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paeracosms·8 days agoAnswer

Well, then happy birthgay to you my dude

thank u im gay

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paeracosms·8 days agoAnswer

happy birthday!! 🥳 morning

haha thank you!!

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paeracosms·8 days agoAnswer

please tell me that last ask didn’t have the word morning on the end of it accidentally....

i have bad news for u lol

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paeracosms·11 days agoText



growing up as a cis girl the patriarchy told me “you’re a girl because of the way you were born, there is nothing you can do about this, you have no say in your gender” and i hated being a girl because it wasn’t my choice it was a prison and the trans community told me “you’re a girl because you say so, your view of yourself is the most important thing, if you change your mind that would be ok” and it made me proud to be a girl and feel empowered in my gender and i wasn’t trapped anymore and then terfs come along and tell me “you’re a girl because of the way you were born, there is nothing you can do about this, you have no say in your gender (but like in a woke way)” and they somehow expect me to be on their side?

if you respond with some terf shit im blocking you lmao

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paeracosms·13 days agoText


bi/lesbian solidarity needs to be more than uwu we both like girls~ we should kiss~ bc what happens if your bi gf wants to talk abt her experiences w men, including positive ones? what if she wants to talk to you abt men she finds attractive? what if she breaks up w you and goes on to date a man? will you still view bisexuality as an inherently legitimate sexuality that’s just as multifaceted & nuanced as lesbianism, or will you become bitter & complain on your tumblr dot com account abt how bi women are traitorous heartbreaking sluts who always go back to men? if you have solidarity w bi women when we’re dating girls but not when we’re dating or even talking abt men, you never had solidarity w us in the first place.

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paeracosms·16 days agoText


some of you people NEED to be fucking reminded that loving minorities will always be more important than hating bigots

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paeracosms·16 days agoText


I understand that it’s funny that a fly landed on pence, but I implore you all to listen to what he’s saying: he claims that there is no implicit biases within the criminal justice system against POC in America.

The right not only does not care about the issues of mass incarceration, over policing, and police brutality, but they actively deny the existence of any such issues, especially in conjunction to racism.

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