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“It’s only a matter of time before socialist healthcare dismantles your private insurance”


I keep getting right wing scare ads on YouTube 🙄🙄🙄

Now why does public healthcare suck?

It doesn’t if you only have a simple condition.

Sick with the flu? Have “regular” cancer? Have broken bones? Have a eighteen inch cut caused by a crazy drunk? Well the government has the cure. Cause its inexpensive and easy to fix those problems.

The problem? Those who have preexisting conditions and those who have rare and or expensive diseases and ailments. See private healthcare can and will cover that, with added payments. But the Government option? Yeah the doctors will refuse to cover those problems due to the Government saying said treatment isn’t cost effective. That’s the thing with social systems. When you exceed your worth you are tossed out. That’s why in Europe its called death with dignity and not life with dignity. At a certain point, no matter your thoughts or wishes, you will die by the state if you are in the care of the state if you are not worth the upkeep. In America with our gloriously flawed healthcare and health insurance the individual will be put on life support until the very last minute or until the individual asks to die. To cement this point. A child in England a few years ago has a super rare disease that had zero percent chance of surviving. His parents wanted to travel to the US to do a rare treatment but the hospital he was staying at refused to let him leave, holding him hostage, not treating him at all. The courts and millions of people had to get involved in order for the child to be let out of death row and allowed to travel. Once they got to a US hospital he was treated and made a full recovery. So the fear is real. Trusting the Government with your health will result in you one day being thrown out regardless of the limits you put in it originally. That’s what Government does. Its takes the power, and then takes more and more and more until you are nothing but a drone in a system that can be replaced.

TLDR: Medicare for all is only good when injuries and ailments are simple. Anything complicated or expensive and you die because the Government doesn’t want to deal with you. Private health insurance covers everything and will take care of everything for the right cost.

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do u guys understand how creepy the pledge of allegiance is though like every day when ur a kid everybody just chants how great america is every morning it’s creepy

You do that every morning???




is this a real thing i thought that was just in the simpsons

no son

Wait, other countries don’t do this.

*whispers* Not even Russia

I remember when my dad had a conversation with me

because I asked him what the Austrian pledge of allegiance was (because he’s from Austria)

and he said “we don’t have a pledge of allegiance”

and I said “why not?”

“honey, think about what training your children to mindlessly pledge to a flag, without really knowing what they’re talking about, sounds like to Austrians”

“oh. hitler.”



You don’t realize just how creepy it is until you are the only one not doing it

Well to be fair to the pledge any chant/pledge/speech that is mindlessly sprouted about can be seen as creepy as hell.

For those who seek to know more about the pledge I have the basic rundown below. A interesting tidbit. The pledge was meant to be said by any citizen of any nation. We just customized it to better fit America. Also added in one nation under God to piss off commies. Also the pledge originally had the person saying the pledge move his right hand to his heart then straight out in front with the palm facing down and then back to parade rest. As one would guess it was changed during WW2 to the hand on heart because like with most things the Nazis stole it and twisted it.


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Easy to lift!

Based on an idea by gorillageek27

I live or childhood friend AU’s.

Now I want one where Jaune is holding a confused Yang except they’re in their early teens and Jaune is the same size as Yang.

Then another one where Jaune is tall bean holding both Yang and while giving Ruby a piggy back ride except they’re in their Beacon attire except Jaune’s wearing a more effective version of his.

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Avatar/Legend of Korra: all types of bending

I always liked the theory that the unique bending skills were a connection between that element and the other four. And that there are unknown lost bending skills that influenced the body and mind of the bender similar to how the other unique bending skills of the other elements do.


Water and water = healing and blood bending

water and energy =spirit bending and plant bending

Water and Air = Gas bending

Water and Fire = Ice bending

Water and Earth = Mud bending

Fire and Fire = Breath of Fire

Fire and Energy = lighting generation and redirection

Fire and air = Heat and combustion bending

Fire and Earth = Lava bending

Earth and Earth = Metal bending

Earth and Air = Sand Bending

Earth and Energy = Seismic sense

Air and Air = Suffocation, Speed and agility

Air and Energy = Flight and Spiritual projection

energy and energy = energy bending and spirit world walking

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PART 1 - Proximity

It’s almost the second year at Beacon. Yang arrives early to scope out the city and hopefully find a little getaway apartment she can use when she’s tired of the dorm. She doesn’t get much luck that day and decides to cap off the night with a bit of dancing just so it feels like it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

She finds Jaune sitting alone in a booth. Last year, he and Qrow got real close and now he’s got the tiniest drinking problem. Jaune tells her that there’s a numbness that he revels in.

