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peterpstuff·2 months agoText

hello everyone! I know I haven’t been active here but college is really being a bitch to me

I just wanted to let you all know that I made an ao3 where I’m writing for Roman Sionis, so maybe if you like him you could check it out here

maybe after my exams I’ll start writing back here too

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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
Happy womb eviction day 😆

OMG THANK U! this is the funniest one I’ve ever seen 💛

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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope it is/was fun!!! (No clue what time zone you're in 😆)

thank u!! I don’t know my time zone either lmao I think it’s UTC -3, anyways my birthday is just starting so thank u x

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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
🎈🎂🎊🎉🎀🎁🎆 happy birthday!


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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
Happy bday!!!!


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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
Happy birthday love! Have a wonderful birthday!

thank u so much! luv u 💛

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peterpstuff·7 months agoText

birthday girl x

i’m so sorry I really haven’t been active but college is being a bitch to me.

just came by to let you all know that today is my birthday! so if anyone wants to leave me a birthday message, that would be super cute x

it’ll also let me know that you guys are still here and anxiously waiting for me to have free time to write something.

love u all, thank u for the support

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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
Happy Fanfic writer day!! You’re one of my faves and deserve all the love and appreciation for your works ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕

OMG coming back to tumblr to read this is amazing, I love you lots and I’m SO happy that you actually like what I’m writing x

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peterpstuff·7 months agoAnswer
when will requests open again?

i am REALLY sorry, I’ve been inactive recently bc college is being a bitch to me. I’ll open them up as soon as I’m done writing some request I have on my inbox

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peterpstuff·8 months agoAnswer
what other blogs have good urls like you??? or maybe give me some tom holland/peter parker users while ur at it? pretty please

omg thank you so much for the compliment on my url, i adore you anon 🥺💓

tagging some of my lovely mutuals below hehe

@ppkrtingle @plushparker @poetrypeter @peterparkerstingle @pastelpeter @rhapsodyparker @neverlandparker @marvelxholland @spidey-starks @spideypeach @mcuspidey @blushypetey @stuckonspidey @peterpstuff @lostinspidey @flowercrownparker @imagine-lovebug

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peterpstuff·8 months agoText


I’ve been inactive recently, I can’t find any inspiration to write and I don’t want to feel forced to write and post crappy blurbs.

Hope you guys understand x

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peterpstuff·8 months agoAnswer
Omg hi!! I love your work!! And this is so random but, you liked one of my posts and I actually started freaking out lol. Thanks for making my day today 💚💚

OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I LOVE your blog and I think it was the hc about peter’s s/o being afraid of spiders and I just love it SO much, that’s definitely me. Also I didn’t know you liked my work that much, it means the world and tbh I’ve been waiting since FOREVER to ask you for a ship lol

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peterpstuff·8 months agoAnswer
I’m confused are requests open or close because your most recent post says closed but inbox says open

Sorry! I haven’t noticed it said that they were open. They are close for the moment, thank u for letting me now. I’ll fix it right away x

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peterpstuff·8 months agoAnswer
Hey luv, can you do 17 from the kiss prompt list with peter please? Thank u x

17. Needing to kiss to hide from bad guys

How you ended up at a fair running away from bad guys who were not only trying to kill you, but your superhero best friend too, is unknown.

“Peter we have to hide!” you quietly say as you grab onto his hand. You swiftly steal a pair of sunglasses from the back of a man’s pocket and grab a baseball cap from a woman’s purse.

You hand Peter the sunglasses and he stares at you confused, “Just take them.” He puts them on and you place the blue baseball cap on your head.

As you were running through Coney Island you see one of the men who was chasing you at the end of the walkway, “Shit,” Peter whispers.

“Yeah… Shit,” you look around frantically trying to find somewhere, anywhere, you could hide. Your eyes land on the big ferris wheel. Bingo.

“We have to get on the ferris wheel… Trust me,” you say and pull Peter towards the ride. You tactfully run into a group of teenagers and one of them drops their tickets.

“I’m so sorry that’s my fault,” you apologize and the teenage girl rolls her eyes. You manage to steal 2 tickets to ride the ferris wheel. 

You see the 3 men waling towards the two of you and rush to the ride. You hand the ride operator the tickets and buckle in to the vehicle.

Just as you see the men push through the crowd you look at Peter with wide eyes, “Peter you need to kiss me right now.”

“What do you mean why do I have to-” you cut Peter off by grabbing his face and kissing him. Your lips crash and move frantically as you kiss him for dear life hoping you wouldn’t be recognizable. The ride moves upwards and you kiss the boy until you get to the top.

You pull back breathless and Peter is speechless. You feel your lips tingling and you can’t help but smile. Both yours and Peter’s faces were hot with embarrassment. Did you really just kiss your best friend? And are you really thinking about doing it again?

“So uh about that I’m sorry that I did it-” now you were cut off to Peter kissing you. Your fingers find the way to the back of his head and mess with his curls.

His forehead rests against yours, “No need to explain… But we are gonna have to talk about this,” he says pointing between the two of you, “when we get back to the car. For now lets just worry about getting out of here alive.”

The ride comes to a stop and you get off the ferris wheel. As you walk down the metal steps Peter holds his hand out to you. You gratefully take it and manage to slip away through the rest of the carnival. Let’s just say you kissed Peter a few more times that night without hiding from bad guys.

send me kiss prompts

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peterpstuff·8 months agoText

Ships are close

I feel bad saying this but if you send in a description while ships are closed, I’ll delete the message from my inbox. My inbox is full enough con old ships and requests (also closed).

I’m not doing ships all the time, it was a one thing I did to celebrate 100 followers. But since everyone liked the idea I might do them a little bit more often.

I’ll let you all know when they are open again, thank u for understanding x

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peterpstuff·8 months agoAnswer
Hello! Could I have a male MCU ship if they’re open please? I’m female,23,about 5’2,and you can go to my “my face” tag to see me! I’m usually bubbly, caring,passionate,shy but I am protective and as stubborn as a person can be. In my free time I like to paint and play video games. I’ve always had a problem with my self esteem especially when it comes to my weight but as of lately I’ve been more confident! I also do plan on going into early childhood education cause I’d love to help little kids!

Hello! Ship request are closed right now, but I’ll let you all know as soon as they are open again. Sorry x

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