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phantasmiafxndom · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Carnelian Blood 4koma — Part 2
1 // 2 // 3 // 
4 // 5 // 6 // 
*In 2, Byakuya is talking about the sounds of washing dishes. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 3 days ago
Honestly i'm surprised that you haven't written anything for enmu, considering his character archetype seems to be up ur alley? (re:: sadistic bastard with probably maso tendencies) and a lot of poeple in the fandom pair him up with douma.
Weeeeeellll no one’s requested for him yet. XD So far, I’ve mostly just done what people have asked for~
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phantasmiafxndom · 3 days ago
....*pokes my new translation stuff*
Tumblr media
Somekari Creha
VA: Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Absolute-zero good looks. 
“If I can say only one thing, without music, I might have killed myself. Music is like medicine, essential for opposing the reality that we live in.”
Unfriendly black mask.
Awkwardly passionate.
Always left alone to practice.
The youngest son in a family of five brothers. An unfriendly young man who always wears a black mask. While he looks like he’s given up on everything, he holds passionate feelings in his heart. He’s abnormally prone to concentrating on things and will practice, alone, over and over again until he collapses. Although unskilled with instruments, he has incredible vocal talent and a good ability to write lyrics. A gaming addict. 
His mouth (lips, teeth) is a transplant, and the words he speaks are powerful. His saliva is something like a narcotic, with pleasurable properties. His physical ability is the best among his brothers. He has entirely closed his heart to his father, Carnelian. 
Age: 17
Role: Vocals (Practicing others)
Best Genre: Ballads
Height: 175cm/5’9
Weight: 58kg/128lbs
Blood Type: B
Interests: Games in general
Favorite Foods: Things with hot sauce on them
Birthday: December 8
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phantasmiafxndom · 11 days ago
Your blog provides me so many opportunities to be mean... first can I have a scenario for Jamil in twst with the reader not-so-subtly mocking him about always being in Kalim’s shadow (pre ch4)? Like they’re the rare person who notices his resentment and bitterness but uses it to insult him and stuff?
Opportunities to be mean are the best! :D
. . . 
“I’m surprised you scored so low.”
Your voice comes close to startling him. Jamil masks his reaction well, but when he meets your gaze... there’s something he doesn’t like. 
“What do you mean?”
“The test. You doing so much worse than Kalim? I mean, I always see you paying attention, taking notes... I’m just shocked that things would turn out so bad for you.” Even though what you say is casual, Jamil can’t help but tense. That’s a dangerous subject. 
He shrugs. “I don’t know. It is what it is.”
“Really? Because I think you’re capable of a lot more than being someone else’s shadow.” A little smirk slides across your lips. Jamil’s anxiety spikes. You’re either making a lucky guess or you know too much. 
“You’re talking nonsense.” He should walk away right now before this can get worse. Escape the situation before anything can go wrong. 
“It’s pathetic. All of that talent, and you let yourself be nothing but a tag-along. You could do so much better if you actually tried, but instead, you’re stuck doing whatever Kalim says and being his second-best.”
“...shut up. This is ridiculous. I don’t have to listen to you.”
He has to do something about this. You’ve figured out things that could be dangerous. Getting those ideas out of your head is vital. He doesn’t want you to know. Jamil’s fingers clench where you can’t see them. How did you manage to see through him so well?
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phantasmiafxndom · 12 days ago
Can I request a scenario for Pet au! Inosuke and Tanjirou first bathing session with their new owner.
Yep yep!! o3o
. . . 
The water is warm. That’s the main thing that Inosuke can focus on. He’s never been in a bathtub before, and it’s weird. He doesn’t get why you’re not just going for a hose like anyone else would. 
But your hands find his hair anyway, coated in sweet-smelling goo, and Inosuke flinches. As soon as your fingers drag against his scalp, he’s painfully aware of how sensitive it is. How much it feels to be touched. Goosebumps break out all over his arms at the simple contact. 
As you wash his hair, Inosuke has to bite his lip to hold back stupid, pathetic sounds. You’re saying things, but he doesn’t listen. 
This isn’t fucking normal. Humans aren’t supposed to baby him. This kind of softness isn’t right at all, and the worst part of it is that he can’t stop himself from humming with bliss when you scratch at his head just right. 
How embarrassing can this get?