Turns out, he’s a quiet drunk.

She doesn’t dance. She sits with him and talks. She mostly hears the sound of her own voice but every nod, hum, and laugh off him validates her fears, makes her feel heard. Somehow she enjoys this side of him. He’s listening, attentive, eyes never drifting away from her. She decides, then, that maybe they should hang out more.

He already has an apartment in the city. It’s where he’s been living over the Summer. He reconciled with his parents after running away and now he’s got a place of his own for it.

She takes his guest room and promises to help with the plumbing and electrical work. She’s good with her hands. The innuendo either misses him entirely or he ignores it.

One day she pulls out from under the kitchen sink looking grimy and covered in stray meats the sink grinder failed to shred. Jaune hands her a towel and a drink while wearing an apron. How she ends up looking like the man of the house and he the wife doesn’t escape her. She cracks the joke and he blushes. She realizes what she’s just said and blushes too.

They laugh it off.

When it’s late they watch a movie in the living room. He’s the one that snuggles in. “You’re warm,” he admits plainly, as if it was supposed to be obvious and that she’s the one being weird about not knowing that.

She plays with his hair while he’s pressed to her side and she wonders – for just a moment – if his ex, Pyrrha, did this too. She buries wherever that train of thought was leading.

After she’s done messing with his hair, she twists her arm the wrong way and it hurts just a bit. He hears her quiet hissing and takes her hand quickly. His semblance stops the bolt of pain but she doesn’t tell him to stop even when all she feels is warmth and that signature tingle he gives off that makes her feel powerful. She hums appreciatively and tells him how obviously nice it feels and that he’s being weird for not knowing it.

There’s a moment when they’re done laughing at themselves – right when they’ve calmed down and the movie is making it only the tiniest bit less quiet – that everything just feels pleasant. It’s warm when it should be chilly. Familiar when it should feel new.

They sleep on the couch.

She wakes up to coffee and the smell of tuna and eggs.


It’s the weekend and she finds herself cozying up to her new lifestyle so much that dorm life is starting to sound like a coming nightmare by comparison. Her guest room is larger than her entire dorm. It has a private shower she can take whenever she wants and without contest. And though bunk beds were fun for their freshman year, she realizes rather quickly that a queen-size suits her better.

She asks Jaune if she can stay. He looks at her wide-eyed – not by surprise but by something he suddenly remembers – and he leaves the room without answering. For a moment, she’s scared. He comes back with a letter. It’s the rent. The month is almost up and he was supposed to tell her days back how much she is supposed to pay.

“Don’t look so surprised,” he says with a bit of cheek. “It’s already settled, isn’t it?”

She slugs him in the arm before hugging him.

That night they celebrate at the same club they met at. This time they’re dancing and Yang finds that Jaune has more confidence on the dance floor than he does just about anywhere else. At some point he takes her hand and dips her so low that her hair touches the ground. She’s having so much fun that she doesn’t even notice.

Jaune’s still a lightweight and Yang only pretends to drink – frequent bathroom visits tend to mask your tolerance – so he’s barely functional when she drags him into his bedroom. He isn’t drunk, just teetering off the edge to it in the worst way. After an hour of sitting with him as he groans and burps, Yang leaves to take a shower.

She comes back to find him freshly bathed and in bed. His wet hair moistens his pillow. She towel-dries his head – his complaints resembling Ruby’s when she used to do it to her. She tells him about it.

He tells her that it sounds like she grew up like a mom, and that it’s no wonder she’s grasping at her own youth like it’ll fall away come the morning. Driving just shy of the speed limit, dancing in clubs till curfews are an afterthought, nursing drinks like her liver is iron.

She gets an idea and asks him about his sisters. He mouths out stories that seem endless. There’s a catalog of happy memories she almost envies.

Suddenly, in the middle of one story, he admits that he’s glad he isn’t alone. (Seven sisters and two excitable parents makes a life with any less seem unbearable).

She admits that it was silly of her to think that she would have preferred to be alone. (Experiencing her youth is so much nicer when you have someone to share it with. She was never much of a lone wolf anyhow).

She’s glad she found him sulking in that booth.

He tells her why he was there in the first place.

She stays with him for so long that she forgets to leave and falls asleep beside him.


A week passes and some of their friends are in the city too. The school is open and some of them are already packing into their dorms in advance. Jaune and Yang don’t quite join them yet. They’re preparing the apartment for a party.

