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ostdrossel·a day agoVideo

I found this huge pokeberry plant in my yard, and thought maybe it could be a chance to get some Cedar Waxwing videos. I haven’t seen any so far, but today, a Robin came to check the berries out. I never really thought about how they get to them but I wouldn’t have thought they jumped! (Footage is not perfect, I still need to figure out the best angle etc. but I thought it would be fun to share.)

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ostdrossel·5 days agoText

I think the Chickadees

are happy they found some allies of equal size now that the yard has calmed down for the fall. And I am so happy about the Red-breasted Nuthatches! I spotted two of them on the big tree today.

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ostdrossel·6 days agoVideo

A FOY 😀 I didn’t have any of these little guys last year, and then heard that the reason was that they had ample food sources farther north last year, so they didn’t need to come south for the winter. Well, they are back and I am so glad. Red-breasted Nuthatches are very entertaining to have around, they sound like mini-beatboxes and are one of the tamest birds I have ever met.

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ostdrossel·7 days agoText

The price you pay

when you’re hunting that teen Cardi and put the cam on the ground… Here’s one of each squirrel kind I have visiting. Top left to bottom right: Fox Squirrel (that is the largest kind), Eastern Gray Squirrel, American Red Squirrel (tiniest here and feisty, and I think this one is preggo), and a melanistic Gray Squirrel.

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ostdrossel·9 days agoText

As a little Sunday surprise,

the Blue Jays have leaked the cover of their next album. Influences of Death Metal and Hardcore are interwoven with ethno and hip hop beats and folkloristic melodies, as a commentary on the current state of the world, I’ve been told.

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ostdrossel·9 days agoText

I am still impatiently waiting

for the return of the Redbreasted Nuthatches but in the meantime, the Titmice are wonderful to have around. After an initial shyness around the cameras, they are now super curious and inquisitive and make many trips to check if more food is there. I am also really getting a kick out of their vocalizations.

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ostdrossel·9 days agoText

The dark bird crowd

has been thinning out recently, but there are still groups passing through on their way south. The Grackles come for a quick snack (here showered in sun rays), the Cowbirds usually take a bath. While I love them all, it is nice that the bird food budget gets a little break right now.

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ostdrossel·9 days agoText

Two young House Sparrows

are sharing a spot at the bowl. A group of them often comes around at this time of the year. The youngsters are cute, but as someone who also has a Bluebird nestbox in the yard, I am always quite happy when I don’t see any House sparrows. If you are interested in the challenges and aspects of the relationship between House Sparrows and Bluebirds, check out the very informative sialis.org.

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ostdrossel·11 days agoText

I love these guys.

Today, Titmice and Chickadees had the majority of photos on my cameras. It was a lot of fun hearing them squeal and squeak with excitement when they discovered a feeder. And they sound so similar too! I am ready to get showered in Titter and Chickie goodness all fall and winter.

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ostdrossel·13 days agoText

Donation to Feeding America

Thanks to your generosity, I was able to donate $46 to Feeding America today. The next donation will go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Check out all available face masks (and other cool stuff) in my Redbubble shop or at ostdrossel.com.

I am also planning to make calendars again this year. There will be an update when the time has come.

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