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peterplanet · 23 hours ago
ur whole harry holland masterlist is my fav of course but especially his girl and firsts!!! and blueberry muffins w hazzie boo 😍 —sj
sj !!! thank you :(( i put so much of myself into those three fics it's . embarrassing
do you have a favorite fic of mine ?
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peterplanet · a day ago
Anna's July Fic Recs
Tumblr media
Welcome to my July fic recommendations masterpost!! I thought I'd have so much time now that I'm staying with my parents and doing nothing. I thought I'd get through all the amazing fic waiting patiently in my tbr... yeah, that didn't work out 🙂 But still, I've managed to read some gems and I am so excited to share them with you!
To all the writers - I love you and I appreciate you so much!
To all the readers - please, share the fics you read and love. The reblog really makes the change! It’s the least we can do to show our gratitude.
ice lolly by @lauras-collection
one-shot, 18+, 🧁🍭😏, laura snaps left and right, but what's new???
lonely heart by @/lauras-collection
one-shot, 18+ but make it emotional, look who's back!! it's laura again bc everything she writes is 24k gold
office hours by @screamholland
series, 18+, professor!tom x ta!female!reader, liz thank you for always providing us with absolute bangers
unlatched by @spidey-sophie
one-shot, 18+, ceo!tom x personal assistant!reader, enemies to fuckers 😈, i read it like an hour ago and i'm still shaking you guys
break my heart by @rosyparkers
social media au series, i love me a good social media au fic and this one is just 👏👏
plan, interrupted by @uglypastels
one-shot, 18+, i am in awe, the perfect angst to fun to smut ratio, such an original concept with an impeccable execution 👏👏
sink or swim by @reawritesthings
one-shot, 18+, surfer!tom, fwb, best friends to lovers, phenomenal 👏
floating hearts by @veryholland
one-shot, i'd rather have him skin me alive than take me out to the ice rink but this is adorable :')
strings attached by @loverholland
one-shot, 18+, rich kid! fuckboy! fwb! tom holland x rich kid! fem! reader
limelight side a + side b by @specialk-18
series, r&b singer!tom x publicist!OC, side a is so good, haven't read side b yet but i'm sure it's just as good!
lover boy by @farfromharry
one-shot, lifeguard!tom, the cutest!!
jealousy, jealousy by @waitimcomingtoo
one-shot, famous!reader, so fun, i loved it so much 💙
summer night by @blindingdutchy
one-shot, 18+, literally my dreams written down
afterglow by @spider-barnes
one-shot, 18+, taking the relationship to the new level
perfectly perfect by @/spider-barnes
oen-shot, reader's helpind harry with his insecurities
the next 10 minutes by @greenorangevioletgrass
one-shot, 18+, stage manager!harry x actress!reader, fwb, ava is the queen of my heart, thank you and goodnight
reasons wretched and divine by @greenorangevioletgrass
part of the rich kid!haz au, 18+, the are not enough words in the universe the describe my love for that man, that fic and the woman, the icon, the legend ava ✨
if you feel the same by @duskholland
one-shot, the love of my life harrison + the love of my life h = 💙💙💙
love at the second sight by @mcumendes
series, actress!reader, costars + enemies to lovers, this is bloody amazing, sabrina ily babe you're a star ✨✨✨
half a man by @whitestarbucky
one-shot, 18, did it rip my heart out? sure. does it change the fact that i'd let riley run me over with a roadroller twice a day everyday for the rest of my life? no
hide out by @xbuchananbarnes
one-shot, are we even surprised to see dani here? she lives rent free in my heart, my mind and my rec lists
electirc by @buckys-darling
one-shot, 18+, left me brain dead cause it's so damn good
top shelf by @jobean12-blog
series, bookshop/bartender/baker au, so lovely!!
the lost converse by @firefly-in-darkness
one-shot, so lovely! daisy's fics are always 💙💙💙
bulova by @/babycap
one-shot, friends to lovers, so beautiful!
the good things by @houseravenclaws
one-shot, i love it!!!
tap by @/houseravenclaws
one-shot, STUNNING!
the things you've done by @divine-mistake
one-shot, no smut but 18+, so bloody good!!!
this was a premonition, i think by @divine-mistake
one-shot, no smut but 18+, tfatws!bucky, once again amazing work!!
