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Name: Tia

Gender: Female (she/her)

Height: 5′1

Sexuality: Straight 

Favorite Animals: Wolves

Average hours of Sleep: 5-7 .. (Really depends on the day.. Sometimes I get like 4, other times I get like 9 LOL. So… xD)

Dogs or cats: I love both but if someone made me choose, I’d say dogs.

Current time: 11:20am

Dream Job: It was to be an administrative assistant and writer.. Now I have ZERO idea what i want to be.

When I made this blog: Uh…. Hmm… Maybe 2015 or 2016? MAYBE even 2014?? Honestly, I made this blog when I got into KNB.

Why I made this blog:  Because I love writing and I was convinced my writing was good enough to run an imagines blog xD. (Gotta thank @oi-taigaaaaa and @knbaes-n-bakas for that.)

Reason for url: There’s a never ending amount of possibilities to write something… Kind of just wanted to be unique.. And Our sounds better than Myneverendingpossibilities LOL. 

10 blogs: Well, not sure who all wants to do it, so I’m just gonna list off blogs. No need to feel pressured to doing it though! (I doubt I’ll tag 10 people.. I’m just that lazy tbh xD)

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine Daiki x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: FINALLY!! After soo long, here’s ANOTHER chapter!! AHH. I hate to say it, but this story is coming to an end… I think there’ll be a few more chapters? Can’t guarantee.. But I’m grateful everyone has been patient with me!! You can also find it on my AO3!! Enjoy!


The day you met Aomine Daiki, was on a clear blue sky.

You were practicing dribbling on a nearby court, moving the ball between your legs in a quick motion. It was one of your weaker moves, but you were at least good at shooting. It wouldn’t be enough to win the next game though.. You frown, halting your movements and stare up at the hoop, as if studying it. How many times have you faced up against opponents taller than you? Surely there has to be a way to outsmart them and be able to reach the hoop?

The ball began hitting the cement once more, and you narrowed your eyes, making fake movements before spinning on your feet. Taking a jump back, you shot the ball into the hoop, watching as it effortlessly sinks in.. Wiping the sweat from your eyebrow, you sigh, staring at the ground… Is there a way to get better? How can you be the assistant captain if you can’t lead your team with the captain?

“OI! Move off the court! It’s not meant for girls!”

The voice cut you out of your reverie, and you glare, turning your attention to the group of boys… Great… You’re going to be harassed once again from playing a ‘boys’ sport. You made your way to your ball, only to stumble when one of them grabs it, spinning it on his finger as he sneers at you.

“You think a girl can play against a group of boys and win?” he laughs, not bothering to look at you. It was clear to you he was the leader… His arrogance was evident.

“Girls can play any sport boys can!” you glower, eyes narrowing. “Besides, this is a PUBLIC court… Anyone can play on it!”

He sneers, stopping the spinning of the ball. He looks at it, casting a glance at you. He then starts to tease you with the ball, watching as you jump up and down, trying to reach it… Curse your height!

“How can you play when you’re not even tall enough to reach the hoop??” He laughs, and then proceeds to throw your ball off the court… You gasp, turning to chase it, only to trip on his foot, and you almost hit the pavement. Hard…

Instead, you wind up in someone’s arms..

“OI! Pick on someone your own size!”

You blink, gasping lightly as you inhale the young boy’s scent, finding yourself blushing… He smells good… You look up at him, mouth parting as his beautiful navy blue hues meet yours, and you’re suddenly tongue-tied… H…He’s so….


“Tch… Whatcha gonna do about it, shorty?” the older male sneers, not liking his bullying was being interrupted…

Aomine’s snaps out of his fascination of you, turning to look at them, glaring. He puts you behind him, grabbing the ball from the other teen and laughs, spinning the ball on his finger…

“I’m gonna fight you! Four on one! If you can beat me, I’ll leave with her and we won’t be on the court again!” He replies smugly, bouncing the ball on the ground… “But… If I win…” He then charges at them, bouncing the ball between their legs, and throws the ball into the hoop with one hand.

“… You’ll apologize to her and never step foot on this court again.”


You watch the game, mesmerized by the young boy’s plays… He was laughing, grinning with mischief as he made each shot, dodging each of their moves effortlessly… It was hard to believe he was your age…. He plays like a natural.. As if he breathes basketball…

At the end of the match, you’re unable to tear your eyes away, feeling slightly flustered at the scene before you… No words could begin to describe what took place, and you feel rooted to the ground… Everything about this… Is surreal, and she finds herself feeling just a little envious… Not because of his skill persay… But because he looks like he’s enjoying himself… And she finds herself wishing, he never stops smiling.

The thought makes her blush deeply, and she crouches down, burying her face in her knees.

“Oi! You okay?”

His voice brings her out of her turmoil, and she looks up at him, his gaze curious and a slight hint of worry. You immediately stand up, nodding your head as you dust off your shorts.

“A…Ahh!! I’… I’m okay!!” She looks around, noticing the males are gone… “W…What happened?”

He clicks his tongue, a soft frown on his lips, “I kicked their butts..” He replies, tossing the gross ball away. He didn’t want to touch anything belonging to them.. He then runs towards the edge of the court, grabbing your long forgotten ball. He brings it back to you, holding it out towards you.


As if shocked, you take the ball from his hands, gasping at the small twinge of electricity… You hear it from his lips too, before looking up at him , swallowing the lump in your throat..

“T….Thank you…” you whisper, a tiny smile on your lips. He rubs the back of his head, unable to meet your eyes, a small blush dusting his cheeks…

“Those guys had it coming…:” he whispers, “Anyone can play basketball… and I was tired of them picking on you…”

You find yourself staring up at him, a tiny giggle leaving your lips.

“Y…You’re a really good player… er…”


Your eyes widen at his stutter, but he says his name with clear conviction, and you’re once again, amazed at his stature… And you feel… safe with him… Something you’ve only experienced with your father… Speaking of…

“AH! It’s getting late!! I have to get back home!” you gasp, bowing at him. You meet his gaze, grinning at him brightly,

“Thank you Daiki!! I appreciate what you did for me!”

You then begin running off the court, only to stop at his voice.

“Oi!! I didn’t catch your name!!”

You whirl around, eyes wide at his words, and you smile bigger, waving a hand.

“It’s _______!”

You almost trip in your haste, but you had to get home! Otherwise your dad would start to worry… and he wouldn’t let you out to play on the courts again! As you ran away, Aomine couldn’t take his eyes off your form.. You were cute, and he had caught you training a little… He could tell you were a good player, and he hopes to see you again on these courts…

“Be safe, _____-chan….” he whispers, before he makes his trek back home.


~ Two years later ~

It’d been a couple years since you ran into Daiki on the street court… And you couldn’t stop thinking about him… His enthusiasm for the sport your father played somehow renewed your interest, allowing you to bond with your father… It’d been rocky since you were forced to live with your mother, and during that time, you couldn’t return to the courts, unable to meet with Daiki again… You wanted to play with him, get to know him as a person… Everything about him, it screamed at you.. Somehow you found yourself going to Teiko… Per your mother’s request.

And that’s where you now stood, in front of the gates, staring up at them with wide eyes… A prestigious school… The aura around it was powerful, and you found yourself sweating.. You were feeling anxious, having everyone’s attention on you… Since you’d grown up, some of your assets… had well… stood out…

“Hey.. She’s cute!! We should go talk to her!”

“I’m going to make her my girlfriend!”

“Let’s get her to join our club!”

You started to feel your palms clam up, and you swallow the lump in your throat. All you want is to make it to homeroom, and relax. The first day is always the hardest, and you didn’t want to fall behind… It was when you were heading inside you saw a flash of navy blue hair.. And it made you pause… You watch, eyes wide as the boy you met a couple years ago walks by, accompanied by a beautiful pinkette, and they seem very close… You wanted to shout his name, to confirm it was truly him, but something held you back.. Before you got caught, you ran up the stairs towards your class, unaware of those hues looking in your direction.


“You’re _____-chan, right?”

You were in the middle of eating when the VERY same girl who you saw with Daiki earlier appears.. A huge grin on her face. You place your food down, tilting your head to the side..

“H…How do you…”

“It’s my duty to know everyone ! I also heard of your basketball abilities!!” she grins, unaware of your inner turmoil… If this was Daiki’s girlfriend… Why was she here in front of you?