It feels good, though, and when you instruct him to duck his head back under the water, Inosuke is left looking up at your smile. 
He has to close his eyes. Under that careful scrutiny, he suddenly feels much too shy. Even though he’d normally be shouting and splashing, for some reason, he can’t make himself even open his mouth. No one’s been this nice to him before. It’s weird. 
“Gonna wash your back now,” you tell him. 
Inosuke just nods. He can’t get it together enough to even think straight. Who said a human could be like this?
Tanjirou tries to stay very still. You said you wanted to take care of him, and as much as that makes him feel strange and tense, saying no would just be ungrateful. 
So Tanjirou bites his lip when you run shampoo-covered fingers through his hair. The warm water is up almost to his chest, heat sinking deep into him and seeping into everything inside. It all but takes his breath away for how good it feels. 
And the feeling of your fingers combing through his hair is even better. 
He squeezes his eyes shut. That makes it worse. Tanjirou wants to be thankful for the kindness, but this is new, he’s scared, and leaning into the touch could very easily make you stop. 
But holding out isn’t possible, and before he can stop himself, Tanjirou is breathing a quiet ‘thank you’ into the steaming air. 
You let out a little laugh and drag your fingernails through the soap-slicked, wispy hairs at the nape of his neck. It makes him shiver all over. This time, he does lean into it. 
“It’s okay. I want to be nice to you.”
The soft words make something in Tanjirou’s chest ache. He used to try to take care of his siblings like this. Of his mom. When they were still together, he wanted to do everything to help them relax, even a little bit. Being on the receiving end of care is new. 
He thanks you again for lack of anything else to say. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 13 days ago
Hello miss! May ask a hypmic one for your kidnapping au? F reader tries to see how far samatoki and ichiro can go and not die by shooting them in different parts of their body(start from the non-vital parts like shoulders)
They both are in the same place and will being shot in turn and see eachother struggle, who will die first and how's their feeling?
I'd like it more if it's be like a oneshot not headcanons, but do it how you like!~ thank youuu
Ooooh, this is fun! XD I’ll note that I don’t do character death (it’s a squick for me lol), so no one’s actually gonna die here. It’s just nice, fun torture~ BIG tw for violence and gore, everyone.
I hope this isn’t too short >.>
. . . 
You shoot the white-haired one first. He bites down on his scream pretty well with the bullet goes through his elbow, but the look of agony in his eyes is satisfying just the same. 
Then, you do the same to the black-haired one. He can’t stifle his scream anywhere near as well. 
There’s a lot of blood. Samatoki is plenty used to pain, but this is a whole new level of hurt. His breath is coming short. You’re gonna fucking kill him and he’s going to have to die next to the person he hates the most. It’d be enough to make him laugh if he wasn’t hurting like fucking hell. 
His elbow is ruined. The whole joint is shattered, and that ain’t gonna heal. If he even makes it out of this alive, there’ll be trouble. 
The best thing he can do is resign himself to take this with dignity. Whether you torture him or kill him, all he has left is not giving you the satisfaction of seeing him break. 
And try not to think about leaving Nemu alone in the world. 
He has to survive. That’s all Ichirou can think. For his brothers’ sake, he can’t die like this. Even if it hurts, giving in isn’t an option. 
But it fucking hurts. 
How much more will you do? How far will you go? He can’t tell if you’re going to kill them or just fuck both him and Samatoki up, but either way, this isn’t good. Whatever you’re planning, ruining an entire limb seems to be just the beginning. 
Ichirou sucks in as deep of a breath as he can manage through the agony making his body shudder and shake. There’s too much blood. He has to hold on, no matter what. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 14 days ago
ohoho,,could i maybe get reader punishing mammon just for fun?? maybe they have him tied to a fucking machine and they're just watching as it wrings another orgasm out of him,, laughing at him and wiping his tears away as he begs to know what he did wrong,,is this too specific?? osduhfodosifh feel free to ignore if it is!!
OwO How delightful~ And specific is good!
. . . 
The way Mammon screams is just too precious. With the fucking machine pounding his stretched hole raw, you’ve wrung four orgasms out of him... and aren’t stopping now. 
His cock isn’t even getting hard anymore. The last orgasm was dry. He started begging you after the second one. 
