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potatoes-is-are-food · 6 minutes ago
No thought head empty...Just touya-nii making me me sit on his face to test out his new vibrating toung piercing.
(๑´ㅂ`๑) oh gosh, this idea is sheer perfection, darling!
Tumblr media
. . .what is that?
“there’s only one way to find out.”
ah crap, you didn’t mean to say that out loud.
“y-yeah, no thanks—I’m, umm, fine.” you attempt to squeeze on past him, because whatever it is you’re cool going the whole rest of your life not knowing; but the keyword is attempt since you’re not getting away when his hand is curled around your upper arm, and he’s dragging a blanched-looking you back to his room. nothing good ever happens there.
“c’mon, don’t knock it til you try it, lil sis.” he glances back at you, a horribly familiar glint flickering in his eyes. “besides, I bought it just for you—can’t let it go to waste.”
oh there’s no going to waste when he’s face-first in your dripping pussy, dragging his tongue over every squishy inch of you. it’s bad enough that he’s eating you out, even worse that he’s making you sit on his face to do it, but the icing on this salacious cake has a hundred percent got to be that godforsaken piercing. not only does the metal provide a stark contrast to your heated insides. . .but it vibrates too. you never knew such a contraption existed, and you would love to know how on earth he came across such a thing. though that’s a question for later when he’s not digging his tongue as deep as humanly possible, grazing said piercing against the pulpy spot that only he knows about, the one that’s sure to have your toes curling and head bobbing from side to side. works like a charm yet again. even with your hands tangled in his locks, nails scraping at his scalp, he keeps you pinned to his too-warm mouth with the sole fixation of ripping another orgasm out of you at the forefront of his mind. isn’t it enough that you’ve squirted on him like three or four times already? evidently not since he proceeds to slither his tongue all the way up your drenched slit to press the piercing directly on your already swollen clit. that has an immediate effect on you—eyes rolling, hips twitching, insides clenching down on nothing. you think your soul has finally left your body, and you can just barely distinguish his voice from the static noise buzzing in your ears,
 “hey, aren’t you glad I was so kind enough to share my new toy with you, sis.”
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potatoes-is-are-food · 7 minutes ago
Wait- what if darling gets a bf and brings him to hang out in her (room) home? How would the todoroki family react 💀i can just imagine everyone being chill on the outside but on the inside oh boi ( especially touya-)
(✿˘艸˘✿) awww sweetpea, that’s so cute of you thinking that these men of the house are going to let any dirty boy that’s not them lay their hands on you~
so let’s say there’s a “boy” who’s also a “friend” manages to slip through the cracks, and let’s say you have a lapse in judgement and bring said “boy” to the estate--you’re going to immediately regret it upon the second you step through the doorframe. you don’t even make it a half a step anywhere, can barely swap out your shoes for slippers when touya-nii slinks around the corner with a sneer curling at his lips because look what the cat dragged in--aww, are we not enough for you, lil sis? are you so much of a slut that you gotta fuck some nobody on the side? ouch, that burned. but don’t worry, the drastic plunge in temperature makes sure the blistering sting doesn’t last for long, and you know it’s the not dread churning in your stomach that’s got you shaking in your boots. you muster the courage to peer over touya’s shoulder and no surprises there when you spot natsu-nii looking all dejected that you’d even think of any man other than him, and then a quick dart to the right grants you an eyeful of shouto boring holes into your companion’s head--it’s a subdued sort of ire, though there’s no void of an icy bite.
and in a whiplash fashion, you feel your nerves igniting at the edges, beads of sweat prickling on your nape: it’s him. you wish he’d just burn the entire manor to the ground, at least it would spare you the mortification already cresting through your system. but alas, your dad’s not quite so merciful; instead, you’re tugged behind him before you can even wrap your mind around the fact that he managed to close the distance in the blink of an eye. from there, it’s all kind of a blur because you’re immediately scooped up by your brothers to be taught a lesson while your dad deals with that loose end in the form of your horrified “friend” back there. but once your dad’s finished up, he’ll be sure to lend a helping hand to your brothers.
