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pocketramblr · a minute ago



“fuck you my child is fine” ma’am your child was a pleasure to have in class

if you understand this meme trust me, thats the first sign youre not fine

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pocketramblr · 55 minutes ago

What if for the sempiternal sobriquet au Nighteye has 'All Might's sidekick' on his skin, and growing up he can't believe it! He's going to be ALL MIGHT'S SIDEKICK and then he'll be HIS OWN HERO! But then, despite hardly anyone knowing that the words are on his skin, it's all anyone ever starts to refer to him as - he slowly starts to only be 'All Might's sidekick' and the words that had once brought such joy are now a brand.

Not only that I think he’d have “All Might’s only Sidekick” on him considering that’s how izuku referred to him… Wow the sheer mix of excitement and entitlement and utter despondency that this would brew…

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pocketramblr · 2 days ago

Does Touya/dabi have any “hero” on him? If he does then I think it’d be from his sibs and if he doesn’t,,, Endeavour gon get k i n d a mad,,

He does! He has “my hero” from Rei and “the best hero ever” from Natsuo 🙃

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pocketramblr · 3 days ago



Dodgeball in school is literally the funniest fucking game, your teacher hands you rubber balls and you’re allowed to just attack each other

High school me normally: I am a good good child I would never hurt anybody… 

High school me at dodgeball: I need to kill you so bad I need to end your life immediately 

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pocketramblr · 4 days ago



quirks and some markings as a result of


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pocketramblr · 5 days ago


Some finished animations of the Wanderer: Run, Jump, and Fall.

These took hours, but I really like how they turned out. Feedback welcome and appreciated!

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pocketramblr · 6 days ago

“It’s a miracle you can even see his skin” well yeah why do you think he covers up so much? Dude has gotta keep his image, he can’t intimidate villains very well if they see stuff like “Eraser-dad” and “Loveable Cat Man” on him

Asgdhfnb yeah!! No wonder he’s the strict one about names in the field

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pocketramblr · 6 days ago

Hey, didn’t la brava call izuku something like “the crazy bone breaking kid from the sport festival” that seems like a thing that would worry a lot of people

Didn’t Hawks too? Look I think just based on it being nationally televised, izuku just has to have “the bone kid” on him somewhere to his confusion and disturbance

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pocketramblr · 7 days ago




In like, a Howl’s Moving Castle AU, Fakir and Ahiru are perfect for the book!Sophie&Howl dynamic and Mytho and Rue are perfect for the movie!Sophie&Howl dynamic.

Actually since I mentioned Howl!Rue in the tags:

Fakir, being the overprotective busybody + has sisters in canon(ok technically Uzura isnt canonically his little sister but do I look like I care?) actually works extremely well in Sophie’s role as far as I’m concerned.

Basically what I’m saying is all girls can should must and will get to be wizards. It is law.

I think another way that Fakir works extremely well in Sophie’s role is a similarity in their magic.

Both of them start off the story with no idea that they even have magic, as well as a firm belief in what their role in the story is (the Doomed Knight and the Eldest Of Three) and when they do start to embrace their magic both of them are based in adjusting the narrative

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pocketramblr · 7 days ago

Oh, Thief is a word he 'took' back and Phantom is a phantom word that isn't present on his skin, I like that

Sip sip this Neito loving juice

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pocketramblr · 8 days ago

*14 and 56 + shindeku for the two trope thing, sorry, I forgot to put in the second number

Awful first meeting + bodyguard AU?

Underground hero Shinsou was deep undercover as a villain for six months but his cover was blown and now, his Sempai at the agency assures he needs protection. The Hero Commission sends Pro Hero Deku. Most people know him as a nice hero full of sunshine.

Shinsou knows him as that guy who punched him in the jaw to stop him from using his quirk and he is fully aware that the villain community is terrified of him.

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pocketramblr · 8 days ago

Fake married + accidentally married? I feel like it'd be a mess

Tensei and Manual, during an undercover operation:

Manual: “What do you mean, that was a real civil servant??? What are we supposed to do now?”


