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pillow-anime-talk·6 hours agoAnswer

#47 + Ging Freeccs with fem reader please :) I had to ask since you write him so well! Also I hope you’re having a nice day ❤️

a/n: Hiiii and thank you. Hope you had a good day/night too <3

47. A kiss neither of you expected.

It was a quiet morning; you were just going to the grocery store for your little and daily shopping. The sun was shining pleasantly, a slightly wind was blowing, and the weather didn’t herald rain, so you dressed quite lightly and put on a huge hat on your head to protect you from sunburn.

Going to the place of your little trip, you would never expect that your calm and extremely normal day will change by 180 degrees.

You were walking straight, between high and old tenement houses, and when you were literally on the doorstep to a small supermarket, suddenly a young man ran out from behind it; he might have been twenty or twenty-five. You also noticed that he was holding a gray cloth bag of bread in his right hand, and that he was probably followed by a bakery or food stall owner who had been robbed. You frowned at this sight, and shortly thereafter your eyes met, bringing a relieved smile to his (handsome) face.

You haven’t even registered the moment when his warm hand landed on your waist and his face was much closer to yours, right under your yellow hat. You held your breath for a moment as his body pushed you gently into a dark alley between two houses and his forearm covering your faces so the man who was chasing him wouldn’t notice two of you.

“Please, don’t scream.” He whispered into your mouth, and you nodded as a sign that you understand everything and you won’t be causing him more troubles.

From the corner of your eye, you also noticed that the man who was chasing the stranger backed up to you, so you sighed quietly, and then stood on your tiptoes, kissing the black-haired man in the middle of his thin lips. Your cheeks and his cheeks instantly flushed, and the older guy apologized to the two of you, as if he completely didn’t recognize the thief, his clothes, and that stupid bag full of bread.

Really, neither of you expected that at totally random day you bump into each other and end up kissing between buildings, under your straw hat, with the scent of bread rolls and croissants spreading around you.

It wasn’t even in the movies!

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pillow-anime-talk·a day agoText

{!!} request from @.anon: *rolls into your dms* soft dom praising albert soft dom praising Albert with a nervous tsundere!reader who’s being shy and ackward but trying to push it behind the mask plllease (nsfw!!)

# tags: scenario; current relationship; tsundere behaviour; romance; bit of comedy, i guess; smut; nsfw

{!} warnings: mention of sex, bit of dirty talk (or rather soft talk??), mild praise kink, body worship, pet names

  • includes: albert james moriarty {mtp}

a/n: Wow,,, anon,,, just wow,,, Your mind, I’m speechless.


“Are you okay, darling?” Albert turned his gaze on your lying person and you quickly looked away, at the random, framed photo on his dark, wooden dresser; it was a photo of Louis and William. They were a bit younger than currently and…

“It’s not that I like it or anything, but…” You started quietly and then you glanced at his handsome face once again, because looking at your boyfriend’s younger brothers was kinda… weird. Especially at the present moment. “It’s nice. I guess.” You added softly, then felt a gentle kiss in the middle of your forehead making your cheeks flush furiously. “S-Stop doing that…”

“Sorry, my love. But you’re just so terribly cute when you get nervous and don’t know what to say. Anyway, I will continue, okay? If something will hurt you, please, tell me about it.” He replied calmly, then moved his hips slightly, pressing into your tight, hot inside one more time.

You tried to hold back groans and noises other than breathing, but in the current situation it was really, really hard. You weren’t having sex for the first time, but all of Albert’s movements, words, praises and behaviors had a strong influence on you; he was so calm, so subtle and always made sure you were feeling well… You couldn’t have dreamed of a better life and sexual partner than him, but on the other hand, you couldn’t admit it out loud.

It would be very embarrassing; even more so when he praised your body, your eyes, your mouth or your hands. And literally everything else.

Your next reactions were just as awkwardly; as soon as your boyfriend slowly lifted your thigh and then moved his own hips again, you groaned much louder than you intended. It made you both pause and then look each other in the eyes, causing even more confusion in you.

“I-I… I…”

“I love you. I want to hear you even more often, my love. Go ahead, there is nobody home but us. Let me hear you moan beautifully.” He stroked your reddish cheek with his free hand, and you closed your eyelids, wrapping your arm around his sweaty nape uncertainly. You pulled him close, then buried your head in the crease of his warm neck, biting your lower lip as you did so.

“It’s embarrassing, you know that.” You answered shyly, turning your head again, and he moved slightly away from you so he could look at your pouty, pretty face.

“But so damn precious and hot too. You are amazing.”

A short while later, he bent down again so that he could meet his lips with yours. A sweet kiss reassured you that you have nothing to be ashamed of. So you whined again, this time right in Albert’s face, and in meantime you felt the man move his hips once again, squeezing your soft skin between his large hand.

“My good, pretty baby taking me so well, am I wrong? Now, be polite baby and put your hands up so I can get a better look at your gorgeous figure.”

