to reward you with his lips brushing sweetly against yours, kissing you upside down with his fingers toying lightly with your nipple.
“Daddy, please,” you plead. “Fuck me. Haven’t I been good?”
That pitiful whine of yours feeds his ego so well. “You want me to fuck you with my cock, baby?” He sweetly asks. “You better warm me up then.” He pulls your body forward until you have your head dangling over the edge of the table. “Open your mouth. Keep your fingers inside that cunt.”
You part your lips and he pushes himself inside, driving himself until your mouth covers everything up to the base. You choke on it, breathing heavily through your nose but Eren doesn’t move, not yet. He lets his cock sit heavily inside your mouth as he snatches the plastic bag and his lighter from the table. He takes another joint, places it between his lips as he lights up the other end. He inhales, taking a deep breath and proceeding to blow out a cloud of smoke. He giggles, lost in a state of euphoria. His hips begin to move, slowly but steadily.
Tucking his blunt between his teeth, he steals his phone back from the table this time. “We should commemorate this,” he says, slurring his words. “It’s my birthday after all.”
With one hand holding his joint and another one holding his phone, Eren aims the camera downward to get a clear shot of your throat constricting around his cock as he thrusts into your mouth. “Too bad I can’t get your pretty face on camera but I can literally see how far my dick goes inside you,” he snickers, pushing himself further inside until both his length and his testicles are blocking your airways. “Watch your teeth.”
“Mmph!” You’re gagging, crying with stinging tears quickly forming in your eyes.
“That’s right.” Eren chuckles again, “Take that fucking dick, baby girl. Been waiting all night for it, haven’t you?” He pulls away just to push himself in, doing it a few more times as he shifts his camera to record the rest of your body. Your bouncing breasts, your strapped up hands, your fingers playing with your clit. “Goddamn,” he murmurs to himself. “This is the sexiest you’ve ever been, baby, you should be proud.”
With the feeling of THC running through his bloodstream and the sensation of your hot mouth shrouding his length, Eren feels like he’s about to lose himself over the edge. “Your mouth feels so good. Such a good girl,” he praises breathlessly, driving his hips forward and emphasizing each word with his thrust. “Such a good. fucking. girl.”
You can’t hold it anymore, it’s too much. When he feels you gagging around him, Eren breaks away. He lets his cock slide out of your mouth with thick ropes of saliva connecting your skin to his, still recording your face as he watches you gasp frantically. You turn around to your stomach, propping yourself on your elbows, coughing with tears lining down your cheeks.
“Look at the camera, baby.” And you do, looking all fucked out with your lipstick smeared to your cheeks, your face ruined with saliva, hazy eyes trying to find his gleaming ones. “The prettiest girl in the world,” he says with a satisfied smirk, a moment before he stops recording. “Wonder what your daddy's gonna think of you if he sees you like this. Does he know his daughter calls me daddy too?”
“You’re crazy,” you tell him, coughing once.
“Only for you, baby.”
He tosses back his phone to the couch, telling you to position yourself on all fours on the table. At this point, none of you cares if it breaks underneath your weight. Eren’s head is in the clouds, and your mind is fogged by the desire of having him inside you.
He positions himself behind you, plunging his length inside you in a slow, lazy manner. He keeps you still, lips curving up in a smug smile when he sees you pushing back your hips, eager to have his cock hitting your deepest spot. “Yeah, bounce on it,” he says, smacking your ass hard enough to leave his handprint on your skin. “Fucking bounce on my cock just like that, baby.”
You keep it going, moving back and forth just to feel him rubbing against your walls. Tugging on your ponytail, Eren takes another drag, inhaling as deep as he can before he leans forward and forces you to turn your head to the side. He blows smoke into your mouth and you suck every bit of it, slightly whimpering when he meshes your lips together. His tongue massages yours, letting you taste a hint of lemongrass that resides in his mouth.
He places the spliff between your lips this time and you inhale around it, coughing lightly when it burns your throat. Eren smiles, kissing your jaw once before he crushes the blunt against the table, putting it out for good. Bringing his hand to your throat, he pulls you up until you’re standing on your knees, your forearms pressed against your chest. His other hand slithers around your waist, filling the dip of your spine with his chest. “High sex is the best sex, right, baby?”
You answer him with a content hum, your inhibition is lowered, your senses heightened. You’re drowning in rapture, dopamine coursing through your veins. At the moment, all you can feel is utter bliss and you take in the feeling of his length inside of you, the sound of his pretty little moans, and the way his fingers choke you slightly as he angles your face to the side and kisses you like he’s never kissed you before. He’s rutting his hips against yours, body moving in rhythm. You’re both taking your time, not picking up the pace just yet, just enjoying the feeling of skin rubbing against skin.
You insert two of your fingers inside your mouth, tongue swirling around them before you remove and plunge them inside his. Eren sucks on your fingers, adding more saliva onto them before you take them out and drag them to your clit. His mouth finds your neck, lazily grinding his teeth against your skin to leave his marks on you.
At this point, it doesn’t matter if he fucks you slow. You're sure you can still reach your climax because everything just feels so fucking good. But then Eren leans close to your ear. “I’m gonna show the whole world you’re mine,” he whispers, “Will you let Daddy do that to you, baby?”
Your brain is too fuzzy to understand his words but you nod. Lifting your body off the table, he forces you back to your feet and pushes you forward until you have your chest pressed against the window. Your nude body, covered only by his purplish love bites, is fully exposed. Your room is too dark for people to see your bodies moving against one another—you’re not even sure if they could even if you were under the spotlight, knowing your room is located on the top floor—but just the thought of having sex like this, with passing cars and the city lights glowing underneath you… It almost feels like a dream.
You’re woken up by a slap, however, when you feel him ramming his cock back inside you with a sudden force. “Baby,” he breathes heavily against your ear, “You better remember that I love you," you can feel his teeth grazing against your earlobe as he growls his next words, "‘cause I’m about to fuck you like I don’t.”
“Oh—God—” you sob out, your entire body being pushed forward with his merciless thrust.
Eren fucks like the devil, but he brings heaven to you.
He fucks with filthy expletives tumbling off his lips. He fucks without giving you a chance to breathe, and he fucks with his fingers digging excruciatingly into your hip, leaving angry half-moons on your supple skin. His thrust drives you forward until you’re completely pushed up against the window. Your restrained arms raised high in the air, your forehead pressed against your wrists, your breasts plastered against the glass. Eren fucks you roughly from behind, one hand on your hips, one hand tugging harshly on your ponytail. “You’re squeezing me so tight. You like being watched, baby girl?”
He snaps his hips, turning your vocabulary into a blank slate. You give a shaky nod, your teeth sinking into your lip.
“Should’ve chosen a different room,” he says, a bit breathlessly, “As much as I like the scenery, would’ve liked it better if I fuck you where people can see us. Don’t you want it, baby? Don’t you want people looking up and finding your fucking tits pressed against the glass? To see the way they bounce every time I fuck you? Don’t you want them to see that pretty face of yours when I paint it over with my cum? I bet you’d like that.”
His words have you clenching your walls around him and he groans. “Ah, fuck, you’re gonna cum?” He angles his hips upward, hitting your g-spot. “You want to fucking cum, baby?”
“Yes—” Your vocal is strained, your legs losing strength. “Fuck, fuck, Daddy, I’m about to cum—” Your sentence ends up in a shriek when he suddenly lifts you entirely off the ground. Eren, using all the strength in his legs and arms, supports your entire weight by placing his hands under your thighs, keeping your backside pressed flat against his chest, and holding you in place as he thrusts upward. “Shit—Ren—oh my God—” Never in your life had you imagined yourself being fucked in this position. The glass window acts like a mirror where you can see your reflection, your legs open wide, his cock sliding in and out of you, fast and deep. His hands are the only support that keeps your body off the ground, fighting gravity. Every bit of you, the way your breasts bounce with each thrust, your forehead glistening with sweat, your lips are swollen and bruised with saliva coating your chin—you can see it all.
And you wonder if anyone else can see you too.
Your orgasm hits you so hard, your whole body tenses and relaxes at once. You scream out his name, keening in pleasure. As you lose control, you find yourself squirting again, a little bit harder than before where a few droplets of your juices manage to stain the window glass while the rest of it drips right down to the carpeted floor. Eren laughs, both mockingly and impressed, “Goddamn, baby, you’re making such a mess.” He places you down to your feet, hooking one arm around your waist to stop you from sliding down. Knowing that you can’t stand, Eren scoops you up in his arms and moves you back to the couch.
“I haven’t cummed yet,” he reminds you, positioning you on his lap. “Ride me. I want you to make yourself squirt on my cock. Use that dick like you fucking own it.”
You’re tired. Exhausted. Just how long have you been doing this already? He may have the stamina but you can barely keep up.
Laying both hands on the backrest, you ride him as fast as you can. Eren leans his back against the couch, his hand accidentally brushes against his phone. Then he remembers something. “Hey, we haven’t taken pictures together today.” He unlocks his phone and flips the camera until you can see yourself on the screen, your chest hovering at the same height as his face. Eren smirks, taking a picture with his fingers squeezing your breast. “This is all mine.” He takes another shot with his lips clamping around your nipple, sucking it hard until you flinch.
“Who told you to stop?” he growls, smacking your ass as he draws your nipple between his teeth. “You’re gonna make Daddy cum, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Gonna be my good fucking girl?” Another spank, enough to leave marks on your skin. “Answer me.”
“Ah! Yes, Daddy!”
You pick up the pace, your thighs wobbling underneath your weight but you try to roll your hips in the way that leaves him a moaning mess. Eren keeps playing with your chest. He has his eyes closed but his thumb taps consistently against the screen, taking pictures after pictures before he switches it to video.
The sight of his jaw clenching as he bites your necklace that dangles over his face, the sultry moans you both emit from the back of your throat, the way you frantically bounce up and down his cock—everything is being recorded. Eren watches your body move from the screen, satisfied with how obscene it looks. He switches to the back camera, taking a close-up shot of your face. “Tell me, baby,” Eren husks with a filthy smirk. “Who’s your daddy?”
He propels his hips upward, making you shout your answer louder than intended. “You!”
“That’s right.” Eren casts his phone away, not caring if it’s still recording. “I’m your daddy.”
You drape your arms on his shoulders for support, the belt that binds your wrist together rubs against his nape. Your fingers are buried in his hair as you feel the familiar sensation pooling in your stomach. “Daddy—Daddy, I’m—”
He kisses you hard, swallowing the rest of your words. You stay like that as you grind yourself to completion, whimpering against his mouth, your walls tightening around him. You’re soaked again, only this time, your essence trickles directly onto his cock. “Fuck, baby—” Eren finds his release with a hard final ram of his hips, his face buried in the crook of your neck as he groans loudly. Wrapping both arms around your waist, he holds you in place as he shoots his seeds deep within you. “Not yet,” he growls when he feels you breaking away. “I won’t let you move. You’re gonna take every bit of my cum inside you, baby.”
You have your fingers tangled in his long strands, cradling his head close as you slowly rock your hips, letting him ride his orgasm till the end.
When he’s satisfied, Eren lifts your body high enough to let his length slide out of you. His essence dribbles down your thighs, some falling directly to stain the couch. He runs his fingers around your folds, scooping up whatever’s left, and brings them to your face. “Open your mouth.”
You comply obediently and he smears it all over your tongue before he leans in to kiss you, sucking on your slick muscle so he can feel the flavor of your taste mixed with his cum. The zeal in his kiss doesn’t last long as you both return from your high. Your body is weak, leaning against him with your forehead pressed against one another. Eren pushes you gently just so he can drag his lips to your cheek, moving them up to your nose and ending his journey on your temple.
“You okay?” He asks, pushing a lock of stray hair out of your eyes.
You find yourself tittering, albeit feebly. “It’s so typical of you to ask that question after spending an hour treating me like your sex doll.”