“I want you to join the basketball team as an assistant manager!”

Her words bring you out of your reverie, and you look at her, stunned…


“I don’t think Dai-chan has realized you’re here.. But from your description, I’d say you’re the same girl he met on the court a couple years ago!” she coos, sitting beside you. Her eyes were wide, but the sparkling effects were there, and you felt a twinge of guilt for the bluenette.

“He couldn’t stop talking about you _____-chan! He was excited to meet someone who liked playing basketball like him! Though he was upset you didn’t show up again after that.”

'H…He talked about me?’ you thought, eyes wide and a slight blush on your cheeks… Why was your heart, beating fast, as if you were running on the track? What kind of face would he make, when he sees you again? Suddenly, your stomach began to churn in knots, and you bite your bottom lip.

“W…What’s your-”

“Oh! I’m Momoi Satsuki!! I’m Dai-chan’s childhood friend!” She explains, understanding your confusion.. You let out a soft sigh.

“I.. I thought you were…”

“Dating??” She scoffs, making a face, “No way!! Dai-chan is more like a brother to me!” She pouts, before shaking her head, holding out a hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, _____-chan!! I hope you’ll help me manage the basketball team!”

You look at her, before your gaze goes to her hand, with a smile. Gently taking it in yours, you can feel the smile meeting your eyes, and nod. “I look forward to helping the basketball team!”

Little did you know, a certain someone was on the other line, tucked inside Momoi’s pocket.


End of day came by in a flash, and suddenly you were dreading going to the gym… You wanted to, but the prospect of Aomine NOT remembering you lingers in your head. From Momoi’s words, he DOES remember you, has even talked about you non-stop… Despite the one meeting… And yet, why wouldn’t your heart stop fluttering?? Was meeting you that exciting for the bluenette?


Startled from your thoughts, you look up, watching as Momoi runs to you, grabbing your hand happily. She drags you towards three people… An older man, who you assumed was the coach… A guy you recognized as the team’s captain, and senpai, Nijimura Shuuzo, and finally.. The red-head who was vice captain, and one of the smartest boys in Teiko..

Akashi Seijuro…

“This is who I was talking about!! This is _____-chan!!” She looks at you, gesturing to the three males, “This is the coach, Sanada-san… The captain, Nijimura-senpai, and vice captain, Akashi-kun!”

You take in each of their expressions, but the one sending chills down your spine the most, was the red-head. Despite him being your age, his demeanor spoke volumes, and you swallow thickly, bowing in front of them.

“I… I’m ______! I…It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

You knew it was slightly rude not to say your last name, but you never wanted to be addressed so formally… Even in class, you’d rather be addressed by your first name. Most people respected that, and never questioned it.. And thankfully, the others nodded at you, accepting your introduction before talking to each other about the regimes… You look at Momoi, prepared to ask her what your duties were, when a very familiar voice echoed through the gym, causing you to gasp..


Turning your head around, you notice Momoi’s smile, but find your eyes widening at the boy you met a couple years ago… He’s much, MUCH, taller now than he was back then… And suddenly, you never felt so… small.

You give him a smile, lifting a hand in a hesitant wave, “H….Hi there….. Daiki-kun…”

When you greet him, you watch as his face lights up, and those beautiful blue hues sparkle until your skin was burning… And you longed to keep that smile on his face… It was as if the two of you were in your own worlds, only attention was on each other, and nothing else matters… You were brought out of your thoughts when he ran at you, wrapping his arms around your shoulder as he gives you a noogie..

“Be prepared!! I’ve gotten stronger! And I want to face off against you one day!”

You tilt your head in confusion, trying your hardest not to sound like an idiot… Because your entire being was screaming to touch him.. To hold him… And just like that day, when he had beaten those boys for you, Aomine was the sun, and if you got too close, you’d surely be burned.


You let out a soft whimper, though it immediately vanishes when a tiny pressure rests against your forehead. You don’t want to open your eyes, in fear he’s going to leave.. He’s not physically here… He’s only here in your dreams… And you want to keep him here… You want his heat, his scent, his warmth… Everything Aomine Daiki is… You want to hold it in the palm of your hand… And yet, it’s time to stop living in the past, and move on…

You slowly open your eyes, releasing a slow breath, and when you feel the swing shift, you realize one thing…

Aomine is resting underneath you…

When you fell asleep, you landed on his chest, and the whole time you were napping, he remained in place, keeping you close… As if protecting you from the cool breeze.. His heart continues to beat under your ear, and you were scared to move, in case he got angry, or he would place you down, leaving you alone…

Instead, his arms tighten their grip, and you snuggle closer to his chest.

“Miss me that much, _____?”

His voice is teasing, hot against your ear, and you feel your cheeks burn in embarrassment… C…Curse him!! Your heart continues to beat in your chest, and you knew… You couldn’t get over him… Not even if you moved to a different continent….

Your heart would always be Aomine’s…

Slowly getting up, you cast him a glare, half straddling his hips as you look down at him, pouting…

“I could say the same about you… Aomine-kun..” you murmur, not missing the frown at addressing him by his last name. You grab onto his sweater, and move to get off him, when he tugs you back into his chest, growling darkly.

“I…It’s getting late!!”

“Don’t care…” he mumbles, gently nipping your ear, “I’ll stay the whole night if I have to…” he lets the words linger, and it makes your heart race… Letting out a soft gasp, you ignore the heat on your cheeks as you meet his blue hues…

Licking your lips, again ignoring the burning stare on your mouth, you whisper, “….Why?”

He clicks his tongue, rolling his eyes before leaning in, closer than before. His breath tickles your mouth, and you so badly want to close the gap… To just drown in him again and again.

“Use your head, _____… I know you’re not stupid.”

And when you open your mouth to retort, he swoops in, and silences your protest with his own, forever sending your heart into a frenzy.

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ourneverendingpossibilities·5 days agoAnswer

Can i get a scenario where Midorima gets a call from his gf because she doesn't feel safe at a party she was left alone at or in a certain part of town? Thanks 😊

Hi !! OF course you can! Thanks for requesting! :D

Midorima should’ve accompanied you to the party. 

It wasn’t his scene, but the idea of you being at one without him makes him nervous.. He was calm when he heard you were going with a group a friends.. But he didn’t get the address.. And he wishes he pushed you to tell him.

His eyes are directed on the work in front of him, but his mind is elsewhere.. Thinking of you… He told you never hesitate to call him whenever you were in trouble… And so far, he didn’t hear from you.

He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

He rubs under his eyes, stretching his arms as he grunts in discomfort. He’s tired, sore and wants to go to sleep.. But he CAN’T sleep until he knows you made it home safely…

That’s when the phone rang.

He sees your name, and immediately answers, voice gruff with a hint of concern,


A quiet sniffle echoes through his ear, before a shaky sigh.


“What’s wrong?” he asks, immediately standing up and grabbing his jacket. He doesn’t hide the concern anymore, running down the stairs to grab the keys and jacket.. Slipping into his shoes, he shuts the door behind him, getting into his parent’s car.

“I… I was left alone at the party…” you sniff, letting out a shaky sigh. “M..My friends… they got drunk… and I… I don’t know where they are…”

The sound of glass smashing in the background urges Midorima to drive faster, but his phone is sitting on the seat, on speaker as he puts his focus on the road.

“I’m coming to get you, _____… Don’t hang up until I get there..”

He hears another sniffle, and a tiny whisper, “M…My phone is going to die soon… I forgot to charge it before I left…”

He looks at the gps, alerting him of the time and nods. “I should be there in fifteen minutes, _____… Can you wait outside for me?” 

“…I..I’ll see if I can find my way out… It’s crowded in here…”

“Just stay on the line until your phone dies, I’m coming for you.”


Your phone dies ten minutes later, and you’re now waiting outside, shivering from the cold.. You left your jacket at your friend’s house.. As you were supposed to spend the weekend there.. Your parents had left that day for a week-long trip, and you let them go alone, knowing they wanted some much deserved alone time.

You wish you had insisted on Midorima to come with you… You didn’t think your friends were going to get plastered, or end up leaving you for some random men.. You find yourself resting against the tree, near the sidewalk, and you want to avoid being seen… Some of the people, they weren’t friendly… And how your friends knew about this party is beyond you..

