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I fucking hate James Tissot’s paintings because in ALL OF THEM there is ALWAYS someone staring right at you, but it’s not always immediately visible. You just feel watched by this mf. Sometimes the little shit is right there at the centre, but others the bastard is just gazing from the distance, it is CREEPY, my guys


I think this is hilarious. We’ve been caught.

This is a not uncommon device in late 19th century art. It is a device to used to connect the space of the painting with the space of the viewer. Paintings are made to be seen and these type of paintings where the gaze of a figure is directed at the space of the spectator is, in a subtle way, acknowledging that it is being looked at. That is why, I suppose, that this direct gaze can feel uncomfortable. The painting “knows” that you’re looking at it and it is letting you know that it “knows”. 

This device is also used to invite the spectator into the space of the painting, situating them as a sort of “eye-witness” to the painted scene. As such it was used quite a bit in late 19th century history painting in order to immerse the spectator in the event depicted - making the audience an “eyewitness” to history, so to speak. Like in the painting below:


(Carl Bloch, “Hans Tausen defends Bishop Rønnow”, 1876 - the University of Copenhagen)

It is a device that has been named “theatrical” as opposed to the “absorption” seen in paintings where the subject is unaware of the gaze of the spectator (Michael Fried’s terms - he has written an entire book about this dynamic). It is, however, by modernist critics deemed “not quite the thing” for paintings to be “theatrical” in the sense that it acknowledges the gaze of the spectator.

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the LAPD is having a town hall and getting fucking eviscerated


Person in bottom middle window: Yes, we can.

Caller: [delivering this speech like a furious John Mulaney bit] Great. First things first, Chief Moore, you gotta do a better job at pretending you care about this, man. I’ve been watching you roll your eyes and offer half-hearted smirks, acting like a teenager who’s falling asleep in detention. Are you not aware of the war crimes your department’s doing? Or are you just that impatient to go do more of them?

I see a lot of you, particularly Soboroff, only react when folks use profanity in their remarks. If you think curse words are bad, wait until you hear about the 600+ murders your department has committed over the last seven years! As long as Moore’s out here equating peaceful protestors with cops who murder black people, you all could pretend to be as angry about murder as the F word, OK, kids?

I know you’re all having a rough day, what with everyone here telling you you’re bad at your jobs. Have you considered being good at your jobs? If not, you could find new jobs in retail or restaurants! I know how desperate Garcetti is to get angelenos consuming again during a global pandemic. Where were the curfews then, by the way? Weird.

Chief Moore is morally obligated to resign. Mikey, I know you said you didn’t mean protestors are as much to blame for George Floyd’s murder as his murderers, but that’s a lie! It is what you meant! And we all know it. Mikey’s made it clear in his racist actions and empty platitudes that he doesn’t care about the well-being of his constituents. He loves to tear gas them, blind them, force them indoors with curfews that are announced only a half hour before they take effect, and racially profile as he does so!

Don’t think I didn’t hear about how yesterday you sent out an alert in English saying curfew started at 5 PM, and sent out an alert right after in Spanish saying it started at 6! What’s up with that, bud? All your cute Zoom background photos of the city won’t trick us into thinking you care about anything but yourself and what’s in your pockets.

To close with a James Cameron quote: “Cops think of all non-cops as less than they are. Stupid, weak, and evil. They dehumanize the people they are sworn to protect, and desensitize themselves in order to do that job.” That’s you pigs to a T. Black lives matter, act like it. Happy Tuesday!

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A bird explaining to a hedgehog crossing so it doesn’t die.

!!! ok but that’s legitimately what it’s doing!! That’s a corvid right there (looks like a hooded crow, to be precise), which means it’s intelligent enough to recognize, a) cars are dangerous and streets should be treated with a certain degree of caution, b) this car’s slowing down for them–cars do that sometimes–which means they’re not in imminent danger, so it doesn’t have to fly away just yet, c) that hedgehog’s still gonna get killed if it doesn’t MOVE, FAST (cars can change speed very quickly and the hedgehog’s still in the way), and almost certainly also d) if the bird does nothing it gets a free lunch.

