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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

personal-pokemon-headcanons·6 months agoAnswer

Any Toxel/Toxtricity headcanons?

If you must handle a Toxel, do so very carefully. Wear rubber gloves and wash your hands after touching anything this Pokémon has touched. Toxel secretes a poison from it’s skin, and while it’s not known to be deadly, there’s always the chance of your skin reacting to it’s toxins.

Toxtricity is very picky about the water it drinks. This Pokémon will actively refuse to drink flowing water, as it gains much of it’s toxins from drinking out of stagnant pools.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·6 months agoAnswer

Girafarig headcanons Maybe please? Thank you!

You’re welcome!

The Long Neck Pokémon has been known to eat over 100 different species of plants, including some that are poisonous to humans and other Pokémon.

Though Girafarig is best known for its second head, it also has the ability to sense other members of it’s species using psychic powers.

Having a second head to keep watch means that Girafarig can afford to sleep much longer than most Pokémon. This is important, as psychic Pokémon need a great deal of rest to stay healthy and active.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·6 months agoAnswer

Any hcs for Dracozolt and Arctozolt?

Both Dracozolt and Arctozolt are herbivores, despite possessing lower halves that would help a great deal in hunting.

It’s currently illegal to bring any of the Galarian fossil Pokémon outside of the region, as the authorities are still working on finding the individual who has been creating these Pokémon in the first place.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·6 months agoAnswer

what are some differences between corviknight raised in captivity and those raised in the wild?

Captive bred Corviknight are very loyal, reliable Pokémon who take to training very well. Their size, larger than that their wild caught counterparts, makes them excellent as battle or working Pokémon.

Wild caught Corviknight on the other hand can be quite troublesome. Their intelligence leads them to pick on other Pokémon for fun, and they can recognize anyone they’ve ever battled before- and come back later with a few of their friends. Wild Corviknight can be sore losers, which makes training one more difficult.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·6 months agoAnswer

Any Archen or other fossilmon headcannons?

Archen, the First Bird Pokémon, is fairly intelligent. It needs a lot of care and attention and sadly, may begin to pluck it’s feathers if it’s needs are not being met.

Though considered a fossil Pokémon, live Kabuto have been found living in remote areas. These specimen are near identical to their reanimated counterparts- a testament to their ability to survive.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·8 months agoAnswer
Are there any Archen or other fossil headcannons? I do love me some fossil babies

Despite its inability to fly, Archen loves to climb and is considered a semi-arboreal species. It is not uncommon for it to hop onto the shoulder or head of its trainer.

Some believe Aerodatyl’s mega evolved form is what it truly looked like in ancient times, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Anorith is very sensitive to water quality, and needs very specific conditions to thrive.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·8 months agoAnswer
Cactus Pokémon hc?

Cacnea’s flower blooms only once a year, specifically at night. During this time, it will group up with other members of its kind.

There are many horror stories about lost, desperate trainers being stalked in the night by Cacturne. What these tales fail to mention however, is that this pokemon is fairly slow moving, and one can easily get away from them with a light jog. 

When Maractus hatches, it’s “ears” are short and round, with flowers buds on the ends. These grow longer and eventually bloom as the pokemon ages.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·8 months agoAnswer
Something on either... uhhhh... Flareon, Cinccino, Cofagrigus, or Xurkitree?

Flareon’s coat, while very warm, also helps them to keep cool in the summer. Excessive trimming will disrupt it’s growth and hinder this pokemon’s ability to regulate its temperature.

Cinccino is a veritable escape artist, possessing numerous qualities that make this pokemon difficult to capture. Its fur is slick with oil that, while making it very soft, also deflects many attacks. And if this pokemon is grabbed, large chunks of fur will release, allowing it to slip away. 

Cofagrigus are notoriously difficult to handle. Their mischievous nature combined with a high prey drive leads them to most commonly be kept by dedicated ghost type trainers or hex maniacs.

 The larger Xurkitree gets, the less it moves around. The very largest members of its kind simply syphon energy from the atmosphere around them.

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personal-pokemon-headcanons·a year agoAnswer

Any Mewtwo / Litten Headcannons?

It is unknown where the research that led to mewtwo’s creation currently is. Most people believe it was destroyed in the same incident that led to mewtwo’s escape, however some theorize that the plans were sold to Team Plasma before they were taken out.

Litten, unlike other feline Pokemon, doesn’t need regular brushing. Their excess fur is what enables them to spew fire, and brushing them can be detrimental to this ability.

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