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omg-snakes · 6 days ago
I’ve notice a lot of differing opinions on the temp range for a corn snake. I typically keep Cherry at 75-84F but I was wondering what you think the best temp range is for them???
Hey friend!
One of the beautiful things about corn snakes is how totally easy to keep they are and how adaptable they can be. These critters are found mostly in the south-eastern United States, and it's simple for us to see and understand what their native habitat is like, what they do there, and how they survive.
That said, our goal as keepers is to provide the most ideal conditions for our snakes in captivity. A perpetual "perfect day" as it were.
A good target is 75-80 in the cool zone, gradually ramping across a gradient to 80-85 in the warm zone, with a hot basking spot of around 90-ish plus or minus a degree or two. Be sure to offer substrate that allows your snake to burrow, decorations that they can safely climb, and multiple hides and areas for sleeping, thermoregulating, and feeling safe. Remember that snakes in the wild will encounter a hugely varied range of temperatures so if your enclosure dips or spikes a few degrees here and there for short periods of time it's not harmful. Our ideal ranges are literally that: ideal. Making sure that your snake's overall well-being is taken into account and your husbandry's adherence to the Five Freedoms of animal welfare is way more important than the distinction between 82 degrees or 84.
I hope this helps to set your mind at ease!
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omg-snakes · 16 days ago
i am so proud of wiggles!!! im happy i got to witness their growth into a healthy noodle.
Me, too! She may never have a fully "normal" skull but at least I am confident that she's got a good quality of life and a happy future.
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