“C-Come on—!” he sobs. “Wha— Wh-What did I do!? I’m sorry!”
When his pleading takes on a desperate edge, words barely coherent through his overstimulated sobs, you laugh. 
“Mammon, sweetie, you didn’t do anything wrong. This is happening because I want it to. You’re cute when you cry, so it’ll continue until I think you’re done.” As you say it, you wipe a couple of tears off of his flushed cheeks. Mammon moans and tries to lean into the touch. 
His whole body is shaking. When you get behind him, the toy pistoning in and out of his ass is practically a blur. Because you can, you up the vibrations a bit just to hear him howl. 
It doesn’t take long for him to come again. 
The fifth orgasm seems to be more pain than pleasure. Mammon’s soft cock twitches as every part of him tenses up. He wails like he’s dying and begs, begs you to turn the machine off. 
But your masochist stays true to his nature and doesn’t stop moaning for a second, even when his eyes roll from overstimulation. 
He’s sobbing now. His head drops in utter defeat when his begging gets him nowhere. You laugh again and rub his back in a mockery of comfort. One more orgasm should be enough... not that he needs to know. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 14 days ago
Arashi’s third chapter is now done and posted!!!! O3O This one goes over 1,000 words past what I was anticipating, so enjoy the extra content! It’s also uhhh… very sad. Very, very sad.
And there’s kind-of smut, so extra enjoy that~
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phantasmiafxndom · 15 days ago
Oh yay, I’m happy to hear that! How about a scenario where Tanjiro’s owner (in the pet Au) notices that Tanjiro has been acting strange and doesn’t look too good but whenever they ask him about it he says he’s fine even though it’s obviously a lie. Then at some point during the day they ask him to sit down on the couch with them and use their lap as a pillow. Eventually Tanjiro ends up basically passing out and his owner finds out that the reason he’s been acting strange is because he has a fever from overworking himself. Tanjiro wakes up the next morning to find himself in bed with his owner sitting nearby taking care of him. He gets scolded a little for not resting properly or telling them that he wasn’t feeling well but overall his owner reassures him that he won’t be punished for resting. (I’m a sucker for sick fics lol and have nothing better to do with my time than stalk your blog. Hope you don’t mind!)
Hi! :D Since this is just a request-type scenario, I had to simplify your prompt quite a bit, but I hope it works for you!!! Thank you for the fun idea!
. . . 
Tanjirou has known he’s sick for a couple of days now, but knowing that and not wanting to trouble you are one and the same. He’s tired. And yet, when you invite him to sit down with you, he wants to say no. 
But demons don’t get a choice, and especially when you smile so sweetly, he can’t make himself resist. 
“Lie down,” you say. “You look exhausted.”
Because you’re the sweetest human in the world, you pat your lap in a clear gesture. Tanjirou obeys. He knows you’ll notice what has to be a fever, but denying your kindness would be an even worse offense. He lies down with his head on your thighs... 
And promptly lets out a massive sigh. 
Just not being upright feels so much better. His head doesn’t spin as badly and the nauseous lurch in his stomach eases instantly. There’s no way he’ll be able to get up. 
Your hand finds his hair and strokes gently. Tanjirou shudders. He mumbles something that’s probably gratefulness, but the next thing he knows, he’s dizzier than ever. Your touch finds his forehead, and suddenly, you’re saying something too in a concerned voice that makes him flinch. 
“You’re burning up! How long have you had a fever?” He makes out the words distantly, but answering is suddenly not possible. 
It probably wasn’t smart not to mention being unwell. Now that he’s letting himself rest, Tanjirou is acutely aware of how terrible he actually feels. At this point, he’s probably going to be downed for a while. Guilt hits him, but just as quickly, a heavy, spinning rush washes over him. 
His eyes close as the world goes black. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 16 days ago
Knight/Queen Anon from before. Knight (chara of choice) has to watch his Queen, who is in an arranged marriage, dance with their betrothed or something like that. Is this good?
Yep yep! o3o Definitely better! I went with Ichirou for the character, and I hope this is what you wanted~ 
. . . 
• As your knight, Ichirou isn’t supposed to have feelings for you. He has his job and his place, and that’s where he should stay. It’s enough to protect you and fulfill his duty. There’s no way he should aim for anything more. And yet, he can’t help but long for you. The feelings Ichirou has developed are dangerous and he knows it. There’s no place for him to love someone so far out of his reach, and yet, there he is, wanting the one person who he could never have. You’ve always been kind to him, and after years of service, he can’t help but be attached to your smile. 