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potatoes-is-are-food · 7 minutes ago
I’m weak to Todoroki family sickeningly sweet love and Shouto in specific. Darling just had a rough day and wants to fall into dear Shouto’s arms. At first it’s just cuddles and soft kisses peppered along with quiet affirmations of love to soothe. But then you gets greedy and wants more bold displays of affection. Maybe you just want to feel Shouto inside your plush walls & warm his cock to intimately joined. It’s enough for a while but then you want more of his love to drown out the world
(๑’ᗢ’๑)ฅ awww, this is a really cute idea, dear!
it’s one of those days. you know those days when nothing’s going quite right and you just want to sleep for the next few centuries? yeah, that’s what today’s been like for you. fortunately, you’re a good twenty-ish steps from your room where you can pull up the blankets and pretend like today never happened. . .but then you espy his slightly ajar door, and your heart has different plans. guilt pierces your chest because you don’t want to bother him, not over something so trivial, yet your thoughts hardly match your actions when you’re already peeking your head in his room. you truly are enamored with him, aren’t you. and there’s no going back from here once you set foot in his sanctuary. the exchange is a quiet one, one where white silence is a language all its own, yet your presence never goes unnoticed--he’s so painfully aware of your existence even before he glances in your direction. and his gaze says it all; so heart-shaking that you’re tempted to cry, though instead you opt to crawl into his awaiting lap and melt into his open arms that feel just like home.
he doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t attempt to peel back already gaping wounds, oh no, he simply pets your head, and holds you just a little tighter because it’s alright, I’m here now, don’t worry. it doesn’t need to be said, not when you know that it’s a gilded truth anyways, but you’re so glad he does--he always knows just what you need, he’s a good brother like that. and after a sweet array of kisses are pressed to the soft expanse of your face, you get this sense that you need him too. it comes as a soft plea from you, almost like a hallowed prayer to your heavenly brother: you feel empty, and you just want him inside you, please shouto-nii? a part of you thinks he’s far too indulgent of you when he does just as you bid, immediately tugging your clothes out of the way, but the other part of you, the selfish part is over the moon when he slips into your warm insides. every inch of him feels like honeyed paradise, and you wish you could stay like this for an eternity and then some with him buried so deeply that he’s almost a part of you. for the longest time it’s just you, and him, and those silken heartbeats because right now nothing else matters save for him--he’s your entire universe. perhaps you’re asking for too much (aren’t you always with him?), but that doesn’t stop you from shifting a bit on his thighs, a muted request for more, please more, shouto-nii, I want you to make me feel good. and he’s more than happy to oblige you as his hands settle themselves on your hips, lifting you up so can show you just how much he loves you.
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potatoes-is-are-food · 38 minutes ago
Ooo obscure fetishes you say? What about human furniture? You fuck up one too many times and Shigaraki decides you’d be more useful as a table. Just be thankful you’re not a urinal…for now
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Disappoint me again,” he said, kicking the worn ottoman away from the side of the couch, “and I’m demoting you to urinal.”
“You can work your way back up. Right now you’re a footrest but tomorrow you be a chair or a table! Maybe we’ll even throw in an opportunity for you to be an ashtray if it’ll get the smokers to stop ashing on the floor.” 
This got a grin out of Dabi and a look of guilt from the League’s resident chain smoker. 
“But that isn’t-”
“Fair?” Standing at his full height, Shigaraki was a force that couldn’t be reckoned with. Even with a skill set such as your own, he was, as he liked to put it, at the top of his skill ceiling and lacked a desire to go smurfing. When he reached his hand out, you expected to lose something in the process-some skin, a limb maybe-but Shigaraki merely patted your head and bent at the chest until he was eye level with his new recruit. “What does a hero know about playing fair?”
Everyone got a laugh out of this.
“Ex-hero. M’not-”
“Getting on my good side,” he finished. Shigaraki’s hand slipped off your head and fell to your shoulder like a puppeteer had snipped his strings. Paired eyes gleamed with merried interest as the boss turned to them with his arm hooked around an ex-hero’s shoulder. 
“I told you my stipulations,” he said, shaking you as if to hype you up for your next ‘test’. “You wanna keep running around in that spandex zoot suit while you’re working for me then you’ll prove your loyalty in other ways. Give and take, that’s how this works. You understand that, right?”
“Yes, sir.”
“This one even comes with manners.” Although Dabi took great pleasure in seeing you at your lowest, there was a deep-seated anger in his words that even teasing couldn’t mask. “Must be a new breed of hero, one of those lapdog ass-kisser types.”
Some laughed, but most just smiled at the way your head leveled with your shoulders as it hung with shame. 
Shigaraki was too close now, breathing down your neck, cracked lips nearly cutting up your skin, “Is that true? Are you a lapdog, hero?”
