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it’s been two years, but i think that an icon like her deserves to be known about by more people.

her name was freddie oversteegen and she, at the age of fourteen, along with her older sister truus who was 16 and their friend johanna “hannie” schaft who was 19, was a part of the netherlands most famous all female resistance cell which was dedicated to fighting the nazis and dutch traitors.

among other things, they are known to have blown up bridges and railroads, smuggled jewish children from concentration camps and, as the tweet mentions, seducing nazis and then shooting them with guns that they had hidden in their bike baskets. freddie is quoted as having said that they “had to do it.” and that it was a “necessary evil, killing those who betrayed good people.”

though freddie and her sister truus were both lucky and survived the war, hannie schaft wasn’t. at the age of 24, hannie was caught and around three weeks later was executed by nazis, only 18 days before the netherlands were eventually liberated. she was shot with one only wounding her, and, before the final shot, hannie is quoted as having told the executioners: ik schiet beter, which translates to “i shoot better.”

though she didn’t survive, hannie is recognized as a national icon and a face of the dutch resistance, with her story even being retold in a movie from 1981 called “the girl with the red hair.” along with this, truus also founded the national hannie schaft foundation in 1992, on which freddie served as a board member.

freddie, at the time of her death, was 92 years old and the last surviving member of the resistance cell, with truus having died two years earlier at the age of 92.

though these women and all that they did played an important part in the dutch resistance, they are often overlooked in history outside of the netherlands. it’s important that they are remembered and that their work to save people isn’t forgotten. it’s incredible what they did, especially given how young they were, and they deserve more recognition than what they’ve gotten.

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…and, at the time of his death, he was one of the most hated people in the USA.

The FBI sent him a letter trying to convince him to commit suicide. Don’t let this revisionist bullshit slide. The things they say now about protests, kneeling, etc, are the same things they said about the sit-ins and marches.

respectability politics is a trap.

respectability politics is a trap.

respectability politics is a trap.

Look at this vintage political cartoon. Reactions to MLK and BLM are near identical.

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Dr James Barry, the first doctor to perform a successful C section wherein both mother and child survived, was a huge champion of handwashing at a time when most doctors didn’t wash their hands. For this reason, many of the chilldbirths he delivered resulted in healthier babies and mothers. He was also a gay trans man, who specifically wrote that upon his death he wished for his body to be taken in its nightshirt, wrapped in his sheets as a shroud, and placed into the coffin so that nobody would see his body. His wishes were not respected, and as a result he was outed at his death.

i’ve also been informed he had a poodle. He named his poodle Psyche. I’d just like to congratulate him on being an excellent human being, who not only pioneered modern medicine but also had good taste in dogs. that is all.

types of responses to this post

  1. i thought this was fake but it’s not
  2. here’s the sawbones episode about him
  3. cis people

He was also reportedly quite the ladies’ man, and he’d apparently carried a child to term and gave birth.

he’s one of my favorite historical figures and ive read a lot on him including the biography Scanty Particulars by Rachel Holmes. a lot of the details of his life are difficult to figure out, partly cause he was very private and partly cause he had so many rumors surrounding him. here are some of my fave facts about him:

-he was very concerned with protecting poor people, women and people of color, aka all the people most of upper class british society at the time cared the least about. he worked to reform prisons and hospitals in south africa at risk to his own career, and also improved the conditions under which poor enlisted british soldiers and their families lived

-he was kind of a known hothead. he was rumored to have fought at least one duel (probably not true though). florence nightingale hated him even though they had similar ideas about medicine because they had such a clash of personalities in the brief time they worked together

-he was a vegetarian and took a goat with him on sea voyages so he could always have fresh milk

-even though he had an abrasive personality and made a lot of enemies, his patients, especially the women, really loved him because they felt like he knew what he was doing and actually cared about their health

-he died poor because the british army ripped him off >:/

edit i almost forgot the best thing. he didn’t just have one poodle named psyche. he had a bunch. when one died he would get a new poodle and name that one psyche too

“i thought your poodle died?”

“psyche!” [poodle comes trotting in]

this is the best response

Photo of Dr. James Barry in the late 1840s:

You can read more about Dr. Barry here.


Imagine trying to explain this addition to the post to Dr. Barry himself

Oh, I think he’d get it.