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pocketramblr · 14 days ago

TV Tropes - this AU version: Lopsided Loyalty. When a double agent has "Loyal" written all over him. But they are actually exceedingly loyal to the antagonist side. Examples include: Leeroy Sikey. (from Double-Crossed) Nad Scranon. (from Pink Parade) and Sly Wilkman (from Total Takeout Fakeout). [Yes I put absolutely no thought into any of these names besides Lopsided Loyalty. A great name. Like all those cool names for Tropes.] [I guess this trope *could* exist here too.]

Lopsided Loyalty… A subtrope of False Reassurance and Dermatextual Drama, compare with Loophole Abuse and Exact Words. If the traitor was unaware they would switch sides too, it’s Prophecy Twist. If they keep switching and no one is quite sure who that loyalty refers to, it’s the Heel-Face Revolving Door and the Ironically Inked Individual

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pocketramblr · 16 days ago

Aizawa having all the kind nicknames Class A gives him (Dadzawa! Many others but inspo brain is tired)

Shinshou having things like “mini zawa”, (insert a todoroki conspiracy theory or two), a rambling from Izuku

(If no one else has suggested it I propose that all of 1A and B have Izu Rambles, as well as the Teachers)

((Uravity having Baku’s “there’s nothing fragile about her” from the sports fest))

Me thinking about Aizawa having “Baba” on him somewhere from Eri:

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pocketramblr · 18 days ago

"Truuuuuu yeah there’s really only so much you can trust the names on a good day, let alone times of trouble" Also it can go the reverse. The guy with labels praising his loyalty is actually an incredibly loyal spy for the other side who's fooled everyone...

The spy absolutely has “loyal to the end” written where it can be seen- hand, neck, titty window, wherever- and must be accused by the betrayed person of writing it in themselves to gain more trust before laughing evilly and saying “loyal to who?” then like shooting the betrayed person

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pocketramblr · 18 days ago






Remember all those promo pics that made it look like Mulder and Scully were going to the prom?

I’m coming up short on THE prom promo pics, but I’ve always felt they were part of a larger series, including (but not limited to):

fbi engagement photos

fbi pregnancy announcement

fbi apocalypse survivors?

and, last but not least, fbi indie album cover.

fbi homecoming

fbi slavic 80s popstars

fbi weird theater kids

fbi young adult novel

fbi Christmas card

I think this is one of the aforementioned FBI prom photos

but let’s not forget the FBI Sears portrait

FBI du Soleil

FBI 1980′s cigarette ad

FBI one hit wonder 90′s pop duo

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pocketramblr · 18 days ago

"Imagine growing up with ‘the reason All Might fell’ huh" // Bakugou: I'm gonna be so great that All Might will have to retire! // [Years later] // *(sad Bakugou noises)*

Bakugo: because obviously no one can beat All Might expect me when I become number one hero!

His possey: oooh ur so cool

Bakugo, approx 10 yrs later, in Kamino: no no no no no go back it wasn’t supposed to mean this noooo nope no

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pocketramblr · 20 days ago

LISTEN I get a stupid shower thought once about Elmo as a post-apocalyptic overlord and then see a prompt for a bizzare apocalypse and then the next thing I know I’m making an outline for the sesame crew I don’t even remember opening the doc????? But ya know nothing like coming to in the middle of planning grouch the count and snuffleuphagus as zombies (just imagine meeting snuffleuphagus in a dark musty tunnel 😶) my teachers going to have to grade this???? I’m so sorry for her F in the chat-dead rat anon

you…. made the count…. who is a vampire… a zombie instead

actually that probably shouldn’t be the most concerning thing in this ask to me but um. my brain is censoring Ov*rlord *lmo for my own protection i think. ngl tho zombie snuffeluphagus IS very 😶

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pocketramblr · 21 days ago

sempiternal sobriquet au: I'm betting they've had a workaround for spies for a long time. After quirks every major power likely found someone who could hide the words. That or in times of paranoia so many people had "spy" on them that everyone just gave up and stopped trusting them...

Truuuuuu yeah there’s really only so much you can trust the names on a good day, let alone times of trouble

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pocketramblr · 22 days ago


If anything that should power up Flash

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