Okay, that was even more embarrassing so you hid your whole face behind your fingers again and Albert just chuckled as he stroked your head with his free hand.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Hi sweety!!♡ I loved “Wife & Huband”! Can I request Killua, Alluka and Kalluto being very attached to Illumi’s wife? Like Kill and Alluka interrupting their moments alone or Kalluto following her everywhere and she is always very sweet and maternal to them?

# tags: headcanon; current marriage relationship & mother figure; romance; big fluff; bit of comedy?; sweet moments; jealousy; sfw

  • includes: illumi zoldyck + his younger siblings {hxh}

a/n: Omgggg!! Thank you for this idea… I like this even more than the first part! Goddd, have a nice day/night!


↘ You had very good contacts with his siblings from the beginning, as I mentioned in the first part; literally from when you introduced yourself for the first time and then moved to the Zoldyck mansion. However, when your and Illumi’s marriage finally did come true, your relationship with his family (and your own too) improved even more.

↘ Your husband’s mother talked to you about all kinds of topics every day, his father used to call you his ‘Daughter’, and his grandfather, Mr. Zeno, would invite you to tea in his office every few days so that you could talk about his and your missions more often. You felt really great between them, like a real member of their big, strong family.

↘ But the best part of this marriage, as it turned out for you, wasn’t taking a new surname, but being adored by Illumi’s younger siblings; the four of them loved you so much. I mean, it might seem that they preferred you to any other member of their family or any of their butlers.

↘ Not gonna lie, but Illumi got fed up with his siblings’ behavior towards you at times, but how could he take them away from you when you got along so wonderfully with them and literally reconciled all siblings by saying that Alluka is an important member of their family and needs as much attention as every other person in this house.

↘ Nevertheless, it was quite annoying for a man when you and he had your little moment like a kiss or something more intimate, and suddenly, literally out of nowhere, the mentioned Alluka appeared with a coloring book, asking you for a minute or two.

↘ You never said ‘No’ to her. Not only because they were her demands, but also because you loved her like your little sister you never had.

↘ She asked you to play, for a new hairstyle, to dress her up in a nice dress, for a walk together… There were many things that you did together as women.

↘ Killua has bothered you a lot too! Of course, you were never angry with him, especially when he asked you to train together or to small talk about Gon, Kurapika and Leorio. You always listened with curiosity to the stories of his three friends and their travels, and then you trained for several long hours, having fun.

↘ He showed you the importance of Nen and the techniques of silent walking, and you trained his temperament so that he would never be guided by emotions, which are often disastrous.

↘ There was also your favorite one – Kalluto.

↘ You literally didn’t love anyone more than him.

↘ Maybe except Illumi, but this headcanon isn’t about him. Lmao.

↘ As time passed, Kalluto was more and more bold and honest with you. A couple of weeks passed, but it was definitely worth waiting for him to finally come up to you, grab your warm hand, and smile at you as beautifully as never before.

↘ Kalluto saw you as a better version of a mother who liked all her children the same, and this is what made him follow you so often, completely ignoring Mrs. Kikyo, his father and other siblings. The woman didn’t hold it against you; in a way, it was even a good and joyful sight for her. She wanted your own children and her first grandchildren more and more!

↘ They definitely couldn’t have had a better sister, daughter and wife than you.

↘ Despite being a killer, I mean, a hell of a good assassin, you didn’t lose your feelings and positive emotions, so you could pass them on to others; you could give them as a teddy bear for Alluka, you could give them as a new sweater for Killua, you could give them as a hug for Kalluto to make him feel some love from the other person, and you could also give them as a new game or standee for Milluki who also adored you (and who I must include here too).

↘ So finally, after many months, you were ready to receive Illumi’s first compliment; it was a compliment you never expected to hear. Or at least not so fast.

“… You will be a amazing mother to our children, Y/N. I don’t know a more gorgeous person than you.” He told you one evening when you, he and all his younger siblings were sitting in the living room, watching TV with Kalluto asleep on your own lap. At the same time, Killua and Alluka fell asleep on both of your shoulders, and Milluki fell asleep on the armchair with a packet of chips that you had bought him earlier.

↘ You smiled broadly at your husband then, and he slightly reciprocated the gesture, gently taking your hand with his much larger one.

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pillow-anime-talk·2 days agoText

{!!} request from @.anon: Hi!, can i get daichi (knb), oikawa and kageyama (haikyuu) for f!reader who is a figure skater and one time when they come to her practice (with their teammates or alone you can choose :) ) they saw you got hurt on the ice rink and help you but after you get hurt you really scared that you cant skate anymore so they tried to comfort you [make it fluff with a little bit of angst cos im weak for this kinda thing 😂] Also thank you for your hardwork i always really like your work ❤️❤️

# tags: headcanons; friendship & current relationships; bit of drama/angst; but more of fluff; sfw

  • includes: kirisaki daiichi high {knb} + tooru oikawa & tobio kageyama {hq!!}

a/n: Hope I understood your request correctly! Also thank you very much :(( Have a nice day/night, babie!



↘ At the beginning I want to point out that you are one year older Hara’s sister and you know the whole basketball team. 