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Fantastic reason why we should normalize asking the teacher if they are discriminating against you based on religion. Ask them, outright, if they are revoking your right to practice your religion. The second you’ve made this accusation, the teacher (or professor) now needs to explain that they haven’t violated your rights, and if they can’t, they’ll be legally at stake. Cue backtracking, lol. 



No but really, I cannot put into words how fundamentally wrong it is that public schools can assign things over incredibly meaningful holidays like Yom Kippur.

Last year was a vivid example, and also one of the worst fasts I’ve ever done. My history teacher assigned us a full paper, insisting that it was reasonable since we had the entire day to do it. As one of the few practicing Jews in my class, I immediately objected because not only was that unfair, it was actually impossible to do without serious harm to my own health.

Because Yom Kippur started that very night with a solid two hours of services. I would go home, eat dinner (at like 4:30 because you have to do it before services), change, and then be at synagogue. Services would go until at least 8 o’clock, which meant I would get home around 9.

See any time for homework in there?

Now, pretend you’re me for a moment here. Services tomorrow morning start at 9, and you usually want to get there earlier unless you’re willing to end up in an overflow room. So staying up late to do it isn’t an option if you want more than four hours of sleep.

Now, it depends on how religious you are, and you can pick and choose, but there’s services more or less throughout the entire day on Yom Kippur. If you want to attend, which should absolutely be an option without compromising yourself academically, then you’ll be there until break the fast comes.

That’s right! You’ve been fasting all day, because that is an absolutely key part of Yom Kippur. (If you are under age thirteen, are pregnant, or are sick you are exempt but otherwise fasting is expected.) There are many reasons—reminding yourself of your mortality, to remember the sufferings of others—but ultimately it’s not an opt-out kind of thing.

But when can you break the fast exactly? It actually varies! Because it’s meant to be done one hour after sundown (25 hours total), but that’s a little different each year. It’s usually around 8 pm, which would be when services end for the day.

Now you can eat! Let’s aim low and give it half an hour to get home from services, and then another hour and a half to actually break the fast.

It’s 10 o’clock. You’ve only just eaten and your stomach probably hurts, because stuffing yourself after a fast can be really bad for your health. You’re back home for the first time all day.

You still have a paper to write.

How is that fair? If I’ve just gotten off of a fast, having spent all day immersed in religion and contemplating my own mortality, I’m not gonna be in a place to do any kind of work, academic or not.

And even if I’d had breaks in services (I can’t stay still all day, so I usually head home for a few hours in the middle), I was still fasting. When I’m hungry I have trouble working, for obvious reasons. And in this case the issue isn’t access, but the fact that I am prohibited from eating anything. Depending on how seriously you take it, you might not even have had water today. I fast with water after nearly passing out from dehydration during a fast for Tisha B’Av, but not everyone does! If you haven’t had anything to eat or drink, it’ll be incredibly difficult to focus on writing anything.

I explained all of this to my teacher, and she instead said I could just turn it in late. She also said I’d still be marked down for late work, so how is that any help?

I did that paper the day after. It was a day late, a few points off, but I held it against my teacher for months. Not because of the grade itself, but because she put me in that situation to begin with.

I should have been allowed to observe Yom Kippur. I should have been able to spend the day thinking and reflecting on my mistakes and contemplating my own life. That’s literally what the holiday is for. But instead I spent the whole time with that stupid grade in the back of my head.

Even on what is arguably the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, I still wasn’t given a break.


Controversial opinion (somehow) but it should be illegal for schools to assign homework on the high holidays.

Separation of church and state my ass.

ALSOOO wanna hop in and mention that orthodox jews literally CANNOT PUT PEN TO PAPER OR USE ELECTRONICS on high holy days. It would literally be 100% impossible for them (me lol) to do any sort of assignment on Yom Kipur regardless of mental health or time allowance. It’s just that simple. 

Also, for nonreligious people like me: fucking defend people like OP? It’s not fair for them to be treated this way. We shouldn’t let this shit slide, it’s not okay. 

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Check history, this is literally what the Nazis did!

anyone with a ‘trump 2020′ campaign flag/poster/ecc is openly saying ‘yes im okay with all of that even if im not actively supporting it im going to excuse that as acceptable’

and honestly what can you say about someone who sees all of that as acceptable?

you could read his proposed policies by clicking this link, which basically outlines undoing everything Trump has done (and even reforming some of the things from the Obama administration)

Like, Biden isn’t a “perfect” candidate by any means but read the link and tell me it’s not drastically better than what’s currently going on.