Sun and Pyrrha are dating. It almost comes out of nowhere for everyone but not Jaune. He’s the one who pushed Sun to try, which surprises Yang. That is the woman he used to love and the idea that he’s already over his first girlfriend seems unlike him.

She realizes then, at the party amidst the cheers of a beer pong match, that she knows precious little about Jaune’s nuances. If this happened to Blake or Ruby, she’d know if they were silently suffering inside or not. She knows their cues – a twitch in the eye, a smile that’s too wide, a change in their pitch – their restless little gestures that tell her a dozen things that need not be said.

She doesn’t know Jaune well enough to tell the difference. Infuriatingly, he seems the same as he’s always been. He smiles at her and offers her a drink, and not once do his eyes linger over Sun and Pyrrha laughing by the window.

She clings to his side to offer comfort she doesn’t know he even needs.

Nora plops into the seat across from them and stares. Her mouth opens and everyone watching already knows what she’s about to ask before she asks it.

“You two dating?”

Yang’s heart stops for a moment. She’d grown so comfortable that she’d forgotten propriety around him. That her living with him and snuggling up to his side in public sends signals that are more than a little friendly.

But Jaune laughs and says that Yang’s just tired. He maintains that there’s nothing between them.

When all eyes fall on her, she’s staring up at him with a redness to her cheeks and a quiet want in her eyes. Jaune sputters in embarrassment at what he sees. Then Yang, too, laughs and everyone isn’t surprised that she’s teasing him.

Ruby later pulls her aside and tells her not to play with his heart.

She tells her she wasn’t.

He’s as reliable as the guy who cooks her meals – as in frequently and without fail – and she likes to think she’s been much the same. But she’s just starting to enjoy being friends with him and she isn’t sure she’s ready yet for that to change. Can’t she just like how they are and worry about where it all leads until it happens? (If it even does).

When Ruby hugs her and walks off, Yang sits in her room alone.

She thinks about what she thinks love is. A knot in her stomach, a tingle dancing over her nerves, a magnetic need to be around him. She doesn’t have any of that… Right?

When their friends leave for the night, she decides that talking to him about it right now is better than letting it all simmer inside of her till it drives her mad.

He tells her that it was a good thing that she did. She might have tricked herself into thinking she was in love with him.


He tells her that comfort like that is easy. It doesn’t take much – apparently – to be someone most people like. Despite his flaws, Jaune knows how to not be a nuisance (thank you, Weiss, he mutters under his breath and Yang laughs in a way that tells him she’s not so anxious anymore). He knows how to be reliable; cooking and cleaning are universal goods. He knows he doesn’t always have any advice, so he sits quietly and listens instead – which is what most people are looking for anyway. And sex, once you listen to a partner enough, can feel good regardless of how attractive you find each other.

Jaune knows how to be a person you like having around and finding a romantic partner in that is so easy that it’s almost cheating.

She doesn’t secretly have feelings for him and if he fell for her at any time in the year-and-a-half they’ve known each other, he’s fairly certain she would have noticed by now.

And even if they tried, it might end in disaster.

He tells her that he hasn’t seen every part of her (she physically resists the opportunity to tease him). That he can’t catch her little quirks. That he doesn’t know how to handle her at her worst cause he hasn’t even seen her like that yet. That he doesn’t know if there are little somethings she’d wish he did for her, or if there were things she wished he didn’t. That if she were brave enough to tell him things he needed to hear about himself, or comfortable enough to hear him tell her in turn.

It’s then that Yang realizes why Jaune and Pyrrha broke up.

She almost asks but he knows what the wideness in her eyes means. He isn’t bitter about it. He learned a lot, clearly, and it’s a little sad – yes, just a little – that they started too soon and started before they were ready. But they’re okay and they’re back to being how they used to be. He still has Pyrrha, just not in that way anymore. Nothing was ever truly lost in his eyes.

Just as nothing was lost between herself and him by talking about her having feelings for him.

So they should forget the feelings that never were and go watch something till they’re tired enough to call it a night. Ylda Braveheart is coming on in an hour and he’s already got a popcorn stockpile ready.

She grabs his wrist before he can leave.

The night was about to end so anticlimactically that she decides to kiss him. She realizes half a second too late that she probably shouldn’t have done that and that she wasn’t sure she could blame it on the alcohol, but he’s kissing back and pulling her in by the waist. He’s sucking at her tongue like he’s proving a point. And after she moans just once, he pulls away.

Her breath is haggard and he looks cuter than he did a minute ago. Her lips ache, an almost magnetic need to pull him back in jolts her fingers into clutching at his shirt. Her heart pulses, pushing breaths into her stomach that’s still flush against his own. And… shit, she realizes that she’s just ticked all her own boxes.