It’s then you saw a car pull up, and you breathed a sigh of relief….


You manage to stand up on your feet, urging them to move as you run to the car. He just exits the car when you jump at him, burying your face in his warm chest… He’s wearing a coat and jacket, but the outer layer is immediately taken off and resting around your shoulders.

“Are you okay, ______?”

You sniff, nodding your head with a tiny smile. “…I’m okay now… because I have you!”

Your stomach growls, and a blush covers your cheeks, eliciting a sigh from his lips. He gently walks you to the passenger side, helping you get in. 

“Let’s stop at Maji burger on the way home” he mumbles, a light blush on his cheeks. He tries to hide it with a frown, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek.

“You can spend the weekend with me, ______…. Let’s go.”

You watch him go to the driver’s side, and find your lips curling into a small smile. It warmed your heart to know he came calling for you, without any hesitation… You gently take his left hand, holding it within yours as you relax in the seat, heat beginning to reach every part of your body…

“Thank you… Shintarou-kun…”

He keeps his attention on the road, ignoring the reddening of his cheeks, as he lets out a small “humph.”

“I told you I’d come anytime you called.”

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Anime: Bleach
Pairing: Grimmjow Jaegerjaques x reader
Rating: T (For foul language)
A/N: So I wrote this late last night… Because once again, this guy is just trapped in my mind… (I’m pretty sure you’re gonna see more of him from me in the next few weeks…days… er… Whenever LOL) And @oi-taigaaaaa also loves him, and kind of gave the prompt during a conversation. So… This kind of just… Happened XD. I realize Grimmjow is PROBABLY OOC… But I like to think it’s because he’s a “panther” so he’d have some “Cat-like” qualities… Anyway, hope you all enjoy! Can also find on my AO3!


Dating Grimmjow was… Well… There were no words to describe it…

One minute he was hot, bothered and angry… The next he was calm, cold and well… sleeping like a cat on a rainy day.. She didn’t know how to handle his mood swings… If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was a woman on her monthly cycle… And yet, despite his… stature, she was still in love with him…

When he wasn’t being a narcistic asshole.

She sat in the recliner chair, legs propped up as she read the latest novel in her favourite series. Her eyes were attentive on the words in front of her, enjoying the nice, peaceful afternoon. There was the light pelting from the rain outside echoing, but it brought an ambiance in the otherwise quiet room… The television was on quietly, as her boyfriend sat there, flicking through channels..

It was a rare occurrence, for him to remain silent… At least for this long. However, that was short-lived..

Grimmjow was unable to hide the bored expression on his face… Nothing good was on the screen, and there were no hollows to kill… Kurosaki was on some sort of school trip, so he couldn’t go and bother him for a fight… Plus with this rain, he didn’t want to get soaked… He turns his attention to the human sitting beside him, in another chair, and watches her with a hint of curiousity…

The smile on her lips was serene, as if she was enjoying herself despite the dreary weather. The steaming hot chocolate rested beside her, and she curled up into a relaxing ball. For a moment, he was mesmerized.. He couldn’t tear his eyes from her… Yeah, _____ was a beauty through and through.. But there was something… different, in the way she sat there, quiet and attentive on something that wasn’t him..

He started getting restless..

He doesn’t like seeing that smile directed at anyone or anything but him… Yeah, he gets a little jealous… But so what? She was his.. And he wasn’t going to let anything take her away from him… Not even something as small as a book.

He carefully moves closer to her, peering over her shoulder as he tries to see what she’s reading.. It’s just a bunch of words, already boring him to death… Couldn’t she at least looked at a magazine with pictures or something? It might make him a LITTLE less annoyed…

Then again, the thought of her staring at a magazine full of half naked guys just made him angry.

He then crouches on the floor beside her, glaring at her as though she was the enemy, and he was preparing to pounce on her. But no matter how much he stared, or rather, glared daggers at her, she continued on reading.. She moved a little to grab her mug, taking a few sips before placing it down, a soft sigh leaving her lips. She moved a little, his attention briefly going to her chest as they bounced a little. A growl leaves his lips, and she blinks, moving her hand to run a hand through his hair. She begins to pet him, flipping the page of her book, almost laughing at the next set of words..

But Grimmjow hated she wasn’t looking at him…

He moves a hand, and lightly pokes her cheek, the frown on his face deep. She lets go of his hair, humming softly as she focuses back on her book.. And this agitates him. He continues to poke her cheek, until he realizes she’s not taking her eyes off that damn thing.. He then lightly pinches her cheek, causing her to yelp as she finally, finally, turns her gaze to meet his..

She swallows, eyes wide at the heat emitting through those gorgeous blue hues… As if electrifying her… She blinks a couple times, before raising an eyebrow at his actions.

“Grimm-chan? What’s wrong?”

He almost flinches at the nickname, but remembers it’s just the two of them here.. So he’ll allow it… Despite how… “childish” it is… His lips curl into a darker frown, and he gently tugs on her sleeve, and she lets out a soft sigh, sitting up in the chair.

“I don’t understand you when you’re silent, Grimm-chan.” she murmurs, moving a hand back to his hair, tousling his beautiful blue locks… “You have to use your words..”

He huffs, turning his head as if insulted at her words, and she blinks. Before bursting into laughter. The sound is music to his ears, but he jumps up, snatching the book and throws it onto the table, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m not a child dammit..” he mutters, a light blush on his cheeks. Though his eyes slant to hers, watching her expression with another look of wonder… How does she do that? He’ll never understand..

“I don’t know Grimm-chan… You’re kind of acting like one right now…” She giggles, standing up and dusts off her pants, turning her full attention to him.

“Pay attention to me, dammit!” He huffs, glaring at the wall instead. “You’ve been reading that damn thing all morning…”

She tilts her head in confusion, humming softly, “But… Grimm-chan…. I thought you’d just want to stay inside… It’s raining out there… and Ichigo won’t be back for another week… What did you want to do?”

She yelps when he pulls her into his chest, a hand roughly cupping her cheek. His eyes are smouldering, but the slight anger is dulled by heat, and she finds herself melting in his embrace. He presses a rough, but quick kiss to her mouth, lazily swiping his tongue across her bottom lip, pulling back with a lazy smirk.

“Oh, there’s a million things I can think of, _____…” he murmurs, his other hand playing with her hair. “But I want your attention on me… Just ME. And I only want to hear MY name from your beautiful lips..”

He picks her up then, a startled yelp leaving her lips as he walks them back to the bedroom. She wraps her arms around his head, giggling in his ears.

“If that’s what Grimmjow-sama wants…” she purrs, gently nipping his ear.

Oh.. He was ready to punish her for the teasing… But her laughter lets him know she’s aware of the consequences.. And he finds his own lips curling into a small smile. He’d make _____ scream and beg until she realized… She was ONLY his… Little did he know, she was well aware, she just loved teasing him.

After all, he was her handsome, strong panther.

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Because he can’t get out of my head, so here you guys go! Some more Grimm-chan goodness! (This time, NSFW!)

  • He loves his partners willing and feisty. He will NEVER force himself on another person.. (He’s very good at coaxing people to sleep with him.. But he will NEVER rough up someone into something they don’t want.)
  • He doesn’t care if they’re men or women… As long as the sex is good, he doesn’t give a shit.
  • He prefers one-night stands, to keep chances at attachment low, but if you’re a good enough fuck, he’s inclined to keep you as a “fuck buddy”, as long as there’s boundaries.
  • Grimmjow acts on instincts, so if he’s in the mood, be prepared for multiple rounds. If he’s grouchy or lazy, he won’t fuck you, he’ll make you fuck him.. (And stare at you with those gorgeous Azure hues.) But he WILL still remain in control.
  • Love is foreign to him.. If he DOES somehow end up falling for you, he WILL constantly fight it… 
  • He will be grouchy, fucking you as if he hates you. And maybe a part of him does.. For making him feel this way.. But he will NOT let another person go near you, or touch you without losing his mind.
  • He will mark you like crazy, in the most bizarre places. Whether it’s your neck, your chest.. He’s even left marks on your thighs, a reminder of what to expect at the next chance.
  • He does NOT cuddle. No matter how much you beg or plead for him to stay. Unless he’s doing multiple rounds.. He’ll watch you from the side, well, more specifically your chest as it rises and falls with each breath.
  • He hardly get tired, and can last the whole night.. But if you piss him off, expect there to be bondage and bruises on your skin. (He’ll punish you by not allowing you to touch him. He will dominate you until you can no longer breathe.)
  • He’s an expert at teasing. he loves watching you get riled. Watching your skin turn red from heat, and from embarrassment. His eyes never leave you. Rather the smirk continues to grow seeing you flustered and pleading for his touches..
  • Most of his kisses are rough, but every now and then, he’ll be gentle… If he particularly cares for you, he’ll make the sex last all night long, with a thousand kisses, until your body is aching, and weeping for him.
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I’m very curious… With the show coming back sometime soon. ( I THINK maybe next year? Or later this year) I want to know.. I may even be open to writing for bleach again.. (I actually started my writing when I was in middle school BECAUSE of Bleach.) 