unconventional love by @jurassicbarnes
one-shot, 18+, bodyguard!bucky x modern royal!reader, m's works are always great, i am convinced she wouldn't be able to write a bad thing if she tried
what a night by @/jurassicbarnes
series, so good!!
missing piece by @wintersfilm
one-shot, new relationship with b, stunning work!
this fic by @becca-e-barnes
one-shot, 18+, i,,,,🤯🤯🤯 it killed me and i came back from the dead just to write this
i was made for lovin' you @buckycuddlebuddy
one-shot, 18+, rockstar!bucky x bassist!reader, husband!bucky 🤤🤤
crawl home to her by @nexusnyx
one-shot, this made me feel all 🥰🥰🥰
ducky boxers by @thewritingdoll
one-shot, single dad!bucky with twins, so lovely!
sacred new beginnings by @golden-bucky
one-shot, meeting bucky at the animal shelter, cat dad!bucky is everything
roommate bucky by @metalbuckaroo
collection of fics, roommate!bucky, love every single one of them!
closer to you by @bloomingbucky
one-shot, 18+, buck + facetime - clothes = 👌
brassy by @tuiccim
series, 18+, bucky x reader + loki x reade (fwb), great work!
this fic by @ocean-bucky
one-shot, this thing is the most adorable story in the world and vidra is a queen
if you forget, i will be your memory by @babycap
one-shot, do you know the feeling when you toss and turn in bed for what seems like hours but then you turn your pillow over so it's cold again, find a perfect postion and finally fall asleep? yeah, reading this will give you the exact same feeling
this fic by @ritesofreverie
one-shot, 18+, inspired by sam's training montage™, AMAZING
finally by @moonlight-prose
one-shot, reunion with sam, attention! you will cry your eyes out
the first time you lost him + part II by @lavenderwilson
two-shot, part of the first time series, lot of heartbreak but it's really woth it! please read the other works from this series!!
everything and beyond by @rodrikstark
series, mutual pining, this is my favourite steve series i've read in a while, it was perfect from beginning to end!
painted bodies by @bvckysmoon
one-shot, painter!steve, beautiful writing!!
love me as though there were no tomorrow by @ritesofreverie
one-shot, 18+, artist!steve x genderneutral!reader, so poetic, i am in love!
white paper + part II by @marvelescape
two-shot, modern au, paralegal!reader, singledad!steve, cute kid, coffee shop - yes, just yes
positions and pleasures by @/tuiccim
series, 18+, steve and his girl get their hands on 'the 10 position that will get her off every time' list 🤤
obvious by @mischiefmanaged71
one-shot, fluff™, this star is always feeding me with golden torres content and i am so grateful!!
teach me how to love by @mischiefmanaged71
one-shot, easily one of my top 3 torres stories!! got me addicted to the song as well
where we rot by @starknik22
series, villain!reader, amazing!
angel by @sourholland
one-shot, avenger/widow!reader, loved it!
amorentia by @tinyyoungblood
one-shot, hogwarts!au, the love i have for this fic is so storng i feel like my heart could burst any second
secret by @earlgreydream
one-shot, stark!reader, dating in secret, love this!
better half by @ptersmj
one-shot, peter is soft, i am soft, everything is soft 😌
inexperienced by @/starktonyx
one-shot, teaching pete how to kiss 👀
someone by @/peterplanet
one-shot, ‍💓💓
practice makes perfect by @/belowva
one-shot, 💕💕💕
this fic by @/worksby-d
blurb, tiny little thing but made me so happy!
the gala by @/icepower55
one-shot, came back to my roots, the first fanfics i've ever read were dramione :') amazing work, this gem reminded me why i love them together so much
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peterplanet · a day ago
Reblog if you're a fanfic writer and you wanna know what your followers' favorite story of yours is ❤
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peterplanet · 2 days ago
my roommate’s gf came out to her homophobic parents and now we r drinking pbr and going 2 the waffle house to cope
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peterplanet · 4 days ago
something is going to be posted tomorrow (not a fic lmao) that i’m hoping will sort of be able to fix or at least help writers in this fandom cope with the wack ratios of likes vs reblogs and just overall weak feedback and i’m really hoping it works out !!! i will be posting a detailed explanatory post for a weekly fic rec event tomorrow that i hope will be both fun for readers and writers but i thought i would post this lil thing as well a day early to see if this is something y’all would be interested in participating in weekly at first, then biweekly once we get the ball rolling? please let me know !!
