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peter-and-tony-vlogs·3 days agoText

Peter: I love eating sand. It gets in between your teeth and goes crunch

Tony: *nervous laughter* haha you had a weird childhood….but it’s not my fault

Peter: It wasn’t in my childhood


Tony: Pete, when you come by the compound, we’re going to have talks about this. We’re gonna have talks, kid.

Peter: Why?

Tony: Stop eating sand, kid

Peter: why?

Tony: It’s not good for you

Peter: What’s in it that’s bad for me?


Peter: So is salt


Tony: That. Is. Not. The. Same.

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peter-and-tony-vlogs·12 days agoText

Nat: who called a meeting

Peter: I saw Clint vent

Banner: I was in medbay with Tony

Steve, who already got killed: it’s Clint!!

Tony: alright, so we think it’s Clint?

Steve: I still can’t believe I got stuck with pink…

Clint: ok but blue sus tho

Steve: wait what does sus mean again…

Peter: I LiTeRaLLy jUsT sAw yOu vEnT sO dOn’T yOu eVeN sTarT wiTh mE pUrP

Tony: Yeah, I trust the kid. Doubt he’s the imposter. Last time he was imposter he was defeated because he didn’t have the heart to sabotage

Peter, pouting: I just like crew mate better okay!!

Nat: spider baby

Nat, the other imposter: yeah I think it’s Clint

Wanda, who also died: did she just-

Peter voted

Nat voted

Steve: she did-

Clint: wait-

Tony voted

Clint: hold up-

Banner voted

Peter: bye purple


Purple was an imposter

Wanda: Ooo purp snitched

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peter-and-tony-vlogs·16 days agoText


Hello! This is the official blog for (as far as we know of) the first Irondad Fandom Awards! This event will run through the end of the year, and is being moderated by @funky–lil–spider and @doctornineandthreequarters

What is this event?

This event is kind of like an Oscars (or Wattys, if you’re more familiar with that) but for Irondad fanfiction! 

When does it start?

Next week (October 12th), the nomination forms will be posted for a variety of categories for you to send nominations of your favorite fanfics and authors. 

How does it work?

For the nomination month, you can submit fics for any category you want! You don’t have to submit a story for every one, but we recommend that you do as many as possible. After the nomination phase is over, the top picks from every category will be posted, and then you can vote for your favorite from each!

Please share this so that we can get the word out, and follow the blog for more updates on the event!

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peter-and-tony-vlogs·a month agoText

Peter: it’s something I like to call

Peter: critical thinking

Tony: Peter, microwaving a bag of marshmallows is not an efficient way of making s’mores-

Peter, covered in sugary goo: I tHoUgHt tHeY wOuLd hEaT uP fAsTeR iN bULk oKaY?!?!?

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