I just need to talk about it… Because it’s one of THE anime that had me hooked for YEARS.

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GUYS… My head has been swimming with this handsome devil for days now… (He’s such a handsome bastard…. >.>) So I know this isn’t knb.. (It’s Bleach.. BUT.. I LOVE Bleach soo…) But please enjoy these headcanons of the bloodthirsty tyrant.. (Did I mention he’s handsome??)


  • When he wants something, he GETS it.. It doesn’t matter if he has to rip it by force, or seduce.. The moment he has his eyes on something, or someone, it’s HIS.
  • He does respect people who earned it… He doesn’t just give it out to anyone JUST because they’re stronger.. They have to WORK for it.. (After all, he got to where he is by WORKING and training.. Not begging.)
  • If you pledge your loyalty to him, he will be loyal to you.. It’s a two-way street.. The moment you break that, he does the same. Only difference is he doesn’t feel guilty.. Once his trust and loyalty is gone, you ain’t getting it back.. He’s gone for good.
  • Everything he does, is with conviction. He puts every ounce of blood, sweat, and cursing into what he accomplishes… (Crying is for wimps… Say he’s doing that and he’ll cut your tongue out of your mouth.)
  • His way of being gentle is to swear a little less… (It’s hard for him to show mercy… He’s never had it in his life… Perhaps when he was human… But Mercy is foreign for Espadas… It’s weakness to him.)) 
  • When he’s angry, it’s hard to calm him down… He has to smash several things before he can even BEGIN to calm down… And even then, it takes a LOT of restraint for him to listen… His mind stays clouded for a while with fury..
  • Romance is lost to him.. He knows how to act on instincts.. But he needs to be TAUGHT how to be romantic. (Movies will put him asleep or he’ll be complaining for ages because it was “sappy and stupid”)
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ourneverendingpossibilities·15 days agoAnswer

hi :) i found ur blog thru someones recommendation and it makes me so happy to see another knb blog active ahah,, all the others kinda.. died out lol how are you?? + could i request for hcs kise, kasamatsu, himuro and imayoshi on a picnic but just as they settled down it starts to rain?? thank youu i hope u have a great day 💖💖

Hi there! Thank you ! It makes me happy you decided to send me a request! I’ve been good! Hope you’re doing well! Of course I can write this for you! Please continue to remain safe!!


  • He’s disappointed the weather has changed drastically. but he doesn’t let it show on his face. He doesn’t sigh at all, rather, just smiles at you and apologizes for the weather change.
  • Of course, you know, despite him not showing it, he is bothered by not being able to have the picnic with you.. So instead, you grab his hand, and help him pack back up.
  • He watches you with slightly wide eyes, a tiny smile on his lips.
  • “Let’s go to the cafe around the corner, okay _____-chan? We can eat there, and watch the rain fall instead.. How’s that?”


  • He finds the situation ironic, because when he left this morning, it was bright and sunny… But when the two of you met up, he could tell you were stressed about something..
  • Instead of picking on you, because he knows you’re not in the mood, he slowly gathers everything, gently tugging on your hand.
  • “Ah, it appears ______-chan brought the moody weather with her..” he jokes, before bringing you into a hug, “That’s okay though, we can have the picnic in the living room… How does that sound?”
  • You don’t object to it, instead remain flustered at his little joke.. But it immediately melts into a smile, as you rest your head against his shoulder. Despite the teasing, he cares for you.. And you’d never get mad at him for showing it.


  • Like Himuro, Kasamatsu is disappointed, HOWEVER, it’s evident on his face.. He even groans loudly as he begins to slowly pack up.
  • You feel a little guilty, because he spent all this time preparing the picnic just for the two of you.. And it’s not as if it’s raining too hard!
  • You rest a hand on his, causing him to fluster from the contact, but he watches you smile, and tug him back onto the blanket. 

“Come on Yukio!! It’s just a little rain! It’s not going to hurt us!”

“O….Oi! _____!! W…We’re going to get sick, baka!”

“I just want to spend time with you, Yukio… We can take care of each other if we get sick!”

A brief silence, as Kasamatsu whispers, “….O…Okay….” before burying his head in your shoulder, because he can’t say no to you.


  • He’s dramatic about the whole thing. Here he had planned the perfect picnic and took time off JUST for you, and it begins raining!!
  • Of course, the one time he forgets to bring an umbrella, it starts raining right? Just his luck!
  • However, he doesn’t want to call it quits, so he’ll move everything as fast as he can under a few trees. (He doesn’t care if people are watching.) And he’ll place you on his lap, covering the two of you with his jacket so you can still have that special moment…
  • “_____cchi, I want us to spend time together! Let me shield you from the rain!”
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Never be afraid to recycle an idea you already used for a finished WIP. Sometimes the idea becomes different enough with a different set of characters or a different setting. And even if it doesn’t, this idea may be your personal style, one of your defining themes or writing characteristics.

Like: you don’t look at Tolkien and go, “Here he is again with the elves and the languages.”


Memo to everybody :

Never be afraid to recycle an idea you had for a WIP you abandoned. Sometimes the idea needs a different set of characters or a different setting.

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kuroko Tetsuya x reader
Rating: M (For lemon!!)
Word Count: 2215
A/N: A commission for the lovely @mc-reborn . She requested a Kuroko x reader lemon fic where Reader gets jealous because Momoi clings to Kuroko as if she’s his girlfriend. Reader gets mad, and then Kuroko comforts her, and it becomes NSFW! I apologize for the wait! It was a lot of fun to write! and I’m glad you love it!! Hope you guys do too!!


You’ve always been uncomfortable with the closeness between Momoi and Kuroko. It was no secret, given you’ve been part of the Teiko group since the first day Kuroko joined the team. However, it seems as though her clinginess had gotten worse since the Generation of Miracles parted ways.

You didn’t have any issues with her as a person. You respect Momoi and consider her one of your close girlfriends.. But there were nights, when you laid awake on your bed, that unpleasant thoughts plagued your mind

She was too close to Kuroko.. Always clinging to him as if he was her boyfriend… And no matter how many times he tried to gently push her off, she would cling harder, and either gush about something trivial, or cry about how mean Aomine was.

It was the last straw.

The two of you were walking home from practice, talking about the latest regime Riko had given him to prepare for the Winter Cup… When she came out of nowhere, jumping on him and knocking his hand out of yours…  


In that moment, her voice was dulled.. Your face held some form of expression, but she paid it no mind.. As usual… Kuroko on the other hand, notices the tension and frowns softly, gently nudging her from his grasp.

“M..Momoi-san… I… I can’t breathe-”

“I’m so excited to see you again!” she coos, turning her pink eyes to look at you.. Only, they widen at your expression, and she lets go of him, startled by your reaction.



The tone is clear. Your voice is clipped and you look between them, before walking away, ignoring their stares.

“You clearly don’t understand, Momoi-chan… and I’m tired of you interrupting our dates..”

This wasn’t her best friend.. Sure.. Momoi was feeling a little down since Aomine was being his usual arrogant self… But you were always fine with her clinging to Kuroko.. Or you never brought up the topic at the time…


“I don’t care what Aomine did this time…” you hiss, looking between the two with anger, but also sadness. “It’s not my business… He can make decisions for himself… But you need to stop clinging to Kuroko-kun… He’s not your boyfriend.”

Those words slap her in the face, and she feels her breath hitch… Kuroko notices her lips tremble, and eyes begin to water.. He turns to look at you..