His smile doesn’t seem as conceited anymore. If anything, there’s only affection that blooms on his face. He tucks your hair behind your ear, frames your cheek, and lands a chaste kiss on your lips. “I’m sorry,” he says, rubbing the tip of his nose against yours. “In my defense, you looked like you enjoyed being treated as my sex doll.”
“I did,” you giggle in return. Maybe it’s the drug talking since you’re not usually this honest. “I cummed, like… four times tonight.”
“Four?” He frowns before realization transforms his face. “Oh, so you did cum in the restaurant earlier.”
Honestly? You’re too tired to care. He can make fun of you all he wants. All you want to do right now is clean yourself up and snuggle close to him in bed. Lucky for you, Eren gets the message. He takes you in his arms, carrying you bridal style before he lays you down on the bed.
“I’m gonna draw you a bath,” he says as he kneels right beside the bed, still checking on your face, looking for signs of discomfort. He takes off the belt from your wrists, tenderly brushing his lips against the marks he left you as a form of apology. “We can cuddle together, listen to some music, maybe drink some wine before we hit the bed. What do you think?”
You smile drowsily. “Doesn’t seem so bad.”
Eren laughs at your answer, ruffling your hair before he lets you taste his blissful smile with your lips. “I love you,” he murmurs, his thumb rubbing comforting circles on your cheekbone. “I’m sorry for being too mean to you today. For calling you a slut and everything. I didn’t mean any of that, you know that, right?”
“It’s okay.” You reach up a hand, pushing his hair behind his ear just like he did to you earlier. “Being mean suits you better. You’re the devil after all.”
He leans into your touch, his signature smirk returns as he brushes his lips against your palm. “Will you still love me regardless?”
You twine your fingers around his key-shaped pendant, pulling him down to you. A moment before your lips meet, you answer, “As long as you can bring heaven to me, I will love you in any way you want.” Eren kisses you sweetly, fervently, devotedly, with all his heart and every fiber of his being but when he tangles his fingers around your wrist, you pull back with a frown. “What’s wrong?” You question him, eyes searching his face as he seems nervous.
“There’s… There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.” The previous confidence he displayed has vanished without a trace. He takes a moment to seek bravery as the sentence he’s been itching to ask for weeks sits heavily on his tongue. When he’s ready, his gaze slowly return to yours. “After graduation, would you… move in with me?”
You blink, not expecting him to say that at all. “You mean, like, to your apartment?”
“Or we can search for a new place together, whatever you want,” he hurriedly professes, mistaking your reaction as a sign of discomfort when you’re just a bit stunned by the idea. "I don't care where we live. I just want to be with you."
It’s true that you’ve been dating for three years but Eren has been taking it slow. If it wasn’t you who spoke the sacred three words, he would’ve probably taken forever before he could say I love you as easily and as often as he does now. It’s not like he’s afraid of being committed to a relationship, and he never said he was, but his behavior around you made you think that he wanted to keep this casual as long as he could. Moving in together is a big step, isn’t it? You, yourself, had never thought about it until now.
“You…” His posture droops in sadness when you spend a few seconds longer than necessary drowning in silence. “You don���t want to?”
For a man who treated you like a common whore just twenty minutes ago, he truly knows the best way to win your heart, which is by sporting his best kicked puppy look. But there’s real fear in his expression, terrified of you saying no.
“You’re an idiot,” you reply.
“I would love to move in together with you, silly.” You pinch his nose, hard enough to make him flinch. When he witnesses your smile, both playful sheepish but ultimately filled with content, he exhales in relief, rushing to kiss you again where you can feel the shape of his lips curving up in glee.
“Really?” he breathlessly asks. He wears his heart on his sleeves, buzzing with happiness.
“Really, Ren.”
“Oh, God.” He pulls you into his embrace, his hand gently cradles the back of your skull as you rest your chin on his shoulder. “I’m so happy right now, I feel like I could die.” He backs away, cupping your cheek as he peers into your eyes. “I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning. To sleep while holding you close. I’ll take care of you, baby,” he promises, holding your hand and kissing the inner side of your wrist. “I promise I’ll take care of you forever.”
Your cheeks warm as your heart almost breaks with joy. “You sound like you’re proposing to me.”
He goes still, eyes largening in surprise before he turns crimson. “I… Well…” He looks down, his voice quavering when he says. “I’ve also been thinking–”
You quickly slap a hand over his mouth, face aflame as he freezes in surprise. “Let’s take a shower,” you say. “We can talk about this later.”
Eren takes your hand away, revealing a grin once he understands your expression. “Are you embarrassed?”
“Shut up.”
“You can’t stop thinking about it now, can you? Me marrying you?”
“Oh my God, shut up.” You jump down the bed, hastily making your way to the bathroom.
Chuckling, he follows after your steps. “Hey babe, what if I use one of your blank coupons and ask you to marry me?”
You’re going to die. You’re definitely going to die.
Anyone up for part 3 where Eren gets to use his "special coupons" on reader? KIDDING LMAO (or... am I? 😏😏😏)
Also, College Eren be like:
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading, baby! Huge thanks to sandra for beta-ing for me. I love you, baby ❤️❤️❤️
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ohthena · 2 months ago
Our Little Secret - Chapter 1
Series Masterlist
Pairing: Eren Jaeger X Female Reader
Genre: College AU, Spider-Man/Spider-Girl AU, Fluff, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Eventual Smut
Series Summary: Eren Jaeger, a 21-year-old virgin college student who loves his camera a little bit too much, has a crush on you. Every night, he switches on his camera and talks about you but he never could find the courage to speak to you in real life. Strangely enough, he finds it easy for him to befriend Spider-Girl, the crime fighting vigilante, not knowing that you both share the same identity.
Chapter Summary: A prologue to the story where you meet Eren Jaeger, the resident hot nerd, for the first time.
Content Warnings: explicit sex scene (happens at the end of the series, can be skipped if you want), swearing, mentions of characters going through depression, traumatic past events
Word Count: 4k
Tumblr media
“So, there’s this girl.”
Twenty-one-year-old Eren Jaeger has been making a video journal every day for the last three years of his life, but never, not once, did he ever start with “So, there’s this girl,” like a lovesick fool.
Making daily entries of his life as a college student may sound a bit weird when he has zero social interactions with popular kids, zero chances of being invited to frat parties, and zero experience in dating cute girls—or just girls, period. Eren won’t think of himself as a nerd, despite what the jocks and rich kids called him. His neighbor—a.k.a his one and only friend—Armin Arlert is a nerd and Eren looks nothing like him.
Unlike the blonde boy who dresses himself in baggy clothes and huge thick eyeglasses, Eren dresses casually in a pair of dark jeans and a button-down denim shirt with his long sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His mother used to say that he was the prettiest boy in the world, but then again, she was his mother so she was obliged to say that. He thinks he looks okay.
He has dark brown hair, silky smooth. When he was younger, his strands used to be long enough for him to dress himself up like Pocahontas on Halloween without having to wear a wig (he got five buckets full of candies in one night, the neighbors loved him, he was the prettiest Pocahontas ever), but since he often got mistaken as a girl, he decided to trim it off. Now, his hair is only long enough to graze his shoulders every time he wears it loose. He tries to look cool and sporty by tying it up in a man-bun, which is probably quite popular in, like, a decade ago but whatever.
What makes him look totally different from those bunch of losers–no offense to all the nerds out there–is the fact that he is actually quite muscular for a college student. He does a part-time job every summer at his uncle's moving company where he's forced to lift stuff, ranging from boxes full of clothes and delicate dishes to a three-piece living room sectional. It builds up his arms and core, giving him a nice set of pecs and a pair of guns that don’t belong to someone who stays up all night playing Days Gone.
He’s taller than most of the nerds too, thankfully, standing six feet tall with his broad shoulders hunched slightly as he walks. And unlike Armin who has a human-size pillow featuring a printed image of a half-naked anime girl in a questionable lying pose, Eren’s bed is as dull as his life—a single size bed with normal size pillows and gray sheets that he wishes someday can smell pleasantly like a girl’s bergamot perfume instead of his yesterday’s sweat.
What makes him look a little bit like a nerd is probably the way he carries his Canon EOS 90D camera in his hands at all times. At one point, he swore he heard a girl named Hitch laughing behind his back, jeering, “Bet you a hundred bucks he named his camera Rachel or something and pretends it’s his girlfriend.” Eren pouted and groused under his breath for the rest of the day because Hitch was completely wrong about it. He doesn’t treat his camera as his girlfriend. He treats his camera as his life partner. They’re committed to each other. It isn’t just a fling. And no, its name isn’t Rachel. It’s Sarah. But that’s beside the point.
Nerds often wear thick eyeglasses due to their endless hours of gaming, binging TV shows and anime, or reading hentai mangas late at night. Even though Eren does all of those things, his eyesight is perfectly fine, maybe even better than most people. He’s shared infinite hours of gaming too—Overwatch is his favorite online game at the moment—but his vision is so perfect that he often catches the little details that people missed or perhaps he’s just pretty observant. But Eren doesn’t like his eyes that much. They’re too green, too radiant, and combined with his thick eyebrows knitted together in a neverending frown, they make him look a bit… frightening. They make him seem unapproachable.
“You’ve got a resting bitch face, that’s your problem,” Armin concluded one night as they sprawled next to each other on the floor with their Xbox controllers in hands. “That’s why you always scare people off. This is why you don’t have a girlfriend, man.”
“Yeah, 'cause you’re so popular yourself,” Eren snorted which was quickly followed by a groan when Armin’s character on the screen managed to shoot him dead for the fifteenth time that night. “You fucking kidding me right now? Gonna shoot me from behind like that? That's cheap, bro. I was still changing my weapons.”
���Pussy. I would’ve had your ass killed in a real war within seconds,” Armin mocked back, fixing his eyeglasses. “And excuse me, I don’t have a girlfriend because I choose not to have a girlfriend. I’m loyal to my wife.”
“Your wife is a 2D character with fox ears wearing a kimono that highlights her unproportional boobs.”
“Yes, your point?”
Eren sighed in defeat. When he said he was married to his fictional waifu, Armin wasn’t kidding. All those photoshopped pictures he hung on his wall and the silver wedding ring he kept around his fourth finger were solid pieces of evidence of that.
But Eren never really cared about finding himself a girlfriend. Actually, despite popular beliefs, he had a few girls asking him out for a coffee date. That goth girl Mikasa Ackerman was even obsessing over him at some point. He received a text from her one day that said, “Do you feel it?” which he answered with a frown, “Feel what?” Not a few seconds later, another text appeared on his screen. “I’ve got your voodoo doll. I’m sucking your balls right now.” And Eren, almost right away, thought All right, that’s enough social interaction for the day. He changed his phone number right after. He low-key wanted to change his name too and maybe invent a new whole identity for him, just to be safe.
Now, let’s go back to his video journal. Due to some personal reasons, Eren has been making one every night, usually right after he got home where his memory was still fresh. Today, his last class is canceled so he returns earlier than usual to the small house he shares with his Aunt Dina. She was the one who took him and his older brother Zeke into her home right after their parents passed away. Zeke, three years older than he is, has been taking a late shift at a local restaurant so he won’t be back before midnight.
“Hey,” Eren greets the beautiful old lady as he closes the front door behind him.
“Hey, darling,” Dina responds with a benign smile. “You’re early. How was your day?”
“Last class was canceled. A bit burned out from all the pop quizzes but if I could survive high school, I think I’ll live. I’ll be in my room if that’s okay?”
“Sure. Gonna talk to your girlfriend again?”
So, yeah, the camera is his life partner but his computer? Now that’s his girlfriend. “Yep.” Placing a little greeting kiss on her cheek, Eren makes his way to his room. He yawns as he tosses his bag without a care to his bed, switching on his iMac before he plops himself down on his favorite swivel chair.
