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pauleonotis · 164 days ago

Remus: Ok, a dark wizard is at your doorstep, and you only have seconds to get your wife and son to safety, what do you do? // James: I use the Bittenbinder method. // Remus: Wh-what? // James: Now I've thrown him off his rhythm // Remus: James nO-

Sirius: you should’ve just seduced him

James: I have a wife

Sirius: it doesn’t count as cheating if it’s a matter of self preservation

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pauleonotis · 196 days ago


Extremely disappointed this morning to find out that Christine Baranski is indeed not my aunt, as my dream made me believe her to be, and that I cannot cuddle her right this instant. To be fair, I should have known something was off when she talked to my grandma in Korean. Still. Is Christine Baranski being my aunt and wanting to cuddle her really too much to ask?  

Today I dreamt of my best friend visiting me and me running into my room and shutting the door (after I opened the entrance door so she could come in-) and telling her that I’m not there and she needs to leave again— because I wasn’t ready to give her my gift yet because I felt too ugly to meet? Lmfaooo. But then I woke up and realized I’m missing her a lot. ;-;

But soon we plan to meet somewhere to take a walk and so we can exchange our gifts from christmas. I‘m super exited but anxious at the same time ahh

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pauleonotis · 233 days ago


3 years sketching HP characters and as a way of reinvent my fanarts and myself, I’m exploring the skill and technique to bring them to a realistic aspect of movie frames. I hope you enjoy this new journey! Heres a side by side comparison.

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pauleonotis · 268 days ago

I think you're around a 4 on the intimidation scale. You're really nice, but I haven't talked enough with you to totally be over the 'omg their art is so good, I can't deal with how good' fangirl part of myself ❤️

Ahhhh same here tbh-! You’re so kind but also so talented and for me also such a positive part in this fandom so I‘m basically always reminded of how much I love your work and your blog and asdfghjkjhgfds ;-;💗

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pauleonotis · 268 days ago

1, whenever I see your icon I think: Pau, the actual cinnamon roll who sends people the nicest asks 🥰

Omg ahh this made me blush XD asdfghjk thank you ;-;;💗

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pauleonotis · 268 days ago

Okay okay. As a person (although I don't know you that much) I think you're like a 1. I think you're really soft and nice. But as an artist you're a 20. I go ñlakkakskallanjsklam when you tagged me in things 😂 (I'm ununquadius im case you didn't know)

Ahh thankyouu ;-;💗💗

Asdfghjkjhgfds omg- 😂

But honestly I can relate to that feeling- I‘m always super excited when I get tagged somewhere but I’m still not really used to the fact that all these amazing and talented people out there think of me (if that makes any sense at all?)— lmaooo

(Also yess I know 👀💕)

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pauleonotis · 268 days ago

0, you are the softest and sweetest person & your art is so soft, how can that ever be intimidating? <3

Asdfghjk thank youuu omg 💕

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pauleonotis · 268 days ago

A solid and lovely 1!!!! I would hug you if I could

Ahhh I‘m glad! :D Man I‘d love a hug! ;-;💗

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pauleonotis · a year ago




i had nothing better to do this evening than create my headcanon harry & draco 👀

tagging my drarry mutuals @sitp-recs @ihavenoideawhatimdoingherehelp @tackytigerfic or anyone else who wants to play around with it and make their own.

(i used this doll creator and then just used my phone editing options to crop out the hallmark movie sentence + doodled on a little scar for harry. sorry for making things complicated lol)

Oops editing as accidentally cropped out the makers!

This was great fun - tagging everyone who wants to do it! I’ve spent ten happy minutes playing with various jumper combos so join me 😂

(@bonesliketambourines @maesterchill @shealwaysreads have you seen this one?!)

Oooh these are so gorgeous!!!

Ok here’s mine. Draco and Harry. I’m imaging Harry visiting Draco’s brand new Apothecary … aaahhhh he’s so proud of his man 💕

Who would like to play? Maybe @celilasart @julcheninred @gnarf @dragontamerdame @bluebutter-art @pauleonotis

Thank you for the tag @maesterchill! 👀💕

Idk who’d like to do this. Maybe @rockmarina @drarryruinedme7 @ununquadius ? 👀

Everyone who’s reading this- in case you wanna do this then please, go for it!!

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pauleonotis · a year ago


H/D Erised fic claim: Eight Days (to Save the World)

I commissioned the lovely @pauleonotis to do art for my amazing @hd-erised fic and she gave me those two stunning pieces 😍 please follow her, she’s the loveliest person and her art is mind-blowing!