↘ After all, boys came to your house more than once (to play games on the console or for dinner), so you met them all. Even though they behaved cruelly towards their opponents on the court, they were very nice to you and showed you a lot of respect; both by the fact that you were a girl and the fact that you were the big sister of one of their friends.

↘ The fact that you are ice skating was a surprise for them.

↘ During their next visit in your house, your trainer called you, with whom you talked for much longer than necessary. So Hanamiya asked you if you had a boyfriend (so boldly!), but you just laughed, denying it and saying it was just your skating trainer. It surprised everyone except your little brother. They immediately started asking you about different things, and you were happy to share some information about your passion.

↘ After that, they came to your trainings quite often to see how you were doing. Your ice skating was captivating and truly beautiful.

↘ Figure skating was very different from basketball and the whole Kirisaki Daiichi squad liked that and they cheered loudly on your current ‘performance’.

↘ You were going to make a triple spin in the air and land on one leg, but you miscalculated your jump and it resulted in falling too quickly on the rink, finally and so painfully landing on your butt. You fell onto the cold ice and at the same time you heard the coach and the basket team screams. At first you were afraid that you broke your tailbone, but to your luck you could get up normally and drive up to the railing, to your brother and his afraid friends.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Kazuya made sure, and you just nodded, reassuring Yamazaki and Matsumoto, who looked like they was going to pass out.

“Yeah. It’s not the first time that I have failed because I’m in a rush… I was afraid for a moment that it was more serious, but my ass just hurts a bit.” You laughed, then out of the corner of your eye you noticed Seto raising his hands and waving his all fingers.

“I can give you a massage.” He offered, and you just rolled your eyes while keeping your younger brother and Furuhashi from punching him.

“I’ll just go back to the ice and do it again, more carefully. But thanks for your willingness to help, Seto.” You giggled and then pushed away from the railing, gesturing with your hand to turn on ‘16 shots’ from Stefflon Don once again.



↘ You have been ice skating for years; at first alone, then in a duet with your lovely, longtime male friend. Your performances were really delightful and always full of confidence in the other person.

↘ Oikawa, though jealous of you at first, finally understood that you two are besties and partners on the ice. He loved watching you and he was your biggest – literally biggest – fan.

↘ Just like you during his own volleyball games/matches. #BestAndSupportiveCouple.

↘ If your and his training weren’t at the same time, he always came to see how you are doing; after all, your performances (even those that were just warm-ups and training sessions) generated a lot of emotion and feeling. It was sooo amazing, ngl!

↘ Of course, he took a lot of pictures or videos of you… And then he bragged to his whole team and his closest family about what a wonderful and talented girl he has. Ahhh, he’s so cute. I love him.

↘ Anyway, you and your friend were just skating on the ice, doing another difficult figure. The blonde-haired raised you above his own head, but unfortunately he did it too quickly, and you didn’t manage to grab his arms while doing the splits.

↘ That’s why you fell out of his hands and together you fell on the cold surface, groaning in unpleasant pain.

“Y-Y/N-CHAN?!” You heard Tooru’s scream, who was about to enter onto the ice rink, but your other friend stopped him from doing it. His worried expression showed for the next few seconds, until you turned over on your back and looked at your partner, who shyly apologized to you. You smiled at him to ease his conscience, then rose to your feet.

↘ Fortunately, you did it on your own, so your heart calmed down a little.

“… All right, Tooru-kun! Sometimes it happens like that!” You showed him your both thumbs up and after a short while you adjusted your clothes, then pulling your friend by the sleeve of his light blue T-shirt. Together, you came closer to your boyfriend, who asked you three more times if you were feeling well.

↘ Your butt and hands were in pain, and tomorrow you will definitely have a few bruises on your knees, but you didn’t want to worry your already anxious big baby.

↘ So you slowly explained to him that this often happens, especially when two people are on the ice, and he looked at you in horror, begging you to be more careful.

↘ You assured him that you wouldn’t make the same mistake this time, and then you just kissed him quickly on the pale lips, taking your place again in the center of the ice to repeat the sequence of movements with the blonde one.



↘ You haven’t even noticed that your right skate isn’t tied well. You only realized that at the moment when you lowered your gaze to perform the pirouette, and at the same time you just tripped, falling painfully on the cold ice.

↘ Your leg hurt, or more precisely your ankle, and some tears stood in your both eyes at the very thought that you wouldn’t be able to continue performing because of your own stupidity.

↘ You didn’t even hear the voice of your trainer, your boyfriend and his two close friends; Hinata and Sugawara. You were too absorbed in your negative visions.

↘ Only when you felt a gentle touch on your arm, you woke up from your thoughts and next look up at the black-haired teenager.

“You can stand up?” Kageyama looked at you fondly, and you nodded uncertainly, quickly adjusting your shoelace, then standing up. “It hurts you?”

“N-No… Not anymore…” You admitted softly, still sniffling. “It’s okay, I think. But I’ll rest for a while and talk to the coach.” You took a step forward, but shortly thereafter you turned back to your lovely boyfriend, frowning. “Why did you step onto the ice rink without the skates at all? Do you want to hurt yourself, Tobio?”