“You think she knows any tricks?” Toga added.
And the magician responded justly: “Well she sure knows how to shake.”
More laughs.
“Never thought I’d say this but...” Shigaraki shook his head as if he were in disbelief of his own sadism, but his incredulity wouldn’t be enough to stop him from putting weight on your shoulders. “Get on your knees, hero.”
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potatoes-is-are-food · 4 hours ago
roomie shinsou
Tumblr media
Roomate Shinsou who you’re really into…but he’s so cold and doesn’t speak much to you and you think he hates you, you really just wish he’d look at you with affectionate and warm eyes and the thought has your cunny throbbing and since you’re home alone you figure its time to relieve some of the stress you’re feeling. When you start out, moaning his name hips bucking into your hand and you’re so engrossed that you don’t even realize Shinsou’s been standing there watching you. You hear the creek of the door and start to panic, you cover yourself up and you’re practically tearing up from having your crush just watch you play with yourself while moaning his name for fucks sake. He doesn’t say anything- just approaches you grabbing the covers exposing your dripping heat for his tired eyes to see and you try covering up but he easily overpowers you forcing your legs apart, he becomes face to face with your cunt and you can feel his breath on it and your head is so light and dizzy because the man you love is two inches away from your cunt and he’s not saying a word just staring and your hips are wiggling around until finally he says,
“I tried being nice and giving you space, but all you do is tease me with that little body of yours” and he gives a testing lick up your slit and that along with all of the anticipation has you gripping the sheets in want
and he just begins devouring your pussy, your gripping at his hair and pulling it, rocking your hips into his skillful tongue 
Tumblr media
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
Thinkin’ ‘bout Shig trying to teach the sweet new League member how to game, but gettin creative with it 😋
18+, minors dni // light bondage, rough gamer sex.
Tumblr media
Keep reading
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
Izuku taking you to his private gym to train with him and telling you that you need to work on flexibility so he makes you practice but sitting on his cock and slowly pulling your legs out until your basically doing a split on his dick. He's a little shit so he's doing crunches and sit ups the whole time. Sometimes he'll jerk a little and thrust inside you and you'll just grunt as you feel his cock head push up against your cervix even more. He'll apologize but you know he doesn't mean it. then he'll tell you he has to do some pulsing crunches. The pulsing crunches just have his cock trying to pop through your cervix which it does right as he's about to cum a half inch of his cock head pops through and you just feel the hot blasts of cum against the back of your womb and you fall forwards to the floor between his legs still full of his cock.
"Sorry baby I didn't mean to fuck you out like this." He says like a liar.
@hanji-is-life @cupcake-rogue @mochis-cafe
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
shigaraki practically smothers you every time he decides he wants to cuddle. he’s just so cold and you’re so warm so he wants as much skin on skin contact as he can get. and his wiry arms hold a surprising amount of strength so you’re shit out of luck if you have something to do bc he’s not planning on letting go until he’s had his fill, which can range anywhere from half an hour to the rest of the night. and if you try to wriggle away from him too soon he will be a grumpy menace about it. 
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He may end up pushing you around from time to time due to how little you try to stop him but don't get him wrong, Shigaraki loves and holds your dear to his heart
There may be moments where it doesn't seem like he cares but baby he'd do anything to have your caring hands caress over his face, gentle eyes examining the scars and dried skin before getting moisturizer to tend to him
Not to mention the way your there for him when no one else seems to want to be, even he feels bad for treating you wrong from time to time but nevertheless he'll make up for it through protection, ensuring kurogiri takes care of you just like they do him while he dusts any potential threat to his sweetheart
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
I’m going on anon because of what I’m about to request.
So first of all you’re work 😘 perfect.
Secondly can I request Shigaraki x Female Reader
Where he agrees to explore her breeding kink and finds himself getting really into it saying things like he’s going to knock her up and he can’t wait to watch her belly swell and her tits get bigger.
If you’re not comfortable writing this feel free to decline. I just have a huge breeding kink among other kinks and don’t see much of any of them with Shiggy 😭 thank you!
I’m going to be the thirst anon.
🥵 my anon emoji
Tumblr media
Anon, I am gonna die wondering who this is now 👀 Breeding is not usually my kink but still, I will do this thing that you ask. 
» pairing: shigaraki tomura x fem!reader
» cw: breeding, lactation mentions, lil’ bit of teasing (the verbal kind). 18+, minors DNI. 
