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petula-xx·4 days agoPhoto


Tomorrow I am planting my garlic. I’m not usually ‘excited’ about planting garlic but this year is different.

This garlic will take about 8 months to mature. In 8 months this Coronavirus pandemic will be nearly over and we may even be close to a vaccine.

This garlic I will watch grow and mature through one of the most disruptive events and time periods in human history.

This garlic will be one of the most important things I plant in my garden this year.

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petula-xx·11 days agoText

Where I live, nurseries are suddenly experiencing high demand for food plants, seeds and associated garden products. Faced with extended social lock downs and variable food availability folks are obviously looking to take better control of their food supply.


Fellow growers, more than ever we now need to be sharing our seeds, knowledge and time with all the folks just starting out.

Let’s all do our best to make someone’s (potentially) first home food growing attempt as successful and rewarding as possible.

The world is giving us tons of lemons right now. Let’s help the newbies make buckets of lemonade.

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petula-xx·15 days agoText

Social distancing, closed borders, grounded planes and extreme personal hygiene practices are happening globally right now. We are trying to stop a virus spreading.

I wondered today whether other outcomes of this changed behaviour might also be:

- a generalised drop in other common conditions such as colds, flu, gastro, hepatitis, STI’s, head lice etc.

- a severe disruption to the illicit drug importation rates. If supply becomes limited for an extended period what will this mean for crime rates and criminal behaviour?

- a rise in domestic violence, harmful behaviours, addictions, gambling and mental health problems as bored, financially stressed people are forced to stay at home.

So much still to unfold in this pandemic…..

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petula-xx·17 days agoPhoto


I’m a performer and in the last 36 hours I’ve lost nearly 2 months of work due to Coronavirus restrictions. I won’t lie - I’m worried. Surviving the next few weeks, in every respect, is now the challenge before me.

Right now my garden is an important part of maintaining purpose and progress within a situation that is disempowering us all.

A garden club I belong to has reported today that they have received a surge of enquiries about food plant seeds. Having some control of your own food supply has clearly become very desirable for people.

The above shots are some of the harvest that came from my garden this week. I blanched the corn then removed and froze the kernels. I’ve lost count of the tomatoes I’ve harvested and given away. I have greens growing in the garden.

I have no idea what the next few weeks will bring for me or us all. It is reassuring to know that I have some home grown fresh food on hand and an opportunity to get out there and plant some more for the weeks ahead.

Gardens are healthy places.

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petula-xx·23 days agoPhoto

A supermarket has posted this notice - obviously aimed at all the recent panic hoarders.

I hope that all that FOOD HOARDING now doesn’t turn into FOOD WASTE later when people don’t get around to using all the excess they’ve bought.

Here’s hoping the companies that make all these products survive the inevitable sales crash that will happen once the madness is over and people are left with years of food supplies to get through before they need to buy more.

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petula-xx·25 days agoPhoto

The moment…..

That exciting, happy moment when after months of tending, care, concern, husbandry and hope, you finally get to peel back the husks and set your eyes upon the first miracles of the season to come from your corn patch.

Each corn kernel is an individual flower attached to a silk that needs to be pollinated to form and grow. The pollen from the tassels at the top of the corn needs to find its way onto the silks of the baby cobs below.

During the pollination period we had heavy rain and strong wind this year. I wasn’t sure that any successful pollination could actually occur. I’m so pleased. These first little babies are just perfect.

I now have tons of corn stuck between my teeth. But it was so so WORTH IT!!!!

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petula-xx·25 days agoPhoto


Tupperware experts, I need your help.

I got this at the tip shop yesterday. I like it because I figure it can be used both dome up or dome down (it consists of a dome and fluted bottom base).

However, I can’t actually figure out what the original purpose for this piece would have been (meat, dairy…?) There is a chance that this piece is an old design seeing as I found it at a junk sale.

If you know, please let me know. Thanks!