“What? You’re going to defend her actions now?” you seeth, hues narrowing at him… You’re not sure where this anger came from.. But you were tired.. Fed up… All you wanted was alone time with him… You rarely got to see him due to your responsibilities… 

“Who do you want to date, Tetsuya? Me or Momoi?? Because your actions are speaking loud and clear… And I’ve had enough of her clinging to you as if you’re the ones dating!”

You’ve said your piece, and you manage to run off, ignoring the stupid tears sliding down your face… It didn’t ALWAYS bother you… When you think back, it only started becoming a problem when the two of you began dating… Momoi was the one who convinced you to get with Kuroko in the first place.. And yet… She still acts as if you guys were all just friends…

Perhaps it was that, where everything felt… not so different… Nothing had changed… Yeah, you got closer with Kuroko, and you cheered him on, helping him with training when Kagami had stopped talking with him… But.. In the end..

You weren’t her.

You could never be Momoi… With her scouting abilities and bubbly personality… She was patient, kind… Always willing to lend a hand without being asked.. It was one of the reasons you were friends with her.. 

But your insecurities got the best of you… Because you weren’t like that… You could be a little shy, rough around the edges.. It took awhile for you to welcome new people in, and now, exposing your weaknesses towards them.. It left you in a chaotic state of mind…

Could you forgive them for their actions?

As you enter your home, you could feel the fatigue from the previous events take their toll. And you find yourself easily succumbing to sleep in your bed, still in uniform with tears rolling down your cheeks.


“Oi… ______!”

You find yourself staring into blazing red hues, and you swallow the lump in your throat. You quickly run to catch the ball, tossing it back to Kagami, who watches you with a soft frown.

“I’m fine, Taiga… Please… Let’s just keep practicing…”

The frown deepens, but he doesn’t say another word, and begins to dribble the ball.. He watches you stand in front of him, trying to block his shot.. But he can see your mind isn’t in the game… And he stops, letting out a sigh…

“You don’t have to put up a front, _____…”

His words cause you to stumble, and you try to think of something to say… Your mind is blank, and he can see the visible hurt on your face, too tired to put up a mask.

“It’s like he doesn’t care…”

The words cause the ace to blink, and he stares at the basketball hoop, trying to think of the words to say… Instead, he remains silent, allowing you time to process your thoughts…

“It never used to bother me…. When we weren’t dating… I didn’t care when Momoi-chan would cling onto Tetsu…”

“But it does now.”

The statement is clear, evident, and you smile sadly, nodding.

“So why not tell Kuroko? Staying away from him isn’t doing much for anyone… It’s affecting his performance on the team… Coach is frustrated she can’t do anything. He won’t talk to anyone about it either..” he scratches his head, sighing… “It’s okay to be jealous, ____… But it’s NOT okay to keep it from him.”

You find yourself frowning, and unable to form a response… It was… weird… opening up to Kagami like this… But, you considered him a close enough friend to tell your secrets too. And he’s never gone around parading them either… It’s enough to bring you peace, and you smile softly.

“D…Do you think…”


His voice is loud, unusual for him, and your eyes widen as the phantom runs to you… He’s out of breath, resting his hands on his knees, before meeting your gaze with his own.. You feel the light hitch in your breath, almost missing the light tap from Kagami.

“I told him, before the end of practice..” He murmurs, watching your eyes widen. “I figured.. This would be your chance…”

He lets out a yawn, stretching his arms before sighing, walking towards the bench. He picks up his bag, turning his gaze to the two of them… 

“Hurry up and make up already! We need both of you at the next game!”

You feel your cheeks heat up, and watch as the red-head walks away. You almost jump when a light touch grabs your hand, and you look at Kuroko, swallowing the lump in your throat.

“____-chan… Can we go back to my place to talk?”

The rational part of your mind tells you, ‘No’. But your heart screams ‘Yes!’, and you find yourself nodding, unaware of him starting the trek back to his house.. 


The night is chilly, and a light wind blows by your body, causing a shiver to erupt. When you feel fabric on your shoulder, you realize Kuroko has wrapped you in his jacket, and a blush rises to your cheeks…


“I’m sorry, _____-chan… For not noticing sooner…”

You bite your bottom lip, trying not to let the tears fall… When did they start to form? Was it before or after Kagami left? In the midst of your thoughts, you fail to notice you’ve arrived at his place, or you were in his room..

Until you felt a soft pair of lips on yours.

Your legs begin to shake, and you find yourself falling onto his bed, tugging him with you. When you feel the air leave your lungs, you pull back, staring up at him with a bewildered expression… But you could see the sadness evident within those beautiful sky-blue hues…


“When did it start to bother you? About Momoi-san I mean?”

You flush, trying not to meet his gaze, but you feel his hand on your chin, dragging you to look at him.. To think the fight happened a few days ago…. It seems as if it’s been forever since you’ve been with Kuroko… And you find your lips quivering…

“I…It started when we first began to go out…” you murmur, feeling shame… “I… It didn’t feel as if anything had changed between us… As if we were still the tight knit group who hung out together after practice…” you blow out a sigh, running your free hand through your hair.

“Yeah we went out on dates… But it didn’t feel as if we were a couple…” you sigh sadly. “So my insecurities began, and I couldn’t stop comparing myself to Satsuki-chan… And..”

He gently pushes you on the bed, pressing soft, tender kisses along your neck. He carefully peels off your top, leaving you in your bra as he peppers your skin with kisses… He doesn’t leave one spot untouched, focusing all his attention on loving you… Showing you just how much he cherishes you..

“____-chan… It’s always been you…” he murmurs, breath ghosting over your bare skin.. You tremble when he moves to take your skirt off, pulling back to take off his own clothing.. He stares at you for a few moments, but you’re unable to tear away from his gaze… He helps you up on the bed, in a comfortable position, before he sits between your legs, starting to kiss you all over again.

Tiny pants leave your lips, and you can’t focus your attention on anything else except him… Kuroko’s movements are soft, a fleeting touch. If it wasn’t for the heat of his body, or the weight hovering over your body, you’d think it was a ghost.

“You’re the only one I do this with..” he admits, stripping off the remaining clothing, exposing you to each other… To lay himself bare and open for you… As you are for him.. He grabs a condom from the drawer, carefully rolling it over himself, before he focuses his attention back on you. He covers your mouth with his once again, slipping in a finger within your slick walls.. 

They’re tight, and you’re unable to stop the moans, but his mouth immediately silences them. His free hand wraps around your head, tilting you up so he can delve in with his tongue, moving his finger in time with his wet appendage. Your hand grabs his hair, while the other grips the blanket, and you buck into his touches.. You don’t care how wanton you sound, or the way your body dances with his fingers… You just want him.


He pulls back, allowing the two of you to breathe, as he slides another finger in, finding that spot that has you arching into his chest… You’re the most beautiful when you’re beneath him like this.. He licks his lips, pulling out to savor the moment…

Chest heaving, cheeks flushed a beautiful red… He brings his fingers to his lips, licking them off, before he gets between your legs… And when you nod, he finds himself coming home at your drawn out moan… Your walls tighten around him, and he braces himself above you, slowly beginning to thrust.

Kuroko’s eyes never leave your form, soaking up the image of you writhing and moaning beneath him… Beautiful, gorgeous… A hand trails to your hips, and he holds it in place, using it as leverage to hit right in the spot that has you moaning and crying tears of joy. The air is filled with moans, mewls and soft grunts of pleasure.. And he never wants this moment to end…

“I… I’m… A….Almost… T..Tetsu…ya!!”

When your voice cries out, and your walls tighten around him, he has to clench the blanket with his free hand, bracing himself from falling over.. It builds up, until there’s nothing left, and he finds himself letting go, a soft cry of your name spilling from his mouth… He rides it out slowly, resting his forehead against yours as he breathes in your scent, humming softly…

“I love you, ______-chan…”

You whimper against your wishes, but smile at him, opening your eyes to meet his… You gently grab his head, pulling him into a soft, tender kiss, basking in the afterglow..

“I love you too… Tetsu-kun…”

He carefully pulls himself out, a soft grunt as he discards the used condom into the wastebasket beside your bed. He then rests beside you, pulling you into his arms and pecks your forehead tenderly..