“See what I mean by how easy it is to trick yourself?”

The serious look he’s giving her – concerned, not stern – makes her feel a little guilty. She almost doesn’t notice that he’s already at the kitchenette at one corner of their living room.

He gives her space but she decides rather quickly that she isn’t the kind of girl that gets hung up on that.

She helps him with the bowls and as the microwave pops the kernels, they spend the few minutes making ‘pop’ noises to try to sync with the popcorn. Cheering when they sync, laughing at each other when they don’t. They forget what just happened and sit down to watch Ylda Braveheart slay a dragon and wrestle her bodyguard.

It’s almost so terribly awkward when they get up at the same time and don’t know if hugging is appropriate or even necessary. They try anyway and decide that they shouldn’t say good night that way again.

Yang falls asleep a little more at peace with herself.


Jaune comes out of his room because they forgot to put the bowls away. When he’s done cleaning he’s staring at her door and his fingers twitch.

He knows it isn’t love, but the tingle in his lips is still there and he hadn’t felt warmth like that in a while. He’d be lying if he didn’t say that it felt nice. She was undeniably a good kisser.

His hand falls on his cheek. There’s a burning warmth there too in the shape of someone’s lips and he wishes so deeply that it would go away.

He pulls out the flask in his pocket and takes a swig. It’s watered down so he can gulp without his cheeks burning or losing his footing.

His eyes don’t drift to Yang’s door. He wants them to. Wants to consider her an alternative to the drink. But he can’t do that to a friend. Not to anyone.

So a measured buzz and a deep sleep it is. He doesn’t have any good advice, least of all for himself.

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Science fiction is full of first contact stories, but is there a such thing as LAST contact?  Decide exactly what that means, and write about it.

It was too late, when the humans came. They were a young species, still exploring outwards, vital and thriving. 

We… were not. 

War had ravaged us, and sickness, and war once again, until our population dwindled beyond the point of recovery. We struggled against that, of course… we used genetic manipulation, and cloning, and even more desperate measures. None succeeded. When the humans came, we were sinking into apathy, only a few tens of us left. We had begun to discuss whether we should commit a mass suicide, or simply wait to fade away. 

And then the young species came, in their clumsy ships, and they asked us why we were so few. 

“We are becoming extinct,” we told them. “We have passed the point of recovery.” 

It is custom to avoid the races that are dying – once a species reaches the point of inevitable extinction, even war is suspended, and the fiercest enemy pulls back. The custom was born of plagues and poisons that could be carried forth from a dying world to afflict a healthy one, but it has the implacable weight of tradition now. After we are gone, after they have waited for the prescribed period of quarantine, there will be a fight for our world. Habitable worlds are few, and this is a good one, with plenty of free groundwater and thriving vegetation. It is a bitter thing to be grateful for the custom that allows us to die in peace, but we are grateful.

But the humans don’t know that custom, and they do not leave. They seem distraught, when we tell them we are dying, and try to offer their aid - but their technology is behind ours, and it is too late. When they realize that they can’t save us, though, they do something that bewilders us. 

Keep reading

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Source: The Yeager

Twitter: @TheYeager_san

Little baby! TvT

She’s wearing a bunny onesie!!!

Should I be worried that my first thought was to envision a similar scene but transitioned to a grave yard and little mini me a year older placing her hand on Jaune’s tombstone with Ruby crying instead of looking content?