I’m very proud of this work so let me present:

Eight Days (to Save the World)

Mature, 47.6k, community gift

Darkness returns to the Wizarding World. People disappear without a trace, and all they leave behind are rumours.

When the Aurors are tasked with arresting innocent witches and wizards, Harry once again takes it upon himself to fight against the evil infiltrating the Ministry.

But this time he isn’t alone.

And one of his friends is especially determined not to let him die a second time.

Read on AO3 (and mind the tags)

Asdfghjk I‘m so happy I got to draw these pieces for your absolutely wonderful fic!!! ;-;💗

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago

Now that 2020 is almost over I thought I‘d share a couple of amazing blogs that I found through this year (and the year before—), may it be incredibly talented artists or outstanding writers - seeing those blogs on my dash always makes me happy!

I wanna mention: Those are definitely not all the blogs that I love and appreciate, there are so soo many more amazing people here on Tumblr but unfortunately I can only tag 50 people. ;-;

(If anyone wants to reblog this and add more amazing blogs and super nice people to follow, please feel free to do so!!)

@artdecielle, @april-thelightfury115, @bixgirl1, @big-draco-energy, @bluebutter-art, @bogglebeans, @caroll-in, @cibeewastaken, @crazybutgood, @dewitty1, @dusiadrawsthings, @drarryruinedme7, @dragontamerdame, @datsiro, @daddiesdrarryy, @fictional, @faevorite-main-blog, @gnarf, @jackofallplagues, @katie-bt, @l0vegl0wsinthedark, @lettersbyelise, @legendrarry, @mad1492, @maesterchill, @mfingenius, @miakagrewup, @ohheavenlylord, @pineau-noir, @parkkate, @polly-weasley, @practicefortheheart, @quicksilvermaid, @rockmarina, @samyistrying, @slytherco, @scorpittariusslytherdor, @serpent-under-the-flower, @shealwaysreads, @tackytigerfic, @triggerlil, @teruyo, @tinyhistory, @tsauergrass, @the-starryknight, @unicorn-in-the-library, @ununquadius, @veelawings, @xx-thedarklord-xx, @zigster-ao3

Thank you all so much for making this year a bit less like hell for me.

And with that I wish everyone

✨A happy New Year!✨

May the year 2021 be filled with many positive and happy things waiting for you!

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago



So I have read several people complaining that they can’t be expected to know the “unwritten rules” of fandom. So here’s what I wish people knew:

Fanfiction is fiction.

Fictional people are not real.

Fictional people do not have rights.

Fictional people cannot be abused.

Reading or writing about something does not mean the desire to do or support it in the real world.

If I find art upsetting/triggering/disgusting/outraging/unpleasant/squicky/distressing/offensive, it is on me not to read it, not the creators and hosts to remove it.

Curate your own experience. The back buttons exist for a reason.

If you don’t trust yourself to do that, get someone you trust to do it for you.

Fandom is an adult space. Adults create and own and host fandom spaces. If minors want to participate, then the onus is on them and their parents/guardians/trusted adults to ensure they participate appropriately, not on strange adults to stop being adults.

You often don’t know the assault status or mental health status or neurotype or race or nationality or religion or gender or sexuality or age of a creator or consumer, and they do not have to disclose to you to justify their fantasy.

AO3 is not a safe space. It is not intended to be a safe space. Proceed accordingly.

Just because you don’t like something or find it offensive doesn’t mean it is a “problem” that “has to be dealt with”.

Most characters in anime are not white.

There is no onus on you to reblog or share anything.

Everyone makes mistakes in fandom and is less than their best self sometimes.

Persistent pseudonyms encourage long term relationships.

Ship wars are stupid.

Someone else enjoying things does not impact on your own enjoyment of other things.

Tagging and warning is a courtesy, not a requirement. Assume any fic might contain untagged content.

Rating is an imprecise art, not a science.

Don’t hassle IP creators.

Most people who are in fandom are hoping to make connections based on a shared passion.

Trying to profit from transformative fanworks puts us all at risk.

No one is obligated to share your head canon or fanon.

Being kind rarely fails to pay off.

It is okay to block and remove people who make your experience unpleasant. You don’t have to placate them. (Learn from my mistakes).

Britpicking is a good thing.