↘ “I was just worried when you fall on the ice… It looked very serious.” He grunted, and you grabbed his, warm big hand to stabilize his body.

“It’s really comforting, but next time don’t do it, please. You can get really hurt and neither of us would want that, okay?”

↘ The boy agreed with your words and then you returned to the bench to rest. You rubbed your foot, which luckily only got a little bruise, then resumed training, once again apologizing to everyone for the worry you had provided them.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Can I order hcs nsfw for Illumi? 👉🏻👈🏻 It’s okay if you don’t want to just ignore this question!

# tags: headcanon; current relationship; romance; smut; nsfw

{!} warnings: mention of sex and sexual activities, oral sex, handjob/fingering, voyeurism

  • includes: illumi zoldyck {hxh}

a/n: Anything for you, cute anon <3


↘ Sex isn’t very often and necessary for the two of you; rather, it’s just an addition to your relationship and your overall relation.

↘ However, if you have any type of sex or sexual activities, it’s one very long round that can last up to two hours.

↘ I mean, look. 

↘ Illumi is a trained assassin, thanks to which he has a lot of strength and can withstand even the most difficult conditions and fatigue; both physical and mental. He’s even happy to see how tired you are after less than twenty minutes; how wet your face is with your own tears and his sticky sperm, how your body shakes with pleasure, how your breathing quickens every second and how your heart aches in your chest.

↘ It motivates him to further actions and even stronger and faster movements of his hips or hand.

↘ Definitely prefers to receive than to give; but (!) it doesn’t mean, however, that he don’t gave you an oral or handjob/fingering. He’s as good at it as he’s at normal sex, but it just seems like a rather redundant form of pleasure to him.

↘ Anyway, he won’t refuse you if you ask him nicely or give him a blowjob before.

↘ Be a good baby and give him a blowjob, even while he talking to his father or Milluki on the phone.

↘ He definitely prefers to fuck you when he gets the chance to see your sweet, pinkish face; on the bed, on the couch, even by the tall tree, when you cuddle up against his body and lean against the trunk at the same time.

↘ He also likes to take you from behind when you are lying on your stomach. You always end up with your butt red and lifted high so that he has better access to your tight, hot entrance.

↘ He has some kind of fetish for someone watching you two fuck each other. He doesn’t like threesomes because he hates to share and collaborate, but the thought of someone seeing you and him during such an intimate and hot moment excites him quite quickly.

↘ Definitely your viewer (or rather fan?) will be Hisoka or some random person who after the ‘performance’ just… dies under mysterious circumstances. It’s kind of a canon, isn’t it?

↘ Hisoka doesn’t need to fuck you to have fun; just seeing the two of you fucking in front of his eyes is enough and gives him enormous amounts of enjoyment both in his head and on his own, thick cock.

↘ Maybe one day you will invite him to you, but… these are quite distant thoughts. For now, you’re only enjoying each other’s company.

↘ He’s also not very good at aftercare. 

↘ Sure, he’ll ask if you’re alright, but he won’t know what to give you or how to handle with you after sex. After two hours of senseless fucking, I think even he’ll be too lazy to shower or dry his body with a towel.

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pillow-anime-talk·3 days agoAnswer

Hi! Can I get a Roy Mustang (from fmab) x f!Reader, prompt 14? Thanks! I really like your writing!

a/n: Hello!! And thank you so so much too <3

14. A kiss where one person leans out of the window and the other stands on someone’s shoulders to catch the kiss.

You were reading a book in your big bed when you heard a knock. To your surprise it wasn’t a knock on the door, but rather… on the window glass? You put your old novel on a purple pillow, then stood up, slowly walking to the windowsill. Of course, you reached for one of the pots with the cactus inside and then lifted it up, quickly opening the window.

“… Roy?” You asked, as if disbelieving what you see. You fastly put the flowerpot back in its place, then leaned more out of your window, staring at him in incredulity. “Can you tell me what you’re doing? And how did you get here…?” You asked hesitantly and he grabbed your small hand, smiling warmly.

“I’m glad to see you too, baby.” He replied joyfully. “I just missed you so I decided to visit you. Hughes offered to help me a bit.” He admitted honestly, and you looked at him like he was an idiot.

And without lying, Roy would admit in front of the mirror and to himself that he was a huge idiot. An idiot who went crazy with love for you, for a girl who didn’t really stand out with anything special except the fact that with her kindness towards other people she made everyone smile sincerely.

So here he was; sitting on the shoulders of his longtime friend – Maes – and looking at you as at the Eighth Wonder of the World you were to him.

Before that, he had completely didn’t understand the idea of ​​love; he didn’t understand why his closest bestie talks so well about his beloved wife, why everyone talks so beautifully about their feelings towards another person, why the state of being in love changes people so much. But when he met you it all became so clear, so simple, so happy and full of different answers. So he smiled at you one more time, and you returned that smile after a short second. You loved him too; so crazily, so stupidly.

“You know that my father will kill you if he sees that you are disturbing the night time?” You rested your chin on your hand and he shrugged.

“It’s worth dying for you, dearest.”

