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presidentrhodes·4 hours agoText

wong as shang-chi’s no nonsense mentor is the only way mcu can redeem itself in my eyes tbh.

let. ben. and. simu. be. on. screen. together.

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presidentrhodes·4 hours agoText


fandom rejecting “heteronormativity” where a m/f pairing where one half is a woc is concerned just to prop up a m/m pairing w two white dudes is not the major stride in representation some of you seem to think it is

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presidentrhodes·2 days agoText


pain :)

#okay okay okay i haven't screamed about iron fam in a while but i need to say this:, #the fact that happy pulls rhodey closer in the last gif just fucking breaks my heart, #besides pepper they were the two people who knew tony the longest, #they were his friend and confidant, #tony went to them when things went to shit. tony trusted them and looked out for them, #then suddenly he was gone and after three decades neither of them know how to move on with the tony-shaped hole in their lives, #so they seek out each other. it starts with grabbing a beer and reminiscing about the stupid shit tony did, #then when rhodey goes on missions and he needs quick help or advise or whatever he starts calling happy, #initially happy is surprised because what could he offer war machine when rhodey was smart as hell?, #and rhodey would tell him knock it off happy you've been doing this shit with us right from the start your experience matters to me, #bit by bit happy becomes more and more involved in the avengers business — he doesn't have a suit but he has street experience, #rhodey knows damn well that you can't just blow your way past an obstacle everytime — sometimes you have to be clever or subtle, #so happy becomes an invaluable member of the team, #he doesn't go on missions but he's on comms with them. he deals with the suits so that rhodey sam carol et al don't have to, #one day happy asks rhodey why him? why did rhodey choose him to be his guy in the chair when he could literally have picked anyone else, #and rhodey's like because you've spent a lifetime keeping tony stark from getting himself killed or maimed and that isn't easy, #basically tl;dr rhodey and happy become really good friends as they cope with the grief over losing tony, #i need this fic 😭😭😭, #james rhodes, #happy hogan, #iron family, #reblog
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presidentrhodes·3 days agoPhoto


this is why i want these two to meet. both are loyal to their core to their own principles. both are creatures of fealty, seeing the world in black and white, finding their purpose as enforcers of powers far older and wiser than they.

the difference lies in their moral compass. okoye knew that her duty to her king ended when her king exhibited disregard for the welfare of wakanda. her identity might be tied to her duty - but her duty was to wakanda, not the crown.

on the other hand, mordo’s identity was tied to his duty to the “natural law” - and realizing that the leader he had always followed, the Ancient One, actually violated natural law, broke him. he began to see himself as the TRUE enforcer of natural law.

i often wonder what would happen if the roles were reversed…if mordo had been the one raised in luxury and privilege, but at the same time hardship, as the bodyguard of kings. and if okoye had become an acolyte of the Ancient One, having endured so much loss that she would cling to ANYTHING just to find a purpose.

they’re both creatures of faith. but okoye’s faith did not destroy her. if their roles were reversed, would she have been more solicitous toward Stephen Strange even after finding out about the Ancient One’s deception? would Mordo have become loyal to Killmonger, seeing himself as the TRUE defender of wakanda in that way?

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presidentrhodes·4 days agoText

the doctor strange sequel we deserve

cloak of levitation and karl mordo develop a very contentious relationship because they’re both needy hoes for stephen’s attention.

the cloak once trapped karl at the sanctum’s basement so that he’d be late for date night — stephen hates tardiness.

karl retaliated by putting the cloak inside the washing machine and turning on the superclean mode.

ultimately, stephen had to intervene before someone lost an eye or, worse, died because once the cloak dried off, it was out for blood.

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presidentrhodes·5 days agoText





I can’t tell if this is supposed to be metaphorical and merely referencing the way western culture has damaged nearly every country at some point,


Western Europeans wringing their hands about the immorality of cannibalism in distant cultures and then going home to eat human remains as a centuries-long commercial health fad is so darkly funny to me. Like how can you criticize funerary cannibalism rituals with the same mouth you use to eat the plundered corpses of an invaded nation.

Or if this is about literal stuff like that trend about eating placentas.

Oh no it’s literal—“corpse medicine” used to be practiced all over Europe, often using Egyptian mummies (which were also rendered into pigment and used as paint) but also any old corpse. King Charles II was famous for drinking powdered human skull. Not all of the corpse medicine was internal, so maybe using the blood and fat of executed criminals topically doesn’t count as cannibalism, but up until the 18th century or so it was fairly common practice to eat human flesh from the freshly dead or from ancient mummies.


Oh god. Imagine trying to buy weed but when you get to the address it’s a fucking funeral home. Your dealer hands you a bottle labeled Skulle of Red-Heade and just says “aye, this’ll cure what ails ye” and recommends six drops before bed for epilepsy and/or headaches.

