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oneawkwardcookie · 37 minutes ago
Sawdust pie
It’s eclectic !!
“You’ve never been down here before” 😂😂😂
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oneawkwardcookie · 2 hours ago
Applying for jobs mood
A man like that is hard to find, but I can't get him off my mind
Ain't it sad?
And if he happens to be free, I bet he wouldn't fancy me
That's too bad
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oneawkwardcookie · 5 hours ago
Hi all,
October is UK Black History Month, so I’m going to be sharing posts this month featuring iconic Black British/Britain-based women.
Tumblr media
Mary Prince was born in Bermuda on the 1st October 1788, making today her 233rd birthday. While visiting Britain, a change in the law allowed her to escape the family she was enslaved by, and she began working for the Anti-Slavery Society. During this time, she wrote her autobiography, “The History of Mary Prince”, believed to be the earliest autobiography of a black woman published in England. The book was so popular it was reprinted twice in its first year, and she has been credited as playing a ‘crucial role in the abolition campaign’. Unfortunately little is known about her later life, or when she died.
Mary Prince is featured in a permanent exhibition in the London Docklands Museum, and is commemorated by a plaque near where she lived in Bloomsbury.
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oneawkwardcookie · 13 hours ago
the line from jane austen’s emma that goes “i cannot make speeches…if i loved you less i might be able to talk about it more. but you know who i am. you hear nothing but the truth from me.” but it’s eddie
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oneawkwardcookie · 15 hours ago
When you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughingstock.
Hate this, thank you
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oneawkwardcookie · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
temporarily discards my artistic integrity to truly express my feelings about the harry potter epilogue. all credit 2 kate beaton whose comic i pretty much just traced. 
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oneawkwardcookie · 17 hours ago
reblog to say haiiiiiiiii~* to the person you reblogged it from
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oneawkwardcookie · 18 hours ago
did u know that fire is shaped the way that it is bc of gravity and if it werent for gravityitd be an orb
yep! here's what a match looks like burning in microgravity, it's WILD
Tumblr media
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oneawkwardcookie · 18 hours ago
four kisses
partially inspired by this fic by @capseycartwright. special thanks to my love @zeethebooknerd ❤
buck/eddie, 1108 words, fluff.
the first time they kiss is when chris and eddie have had a fight, and eddie’s in the kitchen upset and spiralling and doubting himself, and buck reassures him and comforts him and promises that he’s not going anywhere. it’s small, it’s quick, barely noticeable among buck’s words and the way he has their foreheads pressed together, but it warms eddie to his core.
they don’t talk about it.
maybe it’s for the best — maybe they’re not ready, but it’s okay because christopher comes out and he and eddie apologise to each other and eddie still has his family. he still has his son in his arms, and he still has buck, with fond glances and soft touches and seamless partnership and his friendship.
(if his gaze lingers sometimes, if every time he touches buck he wants to grab on and never let go, well. he’ll tell buck one day. 
he’s just not ready yet.)
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oneawkwardcookie · 19 hours ago
I think my favorite jokes are the ones that weren’t even all that funny until I was an adult, and now they’re fucking hilarious. I’m not even talking about the dirty jokes. I’m talking about in Finding Nemo where the sharks are having fucking AA for fish eating. Remember that shit? “I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself.” Who ever thought of that? That was brilliant. Or what about that time in Shrek 2 where Shrek and Donkey infiltrate the castle pretending to be union workers? Little me didn’t give a shit about unions but big me is remembering Shrek going “It’s okay buddy, we’re from the union” and the desk worker secretively “we don’t even have dental,” and Shrek just shakes his head and looks at Donkey like he can’t believe this shit and goes, “They don’t even have dental.” What the fuck. I’m dying of laughter. Who comes up with this shit.
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