• It makes sense that you have someone else. As a ruler, your duty is to marry and fulfill your own duty to the kingdom. Again, there’s no reason why he should have any complaints. But Ichirou finds himself jealous of your betrothed no matter what he does. Seeing someone else by your side makes his heart hurt— even more so because it’s a reminder of what he’ll never have. He’ll always be loyal to you, of course, and would never stand against your wishes, but it’s still painful to have to see it. 
• And when he sees you dancing with that person, looking so in love, it leaves him feeling so pained he has to excuse himself for a moment or two. A knight has his duties, and Ichirou won’t let himself falter. He has to remind himself of that a few times before he can face you again. Even though all he can think of is himself being in that place, holding your hand while you dance, he can endure this. It’s better to come to terms with reality quickly. It’ll hurt less if he just accepts that you’ll be with someone else soon and gives up on the silly hopes of having you for himself. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 16 days ago
This isn't a request I just wanted to say that I'm in love with your pet au for obey me. I love it so much your writing is so good I just wanna give all the bros a smooch on the forehead.
Awwwww, thank you!!! :D
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phantasmiafxndom · 16 days ago
ooohh can’t wait until you open up requests again bc i just thought of two ideas that i think you’ll enjoy 😙
OwO I look forward to it!
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phantasmiafxndom · 16 days ago
The next chapter of my dating sim is up! :D Please check out the game and reblog this if you can. More attention brought to the game is super appreciated!!!
Arashi’s third chapter is now done and posted!!!! O3O This one goes over 1,000 words past what I was anticipating, so enjoy the extra content! It’s also uhhh… very sad. Very, very sad.
And there’s kind-of smut, so extra enjoy that~
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phantasmiafxndom · 16 days ago
I also just read your “Red Tongues and Hands” AND OMGGG?? IT WAS JUST SO FUCKING PERFECT U HAVE NO IDEA🥰🥰
Could I ask if u have any plans to continue it?👀
Thank you! I really enjoyed writing that fic tbh!! It was fun. OwO But I do not have any plans to continue it. It was intended to be a oneshot, and I don’t really know where I could take it from there... so... probably not lol.
If you have any fic suggestions, though, feel free to send them in! I’ve been working mostly on @nightfallgame lately, but I’ll be doing stuff again here soon, I hope! 
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phantasmiafxndom · 17 days ago
For your obey me pet!au I just want to spoil all of them sm! Like give them a bunch of snacks and give them sweaters and socks and buy them trinkets and overall make sure they are comfortable! It’s my way of showing appreciation to people so if it’s possible could you write for a owner who spoils the brothers a lot? Thankyou and I love your work!^^<3
How sweet. XD You wanna be nice to the boys, and they need that~
. . . 
It makes him uncomfortable on a lot of levels. Lucifer isn’t used to being spoiled at all. And it feels like it actively goes against his purpose. He’ll try to politely decline your gifts and stick to his place in life, but the perpetual attention and attempts to look after him eventually become impossible to hold out against. When he stops resisting... it’s a lot to take in. Lucifer has never been treated softly before ever, so your methods of wanting him to feel safe and loved and comfortable are just plain foreign to him. That said, he also gets very attached to your love and kindness very quickly. 
Giving him things is an excellent way to get Mammon to like you. As a demon, he’s never had much to call his own, and he has a tendency to hoard anything that he can even claim belongs to him. Shiny things are best, of course. But in general, your spoiling attempts earn this boy’s favor embarrassingly quickly. He’s so affection-starved that treating him so sweetly is a quick and easy way to have him desperately attached. Mammon will, of course, be kind of tsun about admitting it, but he also had a tendency to get all flustered around you, get clingy... and beg for more things. 
He’s incredibly scared of you, of course, but also incredibly easy to get through to. When you spoil him enough, Leviathan’s anxiety can hardly take it. He wants to accept the kindness so badly. Being treated like he’s precious is more than he’s ever wanted— he’s just scared to accept. But around the time you start actively encouraging his (previously budding) interest in otakuness, he caves. Even if you punish him for it later, enjoying these things right now is an irresistible temptation. And that’s where trust starts to form. Maybe you really are just this nice, and maybe it can really last?