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petula-xx·a month agoPhoto

Tomatoes naturally produce ethylene gas as they ripen. This is handy when a few of you little babies have accidentally come off the vine too early.

In this cosy box my ripe tomatoes are sharing their ethylene gassy goodness with their green counterparts to help get their ripening started.

The big red tomato top left started the party and the good vibes are spreading!

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petula-xx·a month agoText

Globally, panic buying of pantry staples, hygiene products and toilet paper is happening due to imagined fears of supply issues due to Coronavirus.

The most wealthy and aggressive individuals have succeeded in excessively accumulating and hoarding the bulk of the supply. Folks who can only budget week to week or who have tried to maintain some common sense are feeling the pinch.

Law enforcement has been needed in some places to deal with aggressive behaviour between customers.

This Coronavirus issue will pass. What I see here though is a window into what life might become like in a world where basic supplies are genuinely scarce due to climate change.

- Will the most wealthy and aggressive also then monopolize supplies at the expense of others?

- If people are prepared to knife fight over a packet of toilet paper now, then what will humans be like when it’s clean water, food, clothing and land we’re fighting for?

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petula-xx·a month agoPhoto



OK, yes I like Pennywise.

However, I’m mainly reblogging this because I don’t think that hair, make-up and costume artists get nearly the amount of credit they deserve for their incredible artistry and the contribution they make to film and television.

I mean look at the detail here - for a horror character. This costume is utterly breathtaking and gorgeous. Just a shame there isn’t a shot of the designs at the back.

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petula-xx·a month agoText

So Coronavirus panic buying of supplies has now begun as the startled herd abandon independent, rational thought and surrender to mass group think.

Bottled water is apparently high on the must have list. Yep, bottled water.

Apparently our house taps are going to stop working soon if the virus takes hold.

Once again I despair at how many unnecessary plastic bottle purchases have probably been made in the last few days due to human stupidity.

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petula-xx·a month agoText

My Summer vegie patch has now arrived at ‘THAT STAGE’. Fellow gardeners will know what I mean here…..

- The pumpkin and squash vines are declining and ratty but nothing is ripe enough or ready to harvest yet.

- The corn patch is loaded with cobs, but they are at least a week away.

- The tomato vines are dying off but still loaded with green tomatoes.

- The sweet potato vines are green and rampant but I can’t get in to peek under the soil to get an early glimpse at the tubers below.

- My last sunflower plant is listing over like a drunk sailor under the weight of its seed head, which is not ripe enough to harvest yet.

- The first fungi have started popping up in the grass here and there. Apparently the season must be about to change…..

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petula-xx·a month agoPhoto

Apparently 67 foil Valentine’s Day balloons have washed upon Padre Island off the southern coast of Texas. It has been established that none of them originated from the island.

Foil Balloons. Another unnecessary and pointless piece of man made pollution.

Would anyone’s life be worse off if we banned the manufacture of these things?

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petula-xx·2 months agoText

12 months ago I decided to stop accepting spruiking work.

Spruiking is about creating a false sense of urgency in shoppers, talking up products, installing a temporary FOMO and encouraging people to make impulse purchases (often of stuff they have no need for).

Spruiking pays well and I’m good at it. My conscience and my heart were not good at it though.

Mindless, impulsive, over consumption is not what I’m about. It can’t be what any of us should be about.

I stopped being ok with validating people purchasing new when I know that perfectly good, cheaper, second hand alternatives are on offer at thrift stores, tip shops and garage sales everywhere.

My mic is now silent but my public voice on consumerism is now louder.

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petula-xx·2 months agoPhoto

There’s something wrong with this pumpkin - it’s not attached to the pumpkin vine.

This morning it broke off under its own weight, unripe and under developed. It should have doubled or tripled its size  :-(

I thought it was supported enough as it hung upside down, but I was wrong. A lost opportunity and this gardener continues to learn.

I wonder what unripe pumpkin flesh tastes like……..???? 

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