my only redeeming quality is that i write stuff. i do fallout, fire emblem, and jjba. feel free to request whatever; i’m generally new to more active on wattpad, so feel free to check that out, under the same name as the one i use here.

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omiphany·10 days agoText


thought up some fallout based pronouns?

  • rad/rad/rads/radself 
  • sy/syn/syns/synthself 
  • nu/nuka/nukes/nukaself
  • gun/gun/guns/gunnerself 
  • aca/aca/acadias/acadiaself 
  • rai/raid/raids/raiderself
  • pip/pip/pips/pipboyself
  • vau/vault/vaults/vaultself
  • fe/fer/fers/feralself
  • ya/yao/guias/yaoself

let me know if any of these already exist,,, im Not Smart

oh my god these are ,, SO CUTE ,,

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omiphany·2 months agoPhoto


i played fallout: new vegas all day and finished the lonesome road dlc for the second time ever and i suddenly had an image in my head…..

claps and confetti to those of you who get the ref :0 

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omiphany·6 months agoText

i want to be crushed between ova dio’s boobs. i want him to walk up to me when i’m at the gas station picking up a packet of gummy bears and slams me into the freezer (breaking many bones in my body in the process) and then whip me around and snake an arm around my waist, bringing me to his chest. the moment would be almost romantic, that is, until his grip tightens around my waist, and he cautiously brings his calloused hand to cradle my neck. i’d glance up, err, try to. the second i attempt to move my head upwards, he applies pressure to my neck, causing my air supply to cut off. i would start to suffocate in the middle of a 7-eleven. people would walk by and think that we’re simply exchanging a romantic gesture, but no. as the clock ticks by, my face wraps into a mixture of ecstasy and pain. then, i would collapse, and die.

the thought has been in the back of my head for days now, and I haven’t been able to accept it. what if my friends found out? i’d be labeled a freak—something unworthy of love. but i’ve learned something. i won’t let their thoughts define me, or my opinions anymore. i’m tired of hiding in the shadows.

“hey bitchtits” i say to my uncle. the same man whom did unspeakable things to me with a hose during my 6th birthday party, away from prying eyes

“whhaka” he started, but before he could actually say something coherent, i stuck my fingers into his neck. i had painted my nails last night with special!!! dio flavored nail polish that i made out of the same materials from jilly juice.

i absorbed his blood into my body. yes!!! it worked. the blood of my daddy- uh, uncle, courses through my veins!! the blood of my uncle courses through my veins!!

i leaned back and imitated a famous dio pose. yes. taht one. i did a “wryyyy”

but…. oh no

i had completely forgot! i was recently discharged from the hospital because of my fatal explosive anal bleeding. so, when i leaned back, my neck snapped right off my head and rolled onto the floor. i looked at my body for a second. Bro wtf

my body fell completely limp. i could not control it at all. All I could do was let out a sad “wryy :(“

i was now just a head. i had suffered a similar fate to dio Brando; (although maybe a bit less epic since i didn’t have the anime music going on in the background.) cursed to live on through my immortality as a severed head.

Uhh then the roof fucking fell down and actually killed me. Idk I don’t want to continue this shit it’s already WAY too fucking long

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omiphany·6 months agoText


jotakak shippers after reading ‘Illness’ be like

ngl that was sad as fuck

been crying for 5 days in a row thanks

(the art from that dj is actually impressive like sis got me feeling the vibez just from looking at it)

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omiphany·6 months agoText


Space Oddity

Sidenote: this is a dtiys I’m holding on Instagram (@rootmoyashi)! Check it out if you want.

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omiphany·7 months agoText
















hey how about make yourself with this picrew and tag some mutuals

i’ll start :^)

and i’ll tag @kazz @fair-y-child @tenthprinceofhell @qlecs @sarcasticmalecfan @jazzkaurtheglorious

This looks like a cute one!!! I’ll do one too :3

Tagging to start: @chatalyst @chatnoirinette @bowser14456 @flashflashitsash @mari-cheres @poorputa and anyone else!!! ^_^

Ooo I just did this one! This is my favorite piccrew so far

Ummm I’ll tag @ladybuginettes @buginetta @fandomaniacz @landturtlealyce and @luporotita

wink wonk

@twin-books @mothed-men @cockabeetle


Oh cool, I had this made already… because I was having fun… Thanks for the tag!

@koo1creations​​ @nobu-akuma​​ @miraculouslycool​​

Thanks fpr tagging me, TB!

This was a lot of fun and one of the picrews I could actually get pretty close to how I look! Plus, sword!!

@theworldslittlesis @hellolovelyscientist and @15megapixels-mlb

this is one of the picrews that i tried with a lot of customizable options! thanks nobu i enjoyed this so much

now for me mutuals (feel free to try in your free time) @ella-xel@bugchat@tiffpotato

This was fun

Mutuals feel free to ignore or try

@inkshila @dizzyvalk @niazoe @vipernette

This is the cutest thing ever!!

@dizzyvalk @cosmiczero115 @dustybunxd @magicalfandomrealm

And anyone else feel free to do it too!! 💕

Thanks for tha tag shay 💙 this was fun to do

@leiferne , @mortal-kombattore-115 , @xxall-bitterxx and anyone else who wants to try ~

Gracias por incluirme! :3c 💕

Tagging @ashurikuron @certainlandknightpurse @gulliblepineapples @icefir and whoever wants to do this c:

Hello! :3

I will tag @this-person-is-slowly-dying​. @the-magical-terri​ and @sampoststuff

@teacapq27 @thatonerandomgirl1

Eh, not good but meh.

@alternitavely @thatonerandomgirl1 @quadbio

Muah 😳😳

@skipitty-bop @northomicron @sleep-deprived-italian

I look so fukcing basic.

Anyways. Local gaywad that will eat your toes and steal ur girls & boys

Also fuck you quad, it’s 12 am and I don’t have friends to tag 😔😔😔

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omiphany·8 months agoAnswer

Why are your asks only on public


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omiphany·8 months agoAnswer

Post more dead bitch

Ok give me something to post I’m too lazy to think of something myself

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omiphany·9 months agoText


Whenever you a-come around

I’m bowing down

You know I’d take a bullet for you

I think I might be coming down

So have another round

I’m highest when I’m fucking with you

You make me do the runaround

With my neck back, muscle bound grip, until you break it down

I don’t think you’re good for me

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omiphany·10 months agoPhoto


Plenty of distressed Grahams for all your distressed Graham needs. Him hitting the sarsaparilla bottles reminds me of the milk bars in LoZ for some reason. Sasp edits thanks to @yesjejunus. Also, have a sketchy follow up for when he finally pops a blood vessel from being, well, him.

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omiphany·10 months agoPhoto


tfw your companion randomly unequipped his glasses and you had no fucking clue who he was for like 5 minutes

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omiphany·10 months agoAnswer

Hey bitch Whats up

my dick apparently after seeing u message me 😳

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