Yeah, he doesn’t trust the spoiling for a second. As nice as it is to be treated sweetly, how could you ever mean it? That kindness will last only until he does something wrong. However, the constant gifts, snacks, and consideration slowly get through to him, and before long, Satan finds himself warming up to you entirely against his will. You don’t seem to have any hidden agenda, so could he maybe trust you...? Around the time you start giving him books and helping him figure out how to read better, he finally gives in completely. There’s no reason to resist it, at that point. 
However you choose to spoil him, Asmodeus is loving it. He’s a bit nervous at first (since gifts rarely come without a cost), but as he gets used to your methods, it simply makes him feel appreciated and loved. Pampering him does a lot of good for his trust levels. Asmodeus isn’t exactly the type who fixates on things, but letting him take care of himself and showering him in affection definitely does a lot to help his mood. You’ll have an almost annoyingly happy demon on your hands in no time— especially since he’s never had anything close to this level of comfort and affection before. 
In a way, the spoiling makes him nervous. Is... it okay? Are you really okay with being so nice to him? Beelzebub doesn’t know what to do with being treated softly, so your kind, considerate methods leave him unsure of how to respond. He’s grateful! Of course he’s grateful. It’s just confusing and kind of scary to have someone doting on him so much when he’s used to not even being allowed to come inside a home. He’ll get used to the kind treatment slowly, though, and will eventually come to relax a bit. Just remember that food is the best way to get through to him. Feed the boy. 
Ha. As if he’s trusting that for a second. Belphegor is convinced that you’re just trying to trick him or get him to lower his guard. As you continue to spoil him no matter how he responds, though, the reality of the situation starts to get through to him. And then, he’s just confused. Why would a human ever be so nice to a lazy, hateful demon like him? The constant spoiling soon comes to fluster Belphegor for the sole reason that it’s relentless. And that’s the point where he stops resisting as much. You’re sweet to him no matter what he does, and that gives him weird, uncomfortable feelings. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 18 days ago
Maybe Pet AU!Tanjiro's owner adopts him and another demon together (like Zenitsu or Giyuu) so baby has someone to take care of and has company when his owner leaves for work. I'd imagine if his owner works away from home he'd be very lonely by himself.
How sweet! :D I’m gonna go with the other demon being Zenitsu for this one, since I feel like that dynamic would be good for both of them. 
. . . 
• You have Tanjirou first... and quickly notice that he doesn’t do well alone. The long hours by himself mean that when you get home, you can barely get the poor thing to leave you alone. The solitude is clearly stressing him out, so it occurs to you that a companion is probably a good idea. And from there, it’s a matter of picking a demon that yours can look after and occupy himself with while you’re gone. So, of course, you pick the most pathetic, most anxious, clingiest demon you can find for the sole purpose of being “take care of” bait for Tanjirou. That’s how you wind up with Zenitsu. 
• It works better than you’d expected. Tanjirou and Zenitsu have some adjustment issues at first, but before you know it, they’re attached to each other. As scared of everything as Zenitsu is, having a calming presence with obvious faith in their owner is good for him. It also helps that Tanjirou is quickly getting used to looking after his new companion, which in turn is improving his mood by quite a bit on days where you’re gone. 
• And the relationship that develops is sweet. Tanjirou’s natural caretaker instincts flourish with something dependent on him around, and Zenitsu is grounded by having someone to look after him. The two quickly become incredibly close and nearly inseparable. For Tanjirou, he still misses the family that he remembers horribly, but Zenitsu is a bit like a younger brother in the sense that he’s every bit as reliant and fond of him. For Zenitsu, Tanjirou and you are the first people who have ever given him a chance or anything resembling a safe home. It’s a very functional setup. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 19 days ago
I was just thinking. There must be the reason MC ended up in the NRC. And while it's a magic school, not every Disney villain, even out of Great Seven, had magical abilities. So, what if even without magic MC still somehow ended up being more villainous that anybody else in NRC? Like, they might not be a wizard, but what they do have is intelligence, frustrating lack of morals and overall really creepy and intimidating vibe. Could you write some headcanons on how six characters of your choise would react on a villain!MC?