You don’t have to justify why you like a canon/pairing/trope/kink. Sometimes navel gazing is fun, but you don’t have an obligation to explain yourself, especially to strangers. I share the overwhelming desire to refute an unfair accusation, but the people accusing you are rarely doing so in good faith, so you’re batting a losing wicket.

I’m not your Mum. (Well, okay, a very few of you can call me Mum or Mom, but if you are one of them you already know who you are ❤️)

If you aren’t mature enough to take responsibility for your online experiences, you aren’t mature enough to be in fandom spaces.

I just want to add that not only is fanfiction fiction, it is fiction that has significantly less influence on the real world than mainstream media. A fanfic with 500 or even 2,000 kudos that was made by 1 (or at most 2 or 3 if it’s a collab) random person(s) in their free time is NOT worthy of the same level of political criticism as a Disney film with a massive budget made by a powerful company that will reach millions of people worldwide. It is easier to attack a tiny fandom creator than to attack a big company because you can may succeed in bullying them, but it’s not activism and it won’t make a positive change. It’s just bullying. It will just make fandom - one of the last safe havens we have for queer and marginalized voices - a less safe place.

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago






tagged by @simplyclockwork for this picrew, thanks Paige!

tagging @savetheghostswemakeforourselves @ihavenoideawhatimdoingherehelp @sitp-recs @mcdarkandshiny @seafrost-fangirl @absolutley-aaric or anyone that wants to!

Thank you @stavromulabetaaa for the tag! I don’t know how you manage to find so many different and cute picrews 😍 tagging @the-sinking-ship @laurisophi @l0vegl0wsinthedark @teacup-tai @veelawings and anyone else who’d like to do it! Just go ahead and @ me ;)

Thanks for tagging me @sitp-recs! I love making these to procrastinate 😂

Tagging @cibeewastaken@pineau-noir@slytherco​​ @bluebutter-art​​ @dragontamerdame​​ @caroll-in​​ and anyone else who wants to join in!


Ahhh thank-you for the tag😍😍 this picrew made me realize maybe I should try more styles 😂😂

My resting bitch face has gotten me into a lot of trouble since middle school, also, I think this will be a perfect picrew for Draco.

I’d like to tag @drarrytrash @draco4draco @tsauergrass @samyistrying @caroll-in @crazybutgood @drarryangels @fantalf @serpent-under-the-flower if you guys like to do it ofc!!

I wasn’t tagged but I made myself anyway 😂

Well, I wasn’t tagged either but wanted to do it anyway. XD

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago

i want you to know that a lot of us here on tumblr care about you. including me, though i was too shy to leave a message until now. how was your christmas? i hope you had a nice time

First of all I’m so sorry for the rather late reply! I was really happy when I got this lovely message and wanted to keep it in my asks for a while.

Thank you so much!! I honestly can’t explain how much this means to me and how happy it made me to hear this. I‘m so incredibly thankful to have follower and/or mutuals like you, dear anon. 💗

My christmas was rather nice I’d say. There thankfully wasn’t too much stress and drama and I also saw my little brother again after quite some time (he’s basically moved to his girlfriend lmao). Overall it was a very quiet day and totally different to how we normally celebrate but I was glad about that. Because this year I wasn’t really in a christmas mood lmao. (Which is also why I didn’t post something on christmas- I‘m so sorry everyone! I just couldn’t bring myself to draw or write something christmas related, even tho I really wanted to. Agh I had so many plans at the beginning of this year— ;-;;)

I dearly hope that you had the most wonderful and happy time!!! 💕✨ Thank you so much for thinking of me - and don’t worry at all about not immediately leaving a message (I‘m hella shy too, so I know how it can be xD).

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago

I was tagged by @rockmarina, thank you!💕

Top 5 of 2020

Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 (ish) favourite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you brought into the world in 2020. Tag as many writers/artists/etc. as you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works!

Well, many people probably know my „Mother and son“ drawing

(I mean it gets reblogged- a lot- to this day-!!) and I ain’t gonna lie I‘m super proud of that one too. Because it’s one of the drawings I’ve planned for a long time and was finally able to visualize.

However, there’s a continuation that not many people know of. It’s Draco & Narcissa dancing on his wedding day. I love that one a lot. So this will be my number 1 top piece of 2020.

Number 2: Okay so this is super random actually. It was a quick sketch I made in school while the class was waiting for a teacher and we were watching a Spider-Man movie on the Smartboard. But this turned out better than expected and I‘m super proud of how I drew Hedwig. So this sketch is number 2.