Throwing his head back, he heaves the loudest sigh ever known to mankind as if he had the roughest workday on NASA trying to stop an asteroid from hitting the earth when all he did was try not to cry over the pop quiz he had in his advanced statistics class. It’s some kind of stress relief for him, sighing like that, which is another habit that he often does just like how he nibbles on his bottom lip whenever he feels nervous. That sigh is also a signal for his other girlfriend to come along.
“Hey ya, girl,” Eren coos as a little Siberian Husky climbs up to his lap. He just bought her from a very shady pet shop called “Bow Wow.” She’s a four-month-old puppy with a black and white fluffy coat and striking icy blue eyes. She always does this little bark whenever Eren tilts up his chin and howls at her as if she’s trying to communicate by imitating him but she’s too young to produce a howl. It never fails to make him laugh. “Who needs a girlfriend when I have you,” he giggles, nuzzling their noses together. “Not that I’m into bestiality or anything, but I think you’re super cute, Muffin.”
And yes, her name is Muffin, literally because the first thing he saw after he stepped out of Bow Wow—god, he hated that name—was this little girl wolfing down a blueberry muffin as if her life depended on it. Does he regret it? Probably. Should’ve named her something better like Grey Wind or Nymeria or something. Then again, Game of Thrones’ ending sucked balls so maybe he’s glad he didn’t name his dog after stupid direwolves that literally contributed nothing to the show but have cool-looking CGI.
Activating his iSight camera, Eren watches the little green indicator lights up above his monitor. He starts recording, staring blankly at the screen for a couple of seconds as he contemplates what he should say as a form of greeting. His favorite introduction had always been, “Today sucks donkey’s ass,” which promptly followed by him rambling for a whole thirty minutes about how ridiculously boring college was, or complaining about how good his archenemy Jean Kirstein’s hair looked that day—that stupid horseface.
If he was having a good day, he tended to be more chatty, not just talking about his day but also making theories about life itself. His last video lasted for almost two hours, trying to answer “Does fate exist? If so, do we have free will?” It was the stupidest two hours he’d ever wasted in his life as he, by the end of his session, couldn’t even come up with a single gratifying answer.
But today, Eren can't think of anything else but one thing, or rather, a person, which is why he gives up with a groan, rubbing a hand over his face as his cheeks turn rosy. Keeping one hand on his puppy’s head, idly stroking its fur, he stares straight at the camera and confesses, “So, there’s this girl.”
This girl is you, one of the most popular girls on his campus. You’re not notorious for your skimpy clothes or getting handsy at parties. Honestly, you’re not even sure why almost everyone—even several teachers—knows your name. Sure, you’re one of the brightest kids in the university who has a few science trophies under your belt, but surely, that’s not what makes you famous, is it?
But unlike you, Eren knows perfectly why you’re popular. You’re kind, every junior knows your name because you’re a reliable senior who’s always eager to help people. You’re not only smart, but you’re witty too. You have a wicked sense of humor, sarcasm is your weapon of choice, and your confidence level is over the roof. Eren can tell from how easily you can make people smile and laugh whenever you strike up a conversation. You have the sweetest smile he’s ever seen on a girl’s face—or anyone’s face, really, maybe even more beautiful than the smile he used to witness on his mother’s face. It doesn’t help that you’re super cute too—cuter than Muffin, even, and that’s saying something.
There are so many things he adores about you and he knows that once he opens his mouth to form your name, he’ll never stop until his computer explodes from overheating. He’s been trying not to talk about you for so long, keeping all of these emotions bottled up inside his chest because he doesn’t want to sound like an obsessive stalker more than he already is. He’s too ashamed to admit it, but he’s been keeping his eyes on you for… what, maybe a couple of years by now? God, he’s such an embarrassment. Even right now he’s giving himself secondhand embarrassment by watching his face turning all lovey-dovey on screen as he talks about you. But how can he not after what happened today?
It was during lunch break when he felt like his world was flipped upside down. He was sitting in the backyard of his campus, just chilling on the ground with his legs stretched out, not caring if it would leave grass stains and dirt on his dark blue jeans—which he would enormously regret in the next seven minutes as it made him look like he just shit his pants. He was playing with his camera—because what else could he be doing? Talking to himself? He already did that during the first period—when he caught sight of you sitting on a bench with a few of your close friends: Sasha, Historia, and Annie (yes, aside from knowing your habits and your favorite sweaters, he memorized your friends’ names too, what a loser).
Sasha was telling a story with her mouth full of a salami sandwich—which was nothing new, of course—and you looked so adorable when you pushed a lock of stray hair behind your ear, listening intently with a little angelic smile breaking on your pretty lips.
Now, Eren didn’t mean to be a stalker. He knew how terrible it felt to be stalked by someone after what he went through with Mikasa. But he had taken a thousand pictures of you without you knowing, so why should he stop now? Plus, he had never seen you wearing that blouse with that skirt before and he had to have this look in his collection.
“Eren you stupid fuck,” he mumbled to himself as he brought his camera to his face. “Could’ve just told her she looked beautiful–maybe even ask her out on a date, but no, you just had to be gross.” And yet, he still did it. Switching his shooting mode to portrait, he adjusted the ISO and focused the camera on you. He pressed the shutter button repeatedly, taking pictures after pictures, every bit of your smile, the way your eyes turned crescents as you laughed, the gestures you made as you took the lead of the conversation.
God, you were breathtaking.
He took a quick look at the photos, reviewing them with a little content sigh escaping his lips. “I am so whipped.” He had taken around twenty pictures, which meant he had to take another twenty before he was satisfied.
Repeating the same action, he zoomed in to focus better on your facial features. Through his lenses, he noticed how you were wearing a new shade of lipstick that day, a little bit pinker than red, which made you look younger—and made him want to kiss you even more but that was a secret he would bring to his grave (unless you are willing to stop for a full make-out session behind the bleachers, of course).
He was smiling to himself as he took your pictures when suddenly, you spun your head around and looked directly into his camera.
“Shit!” Startled so hard he almost pissed his pants, his camera slipped off his grip and fell onto his lap. Panicking, he tried to gather his belongings quickly in his arms because apparently, his pea-sized brain thought it would be a great idea to run away instead of trying to make up excuses like how a normal person would do in that situation. To his defense, being normal wasn’t really his thing. Being a fucking dumbass was more like it.
“Hey there, whatcha doin’?” You greeted in a sing-song voice with your hands placed above your knees as you bowed down to match his eye level.
“I—I—” Yeah, that’s great, genius, just stutter like a fucking idiot, that would make everything better. He gulped. “I was, uh…” Say something faster, say something faster. “N-not taking your pictures.” Say something better, say something better. “Landscapes. I do landscapes. I was—I was taking pictures of the, uh, the park—the yard—the campus.” Fuck, just stop speaking. Never speak again, oh my God.
He’s cute, was the first thought that entered your head. And an idiot was the second one. But that was what made your smile grow a little wider. “So you weren’t taking pictures of me?”
“N-no, why would I?”
“I don’t know, maybe you find me cute?”
He almost cho—no, he choked. He definitely did. “I don’t find you… c-cute.” Somewhere at the back of his head, someone is shouting, “LIEEEEESSSS!”
“Oh, no,” you faked a pout. “It would've made me happy if you did.”
Is she... flirting with me? This was your first time talking to him, and you were flirting with him? Eren was about to explode. He would've punched himself in the face to make sure he wasn't dreaming if you weren't looking down at him with your pretty eyes.
Marry me, oh my God, marry me. “I was just taking a picture of the cherry blossom tree. You just happened to be sitting under it.” Hey, for once, he actually made sense! Time to pat himself on the back.
“I see,” you said, taking a step back when he rose to his feet to avoid your heads bumping against one another—Eren was dumb enough not to think about that before he jumped up. “We’re similar then. ‘Cause I’m an artist and I draw landscapes from time to time. Can I take a look at your photos? Might give me some inspiration.”
“Umm—no.” He shook his head, more times than necessary.
You did this little cute thing where you tilted your head slightly to the side and Eren thought, Fuck, I should’ve gotten this look on camera. “Why not?”
“‘Cause, uh… My pictures are boring. They won’t inspire you.”
“I don't think so. You’re from the photography club, right? I think I saw you documenting our homecoming party. I saw the photos you took. They’re pretty cool.”
Eren was so happy he felt like he was about to throw up a bucket of rainbows—or his insides, which would've made more sense. You noticed him? You acknowledged his presence? He wasn’t a speck of dust in your world, but actually a whole size human being that you remembered by face? Holy shit, his heart rejoiced. Holy—
Holy shit, his eyes widened in horror. I am so fucked.
Because now he couldn’t lie, could he?
“What’s wrong?” That little angelic smile of yours turned into a devilish smirk, letting him know that yes, dumbass, I saw through your lies, but Eren only felt his heart thumping faster because damn, that smirk was hot.
“I–I have to go to class,” he stammered, slinging his bag on one shoulder before he made his run but you were fast to catch him by his wrist.
She’s touching me. She’s actually touching me. Her fingers are so soft, so delicate. I want–
“Just one look?” If your smile didn’t work on him, it was time for you to use your ultimate weapon: batting your eyelashes. “Please?” You asked with a pout and Eren swore, he just felt his jeans turn ten times tighter.
“I... can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because I took pictures of my dick.” Now, clearly, that wasn’t the best excuse to say but it was the best one he could come up with when all he could think about was how you smelled pleasantly like strawberry (is it her shampoo? fuck, that's cute). His reason made sense too, in a way, so hopefully, that would work.
You quirked up an eyebrow, not judging him for his actions, but simply not believing him. “Fine,” you muttered, and Eren almost breathed out in relief, when suddenly your hand swooped in to steal the camera from his hands. He yelped in surprise—an actual girly yelp—before he felt like his soul just left his body. Right, so plans for today: jump off a fucking bridge and die.
Then, the devil whispered in his ear: or you can just steal it back from her.
Eren reached out a hand but you were faster, swinging his camera to the side and spinning your body around. No matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t snatch the stupid thing from your grasp. Growing desperate, he shrouded his arms around your body from behind, catching you off guard for a few seconds, enough for him to pry the camera from your hold (Eren was too caught up in a frenzy to realize that he was practically giving you a teddy bear hug). Instead of running away, he did the most brilliant thing his dysfunctional brain could come up with.
He deleted the pictures. All of them. And Eren thought, ah, so this is what dying must feel like.
Thankfully, he had already backed up all the photos he took yesterday on his computer but these last photos he snapped—with you wearing this new wonderful blouse—he had to kiss them goodbye.
“Here,” he said, returning the camera to you with his shoulders sagged forward, and a great wrench of sadness in his chest.
Your forehead creased in lines, a bit confused. Clicking your thumbs against the buttons, you realized that his memory card was empty. “Did you just delete all the pictures in here?”
“No,” he replied, rubbing his nape as he looked away. Then, he added a little, “Yes,” with his face turning scarlet.
“Do you have copies of them?”
“Some of them…”
“But not the ones with me sitting under the cherry blossom tree?”
He tucked his chin, kicking one foot against the ground. “No,” he murmured under his breath.
Ah, he’s so cute, you held back a laugh. You wished you could shrink his six feet tall body so you could carry him inside your pocket, maybe dress him up in a bunny suit so he could cheer you up during rainy days. “Well, let’s fix that, shall we?”
Eren almost dislocated his jaw when he saw you lift the camera in the air. Making a peace sign to accompany the gleeful grin on your face, you faced the lens and pressed the shutter button. “There,” you said, returning the camera to his hands with a radiant smile. “I’m not sure if I got the cherry blossom tree in the picture, but I can guarantee you got everything else.” Still flabbergasted, Eren could only stare at the camera, his fingers shaking as the screen showed a close-up picture of your beautiful face. “Don’t delete it this time, big boy.”
