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I think a lot about slightly older Hunk having a rebellious streak in response to dire odds against the Galra鈥 also think about Hunk ripping Shiro鈥檚 grip off him before stalking away to be disobedient 鈥榗ause Hunk Is Strong.

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@panickypaladin from ask

鈥淧idge? Don鈥檛 you think you are taking things a little bit too far? This wasn鈥檛 what we came here to do. We had a plan. We got to stick to the plan or the others might be in trouble.鈥 He whispered as they swept through the corridors and gently waved and smiled and greeted people. 鈥淏efore people start looking?鈥

She wrinkled her nose. Yes. Yes, she was taking it a bit fat. But she was聽posing as his wife for this mission on this planet and she was already pretty pretective over Hunk to begin with. Pidge let herself be escorted though the banquet hall, tucked next to his side, she tried not to wobble in the hells she had been forced in to. God鈥 how long had it been聽since she鈥檇 worn heels? Four years? Five years? She didn鈥檛 remember.聽

鈥淔ine. Plan follow the plan.鈥

He could feel her wobble and held her steady along with guiding her. These aliens were dressed so poshly it was distracting. But their attitudes were leaving things wanting.聽鈥淚鈥檒l be fine. Fake married or not, that was very sweet of you. Thank you.鈥 Though the danger was still present. They would have to be on high alert during this whole ball.聽鈥淣ow… how do we prevent things from going haywire? And look sophisticated and unfaced at the same time?鈥

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鈥淭hat kinda sucks鈥 Sorry they treat you like that, bro.鈥 Wasn鈥檛 his memories his brother鈥檚 memories too? Of their friends?聽鈥淪eems like they should be able to get over that. They know where you came from and where I found you.鈥


鈥淥h! It鈥檚 not like that! They don鈥檛 disapprove of me as a person! No. They don鈥檛 like the way I deal with our enemies is all.鈥

鈥淎nd by that, I mean. Punching their faces in or throwing them around to get them to talk. Uh鈥擨t鈥檚 not a pretty sight and sometimes their looks kinda make me feel bad. Not by much. Still. I try not to hurt anyone while the Paladins are around to not scare them.聽

鈥淚 guess…鈥 It still sounded very awkward and it honestly made Hunk kind of sad. Though he had issues with how his brother was dealing with his problems too. And found excuses to make trouble too. And went very violent when he did so. And usually it all ended with hunk getting into trouble while trying to get Malosi out of trouble. It was a complicated living to suddenly get a clone brother.聽鈥淵ou seriously wouldn鈥檛 have to toss anyone around for information if you were fighting in a ring. And you would actually meet opponents that wouldn鈥檛 just go down in one swing or suddenly pull a weapon or something.鈥

Hunk didn鈥檛 really believe that the others were scared when dealing with Malos. Hunk had known him long enough now to know that he was making himself seem more dangerous than he was. Well… dangerous to those he didn鈥檛 like. Fiercely loyal to those he cared about. Why else would he so passionately defend Voltron when some drunkard in a bar badmouthed one of the paladins?聽鈥淪o… what do we do now? You still want to go to the mall?鈥

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Soulmates // @spacedadshirogane // Open

Firing up the car and hearing the engine finally rumble was like music to his ear. It had not been an easy job! There had been a lot on this old girl that needed tuning and some proper cleaning. Now it was finally running! Hunk sat back in the driver鈥檚 seat and did a little happy dance. He turned the key and the engine went quiet.

Making his way out of the car he finally noticed that there was a man standing outside the open garage doors and peering in. Hunk frowned for a moment. Where was his partner? Why was a customer wandering around the back of the shop? Had that lazy coworker of his snuck of for a smoke break again?

Shoving all of his frustrated thoughts about Rollo far down for now, hunk plastered on his best customer service smile and quickly wiped his hands on a rag before going out the doors of the garage to greet the stranger.聽鈥淗ello! Welcome to The Wrench King. Is there anything I can help you with?鈥

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♛: Reincarnated Soulmates who remember their past lives the first time they touch allergictotheoutdoors

Soulmates // @allergictotheoutdoors // Open

鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 Hunk.鈥 He said casually as Lance introduced himself proudly as a fighter pilot. Stretching out his hand to great their team communications officer. Must be new here, Hunk had never heard of Pidge Gunderson before.

The moment that their hands touched Hunk felt like an electric bolt went through his whole body. Like he had gotten the bad end of her weapon of choice from so many times before. The memories swelling in his head as he saw her face, her smile, her eyes. Old as he was and young as him as well. New and old and so many lives lived out with each others. As friends, as lovers, as partners. Lost lives where they had not found each other and others were they lost each other too early.聽

鈥淏ro, you okay?鈥 Hunk startled awake again as Lance spoke in his ear.聽

鈥淗uh!?鈥 Hunk twitched and his eyes darted to Lance and then back to Pidge and then to Lance again and then down to his own hand who was still holding on to Pidge鈥檚. And in that split second he realized that he had to know what the hell was going on before he busted his soulmate鈥檚 identity wide open just like that.聽鈥淥h!鈥 He let go of Pidge鈥檚 hand and looked sheepish.聽鈥淪orry! spaced out there for a bit.鈥 He quickly looked to Pidge as Lance started going on about the three of them having pizza and getting to know each other and chatting about girls.