“Idiot.” You leaned forward, then closed your eyes in satisfaction, kissing your boyfriend right on his cold (because of the temperature) lips. It was an unusually warm and sweet kiss. Slightly longer than normal caress for ‘Good morning’ or ‘Goodnight’, but also not too long. Even so, you breathed a little deeper than usual, and then looked at each other with delight that lit up your eyes. “However, I would prefer you to stay with me as long as possible, so do not tempt fate.”

“… Fine, fine. I’ll meet you tomorrow morning, okay?” He made sure, and you nodded in agreement, additionally lifting his hand and peck his knuckles.

“Good night. I love you.”

“I love you so much too. Sleep well. And in case of any problems, just call to me.” At his words, you nodded your head once more time, and then let him jump off Maes’ shoulders, who shortly thereafter put his arm around Mustang’s neck and laughed at how clingy and soft he made himself. You just shook your head in amusement, then closed the window and went back to bed to finish the book.

Nevertheless, as you read, you smiled at the mere memory of Roy outside your window. It was by far the most romantic and sweetest thing that ever happened to you.

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pillow-anime-talk·3 days agoAnswer

So I kinda just started writing on here (I just posted my first story) and I was wondering maybe if you could read it and give me some pointers 👉👈 Thank you <3

First of all: congratulations, aaaaaaa!! Congratulations on getting started writing and getting here among all of us. I hope you feel good here and write more amazing works!

Second: wow. Your first scenario is really, like, REALLY good! I have nothing to add here. I personally love Kenma (my precious bby) and Kuroo (that fucking donkey, lmao), and I’m so happy to read about them. You really described everything well, especially Tetsu’s behavior made me laugh; he’s such an idiot, I swear to God… I love it! It was both fun and hot, and that’s what can be called the perfect match. You did great, cutie.

Third: ahhh. I really don’t know what tips to give you… I am not fluent in English (my first language is Polish, btw), so I won’t help you too much with grammar or sentence structure :( Sorry! But for me, as a person who reads in English for fun and for having a good time, everything was perfect, I’m not lying. In fact, the only thing you could improve is make some little graphics for your stories? Lots of people do it and it looks very nice (or rather ‘aesthetic’)! Also you can add some pretty template to your blog, to make your works look even better on a laptop, because many people use laptops or computers (like me)! You can also add more tags to let more people see your work, for example: haikyuu x reader, haiykuu scenarios, haikyuu imagines, kenma scenarios, kenma imagines, kenma x you, kenma x female reader.

Besides, I really don’t know what else to write. You write so nice and easy, you described everything perfectly in less than a thousand words. AHHHHH!!! I think, I’m in love.

It’s so illogical, I know, but I’m just shocked that someone asked me for help! I never would have thought that that it will happen to me. I’m speechless.

Anyway!! I keep my fingers crossed and I wish you good luck! Also, take care of yourself and drink plenty of water! Love you so much. 💕🌺

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Hi !! May I ask for one of the prompts? 9 + Samatoki Aohitsugi from HypMic with f!reader? You're doing an amazing job <33


9. A long kiss where the other person’s lips are the color of their partner’s lipstick.

You two were sitting in his office; he in the big and soft chair, you on his big and equally soft thighs.

Every now and then you would feel a quick kiss against the nape or neck, and also from time to time you would hear the low exhalation of cigarette smoke from his pale lips. In meanwhile, you were browsing your social media, showing your boyfriend something that could catch his eye every few longer seconds, such as a sports car or nice men’s shoes. Samatoki would nod his head then, making a brief comment on these things, then went back to counting the money that lying on the center of his dark desk.

“… Hey. ‘Toki, look.” You spoke again after a long silence, then turned your phone towards his face, showing a lovely, bottle-green dress. You smiled slightly at the same time, and he raised an eyebrow. “Pretty, right? Maybe I’ll buy it. Do you like it too?” You asked shyly, and the white-haired yakuza squeezed your thigh a bit, making you jump on his lap.

“It’s pretty, but you look much better without any clothes on anyways.” He said honestly, and you blushed a little on your both cheeks and ears, which made him smirk happily. “I’ll buy it for you, so put it in your shopping cart.” He added after a moment, and you frowned.

“You don’t have to buy it for me, I can do it myself… I’m just asking for your opinions, love.” You muttered and you was going to add something else, but a short while later you felt your mouth gets close by the lips of a much taller man, who additionally grabbed your warm cheek and squeezed your waist with the other hand.

The kiss was strong and confident from the start; you could smell cigarettes between him and the aftertaste of apple juice that you had drunk a while ago. Samatoki kissed you while his hands stroked your delicate body, pulling you closer to his chest. His left hand from your cheek moved to your jaw and then to your neck to lift your head a little better.

You were pretty sure you were going to end up on his desk with your butt raised high, but to your surprise the young man moved away from you and you took a deep breath as you looked at him questioningly.

“As I said, I’ll buy you this dress, so order it.” He smiled at you, and you laughed right into his face, causing him to tilt his head slightly to the side. “What?”

