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poetsbloom · 2 days ago
The longer
I ignore
The thought of you
The more pain it brings
Once you inevitably
Invade my mind
Once again.
I feel selfish being happy
Because happy keeps you away,
And once you come back
I ache for you with every part of my soul.
I ache enough
To drive me insane
I feel selfish being happy.
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poetsbloom · 8 days ago
Used to be
I wish getting into bed
Was like what it used to be.
Excited to be wrapped up in warm sheets
The smell of my bedding
Sending me peacefully off into the dream land
The quietness calming my head.
Today I look at my bed and feel sick
The cries of a sleepless night
The fight of a dying soul
The world I dread most.
The quiet scares me
Being alone scares me
The thoughts prise my brain apart
So so easily.
Everything feels cold
My bed feels uncomfortable
Waking up at 3am crying, shaking
Sleeping just isn't fun anymore.
I wish getting into bed
Was like what it used to be.
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poetsbloom · 15 days ago
I am getting better and stronger every day
I can feel myself becoming lighter
I can feel old me, clawing her way through the numbness
And she's nearly there.
Tonight is an off night
And that's okay
Because tonight i will cry for past me, not me now
I'll cry about how long she let her head ruin her life
And tomorrow i will try harder for her
I'll try harder for the future she could barely even see.
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poetsbloom · 25 days ago
I promised myself things were getting better
But what if i started to fool myself instead of others
I've cast myself under my own spell
And I've hidden myself away pain that creeps up on me
Like a lion on its prey, ready to pounce.
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poetsbloom · a month ago
Social media
'I find you toxic' she screamed
But she was quickly silenced
By a loud alert
That she simply did not care about any longer.
'Who me' it haunted
'I'm everywhere, you can't escape me'
And she knew it was right.
She looked around
All of her friends still stuck in the cycle
Scroll, like, repeat
But the thought of it sickened her
She'd spend years of her life
Stuck in a sea of bright colours and notifications,
In fact she was so blinded by it
She'd forgotten how to live.
'I'm done letting you control me'
She said holding down firmly on the place
She'd lost years of her life to
And before her eyes it began to shake with fear,
Her fingers swiftly moved across the x,
Silence fell abruptly afterwards.
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poetsbloom · a month ago
I didn't choose this life
Grief isn't something you
Can just choose not to feel
I didn't choose to fall into this depression
Obviously i couldn't.
If i could have chosen
Whether to waste my life
In a coma of numbness
I would have said no
But yet here i stand
Sad to admit i regret the days
I let my head win the battles
If it was up to me
I would have lived my teens
Like any other person
But alas
I could not choose.
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