» wc: 1k 
Tumblr media
"You're sure you're—a-ah—comfortable with this?"
It's hard to spit out the question with Shigaraki's fingers buried in your soaked cunt, but you can't help the self-consciousness, and that need for reassurance. The two of you have done plenty of filthy shit together, there's no denying that, but this feels different. More specific and more of a fantasy, something divorced from anything either of you actually want at this point in life. It had your face heating up before you even asked, but Shigaraki had agreed, and he only seems impatient at the way you're demanding confirmation yet again.
"'Course I'm sure," he huffs, his breath hot against your neck as his tongue laps along your pulse. "The fuck do I care? I'll fuck you any way you want."
He's not lying, not if the way his erection is digging into your thigh is any indication. That impression is only strengthened when he withdraws his spindly digits from your sex, his lips splitting into a wide grin as he shoves those slick-coated fingers into your mouth.
"Good girl," he murmurs, when you immediately start licking them clean, your juices slightly sweet and tangy on your tongue. The moment you’re done he's taking himself in hand, brushing his tip along your slit and then teasing at your entrance. "So needy," he breathes. "Want it that bad?"
"Y-yes," you whine. "Please."
"Please, what?" There’s a ridiculing edge to his voice as his grin widens, and it’s all you can do not to hide your face into your hands.
"Please f-fuck me."
"And?" He nips at your jaw. "That's not all you want, is it? Say it."
If your face was hot before, it's burning now. "P-put a baby in me, please, Tomu."
That's fucking right," he groans, and then he's sinking himself into you, his thick cock stretching your walls wide as he buries himself in inside with one long thrust. "Gonna take my cock and then take my seed, right?"
Your walls flutter at the taunt, even that modest allusion enough to have you creaming a little more around him, and Shigaraki is quick to notice, chuckling under his breath.
"Shit, you really are into this. 'S cute," he mumbles. His words are slurred slightly, crimson eyes going hazy at the feel of your wet heat around his length. "Really want me to fuck a kid into you, huh?"
Your affirmation is a high-pitched whine, your fingernails digging into his biceps as his cockhead drags along your inner walls and he continues. "So desperate for me to fill you up? Knock you up so everyone knows you're mine?"
"Yes, fuck yes," you moan.
You're rocking your hips to meet his thrusts, that knot in your gut starting to tighten already, the warmth blooming under your skin only worsening as he seems to settle into this performance, embracing it, even. He's tossing his head, flipping his shaggy pale locks out of his face so he can take in the sight of you beneath him. His gaze settles on your belly, his lip quirking up thoughtfully.
"Shit, I think I actually kind of like that idea. Belly all huge with my spawn, tits all full of milk." One calloused hand gropes roughly at your breast, his tongue tracing over his lips as he eyes them, and then he's ducking his head, clamping down around one nipple and sucking harshly as he mumbles around his prize. "Bet you'd taste fucking great. Feed me real well."
Your leg hooks around his waist in response, fingers tangling in his hair, and he lets out a long, low groan before pulling away, hooking his hand behind your knee to prop one of your legs over his shoulder. That forced flexibility borders on painful, but Shigaraki only laughs at your whine of protest.
"You want me to—fuck—want me to get it deep, right?" He's panting, pink rising on his cheeks and his cock twitching inside you every time his spongy tip kisses against your cervix. "Fill you up good and proper?"
"Y-yeah, god, give it to me." Your voice is hitting an entirely undignified pitch now, your whole body feverish at the thought as you babble. "Fuck a baby into me, b-breed me, please, need it so bad, just for you."
"Fuck, love hearing you beg for it," Shigaraki pants. His hands works its way between you, his fingers rubbing circles around your puffy clit, that last little bit of stimulation sending you hurtling rapidly towards your peak. "Gotta cum for me first though. Milk my cock if you want it so bad."
That's all it takes, your cunt clenching and gushing, drawing him deeper as you cum around him. He shoves your leg closer to your chest so he can work himself into you harder, his thrusts rapid and erratic, obviously close to finishing.
"Should I pull out?" he goads, mocking you, but in your fervor all you can do is shake your head rapidly, tears pricking at your eyes from the mere thought of wasting his cum.
"Want it... inside," you gasp.
"'Course you do," he rasps, kissing you hard. "Such a good girl for me. Gonna—ngh—gonna cum straight into your fucking womb."