“If you have any concerns, come to me… I’ll make sure Momoi-san doesn’t do that again…”

At his words, you smile softly, burying your nose in his neck.. Pressing a soft, tender kiss to his jaw, you murmur sleepily, feeling your eyes begin to close from exhaustion, 

“I’m holding you to your word, Tetsu…”

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine Daiki x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: So I originally wrote this over on my DA.. But I figured it was such a cute little fic, I wanted to share it here.. Plus let’s face it, who DOESN’T like reading Aomine Daiki stories?? (People just love the smug bastard LOL) So I hope you guys enjoy it! :D


You’ve always loved high places… Whether it was the roof of a building, or the highest place on a play structure… You love the thrill of being high in the air. It didn’t matter if it was rain or shine, cold or drought, you often found yourself on the roof, until the late hours in the night…

It was the only place you could have peace.

One day, your moment of peace was… Disturbed.

Your eyes laid shut, arms resting behind your head as you soaked in the warmth of the sun. Eyelashes brush against soft cheeks, a gentle sigh leaving your lips. It’s not as if you were ditching last period on purpose… But you aced that class from the beginning, given you learned faster than most. As long as you were in classes for the rest of the day, the teacher didn’t mind if you were a no-show…

Oh, the perks of being a smart kid.

The light breeze grazing your skin brought a soft smile to your lips  and life was good… At least… until a shadow cast over your face, interrupting your blissful sun-tan… A soft frown curls on your lips, and you don’t dare to open your eyes, annoyance beginning to grow on your face at the intruder…

“I don’t know who you are, but if you know what’s good for you, you’d leave…”

A ‘tch’ vibrates in the air, before you feel heat close to your face.. When you finally open your eyes, a blush resonates on your cheeks from the closeness of the man in front of you, and it takes you a few moments to process who exactly those deep blue hues belong to…

The ace of the basketball team… Aomine Daiki.

“Hate to disappoint you, sweetie… But you’re in MY spot… Move.”

His voice, smooth as silk, brings an anger within you and you find the energy to sit up, enough to push him over, eyes narrowing.

Excuse me… But I don’t see your name here…” you blink, eyebrow raising at his appearance… “Aren’t you supposed to be in class??”

He snorts, frowning at your question before plopping beside you, arms crossed behind his head.

“Does it matter?” he grumbles, closing his eyes. “Whatever.. I’ll let you stay, just don’t talk and lay there in silence.”

You bristle at his words, but a yawn cuts you off, and you watch as he lays there, wind tousling his navy blue hair. You find yourself mesmerized by his actions, unable to look away despite wanting to go back to your previous position.. But you weren’t expecting company.. And moments like these brought out a vulnerable side in you, which were never seen by anyone else.

“Take a picture honey.. It’ll last longer…”

You find yourself stuttering over your words, and you smack him in annoyance, before turning your body to face the other way.. As long as you couldn’t see him, you should be fine to lay there in peace…


When you come to, the sun was beginning to set.. You feel a bit… warmer than normal, something that should’ve alerted you… However, it was comfortable, and you clung to that heat, determined not to be moved…

“As much as I love having a beautiful girl in my arms…” he whispers hotly, causing your eyes to snap open, “I have to get home before my mom freaks out…”

You jump away from him, cheeks flushed and eyes slightly narrowed at him… O…Oh… T…That’s so embarrassing!!! But… It’s been so long since you’ve cuddled with another person… It was just instinct to cling to it… But no way would you admit that out loud…

Wait…. D…Did he just call you…?

A hand is sitting in front of your face, causing you to look at him with wide eyes. In your moment of shock, you fail to realize he’s standing up, and bending over enough to just see beneath your shirt. As if knowing what you’re thinking, he sighs..

“I’m already late… Might as well walk you home… Come on, _____…. We can cuddle again tomorrow…”

When you hear your name from his lips, you furrow your eyebrows, before gently taking his hand..

“H…How did you…?”

“Know your name? Tch.. Please… Satsuki’s been trying to get me to meet you for a while now… Something about… you can help me study or something..”

He yawns, stretching his arms as if shaking the tension from his body. He watches your reaction, and clicks his tongue, gently tugging you to your feet.

“How about this…? You help me with studying, and I’ll be your cuddle partner… Consider it a… an agreement…” He murmurs, watching you carefully. “I’ll never hear the end of it from her if I fail another test… And judging by how you clung to me in your sleep, I’d say you need someone to sleep beside…”

He watches as your mouth opens and closes, as if contemplating his words… Well… If he’s being honest with himself, he did enjoy having you there… Something he didn’t think he would admit to… Plus this way, he gets his grades up, and has a beautiful girl to fall asleep with… He doesn’t lose out on that deal.

You frown, not liking the vulnerability you feel from his options… However, your eyes dart to the streets below, and you think about what he said… You did cling to him, and rather than him tease you about it.. He openly accepted having someone sleep in the same spot as him… Plus, if he did need your help, you could learn more about him, while getting some much needed sleep…

You turn your attention back to him, and nod your head, ignoring the heat on your cheeks.

“I… I’ll accept this proposal, Aomine-kun…” you murmur, watching him carefully… “B…But if you don’t show any results from the studying.. Y..You can kiss your cuddle partner goodbye!”

He laughs, rolling his eyes playfully at your words, before grabbing your hand.

“Yeah, yeah… Now let’s get going… I’m starving…”

Your eyes were stunned at his actions, before a tiny smile formed on your mouth.. And if the two of you noticed the few people staring at the blushing reactions on your faces, neither of you commented.

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  • because it’s a puzzle no one else will ever arrange the same way as you.
  • because there are ideas that simply won’t come to you until you write down the wrong words.
  • because all the bad scenes are the bones of the wonderful scenes.
  • because someone will love it: someone will read it once, and twice, and thrice; someone will ramble to you about the complexity of it; someone will doodle your characters out of love; someone will find it in exactly what they were looking for with or without knowing it.
  • because they have things to say, your characters. they’ve told you all those secrets and they have more to tell you, if you will listen.
  • because you love it even when you don’t; even when it drives you mad or when it accidentally turns into apathy; even when you think you’re doing it all wrong; you love it, and it loves you back.
  • because you can get a treasure even from things that go wrong; because if a story crumbles down you can build a shinier one on the same spot; because you won’t know where it will take you until it takes you there.
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ourneverendingpossibilities·a month agoAnswer

Big Bro GOM being mad that their baby sis is mad at them for trying to scare of their bf Nebuya (it didn’t work) hc pls 😂😂😂

Haha. This is too great! Hope you like them! (Note: Nebuya is your BF. So this is THEIR reaction to YOU being mad xD)


  • He’s trying to understand what you see in his teammate… It’s not as if he hates Nebuya, but he doesn’t trust ANY male to be near you.
  • He was only looking out for your best interests, and he doesn’t understand why you’re being so stubborn about his concern.
  • He still watches from a distance, but he does what he can to not overstep his bounds. Because he needs you to see his side without making you more angry.


  • He throws his own fit. Because if you want to be selfish and naive, fine, he won’t care. 
  • He doesn’t know why you’re getting angry at him. Nebuya isn’t a good person in his eyes. Not as if he knows the guy from a hole in the ground… But Aomine has those feelings about people, and he just doesn’t like him.
  • He doesn’t dare think part of the reason is because he’s jealous.. Since you’ve started dating him, you’ve been talking about him nonstop.. And he has to pick up your slack for chores when you neglect them.. He doesn’t like to see this side… You’re supposed to be the responsible one dammit!
  • He will never approve of this relationship.. So you’ll either have to deal with it if you want to stay with him, or dump him. (OF course Aomine wouldn’t FORCE you into anything. But not as if his mind will change so easily either.)


  • He’s completely in denial about the relationship.. There’s no way someone like you is dating that overgrown muscle head… He’d rather die! (Of course Kise is exaggerating)
  • No man is worth _____cchi’s love… And Nebuya definitely falls in that category.. Not just because he’s from Rakuzan, and seems to think he’s the best at everything… (No, No one can beat him! He can spin circles around him!)
  • Kise is confused, and hurt.. Doesn’t understand why you’d settle for someone lower.. (Because he will NEVER acknowledge that Nebuya is on the same level as the two of you.) And no matter what he tries, you just seem to get angry at him… (Why are you so stubborn all of a sudden??)
  • In the end, he gives it time, but he won’t give up on proving that Nebuya isn’t good enough. (No one is good enough for you.. And he will always stand by that)


  • How can someone like you, so kind and gentle, be with someone like Nebuya? He’s trying hard to understand. 
  • Kuroko only wants what’s best for you.. He always has.. And yeah, following your boyfriend may not be the best way of showing his intentions.. But he feels he doesn’t deserve your anger.. If anything, you should be trying to understand his perspective…
  • He tries to make peace with you, but it seems as if you’re avoiding him.. And it hurts Kuroko that a man is the reason behind this.. He just wants to be on good terms again.. But he also respects that you have your reasons.. And he’ll do what he can not to upset you further… 
  • Doesn’t mean he won’t watch out for you when you least expect it.