Also! Theres a t-shirt of it. :D

3: Sun and Moon

This was a dtiys but given the fact I usually can’t draw faces from the angle I drew Draco’s in was a huge achievement lmao. And also- I really like Harry in this pic- and their hands- idkkk.

4: Merman Harry

Ahhhh this was hard to choose. Because I love mermay and I‘m actually kinda proud of all the drawings I did during that month (if I look back at it I‘m shocked I managed to draw more than 2 drawings in a month LMAO) I picked this one out of all because this is probably the first time I actually liked the way I drew a shirt.

However I also really like the drawing I did for Samy- but mostly because it was drawn for such an amazing fic and it somewhat reminds me of my excitement when I first read it. :D

5: Draco in the strawberry dress

Idk why I like that one so much honestly.

Honorable mention: Drarry as Catradora.

I feel like this one flopped and was forgotten in no time. However I was quite proud of that one- I especially like Harry’s design. And apart from that Draco’s totally off balance I‘m also super proud of the anatomy etc. What I managed there I wasn’t able to do before to be really honest. I‘m super bad at drawing different heights but somehow on this piece I didn’t mess up. ;-; <3

And also:

The ferret meme I drew at 4am

Idk I just love what I came up with when I was half asleep lmao. (This seems to be the most known art out of all my pieces - it almost got 10k notes :0)

I gotta be really honest my life irl has been shit this year. Many of my plans I had gotten canceled due to the pandemic, I lost my cat and overall my family and me had some great misfortune.

But on here I found some peace and was able to not concentrate on all the bad things happening around me. I was able to look at beautiful art, reading amazing fanfiction and was laughing about funny pictures/memes. This distraction was a great relief. I also wrote with some amazing people that I‘m so grateful for - and I‘m truly sorry that I messed up so bad and didn’t write as often as I actually wanted to. Maybe 2021 will be a better year and I’ll be able catch up with a few people. I‘d really love to.

I don’t know who to tag honestly, but if you’re reading this right now and it sounds fun to you, then feel tagged and go for it! <3

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago






new picrew

no options for thick thighs and a flat chest but at least i got tattoo options for once. and i’m surrounded by animals all day for work and couldn’t decide so i just went with a duck because i miss working with ducks

tagging @savetheghostswemakeforourselves @simplyclockwork @sitp-recs @seafrost-fangirl @ihavenoideawhatimdoingherehelp @mcdarkandshiny or anyone who wants to

Ahh thanks for the tag! I couldn’t find my exact hair color so I went for my natural look instead:

Tagging the lovelies @tackytigerfic, @l0vegl0wsinthedark, @shealwaysreads, @veelawings and anyone else who’d like to do it! Feel free to @ me ;)

I can’t turn down a picrew on my dash. Idk who else wants to do this, but you should do it! 

Passion picrew

Not exactly the current hair situation but I like it

The blue hellish flames and the cute baby sheep are a very accurate mood though

Consider this your invitation of you want to do it!

It’s a-me!

Tagging anyone who wants to do this :D

I love this :D

Everyone reading this right now- I‘m tagging YOU (if you wanna do this)! 👀

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago

💖💞This is the Love SLAP Raid Chain, send this to all of your favorite blogs that you think deserve to hear these encouraging words. In return we ask that those blogs send it to their favorite blogs as well. It's December, everybody deserves to hear a few words of encouragement no matter if you're a small or big account. So let's all fill your dash with positivity these last few weeks of 2020. You are amazing. You matter. You are loved. You deserve to have an amazing month💞💖passing this on✨

Ahhh thank you SO much @penguinanimagus @butterbear10111 and @laurisophi (Tagging doesn’t work— ;-;) I’m honestly so touched that you thought of me, omg. This goes right back at you!!! 💕

I think I have sent this message to quite a lot blogs already but I‘ll see if I can find someone I definitely haven’t send this to so I can pass on some more love. :D 💗

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago

So u still here eh .. disappointing to say the least. i hope u wont be here on christmas next year lol. tell me did u at least thought of leaving once?

The hate aside, this question is actually kinda interesting and to be really honest anon dearest: Yes, I did. More than once actually.

But I won’t go into detail here xD

What I can say tho: it definitely wasn’t because of your constant anon hate, sorry. :)

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pauleonotis · 2 years ago


me: I don’t want to draw because I’m no good

my brain: you have to draw to get better though


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