That promise alone is enough to have another orgasm tearing through you, a wail rising from deep in your throat as he pounds furiously into you, and then his cock is spasming, hot spurts of his seed spilling against your cervix as you throw your head back in ecstasy, choked 'thank you's falling from your lips.
When his cock finally stops twitching, Shigaraki slumps atop you, staying nestled inside as the two of you work to catch your breath, mouths occasionally tracing lazily over each other's sweaty skin. Once your pulse has stopped racing you move to free yourself from where you're trapped beneath him, but you’re met with strong hands holding you in place, and Shigaraki's lips catching yours.
It's only when he starts to move again that his growing arousal becomes obvious, his hips canting as he works himself in and out of you.
"Can't stop now," he whispers heatedly, his mouth curving into a lascivious smile. "Gotta fuck it into you and make sure it takes."
Tumblr media
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
Who is most likely to earfuck you and splooge all up in your brain?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Human bodies, no matter how cat-like, can only take so much trauma before they inevitably fall into shock. You could stomach the beatings for information you didn’t have and grit your fanged teeth and bear a wet cloth over your mouth and nose—the subsequent simulation of drowning having done little to shake a feline of your caliber—but this, this is unlike any torture you’ve ever experienced, unreal to the point of psychosis. Can’t think. Can’t talk. Can’t move.
But you can hear.
Cocks shouldn’t be able to fit inside an ear canal of any size, but Hawks is more bird than he lets on. Whisped fur tickled the tapered head of his dick, stroked the staircased vein along the underside of it, and aided in the violation of both body and mind. There was a migraine, an ache behind the eyes, then a cruel grunt of triumph when the hero broke through the first of many barriers.
A ruptured ear drum has nothing on the pain of a canal so small being stretched like a virgin cunt.
“If you won’t share what’s inside that head of yours, guess I’ll have to go rooting around for the information myself.”
Leather palms on top of one another tug push tug push until an entire sense is taken over by the sticky crackle of a spit-lubed cock dragging in and out of your head. Screaming is a privilege, one you have no right to when you’re numb from the brain down. How your limp body hasn’t fallen over is a mystery, but no more a mystery than how you’re even still alive.
“Drooling?” he says, tilting your head back to see your blank expression and groaning over the pressure of this new angle. “If I was a betting man, I’d wager that you’re enjoying this. Nothing like a mindfuck to get your head on straight, right?”
If you had any useful information to begin with, by now it’s been lost to the pump and shuck of a jizzing cock. Fluid leaks from your ear only when his thrusts are fast enough to fuck it out of you, but his semen seems dead set on fertilizing the womb that is your brain. Had you had time to imagine it, you would’ve pictured blistering pain, but the warm gush can only soothe a mind that’s been fucked red and raw.
“I’ll just—I’ll just keep finding more holes to fuck until you tell me what I want to know. Til then, I think I’ll just—I’ll just introduce myself to your other ear, see what she thinks, huh?”
As if she’s capable of that anymore.
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potatoes-is-are-food · 5 hours ago
The end of every fic I write: “I’m keeping you” “I’m gonna marry you” “I’m staying with you” “You’re mine forever” 
Me: Ah, yes, no one can tell I have abandonment issues 😌
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potatoes-is-are-food · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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potatoes-is-are-food · 11 hours ago
I would like to add to the bull!izu brainrot pls
Cause what if you hear a commotion in the night, it’s dark and warm so why are your sweet little cow girls whining and crying and simpering in the barns? And why does the air seem so thick by izuku’s field? Why can you see a pair of bright green eyes staring at you through the dark when you approach the paddock because you need to figure out why it’s him causing such a ruckus - he’s sweet and kind and never makes a problem…and yet, instincts tell you to run when you see a cloud of hot breath and a growl and it takes him all of ten seconds to catch up with you and mount you.