With one last smile, you pivoted on your heels, your hair fluttering as the warm wind of spring caressed your strands. Eren felt like he was living in a fucking shoujo manga where he was the heroine clothed in a frilly summer dress and you were his rugged, super masculine male lead. God, he could already hear wedding bells ringing in his head.
“And that,” Eren talks to his computer screen, finishing his video journal of the day (it’s already one and a half hours long for fuck’s sake), “ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how your best boy, Eren Jaeger, had his heart stolen from the very first meeting. I think it went well.” He brings his gaze to his lap, scratching his furry friend behind her ear. “Don’t you think so, Muffin?” The puppy lets out a growl in response. “Don’t worry, baby, you’re still my number one girl,” he chortles, lifting her in the air just so he can nuzzle his nose against her belly.
He exhales heavily, casting a dreamy gaze on the ceiling. “I can’t believe she knows I exist.”
This is the best day of my life.
If only a mere thought of you acknowledging his presence already makes him feel so surreal, then maybe he should start consuming his chill pills to avoid having a cardiac arrest because once he discovers the truth about your identity, he’s going to lose it for sure.
Because you’re not just the it girl on your campus now, are you?
“And we’re back on earth,” you say to the little boy in your arms as you return to your feet. The toddler, dressed in an adorable Spider-Man costume, wobbles on his little feet, dizzy from having his body suddenly lifted off the ground, right before he was hit by a passing car. He watches you let go of your web, cutting the natural fluid from your wrist. Your costume itself is already eye-catching enough even without the web—black on the lower body with a white upper body, complete with a hoodie and cyan soles. The underarms and inside the hoodie are magenta covered in cyan web patterns, while your lenses are white with magenta accents.
His mother embraces her child, smiling in gratitude with tears lining her cheeks. “Thank you,” she says. “For saving my son’s life.”
“You’re very welcome, Ma’am.” Your mouth twitches in a smile, even if it’s not going to show on your mask. Smiling has always come naturally to you. It’s harder not to smile than to do it. Offering him a fist bump, you say, “Stay off the street, Spidey.”
He knocks his little fist against yours, grinning at you. Ruffling his curly hair, you turn on your heels, ready to shoot your web to swing yourself from one building to another.
“Wait,” his mother calls right before you lift yourself off the ground. “Who are you?”
“Well, Ma'am,” you perform a little bow, being theatrical is a part of your job. “I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider-Girl.”
Hi, everyone! I'm back with a new mini series this time! This one is going to be all fluff with a sprinkle of comedy and smut (no angst, I promise lmao). I've decided to post early 'cause I couldn't wait to share this story with you hehe. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it ❤️
Thank you Sandra, Nissa and Ben for being my beta-readers for this one. I love you, guys! Oh, also, I've decided to go with Spider-Gwen's costume 'cause I think it's cute but you're welcome to imagine a different outfit for y/n.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Lights, Cameras, and Tabloids
Tumblr media
|1| Trailer Two 
Word count | 5.5k
Pairing | Eren x Reader, Armin x Reader
Genre | Actor AU, Modern AU, Love Triangle
Chapter Notes | no warnings this chapter! just lots of film lingo
Chapter Summary | A world where Attack On Titan is just an Emmy Award-winning series and you’ve been an actor in the series since you were fourteen years old. Flash forward nearly a decade, you’re arriving to set for the first day of filming the final season.
Tumblr media
“Good morning Vancouver!” A chipper radio voice echoes throughout your car. Your nose scrunches at the voice being much too loud and much too lively for your eardrums at this ungodly hour. You pull into your assigned parking spot, the cast and crew lot already being pretty full due to today’s extra early call time. “The time is 4:45 AM and I’m here to bring you nonstop hits this Wednesday morning. Next, we have-” You shift the car into to park and press the off button, the radio host’s voice being abruptly cut off. 
‘4:45 AM’ you groan internally, dragging a hand down your face and resting your head against the leather headrest. You glance over to the seat next to you seeing a faint light illuminate the car paired with a soft vibration. A hoard of notifications flood your phone. Your whole body moves sluggishly reaching over to check the messages, already knowing who would be blowing up your phone this early. You squint and adjust to the artificial brightness your tired eyes seem to be rejecting this morning. 
 4:35 AM
Sasha B: Jean’s assistant brought donuts in!! Score. Worth. I don’t regret waking up anymore. 
4:39 AM
Sasha B: You better hurry I don’t know how long they’ll last with Connie around. He’s lurking. I can see him eyeing them up. They’re in danger. I repeat. The donuts are in danger.
4:40 AM
Sasha B: Ok I saved you a maple donut!! I’m heading to trailer two meet me there!!!
4:42 AM
Connie S: Sasha is a fucking snake. She ate your donut. 
4:43 AM
Jean K: Don’t listen to either of them, they both ate your donut. 
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Summary : Saving your life by turning you into a demon by Tamayo, she offers your services for intel to Kagaya Ubayashiki who warmly accepts the offer. You come to the Demon Slayer headquarters at night to deliver information when you bump into an all familiar Flame Hashira.
content : gender neutral, angst w fluff, canon divergent, ppl being mean bc ur a demon , u look at ubayashiki as ur father figure aw
Tumblr media
Everything feels .... heavy.
You could remember the feeling of being cold, the smell of blood and how heavy your body felt. You tried opening your eyes, warm light seeping into the darkness. Suddenly a pair of cold hands gently hold your shoulders.
“Easy. Yushiro grab more bandages and one of my stashes from the lab.”
Your eyes slowly open, trying to focus your gaze on the woman beside you. The last thing you remembered was when a strange man suddenly attacked your family. Your oldest brother screamed at you to flee as that man bit into his arm. You could only run in fear, blood trailing behind you. You weren’t even sure if it was yours.
“W-Where am I?” You whispered. Your throat was sore and you felt like a train ran into you. The woman gently pats your forehead, a smell lulling you to a state of calmness. Another person suddenly walks into the room, carrying what you suspected was what the woman ordered. The man settles beside her as he hands her a suspicious container. 
“Drink first. I’ll explain later.” She smiles before helping you sit up. You weakly grasp for the container, surprising yourself as you gulp it down like you haven’t drank in days. You wipe your lips after but shock only fills your brain as you look down at the red tint on your wrist. 
“You were almost dead, dear.” The woman mumbles as she sets the container to the side. “I had to do what I can to save you. I’m Tamayo and this is Yushiro. We found you outside our place all bloodied and near death.”
“What did you make me drink?” You whisper as you look at her with fear. The panic creeping back in. You glance towards the mirror situated at the front of the bed, your eyes were different. You felt different.
“Blood.” Tamayo gently grasps your hand. “Human blood specifically. I turned you into a demon with my own and we had to make sure that you were neutralized before feeding you.”
You could only stare at yourself as Tamayo continues to explain what happened and what attacked you. You felt empty. You didn’t feel like yourself. This woman had saved you by turning you into something that if you told someone you’d probably think you were crazy.
“I know you’re feeling confused and shocked about everything but do not worry.” Tamayo’s eyes were warm despite her cold temperature. “I’ll be here to guide you through it.”
You could only bask into the warmth of her expressions as if its the only thing convincing you that you were alive.
“This is them young master.”  A demon slayer mumbles as he goes into a protective stance in front of a raven haired man. You look at the man with lifeless eyes as you kneel in front of him.
“You’re the Y/N Tamayo spoke of, correct?” His gentle voice felt like a soft breeze that blew against your skin. This man was the leader of an organization that had its primary goal to destroy people like you. Demons.
When you were able to properly recover, you had tried your very best to make yourself useful for Tamayo. She had saved you and even kept you under her wing when you didn’t have anywhere to go to. You were mostly her errand runner. You collected the blood donations from those who were willing to give and even gathered intel on the current whereabouts of certain demons. Recently, Tamayo had been in contact with the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. You weren’t sure what it was until Tamayo came up to you for a job. 
“You have to provide Kagaya Ubayashiki information about the locations of the Upper Moons. If possible, even Muzan. You’re under their radar so I think its possible.”
You feel the dangerous auras of the soldiers standing beside him. “Yes. I’ve done side jobs for Tamayo that require gathering information. I’ll try my best in helping you with your plans.”
Ubayashiki smiles. “Then, I’ll expect you around from here on out, Y/N.”
You had returned from gathering intel regarding the whereabouts of 2 lower moons when you heard of the existence of another demon in the headquarters. You tightly grasp the handle of your wagasa as you lean against the wall, listening in on the conversation between two Kanoe ranked slayers. 
“Apparently the Hashiras had a meeting with a member of the corps who had his sister turned into a demon. Even with the scent of blood, she didn’t attack anyone.” One slayer mentioned. You look down at the ground, surprised at the news. Even you, who drank only when needed, still salivated under the scent of blood. Which is why Tamayo had given you a handkerchief that had a scent blocker. It helped you on many occasions. 
You went on to deliver the information to the young master. You had closed your umbrella off when a sudden eerie feeling of someone standing behind you. You turned around as fast as you could, eyes widened with fear as you looked at the culprit in front of you. Flaming locks of orange and a wide eyed gaze, the Flame Hashira himself stood before you. The Hashiras were aware of your existence but disapproved of it. The master himself was the only reason why you were able to freely enter and exit the premises and with the existence of another demon in the headquarters, the Hashira felt more dangerous than ever.
“F-Flame Hashira.” You tried to mumble out as your eyes immediately looked down to the floor by instinct. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”
A long silence. You could feel the cold wind of the night brush past you. The intensity of his stare prickling your skin. The man leans down causing you to look up at him.
“For a demon with superhuman abilities, you seem awfully unaware of your surroundings.” He smiles before leaning back up. You bite your lip in embarrassment.
“I-It’s because I trusted the master enough to know that I will not be harmed by your people.” You reply. Rengoku crosses his arms in a calculative stance. 
“And if I cut you down right here right now?”
You stare at him, analyzing his body language. “You’re not like that I believe. I’d be convinced if it was the Wind or Snake Hashira however you only battle when there is a need or urgency. My existence may pose a harm to your beliefs but I have not done anything to warrant your blade against my neck.”
Rengoku continues to stare at you for a while before bursting out, laughing. “I can see why the master protects you. The existence of two demons inside the headquarters are sure enough of a headache however if it grants us victory then so be it.”
He gently pats your head before walking away. You could only stare at the space he once was when you hear your once dead heart beat again.
“Your Ms. Tamayo’s informant?” Tanjiro smiles on his bed as he gently pats the small demon on his lap. You look at the gentle sleeping form of his sister before looking up at him.
“Yes. She asked me to visit you and inform her of your current state of health.” You reply. Tanjiro had asked to be moved to a private room with closed curtains so that his sister may freely move around during the day. It was currently night time but convenient since there weren’t any people around. Tanjiro nods in understanding.
“I’m doing alright. I was surprised to know that a demon had already been working for the corps. I was scared that they’d harm Nezuko but I’m relieved.” He sighs as he continues to lull his sister to sleep. “How about you? How are you feeling?”
It had been awhile since you had a normal conversation with someone other than Yushiro or Tamayo. One that didn’t involve demons and slayers. One that asked how you were too. You gently chuckled at the question while the young boy tilted his head in confusion. “I’m doing alright. No need to worry about me.”
Tanjiro hums before grinning once again. “Rengoku-san mentioned you once in passing. He visited me a few days ago, curious about Muzan’s whereabouts I believe and then he said, “I do remember a person who also visits during the night. I believe you’ll be well acquainted with them. They are quite adorable.” Word per word!”
Tanjiro looked quite proud of himself for remembering the ever energetic man’s words but you could only look at him as if he had grown another pair of eyes. “He … called me adorable?”
“Mhm!” Tanjiro hums. “He said you reminded him of a turtle I think? Or was it a dog …. “
Certainly enough, you could feel a phantom heat surge through your cheeks. You stand up from your seat, bowing towards the siblings. “Take care, both of you. Thank you for the opportunity.” Then you bolted out of the room, leaving the young slayer in confusion.