“I’m sorry, love. You just have some lipstick here…” You continued giggling as you wiped the pinkish color from his lips and skin with your thumb, and he shook his head in amusement.

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5 + Miya Atsumu of Haikyuu with a fem reader pls hehe ^^

a/n: ‘Tsumu :((( I missed him! 

5. A pleading kiss where one person cannot reach the other’s lips.

“Babe.” You whined as you pulled his long sleeve from his club sweatshirt and he looked at you questioningly.

“Hmm? What is?” A little smirk adorned his handsome face, and you just frowned more, stepping on the tips of your toes to reach his mouth. “Do ya need something, huh?” He laughed and you snorted lightly, stretching your neck even tighter.

“… Give me a kiss because I have to come home and we’ll see you only in the evening, after your training… So… Please?” You said sadly and he bent a bit, but still not enough for you to give him a peck or hug his warm neck . “Babe… Don’t be like that.”

The blonde-dyed teen just laughed, then patted your head with his big hand, making you tap him on the side of his stomach with your index finger.

“Sorry, you’re just so sweet. Ya know, I like to tease ya.” He touched your pouty cheek and then straightened his figure, again shifting the height differences between the two of you to a much larger one. You groaned at this behavior and jumped up gently as you grabbed the fabric of his maroon sweatshirt. “What’s up, cutie?”

“H-Hey!” You laughed softly, then stood on straight legs again, sighing in resignation. “Okay, okay. I’ll just see you later. Have a nice warm-up, ‘Tsumu. Do your best as always!” You waved your hand at him and was about to turn around when you felt something grab you under your armpits and then lift you up high, so you could easily reach your boyfriend’s lips and surprise him with a quick, albeit sweet kiss.

As soon as you were back on the ground and turned your body to see who was helping you, a huge, incredibly sincere smile appeared on your face at the sight of Rintarou, who also patted you on the head shortly after, and then started walking towards the gym to start warming up with the rest of the volleyball team. Then you looked at your surprised man one more time, and then said ‘Goodbye’ to him again, walking towards your home to do your homework quickly and then prepare for the movie marathon with your big baby.

Atsumu, on the other hand, stood in shock for the next few seconds, every now and then remembering how for a short moment you were taller than him and how sweet you looked when you hovered above his own body.

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pillow-anime-talk·4 days agoAnswer

also a 40 with L Lawliet and a fem!reader would be wonderful as well if you have the time!! i couldn’t choose just one (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

a/n: Love him, aaaaa :( Thanks for both requests, babie! 

40. A kiss that is leading to more, but is interrupted by a third party.

“Y/N? Could you please bring me those white folders that are lying on the table in the corner of the room?” You heard L’s quiet, slightly hoarse voice, so you looked towards his sitting in the armchair figure, then nodded and rose from your own chair, walking forward. You picked up all four, quite thick folders and then turned around to put them next to the black-haired man who bit his lower lip, concentrating on watching videos.

“… Do you need anything else?” You asked warmly and he shook his head. “So why don’t you rest for a while? You have been working continuously for over ten hours…”

“I feel good. Really. Don’t worry about me.” He replied, although seeing his pale face and the bags under his orbs you thought completely differently. “… But if you want, you can sit here and help me a bit.” He looked towards the empty part of the armchair, and you rolled your eyes, finally agreeing to his suggestion.

“If it makes you take a short break from thinking about Light and Misa for at least two minutes… Okay.” You sighed as you sat down in front of him and allowed him to wrap his arms tightly around your waist. “Is there anything interesting or disturbing about these tapes?” You asked quietly, and Lawliet shook his head, making his nose tickle your back. “Take a nap then. You’re going to ruin your eyesight if you continue to look at the monitors as often as you do until now, love…”

Your boyfriend muttered something incomprehensible under his breath, and you looked more closely at the two, trapped teenagers. But before you could carefully analyze their movements and behaviors, you felt a tender kiss on the back of your neck and cold hands that suddenly placed under your gray sweater. You jumped up gently, but seconds later you closed your eyes in satisfaction, arching your neck slightly to give the man much better access to your delicate skin.

“L, that doesn’t look like a nap to me.” You whispered as you opened one eye, then turned your body to look at him.

“But thanks to this, I will also rest.” He answered you honestly, and you sighed, smiling anyway, then leaning forward a bit to put the lips together. He tasted like chocolate cake and sweet or rather ripe cherries.

The kiss between the two of you from slow and lazy turned into wetter and wistful. You happily grabbed the young man by one of his soft cheeks, while your other hand was on his thigh, covered by blue jeans.

Probably, if the sudden sound of knocking on the doors and the appearance of Mr. Yagami at the threshold, who begging your loved one to withdraw him from the investigation until his son is released from arrest didn’t bother you, something more would have happened between the two of you.

Unfortunately, intimate things had to wait and give way to a current, very important national case.

