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23.10.2020 // continuing the old bujo spreads series

day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check

@study-van i literally visit your blog every day bc a) your photos are always lovely and exactly the kind of content i love, b) your personal text posts / updates? pricelessly relatable and most often beautifully catered to my med student crumbling psyche, and c) i have to check on u bc you’re my friend and i obviously want to know what’s going on with you so i can then yell at you in the dms :) i don’t want this to turn into an essay so yasemin, you’re one of my absolute fave people and my closest friend on here, sending u hugs and i hope you survived the week fine ♡

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- ̗̀ bujo monthly spread - august ̖́-

Can’t believe I’ll be starting my degree in a month (already getting nervous + anxious). But, I’m still on sem break mode now haha. Honestly, coffee, sleep + “The Big Bang Theory” were the only things that kept me going in university :’)

After studying in a university for a year, I realized that choosing good teammates / group mates are hella important (or else you’d either end up doing the whole assignment / lab report by yourself or get a bad grade for your assignment / lab report). Thank goodness I had a good group mate with me in every group assignments / lab groups last year. If it wasn’t for her, I’d be so dead back then.

Well, my first semester of year one in degree will be starting on next month. I’ll be dead set on mingling with my course mates on the orientation day + also finding good / hardworking / responsible team mates on the first day of class!!!

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20th october 2020

day 13 of @myhoneststudyblr’s studyblr community challenge!

do you have an ‘aesthetic’? if yes, what is it?

personally, i think that i have a little bit of all the different types of 'aesthetic’ genre LOL. it really just depends on my mood and what i like to convey for that day, since i’m just way too indecisive to pick one for the rest of my life.

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29.08.20 / happy saturday! i woke up early today with some free time before i had to start my day so i made some onigiri. fittingly, i’m working on refreshing  japanese grammar today. how’s your weekend so far? ♡

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what kind of ~feeling~ you are?

being outside at night when everyone is asleep - you are and always have been “the quiet kid”. you have a calm and deep energy surrounding you that feels odd to some. to them, you are almost unnaturally calm. you are often lost in thought and daydreaming about anything and everything. you seem like you are fiercely independent and free, but you are actually a lot softer and warmer than people expect. you pay attention to your dreams and you are very in tune with your spiritual side. you most likely had a big glow up and now people are very intimidated by you. you are probably unaware of it but people notice you quite a lot, you’re just not used to it. you can read people really well because you have spent most of your life watching and perceiving.

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So, uh, a lot has happened since my last post… No, seriously. Let’s start off with this new course because I was not expecting that the content was this heavy. It kind of took me by surprise. Thankfully, I’m not behind on anything (yet). I would be lying if I say that it hasn’t been stressful to keep it that way. It’s taking me a lot of time to go through just one lecture (maybe like 4-6 hours depending on how dense it is). However, the method I’ve been trying now has been working well as the content is still fresh in my head. I’m still trying to work as efficiently as I can, but sometimes you just have to bury your face in a book for a few hours when you don’t understand something 😭 .  Okay, on to the main point.

On top of my studies, I’m still recovering from a depressive episode. Whenever I get depressed, I tend to work myself to the ground because I see schoolwork as an escape from my thoughts.

Does it benefit me academically? Sure.

Is it healthy? Hell no.

I remember my post in January that said: “Who do you want to be?”. I said I wanted someone who overcame, so I went through my list of goals and checked out the ones that I achieved.


Okay on a more serious note: even if this year has 3 months left, it’s not too late to turn things around. I’ve decided to prioritise on working on myself in different aspects. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, academically, and all the other words ending in -ally. These last 2 weeks or so has been a series of me just signing up to things (if it fits into my schedule of course haha). Doing this was not easy because anxious Dan has just been yelling doubts into my ear. And I had to ignore all that and tell it to shut up 🤗. This also means, no more relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms. AAAAAAAA. Soooo, yeah let me end it there.

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21.10.2020 | Day ¾ of 75

This productivity challenge motivates me to complete the goals I have set. But still I could not complete all. I did most important ones though, so I am happy.

Yesterday I printed the korean material that our teacher provided, it helped me keep up with the online class.

Today I completed everything. I am hoping that I will be able to finish this challenge.

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