Ooooh, nice~ owo And uhhh... I’m going with a really morally-dubious Reader here. Because that’s fun. And I tried to pick characters who’d have a variety of responses!
. . . 
He’s very, very disturbed by your behavior. As in, he’s actively trying to report you for anything out-of-line you might do. And even if you don’t do anything wrong (that people know of), Riddle is still convinced that you’re a bad influence who should be removed from the school. Honestly, your very existence gives him stress. He’ll try to call you out for any rule violation he can find, no matter how small, just as a reason to have something against you. And it’s not even personal. Riddle is just deeply concerned about what someone like you might be capable of if left alone. 
Yeah, you’re a horrible influence on him. For a long while, Ace doesn’t realize exactly how fucked-up you are. Like yeah, he has some awareness that you can be mean, but it doesn’t quite occur to him just how bad the situation is... at least, not until you’ve started to pull him down a bad path. Ace, since he spends so much time around you, is very likely to get caught up in anything you do. However, the feeling of wrongness slowly builds in his head, and eventually, he’ll figure out that you’re probably not the best person to be too close to. From there, he just stays out of your way when he can. 
Fascinated is the best way to describe it. Rook finds your morally dubious behavior to be as interesting as can be, and is likely more than willing to get along with you and examine your particular brand of disturbing. So long as you don’t cross any of his personal lines, he’s unlikely to step in even if you do something particularly unsavory. In fact, Rook can almost be described as fond of you, mostly because you make for a wonderful subject to keep an eye on. He doesn’t get “close” to you exactly, but it’s clear that he finds you to be an amusing person to be around. 
He’s fairly aware of how creepy and dangerous you are... and isn’t exactly sure how he should respond. It’s not that Malleus feels like he’s in any danger, he’s just vaguely concerned about what might happen if your behavior is allowed to continue. You do spend time with him, though, which leaves Malleus with the difficult decision of accepting the one person who seems to remember him or making the smart choice and not letting someone as fucked-up as you get too close. He’s still fond of you, in a way, but it’s definitely laced with a fair amount of worry. 
For a while, he’s completely unaware of how awful you can be. It doesn’t get through in the slightest that you’re dangerous. However, even when he does get the message, Kalim’s behavior toward you doesn’t change much. His method is to “kill you with kindness” and try to be a good influence by being as nice to you as possible. To some degree, he even tries to be a moral compass and point out when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be. Kalim doesn’t get the message of how pointless his efforts are... and is likely to get mixed up in bad things because of that fact. 
He’s terrified of you. As soon as it sinks in that you’re downright evil, Idia gets it in his head that you’re the “big bad”. And from there, he doesn’t even want to be in the same room. He has plenty of comments as to your status as the “ultimate evil” too. Whether people fully believe him or not, Idia doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s avoiding you at all costs for reasons of fearing what you might try to do to him. If you prove yourself to be scary enough (through whatever means), it even gets to the point where he has Ortho on guard in case you try to get too close. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 20 days ago
Headcanons for Jamil with soft dom s/o, please~! Almost everyone in twst fandom perceives Jamil as a dom, but I think it's unnecessary and a gentle and loving partner who would prioritize his pleasure would suit him just as well, if not better. Seriously, someone should spoil this boy, he deserves it.
“Almost everyone in twst fandom perceives Jamil as a dom”
Not here, anon. 
. . . 
• It takes a long while for Jamil to adjust to that kind of dynamic. The reality is that he’s scared of vulnerability, and the idea of being in a submissive position makes him nervous. That’s not to say he doesn’t like it, though. Jamil initially resists the idea out of pride, embarrassment, and fear. He doesn’t want to feel weak, so he rejects the idea of being seen in such a way. And yet, he does have a shameful shred of interest in it, and he’s likely to cave to your request out of both that secret desire and because he doesn’t want to look even weaker by showing his hesitance. 
• Once he’s actually involved in submitting, Jamil quickly realizes that he’s in over his head. Soft domming kills him in a lot of ways. Praise, gentle touch, attention, and so much focus on his pleasure leaves Jamil floundering and lost as to how he’s supposed to respond. When you spoil him and tell him how good he is (and mean it), he panics inside. How’s he supposed to respond to that? How should he react to feeling helpless... and liking it? He’s confused, mad at himself, and painfully embarrassed by every part of this. Expect endless flustered reactions at first as Jamil quickly realizes his weakness. 
