“bitch please, you’ve been to space”

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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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i am once again listening to heartbreak weather this album had no business going off as hard as it did

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RDJ has such a hardcore Tony Stark muse that they tried to give him lines and he was like ‘yeah this bitch in my head needs to say some shit just start recording’

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peterparkerdd·6 days agoAnswer

i have a stable and healthy relationship but haven't seen my bf in two months bc of quarantine. :( that's it just felt like sharing

aww :(, that must be really hard! yay that you’re both following the rules and not being selfish and keeping to the quarantine restrictions! just keep FaceTiming for now and it’ll all be over soon and you’ll be able to see each other again!

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peterparkerdd·6 days agoAnswer

I hate my ex he tried to screw my best friend and my sister on my birthday getaway

w hat the actual fuck, he is the biggest dickhead I have ever heard of you are so much better off without him, I would just like to say a big fuck you to that guy cause you don’t deserve that, nobody does, erase him completely from your life, you don’t need anything to do with him anymore

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Can crushes be friendly? I have a crush on my friend but it’s not like a normal crush. We’re best friends and I want to spend the rest of my life with her and she says the same about me but we aren’t a couple or what is normally what people deem as a couple. Can u love someone and have a crush on them but in a soulmate way and not a lover?. She feels like maybe she’s my other half idk it’s weird

I completely get what you mean! like you just always want her to be apart of your life and by your side in the big things but in a completely platonic way! yes I get you! you’re platonic soulmates! always meant to be friends!

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peterparkerdd·6 days agoAnswer

My day was super nice, I did my first driving lesson today being on the road with other cars is scary as hell but I liked it!

omg congrats!!!! that’s such a big step and achievement!! go you!! I can start driving this year too and I also think driving will be scary as hell! we’ll get through it together haha

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hi! this is for your ask thing. i think weve been mutuals for a while but never rlly interacted. anyway my fav thing about you is that you seem really passionate about things u like. idk much about one direction and spiderman but i think its cool that you like them. sorry this was awkward but i wanted to say hi :)

omg this is one of the nicest asks I have ever gotten thank you so much! you’ve made my day that is such a compliment! please feel free to message me! I’d love to chat with you! <3

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tell me about your crush
tell me about your favorite make up to use
tell me a secret
tell me about your biggest fears
tell me what you like about me
tell me what you dislike about me
tell me your favorite thing about yourself
tell me how your day was
tell me about the person you hate
tell me about your pets
tell me anything
ask me anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pleaseeeeeee! I am sO bOred

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for some bitches liking One Direction is their entire personality and they barely do anything else. 


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