S’not the first time hes forgotten that you wear clothes nd he just ruts against your covered crotch til you can feel his cum seeping through the fabric and it’s so dark and so warm and you can barely tell which way is up. And poor bull!izu is so frantic and so buried in this uncontrollable urge to breed you, even if you’re covered in dirt and hay and a little dazed from how he ran you down. And once he sees his own cum wetting your trousers, wasted, a pointless spend because it should be inside you, should be deep in your womb taking root and his eyes flash because he’s so angry with himself for being so fuckin needy and so careless - so it’s only fair to punish himself by ripping your clothes, and fucking you into the ground, breeding you til he’s crossed eyes and he’s twitching from overstimulation, till hes fucking his own thick cum out of your swollen little cunt, stretched obscenely around his cock. You’re just along for the ride, all you wanted to do was check on your sweet little cow girls and now? You’re mindless and swollen and puffy and you can feel him in your tummy and you wonder why you even both wearing clothes when izu is in this deep for you 🥺🥺
Hi I lub you and your work pls bestie You’re so lovely
C’mere bitch-
Tumblr media
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potatoes-is-are-food · 11 hours ago
Hi bae, I'm back with ideas 🚣‍♀️ so since I'm a slut for merman Bakugou imagine hes a mf Mer king, and you've like known him for a little cause you saved his fine ass from bleeding out on the beach, and he's trying to learn english for you yknow cause he's rlly feelin you, and he's courting you, giving you gold he found and pearls and shit and ur not dumb, you know he's trying to mate you, and you're all for it, you just wanna get him his own gift.
You noticed that he really likes your moon necklace, so you buy him a matching one, making your way onto the beach. When he sees you coming towards him, he flops his upper half on the dock and watches you approach.
You sit in front of him and smile when he growls out a harsh bark of your name. You scoot closer to him and reach into your pocket, clasping your hand around the necklace amd meeting his curious gaze.
"I have something for you, Katsu."
He lets out a deep purr at the use of his nickname, loving the way it rolls off your tongue. You pull the necklace out from behind you and present it to him, watching him look at it, then at you as his pupils dilate. You smile, asking softly, you accept? And he snarls and lunges for you, wrapping a big, wet hand around your throat and kissing you, growling incoherent things about mate, eggs, breed
Do what you will 🏃🏾‍♀️💨
Also I'm gonna make an oc for merman Bakugou after I finish my Ram!Oc
Merman Bakugou who has a big and extravagant tail ever seen because he’s king of the fucking ocean of course he’s the most beautiful fish out there. But don’t let that beauty distract you from flesh tearing claws and needles sharp fangs, low hisses that shake and vibrate his fins.
Merman Bakugou that despised humans until the day you cut off the nets digging into his tail and painting the sand red with his blood. Now, he still hates humans, but wants to learn your language and is constantly at the docks you lived close by to see you as often as he can.
Merman Bakugou courts you with treasures lost in the depths of the see- gold jewelry and priceless pearls, rubs his gills on your neck because he loves how it vibrates whenever you laugh from his cold and wet skin tickling yours, purrs deeply when thank him for the gifts and call him that cute little nickname you came up with for him.
You know it must be some sort of courting method and you’re more than happy to accept the handsome merman’s advances (cuz where else would you ever get the chance to flirt with a merman). Since he’s always fiddling with your silver moon necklace, you figured he wouldn’t mind matching with you.
So you meet up with Merman Bakugou as usual one day at the docks, crouching to his level as he barks your name out, a harsh sound that would’ve sounded intimidating if he wasn’t purring so loudly.
“I got you something for you, Katsu.”
Merman Bakugou’s pupils turn big and round at the necklace you fished out of your back and dangle it in front of him, looking from it to your wide and pretty smile, hoping he liked your gift and understood that you indeed wanted to be his mate.
Merman Bakugou who likes his gift so much that he has you pinned on the docks the very next second, and the little breath you were barely getting with his big wet hand locked around your throat are completely knocked out of you with powerful thrusts of his muscular tail, ramming you on the docks, two slimy and thick tendrils for cocks bulging out your tummy as they intrude past your cervix.
Merman Bakugou is hungrily growling on your face, practically tasting your moans on his lips in between fervent kisses, a messy confusing of lips locks and tongue fucked down your throat making it even harder to understand anything other than mate, tight, eggs and breed.
Merman Bakugou plugs you up by keeping his tail flush tight on you and is enamored by your belly expanding with every egg he deposits in you before squirting clear liquid that blurbs out from the seams of your cunt, dripping between the wodden planks and on the water below.
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Wait really? I feel completely different when I see read more it makes me not want to read it anymore that's why I don't use it in my fics, I thought it annoyed peopel
I ofc can't speak for everyone but I'm pretty confident saying most people don't like that. If it's for a character they like or a fic they're going to read anyway, well, sure. But having to scroll through several pages to move on when you don't want to view something is very frustrating. It also just seems polite to me, personally.
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Me: thinking about Shigaraki and cock....Shigacocki
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hi hello let me start by saying Offering changed my LIFE. i love how your write the league. i was wondering if i could request something with shig and dabi “”fighting”” over reader? like a new member of the league and they’re both head over heels?