  • He’s in such a foul mood, everyone on the team avoids him for a week… Takao tries to get in the middle, but after being smacked a little TOO hard, he uses his head and doesn’t bother him about this.
  • After all, you’re the most important person to him.. Despite his constant denial.
  • But he’s trying to wrap his mind around your relationship.. And why he had to find out the hard way… Though, from his reaction, and NOW your anger.. He can kind of understand why… Doesn’t mean he has to like it…
  • He knows it’ll pass.. It’s your first relationship, and this is brand new territory for the two of you.. But he won’t let it interfere with his relationship to you.. So he’ll give you the space.. Doesn’t mean he won’t be there when you need it.


  • He acts like a child, throwing a fit and making a mess of his room after you storm off. Honestly, that guy ticks him off.. He’s too noisy, and slams the ball a lot.. He wants to crush him.
  • He doesn’t care that you’re dating him,
  • But of course, he hates you’re angry at him.. And he doesn’t know how to fix it.. Because he will never accept that you’re with Nebuya.. (He just CAN’T Accept it..)
  • So he keeps his distance, but the second he notices an opening, he will make it up to you.. Because he wants you on his side again…
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ourneverendingpossibilities·a month agoAnswer

Hey!! It’s been a while, I wanted to know if you write for male readers? Or gender neutral? Love your writing as always! Hope you doing good

Hey!! Things have been going good… A bit stressful, but good! Yes I still do write for male readers/gender neutral.. I usually tend to go more for gender neutral (Not intentional I swear!) So as long as it follows the rules of the blog, you’ll be golden! :D 

Hope you’re doing well too friend!

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ourneverendingpossibilities·a month agoAnswer

Hi hii you having a great day? (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ you should be cause you perfect and you a queen bitch 🥺😳 have a wonderful day (I was just here to say hi and by the way I love your post I was rewatching sports anime and my god Kuroko No basket brings me back :( sadly the fandom is dying )

Hi hi!! I’m having a great day!! Always staying safe!! I wouldn’t say I’m perfect! But I do my best to stay myself!! <3. I hope you’re doing well too!! and I appreciate the comments! 

I’ve been itching to write again, and it’s slowly coming back! So I’m happy for that. Hope to keep producing more content! KNB will always have a special place in my heart! <3 <3 

Please take care!

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ourneverendingpossibilities·a month agoAnswer

Salute! You have turned out such a cool post about Kirisaki as an older brother! He prompted me to this request: Can I ask headcannons Lady knb (Aida Riko, Momoi Satsuki, Arekusandora Garushia, Araki Masako) as your young sister? Thank you in advance) I Wish you health and success!)

Hi there! Of course you can!! I hope you enjoy these! And thanks for requesting the ladies of KNB! (There’s never enough for them!!) I hope you’re staying safe and well!!! :D


  • She was the rebel of the family, always attracted unwanted attention.
  • When she had to stop playing basketball due to her illness, you were there to support her in every way.. From helping her sneak out of the house to play street ball, to bandaging her up when she got into fights.
  • You were the one who encouraged her to take on Kagami and Himuro as her disciples, saying it would be a good way to give back when she couldn’t play.
  • You were her biggest fan, and always made sure she was given as much love and affection as possible.. (Sometimes she would be teased by the men. Other times she’d be beating them up for daring to make fun.)
  • You had to push her off when she’d constantly try to kiss you… (Some days you’d let her do it.. Because you knew she was upset…) But if she was sick, you made sure she stayed as far away from you as possible… (You didn’t want to catch her cold!)
  • You weren’t much of a sports person, but you at least learned about the sport enough to help when necessary… (Because you wanted to have some things in common with her, and be able to help out when she tried to take on too much.)


  • Like Alex, she was a rebel growing up. Usually took manners into her own hands..
  • She had anger issues, and with your help, was able to enroll in a Kendo class, to learn how to control them.
  • Rarely cried… Always hid her emotions from everyone. But because you were her older sister, you could see through that mask.
  • You dealt with her attitude on a regular basis, and had to remind her to be kind and polite.. (Though when it came to men and their lack of discipline, she doesn’t hold back.)
  • Would always put on a brave face because she never wanted to disappoint you or bother you with her problems… After having to wrestle it out of her, she would cry for being such a pest, and you’d console her, telling her everything will be okay! (And she’s allowed to come to you with her problems.. It’s what you’re there for!)


  • She attracted EVERYONE’S attention. Whether it was male or female. And not always in a positive way.
  • You spent most of your time chasing away men who tried to get with her, while handling the few females that would bully her because she attracted all the males. 
  • When things went south at Teiko, you were there to help her through it.. Though you tried to convince her to leave Aomine alone, (because of the way he treated her.)
  • But she rebelled, saying it was her job to make sure Aomine didn’t get into trouble… And because of that, it was your job to look out after her… (Most of the time it involved shopping trips.)
  • Momoi admitted to being jealous of you because you were a different type of pretty… (In the sense people saw you for who you were, and not just because of your assets the way she’s seen a lot.) In which case, you’d tell her there’s nothing to be ashamed of.. And the right people will love her, because you’ve always known she was special..
  • Studying with her was always fun and challenging… (Because both of you were equally smart, and so you’d both throw in curveballs to keep each other thinking.)


  • Keeping up with Riko was HARD. Even if you were the older one, she was more determined and focused with sports and training.. While you focused more on studies and having fun.
  • You’d both go on morning jogs together… But you never overworked yourself the way she did… And you chose to play on a team, instead of coaching one.
  • You’d occasionally be her guinea pig, when it came to relationships and cooking… (Though you always had the doctor on standby because she nearly killed you five different times.)
  • When you realized she couldn’t cook, at all… you made a compromise… You’d do more training with her, if she allowed YOU to do the cooking.. (Because it was hard for you to tell her she was terrible at it.)
  • She was very much a troublesome child, in the sense she didn’t open up about her feelings much… And it took a lot of your time and patience to get her to crack… But, when she did, you took her to the gym and let her beat out her frustrations on the punching bag… 
  • When she was a young girl, Riko always cuddled with you… Especially when she was sick.
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ourneverendingpossibilities·a month agoAnswer

Hello!! I've binged your blog, your writing is amazing💕 I was wondering if I could request scenarios for Kasamatsu, Kagami, Kuroko, Himuro, Aomine and Momoi (separately) being mistaken as a couple when they're hanging out with their crush?? Fem reader for all of them, if that's alright with you:')) They're good friends but she has no idea they like her romantically. Please and thank you!! I hope this isn't too much of a hassle or against the rules. Take care and stay safe💕

Hi sweetie! Of course I can do this!! (And no, it’s not against the rules!) I hope you’re staying safe as well!! :D

Aomine: “What about this pair, Daiki?”

He grunts, turning his attention to the new pair of basketball shoes in your hands… They were a pair of Jordan’s, almost identical to the ones he gave Kagami before his match with Kise… 

“H..How’d you find those ____??”

You scratch the back of your head, “U…Uh.. well.. my father is good friends with the owner…” you explain, shrugging. “Satsuki told me you gave away a pair like this to Kagami when his broke… And you seemed upset about it.. So I asked my dad if he could help find a pair.

He clicks his tongue, grabbing your hand and drags you to the park. However, before you could say anything, the two of you are sitting on the ground, your back against the tree as he lays his head in your lap.

“W…What the…”

“Satsuki is an idiot… And Bakagami is worse!” he mumbles, doing his best to ignore the blush rushing to his cheeks.. His eyes remain shut, but his expression is relaxed, and he lets out a sigh..

“Y..You didn’t have to, you know…”

His words make you blink, and you’re staring at him longer than you realize. Without meaning to, you begin stroking his hair, humming softly.