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Team JNPR and RWBY exploring  haunted houses
Jaune: "Alright the ghost's name is Cinder Fall lets gear up and get going. I have the thermometer and EMF reader."
Pyrrha: "I have the book and Spirit Box. Nora?"
Nora: "I have the cameras and UV flashlight!"
Ren: "And I'll monitor everything from here."
: *Scene Switch*
Ruby: "Alright everyone have their smudge stick and crucifix?"
Blake and Yang: *Both holding up the crucifix and smudge sticks* "Yeah!"
Weiss: "Wait we still need the other equipment in ord-"
Ruby: "Lets go Kick Tyrian Callows ass!"
Weiss: "Wait!"
: *Scene Switch
Pyrrha: "Is anyone here?"
Spirit Box: "..."
Pyrrha: "How old are you?"
Spirit Box: "..."
Pyrrha: "If you're with us can you give us a sign?"
The door to the room: *Opens slowly*
Nora: *Shines the UV light on the door* "I have finger prints!"
: *Scene Switch*
Ruby Blake and Yang: *Circling around the table* "Tyrian Callows Tyrian Callows Tyrian Callows!"
Weiss: *using the thermometer to check all the rooms* "Stupid team mates." *Breaths and notices she can see her breath* "I have freezing temperatures guys!"
Ruby: "Ahhh! Something just breathed near me!"
: *Scene Switch*
Jaune: *Checking every room with both the EMF reader and thermometer* "Are you here with us?" *Notices the EMF reader goes to two* "If you're here can you show us?" *EMF flashes to five as a figure emerges in the corner as his flashlight starts blinking* "Oh Shit! Guys EMF 5!"
Ren: "Guys its spiking to ten! Hid-" *Static*
Jaune and Nora: *Hiding in a hall closet*
Jaune, whispering: "Where's Pyrrha?"
Nora, whispering back: "She was down stairs last I saw."
Pyrrha: *Scream of pure terror from down stairs before silence*
Ren: "Guys I think Pyrrha's down! Get out of there!"
Jaune: "Not until we figure out what this bitch is!"
: *Scene Switch*
Weiss: *Setting up the camera and returning to the truck to check for orbs* "Of all the harebrained things this is by far the stupidest" *Watches through the Camera as Yang Blake and Ruby continue to goof off and startle each other only to stop when she notices orbs flying all over* "Guys we have Spirit orbs." *Looks over to the activity monitor and sees it spiking* "Its spiking hide somewhere!"
Yang Blake and Ruby: *All start smudging and holding out the cross's and run around in a blind panic*
Ruby: *Stops moving and starts choking before going limp*
Weiss: *Flinches when the comms go back on only to hear Blake and Yang's screaming constantly*
: *Scene Switch*
Jaune and Nora: *Walking down to where Pyrrha was last seen*
Jaune: "Alright it wasn't freezing temperatures so that means it has to be the book but we have to check it first to be sure."
Nora: "Right. Renny?"
Ren: "I can see the book right now. Your sanity is at twenty percent each. Better move fast"
Nora: "Eh a little insanity never hurt anyone before!"
Jaune: "EMF spike..."
Ghost: *Gurgle sounds*
Nora: "Well that doesn't sound good."
: *Scene Switch*
Weiss: *Moving slowly to the ghost room with the spirit box* "Blake and Ruby are down and Yang's not answering her mic... How do I end up in situations like this?" *Reaches the room and turns on the spirit box*
Spirit Box: "Kill. Run. Leave. Adult. Begone. Thot."
Weiss: "Well that's enough for me!." *Flashlight starts flicking on and off* "Shit."
Yang from down the hallway: *Screams and runs to the door and starts banging on it* "Let me the fuck out!" *Starts choking and goes down*
Weiss: "Great."
Scene Switch:
Jaune: "Can you write in this book for us?"
Ren: "Spike to six."
Nora: "Do it bitch!"
Jaune: "All we need is you to write in the book."
The book: *Draws pictures*
Nora: "Right we have what we need lets get the hell out of- "
Ren: "Spike. It's at ten. Get-" *Static*
Jaune and Nora: *Both walk into to different rooms and hide*
Nora, through the walls: "I see it! Taking a picture!"
Ren: "It's over get out of there!"
Jaune: "We have what we came for lets get the fuck out of here!"
: *Scene Switch*
Weiss: *Trying to leave but cant as the ghost keeps attacking every few seconds* "This is bullshit!" *Is finally able to leave.*
: *Scene Switch*
Jaune Nora Ren and neck braced Pyrrha: *Celebrating a hundred and fifty dollar pay day*
: *Scene Switch*
Weiss and neck braced Ruby Blake and Yang: *moping about the fifteen dollar payment*
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Make him KIND and SINCERE.

Superman is the ultimate himbo and DC is sleeping on him.

Modern filmmakers don’t know how to write a superhero who’s not dismissive and sarcastic and ‘ironic’ about every superhero trope. Superman doesn’t say, “Ugh, look at these silly colorful tights! So ridiculous!” or roll his eyes at Lex Luthor’s monologue just to lampshade that he’s monologuing. They tried to make him an angsty antihero and look how terrible that was.

I’m more than half convinced that modern filmmakers barely know how to make a character who’s just… nice.

Vex wants superman to be ~*relevant*~, not relevant. 

I mean, she had to ignore how Lex Luthor is one of the smartest folks on the planet, which I doubt they’d call Trump.

The best quote I heard is “you don’t have to make him relevant, make him inspiration”

OP manages to list a lot of things that are not - AT ALL - what Superman has ever been about.