Tumblr media
Anon, I know you sent this like a thousand years ago but I just kind of sat on it because I knew inspo would strike eventually, and it finally has. (And thank you for your compliments, really glad you enjoyed Offering!)
» pairing: shigaraki tomura/dabi x gn!reader
» cw: implied NSFW, maybe teeny hints of implied dubcon? 18+, minors DNI.
» wc: 826
Tumblr media
You joined the League for liberation. To change the world and give people like yourself—the weird, the downtrodden, the ignored—more freedom to live how you all see fit.
Instead you're being suffocated.
The worst part is they act like you can't even hear them. Maybe they think you can't—maybe they think you're too stupid to catch the hushed whispers and frustrated glances they both send your way as they debate over your like you're a piece of meat.
"They're mine, Dabi."
"Says who? I haven't once seen them look your way."
"Says me. I'm the boss."
"Sorry, boss. Your authority doesn't extend to my dick." That line is punctuated by a less-than-friendly slap of a burnt palm against angular shoulders. "But may the best man win or whatever."
It escalates from there and they're not even subtle. The dignity and arrogance of their self-assured exchanges falls away the moment they're in front of you, jockeying for the position closest to you, practically tripping over themselves to close that little extra bit of space, and you're not sure how to feel even if you are flattered.
You wonder constantly if it's even about you anymore, and not just their desire to win. But it must be, because they act between themselves like you're some prize to be won, but they're like schoolboys with crushes whenever their good fortune puts them in a room alone with you.
Shigaraki sputters, his face reddening behind Father as he stumbles through small talk, your normally-eloquent-if-abrupt leader struggling to string three coherent words together. That's tolerable—cute, even, or at least cute enough that on nights where you're feeling bold you'll rest one hand on his arm and watch his face turn the same shade as a tomato, his lips splitting into a lopsided grin that's just a little too spit-slick.
Dabi's the mean kind of schoolboy. He'd pull your pigtails if you had them, but you don't so he settles for other abrasive tactics for getting your attention. He sits beside you, cigarette dangling from mismatched lips, and then blows the smoke in your face. Sucks the whiskey off the ice cubes in his drink and throws them at you, chuckling to himself when you frown.
When you stop getting annoyed by it, pluck one of those cold projectiles off the bartop and pop it in your mouth, that smug smile vanishes and he gapes, shifting uncomfortably and tugging his shirt down in a way that suggests he finds that response more tantalizing than your usual irritation.
It's annoying. Smothering. Exhilarating.
They start bringing you gifts and you start to see the benefits of this little competition, the one neither of them have actually filled you in on because apparently a confession of feelings is against their unspoken rules.
Shigaraki is the undisputed winner of that part of the game—he has All for One's resources and Kurogiri to run errands, after all. He tries to talk to you about games and you mention you don't have a system? Less than twelve hours later there's one in your room, shiny and new and accompanied by many of his favorite titles, and 'he'll show you how to play if you want'. He sits just a little too close and he has to put a pillow in his lap after you rest a hand even briefly on his knee, but it's still surprisingly fun.
You're pretty sure Dabi steals everything he brings you, but at least he has expensive tastes. He's less direct that they're gifts, always hides them behind some pretense—'Picked these fancy chocolates up off some guy when I was recruiting, you like that shit, right?'—but he never offers those sweets or trinkets to Toga, or to anyone else, and he gets a cocky smile when you thank him with a kiss on the cheek. The smugness there makes it clear he thinks he's winning, but you'd done the same to Shigaraki two days ago when he brought you the new Animal Crossing game even though he 'doesn't like that cutesy shit.' It's only polite, right?
You didn't expect them to stop competing and start cooperating. Maybe you should have—should've known this couldn't go on forever. Maybe you should have finally picked one of them for real, or maybe, maybe this is actually the best case scenario, coming into your room to find them waiting for you.
Both of them. Sitting on your bed, legs bouncing and impatience in their eyes, lips splitting into identically-lascivious grins when they rise, Shigaraki's breath hot on the back of your neck and Dabi's warmth nestled against your front as two sets of differently-dangerous hands start to wander your body.
"You thought it was cute to lead us on, huh?"
"Did you think we'd be patient forever?"
"Maybe it was hard to choose but that's okay, we worked it out. Now you don't have to decide."
Tumblr media
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