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@infernoforged continued from HERE!

When he had asked he had not really known what to expect. Keith was kind of an awkward guy. Stuttering at times and shy, while at the same time not really giving a fuck what anyone thought. He was a decent roommate too.

The only problem was this.

The stealing of clothes. And other items. Like those glasses. Which Hunk needed if he was to work for a long time on the computer. The big guy huffed and rolled his eyes. 鈥淗ow else am I going to get you out of my clothes faster?鈥 Asking him to take them off had not worked so far. 鈥淢ight as well tear them off you and get something back for all the trouble.鈥

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In all honesty, I can鈥檛 help but feel this is the kind of person Hunk is becoming.

This is 1000% the kind of person Hunk is growing into.

Also, Jas is beautiful and skilled and bad for my heart.

鈥淪hiro?鈥 Hunk鈥檚 voice was a hesitant whisper as he turned his head this way and that, searching for the Paladins鈥 leader.

No sign of him. This was bad. They were supposed to meet back up with Lance and Pidge soon before getting out of this hellhole the Galra called a work camp.

Hunk went back up a little ways along the corridor they鈥檇 been moving along. His voice was a hoarse whisper, wanting to get Shiro鈥檚 attention, but terrified that he might get someone else鈥檚, 鈥淪hiro?鈥

Still nothing. Dammit. Where WAS he?

He took a deep breath in and out and straightened his shoulders, screwing his courage into place.

I can do this.

He continued back the way he鈥檇 come at a run, up the corridor, sticking to shadows as he searched for Shiro. In one hand, his fingers clenched and unclenched on the untransformed bayard in a nervous fidget.

He hadn鈥檛 gone too far before he heard the scuffling noises of a fight in the stone-lined corridors. He threw himself into a rock alcove just outside of the lighted area where the fight was occurring, slowly leaning out until he could see what was happening.

Shiro faced off against a semicircle of Galra soldiers, armed with the shock sticks that were growing to be a far too familiar presence the more they went after these sort of installations. The soldiers had thier backs to Hunk, physically blocking the path between the two Paladins. Shiro鈥檚 eyes were wide, his breathing ragged, and he fought back against thier attacks in jerking almost spasmodic motions.

Shiro should have been able to break through this, or should have called to him for help before it got so bad. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. They must be more dangerous than they normally are. If Shiro can鈥檛 handle them, there鈥檚 no way I can. I should go to the rendezvous point. Get back up. With Lance and Pidge鈥

Shiro made a pained noise, jerking Hunk out of his swirl of panicked thoughts. His eyes followed the line of how Shiro鈥檚 body hunched in pain to see his cybernetic arm was broken, trailing wires and an outer panel was shattered. Now Hunk saw that not just were his eyes wide, the pupils were pin pricks, shifting restlessly back and forth, unseeing. Or not seeing his current surroundings at any rate.


Hunk grit his teeth and raised the bayard, concentrating with intent to manifest the shoulder cannon. His brain was already running the calculations, the angels of how best to rush and take down as many of the soldiers as he could in his first rush.

His friend needed him. Needed him NOW. He didn鈥檛 turn his back on people, especially not on his friends. He protected his friends, the family he chose in this life. They were more important than anything else. Shiro was one of those special, most important people in his universe.

He roared in wordless anger and fear as he came running out of his hiding spot, firing one sideways shot into the farthest soldiers.聽

Only one shot. He couldn鈥檛 count on Shiro not moving into the blasting radius of a second shot. He wasn鈥檛 reacting predictably. He was probably trapped in a flashback of his days as a prisoner. There was no way to know what he was seeing now.

Hunk slammed the broadside of the weapon into another soldier, glancing off of the taller alien and slamming into a second one before forcing his way through the line to Shiro鈥檚 side. The bayard de-transformed and he slipped it into his holster. It was too large for close quarters fighting, and he couldn鈥檛 risk hitting Shiro with it by accident.聽

Man, he wished he鈥檇 put more effort into his hand-to-hand combat classes.

He spun, putting Shiro behind him, his wide shoulders doing what they were meant to do in this world, protect those in need of help. That is who he was. Who he wanted to be. Who he would become.

鈥淪tay away from Shiro,鈥 he huffed out, his shoulders hunching, expecting a blow at anytime as the Galra soldiers regrouped from the shock of his intrusion.

He felt Shiro shifting behind him, heard the crackle of electricity from the frayed wires of the cybernetic arm.