Y’all, Y’ALL. This bird is consciously deciding to put itself in danger in order to save the life of a very stupid creature. A creature which, if the bird did nothing, could be free food

i can’t - look if you follow me you know I have a thing for corvids, but this is - like!!! People are always saying “ah yes they have sub-human intelligence and don’t consider anything that isn’t immediately necessary for their own survival/pleasure,” but! Whether or not it can do philosophy, this crow is clearly demonstrating compassion. Even if it’s just the kind of compassion a toddler shows to a snail, a social creature that instinctively recognizes the potential for emotion in other beings, that’s still huge and cool and important and corvids!!! are! neat!!! 

this is fantastic

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“Rioting police have driven vehicles into crowds, reproducing the assault that killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. They have surrounded a car, smashed the windows, tazed the occupants and dragged them out onto the ground. Clad in paramilitary gear, they have attacked elderly bystanders, pepper-sprayed cooperative protesters and shot “nonlethal” rounds directly at reporters, causing serious injuries. In Austin, Texas, a 20-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in the head with a “less-lethal” round. Across the country, rioting police are using tear gas in quantities that threaten the health and safety of demonstrators, especially in the midst of a respiratory disease pandemic. None of this quells disorder. Everything, from the militaristic posture to the attacks themselves, does more to inflame and agitate protesters than it does to calm the situation and bring order to the streets. In effect, rioting police have done as much to stoke unrest and destabilize the situation as those responsible for damaged buildings and burning cars. But where rioting protesters can be held to account for destruction and violence, rioting police have the imprimatur of the state. What we’ve seen from rioting police, in other words, is an assertion of power and impunity. In the face of mass anger over police brutality, they’ve effectively said So what? In the face of demands for change and reform — in short, in the face of accountability to the public they’re supposed to serve — they’ve bucked their more conciliatory colleagues with a firm No. In which case, if we want to understand the behavior of the past two weeks, we can’t just treat it as an explosion of wanton violence, we have to treat it as an attack on civil society and democratic accountability, one rooted in a dispute over who has the right to hold the police to account.”

The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It. (via wilwheaton)

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Tomorrow would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday she was taken from this world way too soon. Please do what you can to bring her justice and hold her killers accountable!!!


petition to fire the officers 

second petition

justice for breonna ft. petition

change.org petition

email form to louisville mpd 

email template

her gofundme, which has made over 3x the goal amount!!!


the three murderers continue to just stay on “administrative leave” as an investigation continues underway and louisville continues to mourn and fight for justice


This is why it’s important to SAY HER NAME OUTLOUD!!! Black women are dying and deserve justice too.


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so is Victory


Don’t forget Truth (Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind)

This must be why the Trump administration hates them all 

The Four Horsewomen of the Trumpocalypse.

I’ve never reblogged anything so quick

The Ultimate Squad, comin’ to wreck your shit and save the world

Rb for that art doe

Dignity here to join the girl posse.


reblogging for the second time


Reblogging because I don’t think Dignity was on it last time I saw it.

Dignity is rare on this site. 

True, all those essential qualities are traditionally represented as female, but that’s partially because the female body in western society at least (which is as far as I can speak)  is seen as an object as a default, and therefore it can be seen as something not human more easily. In western culture, the male body is easier seen as human, and when represented symbolically, it tends to stands for power….

I’m not a symbol, I’m a fucking human.

P.D: still, great thread, I’m in a bad mood and felt like sharing.

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For those of you who don’t know, this specific haka was written by a father to acknowledge his son’s wrongdoing and basically tell him to get his shit together. It is also modernly used as a haka tautoko, or acknowledgement, in some contexts.

Y'all see how symbolic this is, right? It’s both acknowledging current events as a show of solidarity, but also calling for world leaders to get their shit together and admit their wrongdoings and try to change things. This shit is powerful.