“I wanted to, Daiki… I could tell those shoes were special…”

He sighs, but just rolls onto his side, burying his face in your lap, unaware of your reaction.. Just as you open your mouth, you vaguely hear, 

“KYA!! Look at that couple over there!! They’re soo cute!! She’s such a sweet girl!”

The words make you blush, stutter and want to jump up to chase after them.. But the hold he has on your hand tightens as he frowns.

“Stop moving, ____… You’re warm…”

Your eyes go down to him, and whether he heard those words or not, he doesn’t acknowledge them at all… Instead, he’s more focused on you, and you begin to feel warm… Instead, you let out a sigh, staring up at the sky as you continue to stroke his hair. A part of you wonders why he’s even letting you do this.. While the other part is grateful to see this side of him..

Little did you realize, his cheeks were a little red, but a smile curled on his lips at your actions.

Himuro: “Gomen ____-chan… I think we’re lost…”

You run a hand through your hair, looking over at the map in front of you.. Himuro had asked you to join him at Kuroko’s birthday party, and the two of you were now lost… 

“Did you really think we’d find Kagami-kun’s place by these directions??” you ask, trying not to laugh as he blushes a bit. A sheepish smile graces his features, and you try to decide what you should do…

“My! What a lovely couple you are! “ A voice says, and you look at the elderly man, with a cane. “Are you two lost?”

You laugh lightly, rubbing your neck awkwardly, “U..Uh.. Kind of..” you explain, not noticing the expression on Himuro’s face…

“Perhaps I can help you… Where are you heading?”

As you begin to explain the situation, you don’t notice Himuro’s eyes soften or how he remains silent the whole time… If his previous comment bothered you, there’s no indication on your face, and it gives him a small boost of confidence… 

Perhaps after Kuroko’s birthday party, he can ask you on a real date..

Kagami: “____ ! What are you doing?”

You try to climb the shelves at the supermarket, wanting to reach the sugar on the top shelf.. However, Kagami caught you struggling, and you cast him a glance, before focusing on your task at hand.

“What does it look like Taiga? We need sugar for the recipe!”

He rolls his eyes, before walking over to you, reaching above your head and grabbing the ingredient.. He casts you a victory smirk, and holds it over your head, as if taunting you to grab it due to the height difference.

“Aw!! Isn’t that sweet?? He’s teasing her with the sugar!”

The voice interrupts your banter, and Kagami’s cheeks flare up. The ladies walk past you, and your attention is on them, raising an eyebrow…

“Old ladies are weird..” you mumble, turning your attention back to the shopping cart.. At the quietness from your partner, you look at him, a frown on your lips.

“Taiga… Are you sick? Did you want to leave?”

The concern in your voice causes him to look at you, coughing softly as he sighs, placing it inside. 

“I..I’m fine _____… Let’s finish shopping yeah? It’s starting to get late..”

As much as you wanted to question him, the other part of you just shrugged it off, though if your mind occasionally drifted off to what just happened, your face never showed it.

Kasamatsu: “O..OH!! Y..Yukio!! Look at this one!!”

Your voice causes him to look up from the black guitar and his blue hues find where you’re standing.. In your arms, rests a beautiful sleek blue and white electric guitar… A late graduation gift from his family, and he was allowed to get any one he wanted.. It left him frazzled, because while he loves shopping for music… He was only able to get one..

He had his eyes on at least ten.

He approaches you then, staring down at the instrument in your hands, and carefully takes it from you. You tilt your head, watching as he tests it out, and the music caresses your ear in a lovely way.. There’s no way to explain it..

He was your friend… But lately, your thoughts drifted elsewhere…

“Your parents want you to keep playing right? While you’re away at college? Isn’t that why they said you can buy any one you want..”

His eyes lift to meet yours, and he scratches the back of his head, frowning lightly..

“Yeah… What they fail to realize is, guitars aren’t cheap… And there’s so many here I want..” He sighs, closing his eyes. “Some of the prices here are hard to justify too..

“It’s a gift, Yukio… They don’t care how much it is.. What matters is you’ll like it.. Which is why they left it up to you.”

He feels his cheeks heat up a little, and he steps forward to flick your forehead playfully, ignoring the small yelp from your lips.

“I… I know that.. I..idiot…” he murmurs, and his eyes linger on you just a tad too long, before he stares back down at the guitar…

“D…Do you like this one, ____?”

His question catches you off guard, and you’re about to open your mouth when a soft voice interrupts.

“Your girlfriend has excellent tastes! That guitar is the last in stock and limited edition!”

The saleswoman in question smiles at the two of you obliviously, not realizing the implications of her statement. She carefully takes the guitar from his hands, carrying it up to the counter. 

“I’ll even give you a special discount, because I can tell it means a lot!”

Kasamatsu wants to correct her, throw words of denial at her about the status of your relationship when you interrupt.

“C..Can you engrave the word Kaijou into the guitar?”

She smiles happily, and takes it back, leaving the two of you alone for a few minutes..


“That’s why I chose it.” you explain, casting him a soft smile, “So you’ll always have something to remember me by.”

His cheeks are dark red, and he smacks you lightly, the frown contrasting his expression.

“W…We’re going to university ____… We’re not dying…”

You laugh at his words, shrugging. “Maybe… But who knows if we’ll have the same classes…” you pause, as if thinking of something, before shaking your head.

“After this, let’s go get something to drink… I’ll pay!”

All he can do is nod, his voice lost for words and mind blank from what just occurred. 

Kuroko: “Nigou!!! You’ve been growing, haven’t you my handsome boy??”

The barking echoes through the air as he runs at you, and you catch him, swinging him gently around. He licks your cheeks softly, before rubbing his head, and your attention goes to the blue-haired boy now in front of you..

“Thanks for taking care of Nigou for me while I’m gone..”

You smile, nodding in politeness.. “He will be treated with love and care!! We’ll have lots of fun! Won’t we my boy??”

You miss the ghost of a smile on his lips, and there’s a brief comment echoing through the air as two girls pass by.

“D..Did you see that?? S…She’s taking care of her boyfriend’s dog!!”

“Ah! He’s so lucky to have a caring girlfriend!! Why can’t men be that kind?”

You blink, looking at the girls in confusion, feeling Nigou shift in your arms.. Your attention goes to your friend, and you miss the brief change in his expression, indicating he was a tad embarrassed..

“Say, Tetsuya…” you begin, smiling. “When’s your match?”

He blinks, looking at you, “It starts in a few hours, _____-san.. I need to meet up with Kagami-kun and the others soon.”

You nod, grabbing his hand. “I’ll walk you to the train station! And I’ll bring Nigou with me to come watch the game!”

You miss the surprise in his eyes, and the way his lips curl into a big smile.. His only response is to return your gesture, walking beside you to the station.

Momoi: “Ne, _____-chan!! Hurry! They’re going to sell out soon!”

You smile at Momoi, who is running in line, wanting to try the new chocolate cinnamon bun at the bakery… It was a limited supply, and she was determined to try it. 

“Satsuki, the man at the front told us we were one of the last people in line… We’re guaranteed one each!” 

She pouts, bouncing lightly from each foot, just wanting to reach the front of the line… The main reason for her wanting to be here wasn’t just for the new pastry… But because she knows you have a sweet tooth for chocolate.. And it was an excuse to hang out together, without entirely giving away she wanted to be MORE than friends..

“Awe!! Would you look at those two girls?? They’re so cute!! Is it their first date?”

The comment from the elderly ladies near the window causes Momoi to blush furiously, while you look away, scratching the back of your head awkwardly… A part of you wanted to tell them it wasn’t like that… You were just friends… But your attention was on the pinkette beside you, and the shifting in her posture caused a swelling in your chest you didn’t dare acknowledge..

Not yet.

Standing beside her, you grab her hand, giving her a smile.

“Was there anything else you wanted Satsuki-chan? I’ll pay for it..”

The gesture was enough to make the ladies behind you swoon, and your best friend/secret crush go crazy.. She avoids your eyes, trying to escape, but your grip tightened, and she looked at the ground…

“U…Umm… H..Hot chocolate maybe?? I..It’s a bit cold out…”

It was strange seeing her like this… But the fluttering in your chest said otherwise, and you merely nod as the two of you place your order, and then grab a table in the furthest corner of the cafe.. Neither of you acknowledge what the ladies said, just focus on each other’s company.

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