鈥淚鈥檓 here Shiro,鈥 He spoke softly, eyes watching the Galra soldiers edge in closer.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 Hunk. I鈥檓 right here. You鈥檙e not alone anymore.鈥

Shiro鈥檚 answer was only pained breathing, and Hunk felt blood trickle down his face. He must have taken a harder hit than he thought when he bounced off the second soldier trying to get to Shiro. And now Shiro still wasn鈥檛 responding to him.

I can鈥檛 do this.聽

We鈥檙e going to die here.聽

I can鈥檛 let Shiro die. I can鈥檛 leave my friends alone. We can鈥檛 leave Lance and Pidge waiting, not knowing what happened to us.聽

I HAVE to do this.聽

I WILL do this.

Hunk ran the calculations again, taking in the new positions of the Galra soldiers, the rusted pipes overhead. Shiro鈥檚 shaking and crackling form behind his.

I can do this.

鈥淛ust hang on, Shiro. I鈥檓 going to get us out of here.鈥

I. Am. Dead.

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鈾 : Everyone鈥檚 world is black and white until you meet your soulmate, who brings color with them
鈾: The first words your soulmate will say to you are tattoo鈥檇 on your body
鈾: Soulmates can feel each other鈥檚 emotions
鈾: Everyone has a timer on their wrist that counts down to the moment of meeting your soulmate聽
鈾: Soulmates have matching birthmarks
鈾: Everyone has their soulmates names tattoo鈥檇 on their wrist
鈾: Soulmates have birthmarks that signify where their soulmate will first touch them
鈾: Reincarnated Soulmates who remember their past lives the first time they touch

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鈥淚n fact! I think you did such a good job that you deserve a sticker!鈥 He put away the first aid kit and then opened his hand for Baby to take.

Baby kept himself quiet as his poppa worked, a tiny smile curving his lips. Hunk looked like he was going as fast as he could, was he hungry too? Or was he worried he was hurting him? Either way, he was happy for his poppa and his company. 鈥淏andaid time!鈥 he squeals when the bandages were retrieved, excitement visible on his face when they鈥檙e placed so carefully on him.

鈥淪nack! Snack!鈥 hands are thrown into the air, his shirt going flying from his sudden burst of energy, 鈥淪nack with poppa! Snack with poppa!鈥 His excitement, however, is wiped away by the mention of a 鈥榮ticker鈥. Confusion comes to his face and Baby tilts his head a little. 鈥淧oppa, what鈥檚 a鈥 Sticker?鈥 he grabs his shirt, hugging it with one arm while using his free hand to grasp Hunk鈥檚, 鈥淚s it a real yummy yummy?鈥

They are heading to the kitchen as they talk. Hunk leading the way but not too fast so baby could walk beside him.聽鈥淣o no! Stickers aren鈥檛 for eating. They are…鈥 Hunk had to think for a moment to figure out how to describe stickers so they sounded fun.聽鈥淟ike little bandaids! With cool pictures on them and a lot of colours. But instead of putting them on someone when they are hurt you use them to decorate things. Like your datapad, your toys, your books and folders and maybe even mirrors and doors. You can put them anywhere really.鈥 He paused by the kitchen door for a moment.聽鈥淭hat is why they are called tickers. They stick to things!鈥

Now they just had to find something tasty to eat and busy themselves with. As the door to the kitchen opened Hunk stepped through.聽鈥淒o you want me to teach you to do a really tasty treat that you can make? We could make enough for all of us. Your momma and all the others too. Even something for shiro when he wakes back up?鈥

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鈥淥r is it because she isn鈥檛 here at the moment? Wouldn鈥檛 you like鈥 I don鈥檛 know, Shiro to do this instead? I can go get him?鈥

鈥樷業 did, past tense, mind you. But no it鈥檚 not her. And I don鈥檛 see Shiro around now, do you?鈥欌 He quietly spoke.聽鈥樷楶retty please?鈥欌 He asked then, holding his hand out to him.聽

Did he and his ex split on good terms? Sort of. But Matt didn鈥檛 want to seem lonely. Or to have his ex rub it in that he did have another lover while Matt was still all alone.

鈥淒id he already leave?鈥 How many partners had Matt gone through while being out in space? How many partners did you have time for while also organizing and running a rebellion?聽鈥淥kay, okay! I鈥檓 game. but I don鈥檛 know how to treat you right.鈥 It was easier with his friend who he was closer too. Hunk knew what they liked and what they didn鈥檛. Matt was a blank canvas. Though Hunk did know one thing. Matt had gone heads over heels the first time he had seen Allura.聽鈥淪hould I put on some fancy and pretty clothes for this?鈥

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Hunk has already prepared a breakfast of eggs, toast, fruits and veggies!

Shiro? Shiro鈥檚 got sparkles in his eyes. Shiro鈥檚 smoothing his hands together very rapidly.聽

That鈥檚 excitement! Good job, Hunk.

There is water and tea and some juice too. And Hunk is ready by the stove in case Shiro want鈥檚 to ask for something else that hasn鈥檛 been cooked yet.聽

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((Why am I still up.))

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