You could feel the death stares of two Hashiras stabbing the side of your head. 
Ubayashiki had encouraged you to join the meeting as you had valuable intel to share. He had called the Flame, Wind, Snake and Water Hashira over for a debrief. They hadn’t expected you to join.
“We can do well without a demon informant. For all we know they could’ve been an informant of Muzan too.” The Wind Hashira, Sanemi grumbles. Obanai grunts in agreement. You try to make yourself as small as possible on your seat beside the door. 
“This demon is a valuable asset to our plans. Most of your missions and the information we gathered are all thanks to them.” Ubayashiki calmly replies. 
“With all due respect Oyakata-sama, I agree with Sanemi. They may have contributed a lot but we’re almost done with our plans. We have to discard this method now before anything goes wrong. We don’t even know if they’re under the control of Muzan.” Obanai responds. The Water Hashira stays silent but with the amount of experience you had in knowing body language from gathering intel, you knew he was on their side. You glance at the Flame Hashira who still had a neutral expression. 
“Tamayo had assured us that there is no influence of Muzan on Y/N and so far, they have not exhibited behavior that would allow expulsion or harm from our side.” Ubayashiki argues. The young master glances at Rengoku who has been uncharacteristically quiet the whole time. “Kyojuro? Your thoughts?”
Your head bows down with a feeling of dread down your neck. Somehow, you were afraid that Rengoku would take their side. Your fingers grasp the fabric of your pants tightly.
“They’ve proved themself useful so far and we’ve come such a long way because of them. I don’t think it would be wise to remove them.” Rengoku looks at you with an uncertain emotion in his eyes. You look up at him in surprise. 
The three scoff in silence while the young master smiles. “Then the matter is solved. Onto the main course of this meeting. Y/N?”
You let out a shaky breath. 
Why were you glad? You knew that ever since you had turned into this, people would treat you differently and yet the warmth that evokes from Rengoku made you feel normal again. Once the meeting had ended, Kagaya had asked you for a short talk. The Water Hashira had remained to keep watch of the young master but far enough for both of you to talk. You stared at the cup of tea that one of his children had offered you.
“Has everything been faring well for you?” He asks as he gently raises his cup to drink. You gently hum in response. He smiles before placing the cup down. You stare at his features, taking note of how his illness had begun to spread. It only felt like yesterday when you met the young master, eyes still clear and his expressions less painful. “You worry for me.”
Your eyes widened. “How did you-”
“You always stay quiet when you observe. You take your time and then you make your move.” He mumbles as he looks to the open space to the side of the room where the garden is situated. A breeze flows past him, his raven locks gently moving back and forth.
“It’s spreading faster.” You bite your lip as you begin to acknowledge the feelings of fear. You had grown rather attached to the man who sits before you. Not in a close type of way but just his existence. It calms you the same way your father did. Losing him felt like you were losing family once again. “I-If we could just ask Lady Tamayo and the Insect Hashira then-”
Your body tenses at the stern tone. You look up at him hesitantly but the man only flashes you with a soft smile. 
“It’s best not to worry about the impossible. It’ll only confuse you even further.” Ubayashiki smiles. “Live your life, Y/N.”
“Ah, the informant. We meet again!”
The Flame Hashira himself had yet again appeared before you. Just like your previous encounter, after gathering intel you had visited the Master’s headquarters to deliver the information. When you turned to a corner, it took you by surprise to see the flame user. 
“Lord Rengoku.” You bow in respect. The Hashira laughs softly.
“No need for that. You make me sound like I’m my father.” He smiles. He looks out at the night sky. “I know you’re on your way to deliver information. May I be granted permission to escort you?”
You sigh before nodding. It was no use in saying no to this man. His entire existence seemed impossible to say no to. The Hashira gleefully walks beside you as you both make your way to the Master’s chambers. 
“Forgive me for asking but why do I always see you here at night?” You glance at him curiously. He hums softly, thinking of his answer.
“No reason really. I just like to make rounds during this time. Keeps me alert.” He replies. You nod in understanding.
“How about you? You always seem to carry an umbrella around but as far as I know you gather information when the moon is up.” He asks. Your hand feels heavy as you hold your wagasa in your palm. 
“It’s also my weapon. It makes using my abilities easier.” You reply with a gentle smile. When you first discovered your demon art, it surprisingly harmed you. The power to wield frost really got out of hand as you’d almost freeze a room or someone by accident. Even yourself. Yushiro attested to this. Yushiro and Tamayo helped construct a medium that would help you control your powers. You were really grateful for them helping you out.
Rengoku stops in his tracks causing you to stop as well. Just like in your first meeting, he had begun to stare at you again. “Lord Rengoku?”
He lets out a breath as he brushes a stray strand of hair that fell against your cheek. “You don’t look like one.”
Your breath hitches. “Huh?”
“You don’t look like a demon.” He mumbles quietly before moving his hand back. Your eyes look up at his unreadable face. You wanted to ask more. Why did he say that? What did he mean? But all of that was cut short when one of Ubayashiki’s guards had called you. You both spend a few minutes of silence together before Rengoku bows slightly then leaves. Once again, you stare at the space where he once was, unable to grasp the intentions of Rengoku Kyojuro.
“I’m here on Oyakata-sama’s orders.” You stand before Kanao, the Insect Hashira’s tsuguko. She had been guarding the front gate, wary of your arrival before finally letting you in. You had been here in direct orders to deliver a sample of an antidote to Shinobu herself. The Insect Hashira was working all night so this was a perfect chance to accomplish what you had been ordered. You entered the Butterfly estate with hesitant steps. The woman who ran this household had used her medical expertise to give demons the most painful death possible. She was one of the people you didn’t want to be on the wrong side of …. Although technically you already are. Kanao leads you to a living area where three young girls greet you. 
“The Insect Hashira informed us that you’d be visiting with the package! She’s not here right now but she’ll be arriving soon. We were tasked to deliver this to her room.” One of the girls said. You nod before carefully giving the sample to her. “We’ll be right back.”
The three of them run off to deliver the package leaving you with Kanao. You spare a glance to the young tsuguko who only stares ahead with an unreadable look. Both her and the Insect Hashira have the same expression. You were about to comment on it before a loud shatter is audibly heard from where you are. Kanao flinches in worry before dashing off to where the sound is. You follow carefully from behind, curious as to what happened. Before you could see what it was, the familiar scent of blood began to waft around you.
Oh no.
Sweat begins to form against your forehead as you lean against the wall, hands trying to grab the handkerchief. You couldn’t find it. Where is it? Where the fuck is it-
The smell begins to grow stronger and saliva begins to build up in your mouth. You look up at the scene before you and your eyes grow in shock. One of the girls had broken an empty vial since there was no evidence of spilled liquid around, injuring their hand. The other two had the injured girl wrapped in their arms in a protective stance as Kanao stood in front of them, sword unsheathed. 
In such a short amount of time, they had turned against you.
You felt disgusted by yourself.
You tried to explain yourself when a sudden burst of force knocked you towards the wall. You couldn’t even process the second it happened. A sudden rush of pain bursts through your arm. Your arm had broken and the wall behind you had been damaged by the force. You grunt in pain as you try to understand what happened then you see it. You see the dangerous glint in his eyes. The Flame Hashira was suddenly in front of you, blade turned towards you with a hostile stance. You knew that if you had tried to move, you would be dead.
You could feel yourself choking up the feeling of pain and sadness. He looked at you differently now. Moving as slowly as you could with a broken arm, you bow with your head against the floor. “I-I do not have any intentions of harming anyone. Please forgive me.”
There was no reply. They do not trust you.
With a shaky breath, you decide if this is where you’ll die then so be it. “If you wish to strike me for my behavior go ahe-”
“Stop.” The gentle voice of the Insect Hashira had startled everyone in the room. You made no moves to lift your head from the floor. Rengoku glances at his comrade before lowering his sword. “What are you doing here, Kyojuro?”
The girls slowly become less tense as they see the head of the estate. Rengoku smiles at Shinobu. “I was sent here to come get you once you were able to receive the sample. Seems like I was too early.”
Shinobu nods before glancing at you. “Leave. You’ve done your job.” Then she turns to her apprentices. “Come. I need to patch Aoi up and talk to the four of you. Wait for me outside Rengoku.”
You nod before moving yourself up and trying your best to bolt out of the estate as fast as you can. As you walk down the step of the stairs, a hand grabs your wrist. Smelling the familiar scent, you don’t turn around. 
“I’m sorry.”
You look back towards him with a sad smile. “It’s alright. I’ve learned to accept the moment I turned into this that I’d always be faced with hostility. You acted because it was your duty.”
You pulled your wrist away from him before disappearing into the night, failing to notice a sad pair of eyes lingering on your form. 
It was done. It was finally finished.
What you all had worked so hard for.
Muzan was dead.
And aside from that, Shinobu and Tamayo had been able to create an antidote that turned demons back to humans. You had helped in delivering the antidotes to all those who had been affected. There were many losses but now the air felt lighter. 
You place a bouquet of flowers on a grave before making a short prayer. A breeze of air brush past you, gently tousling your hair. You had missed the feeling of the sun against your skin. You stare up at the cherry blossoms moving against the wind, a gentle smile on your lips. 
“You still seem to be quite the same, you know?” A familiar voice startles you from your peaceful reverie. You look to your side to see a familiar face. The face you’ve grown to miss so dearly. You had sobbed so much when you saw his injured form rushed into the Butterfly estate. After losing an arm, he still looked quite handsome. He places another bouquet of flowers beside yours, looking down on it with a gentle smile. “He sure is proud of what you’ve done.”
You both stare at the Ubayashiki family grave in silence, allowing the sounds of nature to do the talking. Your comfortable silence was then cut off when Rengoku clears his throat.
“I’m still sorry for what I’ve done back at the estate. I really should’ve just tried to understand the situation. I knew you wouldn’t do that and yet-”
“Rengoku.” You smile. “It’s alright. It hurts but I understand why you’ve done it.”
He nods, still not quite convinced that you’ve forgiven him. You laugh softly at his expression before holding his hand. “You really made me feel normal through all the times we interacted. I’m glad we had the chance to talk.”
He smiles. “Me too. I felt like I was just a normal guy talking to you. I strangely didn’t see you as a demon.”
“Well I’m really not a demon now am I?” You squeeze his arm in a joking tone. He laughs at your joke before silence ensues between the both of you again. You stare at each other with a fond look. 
“If I knew that all of that would come to this. I should’ve taken the chance to get closer to you.” Rengoku whispered. You tilt your head in curiosity.
“What do you mean?” You replied softly. Rengoku steps closer, brushing a stray strand back against your ear. He smiles.
“Will you allow me to get the chance to know you once more?” He presses a soft kiss on the back of your hand. “Properly this time.”
Your cheeks heat up at the gesture before nodding. “I would love to.”
This time you knew that you wouldn’t have to hide in the dark anymore.
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ohthena · 3 months ago
there’s just something about long haired eren… now whether it’s hobo or path… doesn’t matter but he just looks so homey, so cozy and soft and gentle with long hair,,, i don’t know how to explain it but just imagine him in a modern au growing his hair just because he’s curious (also a little a lazy to cut it) and he just always asks you cause he’s so comfy around you.. how his hair looks,,, if he should cut it,,, if he looks pretty and all that :((( thinking about cuddling w him and stroking his head,, playing with his hair and twirling the strands around your fingers… and if he keeps his stupid pubestache and little stubble…. he looks x2 as cozy… rubbing his chin on your and smushing his face against yours so you can feel the prickles from his little moustache… makes him very husband,,, little shithead of a husband
sorry but i really needed to let that out i’ve been thinking abt this for DAYS
Tumblr media
These two asks made me wanna curl into a ball and die. I’ve decided to combine these two asks into one hehe
Length: 1K
CW: Eren is a big touch starved baby, our little meow meow. FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF
Tumblr media
The only audible response to you calling his name was a grunt, the vibrations felt on your tummy over the loose T-shirt you wore. You had originally planned to spend your free time today reading the latest installment of the book series you were a huge fan of, but your husband was just so needy. You were sitting against the headboard of your bed, legs stretched out in front of you, when suddenly Eren barged in the front door demanding your attention. It wasn’t anything new – you loved how affectionate he could be and how clingy he was. Most days, anyway. But today you just wanted to read your book and recharge.