Not perfect? The man does what Trump does except it’s overseas where Americans don’t see it. Biden is a polite fascist and at best a temporary patch that delays an acceleration of fascism for another four years, at worst he is an active fascist enabler who lays the groundwork for them to come to power again in the near future. Either way, Biden is not and has never been anti-fascist, and will not take serious steps to oppose it or curtail it, no matter what plans he proposes. The ballot didn’t stop the Nazis in Weimar Germany, it’s not going to stop them here.

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26-year-old Jamarion Robinson’s grandmother Beverly Nixon said her grandson was bipolar and schizophrenic. Still got shot 76 (!!!) times. Would a white person get the same treatment?

The witness said he saw more than a dozen patrol cars at the complex where US Marshals killed Robinson on August 5, 2016. Why were there no behavioral specialist? Surely one of them would know how to interact with a bipolar schizophrenic better than the police.

I’m absolutely disgusted.

Here’s Jamarion’s mother’s GoFundMe in case anyone is willing to help.

#JusticeForJamarion   #BlackLivesMatter

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I literally have no idea how to describe what I’m experiencing right now. Like this is a somewhat poorly edited parody adult dinosaur romance novel but. It’s genuinely?? Creative?? In a lot of ways???? And there’s a lot of heart to it, a lot of genuine powerful messages about identity and about art and creativity and the fourth-wall-breaking device is…I can’t explain it because that would spoil it but it’s actually pulled off so well?????

This is not like, a humorous joke story this guy did for Being a Little Shit and Spite reasons, it’s like actually in its themes and message a genuine “fuck you” to j.k. Rowling’s transphobia even though it’s this absolutely wild janky batshit story and I have never experienced anything like this in my LIFE





I’m back to reading. Does chocolate milk have intoxicating effects on sentient motorcycles??


As much as I love skillfully crafted satire that takes deft jabs at the flaws of the thing it’s lampooning, there’s also something charming about how every character in this book has a name blatantly and hilariously derived from a Harry Potter character regardless of how most of their roles in the story barely resemble anything like characters in Harry Potter.





I have to talk about what is going on with the worldbuilding. Like this is a parody. Of Harry Potter. But there’s an entirely different magic system and….everything???

In summary





I’m going to start it pretty soon. I’m for some reason locked out of my student account and email and IT was no help as usual, so what is there to do except read a parody romance novel written specifically to spite J.K. Rowling?



It has happened.

I have purchased Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus

Will provide updates


Chuck Tingle has more or less become a meme because of his bizarre titles and covers and because of the Hugo fiasco, but I’ve heard relatively little about what it’s like to actually read his work and I frankly have no idea what to expect or if I should go into this with expectations at all

This book is…surprisingly easy to take seriously as a book. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But it’s like. A Book and not just an extended joke. Like on some level it’s not particularly terribly written nor does the plot like, completely exist in service to the…whatever humor is derived from the self-aware absurdity of the premise

I love that he’s not even described as a humanoid dinosaur. He’s just sexy goth tattooed Severus snape and he’s also a parasaurolophus and we are left to just figure it out

  • there doesn’t appear to be a statute of secrecy type thing magic is just fully integrated with the modern world and modern technology
  • Harriet is a wizard, but that means that she creates spells by typing them out in long manuscripts, which on one level is a nod to the book publishing industry but on another level is kind of interesting in of itself
  • there’s a??? spellcasting industry??
  • there are different types of magic users other than wizards, and they appear to be based on the d&d classes
  • or at least, bards exist and they are distinct from wizard
  • the dinosaur is a bard
  • Bigfeet exist and they are integrated with modern society
  • there are sentient motorcycles and no one finds this in any way unusual

…Warlocks in this world get their powers from a pact with Chuck Tingle

The fourth wall break is killing me.

The sexy dinosaur is also trans

…You know, I’m not even sure Chuck Tingle has read Harry Potter.

…sentences I never thought I’d write

um im lowkey getting feels from this like there are some genuinely emotionally resonant bits in here what the fuck

chuck tingle’s magic system is unironically better than jk Rowling’s I’m sorry

I’m so sorry to sample the sex scene but. “sexualis secondus” just killed me. I have been pronounced dead by this book. im obliterated this is indescribable

I did not expect my adhd little heart to be touched by understanding of my fears about creativity and writing and its place in my life. Not like this. What the fuck. What the fuck.



