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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

perisaph2 days agoPhoto


Keeping Up With The Todorokis: Season 2 featuring probably way too much Hawks

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perisaph2 days agoPhoto

I did the Sixfanarts challenge! I really like how mine came out, but there has been so many cool looking ones from other artists out there. Over all it was fun trying this.聽

Penyywise:聽 IT

Legoshi: Beastars

Travis: Sally Face

Honey-Senpai: Ouran Highscool Host Club

Death the Kid: Soul Eater

Jason: Friday the Thirteenth聽

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perisaph2 days agoAnswer
What kind of relationship do Richard and Seigi have? At first it seems like both of them have feelings for each other, but then every interaction has the no homo vibes in it, so I can't really figure out what to make out of their relationship

I聽knew聽that was coming after the latest episode, omg. This is gonna be long.

Okay, it looks like the anime is making a lot of people confused, so I鈥檓 gonna be as honest as possible here. The animators seem to be trying hard to adapt as much as possible from the novel, but鈥 they鈥檙e clearly attempting to keep it overly neutral when it comes to the implications that Seigi and Richard might be in love with each other. It doesn鈥檛 feel like they have bad intentions (I鈥檇 say they鈥檙e actually just worried about the DVD sales), but it鈥檚 obvious to me that they鈥檙e trying to please all audiences. Ironically, I think the anime is going to fail because of that. The novel has a large fanbase and maybe the studio was counting on that to make the anime a success, but without the intensity of the books, the story becomes kinda boring, and without the emphasis on Seigi and Richard鈥檚 interactions (which offer in-between breaks so that the reader can stop and digest what鈥檚 happening), it turned out a little too fast-paced.

To give full context, the novels provide a lot (and I do mean聽a lot, you guys have literally no idea) of material for this ship and for the characters. They鈥檙e also way more intense in every single aspect and there鈥檚 usually more emotion between the two. Each chapter could make at least two episodes, and the contents usually touch upon the subject of聽鈥渓ove鈥 in many forms, which eventually comes back to Seigi and Richard and their karmic connection. Seigi is also a bit more childish and Richard is way less aloof in it, which makes them more endearing and their exchanges more humane.

Even in the smallest details, the novel brings the readers鈥 attention to their bond in a way that even people who don鈥檛 like BL wouldn鈥檛 be uncomfortable. It鈥檚 all just very natural and unpretentious, so if it were any other novel, I would say that there鈥檚 zero chance of them being a couple, but鈥 the author of this one is woke as hell, so nobody can tell what she might do. The point is: there鈥檚 just so much of these two in the books, and most of it has been cut out in the anime. The essential scenes can鈥檛 be cut out, though, and they鈥檙e usually heavy and full of meaningful lines. That鈥檚 why the anime feels so close yet so far. You suddenly see Richard and Seigi talking about how much they like each other, but you haven鈥檛 really been shown how they got there in the first place. That鈥檚 bound to confuse the viewers.

Just to give an example of how hit-and-miss the anime is, at the point where the story is right now, Seigi was dreaming with Richard every night in the novel. In the dreams, it seemed like Richard was about to kiss him, so Seigi started asking himself if he had romantic feelings for Richard. And whether he is actually in love with Richard or not is the biggest debate of the novel, in my opinion. But leaving romance aside, Seigi does love Richard. He just doesn鈥檛 quite know what kind of love that is, and defining it is one of the most persistent difficulties for him.

To answer your question now, the novels are still on-going and there are many things happening in it even now in the ninth volume, so believe it or not, it鈥檚 still unclear where Seigi and Richard really stand. The story is super slow-burn and it highkey feels like a love story, so it鈥檚 come to a point where it sometimes seems more likely that they might indeed end up together than otherwise, but you can never be too sure. Still, the Japanese readers all agree that the story is about the two of them cherishing and protecting each other regardless of what their relationship is, rather than about whether it should be labeled as romantic or not. The only thing that seems clear enough is the fact Seigi sees Richard as more important to him than anyone and anything else, and is pretty desperate to make him happy.

TL;DR: Does Seigi love Richard? Very much. Is it in a romantic way? God, I wish we knew.

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perisaph3 days agoPhoto


Third years have a vice grip on my heart, as usual聽

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perisaph3 days agoPhoto


some bellow in these trying times?

i鈥檒l post the speedpaint soon.

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perisaph6 days agoText


tell us dabi’s real name

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perisaph6 days agoText



I鈥檓 gonna lose my mind.

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perisaph7 days agoPhoto


I couldn鈥檛 resist I was laughing for 5 mins at this gif help me聽

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perisaph8 days agoPhoto


you鈥檙e not the only one pining Richie. Pay attention.

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