The user quobbo on tiktok did a little rundown analysis of it here:

Quobbo is Kiing on TikTok


NZ traditional haka for black lives matter, video posted june 3rd 2020

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I can’t breathe

Best wishes to these people obviously but I’m WHEEZING at the concept of a standard horror plot starter but the stranded travelers are an entire fully equipped orchestra.

It’s the prequel to every other horror film. Their haunting spirits play the background music.

Oh shoot, that actually would be a really cool concept. The film starts with no thematic music, and as each member of the orchestra is picked off, their instrument joins the soundtrack. Subtly, so you don’t really notice, and the end credits are a full orchestral symphony.


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white people are racist by default (in the united states as well as other countries). are you white? congrats, you’re racist, and here’s the explanation:

you grew up in a racist society -> you were socialized to be racist thanks to racism being a dominant ideology -> you benefit from racism -> you’re racist no matter how much u think you’re not.

unlearning it is going to be a constant battle and u will never unlearn it fully. accept this. it is ingrained in you as a result of your upbringing and the media you’ve consumed. the sooner you come to terms with your own racism, the sooner u can better yourself. recognize the problem in yourself instead of setting yourself apart from those “other” white people.

I fux heavy with the White people who keep putting this post on my dash

This applies to all social structures by the way.

You’re a man? You grew up benefitting from sexism.
You’re straight? You grew up with homophobic ideals.
You’re cis? You grew up with transphobic ideals.
You’re able bodied? You grew up with ableist tendencies.

The process of unlearning all of the ideology you were surrounded by is what activism is about. Do it.

And even if you’re not privileged under a given social structure, you might still have a lot of internalized things to unlearn

Our society teaches us to hate the oppressed, if an oppressed person says that what you believe or do is harmful and they tell you - don’t get offended, learn and do better

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anonymous leaked bolsonaro’s private info including his credit card number and someone on twitter bought a whole ass macbook pro with it. yes. a person bought an macbook pro with the president’s credit card. this country really isn’t for beginners


hey, brazilian person here. it may all sound funny and shit (and damn, he even got affiliated to many left wing parties) but… he’s been trying to insure a dictatorship even since he got elected. there’s been protests against democracy and he’s been attending them all (without a mask, btw. meanwhile, almost 30k have died of coronavirus, we still got no health minister, even if i called it anarchy we still would prefer anarchy cause this is a whole new level). we are now standing in solidarity with USA! our police system is the most deadly in the world, killing 2x more than the american, specially young black kids. if you can, please keep an eye out for us and sign the petition justice for João Pedro


the one petition everyone is sharing is for João Pedro, was was killed inside his home, he was shot on his back. 70, and i repeat, 70 shots were fired against the house he was in, and the police claimed it was because they were in a confront. everyone near his house confirmed there wasn’t anything going around.

but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


LUCAS CUSTÓDIO DOS SANTOS. he was a sixteen years old boy who got shot on his leg after returning from a soccer game. his last words were “you don’t have to kill me, sir”

CARLOS MAGNO DE OLIVEIRA NASCIMENTO (18 yo, student), CARLOS ALBERTO DA SILVA (21 yo, painter and bricklawyer) EVERSON GONÇALVES SILOTE (26 yo, taxi driver) AND THIAGO DA COSTA CORREIA DA SILVA (19 yo, mechanic). They were killed on an event now known as “Chacina do Borel” it happened in 2003 and no one was held responsible.

HERINALDO VINICIUS DE SANTANA. he was an eleven years old boy who left his house to buy a ping pong ball. he was with money on his hands. His last words were “I want my mom”

ALAN DE SOUZA LIMA. He was fifteen and his last words “we were just playing, sir”

DOUGLAS RODRIGUES, 17 years old. His last words: “Why did you shoot me, Sr?”. The policemen was acquitted for lack of evidence.

REMEMBER MATEUS SANTOS DE MORAIS, FIVE YEARS OLD. FIVE. YEARS. OLD. He got shot while playing in front of his house. SAY HIS NAME.

