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positivelypositive · 5 days ago
gentle reminder...
... that you need not accomplish everything today.
you can take your time with your goals. your life will go along at your speed, according to your timeline.
don't try to slow it down or hurry it up, based on someone else's life experience.
it's your life. do your thing ✨
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positivelypositive · 6 days ago
you do you...
...is not just something for you to say to others.
remember to apply the same for your own self. do what you like. do what you prefer. do what brings you peace and joy.
live for yourself. prioritise your needs. think for yourself. it's not selfish. it's okay ✨
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positivelypositive · 7 days ago
a reminder that...
...your physical appearance has nothing to do with the kind of person you are
it's great to be fit and healthy but if you're still in process of getting there, it's fine. you're not defined by the state of your physical or mental health.
don't let worries about your appearance make your life difficult. look past it. you're beautiful ✨
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positivelypositive · 9 days ago
I found out my closest online friend passed away a month ago and I having a hard time getting used to that fact. She was the type of person you could share anything to, she helped me out of a few dark places and we really clicked as people. I regret taking our friendship for granted and I wish I could’ve done something to prevent this from occurring. I don’t expect the healing process to be quick, but do you have any tips on how to move on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
hey anon,
i'm really sorry for your loss. i hope you are taking care of yourself and your feelings. a loss of a friend can be heartbreaking, more so when you're close to them. you have my sympathy, anon.
i think that you should give yourself some time and slowly open yourself up to new friendships. take your time with it, though. in the meantime, you can write about your feelings down in the form of letters and if you want, you can address these letters to your friend.
it's truly a tough time that you're going through anon but please remember how much your friend loved you. they'd value your happiness greatly and would be glad to see you healthy and happy, wherever they are.
sending you courage and positive vibes ✨
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positivelypositive · 9 days ago
Hi. I've been anxious about money. And that you need money to live and do what you love, money, money money.. I can't take this. And the economy is so bad that my generation can't think of having kids or marriage, cuz we/I barely can buy food. I'm so done
hey @sunlitcerulean
i understand where you're coming from. it's a scary world, especially ecnomically. we are never really guided on how to budget and live sustainably and it's quite unfair to expect people to just grow up suddenly and know everything about adulting.
i'll tell you this though - these thoughts scare everyone. nobody knows it all. everyone is trying their best, just like you are. also, know that you don't have to know everything all at once. you learn as you go.
you can look for online classes on personal finances, budgeting, and life hacks. you can't know everything from the get go but you can keep learning. you'll get better at it.
i know it can be terrifying but please know that you can handle it. you've got this. sending you courage and positive vibes ✨
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positivelypositive · 10 days ago
try to remember...
...that every person is fighting his own battles each day.
you know your struggles because they are your own. just like not everybody knows everything that you go through, you too don't know what the other person is dealing with.
try to be kind, as much as you can. don't let people trample you or your feelings but it's okay to give the benefit of the doubt to those you know and trust.
a little more kindness never hurts ✨
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positivelypositive · 11 days ago
today didn't go your way
it was frustrating and disappointing and you feel like you're at your lowest.
remember that this too shall pass. if there's something that we know for sure it's that life is not constant. it rises and falls and takes you along for a journey nobody has the instructions or directions to.
you're doing your best. it'll get better soon. keep holding on ✨
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positivelypositive · 12 days ago
it's your choice...
...what you let affect yourself.
as much as it's good to sensitive towards your own emotions and those of others, it's also important to know and allow only things that matter, affect you.
not every argument is worth engaging. some people are just looking to infuriate you. pick your battles wisely. make your word count.
keep you cool. not everything matters ✨
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positivelypositive · 15 days ago
Recently I noticed that most of my problems are due to me taking other's feelings towards me seriously. Like one time my sister said that I had a negative vibe when I was just complaining about something and now I'm depressed that it's obvious. I am really sensitive to criticism and I don't know how to not cry or be depressed when someone says something.
hey anon,
i relate to this so hard because i cried yesterday just because my brother said he was mad at me. he never gets angry with me and i knew it was just a spur of the moment display of emotion but it just brought on feelings and thoughts that i am insecure about so yeah i think i know where you're coming from.
in such situations, what usually helps me is isolating myself. i try to take myself away from the environment where i was stressed and try to get some time alone with my thoughts. i try to think about why it's making me feel the way it does and if it makes sense.
emotions don't always make sense and that's okay. that's allowed. however, slowly i think we should try and understand ourself more. i feel like knowing the cause of our insecurity can help us overcome such outburts and seemingly irrational feelings.
till then, just let yourself feel. it's okay. you're doing the best you can. sending you love and positive vibes ✨
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positivelypositive · 16 days ago
TW : burnout, anxiety, depressio, emeto
Hey I have been feeling very disconnected. I am studying through for my future but now I have some subjects where I literally throw up at a subject because I am so stressed and feel so stupid because I don’t get it. Why do I have to study this shit? It’s my last leg but some subjects genuinely made me throw up and my head keeps spinning and having headaches on a daily basis. I am fine and used to be, but now it’s just how do I go to class pretending to understand the materials after trying to read textbooks and all but end up throwing my guts out because I have stress, anxiety and all packaged to one? And idk I never throw up because I have beef with subjects but at this point I am no longer surprise because I have always been very stressed
hey anon,
i'm so sorry that your stress is causing you so much distress physically and mentally.
since it's a non negotiable, i can't advice you to just give it up. that's not an option here. however you can change the way you deal with it. meditate with the intention of calming down right before you begin studying this subject. schedule it either at the beginning of the day and progress to subjects you like better or keep it for the very end of the day when you're done with the other subjects or simply sandwich it in between 2 preferred subjects. the point is, your attitude about it should guide your schedule.
it's making things difficult for you right now and that's really not how you want it to be. but since it's not something that you can just give up on, try and keep your spirits up. it'll come to an end soon and you'll be free for it. look forward to that and keep going for now. sending you courage and positive vibes ✨
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positivelypositive · 16 days ago
Im sorry I have a question if you don't mind huhu I'm really confused
so what happened is my dear friend, we're now kinda far from each other, (covid and all). but we keep chatting with each other.
she is not in a good condition lately, for context on how bad it is, she did the sh. and she always tells everything to me. and I just— I really want to help, but I'm not that good when it comes to texting. I'm so bad at forming words and don't know what to tell her.
How do I comfort her? Any tips on how to comfort people through chat? thank you💕💗😇
hey anon,
to be honest, even though i am from the generation that prefers texting, i feel like sometimes you just need to call. there's something comforting and real about hearing your loved one's voice.
however if you really want to stick to texting, then set the tone according to how they like it. are they usually jokey with you? if so, even serious matters like this can be addressed through light memes. send them motivational and wholesome memes to brighten their day. if they are feeling low and being serious then adapt your style to it. be more somber and send them encouraging posts and quotes.
i feel like it will work better if instead of constantly telling them that self harm is bad, you tell them that there's much more to life and things get better sooner or later. help them elevate their atitude towards life. i hope this helps you and them.
sending you love and positive vibes ✨
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