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peterplanet · 5 days ago
besties this fic is going to be long 😐 are we really okay with that
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peterplanet · 5 days ago
The fact that this time last year Harry talked about starting his film club…
Tumblr media
and now a year and 91 posts later, it’s still not public…
Tumblr media
… just has me like 🥺😫😭💔. Istg if this boy doesn’t make it public for the year anniversary, we’re done. 😤😤
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peterplanet · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
wow i'm— wow
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peterplanet · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
I just saw a gifset that split the word "beautiful" into 3 gifs and I think this one may be the new t hanos
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peterplanet · 10 days ago
Can't believe Tumblr jumped to a paid subscription service before making a competent search feature
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peterplanet · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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peterplanet · 10 days ago
I wouldn’t even pay to see my own content
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peterplanet · 10 days ago
hi!!! i’ve followed you for YEARS and i kinda dropped off the face of tumblr and haven’t rly read anything tom holland adjacent in probably years but i was just sitting here and was wondering how you were doing!!!!! so glad you’re still at this user so i can come check in :-,) i hope you’re doing well!!!! <3
omg !!! thank you for checking in + remembering me ?? that's so wild wtf ! but i've been good !! i can't believe i started this blog when i was a senior in high school (so about 17 years old in case any Non-Americans™ read this) and now i'm a senior in college (21 years old). it's very weird to still be perceived + Known™ on this site but thank you for checking in :(( i hope the years have been kind to you, too! <3
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peterplanet · 10 days ago
my roommate’s cat has chosen to sleep with me ???? even tho she is home?
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peterplanet · 11 days ago
golfing tom has a "i'll have her home by 10, sir" energy and probably has no idea where the cl*t is,
while boxer tom is more of a "she calls me daddy too," vibe and definitely has a choking and over-stimulation kink
HAHAHAHAH that is 💯💯💯 also i rarely write for dom!tom but i'll make an exception for this one bc this is personal now skdjhfskdf
warnings: softdom!tom, language, dirty talk, fingering, choking, overstimulation, subspace, just lots of fluff <3
It started out as an ordinary makeout session on the couch, with your Netflix muted and forgotten as you're much more occupied by his lips on yours. His body heat making you warm and fuzzy. His hands...
God, you love his hands.
You love how large and veiny they look. You love how strong and capable they are, with the bruises on his knuckles after a match. You love how his thumb strokes your face as he deepens your kiss with featherlight touch. And when he veers down your jaw and towards your neck...
"What's that?" he murmurs against your lips, smirking as he feels your breath hitch.
"Nothing..." you smile dubiously. Playfully.
"Liar." his hand lowers down to your throat, squeezing the sides of your neck softly.
Your eyes flutter heavily, reveling in the pleasant lightheadedness, squirming your hips against his. All the while, he just sits there half on top of you, not quite kissing you. Not quite giving you the friction you so crave.
"What is it?" he's sporting that shit-eating grin now, casually toying with the hem of your shorts.
You simply roll your eyes, knowing he knows what you want, and simply dangling it in front of you.
"Don't be rude. Use your words." his words are gentle, but you can definitely feel the mocking in his voice.
"Want your hands on me."
His eyebrows shoot up. "Where, darling?"
You simply guide him down to your crotch, letting him feel the wet spot on the fabric. And then you put his other hand firmly around your throat, squeezing around his fingers.
"Dirty girl," he kisses you softly before slipping his hand underneath your shorts, swirling your clit like no other.
You surrender yourself to the dizzying pleasure. The quick little patterns between your legs that sends you squirming under him. The firm pressure on your carotids that keeps you in place for him.
Your hand rests on his wrist, ready to tap out at anytime but at this point, more than happy to just draw circles on his skin in encouragement.
And he watches on. Watches how your face falls as he rubs your clit like that, how you meet his gaze when he slips a finger inside you. How you whine when he eases on your neck.
"So pretty for me... You wanna cum like this, baby? S'that what you want?" he coos at you, picking up the pace of his strokes.
You nod, frantically, not keeping your eyes off of him. You're gripping his wrist now, hanging on for dear life as you reach your high.
