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prefab-house·3 days agoPhoto

This guy kept barking for me to let him in, and I’m yelling from the field, “I’m OUTSIIIIIIDE!” Had to stop what I’m doing and let him in because……. he’s my sweet old dog. ❤️❤️❤️ He can do whatever he wants. ❤️❤️❤️🙄
#OldDog #OffGrid #OffGridLiving #OffGridHomestead #prefab #PrefabHouse #PrefabHome #passivesolar #NetZero #solar #SIPhouse

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prefab-house·5 days agoPhoto

Transitional Dock Hortopita, A Breakfast

Endless. chilly. days. of rain.
But it’s beautiful.
And the cistern is full.

The cookstove is quietly going, and I wait for coffee to heat.

Because it is cool and drizzling, and because radar shows approaching thunder and more storms, instead of my usual morning routine, leisurely nosing around the garden to see what’s to be picked as I walk up, stepping carefully, intently inspecting all as I reach the coop and free the chickens… I’m good just staying indoors awhile, sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee or eight.

On the hill, our rooster crows for freedom.

But for now, I’m indoors, quietly content.

There are things on my mind, but I’m not upset.

Things on my mind include missing, on these rainy days, hanging out with our herd. 

That is the downside of indoor time. 

On my mind is the eternal struggle between a teen and her mother about what is best for equines. I really would like to switch their pastures; she is adamant to not. So I let them graze all day long in other areas, but not as thunderstorms approach. 

There is another horse constantly on my mind during this rain, and I picture her in a stall, through no fault of her saviors, who SAVED this youngster along a highway. But she’s feral, and until acclimated more can’t be turned out. 

So every day of rain is a day cooped up longer, and I just want to get her out and desensitized so she can be safely frolicking again!

I found a great recipe for hortopita, a Greek savory pie with greens.

But I have made many savory pies, and it’s breakfast time, plus I have no feta (which I couldn’t use anyway) nor am I in the mood to make phylo.

WHAT IF instead, I used those common ingredients but with Husband’s bread? 

And then I could do my favorite breakfast egg! And it would be so wake-me-up savory vinegar-y deliciousness-y! 

Because the coffee isn’t quite working. 
(That was one fun Girl’s Nite!)

(Cont. in comments)
#PandemicCooking #covidcooking #quarantinecooking #Forage #foragedfood #Foraging #AlphaGalFood #OffGrid #OffGridLiving #OffGridHomestead #prefab #PrefabHouse #PrefabHome #passivesolar #RescueHorse

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prefab-house·6 days agoVideo

It’s a torrential cold rain kinda day, but in the prefab, things are cozy.

They say “let sleeping dogs lie,” so I did. 🙄
#OffGrid #OffGridLiving #OffGridHomestead #prefab #PrefabHouse #PrefabHome

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prefab-house·8 days agoVideo

Musing on my cistern on this drizzly day…
#OffGrid #OffGridLiving #OffGridHomestead #rainwaterharvesting #rainwater #offgridcabin #Cistern #prefab #passivesolar #Solar

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prefab-house·14 days agoPhoto

Lettuce Comes In +

Alpha-Gal Safe Amatriciana

The lettuce is going gang-busters to the point that I might have to forgo weeds awhile, sadly.

Today’s salad was sprinkled with dill, then I got out the open jar of cucumber / onion I canned and drizzled some of that juice over, sprinkled with some of the delicious pickled onions within. You could add some oil, but I didn’t.

I made a basic pasta Amatriciana, thanks to turkey bacon in the freezer, onions and tomatoes from the pantry, with volunteer parsley tossed over at the end. If you like spicy red sauces, this is a good one!

Such a variety of tastes, yet a lunch so incredibly simple to prepare.

Now I’ll head back out to weed, hoe the onion and potato rows, then, after tonights low in the mid-30s, but back to seasonal warmth ahead, continue to plant summer seeds. 

#PantryFood #covidcooking #PandemicCooking #quarantinecooking #AlphaGal

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prefab-house·16 days agoPhoto

Memorable Mother’s Day Brunch With Seafood Soup & Plantain Chips

It is certainly a memorable Mother’s Day.

After a record cold evening, it is a beautiful day and I spent the morning in the pasture with the horses hand-pulling weeds, which actually works much better than you think. For I, this is another way I bond with the herd: I am amongst them, they are happily grazing and I am pulling what they don’t want, to allow the grass they do, to grow. If you just do this a half hour a day in spring, it is amazing what can happen. Most of these weeds pull up easy, and really don’t spread as fast as you think- they take over because your horses ignore them, so they go to seed because you did something else that week than mow, and thus the patch expands.

I came in hungry, but on the way in pinched some daylily, plantain, and scape.

I usually don’t use wild plantains in a meal, but there is one way I *love* them- if you like kale chips, you will love plantain chips! Just make the same way- a little EVOO massaged in, dusted with sea salt, bake. SO crispy and good!
The perfect compliment to this comforting but light soup!!!!

“Plantain acts as a gentle expectorant while soothing inflamed and sore membranes, making it ideal for coughs and mild bronchitis,” wrote David Hoffmann, FNIMH, AHG, in his book Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine.

Plantain has loads of iron, vitamins A, C and calcium.

From the pantry I made a little rice and cooked it with scapes and ginger, and set that aside.
I had some shrimp broth.
In a pan I added sesame oil, ginger, garlic, sliced daylily, some shitakes from the freezer, more scapes, from the garden, some pea shoots, and from the freezer, shrimp. As usual I let it sit, turn, sit. Then scraped it aside and added some rice to the other half of the pan, sprinkled with (vegan) mozzarella, and let that warm and melt.

Into a bowl I scooped the rice mix, then the rest, then poured in the broth, and drizzled with a touch of lemon.
Served with plantain weeds, it was fabulous!
The extra spicy bloody Mary was pretty great, too!

#PantryFood #Forage #Foraging #foragedfood #covidcooking #PandemicCooking #quarantinecooking

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