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pillow-anime-talk·4 days agoAnswer

Hello! Can I please get 45. with jin mori (The god of highschool) and a fem s/o? P.s I love your writing!!!

a/n: Hiiiii!!! Of course you can and I love you too, omg :<

45. A kiss full of jealousy for the other person. This kind of kiss to show everyone that you belong to each other.

You liked… No. You literally loved going to arcades before you even met Mori and his closest friends; Daewi and Mira. Probably everyone knew you there, including the staff and all the customers. Plus, in the game called ‘Tekken’, you were a decisive champion who was able to defeat even the most persistent opponent on the other side of the huge machine.

“… Y/N, you won again! W-Woah…! How do you do that?” Mori laughed slightly, then stroked your head as you raised your own arms, straightening your numb bones.

“Yup, yup. It was a really good fight.” You said cheerfully and then heard a soft cough, so you looked away from the colored automaton towards the noise. “Oh, hey. So… I played with you?”

“Yes, nice to meet you. You play really, really great. I mean… I’m impressed, not gonna lie.” A teen in your and your boyfriend’s age smiled at you and then shook your hand, saying his first name. You introduced yourself as well and immediately started talking about the game, about your favorite characters, about your best memories and even about the time you started playing in ‘Tekken’.

Mori listened to your conversation, smiling a little at how joyfully your eyes shone as you talked about your favorite techniques. Sometimes you both jokingly said that Mori’s arena fights and yours in the arcades were just as good and just as breathtaking.

“… Maybe we’ll play one more time? Of course, if you have free time.” The blonde-haired boy leaned against the machine and you looked at your boyfriend with hope painted on your whole, pretty face. 

Mori nodded, obviously, and then leaned in your direction, kissing your lips quite hard and long. Your cheeks and the tips of your ears reddened, and as soon as the teenager moved away from you and then turned towards the green exit, you breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ll go get us something warm to drink, baby! Good luck, although I know you will win it! See ya~” He screamed over his shoulder and you blinked lightly as you looked again at your new friend-opponent who was as flushed as you.

“I… Never mind.” You giggled and then sat back in your seat, waiting for the next interesting and long game.

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pillow-anime-talk·4 days agoAnswer

heyoo omg hehe 😳👉🏻👈🏻 recently just discovered ur acc and currently binge reading through your whole masterlist😼 like im so happy i found ur acc cause u write for a lot of my fave animes and like??!?! I LOVE U?!???? anyways have a great day ahead😉💓 - ✨yuu anon

hiiii!! I LOVE YOU TOO, OMG! it’s a pleasure to write about soooo many characters! i love them, ngl. have a nice day/night too, yuu <3

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{!!} request from @.anon: hello, uh … between emotionally abusive success - driven parents and finding out that the partner I was planning on marrying and settling down with (giving up my wonderlust for them) was cheating on me with two other people,, I’m good - but I would like a fluffy and kind Albert who comforts me/helps me believe in love again/that I’m not as awful as my parents say, please?? If you don’t mind,,

# tags: headcanon; friendship & ?; angst; drama; but also fluff and bit of romance; comforting; sfw?

  • includes: albert james moriarty {mtp}

a/n: I have no idea what to tell you, baby, but I believe your well-being will keep getting better! Love u so much (Albert love you too, aaa) <3


↘ Albert knew about your situation with your parents for a long time. Whenever you argued with them, you would appear at his doorstep to calm your thoughts and rest in the warmth of his words and the tea that Louis always prepared for you two.

↘ You used to talk all night long; not only about the situation in your home. Albert occupied your mind with all sorts of topics, from trivia about the city to the new taste of the cake he recently discovered and which you too should taste.

↘ He always had a fluffy blanket or two for you so that you could sleep in his bedroom or guest room.

↘ He always took you in a carriage to your house, and if necessary, he waited outside your home, listening to the sounds behind the door, to help you in case of trouble.

↘ If everything seemed to be normal, Albert would come back to his own property. However, if he heard any noise, curses or screams, he would immediately enter your residence, starting quarrel with your father and mother.

↘ You never really thought that anyone standing up to your parents, but here we are, at the moment when Albert grabs your hand and looks at your parents with an angry look on his face, saying that he’s taking you to his home permanently.

↘ It’s really calm for a while and your relation with Albert and his younger brothers is really wonderful; you feel incredibly loved and appreciated, like a real family member that you never really were.

↘ Of course, you did a lot of housework to repay the three men, even though they tell you you don’t have to.

↘ Anyway. Your happiness didn’t last long, however, because several days after the incident related to your parents, fate hits you in the face once again, but on the love side.

↘ One evening, when you went to meet your current fiancé, you catch him kissing another person. You weren’t surprised, she was a really… beautiful girl. The aristocrat of high society. She had an amazing dress, an umbrella, her white hair was neatly pinned up, and her lips were highlighted with red lipstick. You were no match for her.

↘ However, you showed up at the meeting when your fiancé said ‘Goodbye’ to the woman and turned towards you.

↘ This situation continued for the next three weeks until Albert noticed your sad mood. You had a painful, long tea conversation again, and his words made you realize how toxic your situation was and how quickly you should change it.

↘ It was hard to make a decision, but in the presence of Albert, you were able to end a chapter in your life called ‘You and your fiancé’.

↘ Life gave you two huge falls, and yet despite this, the brown-haired was still at your side, offering you to come to the nearest bakery for some sweet cookies.

