i'll be skinny by november

TRIGGER WARNING | 5'3'' ; sw: 165,4 ; cw: 152,8 ; gw2: 143,3 ; ugw: 110,2 ; bmi: 27,1 | she/her | block, don't report :)

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p3rs0nalh3ll·9 hours agoText


When I saw I lost a total of…

  • 5 lbs, my wrists seemed less chunky
  • 10 lbs, the back of my shoulders seemed less round
  • 15 lbs, I had lost the hunch behind my back and my stomach had gotten smaller, plus my jawline started showing
  • 20 lbs, my collarbones and the ribs above my breasts started showing, my neck had gotten smaller and my cheekbones started showing
  • 25 lbs, my hipbones were visible when I layed on my bed, and my thighs so tinier when I sat on the shower floor
  • 30 lbs, my arms seemed thinner. I could see bones, nerves and muscle working under layers of fat that had vanished
  • 35 lbs, my calves seemed much more toned than before, and my stomach got even smaller, to the point where I could see my ribs instead of a roll
  • 40 lbs, I became more confident when trying on clothes while shopping
  • 45 lbs, my breasts started shrinking fast, I hadn’t lost in that zone yet
  • 50 lbs, my boss noticed my weight loss and said “wow, is it me or everytime I see you, you’ve gotten smaller?”
  • 55 lbs, I went through my clothes and sent more than half of them to thrift stores
  • 60 lbs, I took a look in the mirror and saw no double chin, no back rolls and no round tummy

At first, you don’t notice the changes. After a year, you’ve forgotten where you even started. But once you start paying attention, you see the results of all those times you cried, starved, overworked yourself or purged. I swear, one day I’ll extend this list to 95 lbs.

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p3rs0nalh3ll·13 hours agoText

so i am … confused?

according to pacer i’ve walked around 2200 steps today (so far) but according to the other app i use to count my steps it’s only been nearly 800??

which one’s true, then?

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p3rs0nalh3ll·2 days agoText



Reblog if…

  • You’re doing it so you can be confident in public, but not for the attention
  • The weight loss is not for the gender you’re attracted to, but because you don’t feel attractive
  • You’re tired of people making petty comments about your weight
  • You want people to stop trying to put your weight in a sugarcoated box by saying you’re ‘big boned’ ‘thicc’ ‘more to love’ ‘curvy’, etc.
  • One comment sent you into the start of your ED
  • A traumatic experience caused you to gain weight that just wouldn’t come off
  • New medication caused you to gain weight
  • A Doctor, family, teacher, or friend has ever called you fat
  • You feel this is the only way you’ll truly be comfortable in your own skin
  • You’re lying to family & friends
  • You feel a little bittersweet when they comment on your weight loss
  • It started as a ‘diet’ that spiraled out of control
  • You know recovery is an option, but you don’t want to
  • You used to deny your eating disorder

🌪I want to follow the people who reblog this🌪

• this is the only way to feel like you’re in control.

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p3rs0nalh3ll·2 days agoText


Me: Steps on the scale

Me: That’s not right

*takes off jumper*

*goes to pee*

*strips naked*

*shaves head*

*peels off skin and flesh*

*becomes skeleton*

Me: That’s better. Only 10 pounds to go

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p3rs0nalh3ll·3 days agoText


the fact that people can see me makes me kinda uncomfortable not gonna lie

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p3rs0nalh3ll·4 days agoText

my dash is dead as hell.

y'all okay?

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p3rs0nalh3ll·4 days agoText


Something that only people with restrictive ED’s understand is calories as currency. You have a budget and it’s up to you how to spend it and you spend all day obsessing about how you’re going to spend it. You freak out if you overspend and let’s be honest, we’re all poor in calorie currency. 

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