Everything goes white. The burst of warmth spreads all over your body, sending you floating, and the only thing keeping you grounded is his hand and his lips on yours. But even as you come to, the heat doesn't dissipate. It starts to sizzle like electricity current as Tom keeps going and going and going with your clit.
"You said you wanna cum like this, right? I'm... just giving you what you want."
Cheeky little shit.
He kisses your forehead and slides two fingers into you at once. You gasp at the initial sensation, but you arch your back anyway. You feel him stroke your sensitive inner walls and you're not sure whether to give up or give in.
"Tommy..." you breathe out, "More."
"As you wish, baby." he kisses you hard as he pumps his digits in and out of you with more gusto. His motions are slick with your dripping juices and he hits that spot that sends you shaking for him.
Before long, the heat within your core burst into another orgasm, more intense-- more violent than the first time, but Tom doesn't let up. Not in the slightest. He fucks you harder. Faster. Prolonging your euphoric high for as long as he can.
"Tommy--" you start to squirm away from him.
"One more, baby. Please. I love seeing you like this-- so fucking sexy for me. Give me one more," he rambles on, pinning your thighs down so your legs stay spread open for him.
And the thing is, you want to. You want that glowing burn inside you again, and you want him to fingerfuck you into oblivion any day of the week.
His hand squeezes around your neck again, and you were done for. You clench around his pistoning fingers, clawing at his back and crying out his name. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.
And he doesn't.
He doesn't even ease up until you're no longer responding to his words. As long as his hands are still on you, you're blissfully, drunkenly sated.
"Baby..." he cups your face tenderly with both hands, watching you whine at the loss of his touch. "Come back to me. Are you alright?"
You lazily smile, finding his wet fingers and sucking them clean. "Wanna take care of you now."
He takes a slow, calculated breath. "Maybe in a bit, darling, when you're not so far under." he smooths out wild strands of hair out of your face, booping your nose.
"Yeah? Can I kiss you until then?"
He giggles, and it never ceases to amaze you how someone so tough and imposing can be so... Soft.
"For as long as you like, baby."
please, like, reblog, comment if you enjoyed this work! Thank you for reading 💝
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peterplanet · 12 days ago
👀 for the fanfic ask game — xx
👀 Do you have any WIPs that you would never let see the light of day? If yes, what are they about?
every thought i have about a fic somehow ends up on this hellsite, so i never really have long-standing WIPs! i do have a threesome fic (haz n tom) that i never finished but that is because thinking about two dicks at once is overwhelming .
fanfic asks :)
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peterplanet · 12 days ago
Fanfic Ask Game (the movie, the sequel)
In celebration of me actually working on a fic, I made y’all an ask game instead of continuing to work on that fic. Pls enjoy.
Tumblr media
💖 What do you like most about your own writing?
😐 What embarrasses you most about your own writing?
👻 What is one WIP you think you may never pick back up?
👀 Do you have any WIPs that you would never let see the light of day? If yes, what are they about?
📥 What is your fave fic to receive comments/messages on?
✏️ Do you write every day?
🖊 Post a snippet from a current WIP.
🏅 What is something you recently felt proud of in regard to your writing (finished a fic, actually planned for once, etc).
😈 Is there anything you enjoy doing that you think your readers hate?
🌙  What time of day do you prefer to write? Why?
👖 Are you a planner, plantser, or pantser? Is it consistent?
📊 Current number of WIPs
👨‍👧‍👧 Do you tell people in real life that you write fic? 
🌝 Who is one character you haven’t yet written for that you would like to?
📝 What is one growth area you have for your writing?
📚 Do you read your own fic?
🌈 What inspired you to write [insert fic here]?
🤔 What is the hardest part of writing fic?
🧠 What’s an idea you have that you can’t quite call a WIP yet?
💻 Do you do research for your fics? What’s the deepest dive you’ve done?
✨ Choose three adjectives to complement your own writing.
💭 What is a headcanon you have about your own work?
🍰 Name one of your fave comfort fics (doesn’t have to be your all time fave).
👩‍🏭 If one of your fics was going to get you arrested, which one and why?
⏰ Do you spend more time reading fic, writing fic, or do you do both equally?
💋 [Freeform - what is something you want to know about one of poster’s fics?]
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peterplanet · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Zendaya at the Space Jam: A New Legacy premiere in Los Angeles 7/12/21
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