↘ Your heart has certainly been broken more than once in the last months, but Albert always had the right plaster for your wounds.

↘ And you were sure that you wouldn’t find a better bandage than him.

↘ He had a good word on everything, reassuring you that you were a very kind, emotional and gorgeous person, and no matter what your parents or ex-partner said about you, it was all one, big untrue.

↘ And he always emphasized it with a warm kiss on your forehead or hand. 

↘ … So you couldn’t help but believe him.


“If you want, I can ask William for a favor and with him you will be able to bring justice to your parents, ex-fiancé and his paramour. I’m not forcing it, but I give you an idea.”

“I think… I think, someday I might use it, Albert, but now it’s enough for me to be next to you. It’s the best in the world. Thank you, love.”

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{!!} request from @.anons: Can you please do Childhood friend reader of the Moriarty brothers? Which includes all the brothers, plus fred. + Can you do Childhood friend reader x Moriarty brothers?

# tags: headcanon; friendship; fluff; mild angst, i guess; sfw

  • includes: moriarty brothers & fred porlock {mtp}

a/n: I hope it’s okay~ Thanks for requests!


↘ You, William and Louis met at the orphanage; at the same moment when you moved in there.

↘ You loved listening to their stories and learning various, really interesting things with them.

↘ William taught you to read and write, and Louis told you about the flowers and clouds you could see together that days. 

↘ Those were really nice moments in your childhood life.

↘ Few days later, you also met Albert, who seemed different from the rest of wealthy society. He was really nice and also showed you some interesting stuff that you really appreciated til today.

↘ One time he even brought you a brown, old book that he liked very much. You read it on your own in four days, and then you both talked about it all day long, thinking about the further fate of the characters and the world depicted there.

↘ Unfortunately, a little time later, Albert’s family adopted two blonde-haired brothers, and you were left all alone, often thinking about them and hoping that they were all right.

↘ After all, you knew perfectly well how William and Louis thought of the nobility.

↘ But since they didn’t come back to the orphanage for the next few weeks… Everything should be fine, am I wrong?

↘ After reaching the right age, you left your current ‘home’ and wandered around the country in search of a place that you could call ‘your’. You have visited a large part of the British Empire working in bars or as a cleaner to earn food and tickets to other, unknown cities.

↘ In the meantime, you’ve met Fred. It was a really random meeting that made you start traveling together, telling each other about your past and plans for the next few days… or maybe even months or years.

↘ Fred looked very much like your friend from three years ago – William. They were just as calm, composed, they wanted to help the poorer just as much, and that made you not want to leave him, feeling as good with him as before with two smol brothers.

↘ You were surprised when Fred got a telegram telling him to show up at a certain time and place to help someone. The black-haired teenager took you with him, of course, and what was your surprise when, after a few years, you saw again three people who were once very important to you.

↘ They’ve definitely grown up, but their eyes haven’t changed at all. Thanks to those orbs, they still seemed to be those sweet kids with whom you spent much of your childhood as an orphan.

↘ So you smiled warmly at them and waved your hand towards them, not sure what exactly you should tell or what to do.

↘ Fortunately, a moment of reflection made you realize that you didn’t need any extraordinary words or gestures to make them understand who you are.

“… ‘Snow White’ is still my favorite book.” You spoke in a gentle tone of voice and they returned your smile back.

“Long time no see, Y/N.”

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pillow-anime-talk·5 days agoAnswer

can i request a 44 + L lawliet with a female reader? thank you Sm and i adore your writing!

a/n: Lawliet, my precious baby :( Thank you soooo much too! <3

44. A small, fleeting kiss – which is immediately followed by a passionate, hungry one.

“Do you want a strawberry?” L looked at you and you nodded, moving a little closer to him on your black, swivel chair. You opened your mouth gently and he put the sweet fruit in it, which only a few seconds ago was on the top of the lovely, little cake. You chewed a juicy snack, smiling a bit, to which the detective also reacted by slightly lifting the corners of his mouth up.

“Mmm. Delicious. Really delicious. Mr. Watari always makes wonderful desserts.” You licked the upper lip and then the lower lip with your tongue, and Lawliet looked at you closely.

“You’re right… Want another one?” He took another piece of red treat between his fingers, and you agreed, then let him fed you one more time.

When the fruit landed on your tongue, you bit into it and mild juice spilled down your whole throat. You closed your eyes with joy and just as you were about to lick your lips again to get rid of the strawberry taste, the dark-haired man leaned forward, catching your lips between his. His tongue ran over your upper lip, allowing him to feel the sweetness of the fruit you just ate.

You giggled under your breathe as you grabbed Lawliet by the cheeks and gave him a kiss as sweet as bright-red fruit. His bangs tickled your nose and one of his hands rested on your soft waist, pulling you onto his lap. As soon as you sat on them, you deepened the kiss, causing your boyfriend to mutter involuntarily under his nose, squeezing your skin a little tighter.

Now the kiss wasn’t as sweet as a strawberry, but rather as hot as a chili pepper. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to expand your flavor, right?

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