That, and they already DID a Lex Luthor for President campaign.

OP seems to want him to be Antifa, when he’s Boy Scout.  He’s the one that when faced with the tough moral decisions, he makes the self-sacrifice.  He also doesn’t wear a mask nor start random fires and riots.

Superman’s the one to step into the riot, look disappointingly at both sides until they go home and then visit the idiot politicians in charge of the town and glare at them until they fix their shit. He knows power because he is fucking power. He knows he can wipe out everyone and everything. He’s the physical embodiment of the fucking USA and that’s what makes his desire to do good so fucking important. You can have all the fucking power in the world but If you fuck up when helping you only make things worse. That’s the message of Superman. Hell even the Red Son got it right and he was raised as a literal communist who killed Papa Stalin once he realized Stalin didn’t care for the people.

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Jaune giving Yang CPR to restart her heart

Ruby: wait yang didnt drown.

Weiss: i think shes knows.

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Galaxy Quest (1999) dir. Dean Parisot


By Grabthar’s Hammer… this movie was:

  1. Ahead of its time
  2. Underrated

My friends were annoyed with me that I drug them to to this. I guilted them into staying because it was my birthday.

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Inner Desires

Jaune came back from a mission and was alone in his room. While he was sharpening his blade, there was another Jaune sitting in a chair looking at him, this was Jaune’s inner desire.

IDJaune: Wow, great day, saved some people, took down some Grimm. And Ruby was really something, how she fought, the way she moved.

Jaune kept sharpening.

IDJaune: You know it amazes me how close you two are but you never make a move on her. Her pale white skin body, like a blank canvas you want to paint all over with your hands and cover every inch of it.

Jaune finishes sharpening and then proceeds to check his scroll.

IDJaune: When the right moment comes just plant one on her and in the heat of the moment. Carry her like she’s a queen, lay her on the bed, make her feel like she’s the most important thing in the room as you undress her. And as she looks at you with her approval just take her right there and-

Jaune’s door suddenly opens and the Jaune sitting in the chair was gone.

Ruby: Hey Jaune.

Jaune: Hey Ruby, what’s up?

Ruby: We’re about to have a meeting soon. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Jaune: Thanks, I’m going to wash my clothes and take a shower, be there soon.

Ruby: Alright see you til then.

Ruby closes the door and walks down the hallway.

IDRuby: Wow, did it suddenly get hotter in the hallway, or was it the thought of Jaune in the shower. Or was it the thought of you in the shower with Jaune?

Ruby keeps walking down the hallway.

IDRuby: Can you imagine, his big strong arms embracing your bare body, his chest touches your back. You can feel his heart beat matching with yours and the more he embraces every inch of you the faster it gets until eventually you can’t control youself and you just let him-

Ruby punched the wall and the other Ruby was suddenly gone. And someone came rushing after hearing the noise.

Penny: Ruby, are you ok?

Ruby: Yeah, just letting off alittle steam.

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Give a bored human a screwdriver and you’ll find a pile of scrap where your ship used to be, with a proud looking human sitting nearby. 

“Boredom is a dangerous thing to a human.” 

“I don’t understand,” Chuul’s mandibles clicked nervously, “why not simply take the tool from the human.” 

Minxx’s antennae stood straight up, a sign of shock, fear, or surprise, “You don’t simply take something from a human. If you do they will either turn the ship upside down trying to find it again, or they will replace it with something else that will lead to more destruction.

“I speak quite literally by the way. Human-Mark used to have a tool he called an “Hex Key” he used it to remove the doors to the clothing storage areas in his quarters because he was bored. When he lost it he literally turned the ship upside down by reversing the gravity.” 

Chuul’s tentacles curled up defensively, “Gravity controls are locked, how-”

“No one knows how.” Minxx shook her small wings as the memory of suddenly falling upwards returned to her. “but his reasoning was that the tool would fall out of whatever hiding place it had come to rest within. He had not considered that all tables, chairs, equipment, and personnel, would also fall. It took weeks to clean.” 

To be fair to the human, Mark had only intended to reverse the gravity in his own quarters but had, quote, “pushed the wrong button.” A sentence which would send fear through any intelligent creature in the known galaxy. To be completely unfair to the human, there were still stains on the ceiling in almost every room of the ship from dropped food, chemicals, various other liquids, and even a couple of empty bowels. Some races just didn’t find the idea of resting comfortably in their sleeping quarters, only to be suddenly awakened as they fell ten feet toward a ceiling which had now become a floor. Mark was no longer allowed near environmental controls. 