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presidentrhodes·5 days agoAnswer

(1/2) ok so I just watched Doctor Strange and I noticed two things that don’t show up in the list you made (and which made me watch the movie in the first place): In Hong Kong, when Kaecilius uses that same explodey ball spell(?) he uses to blow the NY sanctum, Stephen is behind Wong but when he turns around and sees Kaecilius is using that spell he sort of runs toward Mordo. Second thing, when Mordo is leaving and is talking about the natural law to Stephen (Mordo’s kink, don’t kinkshame him)

(2/2) Stephen turns fully toward him and takes a step toward Mordo as if his plan was to get slowly closer and talk sense into him. Mordo says “The bill comes to due—a reckoning” and Stephen clenches his jaw and then parts his lips as if he’s about to speak. I like that they don’t show Stephen and Wong walking away instantly because I don’t think they did. You can’t tell me Stephen didn’t go after Mordo, only Mordo had already sling-ringed himself away. Anyway, I ship it HARD now OTL

your asks made my night because everytime someone sees how much stephen and karl cared for each other, it makes my heart swell. i hadn’t noticed that stephen ran towards mordo, so i now have to go and watch it again, it is the only way. (as if we ever need an excuse 🤣)

and i definitely agree with you — both wong and stephen were stunned by karl’s decision and once the shock wore off, stephen definitely went after him. did you see the deleted scene where stephen’s at the new york sanctum and wong comes to drop off the ancient one’s grimoire in his care and they have a sweet little conversation: basically, stephen asks if wong had heard from mordo and wong tells him to give karl time and that he’d return when he’s ready 😭😭😭 i wonder if at some point between the end of doctor strange and infinity war/endgame both wong and stephen gave up hope of karl ever returning. so by the time DS2 comes out it’d have been a good 7-8 years since they saw karl and that just breaks my heart.

i love karl and stephen (and wong too, tbh) because all three actors have insane chemistry on screen, which is so rare on mcu films. even putting aside our shipper goggles for a second, karl cared enough about stephen to soothe whatever worries the ancient one had and convinced her to let him in. even at kamar-taj, he always paid stephen extra attention in the scenes we saw — like when he was struggling to form a portal. plus, the visible look of worry and the epic, “oh no, not again,” never fails to make me cackle. plus, when stephen was caught messing with the time stone, wong yelled at him about how he was breaking the space-time continuum (disastrous for the multiverse) but karl was yelling at him about how temporal manipulation would’ve personally affected stephen. it was obvs a red herring to the showdown with dormammu but it was so plainly obvious to anyone who’s seen the film that it was basically about two friends (lovers) who cared for one another and fell out because of their ideological differences. 😭😭😭

i hope at least in doctor strange 3, we see all three of them team up to defeat the villain and for karl to complete his redemption arc without dying.

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presidentrhodes·9 days agoText











dude seeing these Mega high quality images of the surface of mars that we now have has me fucked up. Like. Mars is a place. mars is a real actual place where one could hypothetically stand. It is a physical place in the universe. ITS JUST OUT THERE LOOKING LIKE UH IDK A REGULAR OLD DESERT WITH LOTS OF ROCKS BUT ITS A WHOLE OTHER PLANET? 


i hate to be rude and intrude on this post but we have decent pictures of the surface Venus too! 

#venus has a low render distance

See also below Saturn’s moon, Titan. Mars has a blue horizon at sunset so it looks even more Earth-like in this image:



Also: Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

So it’s not quite snowing on Churyumov–Gerasimenko, unfortunately; the white specks are artifacts of cosmic rays impinging on the CCDs in the camera, as well as a rotating starfield in the background (since the comet is spinning). A few specks could be dust. But, holy shit, that’s the surface of a comet. That’s a spot you could in theory cling to for dear life sit down on. The Cliffs of Comet 76p are a place. 


If that isn’t the neatest shit I don’t know what is.



@agentmarymargaretskitz you’ll probably appreciate this as much as i do

I do I do!!!!

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presidentrhodes·10 days agoAnswer

First of all, I love your writing for the DS fandom. Second, I'mma combine your fic and that other anon's idea of a drunken Mordo and say that Mordo is the kind of thot that sends really thirsty pics when he's wasted. Stephen wakes up to that ping! at 3 am and it's Mordo sending him an ass pic with a ho ass caption like "missing you daddy ;)" but it's all a cruel villainous ploy 'cuz my boy Stephen can't masturbate with those hands DAMN YOU KARL COME GET YOUR DUMB TOP. Be responsible, baby.

aaah thank you! <3

and you’re 100% right. karl is a strategist - he didn’t do burpees and squats everyday at the crack of dawn for nothing. everytime he goes out to steal someone’s magic, he sends the most provocative picture he took of himself to stephen knowing his top would be too busy bleeding from the nose to actually figure out what’s going. 

wong: karl’s stealing magic again.

stephen: but have you seen the curvature of his ass? every pixel is perfection. even michelangelo couldn’t have carved it better. 


stephen: *intense staring at the photo*

wong: *sigh* i regret turning down becoming sorcerer surpreme

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