But looking down at the six foot tall lap dog sprawled on top of you, a leg hanging haphazardly over the edge of your bed, his head in your lap facing your tummy… recharging wouldn’t be happening today.
For a while you held your book open with one hand, carding your fingers through Eren’s loose strands with the other. He always loved the way you would softly play with his hair. Most times it could even put him to sleep, the way you’d rub gentle circles into his scalp or twirl his tresses around your fingers.
Suddenly out of nowhere, Eren said, “Do you still love me?” You could hear the exaggerated pout in his voice, the way he was just slightly whining.
“Of course I love you ‘Ren,” you replied, not even glancing up from your novel. You knew where this was going. Eren grew up so very spoiled, between his mother and his older brother’s constant affections, so much so that if he wasn’t the center of your attention he’d beg to be.
“Then why’re you ignoring me?” He reached his hands up, lifting your shirt off your stomach, before blowing raspberries into your tummy with a chuckle. You were ticklish there, his stubble and overgrown poor-excuse-for-a-mustache prickling your skin, and the sensation caused you to drop your book, the page you were on now lost as it tumbled to the floor. You were giggling as he tickled you, every attempt at pushing his chest away in vain because he was just that strong.
“I’m– hah, not–fuck, stop–I’m not ignoring you!” You were laughing still, so hard it hurt your abs, until Eren finally stopped, arms encircling your midsection, smooshing his face back up against your tummy again.
“Buddle bif be” you heard, barely, his voice muffled as he spoke against your skin, his face loosely covered by your fallen shirt.
You reached down, hands pushing his hair and your shirt away from his face, turning his jaw so he could look up to face you. His bottom lip jutted out as his sparkly green eyes practically watered. He was laying it on thick.
“C’mon and cuddle with meeee.”
“Eren, I wanna read my book.”
Eren was as stubborn as a mule, as always. For a moment he got up, and you thought perhaps for once he would actually let you have some alone time. Before you could move to pick up the fallen book, however, he was on you again. This time, straddling you. It almost looked silly, the way the big, muscular brunette looked perched on his wife’s lap, his weight practically crushing you into the bed frame.
“Eren you’re too heavy for this,” you winced as he placed his head on your shoulder.
“Are you calling me fat?” He tried to sound serious but you knew him well enough to hear the teasing in his voice.
You sighed, bringing up a hand to pat him on the head. He practically nuzzled right into your touch. “You’re such a big baby.”
“Your big baby,” he wrapped his arms around your waist again. You spread your legs apart so instead of sitting on your legs he could sit on the mattress, alleviating the crushing weight that was about to make your legs fall asleep. Once he was sitting on the mattress, even with his legs around you it was still rather comfortable. You couldn’t help but smile as his thumbs traced circles on your sides.
For a while longer he was silent, burying his face in your shoulder and allowing you to play with his hair once more. At one point you tried to stop and he held your wrist back, placing your hand on his head again. You laughed, just a little, until he started placing butterfly kisses on your shoulder.
His hair was past his shoulders almost to his shoulder blades, longer than he’d usually kept it, and when you fiddled with the ends of it he suddenly murmured, “Do you think it’s too long?”
“Why would I think that?”
It was almost comical the way he said his next words, sounding so upset and cynical, “I saw Jean yesterday. He said I looked like Jesus.”
He pulled back with another pout when your shoulders were shaking with your laughter.
“Do you think I look like Jesus?” Your big lap dog suddenly looked at you like a puppy that was kicked to the curb.
“No baby,” you placed a kiss on his forehead, smoothing his wrinkled eyebrows, “You look as handsome as ever. Though it’d be nice if you weren’t stabbing me with your stubble.”
He chuckled at that, before leaning his head down to curl into your chest.
“How come you haven’t cut it, anyway? Your hair’s getting long, ‘Ren.”
“Cause I like when you play with it,” he replied, making sure to hide his reddening face from your view. Sure, he had no reason to hide his affections for his wife but he was still allowed to be embarrassed.
“You’re such a dummy, Eren,” you said, though you didn’t mean it. He could hear the affection in your voice, and visibility relaxed when you kissed the top of his head.
“Your dummy.”
“Sure, Jesus,” you teased, sticking out your tongue.
His body went rigid and his voice suddenly turned serious, “So can you cut my hair tonight?”
Even his excessive kisses and cuddles couldn’t stop your laughter.
And later that night, when all was said and done, he was faithfully back in your lap, your fingers threading through his now slightly shorter hair.
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ohthena · 3 months ago
Little things they do to make you know they like you
Druig x reader , Thena x Reader , Makkari x reader
A/N: i rlly love these kinds of things pls .... LIKE THE SUBTLE THINGS PPL DO WHEN THEYRE INTO U its just so JSJSJJSJ anys enjoy hihi also thena in that gif CHUFFUICJFF
CONTENT: just fluff heh
Tumblr media
he always eats in the movie and its just so adorable
so i feel like he'd be the type of person who'd share his food and steal food from you often
its kind of your thing yk
you both try your best in stealing each other's food
one time you're talking with Sersi about the festivities, eating a local delicacy in your hands when Druig suddenly sneaks up behind you and grabs a bite before running off. You and Sersi can only stare in disbelief.
or that other time Druig was enjoying a meal with Makkari, the speedster already noticing your presence but can only prevent a smile from forming as she let you do whatever you needed to do. You immediately grab his plate before running off behind Thena. Druig marches after you, playfully trying to grab you from behind the warrior.
There are also times where he just slides food towards you or when you're near him, he'd just hold a piece near your mouth and its basically just him feeding you
people look at you like wow you're still not together after being this cringe
likes to mess with your hair
lowkey bullies you cuz he likes you but like not that extreme where u hate him or something
when its just you both, hes just very touchy
he gives long hugs and buries his face on ur neck cause its comfy
tells u its a recharge
unknowingly brushes off any dirt on you or fixes ur hair like its an instinct and goes ??? when people look at him with a knowing expression
when its a bad day and maybe you're the type of person who likes to vent, he's a really good listener
if not he just leans close to you or just sticks w you to let you know he's there
smiles a lot when you're around him
people KNOW he treats you differently
when he wants to get you a gift and the person who's lucky enough to get stuck with him (its mostly Makkari) will have to hear his endless "will Y/N like this? or this or this" "this looks like it'll match with their eyes but what about—"
yeah.... really talkative about you
likes to poke you in the most random of places
yeah hes like that
you get annoyed but he just calls you beautiful and then you're all lahdkfkfkdjamsmxkskkskcjf
hes very creative
you can have like a list of the different pet names he called you over the years
but eventually just sticks to hun, love, beautiful
people always think you're together but yeah no
i mean theres something but yk gotta go w the flow
in the end its druig who finally asks you out
Tumblr media
sugar mommy slash j
she always gives you stuff and you'd ask why and she always says it reminds her of you
but sometimes you're kind of scared fbi or cia would burst through your door bc most of the things she'd bring you looks expensive
Makkari assures you its not
but with Druigs tales about Makkari stealing stuff you're kinda skeptical about it
but nonetheless you have a cabinet in your home filled with the stuff she gives you
those are definitely artifacts worth billion of dollars if found
likes to bring you to places that are like hidden gems
you dont know how she found the place but its beautiful and shes beautiful and you're in love
likes the hidden romance between you two
the brush of hands when walking past each other, the lingering glances, inside jokes
y'all tryna be like romeo and juliet or smn EVERYONE KNOWS OKAY.
you guys leave post it notes or letters for each other when y'all are busy
Makkari just puts a post it on your mirror before going to wherever and it just puts a smile to your face
"Morning, my moon. Have a great day today :)"
Makkari reads a lot and likes to talk about it so whenever you guys hangout she just talks on and on and on and on and you're there like :)
always goes to you first
its either you or druig
you're attached to the hip..... Kingo is always tryna know if y'all r together or smthng
y'all r so fun together i swear
yk the bring me game
yeah but make it extreme
you ask her for something and just for the laugh of it she runs to the next country to get it for you
and you're like where is it this time
back to the artifact things, Makkari is usually pretty strict about her stuff and no one not even Druig can freely touch it or smn
well except you
this one time the eternals visited the two of you and they were talking about one of Makkari's artifact heists and you're like oh this one ? then proceeds to hold out said item and they're like WAIT PUT IT BACK W— and Makkari enters the room, stares at you before smiling
spoiled i cant
in the end you both ask each other out at the same time and its funny and u end up laughing abt it for days
Tumblr media
sorry shes just rlly beautiful
anys if you've read my one shot of her joining a hunt tysm
but basically she shows off whatever she's able to kill
ITS KIND OF ????? but like hear me out
Thena takes pride in her skills and whenever shes able to use it, she shows off her work
like for example, if you're an eternal, whenever she'd kill a deviant, she'd walk over to you and tell you what she achieved and you'd give her a praise and she melts.
also for like survival purposes and she brings home the results of her hunt, she just smiles at you expecting you to praise them
you had to give her a lecture that she shouldn't do that anymore cause poor animals
very protective
both of you were doing groceries and someone managed to knock a couple of items off the shelf and she just summons a spear, ready to attack. the person almost died of a heart attack and you had to lecture Thena again
craves for your attention
just .... stares at you bc she can't find it in herself to tell you what she wants
you're confused at first but then it just clicks
thena is a v cute cat
Unintentionally sticks herself to you
Thena does not know personal space when it comes to you
She doesn't even notice it herself
you almost die from the shock when Thena suddenly appears next to you, very very close to your face
tells you everything
if you're curious about stuff, she tells you with no hesitation
however if its info from someone she trusts for example you'd want to know something about Gilgamesh or Druig or any of the Eternals
she'd try to give info but not fully disclose stuff bc she stays true to her word
Allows you to rest on her lap or lean against her
she is surprisingly comfortable to lean on
you'd fall asleep easily and not get disturbed bc she's on protect mode and glares at people who are too loud
she wants to try stuff for you
she stuck her hand in a toaster once bc she wanted to make you breakfast and you just screamed in terror
never again
anys shes the one who asks you out and u just kiss tf out of her
posted anotha one. TY FOR THE LOVE ON MY TWO WORKS. ill be posting more hehe hoped you enjoyed this lol
- artem
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ohthena · 4 months ago
ETERNALS | Thena x gender neutral reader
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: A hunting ceremony is set in motion as a gift of appreciation for the Eternals after saving your kingdom from the deviants. You can't help but be enthralled by a certain Goddess of War. Thena makes sure to let you know she feels the same.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: i just thought of this and i have absolutely no idea what im doing. enjoy.
CONTENT: hunting, thena being badass, gender neutral, that one thena cutting up silk scene in the trailer, just fluff basically, drukkari being cute
“Thank you for your help. We are forever in your debt.”
The King shakes Ajak’s hand as the Prime Eternal smiles at the gesture. Thena stands from afar, leaning against a pillar as she watches Ajak continue to exchange pleasantries with royals. They had moved to another community to offer their services with the purpose of Arishem in mind. This one was already a large kingdom developing. Ajak had plans on making their community thrive better. 
Gilgamesh silently makes his way beside Thena as he examines the architecture of the palace. “Seems grander and more advanced than Babylon.”
Thena nods in agreement. “Quieter people too. Wonder what made Ajak choose this place.”