• However, it’s not long before he starts slipping. The (for him) unfortunate reality is that he likes being spoiled and praised. When you make him feel like the most precious thing in the world, it’s both horrendously embarrassing and makes Jamil happier than he ever thought it would. He quickly falls apart under the soft, yet dominant methods you take with him... and his pride doesn’t hold up for long. By the time he finds himself actively wanting more, Jamil is in deep. 
• In the moment, Jamil is a very desperate to please sort of sub. He gets addicted to praise from you very easily— mostly because it’s painfully honest and genuine. Being focused on, pleasured, and spoiled leaves him an embarrassed wreck with no idea how to react, so there’s a lot of him just hiding his face (or trying to) and whining with shame while you do something that leaves him blushing like crazy and unable to form words. Jamil still holds onto a lot of nervousness about submitting to you, but just the same, he winds up loving the way you make him feel. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 21 days ago
petting sakuya’s hair and wings after punishing him in hybrid au pls <3 groping him a bit and making him whimper while praising him for taking his punishment? bonus points if he’s still crying and needy hehe
How delightfully mean~ :3c
. . .
Sakuya’s face is red and streaked with pretty tears. He’s been crying all through his punishment, whimpering soft pleas for you to forgive him.
But now it’s done, and you can comfort him. 
“You took it so well, sweetheart,” you croon as you run your fingers through his fluffy hair. Sakuya whimpers. Even though his body’s hurting because of you, he leans into the touch. 
“I’m sorry...” he whispers. 
So you wander your touch to his wings. Burying your hand in the downy feathers toward the base, you smile as Sakuya flinches and whines. His wings shiver and spread for your touch, obedient despite the sensitivity. The poor boy has to bite his lip. 
And you don’t stop there. Dragging your fingers just right against the delicate limbs has Sakuya choking back a sob. He shakes his head and raises both hands to cover his mouth. 
“So good,” you soothe, making even more tears fall. 
As you pet him, Sakuya slowly devolves. He keeps letting out little, hiccuping sobs that only get worse when you start to comb through his feathers. Every word of praise you give him makes him shake even more. He won’t even open his eyes by now. 
The softness of his feathers feels perfect against your hand. Sakuya’s whimpers are such a sweet sound. His expression is so, so broken. 
And yet, when you scoot a little closer and pull Sakuya into a hug, he snuggles up against your chest without a second thought. He knows how to be good for you— even when he’s scared. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 22 days ago
I can kinda imagine Obanai as a off brand pet from a mass production kinda place but still having some value due to him being the only male after a long while. So, we know what happens to off brand pets in this au like Kino, I just wanted to request him getting fed with proper meat for the first time.
UwU!! That’s a fun backstory idea!
. . . 
Obanai looks at you like he doesn’t trust you a bit. He’s tense, shoulders hunched up, and mismatched eyes all but glaring. 
You place the bowl in front of him anyway. You’ve only known him for a couple of days. He needs some time to warm up to you; and what better way to do that than by getting some proper food into him. 
He stares at the bowl for a moment. As disturbing as it is, you got human meat for him from a reputable seller. Where it comes from, you don’t really want to think about, but it’s fresh and the source is ‘ethical’. 
“That’s... for me?” he asks suspiciously. 
“Mhmm. Yours.”
“You won’t punish me if I eat it?”
“Nope.” There’s not a hint of trust in his voice. This is sad to watch. And yet, there’s little you can do but go slowly. 
Slowly, tensely, Obanai pulls the bandages down from his slit mouth. The action makes him look twice as nervous and uncomfortable. But he picks up a slice of the meat even so and puts it in his mouth. The reaction is immediate. A visible shudder runs through him. 
Obanai sighs softly. His eyes flutter closed. This is probably the first time he’s tasted proper food. And yet, after just a couple more bites, before the meat is any more than halfway gone, he stops. 
“I... c-can’t eat more than that,” he explains in a low voice, sounding afraid you’ll hurt him for it. “It’d make me sick.”
“That’s fine. You can have more later.”
As Obanai adjusts the bandages around his face again, you pick up the dish to put the leftover away. It’s hard not to miss the desperate, vaguely, almost hopeful look he’s directing at you. 
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