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pairadx · 14 days ago

Ruby: Can you please pass the salt, Daddy?

Taiyang: *Reaches for the salt*

Qrow: *Reaches for the salt*

Oscar: *Reaches for the salt*


Taiyang: *Glares at Oscar*

Qrow: *Glares at Oscar*

Oscar: *Rethinks his decisions in life*

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pairadx · 18 days ago

Weiss: You know, you keep hugging Oscar whenever he’s upset

Ruby: Yeah. So what?

Weiss: If you keep doing that, he’ll get the wrong idea and might end up falling for you. Is that what you want?

Ruby: *scoffing* Is that what I want?

Yang, loudly over the intercom: Yes!

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pairadx · 25 days ago

Hey Cobra Kai fans. Do you think the tournament will be interesting if it turns out like this?

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pairadx · 26 days ago

Blake, angry: Were you dropped on your head as a child?!

Weiss: Bold of you to assume I was ever held

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pairadx · 78 days ago

Weiss walks into her dorm room

Jaune: Hey Weiss

Ren: Hello

Oscar: Welcome Back

Weiss: Hello, people who do not live here. I gave you that key for emergencies!

Jaune: But there was an emergency!

Weiss: And what was it?

Oscar: We ran out of Doritos

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pairadx · 109 days ago

Weiss: Yang, I’ve never Dine & Dashed before and I don’t wish to start now

Yang: Uh…Well, remember whenever I’d take you to a nice restaurant and I would ask you to wait in the car while I paid?

Weiss: Yes?

Yang: Did you ever wonder why I was running to the car?

Weiss: Oh Oum, I’m a criminal!

Blake: Technically, you’re an accessory

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pairadx · 163 days ago

Weiss: *Is Choking*

Yang: Help! I need to call 911 but the 9 button isn’t working!

Ruby: Just turn it upside down and use the 6!

Oscar: Ruby, I love you but…*Sighs* I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try?

Weiss: *stops choking momentarily* What the f*ck?!

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pairadx · 235 days ago

Emerald: About a week ago, I accidentally slept with Mercury

Neo:… Really?

Emerald: Yes

Neo: You accidentally slept with Mercury?

Emerald: Yes

Neo: Accidentally?

Emerald: Yes

Neo: I don’t get it, did you trip on something?

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pairadx · 272 days ago

Here’s my theory of what happened during the Reverie

Sabo and his forces got into a fight with the Admirals in order to free Kuma. But the fight goes over the top and either Vivi or her father got killed as a result. Then the Admirals captured Sabo and the Navy pinned the death of Vivi or her father solely on Sabo. That would explain why Blackbeard said he’d go and take it for himself. That most likely means he’s going to fight the government to get Sabo and steal his devil fruit powers. And all of this including the dismantling of the Seven Warlord System means that the world would be going into complete chaos.

But remember this is Oda we are talking about so it’s probably none of this considering someone as dumb as me came up with this.

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pairadx · 279 days ago

Weiss teaching Ruby to drive: Okay, you’re driving and Oscar and Jaune walk into the road. What do you hit?

Ruby: Oh, definitely Jaune. I couldn’t hurt Oscar

Weiss: *Massaging her temples* The brakes, Ruby. You hit the brakes

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pairadx · 300 days ago

Ruby: Please Oscar, don’t do it. I love you!

Oscar: I’m sorry, I have to

Ruby: Oscar, please I’m begging you. After all we’ve been through together….

Oscar: I’m sorry

[Places +4 Card]

Oscar: Uno

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pairadx · 327 days ago

Ruby: Hey, I finished my vows! Take a look

Weiss and Yang read Ruby’s Vows

Ruby: Well, what do you think?

Weiss: *With tears in her eyes* Aw, Ruby…

Yang: *Trying her best not to cry* I have never known love like this

Ruby: You really like it?

Weiss: Of course! How did you write this?

Ruby: I stole Oscar’s and changed the name. Shh

Weiss: You can’t do that!

Yang: If she goes first, she can!

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pairadx · a year ago

Oscar: Is it okay if I swear?

Nora: Yes, Oscar, I’ll allow you to swear

Oscar: F-

Nora: Yes, go on

Oscar: I’m nervous

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pairadx · a year ago

Nora: I’m having a baby

Oscar: Really? That’s-

Nora: *Slams down adoption papers* It’s you, sign here

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pairadx · a year ago

Yang: So Oscar kissed you?

Ruby: Yep

Yang: Then what happened?

Ruby: I came over to tell you

Yang: So he’s waiting over there for you?

Ruby: Crap! *Runs back to Oscar*

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pairadx · a year ago

Weiss: I only want one slice

Yang: Me too. Pizza is very fattening

Weiss:…Yang, that’s two. You just stacked two slices on top of each other

Yang: Shh, not when you eat it like this

Weiss: What?

Yang: The body doesn’t know

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pairadx · a year ago

Sun: The kids haven’t eaten their sandwiches

Blake: Ok, just throw them out

Sun: *Helping the kids pack their suitcase* Look, I’m just as surprised as you are

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pairadx · a year ago

Ruby: Oh c’mon, I didn’t drink that much last night!

Yang: You were flirting with Oscar

Ruby: So what? He’s my boyfriend

Yang: You asked if he was single

Weiss: And cried when he said he wasn’t

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pairadx · a year ago

Weiss: If you had 10 chocolate chip cookies and Yang asks for 2, how many would you have?

Ruby: 10. Yang knows not to ask for my cookies

Weiss: Ok, if you had 10 chocolate chip cookies and Yang forcibly takes 2, how many would you have left?

Ruby: 10 and a dead sister

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