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turkey and azerbaijan are attacking armenia right now, and it’s 1915 all over again because the world is distracted and people are too busy wondering if they’re gonna live or die, and who gives a shit about my country anyway? my mum told me to tell my friends and explain to them what’s happening and that we are the victims in this war because azerbaijan is spreading lies and people are believing their lies and i told her, what good is that going to do? do you think anyone’s going to come to our aid? is russia going to help us? is america? is england? erdogan said they will finish what their ancestors started, and he means genocide. he means ethnic cleansing. he means to massacre every last one of us. and in doing so admitted to the very same thing turkey has spent 105 years denying. i don’t know who to tell and what good telling people will do because we’re a small, insignificant country, and we have nothing to offer to the people in power, the handful who rule the world. so i sit here with my pain and i feel helpless. i know there’s twitter threads and links to petitions and people being urged to contact their senators, and sorry if im being pessimistic, but azerbaijan has been attacking us for the last 22 years, and though we defend ourselves, we can’t do anything to stop them. they’ve violated ceasefires (and geneva conventions) multiple times. i don’t think they’ll rest until every last one of us is dead.

we just want peace. we just want to live peacefully. we’re not asking for a lot here.

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love seeing parents support their kids being unconventional I saw some suburban looking soccer mom at the store today pointing out halloween decorations to her super goth looking teenage daughter and being like “ooh these lights would look good in your room!” and my heart melted

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The boot lickers really like to correct two points:

Breonna Taylor was not sleep when she was shot: true, she was awoken by the battering ram used to crash her door in at 1am.

Police didn’t shoot first: also true. Kenneth shot an officer in the leg when they entered and, naturally, because they’re all scared incompetent knobs, they responded in a hail of bullets, eight of which entered Breonna.

The cops claim to have knocked and announced themselves. This is a lie. No neighbors heard them announce themselves. Furthermore, they obtained a no-knock warrant specifically for the sole purpose of carrying out a drug raid by catching a drug dealer off guard and forcibly entering without warning (such as a knock and announcement). They wanted that specific warrant so much they misrepresented evidence to a judge to get it. So they did all that and got a warrant saying they did not have to knock or announce themselves and then just went on ahead and did it anyway? Cause they’re just so polite?

They were also in civilian clothing and either not wearing body cams or had them turned off. So I’m not even sure how their word was just taken on all that.

They have indicted ONE cop for something that had nothing to do with her murder, it was for endangering the lives of OTHER residents by opening fire inside of an apartment complex.

  • A reminder that the person they were looking for, Breonna’s ex-boyfriend, was already in custody at the time they murdered her.
  • A reminder that the mail investigator or whoever they claimed to get a tip from to get the warrant said they lied.
  • A reminder that the cops submitted an almost blank report with blatant lies, including that Breonna was not injured.
  • A reminder the prosecution tried to get Breonna’s ex-boyfriend to implicate her in his crimes in April, after they had killed her.
  • A reminder that because of Breonna’s case, no-knock warrants are no longer allowed in Louisville (but they knocked right?)
  • A reminder that the city settled out of court for $12M in the wrongful death suit, so they possibly feared losing in court and paying more.
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We settled with Biden. but if you decide to vote third party or not vote instead of supporting Biden… fuck you. You have to see that this is bigger than choosing the “best” candidate. I could’ve understood that moral reasoning years ago, but now? You need to realize the stakes. This is a fight for the soul of our nation, or what’s left of it. Settle for Biden. Settle because if you don’t hundreds of thousands of people will die. People. will. die.

This is histrionic. Why do I keep seeing this same post every four years?

Hey remember when Clinton got 2 million more votes than trump and still fucking lost? Shut the fuck up liberal

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me? posting instead of rbing? i could never. ive basically given up on making moodboards lmao but maybe ill post outfits and clothes every now and then?

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the fact that they banned hosting wechat servers in the us & will ban transactions from within the us deliberately to make the app basically nonfunctional for people accessing it within the states will mean that millions of chinese americans, migrants and international students will lose the only way for them to communicate with loved ones overseas or send them money/be sent money to pay rent or buy groceries or anything at all etc is unironically an act of violence

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Remember when Ruth Bader Ginsburg called Colin Kaepernick dumb? Remember when she sided with the conservative majority to allow people to be deported without a federal hearing? Remember when people were begging her to retire before 2016 just in case this very thing happened and she was too emboldened by this weird liberal cult fandom around her to step down?

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