The pair sits in comfortable silence as they continue to watch Ajak, Sersi, and Ikaris converse with the humans while Sprite, Kingo and Phastos talk amongst themselves on the other side of the room. Thena looks around, looking for two missing Eternals. “Where’s Druig and Makk--” 
Just as Thena mentions the pair, Makkari zooms her way inside, excitement and glee plastered against her face. Druig follows shortly after as the speedster makes her way over to Thena and Gilgamesh. The Olympian warrior tilts her head in curiosity. “What do we have here?”
Thena brings out a golden cup from the bag. Druig smiles as he watches Makkari sign at Thena. “Found it in the markets. There’s a lot of stuff down there!” 
Thena chuckles before placing it back in the bag. The warrior signs back. “Just make sure you didn’t steal those.”
Makkari rolls her eyes before running off to Kingo to flex her new found treasures. Druig settles beside the pair. “Y’know that will get her in trouble someday.” Gilgamesh says as he looks at Druig. The mind reader purses his lips before moving close to pat the Babylon hero quite harshly on the back.
“Mind your own business Gil.” Druig mumbles before catching up to Makkari. Thena lets out a soft laugh as Gilgamesh grumbles, annoyed. She pats her companion on the shoulder before stepping forward, away from the pillar.
“Where are you going?” He calls out. Thena only waves her hand as she leaves the room. Gilgamesh sighs before joining Kingo and the others. 
It’s been a few minutes since Thena had wandered off to explore. Her hands had begin to crave the familiar heaviness of her weapons. The itch to fight. Hunting deviants would be the solution but that would be quite careless considering they had just fought quite a lot awhile ago. The Olympian comes across a room filled with silks hanging on the ceiling. She steps foot inside the room, hand brushing across the soft fabric before walking to the center. 
Fighting has been the only thing Thena has ever known. It’s part of her being. Being known as one of Olympia’s strongest warriors, the art of war is something she has mastered and perfected. The use of weapons and precise movements to create powerful attacks. It was something that she excelled at. 
Cosmic energy flows through her veins as she summons a halberd within her hand. She twirls the weapon in her hands before letting out a long breath. She closes her eyes then begins to move.
Like an innate feeling, her body moves gracefully as she allows the halberd to twirl on her fingertips. Silk fabric falls gently on the floor as she continues to move with precision. Her footsteps continuous and elegant as she allows the blade to make swift cuts against the fabric. She finishes with her arm going down to her hip, forming a slashing movement, her halberd posed behind her figure. She grips it tightly within her palm before opening her eyes. The fabric gently falls around her making her more ethereal than she already was.
Sensing an intruder, she tilts her head to the left. “I know you’re there.”
A gasp can be heard then silence. After a few seconds, a human emerges behind the curtain of silks, a sheepish smile plastered on their face.
“What’s a royal like you lurking behind silk curtains?” Thena adjusts the weapon in her hands. You could only stare at her in awe, enthralled by her performance that you were so blessed to have seen.
She saved you during the attack. Strong hands grabbed your waist, pulling you to safety. You watched from the sidelines at how magnificent she slew the beast. You were already enthralled. 
“How’d you know?” You asked. Thena examines her weapon on her hands before allowing it to vanish into thin air. Thena was a warrior that had the experience of slaying beasts and was a cosmic being designed for war, her heightened senses are enough to detect if there was a presence in the room.
“That you’re a royal or that I found you without looking?” Thena replies as she steps closer to you, patting your head. Heat spreads through your cheeks. She chuckles softly at your reaction before walking past you. Thena stops just at the doorway, flashing you a beautiful smile. 
“I’ll see you around, Your Grace.”
“I declare a hunting competition be done in honor of these valiant and brave warriors!” The King declares as he raises his cup to the air. You watched your people shout in excitement and joy and couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. Your father, the Duke, smiles at your reaction. “Take this as an opportunity as well to dedicate your hunt for a lucky person. Whether it be for courtship, a gift of thanks or companionship. For now enjoy this feast I have prepared for you all!”
The rest of the room raise their cups in the air. You could feel the giddiness and excitement in the air as people begin to plan on what to capture for the hunt. Unbeknownst to you, a certain Goddess of War watches you with careful eyes, sipping on her wine. Phastos senses the intensity of Thena’s stare. “You’re gonna burn a hole on that royal’s face.”
Thena glances at Phastos before putting her cup down. “I’m going to join the hunt.”
“What?!” Kingo intercepts Phastos from replying as he leans forward on the table. Thena looks at the Eternal sitting in front of her, unamused. Phastos rolls his eyes. 
“It’s a hunt dedicated for us and you’re going to join it?” Phastos raises his eyebrow.
“That’s like gifting yourself at your own birthday party.” Kingo scoffs. Thena could only look at both of them before taking a sip of wine from her cup. “But why? I thought these human traditions bore you?”
Thena sighs, feeling herself already full. “I have my reasons.” She stands up from her spot and walks out of the banquet hall, not before making eye contact with you. 
“Thena! You haven’t finished your--” The door makes a loud bang before Kingo sighs. Phastos can only let out a chuckle before drinking more of his beverage. You could only watch with curiosity, unable to ignore the burning gaze of the warrior directed at you when the banquet had begun. You were excited for what the hunting ceremony might entail.
“Surprising enough, you’re the last one I’d expect to be joining human affairs.” Ajak chuckles as she watches Thena prepare her blades. Her halberd shifting to a sword, knife, then a shield. “You’ve always been the one most admired by humans yet you distance yourself from them.”
“Not in the mood for a lecture right now, Ajak.” Thena mumbles as she twirls her weapon within her palm. Ajak can only smile as she watches Thena adjusting herself to her battle stance.
“I hear a certain Duke’s child has been following you around recently.” Ajak nonchalantly says as she walks around Thena like a lion stalking its prey. Thena glances at her. 
Ajak shurgs “Nothing. I was just interested in hearing such a humor.”
Thena stops from twirling her blades before looking behind Ajak’s figure to sense a familiar presence. She smiles softly before looking at Ajak who only gives her a pat on the shoulder.
Ajak smiles. “Make sure to win the hunt, Thena.”
“Your Grace, your father would be very disappointed to hear about you lurking around the warrior again.” Your maid, Mary whines, desperate to keep you still.
You’ve been lurking around the training grounds for a few days now after hearing that Thena herself had agreed to join the hunt. You were excited to see how your savior had been doing to prepare for the ceremony. You pace back and forth against the stone floor, unable to keep yourself from staying still.
“Your robes, Your Grace!” Mary grabs your arms, trying her best to fix your garments. “Please the hunt will start in a few minutes and you’re already looking like a mess.”
“Oh, please! Lighten up Mary.” You roll your eyes. “I doubt they’d notice a wrinkle on my garments with you keeping it pristine every few seconds.”
“Your Grace I---”
“You.” A familiar voice fills your ears like music floating in the air. You turn around to see the goddess herself. “Again.”
“We have to stop meeting like this, my lady.” You smile. “With me lurking around and you... using your impressive tracking skills.”
“You think I’m a dog?” Thena playfully accuses before softly laughing. You wished there was something that helped you capture that moment so you could repeat it again and again. 
“I was merely joking.” You chuckle before stepping forward and leaning close to grab her hand. “Best of luck to you, my lady.”
You press a soft kiss on the back of her hand. Thena’s breath hitches, her heart skipping a beat.
The warrior can only smile as she pulls her hand softly from yours. “You can call me Thena.”
The hunting competition has now begun and some of the contestants had brought wonderful offerings. There were only a few left who hadn’t came back. Including Thena.
You wait in anticipation of what she might bring to the table. The Eternals can only wait with curiosity, interested as to what made their dear Thena suddenly invested in human traditions. 
“Where is she?” You mumble as try to look around for the certain silver haired woman. A collective gasp is heard from afar. Your eyes look for what caused such a response. Then you see it. 
Thena herself carrying an animal twice as big as any of the others have captured with ease. Druig laughs at the scene before him, Makkari, Sersi, Sprite and Ikaris with amused faces, Ajak smiling, Phastos and Kingo with their jaws dropping and Gilgamesh snorting. You however had a surprised look on your face, standing as she dropped the offering in front of you. 
“There.” Thena smiles before looking up at you. “Did I win?”
The King stands up with joy. “The warrior wins the hunt!”
You stare at Thena in awe as the contestants pat her on the back. “I’m not done yet.” Thena continues, causing the crowd to look at her with interest.
“You said I could dedicate this hunt for someone with a reason right?” Thena looks at the King who blinks in confusion before slowly nodding. The goddess walks up the steps to your seat and you could only freeze as she stops in front of you. “Courtship. For you.”
Your face heats up as you hear her intentions for joining the hunt. Your heart hammering against your chest. “Y-y-you---”
“Me?” Thena smiles cheekily. “Well? Your response?”
You were speechless, unable to think straight. You wanted to say yes but your mouth was unable to move. You only did what you had to do. You grabbed Thena’s face in your hands, pulling her in a kiss as the crowd erupts into cheers. The warrior smiles against your lips before pulling you close.
“To Thena and Y/N!” Someone had shouted. The both of you pull away, foreheads against one another, basking in one another’s love.
Hello people. I’m craving for Thena fluff and just thought of this while showering. I love her sm pls. hope you enjoyed. ALSO ty for the love on my first post. <333 ily all
- artem
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druig x fem avenger! eternal! reader
Tumblr media
hey everyone before i start this is my first ever post here on this acc!! so anys i had this on my mind lately ,,, and i just wanted to share it to ppl. this is just an imagine based on the credit scene and the eternals possibly working w the avengers in the future. reader is an eternal who fought w the avengers during endgame. reader is assigned to another world and not earth.
SUMMARY: As the Eternals respond to Bruce Banner's call for help, they meet a someone new but from the same side.
CONTENT WARNING: druig reading thoughts, mentions of losing a family, lowkey spicy at the end, ooc druig,
"Thank you for accepting the call." Bruce Banner smiles as Sersi shakes his hand. The other Eternals carefully climb out of the car as they admire the newly renovated Avengers compound. Sersi nods with a smile before releasing his hand.
"Of course, it's the least we could do." Sersi responds. "We're centuries late but we've always wanted to help. This time we're full hands on with helping out to protect this world."
Bruce smiles at her reply. "That's good to know."
Druig lets his eyes wander, taking in parts of the compound that are still evident from the battle. "This where it happened?"
Bruce glances at him before looking out at the field. "Yeah. Still remember every part of it."
Sersi sighs as she looks back at Bruce, gently placing a hand on his arm. The Avenger looks back at her as she smiles sadly at him. "We apologize for not helping out. I'm sure you needed more help but we were to blinded by our beliefs instead of helping."
Thena, Kingo and Phastos nod in agreement. Bruce shakes his head. "It's alright. Don't blame yourselves. You would've jumped at the chance but y'know you needed to be loyal to your purpose. We won and that's what matters."
"You knew about our purpose here on Earth?" Makkari signs while Kingo translates for Bruce.
"Uh, well, Strange filled me in generally on who you are but Y/N was the person who really told us the information." Bruce says as he adjusts the sling on his shoulder.
"Who? I'm sure we've never told anyone named Y/N before." Sprite crosses her arms across her chest. Her physical appearance now slightly grown compared to before. She turns around to look at her fellow Eternals who all shrug in confusion.
"I'm not really secretive about where I'm from but I know all the people I told." Kingo squints his eyes. "Who are they?"
Bruce tilts his head in confusion. "I assumed you'd know cause—"
A loud noise catches their attention. The group look at each other with caution before running towards where the sound came from. Thena summons her weapon while Kingo prepares the cosmic energy flowing through his finger tips. Sersi looks at Makkari before nodding as she allows her to take a peek of the area. The speedster zooms with gold flares leaving her trail. She comes back seconds later, hands signing the information she gained.
"3 people. One armed."