Minxx continued, “He did not find this “Hex Key.” However, he did find the screwdriver and it seemed to please him when an owner was not located. The captain let him keep it since it seemed that it would keep him from doing any more strange things to locate his original lost tool. We did not consider-” she trailed off as her wings quivered again. 

There was silence between them for a few moments, Minxx was almost unwilling to continue and Chuul was almost too afraid to press for more details. Slowly, but surely, Minxx calmed herself enough to speak again. “we did not consider what he may be able to do when armed with a leverage optimiser.” 

“We were given shore leave while the ship was being fixed after the gravity incident. Thank goodness the captain took out act’s-of-human insurance or it would have cost the profits from our next five cargo hauls.” The premiums were high, but it was worth it. “After 14 rotations, human-Mark began to complain over the lack of stimulation, he called it “bored.” On the 15th rotation he disappeared for some time and he had hoped he had found some new activity to occupy his time.” 

Chuul did, but at the same time didn’t, want to know, “Had he?” 

Minxx waved her antennae in confirmation, “he had. He was located in one of the cargo holds, using the screwdriver to dismantle one of the mining probes. To, quote “see how it worked.” It was almost 90% deconstructed.” 

Mark had claimed it was almost 10% REconstructed, as he was trying to put it back together again, but couldn’t quite remember where all the parts went. In Mark’s words, the captain was a “glass half-empty kinda guy” (whatever that meant) and wrote DEconstructed on the claim form for a replacement probe. 

Chuul’s natural camouflage kicked in and they took on the colour of the chair they were sitting on. “Those probes have no screws for the leverage optimiser to use, how did he-” 

Minxx’s wings shivered again, “no one knows how. He just did.” 

Chuul was silent for a moment. He’d never served on a ship with a human before. He’d heard they made things “interesting” and if you ever got into trouble, a human was the very best thing to ever have on your side. It was why they were so many job opportunities for humans in the alliance. All the same…the thought of a human causing such damage and destruction just because of a lack of mental, or physical, stimulation was a more than a little frightening. What if the human wanted to see how the engines worked, or the weapons?!!  “Maybe I should transfer to another ship.” 

Minxx’s antennae curled, a smile to her race. “You are safe. The captain has found a way to occupy our humans free time. During our last stopover, he commissioned a shiny orb be constructed.” 

Chuul coked their head, “what is a shiny orb?” 

Minxx’s curled antennae moved up an down; a sign of mild laughter. “It is nothing. A sphere made of shiny metals, humans do like shiny things, roughly two feet diameter made of a collection of gears, levers, screws and switches which appear complex and should have a function, but do entirely nothing. The captain handed it to Human-Mark and stated: “see if you can fix this.” and Mark has been “tinkering” with it during his off-duty hours for almost 24 rotations now. He can take it apart and rebuild it as many times as he likes, but it will never perform any task.”

Chuul was just thinking about how their captain must be a genius, when the door to the mess hall opened and Human-Mark entered. He was carrying the shiny orb under one arm, and his screwdriver in the other hand. He looked around, seemingly not noticing any of the crew members. He smiled when he spotted an empty liquid container and sat down at the table with the cup. 

Chuul and Minxx watched curiously as Mark set the orb on the table in front of the cup. He used the screwdriver to tighten one small screw and flipped a switch. At once there was a whirring and clicking of clockwork, a blinking of lights hidden in the depths of the machine and even a TING from a small bell. Then a small funnel-shaped piece of metal opened up in the side of the machine and poured a small amount of hot, black, liquid into the cup.

Mark jumped to his feet, pumping the air and yelling loudly enough to send Chuul’s camouflage reflex off again. He grabbed the orb, abandoning the cup of steaming hot liquid, and moved to the door. 

Minxx stared after them, “Human-Mark?” 

Mark only paused for a second in the doorway. He was prominently displaying his predatory teeth. Chuul had read about these “smiles” but it was still disturbing to see. “Can’t stop Minxy. I gotta let the captain know I fixed his coffee maker.” 

With that, he left. Leaving Chuul and Minxx frozen in place, dumbfounded. 

Wherever Chuul was going to transfer to, Minxx began to hope she could get a posting on the same ship. 

The reverse here also holds true. Give a bored human a pile of scrap and you will come back to find a fully functional ship…or somesuch strange device. Humans quickly become the junkyard beings all across the galaxy.

“What did you do before this?”

“I used to just salvage scrap from old ships and melt it down for the metals.”

“How did you get your tentacles on interstellar ships to sell from that?!?”