ÁGATHA FELIX. 8 YEARS OLD. She was returning home with her mother when she got shot. FOR NO REASON. SAY HER NAME.

FABIO DOS SANTOS VIERA, 21 years. He was shot because, according to the police, he was holding a gun. That gun was never found.

EVALDO DOS SANTOS ROSA, 51 years old. 257 SHOTS FIRED AT HIS CAR. SAY HIS NAME. His family was inside of it too, including a 7 year old kid. Evaldo died instantly. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

MATHEUS OLIVEIRA, 23. The Police got >>scared<< and shot him in the head. He had just become a father.

MARCUS VINICIUS, 14 years. shot during a police operation while returning from school, his last words:“ Didn’t they see that I was wearing school clothes, mom?”.

EMILLY CAETANO DA COSTA, 9 years old, was shot two times on the back. The police said the vehicle her family was in was suspicious. They chased the car and shot five times. Her mom, dad, and two sisters were in the car.

LUCAS, 14 years old,disappeared after some cops take him out from his home, his body was found floating at a lake in a park.


victims of the Costa Barros massacre, killed by the police with 111 SHOTS while celebrating the youngest’s first salary.

Wilton Estever Domingos Jr, 20. Wesley Castro Rodrigues, 25. Cleiton Corrêa de Souza, 18. Carlos Eduardo Silva Souza, 16. Roberto Silva de Souza, 16. Victims of the Costa Barros massacre, killed by the police with 111 SHOTS while celebrating the youngest’s first salary.

PEDRO GONZAGA, 19, killed by a supermarket security guard. He was suffocated and suffered cardiac arrest.

KETELLEN GOMES, 5 years old. Was riding her bike when she was shot during a police operation. Her last words was “Mom, don’t cry, no, mom”. The target from the shooters was Davi Gabriel Martins Nascimento, 17 years old, who also died.

75% of those killed by the police in Brazil are black.

Black people are 147% more likely to be murdered than white people in this country.

Brazil currently has the highest rate of killing of Blacks in the world outside Africa. It far surpasses the U.S.



If you think Trump is bad and reblog everyday USA’s situation, BRAZIL NEEDS THIS TYPE OF ATTENTION AS WELL.

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“I’m not American” isn’t an excuse. If you think racism doesn’t happen where you are from then I would tell you to take a good look around. This is a worldwide issue and we need to not be passive.


‘How can I help from Europe?’ a small guide made by @/nnoorxo on Instagram :

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hi i’m tolkien here are my ocs. i call them Elves (not elfs!!! if you call them elfs i will block you) they look like humans but they’re tall, live forever, and have pointy ears. that’s it bye

cs lewis: are you alright with constructive criticism? i dont want to sound mean

tolkien: no go ahead i want to hear it

cs lewis: they fucking suck

tolkien: thats not constructive criticism

cs lewis: here’s my OC, it’s jesus but he’s a lion
tolkien: Furry
cs lewis: blocked

Tolkien: lamp posts don’t exist in fantasy worlds
Cs Lewis: ok you know what fuck you

CS Lewis: I could beta for you if you want. help you trim the fat on your stories

Tolkien: what do you mean

CS Lewis: I just. you describe a lot of trees.  are trees that important

Tolkien: just you fucking wait. trees are SO important.

~and that day, Tolkien invented ents~


CS Lewis: Not more trees.

Tolkien: This one’s based on you.

casual reminder that Lewis and Tolkein almost completely ended their friendship over Lewis having Santa make an appearance in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe because Tolkein hated it so fucking much.

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reminder that this blog, while not politically focused, supports BLM. bootlickers and racists aren’t welcome here, and never will be.

supporting black lives is not ‘political’

that’s actually a very good point. it should not be considered political to value black lives- apologies for the phrasing. ive deleted the original post but will keep this version up so as to preserve my mistake. @ all please rb this version instead.

we must learn to be better.

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