Thena nods before stepping forward to dive in the action. Bruce stops her with a raise of the hand. "W-Wait. What did you see?"
"There's 3 people and one of them is armed. I can handle it." Thena translates for Makkari before Phastos holds her back with a gentle grip on her wrist and a shake of his head.
"Who specifically? I'm pretty sure authorized personnel are the only ones allowed to come in the compound. If it were an enemy it could've alerted the other Avengers in the building." Bruce explains as he glances at the battle ready warriors in front of him. Makkari signs again to which Sprite translates for her.
"Metal arm. Gun. Shield." Sprite raises her eyebrow as she glances at Bruce who sighs in relief.
"That's sounds like Bucky and Sam." He mumbles as he walks over to the area, allowing himself to enter the suspected duo's field of vision. "Come! I think Y/N's there with them."
He waves the Eternals over who hesitantly follow him. Druig's eyes carefully analyzes the trio who look at them with caution before relaxing in recognizing the scientist.
"Bruce!" The woman calls as she gently hands the gun to Bucky. Bruce smiles before clearing to the side to introduce the new members.
Your eyes slightly widen as Bruce introduces them and you to them. Sam and Bucky nod in greeting. "What were you guys doing?" Bruce asks with a raised eyebrow.
"We were testing grandma's vision here and used my old bots for target practice." Sam teases which earns him a hard nudge on the rib. Bucky quietly laughs. Sam groans as he rubs his side. "T-turns out grandma here has a better vision than popsicle and me."
"Told you." You smile at him before nudging your head to the headquarters. "Go inside. I have something to talk about with the newbies and Bruce."
"Yes ma'am." Bucky rolls his eyes before dragging Sam inside who protests loudly. You laugh softly at the pair before looking back at the group.
"I suspect Bruce has told you about me?" You tilt your head, eyes glancing at him.
"Only that you know about our purpose here on Earth." Phastos responds for the group as they look at you with unreadable expressions. You look back at Bruce who shrugs.
"Considering the amount of time spent between the rumored superhumans battling a monster in the streets of London showing up on the news, a Celestial appearing out of nowhere in the sky to you responding to Bruce's call, I assume you've met Eros then?" Your arms cross over your chest as their eyes widened. You connect eyes with one person in particular as he smirks at you.
"You're just like us." Druig's stare intensity increases by the moment as he tilts his head with interest. " You're an Eternal."
The group looks at him before looking back at you. Sersi blinks in confusion. "B-but we we're the only ones sent here on Ear—"
"Was assigned to a different world." You cut her off. "We were months away from an emergence before our leader told us the truth. He couldn't take it anymore and we decided to destroy the Celestial before it even emerged. Some of our members we're taken for judgement but a few of us managed to escape. I was able to meet Eros because of that. You were all lucky enough to have been spared."
The group look at you with sad expressions. Sprite steps forward with another question. "Then? How'd you come to Earth?"
"Well first of all, I wasn't really able to settle anywhere but I was lucky enough to meet Bruce here and his little group back in Sakaar." You glance at Bruce who smiles sheepishly before continuing. "Helped them escape, met Thanos, got transported to Earth, fought Thanos, lost, then the rest is history." You smile, clasping your hands behind you. "Why don't we discuss more inside? I'm sure you're all tired from the trip."
"Y'know what reminds me of you?" Kingo laughs as he looks at you from his side of the couch. "Artemis. Goddess of hunt."
Sprite rolls her eyes beside him. "You have to stop him before he starts associating you with every little thing he can find."
"Shut up Sprite." Kingo pushes her playfully as the group erupts in another set of laughter. Bruce had left you with the group in the living area to familiarize with one another. You were surprised to see yourself getting along quite well with this group of Eternals. You thought your family of Eternals were the only people you'll feel at home with and while the Avengers were quite dear to your heart, the emotions brought by the price of immortality and the ever changing scenery was always going to put a barrier on your relationships with humans. After seeing them on the news, you knew you had to find them and you're glad you did.
Druig glances at you smiling with content as you watch the others converse with laughter and smiles. He furrows his eyebrows as he notices you seeming to be quite distracted. He leans close. "Penny for your thoughts?"
You glance at him with a smirk. "Huh. Mind reader?"
Druig nods as he takes a bite of another chip. "Can do more than that too. Can't seem to read yours properly though.... It's all ... jumbled."
You smirk, amused. "I suppose my mind multitasks a lot." He chuckles as he turns his body towards you, eyes examining your figure.
"Are you checking me out?"
"On what?" You let out a small laugh.
"Mentally or physically." His eyes then locks with your own before winking. "Multitasking."
"Hm, funny." Your arm reaches out and taps his cheek playfully. Before you could pull it back, his hand immediately stops it from leaving his cheek. Your eyes look at him, confused.
"Thoughts like that don't help you sleep at night, Luna." He gently lowers your hand, fingers still intertwined with yours. "I can help you forget."
You look down at your hands before looking back at him. "And what thoughts exactly?"
"Thoughts of guilt, pain, loneliness, being lost." He lists off, eyes still trained on you. It seems as if the chatter from the other Eternals begins to blur as the both of you can only focus on one another. "You think too much. I can alter things for you. Give you the rest you deserve."
To forget. Would that really help you solve your problems?
But the memories, the laughter, the happiness you felt with your family and the pain you endured when you had to fight against your purpose to preserve life. Even if it means losing your family. But despite it all, forgetting means you'd lose the meaning brought by it to your life. You'd forget the reason as to why you were alive.
It wasn't that you were mad for Druig reading your mind but it was the offer of making you forget the things you felt due to your experiences. These thoughts, feelings, emotions was what kept you in line. It kept you grounded. You lost almost all of your family and the rest, well you didn't even know where they are. You needed a reason to move forward and these experiences helped you become stronger. It made you meet the people that helped you on your journey. Bruce, Sam, Bucky, the Avengers, Humans, Earth. You didn't want to forget. It's close enough to ripping a huge part of your identity.
"You know." You gently pull your hand away from him as you offer him a smile. "You're powers are impressive but quite annoying to have around."
You stood up from the couch, bidding the others goodbye as Druig can only stare at your figure disappearing into one of the hallways.
"Those arrows are a pain in the ass." Sam mumbles as he glares at the cosmic arrow stuck on the wall. Y/N laughs as her hands generate a golden arrow within her palm. "It fucking went through Bucky. That's cheating."
"My arrows go the way I want them to go." You smile as your hand releases your bow, allowing it to disintegrate into thin air. "Also I could hear and see Bucky a mile away. That sneak trick won't work on me."
Bucky groans from his place on the floor. "It's not my fault you have the ears and eyes of a fucking dog or something."
You roll your eyes as you extend your hand, helping Bucky to stand up. The three of you were sparring in the practice room during the early hours in the morning, the duo was trying to find ways to deflect your arrows and improve on their stealth and accuracy. Being blessed with heightened senses, precise accuracy and arrows that bend and go to your command really had its perks.
The duo bicker as they went to get some food while you stayed and admired the view from the large windows displaying the vast area of the compound. You're about to turn and leave when a knock halts your plans.
"Hey." Druig nods as he leans against the door frame. You smile at him before greeting back.
"What brings you here, Druig?" Your palm summons another arrow, twirling it within your fingertips as you look at him with interest.
He makes his way inside before stopping in front of you. "Just thinking."
"About what?"
"You." He answers with no hesitation. "I find you interesting."
You let out an amused chuckle. "You flirting with me? After trying to get into my head?"
Druig bites his lip before stepping closer. "I'm sorry for that. It was rude of me to do it so casually. I didn't mean to offend you."
The arrows disappears with a twirl of your hand before crossing your arms over your chest. "You were right. I do have sleepless nights but if getting enough sleep means forgetting what I felt even if its just for few seconds then I'd rather not sleep at all."
Druig nods. "I know how those emotions mean to you. I felt it. It was wrong of me for suggesting to use my powers on erasing something important to you."
You could only look at him, eyes analyzing the expression on his face. His stare unwavering and completely sincere.
"How can I make it up to you?" He mumbles hands gently grabbing your arms. The warmth you felt from his touch begins to make your skin tingle.
"Well," You squint your eyes, thinking of an answer to his question before smiling. You lean in close, Druig's eyes glancing down at your lips. "I suppose you can think of another way to make me forget for awhile."
Druig laughs as he grabs your waist closer. "Other ways hm? Aren't we skipping a few steps, Luna?"
You could only grin as you press a soft kiss on his cheek. "Then take me out to dinner, love." You smile teasingly before pulling from his embrace and dashing out of the room.
Druig pokes his tongue against the inside of his cheek before chuckling in amusement.
"What a sneaky little hunter you are, dear Artemis."
THIS SUCKS GOD THE ENDING SUCKS ANYS i hope yall enjoyed this its 4 am for me. gnight.
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Forelsket Masterlist
Forelsket: (n.) the euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love
Tumblr media
Synopsis: After a falling out drives you and Albedo apart one year ago, you find yourself returning to Dragonspine, the same place that led to everything going downhill. But this time, you’re accompanying the traveller and his floating companion. Are some things best left buried beneath the snow or are there still secrets driving the two of you farther apart?
Tumblr media
Act I: Abience 
Act II: Serendipity 
Act III: Metanoia 
Act IV: Ineffable (coming soon)
Act V: Redamancy (coming soon)
Tumblr media
This is likely to be a relatively long series, with each part at least 5k words. I’ve done a lot of thinking about this series and I’ve written outlines for each act
Due to the long length of this series, updates will probably be slow, as I am very busy with school work and all the other stuff that I have to deal with
It’s a slow burn! And while this is an Albedo x GN!Reader fic, I’ve put a lot of thought into the Reader’s relationships with other characters as well and who they are
My apologies if any of the characters are OOC, I’ve tried to capture their personalities as best I can
Tumblr media
send me an ask, or comment on this post if you would like to be added to the taglist for this series!
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ohthena · a year ago
Tumblr media
pairing: timeskip!kenma x fem!reader  synopsis: You come home late from your cousin’s funeral, and though Kenma didn’t expect much from you but perhaps a few leftovers you’ve managed to steal away from the dinner, he finds you with a surprise: a sleeping child cradled around your neck and a teenage boy hovering behind you. Your poor boyfriend wondering what in the hell it is you’re plotting…  tags: angst and fluff, time skip!, slight spoilers if you squint  warnings: mentions of death, mentions of depression, cursing 
Tumblr media
❀ life as we know it 
❀ life as she’s known it
❀ life as he’s known it
❀ life as they’ll know it
*posting begins 12/23/20 and every wednesday onwards ;)
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Tease | Venti (Genshin) x Reader (NSFW)
✧ Summary: Venti wielded his appearance like weapon, pouting his bright puppy-like eyes at you whether on the battlefield or the bedroom. There was something about the Archon that moved you to play along, at least not until tonight.
➳ Tags: some semi-public teasing and eventually fluffy sexytimes; Venti is a teasing lil shit; LOTS of humor and most of the Mondstadt characters show up ➳ Navigation
—xXxXxXxXxXxXx— One of the lessons you learned very quickly in your relationship with the Anemo Archon was that Venti was a teasing lil shit. 
Venti loved you — there was no doubt. But his mischievous side popped up in almost every avenue of your time together. When fighting hilichurls or hunting down abyss mages, all it took was a bat of his eyelashes and you were ready to wield a sword on his behalf.
He played on his appearance heavily — puppy dog eyes gazing up at you no matter what the conversation was about. It was easy to look at him and think he was a humble bard who enjoyed a glass of fine wine. Instead of the thousands of year old God who had the power of wind at his mercy.
All it took was a couple smiles and nicely placed laughter and Venti knew he had you under his spell.
And you were even aware of it, the asshole.
Keep reading
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nocturne 2
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ohthena · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
KnY OCs, yet again These two are new lmao
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ohthena · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
they’re here...........
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