“Simple: i hired a human. I originally thought she would simply help deconstruct junk ships for easier melting. I even gave her two screwdrivers.”

“Two screwdrivers?!?! Are you a madbeast?! I’ve heard what a bored human can do with one leverage optimiser.”

“Like i said. I wanted her to take things apart, makes the scrap easier to melt in smaller pieces. Never thought the human would do things in reverse. Left for a cycle to go watch my sibling’s egg-hatching and came back to find six fully functional ships in my scrapyard.”

“Are they safe? Surely they couldn’t be..”

“I’ve had a dozen inspectors look at every one. Other than the lack of production number stamps they seem to be right off the factory line.”

“So now you sell ships.. What about the human?”

“Oh i let her keep tinkering in the scrap yard. She seems happy there surrounded by things to ‘play with’ as she puts it. I give her a bonus for every ship she builds.”

“What does she do with the bonuses?”

“Buys coffee and chocolate. I’m starting to think both are crucial to human brain functioning.”

“I have heard of humans going mad without them…”

“Maybe i should buy her some extra just in case…”


“Twice as fast as hyperspeed?!?!? How?”

“Not sure but it does. You gotta see it. Just took a trip to earth and back for more coffee from my favorite little shop. Got there and back in fifteen minutes! And ten of that was waiting in line.”

“Thats half the galaxy away…”

“Great job Gabrielle! I’ll triple your bonus for this one!”

“Sweet! Im gonna go grab a snack.”

“Surely she realizes she could patent that and be unimaginably wealthy??”

“She doesnt seem to care. I will patent it and give her half the profits. It is only fair.”

“You are a braver beast than i. Keeping a human around like this. I loose tufts of fur from stress just thinking about nesting near a human.”

“Once you get used to the strange noises late at night you sleep quite well.”

“Are you so certain her experiments won’t vaporize you in your sleep?!?!?”

“Of course. Since i started sleeping in the ‘coffee shop’ she built on the lot i feel completely certain i am safe from any collateral damage from her experiments.”

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jaune: nora why are you naked?
nora: uh why arent you?
jaune: ...
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Saphron: soooo which one are impregnate?



Mamma Arc: “What is your duty?”

Jaune’s sisters: “TO DO THE FAMILY’S WILL.”

Mamma Arc: “What is the family’s will?”

Jaune’s sisters: “TO SPREAD OUR BROTHER’S SEED.”

Mamma Arc: “What is your brother’s seed?”

Jaune’s sisters: “OUR DUTY.”


Jaune’s sisters: “TO DO THE FAMILY’S WILL.”


Jaune’s sisters: “TO SPREAD OUR BROTHER’S SEED.”


Jaune’s sisters: “OUR DUTY.”

Mamma Arc: “WHAT IS YOUR DUTY!?”

Jaune’s sisters: “TO DO THE FAMILY’S WILL!”


Jaune’s sisters: “TO SPREAD OUR BROTHER’S SEED!”


Jaune’s sisters: “OUR DUTY!”

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Watch “Cruise Ship playing Seven Nation Army” on YouTube

On the one hand, it’s incredibly stupid. On the other, could you imagine the alien responses to something like this, but instead of a cruise ship, it’s some kind of battleship

Would you be willing to accept this story prompt?

But of course! Thanks for requesting this!

“What? Are you blind? That thing’s obviously not going to fit!”

First Lieutenant Barkly stepped into the mechanic bay to see what all the fuss was about. Inside, he saw three humans from his ship, Idris and Tina huddled near the ship’s afterburners with Annika sitting on a ledge formed by a groove in the ship’s exterior. She was trying to lower a metal sheet down to the other two on the ground.

“I measured it four times, it’ll fit, just take it!” Human Tina pushed it back up to her.

As Barkly came around the corner, Human Idris noticed him. “Hey, Lieutenant! How are you today?”

Barkly looked between Tina and Annika who were still fighting over the metal sheet. “I am well. I heard a commotion and came to check on the ship. What’s going on?”

Human Idris gave a strange half-smile and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry about disturbing you. We’re just working on a new project. We’ve cleared it with Captain Ocrin,” he added hastily when he saw Barkly about to ask. “It’s something we came up with a while ago and it shouldn’t take too long. Just some modifications to the ship’s afterburners is all.”

“Ah yes,” Barkly nodded. “May I ask what sort of… modifications you’re doing?” Even if they had gotten permission from the captain, he still felt obliged as the ship’s First Lieutenant to make sure he knew what was going on with the ship and what, if anything was going to affect its flight.

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